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19/02/2014. MooreFund Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! MooreFund has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! There’s a couple of news stories to go through today, but the main point of today’s article is one of the most talked about programs in the industry from recent weeks is MooreFund, an almost new longer term program. It launched about two weeks ago so as long term HYIPs go that’s still pretty new, it’s only been added to the MNO Premium List now as part of a slower more gradual rolling-out process (the admin initially contacted me just after he started the program). In some ways MooreFund is kinda unique when compared to most of the new programs being launched these days (particularly in relation to payment methods), while in other ways it’s almost like a throwback to more stable, prosperous times in the HYIP industry. With that in mind I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that MooreFund can spearhead a revival in the industry – I think the winter slowdown has gone on long enough now don’t you? – and there seems to be enough initial interest in it to suggest it’s a strong possibility. Certainly there’s more than enough groundwork gone into MooreFund by the admin to prove how meticulously it’s been planned and organized, so let’s take a closer look and see what you think.

As always I want to start with the investment plans, the main reason most of you will be looking at MooreFund in the first place. Before I go into detail however there’s a nice incentive, especially for smaller investors, to join in the first place. MooreFund offer a $5 bonus payable to PerfectMoney for all new members. This $5 can either be withdrawn immediately after you make your first deposit. The bonus is already in your account because you’ll be able to see it there straight away after you sign up. You need more than just an account however, as members will have to make an active deposit of their own before the bonus can be withdrawn. But once you do have an active deposit then there’s no further waiting time, the bonus can be withdrawn anytime you like independent of your actual investment. It might not sound like much but considering the minimum spend in MooreFund is $15 it’s still generous, and I think a very nice touch by the admin.

So as I said it’s a long term program, however it’s not as rigid or regimented as you might think at first glance and actually offers a lot more flexibility than the majority of fixed term HYIPs. But let’s just talk about the numbers first. You have two plans to choose from in MooreFund. One that runs for 60 calendar days that pays the same interest rate to all members, and a second that runs for 365 calendar days. This second longer term plan is then in turn divided into three sub-sections that pay you according to the size of your investment.

You will need a $15 minimum in order to join the 60 day option, known as The Beginner Plan. Alternatively you can spend as much as $50,000 if you’re feeling lucky. For the plan’s duration the MooreFund admin offers investors a daily interest payment of 1.5% which, as I said, applies to all members regardless of size. Over the course of the term interest payments eventually add up to 90%, which then becomes your net profit when MooreFund return your principal on expiry.

To take a practical example of how that might work out in monetary terms then, let’s say you make a deposit of $100 into this plan. MooreFund would pay you back $1.50 every calendar day for the next 60 calendar days. That will bring in a total of $90 with the final payout, at which point your initial hundred dollars is then added to give a total of $190 back.

So far everything looks like a run-of-the-mill long term HYIP plan. It’s a decent enough looking plan I suppose, sustainable, but nicely profitable within a reasonable space of time. But what if you don’t like longer term plans, or need your money back before the term expires, etc? Well, that’s where the program gets a bit more flexible. MooreFund have an early withdrawal policy, but unlike a lot of other programs it’s not simply a “principal back anytime on demand” style option. Probably for the benefit of MooreFund as well I would say, as such plans are highly unpredictable and can put a huge strain on any program’s cash flow if too many members ask for their money back at the same time. Thankfully the admin has put a bit more thought into the process here and has attached some regulations that will hopefully cut back on those just looking for a fast buck. The thing is, members will need to pay an early withdrawal fee should they wish to get out before expiry. It that’s within the first fifteen days then 50% will be charged. As you can see, this would in fact leave you at a loss and so clearly is there to discourage early withdrawals from the program. If you wish to leave within 30 days the fee is a slightly less punitive 25%, though again that’s enough to eat into a significant portion of your profits, so it’s hardly an attractive option in anything other than an emergency. For anything later than that right up until the end of the 60 day term MooreFund will require a 10% release fee. Principal withdrawals after the full term has expired are free of charge.

