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Beware! BitcoFinancial has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! The main topic of today’s update is going to be BitcoFinancial, a brand new program that just joined the MNO Premium List yesterday as soon as it was launched, and I must say one that’s had the most successful opening day that I can remember for a while judging by the number of new members I can see there. To be fair there is a lot to get excited with this one, though maybe it’s better to say there’s a lot to be optimistic about. There’s definitely a lot of potential in there for this one to be really big soon, and remember this is coming on the back of surge in industry activity recently so momentum alone could easily carry BitcoFinancial well into its first cycle at least, if not beyond. I myself have to be careful about not losing any personal neutrality here, but I can’t help but feel impressed by the enthusiasm shown by others towards the project. It just goes to prove that if an admin is skilled and experienced enough to put something as impressive as this together, there are enough skilled and experienced investors there to recognize and take the chance as soon as it comes along. So before moving on to the day’s news section let’s see exactly what BitcoFinancial are all about and whether you think they might be worth taking a risk on or not.

The main reason most of you are probably still reading I suppose is to see what the investment plans are, given that this is the backbone of any online HYIP. BitcoFinancial have two of them, both of which I would describe as running just about enough to be considered medium term, both of which make daily payments to program members, but also both of which have some significant differences from each other and are highly individual. The first option, sparingly titled Plan One, is the longer of the two. It runs for a 30 calendar day term, and BitcoFinancial require a $10 minimum to join. Or if you’re feeling lucky, can spend as much as $10,000 if you prefer. What really makes this plan so unique however is that on top of your individual interest payment BitcoFinancial are also returning your principal gradually in installments. Not to confuse things unnecessarily here, let’s just say that if you join Plan One you will be paid a total of 5% per day. Officially (if you’re really interested) this is made up of 1.67% in profits and 3.33% of your principal. But in practical terms that just means you get 5% per day. That adds up to 150% in total by the end of the term, from which 100% was yours to begin with, and the remaining 50% your net profit courtesy of BitcoFinancial. By the way, the very same rates apply to all deposits, no matter how big or how small, provided the stay within the stated minimum and maximum parameters that is.

If we take a simple example of how that might work then, let’s say you joined BitcoFinancial with $100. Over the course of the next 30 calendar days they will pay you back $5 every day. Theoretically this is $1.67 in profits plus $3.33 from your own principal, but in reality I don’t think many of you need be too concerned about that as your actual payment is still $5. Twenty days later and those payments should equal the amount you invested in the first place, meaning you break even and can’t possibly lose any of your own money now. Thirty days later and they should come to $150, which is your own hundred back plus an extra $50 financed by BitcoFinancial.

Your other option – Plan Two – sees BitcoFinancial pay you the very same final profit but structure it completely differently. You still join for a $10 minimum, or again up to $10,000 as long as you can easily afford it. The investment term only runs for 20 calendar days this time, and sees BitcoFinancial offer a reduced payment of 2.5% interest per day. The difference with this option is that once the term expires, the admin returns your principal in a separate payment. So the actual interest payments themselves come to 50%, which then becomes your net profit once your own money is returned.

So for a practical example of how that might work out, let’s say you made the same $100 investment here. BitcoFinancial will pay you back $2.50 per day for the next twenty days. That adds up to $50 in total, obviously nowhere even close to a profit, which only comes when your initial hundred is returned and you finish up with $150 in total.

So whichever plan you chose the eventual outcome is the same – your own money back plus 50% net profit. But it still makes a difference which option you go for as there are certain advantages that both have over each other. It’s just a question of what type of player you are. Plan One as we can see allows you to get your seed money back faster but keeps you tied up in BitcoFinancial that little bit longer in exchange for the bigger payments. Plan Two gets you both your seed money and your profit, but in the mean time you are left with smaller payments, not a problem once BitcoFinancial are still online, but will always cause some investors enough worry to prefer the safer option in the event of a problem.

The plans then as you can plainly see are cleverly organized and, in HYIP terms I mean, reasonably sustainable. If you like either of them and would like to try your luck, then the next item up for discussion is the list of payment partners working alongside BitcoFinancial. Arguably one of the better features of the program, and obviously a major reason behind their early success, BitcoFinancial have a huge variety of options available for members. Probably among the best in the industry these days, or at least definitely up there anyway. All the popular names are included, alongside some of the fringe providers, but I suppose the most important factor in the longer term popularity of BitcoFinancial is the inclusion of SolidTrustPay – a rare but enormously welcome sight. The fact that the admin has actually waited for a full and proper account verification with STP before launching does much to separate BitcoFinancial from so many of the other new programs these days, indeed as does the very fact that STP have decided to accept them at all. One way or another though, this will almost certainly prove instrumental in bringing in not just greater members of investors but bigger spending ones as well, thus helping secure the longer term growth of the project. Other choices include PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and PexPay.

