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Beware! Financ has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! To finish up the business week I want to start this evening’s update with a closer look at a medium to longer term HYI program called Financ, a name I think many of you will at least recognize if you are a regular user of the MNO monitoring site. The reason being of course that the project has been listed there for the last month now, and has in fact been online since mid October. About seven weeks or so then, which isn’t really all that long a time at all when you look at the plans Financ are offering but still long enough to put their first members well into profit by now. Prior to this week however Financ had only been featured on the MNO Basic List, so that’s why you won’t have seem anywhere on my blog section. The admin decided it was time to get serious a couple of days back and has now upgraded his program to the Premium section on my monitor, so I’ll also be sending a list of interview questions to him soon too which I hope he’ll take the time to answer in the not too distant future. There’s also a couple of news stories I think worth covering before the weekend so I’ll be getting to all that too in the second half of the post as always, but see first exactly what Financ have to offer, what the program’s main features are, and if you think they might be worth taking a chance on and adding to your portfolios anytime soon.

So the first, the shortest term, and the most affordable option is called The Standard Plan. Running for a 30 business day term (that’s six weeks), Financ require a $10 minimum deposit in order to join. Or if you’re feeling generous/lucky you could also deposit anything up to a $1,000 maximum. In return for that the admin offers a daily interest rate of 1.4%, made from Monday to Friday, which eventually adds up to 42% in total. Obviously this by itself isn’t enough to put you into profit, not even close to it actually, so this only happens once Financ return your principal on expiry of the term as promised.

For anyone prepared to spend a $1,000 Financ have a longer term and also more profitable option called The Prof Trader Plan. You may also if you prefer deposit anything up to a $6,000 maximum. The investment term clocks in at 45 business days (or nine weeks) during which the Financ admin offers members an interest rate of 1.6% per business day, Monday to Friday. By the end of the term payments should amount to 72% in total, which then becomes your net profit once Financ return your initial principal on expiry.

Financ‘s third plan, and the one for the really big spenders out there, runs for a term of 90 business days (eighteen weeks) and is called The Oil Cargo Plan. Between Monday and Friday for that time you are offered a payment of 1.8% on all deposits up to a maximum value of $90,000. On expiry Financ promise to return your principal, leaving your payments which should have come to 162% as your final net profit.

Payment options are it has to be said a little basic at best. Currently investors are only allowed to deposit or withdraw from Financ using either PerfectMoney or EgoPay, and there’s been nothing to suggest that might change anytime soon. This however is somewhat compensated for by virtue of the fact that withdrawals are mostly processed instantly. You will need to log into your private Financ members account area and make the request as usual, but once done you can generally expect to have the money in your chosen payment processor account within under a minute.

On the more technical side of things then, Financ is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of Koddos. Their website is running off a script that’s under license from GoldCoders, and is SSL encrypted in both public and private members areas for an added layer of security on your transactions and safer browsing. If there are any remaining questions you might have for the Financ admin that you think weren’t really explained here then you can get in touch with the program’s support network by filling out the online customer support form on the contacts page. There’s a built-in Live Chat feature as well, though this isn’t a 24 hour service and no information is given as to when, if ever, you’ll be able to find an operator there to deal with your questions. I can’t honestly say that I’ve never had any reason to use the service myself, but it won’t hurt to take a quick look anyway before sending an e-mail. Financ also keep profiles on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter so you can find them there as well if you’re a user.

