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Hello everyone! There’s been a lot going on over the last few days, despite the HYIP industry still in the doldrums and no big new programs launching. Mostly this is due to uncomfortable conditions still prevailing after the highly publicized EgoPay scam (read more on that here) as the situation on the payment processor front remains unstable. Recent technical problems with PerfectMoney not being accessible from some parts of the world and the extended three-day downtime of Payeer makes the task of running decent long running programs a challenge. Still, we have some great quality programs left that will be discussed in the following article on the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO. An updated article on is due as MajesticSwan collapsed after five weeks online (read more on that here) and CryptoFarm just disappeared by itself (with the site not accessible now and the admin not replying to my emails). On the other hand, we should welcome two newcomers to the Top Five that I believe will be much better performers – CryptoStrategy and Rockfeller.

So, in today’s article I decided to combine a look at the currently ranked Top Five most popular programs among my readers with the latest updates sent by their respective admins. Just a quick note before that for anyone interested – you might have noticed some changes to the MNO ShoutBox. This became necessary due to issues with the previous provider ShoutMix, whose support and general attitude have made them unworkable for me. Note that for the new MNO ShoutBox you don’t need to ask for my approval to post, as you can just create your account by yourself and post what you think is necessary. The rules on using English as the only language for the chat, as well as no spam and discussing only the monitored programs on MNO remain unchanged. The latest version you can see there now is just temporary by the way, so for now I ask that you please bear with me. A new improved version of the ShoutBox is on the way and will be added to MNO within the next few days. I’ll let you know of course when it’s ready.

Shall we begin then? Over the last few days the dominant issue in the HYIP industry was the unannounced downtime in Payeer which raised many issues of trust in an already questionable payment processor. As the administration kept silent for the three days the site was inaccessible and never once bothered issuing any updates as to what caused the situation and what has been done to prevent the same to be happening in the future, well, let’s just say an already below average reputation wasn’t helped. We can only speculate about what is happening with Payeer at the moment, as after the incident many exchangers simply dropped dropped them which is certainly not a very encouraging sign for users. I might sound paranoid, of course, but for me the fact that Payeer lost about $200K in the EgoPay scam and some restrictions recently imposed by exchangers along with the unexplained extended downtime raise some very valid questions about to what extent Payeer can still be considered a decent alternative to EgoPay and PerfectMoney as some people once expected. My point about Payeer is if anything quite strengthened now and I would not advise keeping much money there, at least until the payment processor market in the HYIP industry stabilizes (read my view on the remaining payment options serving the HYIP market here).

The above-mentioned payeer downtime made it impossible for many programs to process payouts to members who joined via Payeer over the last few days (until the website came back to normal yesterday). And while some admins preferred to ignore the issue the admin of CoinAssets, which offers a 4% to 6% for 90 days plan and is currently ranked at #1 on the MNO monitor, posted numerous updates on the subject. The obvious reason is to calm down those who made deposits via Payeer but were possibly unaware of the payment processor’s issues. Here’s the three updates posted while Payeer was offline:

Payeer currently down
We have processed payouts today. Payeer’s website is currently down, so those withdrawal requests will be processed at a later time once the site is operational again.

Payeer under maintenance
To our members: Currently we are unable to process withdrawals for Payeer still as Payeer.com is down for a maintenance. All other e-currency withdrawals are on a normal schedule and in our terms of within 48 hours for withdrawals. They are unaffected by Payeer.com being inoperable.

Payeer Change of Terms
Payeer.com is still currently down for maintenance. This is a lengthy maintenance, so all Payeer withdrawals are now exempt from our promise of withdrawals within 48 hours. All other e-currency account withdrawals are still processed within 48 hours as normal. When the time comes for Payeer to come back online, we will notify you through a newsletter.

Once Payeer returned the admin of CoinAssets had to issue yet another newsletter asking Payeer investors to be patient and extended the timeline for precessing pending withdrawals to them from 48 to 72 hours. As I mentioned already, currently Payeer is very hard to exchange for other currencies while the website itself only provides instant exchanges to some lesser known and not very popular currencies. The admin of CoinAssets and some other admins therefore might face some challenges funding their Payeer accounts, and while the issue might be just temporary it still requires some attention. So in the last email CoinAssets sent an exchange offer of a 25% bonus for those looking to sell Payeer funds for PerfectMoney or BitCoin. You can take advantage of the offer and contact the admin if interested at the email address in the latest two newsletters from CoinAssets posted over the last 24 hours, after Payeer resumed work:

Payeer Back Online
After an extensive Payeer downtime, Payeer is now back online. As we mentioned during Payeer’s downtime, the terms of withdrawals for Payeer have been suspended. You may now re-submit your Payeer withdrawals if you use Payeer. Payeer withdrawals will be processed within 72 hours versus all other e-currencies within 48 hours for the time being now that Payeer.com is online and hopefully will stay online.

