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Hi guys! Wow, these really are some very turbulent times in the HYIP industry right now with lots of interesting events going on over the last two days. So, would you like to know who won the latest monthly referral contest in DublinCryptoriumLimited, or why MutualWealth is going to close very soon, or the latest developments from Leancy? I’ll be covering these and other stories tonight, so keep reading to find out more.


I don’t really want to sound deliberately boastful about this or anything, but there’s simply no other way of starting this evening’s news update without admitting I do have a certain feeling of pride. This is because DublinCryptoriumLimited have updated their list of the Top 20 partners, and for the third time in four attempts MNO has again come out as number one. This of course is all part of the ongoing referral contest in the program, where the results are announced on the fifth day of every month before then being reset to zero all over again. It’s hardly a surprise though, well, not to me it wasn’t anyway, as I can clearly see that DublinCryptoriumLimited is clearly the most popular program among MNO readers. Only FinMutual comes close, and while the two have been regularly trading places between numbers one and two on my Premium List, the first prize in the referral contest edges DublinCryptoriumLimited back out in front. Just in case you don’t know, rankings on my monitor are based on popularity among my readers, not my own personal opinion, though in this case I would be in absolute agreement that it’s almost certainly the best program online in addition to being the biggest. The reasons why this is the case are numerous, and I have tried my best to explain and simplify them in the original review of the program which you can read on my blog here. I’ll just remind you that DublinCryptoriumLimited offer an almost complete level of versatility for their members, allowing them total freedom to add or withdraw any amount of money from their accounts, either interest payments of their principals in full or in part, at any time they want. Interest payments are variable and so change from day to day depending on the program’s results, you simply need to keep a minimum balance of $50 for your account to remain active and continue receiving payments to any of SolidTrustPay, EgoPay. PerfectMoney, OkPay, BitCoin, or bank wires for a term you decide for yourself. Below are the two latest updates from the DublinCryptoriumLimited admin, the first of which is for the general public and the second of which is my own personal notification of wining the ref contest once again. No less than twenty members all get a cash prize incidentally, so I would hope that inspires more of you to take a more active approach in helping the program grow. It is in your own best interests after all:

CRYPTORY — Announcing the Top 20 partners
The past month has been very productive for us thanks largely to the work of our partners. CRYPTORY not only offers our partners a percentage of income from the referrals they bring in, but also monthly cash rewards to the 10 most active partners. Every month the 20 most active partners will receive a bonus that ranges from 10 to 110 dollars.
To learn more about the affiliate program visit this link: To see the highest achieving partners and winner’s list click on «Top Partners and Winners».
On the 5th of each month profits in the “Top Partners” list will be reset to zero to provide an opportunity for more partners to earn rewards (Profits will only reset to zero in the list and does not affect the partner profit totals found in the control panel).
The rewards program is our way of showing appreciation for your willingness to spread the word.
Would you like to be up-to-date with the latest company news? Follow us on your favorite social media sites below:
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Customer Support at
Thank you and welcome again to DublinCryptoriumLimited.
Sincerely, DublinCryptoriumLimited

Congratulations! You are the highest earning partner this month!
You are the highest earning partner this month! Your account was credited a cash reward of $110.
We sincerely appreciate your efforts to bring in new partners and promote the CRYPTORY brand.
Doing business with CRYPTORY is easy. To learn more about the affiliate program visit this link:
To see the highest achieving partners and winner’s list click on «Top Partners and Winners».
Note that the cash reward will be accrued to the partners’ account on the 5th of each month.
Would you like to be up-to-date with the latest company news? Follow us on your favorite social media sites below:
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Customer Support at
Thank you and welcome again to DublinCryptoriumLimited.
Sincerely, DublinCryptoriumLimited


It seems really weird but after running over seven months the admin of FinMutual just realized that his PerfectMoney account might be better if verified. Verified status will allow him to save on PerfectMoney receiver fees that are reduced from 1.99% to 0.5% and will be beneficial for FinMutual‘s stability. It does seem strange though that only after receiving some suggestions from his members the admin of FinMutual realized this opportunity. FinMutual (reviewed here) is currently in the #2 position on MNO’s Premium List, paying investors 1.8%-2.6% for 160 business days. The program is also known for its huge variety of payment options which you can use for investments starting from a $25 minimum. This includes SolidTrustPay, OkPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, PexPay, BitCoin, and LiteCoin currencies. More on the latest PM account verification from FinMutual is contained below:

FinMutual Verified PerfectMoney Account
We would like to announce after user suggestions, we have gone through the process to provide a better user experience and now accept deposits and process withdrawals with Perfect Money’s verified status.
In addition to Verified Perfect Money, we accept deposits via SolidTrust Pay, Bitcoin, OKPAY, EgoPay, and PexPay.
Thank you for all your suggestions on improving FinMutual and we continue to listen to them and improve all our members experiences with us.


