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Hello everyone, and welcome to another news update on MNO blog – the only place where you can get the HYIP industry’s news first and on a daily basis plus get early warnings on potential scams as well as the newest and most promising programs that are destined to be big.

Sorry for skipping the update last night, but I hope you all had a creepy Halloween and whether just trick or treating with the kids or watching scary movies with the grown-ups had a fun night. So today I decided to post a little earlier than usual today so we can catch up with all the updates from the programs monitored on MNO. Let’s get started then, shall we?


PokerByProxy is one of my readers’ favorite picks now, offering variable daily returns which depend on the program’s day-to-day performance. On Halloween night it was announced that the profit reached just 1.14% which was accompanied by an extensive explanation of how this was reached. In addition to that, the admin promised to post some pictures of his team’s last business trip and think about the improved functionality to his website. He also asked for members’ suggestions on how to make PokerByProxy better, so if you have some, please don’t hesitate to contact him via his website’s contact page:

Thursday 31st October 2013
Result 1.14%
Report Last night was our final night here in Vancouver, and in about an hour we’ll be heading out of the city. We managed to get in a bit more play last night, and popped into the casino for one last round this morning, however neither were incredibly profitable. This morning, the only table that was running was one of relatively low limits, and last night there wasn’t too much excitement either. Anyway, since we have to head out, we’ve had to keep today’s play relatively short, and as a result, we only managed to pull in 1.14%.
In other news, once we all return home, we’ll be focusing on some improvements to the website, additional funding options, and I’ll have a chance to post some of the pictures from our trip. Over the past month we have received numerous suggestions on how to improve our site, and thus far we have acted on a few of them. If you have a suggestion that you would like seen in our next website upgrade, please send us a message from your PokerByProxy support centre, from within your account. We appreciate all suggestions that you may have to offer.
The plan for our upcoming game play will be to focus on online poker for the next couple weeks, while planning out our next live poker meet up. For those avid poker players out there, we’re open to suggestions for locations that we should consider. The criteria is that the casino offers live poker, has a good amount of players (ideally on higher limit tables), and we wouldn’t mind going somewhere warm for a change. With that said, all accounts have been updated for today and we look forward to receiving your suggestions.

For those who haven’t been in PokerByProxy yet and only hearing about it for the first time I’ll just mention a couple of things you need to know. For all additional information you can always check out my extensive review published here as well as my interview with the program’s admin Patrick here. So, PokerByProxy offers you an unheard of level of flexibility putting you in total control of your funds. Starting from a $25 minimum which is accepted through virtually every possible payment option serving the HYIP industry, including direct bank wires and PayPal, you have the opportunity to invest your money for any period you like. At the end of every calendar day your account in PokerByProxy is credited with up to 25% profit (or will be deducted a maximum 5% loss which is rare but does happen) and then you will be given a choice what to do with your profits and any amount of the principal. As the unique script PokerByProxy runs off allows you to withdraw any amount you like at any time and be paid within 24 to 48 hours, you can decide what part of the funds you would like to withdraw and what part stays in your account to become part of your principal. It’s very easy to do, but you do need to understand what you want and develop your own strategy to bring you the best possible results. By the way, I have included PokerByProxy in the new favorites poll posted to the MNO TalkBack page so if you like the program you can vote for it here. More about the new polls is coming up at the end of today’s news update.


News was sent by SixaLimited on the addition of financial stats (which the admin promised not to fake under any circumstances) and an appeal to the program’s investors to help resolve the situation with SolidTrustPay as SixaLimited‘s SCI button hasn’t been somehow approved yet. In my opinion, any appeal to STP won’t work as they tend to stick by their own rules and will have their own reasons for this even if they don’t state them publicly. As SolidTrustPay largely remains one of the most popular payment processors in the HYIP industry and is the first choice for many investors, the request to help SixaLimited add STP seems like the right thing to do. However, possibly due to a change in policy, SolidTrustPay are not revealing the criteria governing the acceptance of short-term HYIPs. In any case, the last word in this dispute will be SolidTrustPay’s and if they didn’t approve SixaLimited in the last two weeks there’s little reason to believe it’s going to happen anytime soon. But at least such efforts won’t hurt the program if they are genuine and perhaps maybe even encourage STP to rethink their attitude towards SixaLimited.

