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Hello everyone! As you might have noticed already, the week has been quite slow with not that many news stories of any great importance. This is most likely the way things will continue for the weeks either side of Christmas. We are facing a very quiet time in the industry with some programs running low on hope of surviving into the new year. Some of them will inevitably go on vacation as always happens and stay in hibernation (or should that be HYIP-ernation!) for a couple of weeks to save money for the new year, and many will scam even before Christmas, but that is alright. It’s all part of the HYIP industry which moves in cycles. I hope MNO will stay your guide in the world of HYIP investments for 2014 as we’re finishing the year with quite a good result and something to remember. I remind you that my poll on your personal results (either profit or loss) is still running on the MNO TalkBack page for a couple of weeks so you’re welcome to submit your experience of how 2013 was for you financially. Let’s get started then with the main news stories of the last 48 hours.


I want to start with InvGlobal (reviewed here) that was actually the first program on MNO to announce their holiday schedule well in advance of Christmas. So what will it mean for the investors of InvGlobal? Well, I didn’t quite understand it from the update posted below, so I even had to ask the admin to clarify it. It seems that from December 24 to January 05 there will be nearly two weeks of no interest credited on members’ accounts. InvGlobal has a 1.2%-2.5% for 120 business days plan (with principal returned on expiry), but you will not be paid for those 13 days. Please note that withdrawals in InvGlobal will still be processed instantly to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and OkPay while deposits are (unsurprisingly!) still accepted from a $10 minimum. Just note that if you invest in InvGlobal during the holidays your first profit will be credited only on January 6th, according to the schedule posted below:

Christmas Holidays Notice
Hello InvGlobal Ltd Customer
The end of 2013 is coming and this year the results of our work brought many people a feeling of financial stability and independence.
We have been online for more than 3 months now. We worked hard this year and for these Christmas holidays our team is going on vacation. There will be no charges during the period from December 24 to January 5. On Monday, the 6th of January, we will start working again.
Our Phone support and Live chat will be not available from December 11 to January 7. If you have any question during this period,please send us a support ticket.
In 2014 we will continue our aggressive politics of global presence and will try our best to do a better job.
Stay with us, we wish you happy holidays!


DailySharePro looks to be picking up steam now, and is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular autosurfing programs. You really should read my detailed and comprehensive review of DailySharePro to understand how it all works, but in a nutshell, the admin pays you at least 1% interest daily for 180 calendar days in return for surfing in auto-mode at least 25 websites every day. The reward will be credited to your account straight after the surfing is done and you will then be able to withdraw to your PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, BitCoin, or OkPay account which are all accepted by DailySharePro. You can buy ad shares in blocks of $5 and in the end of your investment period your money will be returned. Moreover, due to their alleged involvement in BitCoin trading some extra profits may also be added to your account on a daily basis which will raise your daily return to 1.5%. Of course that’s not guaranteed, but a basic minimum of 1% is, provided you surf that day.

Anyway, yesterday the admin of DailySharePro issued a very lengthy newsletter in which outlining the results of the first month online and revealed more plans for the new year for the program’s members. The most important thing to help you understand the basic concept behind DailySharePro is the mini-guide the admin links to. Also he explained more on the increased rates from BitCoin Funds, promised to consider more payment options to make DailySharePro even more appealing for investors, and encourages you to follow the program on Facebook and Twitter. Please read the latest newsletter below if you’re already a member of DailySharePro, or just thinking about it:

