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Beware! CashROTOR has stopped paying! Do not invest!

Hello everyone! I know it’s the last weekend of the year but it hardly feels like it now, not for me anyway as I’m really looking forward to the New Year celebrations coming up. I was kinda hoping it would be quiet for a couple of days with the news from the HYIP industry but it looks like I’ll have a couple of final additions to my monitoring page before the year is over yet, so I’m going to be introducing them soon. But first, and come to think of it one of the main programs that’s been keeping me so busy recently has been CashROTOR, and in what’s been a typically dull month for the business I have to say this one has been by far the most exciting. And I know it’s not just me who thinks that either because there’s been massive interest in this one which really both surprised me and impressed me in equal measure. Not because CashROTOR wasn’t a good program or anything (it’s perfectly fine) but by the very timing of it, going completely against the industry trend and being one of the few successful short term programs we’ve seen this month.

So for the main section of today’s update I have an update with the admin of CashROTOR, Steven. It was an ambitious move to start up when he did, even a gamble you might say, but one that seems to have paid off because he seems to have cornered most of the short term HYIP market proving that investors would prefer to stay in the industry for December if only they could find a decent program run by a professional admin, and some cheap holiday scam. And it’s quite a simple program as well, offering just one simple plan that pays 15% for 10 days, principal included. Next we’ll hear from Steven but if you like what he has to say and would like some further info, then you can start with the original review of CashROTOR first published on MNO here.

1. Hi Steven, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and tell us please about your own involvement in CashROTOR.

Hello, my name is Steven and I’m admin of the CashROTOR project you might have noticed recently.

2. Can you give us some background information on CashROTOR? How many others are involved with the program or are you operating alone? How long have you been online?

CashROTOR is a short-term HYIP distinguished by a special attention to quality, security and, of course, marketing. It’s been launched on 20th December 2012 and tomorrow will complete its first successful cycle. I’d like to share all the details about CashROTOR that you might want to know, unless of course you’re already confident this is the right program for you, in which case just jump right in!

I should probably tell you here that we are an investment company operating internationally, but I won’t do that. This would be a complete disrespect to MNO investors who are willing to support my business.

I have started CashROTOR as a HYIP game offering high enough but sustainable returns. 50% in 10 days means 5% profit daily. This is 2% higher compared to long-term programs, but allows us to last longer and pay on holidays. My intention is to last at least till the end of January, when really good investors come back to business. This is why CashROTOR is working hard to gain trust and build a good reputation.

3. Explain the investment plan in detail to us. What ROIs are on offer. What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest? What payment options are you currently accepting?

CashROTOR offers single investment plan that is “15% daily for 10 days”. Having invested $100, you will receive first $15 exactly after 24 hours of making your deposit. After 7 days you will reach begin of profit, which is 7 days * 15% = 105%. After 10 days you will receive 150% in total, where 100% is your principal and 50% is your profit. As you can see, your initial deposit is included into your daily interest rates. Your daily profit equals 5%.

4. Are payouts to members instant? A lot of admins prefer not to do this because they don’t believe it’s safe, so can you tell us what’s different here that keeps the members accounts and money more secure?

Personally I think that instant payments are very important. Especially for a short-term project. You may look at this from a different perspective. When investors send us their funds, we receive them instantly. So, why is it that things should be different for our investors?

All withdrawals in CashROTOR are instantly processed upon request. There is no manual processing at all. When CashROTOR investors request $300 withdrawals, those are processed same way as $1 dollar payouts. Within a matter of seconds funds will be on your account balance. This is final and will never change!

5. What kind of script is CashROTOR running off? Where did you get it, how safe is it, and why do you think this one is most beneficial for you as an admin and your members?

As you can see, CashROTOR is operating without even the slightest security issues. We use a custom script built from scratch with the highest security standards in mind. Daily we receive 10-15 security attack notifications. All of them always get noticed and mitigated automatically. I don’t think it makes sense to focus on technical security. This is a must for any HYIP project, not something outstanding. There are more important things to discuss.

6. Can we see any statistics regarding CashROTOR? How many members have joined since the beginning and how many are active at the moment? Are you pleased with the support from the members so far? How important a role do they play in bringing in new members?

At the time of writing CashROTOR numbers 694 accounts, 521 of which are active. Daily we receive up to 100 new registrations, and this number keeps growing. I’d say this is a good sign considering the holiday period. Many people bring their friends into the project and we always encourage this by giving out 10% referral commissions.

More interesting information is, probably, investment and payouts statistics of CashROTOR. I’d prefer not to share this on public, but don’t want to keep it secret at the same time. So, if you are seriously thinking of $500+ investments, please contact me via online chat. I’ll share some project statistics and arrange your deposit in the safest way to match CashROTOR performance.

