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Hi everybody! Well I’ve been taking advantage of the relative quite time in the industry to enjoy my last couple of days on the really rather breathtaking island of Jeju off the southern coast of Korea. Later in the week I’ll be flying to Busan, something I’m sure will be a lot noisier for the last few days before finally returning home. I have to say it was was quite a journey, ranging from the sweltering heat of a tropical rain forest in Singapore to being almost knee deep in snow while hiking on Hallasan mountain here in Korea just a couple of days ago.

Anyway, getting back to business I think it’s time to resume the “Top Five” articles which I was already doing on MNO on a regular basis for some time now. This is where I re-cap on the most popular programs listed on my monitor as decided by you, the readers. There are are several reasons why I want to do this today, but basically it all boils down to this – stability. It’s been a strange couple of days in the HYIP industry since my last update, but not in a bad way. There’s been very little in the way of news stories to report, but that is exactly what brings me to the one constant and consistent factor of today’s article. Again, in a word, stability.

It’s not exactly a secret that there’s been some pretty rough times in the HYIP industry of late. There was of course the usual slowdown we were all expecting for December, that much came as no surprise, but right at the time we should really have been expecting things to improve EgoPay, one of the main payment processors serving the industry, turns into a scam. OK, that’s all been well documented countless times already this year, so there’s no need to go over it again here. The effects on the HYIP industry however have been undeniable. But it’s when I look around at other blog/monitor sites that I’m truly horrified by the amount of half-baked, badly conceived, and obvious cheap scams that other site owners are freely allowing to populate monitoring lists. I mean, you don’t necessarily have to “endorse” a scam in order to give it a cheap advertising platform and still push it on your readers. So when I look at the current MNO monitoring list I’m actually impressed, speaking now as an investor as much as a monitor, at how well the entire portfolio has been performing lately. No scams, not much noise and fanfare for that matter either, just dependable paying programs making an excellent contribution to the incomes of their many investors.

I will admit that there are some exceptions from time to time, sorry, but that is simply inevitable, but looking at the programs that have joined MNO’s Premium List in the recent past I would also have to point out that deliberate fast scams are in fact very much a rarity. Yes, all HYIPs eventually collapse and nothing on the current list will run forever, but the overwhelming majority of Premium Listed programs on my monitor will or have already put enough readers into profit for them to be considered successful investment programs. By keeping prices at a premium rate, admins who start with the deliberate intention to steal from you do not want to join the MNO monitor. It’s not worth their while. Only serious admins with genuine long term intentions to make as much profit for as many people as possible (yes, I know their personal profit takes a priority) and are prepared to work hard at it come to my monitor.

So without trying to scare you off taking a chance or spoon feed you any paranoia, you need to think long and hard about where you spend your money. The final decision is yours, but if you see programs out there not listed on MNO, I suggest you be very very careful. Cheap scams and cheap monitor/blogs go hand-in-glove these days, so if you want the best programs then stay with what you find on the best monitor. Maybe (I hope) things will pick up in the spring but the industry is simply too unpredictable now to start throwing your money away on any program that comes along. Be selective, and select the best and most elite.

By the way, if you’d like to see why other investors think about the high number of scams currently seen on other monitor/blogs and perhaps share your own feelings, then please take a look at the opinion polls on the subject running on the MNO TalkBack page at the moment. It’s anonymous and only takes a couple of seconds to vote, so you may as well just take a look anyway.

As I haven’t written a Top Five article for a while now I just want to remind anyone who may not be clear about the ratings system on my monitor about how it all works. You know, what makes the number one program number one, etc. Well, it’s an automated process that’s built in to my monitor’s script and can’t really be manipulated. It’s based on earnings, and the amount of referral commissions that are paid. As most programs pay approximately the same referral rate, and my readers are consistent, that gives me a fair idea of what is the most popular program with my readers and what is less so. OK, it wouldn’t be an exact science, but from experience I feel it to be the most accurate measure of what my readers are joining and spending in the biggest numbers. I think it’s also transparent and removes any suspicion of admins bribing their way into higher positions. So, if all that’s clear to you then let’s get started with the current Top Five HYIPs as determined by the readers of MNO.