The admin of Minimalism10 centered his latest update around the BitCoin currency which he praised as a “wonder of anonymous and secure payments” and advised to use it more often in online transactions. BitCoin is only one of the three payment processors accepted by Minimalism10 starting from a $10 minimum (the other two include the more traditional PerfectMoney and EgoPay). But BitCoin is totally different from other currencies, just like Minimalism10 tries to differentiate itself from others by applying a simplistic layout alongside an original custom-made script and unique investment plans which you can read in more detail in my recent review of Minimalism10 published here. By the way, the admin already requested an interview from MNO as well, which was sent last night, so it would be interesting to hear more about the unique concept behind Minimalism10 and its 8.1%-8.4% for 15 days, and 12%-13% for 10 days plans. Below is the latest news from Minimalism10 posted on the website yesterday:

BITCOIN? Hell yeah!
What’s up everybody?
I’m pretty sure that everyone has already heard about such a wonder of anonymous and secure payments as Bitcoin. In this post, we want to advise you working with this instrument, by sharing our opinion and conclusions about it. Let’s say a couple words about perspectives of online investments and payments development using all the power of this cryptocurrency.
There are 4 good reasons why this payment system is our favorite instrument of providing our investors with profit, and just use of it in everyday life:
– Privacy. Anonymous transactions
– Speed. Quick transfers of any amounts with very small commission
– Simplicity. Easy to sign up and use
– Security. Strong transaction protection and data security
Message of this post? We just love Bitcoin, as well as our users! We heartily recommend you to explore this amazing instrument for work with your money online all over the world. Just google Bitcoin official website and your work with Minimalism10 style will become even more fast and enjoyable. Peace to you all. We wish you have warm tile floor at your breakfast!


BTCArbs, which I guess can still be considered a brand new program despite the fact that pretty much anyone who wanted to make a profit from it has already been quite comfortably able to do so, sent their latest profit reports. Recently reviewed on MNO which you can read here, BTCArbs is a hugely versatile program which affords members a far greater deal of control over their accounts that almost any other online program. It functions more or less like a bank account, where members are free to deposit and withdraw any amount they please at any time they please. Also totally unlike a regular online HYIP, should you decide not to withdraw on any given day, rather than just sitting there doing nothing any unclaimed interest payments become part of your principal and therefore allow you to claim an improved payment the next time. Anyway, BTCArbs claims to be trading in online BitCoin exchanges as a source of income, something that’s highly volatile and could, if true, result in some good profits. Due to the unpredictable nature of the business BTCArbs offer varying interest payments which can fluctuate enormously between 0.1% and 10% per calendar day. Generally speaking though they rarely get very close to either extreme, but the latest result sees members receive just 0.5% for yesterday. This come on the back of the highly publicized closure (or should I say the outright disappearance) of MTGox which had been one of the better known trading posts for BitCoin. You may have seen this even covered on many of the international satellite/cable TV news stations as I watched it myself on the BBC and CNN when it happened, and it certainly had an affect on the price of BitCoin. Interest rates in BTCArbs did take a dip as would be expected, but let’s hope it have any long term impact on the program. What is more worrying than the rates is that the payouts now take longer and longer to be processed. The market seems to be recovering remarkably fast with business just about back to normal in the program as outlined in the latest news update below:

Monday 3rd March 2014 – 2.28%
With the whole MtGox debacle behind us, the Bitcoin industry seems to finally be making a major recovery. At the time of writing this, the price on Bitstamp is up more than $100, and other markets have seen similar increases. Furthermore, the volatility in the prices has brought back the arbitrage opportunities that we’re accustomed to seeing between the various exchanges. During periods of rapid price increases or decreases, we find that there are always ample opportunities on the smaller markets, where the prices typically lag the global average. In addition to the profits made from the smaller exchanges, we were also able to benefit from having moved a good portion of our fiat to BTCe over the weekend. The total result for today is 2.28%.

Tuesday 4th March 2014 – 1.15%
Last night we saw some major movement on the markets, with a sustained 24-hour volume on Bitstamp of approximately 60,000 Bitcoins. This was likely due to the speculation after Blockchain’s announcement that they would have a major announcement on Tuesday. When today rolled around, it turned out that Blockchain’s announcement wasn’t nearly as important or relevant as was expected, and was merely an acquisition of a new company, which was being merged with ZeroBlock. Speculation drives the Bitcoin market, and often causes major price shifts, which are great for us. We managed to profit from multiple arbitrage opportunities between Bitstamp, BTCe and BitFinex, but unfortunately missed some of the better ones due to waiting for the Bitcoin confirmations when rebalancing our Bitcoin balances between two of the exchanges. Our profit for today is 1.15%.

Wednesday 5th March 2014 – 0.50%
The Bitcoin industry never seems to be boring, with new stories coming to the forefront on a daily basis. Thankfully, due to inefficiencies in the global Bitcoin market, reaction to news is rarely instant. Yesterday was interesting due to the fact that Blockchain had pumped up the market with teasers of impending developments, however the market subsequently surprised to find out that the “big announcement” was merely an upgrade to Blockchain’s ZeroBlock software and really had no major impact on the Bitcoin industry. The market quickly cooled, with volume dropping from around 65,000 Bitcoins on Bitstamp on Monday to around 12,000 yesterday. BTCe and BitFinex had similar changes to their volume. During this time we were able to capitalize on a few opportunities, however the lower volume typically meant smaller trades. We also were able to grab a couple arb opps on the smaller exchanges, however the overall profit was lower than usual. The profit for today is 0.5%.