Moving on to the longer term plan, a deposit from a $15 minimum up to a maximum limit of $50,000 gets you into The Pro Plan. This one runs for 365 calendar days, which is twelve months or a full calendar year. While the term is running MooreFund offer members a daily interest payment of 2.2% every calendar day. The payments by themselves add up to 803% on expiry of the full length term, which becomes net profit once the admin then returns your principal to top it up to 903%.

In comparison to the previous plan then, let’s say you put the same $100 into this option. MooreFund pay you back $2.20 every day for the next year, meaning you would reach the break-even point after 46 days and be in pure profit every day from that point onwards. All going according to plan the payments will eventually bring you $803 in net profits, with MooreFund then returning your initial hundred on top of that.

Bigger spenders should consider The Premier Plan. The rules are pretty much the same, i.e. the term runs for 365 calendar days, except you will need at least $1,000 to join. In return for that MooreFund offer a daily interest payment of 2.6%, and your principal returned on expiry. This allows member to break-even after 39 payments, and complete the term with 949% in net profits. Your principal is then added to that amount in a separate transaction. Maximum spend is $50,000.

And lastly for the really serious players with $5,000 plus to play with, MooreFund have The Elite Plan. This time for a 365 calendar day term members are being offered 3% interest per day. On reaching the break-even point after 34 payments members have only a pure passive income from that point on, as it’s impossible to be at a loss after that. Total profits come to 1095%, with your principal then added to that. MooreFund‘s maximum investment limit here is $99,999.

Please note that withdrawal fees will apply to every request. The fee is 3%, or 0.03¢ on every dollar. So if your withdrawal request is $10, you can expect to receive $9.70. Try and take this into account when deciding how much to invest and when calculating what you are hoping to earn from the program.

Before I move on to the payment processors, I just want to give a quick word on compounding and mention the early withdrawal process again. First of all compounding is not allowed in the 60 day plan. If you wish to use compounding then you will have to join one of the 365 day plans where you can set your own rate freely. In relation to the early withdrawal rule, the same conditions and fees apply to all plans. That is to say, even if you join the 365 day plan, you may only withdraw your principal without any penalty fees after sixty calendar days have passed. Otherwise the same charges are applied as outlined above. And by the way, if you’ve already withdrawn the $5 bonus that will also be taken back from your principal.

After looking through the various features of MooreFund I’d have to say the thing that jumped out at me most was the payment options. It’s not just as good a list as anything you’ll see in the industry at the moment, it’s probably as good a list as anything I remember seeing for a very long time now. The big one here of course is SolidTrustPay, proving that it’s still possible for HYIPs to get approval of an automated payments button from them. I know they’re not that widely used in the industry anymore but that’s not to say they don’t have a lot of fans who are more likely to make bigger deposits using them than any other processor. The fact that the admin went to such efforts to obtain an approved account, something almost unheard of in the HYIP industry anymore, says a lot about his intentions I think. Other options include PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, and BitCoin. For some reason (it probably seemed like a good idea when MooreFund was still being put together) EgoPay is included as well.

Something to take the edge off the withdrawal fees that I mentioned earlier is the instant payouts. Always a popular option with investors, you simply need to log in to your MooreFund account and place the request. The transaction should then be completed in under a minute. It should also be noted that this is not explicitly guaranteed as there are any number of reasons why instant payouts need to be switched off from time to time (issues with the payment processor, account replenishment, security, etc) so strictly speaking you should be prepared to allow up to 48 hours. Most of the time it should be instant though. Please note that instant withdrawals are only available to certain payment processors, but not all. If you use PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, Payeer (I guess that will be the majority of you) or EgoPay then instant withdrawals are available. Withdrawals to other methods will definitely be manual. In the event of your principal being returned, MooreFund will also not be offering instant payments. For this you will need to allow up to 12 hours for a manual transaction.

That’s not the complete list however, as MooreFund have a couple of other payment options that are only available in manual mode. These require a manual deposit of at least $500 so they’re not suitable for everyone, and include investments made via Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and even Payza. Especially with regard to Payza which I would have expected to bring in a lot more money had it been automated (and cheaper) I did ask the MooreFund admin why it’s only in manual mode. He told me that he would consider adding an automated payment button in the near future which would in turn remove the need of making such huge deposits at entry level.