The undoubted leader of the HYIP industry at the moment and by far the most popular program among my readers for a couple of weeks now is CoinAssets (reviewed here). The program has shown a perfect track record, paying successfully for eight full weeks. Take into account that this eight weeks includes the extended holiday season, and then into January when so many programs collapsed under the EgoPay scam, this achievement is all the more impressive. In fact it’s an absolutely stellar example of how to run a great HYIP, and something other admins would do well to pay attention to. By paying 4% to 6% daily for a period of 90 calendar days CoinAssets managed to more than double the money of many investors and that’s before ever finishing their first investment cycle. CoinAssets doesn’t pay fast though and sometimes it takes up to 48 hours to be paid, but the admin hugely compensates for this by simply running a strong and dependable. Just working and paying within terms – isn’t that all the investors really want from a fantastic program like this? By the way, CoinAssets still accepts investments starting from a $20 minimum and the payment processors taken are PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and, if you have any use for it, the now redundant EgoPay. The admin even offered private exchanges from EgoPay to any other of the three currencies for a hefty fee some time ago, but I’m not sure if that offer is still available. I imagine you can always email him and ask if you’re interested. Anyway, in my opinion CoinAssets definitely deserves some kind of recognition as the best performing program so far in 2015. The sky’s the limit for it, provided the admin is prepared to continue working hard to maintain their reputation as a dependable program that deserves its place on top of the MNO monitor Top Five list.

Second place on the list of Top Five programs on the MNO monitor is surprisingly taken by CryptoFarm. Why so surprising you might ask? Well, the thing is that the program isn’t actually popular among my readers at all, but still managed to reach the runner-up position on my monitor by simply processing the payouts successfully for over six months now. I wonder how the admin actually manages to continue paying, but possibly the secret is that he deliberately limits CryptoFarm by accepting deposits exclusively via the BitCoin crypto-currency and has a high minimum requirement not readily affordable for the majority of investors. The current price of one bitcoin mining contract (one share) in CryptoFarm is 0.25 BTC which is the equivalent in approximately $60 at the current BitCoin exchange rate at the time of writing. That had actually been a lot higher when the program was first launched, but the reputation for being overly expensive seems to have stuck anyway. Then CryptoFarm promises to pay a moderate return of 2% for the next 60 calendar days while the original investment is already included in the daily payouts. So, 20% profit in two months time? Is is worth the risk? Considering that the price of BitCoin is very volatile, by risking your money in CryptoFarm you could possibly see what ever profits you might earn eaten by the dropping value of BitCoin. This and many other questions I asked of the admin of CryptoFarm Toby in the interview which he kindly agreed to do with MNO which you can read here. Of course, if you have more BitCoin to spend you can try two other investment plans in CryptoFarm which will pay you 2.2% for 60 days (if you have at least 1 BTC to pay for the price of one BitCoin mining contract which is the current equivalent of approximately $240) and 2.4% for 60 days (if you can spend at least $1,200 which is the current approximate value of the required minimum of 5 BTC for one mining contract in this plan). Anyway, I have no idea how the admin of CryptoFarm is doing it, but he managed to surpass six months online and is still paying fine. I can’t argue with those results. You can read more on CryptoFarm in the detailed review posted on the MNO blog here.

BITC1 takes the #3 position on the MNO Premium List. What can I say about this program? It has started slowly and for a while the admin only featured it on the MNO Basic List. It was only later on that he upgraded it to Premium and agreed to an interview which you can read here. Now BITC1 has been running since July 2014 while being on MNO since the end of November 2014, thus making it one of the longest running medium-term programs out there. You can join BITC1 with a minimum of $10 which is accepted via such methods as PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and, again for some unknown reason, the now valueless EgoPay. All the investment plans offered by BITC1 can be clearly divided into two obvious categories – where you can actually make some money (daily paying plans) and where to be honest it’s a lot less likely (the plans paying on expiry). The daily paying plans start from a $10 minimum for the 2.4% for 15 days plan and from $501 for the 2.5% for 25 days plan, while bigger depositors can risk $10K for the chance to earn 2.7% for 55 days. On expiry of each daily paying plan in BITC1 you should always expect to get your principal back as well. Much higher minimums are set by the admin for the investment plans where you don’t really have much chance to be paid on expiry as they are totally unsustainable – 350% after 15 days, 250% after 30 days, 750% after 27 days, 600% after 45 days, 1260% after 60 days. Such returns are usually just bait in programs like BITC1 and they allow the admin to prolong the timeframe for the program itself and pay smaller (and smarter) investors for so many months already. You can read more on the investment plans for BITC1 in my detailed review posted here.