I’m glad to report that InvGlobal (reviewed here) has completed the first investment cycle and paid the principals back on expiry of the 1.2%-2.5% for 120 business days plan. That firmly places the program in the Top 3 of the most popular programs from the MNO Premium List. I was one of the first lucky investors as InvGlobal has been monitored on MNO for about six months now, while instantly and consistently paying to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and OkPay. It’s great to see InvGlobal has become the right investment choice for those who deposited during the first days, and hopefully the program will continue instant payouts for a long time to come.


While I’m not really in a position to say any more than I already did in last night’s update about Leancy‘s recent problems with their hosting provider (the fact is I can’t verify if the allegations are true or simply mistaken), what I can tell you is that the admin has done absolutely the right thing. Whatever the reasons, real or imagined, he has now dumped Koddos in favor of BlockDos, an infinitely superior option. You can read about this on the Leancy news blog here, though to be honest it’s probably better to just forget the whole incident now and just be glad the program seems to be getting itself back into shape. One of the great things about the program which is now really showing it’s importance is the variable interest rates. As explained in the original review published here, Leancy can pay members anything from 0.1% to 5% per day until such a time as you have a total of 150% returned to you. So now that they had a couple of difficult days and it’s of critical importance to keep tighter control of the cash flow while still actually paying its members, the admin is making sure payments are kept to a minimum. This will probably continue for a couple of days until the website has been fully propagated by BlockDos and the investments stabilize again. Hopefully the payment rates might improve then, though for now the most important thing the admin can concentrate on is regaining the program’s reputation. With BlockDos now hosting Leancy the admin couldn’t possibly have made a better choice, and it’s very doubtful that the security issues that have affected them over the last couple of days will occur again.


Unfortunately not all the news from today has been good. MutualWealth has been moved to Problem Status on my monitor due to a pretty scary but ironically totally avoidable situation. Now before anyone starts writing to me complaining that the program is still paying them or that I’m only spreading panic, let me say that yes, I am perfectly aware that MutualWealth are still paying their members. So what’s the problem then you might ask? Well, the SEC (that’s the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which I suppose you might describe as the “financial police” if you like) have decided to close them down and freeze all the money that the admin hasn’t managed to hide under his mattress. So while the MutualWealth website might be online at the time of writing, trust me 100% on this when I promise you that this will NOT end well. There’s no more than a few days left for them now, and I’m being very optimistic by even saying that. Once the SEC have instructed everyone else in the chain that handles the money from investors to the admin’s pocket, namely the payment processors and the banks where the cash is ultimately deposited, that the program is under investigation and they need to lock all associated accounts immediately, only an idiot would fail to comply.

What’s almost jaw-droppingly amazing here though is the allegation (if it’s true) that it was MutualWealth themselves that brought all of this on themselves by trying to get registered with the SEC by submitting forged documents. I mean how on Earth could anyone possibly think they could get away with such stupidity in a million years? An internet ponzi scheme presenting themselves to of all people the US federal authorities and expecting no one to ever look at it, and then receive some sort of license or official sanction to continue with the pyramid. You couldn’t make stuff like this up! There’s no real going back from this once the authorities have become involved – once you’re on their radar they tend to finish the job, and it’s clear to me that the admin is utterly out of ideas. When I contacted him to ask what was going on, he could have told me anything. Like what his contingency plan is, or that he’s moving to another website. But no, all he could come up with was this total BS fabricated story about “his lawyers” taking on the US government in the courts. Seriously, I’d much prefer the guy not answer me at all than write back with that nonsense.

The press release from the SEC itself is a bit long for me to quote for you here, so I’ll just give you the link and you can read it when you have a spare moment. It’s pretty explicit about the allegations made against the program, and there’s no mistaking the SEC’s intent here. Therefore MutualWealth has been moved preemptively to On Hold Status on the MNO monitor. Despite what other successful payment reports you might see regarding them on other monitors and forums, you need to avoid any further involvement with MutualWealth from this point on. The complete closures and removal of their website could happen any time now, as will the seizure of any funds the admin hasn’t already spent. Read more on that here:


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: BarclaysRoyalClub, GoldenOakFund.
From MNO Premium list: DublinCryptoriumLimited, FinMutual, InvGlobal, ApexBinary, ComoCredit, DailySharePro, BettCoin, RemiTrade, BTCArbs, MyGoldNestEgg, Minimalism10 (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: PornRotor, XAxisInc.
From MNO Basic list: ThaiMonetaryFund, TeslaFinance, ZeusInvest, MichaelKazakov, Ambodium (the first payment received).

That’s all for tonight guys. I just want to finish up by reminding you once again that you can vote in the opinion poll running on the MNO TalkBack page, and if you like what you read on the MNO blog then you can follow me of Twitter and Facebook for the most important articles, and subscribe for e-mail updates by filling in your address in the box near the top right side of the main blog page. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all back here soon!

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