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19/02/2013. Daily News from the Industry


Hi guys! It’s been a busy day in the HYIP industry this Tuesday and I have a lot of news to report. Not that I’m complaining as it’s a good sign and an indication of increased activity in the industry. So sit back and let’s see what’s been going on in the world of online HYIPs.


There was a huge newsletter from the admin of OilOfAsia Adam tonight giving a lot of new info on the recent stats of the program that has been paying a 3% for 75 business days plan with principal back on expiry for five full weeks already. The most important stats include the increasing number of investors (according to the admin it’s more than 23,000 active investors!), the deposits made via three different e-currencies accepted by OilOfAsia (with LibertyReserve being the most popular followed by SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney), the number of regional representatives presenting OilOfAsia to their local markets which also increased to seventy around the world which is a really good sign. Resonating throughout the newsletter is just word – true success. The admin even went so far as to invite everyone to visit two of their offices in Vietnam and the US. While you know my attitude towards such claims it could win some investors’ hearts and wallets, although the considerable risks involved when you invest in HYIPs should not be taken lightly. Most of the good HYIPs claim such offices and businesses and there’s nothing wrong about that if you know how to play the game. So far OilOfAsia paid regularly for its first five weeks online which helped establish a good reputation among investors and push them into second position on the MNO Sticky listing. The full newsletter from OilOfAsia (reviewed here) can be read below:

OilOfAsia Ltd Newsletter
Dear members,
Our management has really some good news to share with you and we hope you will find a minute to read about our recent company achievements and some forecasts as to further development.
The first thing we are about to report is the fact that we have been online for more than a month by now. Our business development department along with some associates from headquarters has made a great breakthrough closing hundreds of profitable deals during the past month that brought us thousands of dollars in revenue. Surely we are more than grateful to you for all this success since we would not have done this without you, your help and support, and your contributions that we keep paying interest payments on.
Now let us dive in some statistics that we have concluded based on the data collected for the past 30 days. Our number of online customers, that used to register their accounts through our automated self-serving investment platform, is growing up almost hourly and has already reached 27.000 of total, with 23500 of active accounts (the ones with investments activated or enrollment in affiliate program). We expect this number to double or even triple within the next month if our advertising campaign brings us success. Either way will work for us since we are still experiencing higher than expected feedback. Most of our customers come from the Europe and it is not a surprise that LibertyReserve takes leading position in the most popular payment processors used by customers among the ones that we accept. Anyway, LibertyReserve has over 60% of all transactions with OilOfAsia Ltd processed through their system. SolidTrustPay is taking the second place yet with 24% and PerfectMoney is the least used payment processor with just 16% of all deposit transactions.
OilOfAsia Ltd is an international company that serves almost every country in the world as long as it is not sanctioned by the United States and the European Union. And we are proud to say that we have expanded our regional representative count to up to 70 people throughout the world. These 70 reliable advisors have proved their ability to handle small issues in the right way and make customers want to learn more about the company. Our network is continuously growing with more and more people willing to enroll in regional representative program. Our business development analysts are even overloaded reviewing the applications, however it is a really good sign that our company seems interesting to the crowd and success is what is waiting for us in the future.
Speaking about representatives, we have recently opened another regional office. It is located in Florida, the United States of America. Here is the precise address if you are going to visit us in the Sunshine State:
Oakland Lakes Plaza
3425 West Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, 33311
Florida, United States
If you are looking to discuss something really huge and interesting for both us and for you or you will be hanging out around Miami shortly or sometime in the future, feel free to stop by our office and get professional customer service. Or you can just call our American colleagues and they will be able to provide you with all information you may need.
This office, like the other one we have in Vietnam, does not differ from the headquarters and you may obtain all kinds of information there as well as sign any necessary contracts you may want to have when placing a significant investment. Surely normally we do not handle any paperwork since our investment process is fully automated and it just does not require submitting agreements, but in case you want to have a paper in your hands, we can make an exception. You will have to visit our office for that though.
That is it for now, but we are surely having new updates coming soon. So stay tuned for those! Once again, we would like to thank everyone for their support and help. We really appreciate seeing you as our valuable customers and will do everything in our power to keep that up just as long as we can. Keep showing your support, enroll in our affiliate program to promote us and help yourself by helping us!
We will be in touch soon!
Yours, Adam


You know that StallionGold (reviewed here) has been always well known for accepting a wide range of payment processors which currently includes such popular options as LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, the less popular PexPay and OkPay and direct bank wires. If you use payment processors then your investment with StallionGold may start from only $1 which you can deposit in the 1.5%-4% for 100 business days with the principal returned in four instalments during the term. By the way, if you wish to get more information from StallionGold first-hand you can always read the interview with its admin Edward who talks in greater detail of his program’s main features. StallionGold has been online and paying (almost always instantly) for about six months which secured its position in the Top Five most popular programs from MNO’s Premium listing. Today another expansion of payment methods was announced to include Western Union and Money Gram. So you can take advantage of the new payment methods in StallionGold if you wish:

WU and MG payments
Dear investors and website visitors, it is our pleasure to announce the addition of new payment options at StallionGold. From now on, all of our members can use Western Union and MoneyGram money transfer services to make their investments and request withdrawals. These widely used and internationally recognized systems allow to transfer funds worldwide within minutes. These services also allow the use of Credit and Debit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard to fund the transactions.