The majority of members will have to wait for their withdrawal requests to be processed manually by the admin. For this you will need to log in to your BitcoFinancial members area and place the request yourself. Once this has been done you might need to allow anything up to the following 24 hours for all transactions to be completed, though I have to say my own were a lot faster than that up to now. For anyone interested in compounding, BitcoFinancial make it available and you are free to fix your own rate when joining. To help with estimating your potential earnings you’ll notice a handy built-in calculator on the website where you can play around with the figures as you please.

One other payment option accepted by BitcoFinancial which I didn’t mention yet is BitCoin. The reason for this is that the rules surrounding deposits here are somewhat different from the more traditional HYIP industry processors. This time last year I could have skipped this part because no one would have been interested, but now that BitCoin has finally become an important part of the industry a lot of you will want to know about this. For one thing BitcoFinancial have different spending limits with BitCoin deposits. You can only start for a minimum of 0.05BTC with maximum investments capped at 20BTC. At current exchange rates that’s around $25 for the minimum spend but up to around the same $10,000 limit applied to the other processors. And finally, also with BitCoin deposits no such rules surrounding withdrawal requests will apply. There will be no need for any such requests there, as members will be paid whatever they are owed directly into their BitCoin accounts automatically, something I’m guessing is probably managed by the BitcoFinancial script.

Speaking of the script of course, this brings us conveniently on to the wider subject of the general security, technical, and design features of the program and its website. It’s up to a more than acceptable standard, with BitcoFinancial being hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DDoS-Guard. For an extra layer of security the BitcoFinancial website is SSL-secured allowing for safer browsing and more secure transactions. A lot of you will probably recognize the script instantly as being from GoldCoders. Or if you didn’t then you might have at least suspected it, because it has in fact been heavily modified by BitcoFinancial‘s own programmers. It still has the same ease-of-use and familiar feel everyone who regularly plays the HYIP industry will associate with GoldCoders, except things have been changed around a bit, tweaked a little here and there as it were, to suit the individual needs of a very individual program. The website is available (“sort of”) in several different languages. This is done by an online auto translation tool though, not by a professional interpreter. The end result is that while the English version is impeccable, the other versions are a bit patchy. That’s not exactly a problem mind, because at least those with no understanding of English whatsoever will at least get the general idea of what the program is all about, making BitcoFinancial as appealing as possible to as wide an audience as possible.

For any further questions, comments, or account related issues you need to have dealt with, there are several channels of communication open between the members of BitcoFinancial and its admin. There’s a built-in Live Chat feature which you can try if you want your questions answered in real time, or alternatively try their phone number if you expect someone will pick up. If that’s not suitable for you then you can fill in your details on the online e-mail support form and submit it through the contacts page. Otherwise you can just write directly to the admin’s e-mail address as listed on the site. BitcoFinancial have active profiles on the main social networking sites, that is Twitter and Facebook, but unlike most other HYIPs the admin of this one is actually making good use out of these and is updating them regularly with all the important news and information that members need to know about. Few admins do this so kudos to the one running BitcoFinancial for making the best possible use out of what are essentially free advertising tools that anyone could use if they really wanted to be taken seriously. Maybe even more helpful to many of you will be the program’s own news blog and members forum which you can access through the links included on the BitcoFinancial website.

Not active just yet, but in the pipeline for BitcoFinancial is a regional representative network. Regular industry players will have seen some of the bigger programs doing something similar in the past, where regular investors are added as customer support agents and promoters in their home location/language on behalf of the program in exchange usually for improved commission payments. If you’ve done this before for other programs you’ve joined and know what to to then maybe you’ll want to try your luck with BitcoFinancial as well. Contact the admin if interested.

