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Hi guys! We have a lot to catch up on today after the weekend. First I just want to remind you that three interviews were published on my blog over the last few days which you can find here (for those interested in finding out more about InflexShares), here (for the fans of DailySharePro) and here (for ApexBinary‘s current and prospective investors).

Unfortunately, the weekend was not so good for some investors as three programs were moved to Scam Status on my monitor. These include ImbueCapital, MyGoldNestEgg, and HyipAgroHolding. I believe there were three completely different reasons for the closures which I’ll try and discuss in a moment, but for now please be aware of the situation and stop investing if you’re not already unaware of it yet. As you might know MNO is among the fastest monitors in the industry to change the status of listed programs, and you can be sure that by checking my monitoring page you will get the most up-to-date information available.


But let’s start the day’s news with the latest from BluOro. The program was off to a good start after launching two weeks ago, but it wasn’t until BluOro was reviewed on MNO a couple of days ago that more investors became aware of them. Possibly in appreciation of this fact the admin Roger sent a newsletter containing the link to MNO review (click here to read it). He also welcomed suggestions to help improve BluOro for investors, so if you have any then you’re welcome to share them with him. BluOro accepts PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, and OkPay starting from a $10 minimum and offers three investment plans all of which return your principal on expiry – 1.5% for 15 business days, 2% for 30 business days, 2.5% for 60 business days. For the full version of the latest newsletter from BluOro please have a look below:

BluOro – Reviewed by MNO, looking for improvements.
Hello everyone,
hope you all had a great weekend so far, today we have few things to share with you, so let’s get straight to them.
First, make sure you read BluOro‘s review on money-news-onlin.com, as Paul Abramson reviewed our program this Friday, click on this link to read it: (http://money-news-online.com/blog/2014/02/07/07022014-bluoro-review-daily-news-hyip-industry/).
Another news story for today is that BluOro is constantly looking for improvements, so if you have any good idea how to improve our services, then please email your idea to idea@bluoro.com, we will appreciate your time and will take close loom at your thoughts.
That’s it for today, enjoy you sunday and have a great next business week.
Best Regards, Roger Walker,
BluOro Support department


I just realized that there was a curious update posted on the BettCoin website last week which I forgot to mention earlier. The thing is that the admin claims that he reserves the right to change the days on which the interest is credited to members’ accounts. Though it’s not going to happen during the month of February (according to the update) the admin can do so later with prior announcement. I guess when/if that happens it will mean BettCoin will probably be in deep trouble, but it’s possible that the admin wants to be insured against a possible drop in deposits by taking drastic measures like that. One thing is for sure – the admin promised not going to do it this month, so BettCoin investors will still enjoy instant payouts from all plans which return your principal on expiry – 1% for 15 days, 1.3% for 35 days, 1.9% for 75 days, and 2.6% for 100 days. It’s worth noting that deposits in BettCoin are accepted via a wide variety of payment methods including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex Money, and WebMoney and the minimum starts from only $10. For more information on BettCoin please check out my review published here and for the unusual news about possible future term changes please read the update below:

Dear investors!
We would like to remind you that the interest accrual on your deposits online performed 7 days a week. This decision is based on the realization of the amount invested in the project and can be changed periodically. In the coming months there will be no change in the number of working days for the interest. About accruals for the next month we will inform in advance. Best regards, Administration.


If you’re a member of 3pamm you might have been really pleased to discover a couple of days ago that the website was totally re-vamped and is now much improved. The layout of 3pamm has become cleaner, more precise, more eye-catching, and one can definitely see the improvements over the last version. Unfortunately the custom-made script was passed over without significant changes and, for instance, I can still see an error page when being re-directed from the confirmation payout page. That doesn’t affect the payouts themselves in any way, but still I’d prefer if script to was changed a bit as well to remove things like that. But anyway, I believe 3pamm is moving in the right direction and a more attractive layout will work almost like a shop window for potential customers. Plans, which all return your principal on expiry, include 1% for 12 days, 1.3% for 35 days, 1.6% for 65 days, 2% for 70 days, 2.3% for 85 days. 3pamm accepts deposits starting from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, LiqPay, Qiwi, and Bank wires through a number of Russian banks. 3pamm has been on my monitor for one month now, but it’s already made a significant gains by reaching the #6 spot on the MNO Premium List. I hope this continues for a long time and would like to wish all those involved every success. The latest newsletter from 3pamm (reviewed here) outlining the site’s latest changes can be read below:

New design in 3pamm
Today we are happy to announce that we have included a new website design. Our virtual doors are open so stop by and check out the new digs. We hope you enjoy your visit.
These improvements have been made thanks to your thoughtful feedback. We are very grateful for your help making the platform a better place to work.
Thank you for your patience! We fine-tuned all our nooks and crannie.