For now SixaLimited only accepts PerfectMoney and EgoPay as the only payment options starting from a $10 minimum. Investment plans include 104%-120% after 1 day, 54.3%-70% for 2 days, 122%-300% after 5 days, 146%-500% after 10 days, 225%-1,000% after 20 days, 400%-1,500% after 30 days. It’s been paying fine for over two weeks now and for more information on SixaLimited you can always read my detailed review here. Below are the two latest updates from the admin:

SixaLimited – Reveals Financial Statistics
Hello everyone,
SixaLimited staff always takes clients in first place, after countless requests for lives deposit and withdrawal stats, we decided to reveal our financial stats to general public, you can check them out by visiting our website: SixaLimited, please note that we don’t fake our financial results, as other lower level “investment programs” likes to do, we stay as genuine as we can be for our loyal customers. SixaLimited – where client comes first.
Best Regards, Charles Barkley, SixaLimited

SixaLimited – Help us to add STP
Hello everyone,
as you have noticed currently SixaLimited accepts PerfectMoney and EgoPay as payment options, but we also would like to accept SolidTrustPay. We have received plenty of support tickets about STP issue, the main reason why we don’t accept it, is because STP employees didn’t accept our SCI button (option to receive deposits), we have fully business verified account, the only missing part of it is SCI button, we have contacted STP support department countless times, but they are ignoring us, after they rejected our SCI button request. There is no logical explanation to reject our SCI button, we have been online for two plus weeks, we bring members into profit, while other programs don’t.
After all this nonsense we decided to ask for help. We are asking you, to submit support ticket or live chat session to STP support department, explain them that SixaLimited is leader between short term programs, has been profitable for it’s members for two plus weeks and only is at the beginning of it’s online journey. Our STP username: Mrre6uter. Ask them to enable our SCI button! You can mail them to:, our go to to submit support ticket or apply for live chat session. Thank you.
Best Regards, Charles Barkley, SixaLimited


PexPay payment processor that is currently only accepted by three programs from my list – BillionairesGroup (reviewed here), CrestFunds (reviewed here), and InvOil (reviewed here) – is hoping to increase its presence in the HYIP industry in future as explained by the admin in the interview published here. For now, a Bank Wire promo campaign during which you can fund your account in PexPay for half the usual cost is going on. Due to many questions on how the process works being asked by PexPay customers the administration took the time and compiled a newsletter answering the most common. So if you’re interested you can take a look below and see the information for:

Wire Process Reminder
Hello PexPay Customer,
We are having a great response to the Wire promotion so far, but we are also getting a larger number of support tickets asking about the Wire funds not being in the customers PexPay account. After answering many of these tickets with the same reply we thought we would send a quick email to explain the Wire funding process.
When you request a Wire from within your PexPay account that informs us that you have started the process for a Wire deposit so our funding department can keep an eye out for your Wire. After you make this request you are given printable Wire instructions, these instructions need to be given to your bank so that they can complete the bank Wire request. Until you take the Wire instructions to your bank to complete the Wire request no funds will be moved. The request in your PexPay account is only one of the two steps that must be completed.
Please make sure you take the Wire instructions to your bank so they can get the funds to our account as quickly as possible. Once you do this the funds should be added to your PexPay account within 1-3 business days depending on your bank.
If we do not receive the Wire deposit within 10 days of the request you made from your PexPay account we delete the request.
We hope this clears this up for the many that are having questions about this over the pass few days, and for others that might not have understood the complete process.
Thank you, PexPay
Your Bridge to Anywhere


And finally to finish things up for the current business week I want to take a look at the latest opinion polls running on the MNO TalkBack page. As you probably know if you’re a regular reader this is an ongoing feature on that section of MNO, with the polls changing periodically to keep things interesting. So it’s time now to replace the old ones with a couple of new questions for you to think about over the next week or so, but not before we take a look at the results of the most recent ones. Otherwise it would be a pretty pointless exercise, don’t you think, becoming merely a question without an answer! The first question for readers asked how you go about selecting the online HYIPs that you choose to join or choose to ignore. To be a bit more specific it went as follows:
What is the decisive criteria for you when choosing a program to invest?