7. How can members contact you if they have any questions or support related issues?

Most of my working time I’m available via website chat. Please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking live support button. Otherwise you may leave a message and I’ll respond within the next 12 hours.

8. What have been the most common questions and problems you’ve had to deal with so far? Is there anything you wish to say here so that members can avoid having to contact you later?

The most common question people ask before making their deposits is how long will CashROTOR pay their members. And this is what I want to discuss with you and MNO readers. Really.

It took one full month of hard work and $8000 to launch CashROTOR. I decided to start before holidays to fill in the gap of high-quality short term HYIPs. It doesn’t make any reasonable sense to close before February 2013. All you guys know that serious investors will come back to HYIPs starting from mid January. So, now I’m doing everything to promote CashROTOR and protect your investments.

9. How have you been promoting CashROTOR so far? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you getting new members to join?

Advertising strategy is a vital part of CashROTOR. Careful distribution of advertising budget is what keeps things rolling. We only pay trusted monitors that deliver good leads. This is why we’ve ordered MNO premium listing, sticky and side banner for a month. We’ll buy out all other monitors next week. It is important to grow smoothly, but constantly.

10. In my own opinion CashROTOR has already done significantly better than a lot of similar style programs that launch in December, especially now that we are almost out of what’s usually the quietest part of the year which uniquely doesn’t seem to have affected you much at all. So how have you managed such a remarkable achievement?

Paul, I do a lot for CashROTOR on a daily basis: monitor project growth, plan advertising, buy ads, answer support emails, fix website and mitigate security attacks… But do you really think this success could ever be possible without people? Let’s not underestimate those guys who value my efforts and support the project with their investments. Let’s mention your willingness to promote program in the most favorable and efficient way. CashROTOR grows really well, but I don’t want to think this is my merit.

11. What plans do you have for the future of the program? Will there be any changes or improvements coming? Also, I know you were discussing adding more payment processors. Why do you feel this is necessary, and has any progress been made?

I plan to add EgoPay and PexPay shortly. Those two will become available by the end of the next week. Also, there’s a deal between CashROTOR and the admin of PexPay that they will mention CashROTOR in their newsletter. This will help their audience to benefit from our project.

12. And finally is there anything else you wish to say not covered in this interview? Also please feel free to comment on the review of your program published on MNO. If there was anything you felt was unfair, mistaken, or in any way in need of clarification then you are welcome to explain this in your own words here.

This week began not only since Monday, but also with the Christmas holidays. It means just as much to me as for most readers of MNO since CashROTOR never once stopped instant payments, not even for a second. It was possible only thanks to your trust and support. I want to express my gratitude to all the investors from MNO who saw advantages and recognized the true potential of the project. On the eve of a New Year I wish you and your families financial freedom and wellbeing. Let’s all hope everything turns out perfectly for all of us together!

Please feel free to contact me via online chat on the CashROTOR website anytime. I’ll gladly share some numbers and statistics with you.


Please note that a lot of monitoring sites out there probably forgot about their task to inform investors about the real statuses of high-yield investment programs, or else they just got too lazy to update their websites during the festive season. Whatever the reasons (and none are acceptable!) investments in SecureIncome – a program that is now on Problem status on MNO while remaining on Paying status on many other monitors – are not recommended. They stopped paying yesterday and as the withdrawal requests remained pending for over 24 hours I had no other choice but to move SecureIncome to Problem status last night, while tonight further downgrading it to Scam. I’m not sure how the admin manages to keep other monitors showing Paying status for a program with proven withdrawal issues, but I guess bribes still play a major part in this industry while many corrupt monitors prefer to close an eye in return for a couple of dollars. I can assure you that MNO has a totally different point of view and falls under a different category of monitor which believe that even one single person from its downline cannot be left unpaid. Therefore I make sure to closely monitor all programs featured on MNO and review and update their statuses as frequently as I can which is at least once daily. So make sure that you’re making the right choice when deciding what type of monitors to trust in the New year. Please stop all investments in SecureIncome which stopped paying after more than 40 days online. To be fair this was still a very decent result for any short-term program, completing several cycles and bringing a lot of investors to profits. But that’s to be forgotten about now.


A new program joining the MNO Premium List last night was EpicRoyalFund. This is a so-called private investment club allegedly running since 2006, even though its domain was only registered in September 2012 and coming to prominence only in November 2012 when first mentioned on forums. But their cover story worked like a charm as the program got good exposure and a lot of members after only slightly more than a month. And rightly so, as despite its questionable past and shady present EpicRoyalFund (apparently it is incorporated in Panama anyway) if we look at it as a regular HYIP it’s promising. Investment plans offered by EpicRoyalFund pay on expiry with the following rates – 108%-112% after 7 days, 120%-130% after 15 days, 150%-170% after 30 days, 230%-300% after 60 days. Oddly enough, the fixed interest on your deposit depends not on the invested amount like in many other HYIPs (with EpicRoyalFund the minimum starts from $10 in all plans), but on the type of membership you take. There are four types of membership, with one Free on default and three others for upgraded members for a monthly fee ranging from $10 to $100. More on that will be in the review in the next few days.