The texts and website content are largely copy/pasted and can been seen used elsewhere in older HYI related programs. The information was all a bit vague and a bit sketchy in the first place so I wouldn’t have suggested treating it all that seriously anyway (relating to the oil business) as it can never be verified. So if you’re looking to expand your portfolios and think Financ might be worth a shot then just remember to stay well within a comfortably affordable spending limit and to make better use of the program as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



For some reason the admin of the above reviewed Financ decided to share some tips on time management. I’m not sure how beneficial this is for a typical HYIP investor, but perhaps it’s of interest to you personally. By the way, I just sent some interview questions to the admin of Financ tonight so I hope that by utilizing his own time management skills he will be able to finish quickly enough to be published on my blog soon. Below are eleven of Financ‘s time management tips:

11 Time Management Tips
Do you feel the need to be more organized and/or more productive? Do you spend your day in a frenzy of activity and then wonder why you haven’t accomplished much?
Time management skills are especially important for small business people, who often find themselves performing many different jobs during the course of a single day. These time management tips will help you increase your productivity and stay cool and collected.
1) Realize that time management is a myth.
No matter how organized we are, there are always only 24 hours in a day. Time doesn’t change. All we can actually manage is ourselves and what we do with the time that we have.
2) Find out where you’re wasting time.
Many of us are prey to time-wasters that steal time we could be using much more productively. What are your time-bandits? Do you spend too much time ‘Net surfing, reading email, or making personal calls? Tracking Daily Activities explains how to track your activities so you can form a accurate picture of what you actually do, the first step to effective time management.
3) Create time management goals.
Remember, the focus of time management is actually changing your behaviors, not changing time. A good place to start is by eliminating your personal time-wasters. For one week, for example, set a goal that you’re not going to take personal phone calls while you’re working. (See Set Specific Goals for help with goal setting.) For a fun look at behaviors that can interfere with successful time management, see my article Time Management Personality Types. Find out if you’re a Fireman, an Aquarian or a Chatty Kathy!
4) Implement a time management plan.
Think of this as an extension of tip # 3. The objective is to change your behaviors over time to achieve whatever general goal you’ve set for yourself, such as increasing your productivity or decreasing your stress. So you need to not only set your specific goals, but track them over time to see whether or not you’re accomplishing them.
5) Use time management tools.
Whether it’s a Day-Timer or a software program, the first step to physically managing your time is to know where it’s going now and planning how you’re going to spend your time in the future. A software program such as Outlook, for instance, lets you schedule events easily and can be set to remind you of events in advance, making your time management easier.
6) Prioritize ruthlessly.
You should start each day with a session prioritizing the tasks for that day and setting your performance benchmark. If you have 20 tasks for a given day, how many of them do you truly need to accomplish? For more on daily planning and prioritizing daily tasks, see Start The Day Right With Daily Planning.
7) Learn to delegate and/or outsource.
No matter how small your business is, there’s no need for you to be a one-person show – you need to let other people carry some of the load. Determining Your Personal ROI explains two ways to pinpoint which tasks you’d be better off delegating or outsourcing, while Decide To Delegate provides tips for actually getting on with the job of delegating.
8) Establish routines and stick to them as much as possible.
While crises will arise, you’ll be much more productive if you can follow routines most of the time.
9) Get in the habit of setting time limits for tasks.
For instance, reading and answering email can consume your whole day if you let it. Instead, set a limit of one hour a day for this task and stick to it.
10) Be sure your systems are organized.
Are you wasting a lot of time looking for files on your computer? Take the time to organize a file management system. Is your filing system slowing you down? Redo it, so it’s organized to the point that you can quickly lay your hands on what you need. You’ll find more information about setting up filing systems and handling data efficiently in my Data Management library.
11) Don’t waste time waiting.
From client meetings to dentist appointments, it’s impossible to avoid waiting for someone or something. But you don’t need to just sit there and twiddle your thumbs. Always take something to do with you, such as a report you need to read, a checkbook that needs to be balanced, or just a blank pad of paper that you can use to plan your next marketing campaign. Technology makes it easy to work wherever you are; your tablet or smartphone will help you stay connected.
You can be in control and accomplish what you want to accomplish – once you’ve come to grips with the time management myth and taken control of your time.
Financ Managers school