Potential answers were basically the main reasons I know from interacting with readers over the years that are generally quoted. Of course maybe all of them, maybe none of them, come into your own consideration. I’m just asking what the closest match to your own criteria might be, and I have to say it was quite an even spread with all possible options finding a number of takers. But the number one reason for MNO readers opting to join any particular program it seems was a split decision, with opinion divided equally. 25.5% of you said the “Good overall quality of the website” was the main reason you would join, which I suppose indicates that admins need to professional in their approach and not just think that members will join any old rubbish he throws together. The very same number, 25.5% of you, listed “Other people’s feedback” as the most important reason for playing or passing on a HYIP, which would suggest the importance of networking and communication between investors. I have to say it’s kinda pleasing to me to think than MNO might play some small part in that, though I suppose you all have your own preferred monitors, forums, and so on. But it’s good to learn from the experiences of others whether they be positive or negative.

Next on the list with 21% of the votes was the option “Time online” which says a lot about the importance of a program proving itself and establishing a record of steady and dependable payments and customer service before many people will even thinking of handing over any money.

After that we have another tie, with an equal number of voters taking the remaining two options. 14% of readers say that the most important consideration for them before getting involved with an online HYIP is “Fast profits”. Personally I would understand that to mean how long it takes you to earn back an amount of money equal to your initial deposit as a ratio to the actual length of term, and not necessarily just short term programs as such. The remaining 14% of readers say that it’s the program’s “Advertising budget” that helps them decide whether to join or not, and I must say speaking as a monitor I can often vouch for the fact that this is something taken very seriously by the best admins, and something that requires a certain degree of planning.

The second question was based a bit more on practicality, and asked readers:
How do you usually fund your e-currency account?
And from the possible options open to you there we can see that the most popular method, taken by some 31% of readers, is “Via an exchanger from another currency”. In a close second position with 25.5% of votes, the option of funding your account “Directly from my credit card” is also quite popular. In third place funding your account “Directly from bank transfer” was taken by 23% of readers, and the remaining 20.5% of you have said they prefer “Via an exchanger via bank transfer” as a funding option. So overall a very close contest there with all possible options having an almost equal (or at least comparable) share of the market.

For the new polls I prepared for you today, I would like to ask you to rate the MNO monitor on its convenience for you. I know that many of you appreciate my monitor for the very quick reaction to scams that start paying selectively (like the recent case with UnicoFX, for instance) and abuse my referrals whom I always stand up for till the end. In fact being in the MNO downline always has its perks as the admins will often try to avoid any trouble with MNO displaying a problem status instead of just payment my downline. Unfortunately that didn’t work with UnicoFX and the admin preferred to scam instead of refunding my referral, but in many cases it actually works out. So I would like to ask you guys how you rate the work of the MNO monitor compared to other monitors that you might be checking on a daily basis. I would ask to rate it from 5 which means “excellent” to 1 which stands for “awful” with also 4 as “good”, 3 as “decent” and 2 as “unsatisfactory”. Believe me that I always strive to make my monitor more user-friendly for all my readers and if you’re somehow unsatisfied with the way the MNO monitor works then you can always send me your suggestions via my Contact page or directly to my email address I will consider all suggestions if practical and hope we can improve MNO together!

For the second poll I would like to ask you what is your favorite program out of MNO’s current Top Five Premium List on my monitor? You can submit your vote for either PureIncome that is currently ranked at #1 (reviewed here), EmpireFinanceGroup (currently #2 and is reviewed here), PokerByProxy (getting #3 spot and is reviewed here), GeniusCapitalLimited (ranked at #4 with the detailed review published here), or CatenaFinance (currently is #5 with the review posted here). Please note that you can vote for your favorite program from each IP-address only once and so choose carefully from these brilliantly performing gems. The voting will be on for a week and I’ll draw the results next Friday. So keep voting and see what’s the most popular program only on MNO TalkBack!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: PureIncome, EmpireFinanceGroup, PokerByProxy, GeniusCapitalLimited, CatenaFinance, RFIGroup, BillionairesGroup, InvOil, PrimeEnergy, BestEight, CrestFunds, InvGlobalKeystoneLoansDivision.
From MNO Standard list: IncomeAlways, SixaLimited, DeltaTraders, IndustrialInvestGroup.
From MNO Basic list: GulfInvestmentClub, InvestmentCapital, WelorTrade, 30minutesStableProfit, Brows&Co, ValuePathFinance.

That’s all for now, guys. I hope you will all have a nice weekend don’t forget to check out the latest news and reviews on MNO when you have time. Thanks for reading and bye for now!PokerByProxy

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