On the business side of things BitcoFinancial claim to be involved with the online trading of the BitCoin crypto-currency, an increasingly popular though maybe yet widespread claim made by online HYIPs. Texts and website content do seem highly original as does the website in general in terms of planning and organization, indeed I’m pretty sure that quite a lot of work went into setting the program up. In fact the BitcoFinancial admin first contacted me several weeks before launching at all to enquire about monitoring and advertising prices on MNO, and I guess he’s been working away on getting the program up to the final high standard we can see before us today. Having said that however, you do need to remember that even a good HYIP is still just a HYIP, and it comes with plenty of risk but never an ounce of guarantee. Experienced investors will know what I always say at the end of these reviews, but I’m compelled to repeat it for everyone’s benefit, old and new readers alike. BitcoFinancial and every other online money making scheme is a gamble. I’m 99% sure that at least some of you will definitely see some profit from this program, but I’m 100% sure that some of you will not. Which category you might fall into is something you need to assess yourselves, and spend accordingly, i.e. comfortably under a spending limit you can afford to gamble with and afford to lose. That, and if joining BitcoFinancial at all then do try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Following the above review of BitcoFinancial it’s important to note one thing that’s changed in the last 24 hours for the betterment of BitCoin investors. As you might know from my introduction of BitcoFinancial posted last night, compounding was initially not allowed via BitCoin. This has now been reversed by the admin who decided to open the option compounding to all investors regardless of how you joined. Although I’m not the biggest fan of compounding myself I’m pleased to see an admin who for once listens to what members have to say and tries to level the playing field for everyone. The quick update on the subject is below:

BitcoFinancial – A quick update!
Hello @BitcoFinancial members !
Hope all of you are doing well. This is just a quick update on our side to let you all know that –
Due to multiple requests from our members, We have enabled a compounding option for Bitcoin Deposits @ BitcoFinancial.
This will allow all bitcoin users to select a compounding % of their choice while investing.
We hope that this new modification will give even more benefits in being a part of BitcoFinancial.
We will add more information in our Newsletter which will be published soon.
BitcoFinancial Support


Hard to believe but it’s totally true that GrandForexLimited keeps working and paying fine for 82 (!) days now on the following investment plans – 103%-125% after 1 day, 117%-250% after 5 days, 155%-800% after 15 days, 250%-1,800% after 30 days, 500%-3,000% after 45 days, 800%-4,500% after 60 days, 1,000% after 12 days, 2,000% after 24 days. Payments continue to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and OkPay accounts and the admin has never let anyone down with timely payouts yet. Such an impressive lifetime for such a short-term program like GrandForexLimited cannot remain unnoticed among investors, as such programs are very rare in the industry and they certainly deserve better attention than most of the competition. And although GrandForexLimited was practically in hibernation mode for the first month online and only gradually increased advertising (it’s currently the only program still featuring a 728×90 banner on the MNO monitor which the admin has extended for another week today), I believe the strategy really paid off well for the admin Jeff who announced in the latest newsletter today that he’s looking for more representatives. There’s some nice perks to accompany this role, so if you have any prior experience and know what it’s all about then why not give it a go. The list of representatives will be posted on a specially allocated page, and for more requirements on the role please check out the latest newsletter from GrandForexLimited (reviewed here) below:

82 Days Celebrate
Dear Clients,
Happy Wednesday! With real pleasure and high excitement, we would like to inform that we are already working for 82 Days.
On this auspicious occasion, we would like to inform that The Representative system is ready, so you can find people from many places in the World who can be of our official representative in his country.
Partnership https://grandforex.biz/index.php?a=cust&page=partnership
If you want to be of our Representative, please send your request to email partnership@grandforex.biz
Your Country: Your Name: Your Username in our Program: Your E-mail: Your Language Spoken: Your Skype/Yahoo: Your phone number:
Benefit you will get if become a our representative is up to 5% referral commission. 2% will add automatic to your account after your referral made a deposit and 3% referral commission after the period of investment plan expiry.
When you have a question, you can ask to our support by Live Chat, Phone or by e-mail.
Thank for your attention and wish all of our client got a nice days!
Best Regards, Jeff Dolman
GrandForexLimited – Best Financial Partner


VaBank (reviewed here) is yet another popular program where the admin is opening his doors to more involvement from regular investors. He wants to see more of you working on his program’s promotion, and invites you to apply for some lucrative positions in the company. VaBank has been certainly expanding well over its first weeks online and it’s no wonder the admin needs more help with the daily routines. So, if you’re qualified you can submit a CV for the positions specified in the following newsletter:

Recruitment for job
Hello, dear friends, respected clients and partners of our company, we welcome you again! We are pleased to inform you about the successful development of our fund, about the signing of several new contracts with promising startups.
Because of the expansion of our investment potential we need to hire specialists and professionals such specialities as:
Brand Manager- specialist of the market promotion of our services. He must have necessary knowledge of marketing, management and trade.
Director of Development ( top manager ) – engaged in strategic planning (analyzes the prospects of development of the company, highlights the most optimal and profitable activities ), coordinates the work of development managers.
Nanotechnologists – specialists in microtechnology .
Please, send all requests on the e-mail work@vabank.ws
Our experts will contact you within 24 hours for further interview.
Thank you for your attention! Wish you good luck and success on the investment market.