The admin of MultiPowerVentures Leo was seemingly very enthusiastic about being interviewed on MNO and promised to answer the questions I sent him last night as soon as possible. This was also announced in today’s newsletter sent to members of MultiPowerVentures. The admin also mentioned other efforts of his program that has been paying now for over three weeks, like purchasing a tower banner on MNO blog for a month and the addition of other monitors, which the admin is doing to increase the exposure of his program on a gradual level. Steady growth and an experienced admin is definitely what a short term program like MultiPowerVentures needs right now to survive the holidays and make it into 2014 intact. For now I can confirm that MultiPowerVentures (reviewed here) pays promptly to SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and BitCoin investments starting from a $10 minimum while offering the following plans all of which pay on expiry – 104%-150% after 2 days, 110%-250% after 4 days, 125%-400% after 8 days, 175%-850% after 16 days, 325%-2,000% after 32 days. For the full version of the latest newsletter from MultiPowerVentures please see below:

Greetings from MultiPowerVentures – 12072013
We are sending this e-mail newsletter today to update you of the important and significant updates on our program, MPV. MultiPowerVentures started online on the 14th day of November of this year 2013. And during the last 3 weeks and 1 day of our existence online, we have have experienced a progressive increase in registrations and investments.
We have always kept updating our advertisements and buying new spots on new websites and experimenting on which ones are effective. We have gradually increased this number each day and have also decided to add new monitors today. Kindly go to the website and click the Monitors link there on the upper left section of the page and see the new monitors on the bottom part of this page.
We are also working on compiling the comments and success stories from our online and offline clients to be shown and printed on the Client Testimonials page, which should be active on the link on our webpage pretty soon.
Most people think and classify our program as a short-term program, this simply means that our program offers you several plans which may seem and can be classified as short term, but this also means that you will reach profit in a fairly short amount of time. This is a good thing if you ask any investor.
We have also bought a banner slot in MNO yesterday. Paul of this blog has sent us the questions and we will be answering them and they shall be posted on his blog soon.
Good news! We are ranked most popular program in Allmonitors. And our traffic is increasing everyday.
If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the Live Chat section of the helpdesk section of the site. We will always try to answer all questions as accurate and quickly as possible.
Thank you for reading this rather long newsletter and I hope that the time is worth it.
Regards; Leo Konstantin Immanuel Zirner
Administrator / Director


There’s quite an interesting piece of news I found recently on the official blog of SolidTrustPay payment processor which I would like to discuss on my blog tonight. It doesn’t happen too often, but with the administration of SolidTrustPay fully acknowledging that STP is widely used by HYIP admins and therefore, as a responsible and legitimate processor, issued some warnings. These regard HYIP claims and the programs that are accepting STP not via the approved automated merchant interface. Let’s read it first and then we can see why this is very important to pay close attention to:

HYIP Safety Tips
You’ve seen them out there: HYIPs, or High-yield investment programs, with promises of high returns in short amounts of time. There are many successful programs in operation on the Internet, but it’s important to know that there are also many programs making false claims, breaking promises, and disappearing with investments.
STPay has strict guide-lines for how programs can operate if they wish to use our services. This is implemented for your protection and greatly reduces incidents of fraud for our members.
There are a few important things to keep in mind when considering investing in a HYIP program:
Outlandish HYIP Claims
SolidTrust Pay does not give Payment Buttons to programs making over-the-top promises about investment returns.
Ever encounter a program making astonishing claims on investment returns? Do the rewards sounds too good to be true? Most of the time they are. A promise of “1000% in 30 days” should be a red flag that a program might be making false claims. In fact, it’s highly improbable that a HYIP program would be able to generate that level of interest at all.
Always consider the online trends when investing in programs. Investing your money doesn’t have to be risky, as long as you do your homework and know where your money is going.
Does the program have a SolidTrust Pay Payment Button?
If a program’s website does not carry the SolidTrust Pay Payment Button, they do not have our stamp of approval. This button indicates whether they have met the criteria to run a business through our company and have been checked over by our staff. It is important to note that seeing a SolidTrust Pay logo on a program’s website does not guarantee that the company has been granted the privileges to use STPay as their processor.
Asking a SolidTrust Pay member for a manual fund transfer is against our Terms of Service and can indicate that the merchant does not have our approval to use our services.
SolidTrust Pay Payment Buttons
The Payment Button, if implemented correctly on a Merchant’s website, seamlessly directs the customer back to STPay to complete their transaction on our secure website. It is simply the safest way to make payments online.
After all, SolidTrust Pay is invested in keeping your money secure.