Getting into the #4 spot on the MNO Premium List is MajesticSwan (reviewed here). From the very beginning nearly a month ago the program has been rumored to be run by the admin of another huge program that dominated the HYIP industry in 2014 and was voted by MNO readers as the best and most successful program of that year. Understandably that rumor gave MajesticSwan a great start in early January during which it managed to win a lot of supporters hailing the program’s fast payouts and very flexible investment plan that allows you to withdraw your principal any time you like. Even the EgoPay crisis the admin survived with lots of success, quickly adapting MajesticSwan to the new conditions and refunding everyone using EgoPay which he then replaced with Payza. That gave MajesticSwan yet another boost in new deposits from investors preferring Payza over the other accepted payment methods which still include PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin (deposits start from a $20 minimum). What’s more, MajesticSwan offers a variable daily rate of return which can be up to 2% on weekends and as high as 3% on business days with a guaranteed minimum not dropping below 1%. The actual daily rate is also influenced by the size of your investment in MajesticSwan. The careful planning of the program obviously undertaken by the admin prior to its official launch resulted in the creation of a truly unique model where investors are encouraged to spend more to get bigger returns, while at the same time are offered complete flexibility of their investment with the program allowing them to withdraw their principals on demand. Therefore, I firmly believe that the #4 position on the MNO Premium List MajesticSwan occupies at the moment is only the beginning of something that can become truly big. Their first month online certainly does nothing to make me think otherwise, and I genuinely feel very positive and have a lot of hope for the future for this program. Now it’s seemingly just a question of time for MajesticSwan, so don’t miss your chance!

The #5 goes to possibly one of the most underrated programs on the HYIP market Silveks (reviewed here). When it first came to MNO three months ago Silveks started by offering 2% daily with the option to withdraw your initial investment at any time you wish. However when the festive season came the admin has decided it was high time to reduce that to 0.7% daily without touching the rule about allowing you to withdraw any part of your initial investment on demand. That decision raised some eyebrows, of course, but I felt that reduced interest was possibly what was needed for Silveks to survive the slow holiday period. I mean what would any reasonable investor in their right minds prefer? An offer of 2% and have the program collapse and leave you with nothing, or a genuinely stable offer of 0.7% which you will actually receive? And I was right. Now, in February Silveks is still running smoothly though still maintaining the 0.7% daily interest level. The admin had earlier intended to return to the original rate at the beginning of the 2015, but then of course fate stepped in and some other unforeseen events put the brakes on that for the time being. The EgoPay scam being the obvious catalyst and the general bad shape of the HYIP industry that followed means that for now Silveks will continue to offer 0.7% daily return. You can invest starting from a $10 minimum and PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin are the main options, and the now obsolete EgoPay is still accepted. I noticed that generally all the withdrawals from Silveks are processed within a very short period of time, but do not take it as a rule so allow the full 24 hours to be paid.

Please note positions on the MNO Premium List are only valid at the time of writing and are subject to change. I’ll certainly let you know if we see any significant changes to the Top Five as any of the five remaining programs have a good chance to get there with my readers’ support in the very near future. I’m talking about the currently #6 ranked Rockfeller (reviewed here), #7 CryptoStrategy (reviewed here), #8 BTPerfex (reviewed here and the admin was interviewed here), #9 AtrexTrade (reviewed here), or #10 RollNRich (reviewed here). Remember that you can always read more about any of those programs in the corresponding reviews and take a closer look by joining and, if you like them, consider depositing in any of those potential future industry leaders.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listCoinAssets, CryptoFarmBITC1MajesticSwanSilveksRockfellerCryptoStrategyBTPerfex, AtrexTrade, RollNRich.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShareOgdenOrganization, RevshareMatrix.

That is all for today, guys. Hope you enjoyed reading today’s article and that it saves you money from so many fast scams by trusting only the best most elite programs you can find on the MNO blog and monitor. Please be more active on the MNO ShoutBox and vote in the opinion polls which regularly run on the MNO TalkBack page. Feel free also to email me if you have any questions – I will try my best to answer your questions as best as I am able. Good luck with your investments and see you all again here soon!

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