A couple of days ago DailySharePro celebrated a very important milestone having completed three full months online which put the first investors well into profit. I’m glad that for nearly three months already DailySharePro has been monitored on MNO and reached the Top Ten most popular programs despite its quite conservative returns and the obligation to surf at least 25 sites daily to get paid. If you read my original review of DailySharePro posted here you’ll know that once you complete the daily surfing requirements you’re guaranteed to earn at least 1% on your investment which you can then withdraw via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Payza, BitCoin, and OkPay. The minimum to invest in DailySharePro is $5 which I guess everyone can afford and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. The daily interest can fluctuate and reach as high as 1.5% as claimed by the admin in the recent interview on MNO here, as the program seems to earn not only from advertising, but also from BitCoin fluctuations. At the end of the investment term in DailySharePro which is 180 calendar days you also have the option to get your initial investment back which brings your profits to a minimum of 180%. That’s not a bad return at all after six months online and hopefully, with such a sustainable business model and variable daily returns they can run for a long time.

In the most recent newsletter which was issued even before the interview had been posted on MNO blog the admin Tom announced the interview and also outlined the success DailySharePro enjoyed over the first month online by sharing the membership stats and emphasizing the fact the program is widely advertised on many popular investment resources including MNO (you can see the recently renewed banner of DailySharePro on top of my monitoring page, for instance). If you want to earn more money in the program whilst promoting it among your friends and helping it further grow the admin launched four contests that will run until March 8th with some nice cash prizes for the most pro-active members. You can read the rules and see details about the prizes in the latest newsletter from DailySharePro below:

DailySharePro takes the industry
First of all, DailySharePro staffs and managers would like to thank our investor/advertiser(s) for being such an active members on our site and providing so many positive feedbacks on our program.
As a result, many investors keep investing in our plan because they find DailySharePro user-friendly, safe, reliable and secure.
Here are few updates we’d like to share with our members, investors, and affiliates.
1) It’s been 3 nice months doing business with you.
DailySharePro has been active and running online for more than 90 days and we’re doing simply great. We never thought that we’d get so many website visitors in this short period of time. This is because our website has been featured in several popular monitoring sites and forums. Plus, we’ve spend thousands of dollars to advertise our business on more than a dozen different blogs, forums, and monitoring sites.
As of writing this news, we have over 4,500 active members who visit DailySharePro on a daily basis to invest on our investment plan and earn daily at least 1% profit. In just 3 months of time, this steady growth in membership and investment funds is a huge achievement, but we’re confident that this will be a start of something greater and special in the future too.
2) Investors recovered 100% of their investment.
Investors who had begun investing since the early days at DailySharePro have already recovered 100% of their investments and we’d like to congratulate them.
3) Bitcoin News, Price Updates
Due to resolve the withdrawal issues, MtGox, a Japan-based bitcoin exchange, is temporarily halting withdrawals traffic so that they can have a clear look of the technical problem. As a result, withdrawals that were in queue will be returned back to MtGox wallet.
Once the issue is resolved, the withdrawals can be re-initiated as usual.
Apple removes its BlockChain app from iStore and suddenly the price of bitcoin falls from $822 to $751.64, its lowest since the start of January. But experts do not believe this sudden price fall is the result of Apple’s recent policy changes.
Whenever any significant news breaks, the price will either go up or down. Experts do not consider this price drop to be a problem. In fact, they’re very confident that the bitcoin price will rebound very quickly.
To protest against Apple’s decision to remove Blockchain app, a leading Australian retailer has stopped selling iPhone products on their site.
4) DailySharePro created 4 contests running all this coming month.
DailySharePro is running four different competitions from Feb 8th to March 8th. The winners of each competition will grab a significant amount of cash prize. The winners will decided various ways, including:
1) Referral – Winner who receives most referral commission (RC).
2) Creativity – We will also announce and reward winners who create the best logo, banners, videos, flyers, or any other kinds of creative presentation or promotional material.
3) Spreading – Winner who send us most screenshots of forum posts, banners on web pages and blogs, etc.
4) Feature – Winner who send us best suggestion of feature to make DailySharePro even bigger.
Please send all screenshots, suggestions in one email to support@dailyshare.pro with title: CONTEST
We’ll announce winners of all these 4 competitions after a week at the most.
Prizes: 1st – $100; 2nd – $50; 3rd – $25; 4th – $10; 5th – $10
5) DailySharePro gets reviewed and interviewed on popular monitoring sites.
Recently, DailySharePro got reviewed by the HYIPs admin. In case you wanted to read an honest review about what others think about our investment plan and customer support, you may want to check DailySharePro review on HYIPs blog.
Likewise, DailySharePro got interviewed on Money News Online blog. We’ll share you a link once it is posted on MNO’s blog. MNO offers fresh news, updates, tips and strategies to make the most out of investment programs.
6) Our contest will be starting NOW. Keep competing.
Share the message with your friends, families, and other interested investors who are looking for ways to invest their hard-earn money on a reliable and profitable investment program.
Use our banners and affiliate links to recommend our investment plan. Share your success stories with them. Our competition will be running this whole month – i.e. from Feb 8th to Mar 8th. So get creative and keep on competing. We wish you all the best.
Thank you, DailySharePro Team.