I hope you can see that SolidTrustPay is clearly standing its ground with their new tougher approach on HYIP admins and those who wish to use their services to run investment programs. It’s clearly said that HYIP owners must seek approval for STP automated deposits to be accepted and withdrawals processed from a HYIP website. If such a permission was received, only then is the admin allowed to accept deposits from investors and use payment buttons. STP is also hinting that the verification and approval process became much stricter recently, therefore getting a stamp of approval from SolidTrustPay might indicate an experienced admin without personal issues or conflicts with STP before, and improves your chances of profiting.

However, if such permission is not received but the admin asks members for manual transfers then that constitutes a breach of agreement. Such admins will have their accounts suspended. It’s now clearly stated that SolidTrustPay will not tolerate programs taking STP deposits manually instead of via the website itself. Therefore in all future reviews of the programs coming to MNO I will be strongly advising readers against making manual deposits, as it’s not allowed by STP. To be honest the only programs trying to pull this scam were all useless rubbish anyway, so no real loss to the industry there. At the same time, SolidTrustPay reminds us of the investor’s responsibility in finding the right program and repeats the point about the risks involved in online investments with HYIPs that payment processors like STP are not responsible for. Please have this in mind when playing with HYIPs, and although investing via STP might seem safer (as most admins do not value STP funds much and usually pay STP investors longer than others) please be sensible and responsible for your own actions.

I’d just like to finish by sharing one incident that happened to me today and which I think goes a long way towards explaining the tougher stance on HYIP admins SolidTrustPay is taking now. I got an email from some admin of a failed program (that I don’t monitor) pleading with me to assist him with advice on his SolidTrustPay account that had been suspended “for no reason”(!). Well, that’s what for some bizarre reason he seems to believe anyway. In his own words, the STP account in question was totally legitimate, he just happened to buy it on the black market (I won’t name the website selling them so as not to advertise an illegal “service”). The account is verified in someone else’s name and now STP think it strange that the account is being accessed from a VPN address and is asking to verify ownership by sending another copy of the documents the original owner would have had to submit in the first place. The website our unfortunate admin used to purchase the account didn’t provide him with a copy of the passport (probably stolen) used to open the account, and so now he’s annoyed because “his” money is frozen in a suspended STP account. It never once entered his stupid head that possession of someone else’s account is absolutely criminal and will result in all funds there being forfeited if you are not the legitimate owner. You would expect the police to confiscate stolen property if found in your possession, right? But this particular admin’s reaction of genuine disbelief at being treated so unfairly was simply jaw dropping in its stupidity. Imagine someone telling a policeman “I don’t know why you’re stopping me officer, surely I wasn’t speeding in this stolen car”, and you get the idea. So to me I fully support SolidTrustPay in doing what they are doing and I believe that by weeding out some fast scammers and not allowing them to open accounts they are doing a massive service to all online investors. So what do you think of that, guys? Please leave a comment to the article at the end of the post via the Disqus plugin if you have anything to say on the topic or comment on my ShoutBox. I would like to hear your honest opinion on the new STP policies.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: IncomeAlways.
From MNO Premium list: PureIncome, CatenaFinance, RFIGroupDublinCryptoriumLimited, MultiPowerVentures, InvGlobal, MutualWealth, RemiTrade, DailySharePro, Financ, FinMutual, ApexBinary.
From MNO Standard list: AmberShares.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, GoldDailyPay, InsideForexGroup.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Tomorrow I’ll be looking at the short term program AmberShares plus all the latest news from the industry. Have a nice weekend everyone, and good-luck with your investments!

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