An unusual contest started today for the members of ProForexUnion (reviewed here). The program is currently #1 on MNO’s Sticky listing paying for five months now on several investment plans all of which return your principal on expiry – 1.2% for 20 days, 1.7% for 30 days, 1.9%-2.4% for 60 days. ProForexUnion accepts deposits starting from a $10 minimum via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay and many other options including banking wires less orthodox methods for the HYIPs industry. ProForexUnion members can now participate in a contest for the best photo. It’s not specified exactly what kind of picture should be submitted, so I imagine it’s a free topic of your own choice. The winner will see his photo published on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of ProForexUnion, and also receive a $500 investment deposit in the program. For more details please refer to the latest newsletter from ProForexUnion posted below:

ProForexUnion. Best Photo
ProForexUnion company announced a contest for the best picture! To enter the competition, you have to take a picture, where together with you the name of our web-site will be present in some way!
The winner of the contest will be that party who sent the most beautiful or creative photo!
The winner will receive a $ 500 deposit with the possibility to deposit the money at maturity.
Except for the winner all the participants will be rewarded with high quality work.
At the end of the competition and announcement of the results all photos will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter web-pages.
Please, send your photos at
Sincerely, yours The ProForexUnion team.


From the new programs recently added to MNO CostaAlliance is probably the one that got the most attention from readers. The program accepts all the four big payment processors starting from a $10 minimum – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay – and offers just one investment plan paying 7% interest for a duration of 21 calendar days. And don’t forget about the 7% instant withdrawable bonus you get straight after you make a deposit with CostaAlliance which brings your total profit by the end of the three-week term to 54%. This interesting feature among others were discussed in my recent review of CostaAlliance which was posted on MNO last night (click here to read it).

In the first official newsletter from CostaAlliance sent out today the admin Elyssa just mentions the review as being possibly the most detailed one anywhere deserving attention. Also it was brought to our attention about the recent SSL installation and the EgoPay deposit issues that had to be credited manually yesterday but which is now resolved. Anyway, CostaAlliance has been off to a very good start. Hopefully that will continue and we will once see CostaAlliance rising in the MNO ratings:

Costa Alliance ~ NewsLetter#1
Greetings CostaAlliance Members,
This being our first official newsletter (as it had to be due to our heavy workload over the last few days) should hopefully find you in good health and mind.
We welcome you to our brand new investment port, CostaAlliance. For us, this program is priceless for we have spent a considerably huge amount of time and effort developing it from the storyboard to the website. We continue to put all our heads together to bring you a reliable alliance through our service as an online investment program.
Our top priority is the premium member support and fund management services which control the infrastructure of our business.
The highlights of this newsletter are the Server (SSL certification) and EgoPay issues which you may have observed by now. It really does not matter if you missed it because they both have been resolved and operations have resumed seamlessly since.
As we are using 2 SSL Certification, Thawte and Comodo; the website faced some minor conflict yesterday which was rectified and solved by our technical team. The consequence reduced the loading speed of the website for a short while but everything is fine now.
Members who were investing with EgoPay would have had to do so manually yesterday due to a glitch in their system but that was also resolved later in the day and now you can invest directly through the website.
And we must add that we have been reviewed by one of the industry’s most reputed blogs – MNO. Paul has written a very comprehensive and professional review on Costa Alliance which can be read here:
If you need any help with anything relating to CostaAlliance, do contact us and we would be glad to be of service to you.
Have a great week!
Elyssa Hamad


The latest newsletter from GoldenPayment (reviewed here) sent today just repeated information from earlier newsletters about the addition of all the four payment processor logos on the site and in its advertising banners – currently GoldenPayment accepts SolidTrustPay and EgoPay along with LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney which had been the only two processors accepted at the beginning of GoldenPayment‘s lifecycle 24 days ago. The program has been doing absolutely amazing so far surviving the recent DDoS attack and moving to another hosting provider and at the same time keeping all the payouts within the promised 24-hour timeframe which the admin again emphasized upon in the newsletter. The four investment plans offered by GoldenPayment – 105% after 1 day, 120% after 3 days, 150% after 7 days, 325% after 15 days – were also fully discussed in my interview with the admin Dennis which you can read here. The latest news from him can be read below:

GoldenPayment Newsletter
We have updated all our accepted processors on our website. You can see their images on our website now. If you cannot see all four, please refresh the page or delete your web cache.
EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, and Liberty Reserve are all four reflected on our website as well as our banners. Thank you for your support in our two newest processors.
Additionally, we just finished processing all payouts. Reminder, all our statistics can be viewed on our website towards the bottom. You can view deposits as they happen, withdrawal processing, etc. always on our website. Remember, our terms show processing within 24 hours. For many of you this time will never get to that point, but with a global investor base, some will request when we are not doing payouts. Thank you for understanding.
Thank You, GoldenPayment.