Payeer Downtime and Exchange Offer
As we mentioned during Payeer’s EXTENSIVE downtime, we suspended withdrawals and the withdrawal promises of Payeer. All Payeer withdrawals are now subject to an up to 72 hours withdrawal period versus our 48 hour promise. (This is not 2 days, this is a literal 48 hours and is a literal 72 hour promise for Payeer withdrawals going forward). Due to our exchanger A-Exchange not currently handling Payeer in a full capacity we are purchasing Payeer funds at a 25% bonus. This means if you can sell us Payeer funds, we will sell Perfect Money or Bitcoin to you at a 25% bonus. This means $100 of your Payeer will buy $125 Perfect Money. Please reply to this email or send an email to admin@coinassets.net
We currently will purchase up to $7,500 in total.
Example exchange:
$100 of your Payeer will equal $125 Perfect Money or Bitcoin
$500 of your Payeer will equal $625 Perfect Money or Bitcoin

For those of you who has no idea about CoinAssets yet I remind you that you can start your investment with a $20 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin. The program has been online and paying for over two months now, promising lucrative returns on the 4% to 6% daily paying plans for a term of 90 calendar days. While the first investment cycle is yet to be completed many investors of CoinAssets have already seen some nice profits that could possibly even double your principal. The program became one of the very few in the HYIP industry that managed to survive the slow Christmas season and remains a very reliable performer and a firm favorite among MNO readers. Just remember as reiterated by the admin yesterday on the MNO ShoutBox once again that the payment schedule is 48 hours from the time of request. For Payeer deposits this was temporarily increased to 72 hours because of persistent exchange issues with the currency that have nothing to do with CoinAssets. More on CoinAssets can be read in the most detailed review only on the MNO blog (click here for details).

BITC1 stays in second position on the MNO monitor, however the chasing pack are gaining ground on them very quickly. Mostly BITC1 is growing at a very slow pace at the moment due to its payment options. They accept PerfectMoney, EgoPay (still!), Payeer, and BitCoin but its main competitors that are about to surpass them – Rockfeller and CryptoStrategy – didn’t waste any time after the EgoPay scam and quickly implemented Payza as a replacement which brought them to a whole new audience. BITC1 seems to be sitting on the sidelines doing nothing to increase its presence in the HYIP industry to appeal to these new investors. The unsustainable investment plans are still there to lure the newbies while promising out of this world returns of 350% after 15 days, 250% after 30 days, 750% after 27 days, 600% after 45 days, 1260% after 60 days in exchange for thousands of dollars at entry level. Obviously the admin’s goal would be to scam immediately if someone that stupid joins any of these investment plans. So if you wish to extend BITC1‘s lifetime do not invest in these plans and advise others not to do so as well for everyone’s common good. On the other hand, the daily paying plans with smaller minimums (the shortest plan starts with a $10 deposit) could be profitable and might be worth playing with. Choices here include 2.4% for 15 days or 2.5% for 25 days. The longer term 2.7% for 55 days should also be avoided due to its high minimum cost. On the daily paying plans in BITC1 your investment is returned on expiry and over the program’s quite amazing run since July 2014 many people will have made a profit from its daily paying plans. Unfortunately no one knows what lies ahead and for how long the program will keep paying, so keep in mind the age of BITC1 when considering if you want to join. Perhaps before making an investment there you’d rather read my detailed review of the program posted here or my interview with the admin of BITC1 here.

Rockfeller (reviewed here) debuts at #3 on the MNO Top Five’s list and over the last week or so its growth has been simply phenomenal, considering the HYIP industry in general is not particularly in good shape now. The admin is known for not really updating the members on the program’s development too often, but I guess investors prefer it this way as the deposits keep flowing into Rockfeller‘s 3% to 5% for 70 business days plan with principal returned on expiry. Even just only after 25 days online and before the first investors see a profit Rockfeller managed to gain a lot of followers while people are not shy to invest large amounts even despite the moderately high investment minimum requirement of $50. I guess the success of Rockfeller can be partly explained by the site’s excellent design with user-friendly features, a professional admin at the wheel having the program listed on the MNO Premium List from day one, an abundance of payment options (including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, and the new hit among US-based players Payza), and instantly processed payouts. The relative silence over the last week or so makes me believe that Rockfeller is growing strong and keeps expanding without the need to do anything else to make the program more competitive. It’s surely the fastest growing program in terms of in popularity among my readers, and I fully expect Rockfeller to take the top spot on the MNO Top Five list within the next few weeks, provided the admin has some long term ambitions for his project, that is.