Although InflexShares is not so popular on MNO just yet I’m glad that the admin Dorothy is at least working on some improvements which will hopefully help her get her point across to more potential investors. Apparently she doesn’t want to share the link to the interview which was recently posted on MNO (click here to read it), despite it being sent to her by myself recently (I wonder why, perhaps feeling embarrassed by her own answers?), but instead preferring to outline the latest new features that have been in development for the last couple of weeks. Among them is a Live Chatroom which will be a good addition to MNO ShoutBox where Dorothy can be also seen from time to time to answer questions from InflexShares members. It was also claimed that someone was working on the integrating BitCoin deposits – a crypto-currency becoming more popular in the industry by the day and will make InflexShares more competitive. Currently you can still invest in InflexShares via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, and PerfectMoney. Deposits start from $10 to plans that include 2% for 60 days, 2.2% for 90 days, and 2.5% for 120 days. Note that although listed in calendar days their plans pay on business days only and at the end of the term return your principal. A weekly bonus from 0.5% to 2.5% can increase your earnings significantly which you can read about in the detailed review of the program published here. The full newsletter from InflexShares is included below:

A New Day, A New Week, A New Feature
It’s been a great week so far for the team at InflexShares. First, I’d like to introduce our very own Chatroom which allows members and non-members alike to interact and leave comments. I myself peruse the room quite frequently just to take note of the comments, and I welcome new users to leave a comment there. Most, if not all, suggestions and comments will be taken into consideration, and it is a way for us to shape our future.
BitCoins, our main trading platform, has seen a slide from $700+ to mid $600, which prompted our traders to buy in bulk to stock up on these babies. For others, it may seem like a loss, but for us, we take it as a discount sale and buy more of these to boost our current holdings. Our BitCoin reserves right now would probably put us up there with some of the more prominent BitCoin traders in the industry.
Moving on to other news, we have been growing steadily and we have just recently broke the milestone for 1000 members! That’s no easy feat, especially considering that we are aiming for slow growth along with a low, but sustainable, interest rate. Many investors are still skeptical about mid / long-term programs, and we are here to make a statement.
With that said, here’s the exciting news I’ve been holding on: I’ll be introducing BitCoins as a form of payment option in the next few days, probably before the end of the week if possible! I’ve been very excited about this, and hopefully you’ll find this piece of news a boost for the upcoming week! I’ve been working with our in-house developer, Yellow Bach to make this happen, and he’s been extremely accommodating. Also, once that’s in place, there will be another huge improvement to our site that new and existing members will find most welcomed.
With regards to this new payment processor, here’s how we plan to implement it: if a user plans to deposit using BitCoins, his/her account will be credited with the current going-rate on Btc-E (http://btc-e.com), and the interests will be accumulated accordingly. Each day, the user may choose to be paid in either STP, EgoPay or PM. Several other sites have rolled out similar approaches, and we believe that it is a viable option that we can simulate accordingly on our site.
That’s it for today, and if you have any questions/comments, please feel free to use the Chatroom or you can contact one of our support members via LiveChat, Facebook or email.
God bless, Dorothy
CEO InflexShares


I’m not really sure why some admins are complaining to me that their programs were rejected by STP and their requests for a payment button were simply ignored. It looks like SolidTrustPay recently got more selective about who they really want to be deal with, but I have no idea what criteria is used to determine who gets added. It seems to me that some programs had no problems in becoming approved as STP merchants, while others are struggling. Questions about STP policy should be directed to the STP administration and certainly not to me. I still believe that those HYIPs approved by SolidTrustPay have a significantly better chance to become more successful simply because SolidTrustPay remains the more popular option among not only US and Canadian investors as well as those from Western Europe, but also just the bigger spending investors in general. So becoming a SolidTrustPay merchant for a HYIP certainly pays off big time and is recommended for every single admin who wants his program to succeed. You can check how to become an approved STP merchant in the latest post on their official blog which according to them is incredibly simple and you need just to perform the actions specified below. So admins – please take note:

Becoming a SolidTrust Pay Merchant
Does your business need a fast and reliable way to accept online transactions from customers? SolidTrust Pay has eWallet business solutions for you!
SolidTrust Pay welcomes new online merchants who are interested in using our services. We offer a number of tools to facilitate online business, including payment buttons (which allow other SolidTrust Pay members to make purchases directly through a merchant’s website), as well as direct credit card purchases for customers who do not have SolidTrust Pay accounts.
SolidTrust Pay has all the tools, help you need to get started quickly, and integration with solidtrustpay.com is incredibly simple. Add a snippet of code to your website in the customer purchase area and you’re done! Clients are redirected to our secure checkout page – their transaction is completed in seconds. If you have an SSL secured website, you may choose our non-redirect “invisible API” option, giving your customers a seamless purchasing experience.
Because online accountability and safety is our business, we verify all of our SolidTrust Pay merchants to maximize their account and create a secure experience. All we require is the following:
Your business model: an overall explanation of the business you have.
Website URL: the address of your business website. We do not allow merchants to operate through social networking sites, instant messaging applications, forums, or other media.
Company documentation: any corporate papers (for example, certificate of incorporation or other business registration documents), business registration number, or EIN (employer identification number).
The name of your company
It’s simple. It’s functional. It’s trusted. For more information please see our Support Centre or contact us directly.
SolidTrust Pay, where your business matters.


Unfortunately, I have to finish today’s news with a warning against investing in three proven scams that all collapsed over the weekend. ImbueCapital, HyipAgroHolding, and MyGoldNestEgg may all have different reasons for closure but the end result is always the same – halting payouts followed by the complete disappearance of the website though possibly preceded by one final attempt to mislead and scam. Let’s have a brief look at each see what’s going on.

ImbueCapital was the first program to stop paying. It was moved to Problem Status on my monitor as soon as I learnt of payouts which should have been instant going to pending status. Of course the admin was contacted and he promised to fix the issue, however, nothing was done by the following day the ImbueCapital website disappeared and was replaced by a short message blaming the alleged hacking of their PerfectMoney account for the closure:

Good day, Investors and Monitors! We were doing all our best to promote and carry on the Project, but It was not enough. We really love it and don’t want to close. Who thinks, that we are scammers welcome to on PM account. You will see all the transactions! We have the ideas how to improve the situation, but we need your help. Today Skype chat will be available with all members. Who wants we discus – welcome! Skype: imbue.capital”.

Unfortunately no amount of discussion would help revive ImbueCapital and the site is now fully offline. While I usually don’t believe such stories from HYIP admins I suspect there may be some truth in this one, given that the admin removed the site completely rather than continuing to accept new deposits and just blatantly rob investors unaware of the problem. Overall I can’t say InbueCapital was a bad program and to achieve almost four months of stable work in a sluggish HYIP market was quite a remarkable achievement without missing a single payout. It’s just sad it ended so suddenly, but that’s what usually happens in the industry.

The second program to finish over the weekend was HyipAgroHolding. Please note that this time the admin behaves like a typical scammer and even after admitting on one of the monitors that the program was over he keeps the site online and accepts new deposits which he has no intention of paying. Although HyipAgroHolding was an extremely popular program among readers and even reached #3 on my monitor at one point, it ran less than two months. The admin seems quite hypocritical, complaining on forums about the circumstances of why he can’t continue to pay and talking about his disappointment with all the dishonesty. This disappointment doesn’t apply to himself of course, as he continues thieving from anyone unaware of the situation. I’m absolutely speechless after seeing this and I would like to warn you all to stay away from HyipAgroHolding.

Perhaps the ugliest scam of all though was MyGoldNestEgg. Not only did the admin fail to bring profits to any of the investors, he also tries to confuse his potential victims with further updates about adding new “withdrawal features” (ie deposit features to benefit himself, not you!) to both of his scams. Considering that withdrawals have not been processed at all since last Saturday, it’s pretty clear that adding further options for you to give him even more of your money isn’t really going to be all that helpful, now is it? Maybe the MyGoldNestEgg admin was either too smart in overcomplicating his programs to confuse investors, or too stupid, which I believe is more likely, by opening something the HYIP market obviously didn’t want. And now he has audacity to act like nothing’s wrong and deny what a total and utter failure MyGoldNestEgg was. I believe such programs really damage the industry and hope that he will stay away from listing his next scam on MNO. Please do not invest in MyGoldNestEgg anymore – you’ve been warned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: -.
From MNO Premium list: FinMutual, DublinCryptoriumLimited, Atlant, FinancInvGlobal, 3pamm, MutualWealth, Leancy, ApexBinary, DailySharePro, RemiTrade, WealthGroups, InflexShares, ComoCredit, BluOro, BettCoin.
From MNO Standard list:  FX9.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, WelorTrade, BarclaysRoyalClub, ThaiMonetaryFund, InsideForexGroupZeusInvest, MichaelKazakov.

That is all the news for now, guys. Hopefully the last scams didn’t hit you too badly and I’m sure you can find a replacement on my monitor which updates several times per day. Also you can subscribe to get daily updates from MNO straight to your email address or follow me on Facebook and Twitter where the links to the most important articles are always posted so you won’t miss anything. Tomorrow is a new day so don’t forget to check my site out and see you all then!

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