1st Month Celebration Announcements
DailySharePro‘s 1st Month Celebration Announcements
We’re extremely happy to announce our first month celebration of DailySharePro, and would like to take this opportunity to summarize major milestones we achieved this month, and how we will continue to offer great our unique investment opportunities for our members in 2014 as well.
Deposit Rate Increases, Investors Make More Money.
Over the past 30 days, we’ve seen major progress in terms of attracting investors from across the globe to participate and advertise in one of our advertising campaigns to expose their website to “hungry” and “targeted” audience to BOOST their online sales, as well as trade in BitCoins Fund to earn at least 1% percent share from overall online revenue from DailySharePro, every day.
At DailySharePro, we create a win-win situation for everyone involved, including the investors, the advertisers, and the owners. Our advertising plan allows our members (FREE and PRO members) to attract more visitors to their advertised websites as well as earn significant amount of profits by investing in our BitCoin Fund, every calendar day. Our flexible advertisement plan managed to attract thousands of new advertisers from around the world to expose their website and drive plenty of free customers who regularly visit our site. Along with advertisement plan, our Bitcoin trade program also helped our members to earn significant amount of profits, at least 1% daily, increasing up to 1.2% to 1.5%, depending upon the Bitcoin price.
Mini Guide Added.
We also like to inform our DailySharePro member that we’ve created a user guide that explains our membership and investment plan, and how you can utilize these features to attract plenty of free traffic to your business and increase online conversion. For example, if you’re haven’t become our members, the guide will explain the benefits of our two membership – FREE and PRO. With these membership options, you can begin to invest instantly on advertising and Bitcoin Fund as well as advertise your website to attract people who are interested to what you have to offer.
Click here to read our guide.
Looking for another Payment Option.
Although our technical teams have successfully integrated most of the popular payment systems on DailySharePro, including SolidTrust Pay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, and Bitcoin, we’re still looking to add additional payment system just to make it easy for our members to fund and withdraw their money/earnings.
With all these major payment option, you will not have to worry about whether you will be able to pay or withdraw your money/earnings through DailySharePro.
Bitcoin Fund Performance Leads Its Peer Group With 4,847% Return.
Last week, Malta-based brokerage firm Exante decided to wrap up 2013 by releasing the Bitcoin Fund performance on Bloomberg Fund Analysis section, and the fund performance stats came with a staggering 4,847% return, making it among the most successful among its peer group, whose closest funds performance was 33.7% and 25.4%.
So, what is Bitcoin trade and why should you care to use it and how to do it? Bitcoin is an e-currency, or rather decentralized digital currency that is used all over the world to purchase products and services, online.
Bitcoin is popular because unlike traditional method of payment methods, like bank cheque, and wire transfers, it is relatively fast, cheap, and secure.
In the last 30 days, DailySharePro already saw its highest daily bitcoin %, up to a whopping 1.4% when the bitcoin price went up. Although we earn more than 1.4% from our trades, but we keep it in reserve and this is how it should be. Not it is safe to keep it in reserve, but it will also offer you long term of benefits.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone.
Before we wrap this news, we would like to wish DailySharePro members a very warm and happy Merry X-MAS and happy new year. We have had a busy December, where our investment plan – advertisement package and BitCoin trade – helped many investors and advertisers make easy and solid profits. We thank all for their genuine love and support to make DailySharePro a huge success.
Just like in 2013, we’ll continue to provide you a user-friendly environment for investment opportunities. In the coming year, we will expand our service by helps investors all around the country to expose their business to thousands of targeted audience as well as earn daily profits through our BitCoin trade programs.
Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter
To learn about how to invest your money into our advertising plan and BitCoin trade, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll keep you up to date with our tips, tricks, and techniques to maximize your online earning through our advertising plan and BitCoin trade program.
Thank you, DailySharePro Management.


It looks like after an unsuccessful first attempt the blackmailer targetting StableCapitalGroup again tried to destroy the program in its infancy. Straight after my review was published on Monday (click here to read it) the domain of StableCapitalGroup was suspended based on the unfounded complaint of some kind of Nigerian scam, possibly submitted by one of the blackmailers. The domain name is still frozen pending resolution, and the admin already sent all the necessary documents to close the matter. As you know, in the HYIP industry timing is everything and those of you who might have already joined StableCapitalGroup had to worry about their funds for a while. The admin promised me yesterday that a solution would be found, and I’m happy to see that he kept his word as today StableCapitalGroup is back on a new domain with a .net extension instead of the previous .com. All the links on MNO blog and monitor for StableCapitalGroup have been updated and hopefully, now the program is back to work we’ll see developing nicely in the coming months.