Let’s talk about CryptoStrategy now, which also makes its debut on the MNO Top Five list at #4 and has every chance of reaching a higher position in time. Just like Rockfeller, the admin of CryptoStrategy was smart enough to realize the huge potential of Payza for the North American and European markets. With no valid reason to continue accepting EgoPay, it was removed and Payza added instead. So now you can invest in CryptoStrategy via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and Payza. The investment minimum is quite high, starting from $50, but all withdrawals have been processed instantly for a number of weeks now. If you haven’t read my review of CryptoStrategy (published here), I must add that the program originally started a few months ago with totally different set of plans before the admin totally overhauled the program just a month ago when bringing it to the Premium List on MNO where. Like any other program CryptoStrategy naturally has its flaws. When it comes to investment plans there are some that should be clearly avoided – 750%-1,000% after 75 days – as they carry an unsustainable risk. The daily paying plans are worth looking at though, offering from 3% to 4% daily (depending on the invested amount) for a period of 90 calendar days and principal returned on expiry. The recent addition of Payza certainly breathed some fresh air into CryptoStrategy and attracted more investors, while the admin also tries to expand the program in the international market by adding a regional representative scheme. Success on that front along with with the above mentioned Payeer deposits and withdrawals are the main subject of the latest newsletter from CryptoStrategy re-posted below:

CryptoStrategy News
Dear Customers,
Payeer website is finally back online so all pending Payeer withdrawals were processed, if you still didn’t requested your Payeer withdrawal then feel free to do this now.
I am also happy to say that we already have more than 20 representatives around the world and I am sure we will expand our representatives list even more in coming months. We develop a strategy to make our service popular in all countries of the world. To achieve this goal we implements a representative program where participants can earn by attracting new clients. The participants earn from the deposits made by the clients attracted by them. If you would like to join our team of qualified official representatives and become subject to all privileges such as increased affiliate rate as well as help numerous people on daily basis, then this position is just for you! Fill in the application and contact our customer service to inquire about open positions and we will get back to you after reviewing your application and making a decision. The entire world is open just for you!
Best Regards, Olivia
CryptoStrategy Limited

Silveks (reviewed here) is perhaps the most unusual (though some might prefer to say unique) program out of my Top Five and completes the list. The fact is that the admin is obviously trying to maintain the longevity of the program and stability of the payouts as payments have been processed to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and EgoPay for over 100 days now. The methods of achieving this goal are sometimes quite questionable, as I’m not sure how many investors actually like the game changes happening quite frequently in Silveks. Take the latest announcement from yesterday for instance, when it was announced that to increase stability of the program and ensuring its longevity the investment plan needs to be changed. It will now pay 6% interest every 10 calendar days with the principal being frozen and not available for withdrawal during the first 20 calendar days. After that period you may withdraw your principal or keep it for invested for an indefinite period of time to keep earning. I remind you that Silveks originally started with 2% daily paying plans and the principal returned any time on request. Then, just before the New Year it was announced the daily percentage would drop to 0.7%, though principals were still returned on request. The new rules published on the Silveks website now reduce your average daily earnings even further to 0.6% and only credits your account every 10 days. To be fair, the investors that have already been in the program and made a deposit of at least $10 were allowed to have their 6% interest over the last 24 hours, and you can still withdraw your principal if you wish. So if you don’t like the new rule or do not trust the admin’s motives then you are free to leave right now and forget about the whole thing. If you ask me though, I’d have to say that the admin proved his intention was always to keep a long running program and stay online for as long as possible. Whether it actually happens or not is another matter, but if Silveks is still paying in March I’ll be able to say that his plan for something more stable and sustainable has indeed worked out. Not before that though. And please note one other point – the program’s support is absolutely useless, and the number one complaint from my readers is that they can’t get an answer from the admin whenever they need assistance, so keep this in mind when deciding whether to join or not as well. Maybe the admin’s irresponsiveness actually has something to do with him not being a native English speaker, as the latest newsletter seems to have come through an auto-translator. Here it is, by the way:

New investment conditions
Dear partners! We do everything that the system has existed as long as possible, and for this we make changes in our investment plan. Now accrual will made once every 10 days, and will be equal to 6%. A frost deposit will be 20 days. I am sure all will treat this with understanding.
Administration Silveks


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listCoinAssetsBITC1RockfellerCryptoStrategySilveksBTPerfex, AtrexTrade, RollNRich.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization.

That’s all for today, guys. I’ll see you all again soon, but for now please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page which will help me and the experienced HYIP admins to see what the investors’ main preferences when it comes to the best payment processors. So far out of the four payment processors PerfectMoney is well in the lead with more than a half of the votes, while about a third of readers prefer Payza. Just over 10% have so far voted for BitCoin, with Payeer predictably yet to score any votes at all. I also hope to be able to finish installing the new ShoutBox on my site over the next few days and make a final decision on the best replacement for the old one. Feedback has been mixed, but remember that it’s still very much a work in progress and I’ve not settled on a final version yet. Please make sure you bookmark MNO as it’s the best place to find the most elite programs in the HYIP industry with all the fast scams going to other sites. Stay tuned and see you all soon!

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