Apart from that, VaBank has been doing really well recently, becoming relatively popular among MNO readers over the first two weeks of monitoring. VaBank has been paying instantly in most, cases and accepts deposits from a $10 minimum via BitCoin, PerfectMoney, and Payeer to the following investment plans – 4.33%-6% for 30 days (principal included), 1.33%-3% for 30 days (principal back), 1%-2% daily forever (principal back after 7-day lock-in period), 15%-16.43% for 7 days (principal included). I guess such a rich variety of plans served by instant payouts are the two main factors that have attracted hundreds of investors to VaBank so far.


BlocLimited is another brand new program joining the MNO Premium List last night, making my monitor the first place the admin chose to list his program. I guess there was a good reason why BlocLimited first turned to MNO for advertising as the admin explained in the first official newsletter sent out today:

BlocLimited joins MNO!
Hello everyone, it’s our honor to join money-news-online.com on our first day online. We believe that MNO is place where good and quality projects get’s separated form ordinary ones, so that’s defiantly place to be for us. Blogger Paul Abramson is always honest and speaks true when it comes to industry and programs in particular. With that said make sure you do not miss our programs review which will be published tomorrow. Thanks for your time, enjoy rest of your day.
Best Regards, Ray Taylor, BlocLimited.

It looks to me that BlocLimited is program built to last as the investment plans offer really moderate returns that might be sustainable in the longer run, provided the admin has both the skill and the intention of doing so. By joining BlocLimited you have the option either to get paid daily from 8% to 10% every business day for a duration of 15 business days (three weeks) and make from 20% to 50% pure profit on your investment (depending on its size). Otherwise you can risk for the entire lock-in period of 15 business days and get rewarded on expiry with a more lucrative 40% to 80% net profit. The choice is yours of course, though remember you can join BlocLimited from only a$10 minimum. Since the site is running off a licensed version of GoldCoders script you will be able to get paid within a few hours on submitting your withdrawal request (although the admin reserves up to 24 hours to fulfil it). BlocLimited‘s security is up to a high standard with the site hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by DdoS-Guard. The more expensive and reliable green SSL-certificate from Comodo takes care of the security of your transactions. Deposits, by the way, can be made via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin, which I believe is good enough choice for the majority of investors. The fact that BlocLimited only launched last night might be another point experienced investors may wish to consider before joining as the full review will be published on MNO tomorrow. The welcome newsletter from the admin Ray can be found on the website already and is re-posted below:

15/04 – BlocLimited online!
Hello and welcome to BlocLimited! Our online investment platform has finally opened it’s doors for everyone that are looking to earn money in the Forex market, but need management services to increase profits. BlocLimited was originally designed and implemented by Ray Taylor. BlocLimited team consists of forex traders and IT specialists. Our main mission is to provide our investors with lucrative returns, fast support and investment security . Don’t waste any more time, join BlocLimited from day one and you will be satisfy with our online services. BlocLimited – Simpler.Better.Faster.
Best Regards, BlocLimited crew


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: DublinCryptoriumLimited, RockwellPartners, InvGlobal, GramStock, ApexBinary, RemiTrade, VaBank, Eblone, AssuredAssets, TradersPoll, BitcoFinancial, BlocLimited (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: GrandForexLimited, AdShareCycler.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, ThaiMonetaryFund, ZeusInvest, OdgenOrganization, SteadyInvest.

That’s all for today guys, which I’m pleased to see was really packed with positive developments in the HYIP industry. I hope tomorrow will be even better, and if you like MNO blog I hope you’ll be back for more important and up-to-date news stories soon. In order not to miss anything please remember to like MNO on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. Also you can write to me anytime using the Contact form on MNO or directly to my email address abramsonp@gmail.com as I try my best to reply to everyone within 24 hours. Finally, don’t forget to cast your vote on the latest poll dedicated to programs exclusively monitored by MNO here and check out my monitor for the latest additions to my listings. See you all tomorrow with a more detailed look at BlocLimited and the regular daily news from the industry. See you all then!

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