StableCapitalGroup launched only a couple of days ago, and troubles the admin already managed to cope with might only prove the program is run by a serious professional, and not by some fly-by-night scammer. So I hope to see good results from the three investment plans – 1.3% for 80 business days, 1.6% for 100 business days, 1.9% for 120 business days – and returning principal on expiry. At the moment, StableCapitalGroup only accepts deposits starting from $20 via EgoPay and PerfectMoney, but the admin promised his STP account would be approved soon as well. This would give him a bigger clientele for sure as SolidTrustPay is still the best payment processor by a mile for HYIP investors. I’ll update you about that as soon as it happens. For now please refer to the latest newsletter from the admin for all the latest news and a detailed explanation of the recent domain issue:

StableCapitalGroup – Updates
First of all we are very sorry for the sorry for the inconvenience.
We are facing problem without domain some blackmailer again report our domain to saying that we are involved in Nigerian scam. Below is the email from our domain registrar.
“Your domain is being involved in 419 scam. You may refer to the below link for a detailed information.
To get this domain unsuspended from our end, we request you to provide us with the below mentioned documents.
1. Purpose of Registration of the domain name.
2. Company Registration Details on Company letter head
3. Photo Identification proof of the Registrant.
We would forward these to team for verification. Once done, we would update you accordingly.”
We have already sent the required documents but this kind of issues always takes time. So we came up with the alternative domain StableCapitalGroup.
Everything is working right and no one loss earning for yesterday if there is any transaction missing please contact us we will solve it for you ASAP. Currently SSL is not working but we are already working on that it will run soon.
For Members
We request you to change (.com) to (.net) on your referral URL. And from now you can you same account from this new domain. If anyone faces any kind of problem please contact us via Email or Live Chat.
For Monitors
We request you all to change our url to (.net) same goes to referral URL rest everything is same.
Thanks & Best Regards,
Albert Hume
Customer Support Representative


While it may not have been exactly the most hectic day for HYIP related news stories, someone that’s certainly been busy over the last 24 hours have been the folks at SolidTrustPay. If like thousands of other investors SolidTrustPay is you first choice payment processor then there’s been three important news updates for you to check out, two of which I’ve taken from the STP news blog and the third which you can read from inside your members account area. I’m including that one here too for the benefit of anyone who might not really need to check their STP account very often and so might have missed it. We start with some very useful information on the current list of e-currency exchangers which are approved by STP for anyone looking to move money from online. What with the annual shopping frenzy that Christmas has become I guess it’s going to be overworked time of the year for many of the people connected with these businesses, and also also when customers are spending the most and need their cash to be most available. It makes sense then to remind STP account holders of the best and most efficient and of course the most trusted exchange service providers. This is accompanied by a some common sense advice on you you deal with online and who you decide to trust when handling your money. Remember there are several exchangers (as listed below) which provide a professional level of service and have been tested and verifies as such by STP themselves. Therefore there is NO reason whatsoever for you to deal with anonymous and untraceable people you find on the net whose sole interest is in removing as much of your money as they can possibly get. If anyone asks or offers to exchange money with you, unfortunately there’s every chance it might be a scam. There is no justifiable reason for them “needing” to do this with so many reputable providers doing it at some very competitive rates, and to be honest there’s no real reason for you to be accepting these dubious offers either. Even if the transaction is completed it doesn’t mean the original source of the money was legitimate, so in the case of STP you might very well have the money confiscated from you long after the other guy has run off with the other e-currency funds you sent him. In all cases it’s best to listen and adhere to STP rules and regulations – they’re there for a reason remember, and that’s to protect you so please don’t hinder them:

SolidTrust Pay Verified Exchangers
As we come closer to Christmas, many of our members may be looking at using E-Currency Exchangers to transfer funds online.
To make this process simple and safe, here is an up-to-date list of SolidTrust Pay approved and Verified Exchangers who are ready to assist you with exchanges from STPay to other E-Currencies:
Magnetic Exchange
For your safety, never exchange funds with an unknown individual or company who has not been pre-approved by SolidTrust Pay. If you are offered the services of an exchanger who does not appear on the list above, please contact our Customer Service Staff and we will be happy to confirm if they have been approved to operate as a Verified Exchanger.
For further information on using Exchangers, please read this article on Exchanging E-Currencies Safely.
SolidTrust Pay is always here to help, and strives to keep you up-to-date, safe, and happy for the Holidays.