I was concerned when my usually instant payout from FatProfit to EgoPay went to pending status today. However it was nothing to worry about as EgoPay itself suffered some accessibility issues for a couple of hours today when the site was inaccessible and a message explaining it was under repair displayed. I believe that it had something to do with the recently reported deposit issues by another admin and while by now it’s been fixed, it could be the reason for EgoPay’s downtime. In any case, thanks to FatProfit‘s admin, everyone was notified while EgoPay was offline and the pending withdrawals were processed later after EgoPay was back online.

FatProfit (reviewed here) has been online for 20 days now with one investment plan – 10% for 15 business days. Payouts are usually instant to all processors – EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. that’s why it is so important for the admin to keeps investors updated in the event of difficulties which are not FatProfit‘s fault. Two newsletters doing this are re-posted below:

Egopay Website Under Maintenance
Hello everyone,
We just got this message on the homepage of
“EgoPay will be back soon
We are working hard on enhancements to better our site for your convenience.
We will return as soon as everything is in place.
We apologize for the inconvenience,
Thank you for using EgoPay”
So all withdraws to Egopay can not be processed till it is back to normal. Withdraws to Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney, and Solidtrustpay are instant as usual.
Sincerely, FatProfit Admin

Egopay Back To Normal And Instant Again
Hello everyone,
We are glad to inform you that Egopay has been back from its maintenance in a very short time. All pending Egopay withdraws processed and withdraws to Egopay instant again.
Sincerely, FatProfit Admin


After about 24 hours offline the admin of Stravia Peter decided he suffered enough of the continuous DDoS attacks on his website and moved to BlockDos servers which has been successfully completed. Now that Stravia (reviewed here) is back online I have already requested my withdrawal and can confirm it was indeed paid very quickly, so thanks to Peter for that. Anyway, please note that Stravia might not be accessible in your location yet as it usually takes some time to get a site propagated around the world after switching servers. Moving the program in order to continue running deserves some respect, and Stravia which offers 2.7%-3.5% for 70 business days with principal back on expiry to EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve recovers fully. The latest newsletter from Peter regarding the downtime can be read below:

Stravia – Site update
For the past 24 hours, Stravia has been under constant attack. For those who have followed us on Facebook, were immediately updated. At the moment, we have switched to BlockDOS network to protect our site and the site is back up online already.
For most of you the site should be up immediately however at some parts of the world our DNS is still being updated and so it might not be accessible yet. It should be up soon nevertheless.
We really appreciate all the support and trust we have received from our loyal members during this hard time.
Best regards,
Stravia Management


A cryptic, almost funny email came today from the admin of TradExFund (reviewed here). The program has been paying a 5% for 30 business days plan for about five weeks now and the first investment cycle is almost finished for the first investors who joined via any of the four payment processors accepted – EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve. So today apparently inspired by some users on the MNO ShoutBox who had a skeptical view on the program’s future, the admin decided to send a weird email telling everyone that it’s not too late to invest in TradExFund. For me, it sounds very clumsy and awkward and almost like a begging letter for new investments. Anyway, I suggest you to read it and judges for yourselves:

TradExFund News Letter
Dear TradExFund Members,
IF you are thinking you are late to Invest in TradExFund you never late. We are here to help you grow your investment so stay positive we will prove through our performance and quality of work that your Investment decision to Invest in TradExFund is not wrong every one will get 150% TOTAL ROI its our promise.
Thanks & Regards
TradExFund Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listProForexUnion, OilOfAsia, PerfectForex.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, SureInv, MajestiCrownStallionGold, 4FXInvestment, MGProfit, BensonUnion, GoldenPayment, Stravia, FatProfit, AirCargoXpress, Black&WhiteFund, Xgolding, ExpressProfitShares, AXAIndustries, RewardsWeekly, ADSolidCostaAlliance, MalaysianINC.
From MNO Standard list: AustralinaBusinessGroup, TradExFund, AxiomInvestingGroup, PureIncome.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, Fxen, Money&Credit, TheInvestmentBank, VenturInvest (the first payment received).

That’s about all for tonight, everyone. I hope the information was useful for you and I hope to see you all tomorrow for more news and updates from the HYIP industry and the programs monitored on MNO. I’ll also have an interview with the admin of AirCargoXpress as well so I hope if you’re already a member or just thinking of joining you’ll be interested in that. Stay tuned and see you then!

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