EpicRoyalFund would not be so popular if it didn’t pay fast on expired deposits (within 24 to 48 hours from Monday to Friday only) and didn’t accept all the popular payment processors (SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney accepted here). Direct bank wires are also accepted but from verified members only while I would not suggest personally to give personal information to any HYIP admin, even those whose programs look professional. As a private investment club it requires you to join the program under somebody else’s referral link so if you want to join under MNO please make sure that you are joining under my username “mnoblog” while clicking on Private Website link once you’re on the EpicRoyalFund website. Once you complete the registration process you’ll be approved by the admin within 24 hours. Once you are done with that you need to fund your EPIC Wallet first by depositing, and then redistribute your balance between the different investment plans by choosing the New Investments tab in your account. EpicRoyalFund is running off a licensed Shadow script that anyone using NewGNi will recognize. The site is properly SSL-secured by Thawte, and hosting is provided by Sitelutions on a dedicated server. The admin is promising to use the services of BlockDos and upgrade in the near future as he realizes that the program is going to grow further with time. The situation with advertising banners is also not that good as apparently he has nothing available though says he’s going to intensify his campaign soon. Regular updates are available from both members’ accounts and their own blog that was created to further explain EpicRoyalFund. To finish I’d just like to re-post the latest news from their blog to give you a general idea of the admin Jeffrey:

Message from the Founder – Jeffrey Ericson
Dear Members,
This is probably the last Update from the Founder for 2012. However, me and my whole team will be around through the holiday season, working behind the scenes in the best interests of our Members and processing payout requests as always (on a usual schedule).
I am extremely proud to have the opportunity to wish you, your families and loved ones a joyful holiday season and a Prosperous 2013, on behalf of the whole EPIC-Royal Team! And I feel privileged to thank every Member of our private business community for their contribution, as well as all our Partners worldwide for their valued support, this past year.
Heartfelt thanks to all our Management and Administrative Team members – my close partners and friends – for their efforts during the past 12 months, which culminated in the best ever financial performance under extremely difficult conditions.
We are feeling comfortable with the outlook for next year, and today we are in no way doubtful of our Future and our Alexa statistics is truly a reflection of our steady but restrained growth. I believe we will continue to surpass barriers and find new ways to overcome the challenges of tomorrow and deliver you the best service possible. I apologize if you have not received the service you expected. We realize we have a lot to learn and do next year in order to provide our valued Members the exceptional service they deserve.
I am looking forward to have you all on board for the next 12 months while we further improve the quality of our Service for our respectful Members and expand our investment potential.
Sincerely, Jeff
Jeffrey Ericson,
Managing Director and Founder
EpicRoyalFund / EPIC Royal Investors Intl


The second program that only launched today and joined MNO’s Premium Listing straight away was GISolutions. This one is much less complicated and more like a traditional HYIP game. The website is OK and easy to navigate with everything explained right from the beginning. The only investment plan on offer pays from 3% to 3.5% daily for the duration of 60 calendar days, Sundays excluded. Please note that no principal will be returned on expiry as the interest is already included in the payments. Also remember that on Sundays GISolutions will not pay anything which kind of extends the general investment term. The minimum to invest starts from $10 and the program accepts SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay, PerfectMoney, and of course, LibertyReserve. Withdrawals are to be made manually and are promised to be done within 24 hours of submitting a request (excluding Sundays). GISolutions is also running off a licensed Shadow script, so in order to make an investment in the chosen plan you will need to fund you wallet first. By the way, the admin told me the program is hosted on a dedicated server by Shadow with DdoS protection provided by the script developers as well. The website is SSL-secured by GeoTrust and has its own Twitter and Facebook accounts. All in all, the original setup indicates some good preparation from the admin which never hurts. I hope that his skills are enough to make GISolutions a hit in the new year. I’m hoping to review the program tomorrow so stay tuned for further info then.

That’s about all for this evening, guys. Just to say thanks a lot to Steven for the interview which I hope you find helpful in deciding whether CashROTOR is suitable for you or not, and of course to wish the very best of luck for any readers here taking a chance on joining. Fingers crossed I hope it turns out profitable for you all, or at least as many as possible. I’ll be back tomorrow with the review of GISolutions which will also most likely be my final post of 2012 as I’ll be taking the day off on Monday, partially because I’m going to be traveling from Inverness where I’ve been staying for a couple of days to the Isle of Skye of the coast of Scotland to ring in the New Year, and partially because I’ll be to busy celebrating a successful year past and toasting a new one to come! So until then enjoy your weekend and see you all back here tomorrow!

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