The second piece of news today from SolidTrustPay is taken from my account area, so I would assume you’ll see the very same thing when you next log in to to own account. Still on the subject of Christmas and the upcoming holidays, you’ll no doubt be aware that a visit from Santa Claus doesn’t come cheap these days, and many of you will I’m sure be making withdrawals from your accounts to leave a tip for the big man. But with most of the banks and financial companies being on a reduced work schedule over the holidays, it’s absolutely vital that you get your request in early in order to make you receive it in time. There are as you know several withdrawal options open to SolidTrustPay users, but generally the cut-off point for Christmas seems to be either December 18 or 19 depending on how you’ll be requesting it. The banks (love ’em or hate ’em) are entitled to their holidays too, so if you’re too late then it’s out of STP’s hands and there’s not much else they can do for you, so please if you’re relying on this money then it’s very important that you pay close attention to the instructions given below:

Holiday Withdrawal Schedule
If you plan on requesting any withdrawals in time for the holidays, please keep these time frames in mind: Bank Wires – request no later than Dec 18. EFTs – request no later than Dec 19. ACHs – request no later than Dec 19. Credit/Debit Cards – no later than Dec 18. Check out for our complete holiday schedule!

And finally the third news story from SolidTrustPay is something that should really put your plans for the Christmas festivities into stark perspective. The recent tragic events in The Philippines has been on every TV screen, radio, and newspaper in the world by now, so you must surely be aware of it. Unfortunately being aware if it hasn’t made it go away, and with thousands of lives lost and those of thousands more completely turned upside down this Christmas is going to be a memorable one for all the wrong reasons. If you would care to make a contribution to the relief effort then you have a chance to make a real difference. Every dollar is important of course, and it doesn’t take much to put a hot meal in front of a family who have lost their home, but by donating through STP your efforts are tripled. That’s because in a most magnanimous act of generosity and good will, SolidTrustPay have offered to match every single donation dollar for dollar by their members. It will then be matched by the Canadian government, so if you donate one dollar STP donate another and the Government adds a third. I just want to say that I know a lot of people are struggling with finances these days and it can be tough to make ends meet, but when you look at what’s been going on in The Philippines these last few weeks, honestly, most of us have no idea what real hardship is all about. Therefore if you can make even the smallest contribution towards helping these people out it will go a long way. Longer than you think even, what with STP’s generosity and the help of the Canadian government. Details are below:

Support the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan
In early November, Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Southeast Asian Pacific, making landfall in the Philippines. The deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, Haiyan left thousands of people dead, and completely destroyed the homes and lives of thousands more.
In an effort to support the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, SolidTrust Pay has launched a campaign to match every dollar donated by our members. Each dollar will be matched again by the Canadian Government’s relief program, effectively tripling our member’s donations.
“Canada has established a mechanism to match the donations made by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities. For every eligible dollar donated by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities from now until December 23, 2013, in the Philippines and other affected countries, the government will set aside one dollar for the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund. “
-Canada’s Response to Typhoon Haiyan
SolidTrust Pay members wishing to lend support toward the relief effort can make a donation via member to member transfer to “STP_Relief_Funds”, with the transfer description “Philippine Typhoon Relief”. SolidTrust Pay will then match and donate these funds to the Canadian Government’s initiative.
The effects of Typhoon Haiyan on the people of the Philippians will be far reaching, but the charity and humanity shared from people all around the world will make all the difference in seeing that victims receive the medical and financial help they need to rebuild.
Together we can make a difference.
To learn more about SolidTrust Pay’s Sharing Philosophy, click HERE.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: MultiPowerVentures.
From MNO Premium list: PureIncome, CatenaFinance, RFIGroup, IncomeAlways, DublinCryptoriumLimited, DeltaTraders, InvGlobal, MutualWealth, Financ, RemiTrade, DailySharesPro, FinMutual, ApexBinary, StableCapitalGroup.
From MNO Standard list: –.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, WelorTrade, ThaiMonetaryFund, ValuePathFinance, GoldDailyPay, InsideForexGroup.

That’s all for tonight, guys. I hope that my update was useful for you and as always I’d love to see you back on MNO again pretty soon for more news on the programs listed. Stay tuned and always be on the money with Money-News-Online!

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