Moving on to the more technical, design, and security aspects of the program, MooreFund is running off a script that will probably be familiar and instantly recognizable to most regular players. It’s under license from GoldCoders, although it’s been nicely modified to suit the individual requirements of the program. The site features a proper Green Bar version SSL-certificate from Comodo which is a superior version of what you’d usually find in the HYIP industry for safer browsing and more secure transactions. MooreFund is hosted on a professional dedicated and DDOS protected server by OVH.

If you have any further questions for the MooreFund admin or any account related issues you might need to have dealt with then there’s a number of ways to get in contact. The best way if you’re already a member is to use the support ticketing system. Fill in the form and return it, and you will receive tracking number so you can follow the progress of your question and make sure that it’s being dealt with to your satisfaction. Otherwise you can write directly to the admin’s e-mail address listed on the contacts page. MooreFund list a postal address in the UK which I wouldn’t necessarily take too seriously myself. Not that it may not exist as such, but because generally these are virtual hosted offices and not where you find anyone connected with the program physically working from. On the other hand the address is accompanied by a telephone number so you can give that a try if you expect someone to answer.

Apart from that there’s a couple of other nice features that help make MooreFund more appealing. Nothing that makes your investment more secure or less of a risk, but just makes for a better website and better first impression. For instance there’s an auto-translation tool to allow non English speakers to check out the program in other languages. I know these “translations” are never exactly perfect (far from it actually) but it’s a start and enough to give people the general idea of what MooreFund is about. There’s also a video presentation you can watch, and, especially useful for both newbies and experienced players alike, a useful page with information on e-currency exchange providers (many of which I regularly use myself and can vouch for their standard of service).

On the alleged business interests backing up the payments to support the members profits, the company is we are told investing in property. You can find various documentation on the company registration in the UK made available on the MooreFund website. A lot of this is readily available to buy (perfectly legally) over the net without any background checks whatsoever so I wouldn’t suggest treating MooreFund as anything other than a regular online HYIP. Granted at first it does look to be a little better than much of what we’ve seen in the industry recently (not a very difficult task!) but at the end of the day a HYIP is still a HYIP. Think carefully about what you are doing before you join, be aware of the risks, set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you’re still happy to take a chance on MooreFund then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



As the admin of MooreFund managed to prove every other admin wrong by having his STP account approved and ready to serve investors, it’s now impossible to deny that SolidTrustPay is coming back to the HYIP market. For me it’s just impossible to deny that the industry won’t be able to cope with the ongoing crisis (so far 68% of readers think the situation in February worse than January, according to the preliminary results of the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page) until such payment processors like SolidTrustPay and Payza favored by big players from the US and Europe get back in the game. SolidTrustPay has always been a dependable payment processor with lots of direct funding and withdrawal options and helpful phone support available during business hours. Last year I even wrote an article on the advantages of using SolidTrustPay in the HYIP industry for regular investors (click to read it). Unfortunately, since then very few investment programs have been using SolidTrustPay from their members and judging by their restrictive attitude towards many HYIPs I assumed that STP decided to part ways with the industry. I realized I was mistaken though as I found that the new program from the Premium List on MNO MooreFund accepts deposits from SolidTrustPay and even pays instantly to investors who chose STP to make a deposit. That alone gives rise to hope that SolidTrustPay will again become more common in the HYIP industry with time and allow experienced admins along with large investors bring the market back to the heights achieved a couple of years back.

Those who have been with SolidTrustPay for a while will already know about the International Debit Card programs that allow account holders to purchase a card and use it in ATMs around the world to withdraw money. The convenience of these cards made STP a much-loved payment processor to those who wanted to be able to withdraw funds in the most convenient and affordable way. Lately though it seems that the previous card provider, PaySpark, had some difficulties which has led SolidTrustPay to offer an alternative International MasterCard which will surely be a handy tool if you a regular STP user. The main advantage of the new card, which by the way costs only $5 deducted from your STP account for a standard delivery, include the absence of any monthly fees, plus quite affordable rates to withdraw from your SolidTrustPay account to any ATM around the world with a MasterCard logo on it. The new card is now in place and I’ll be requesting my own within the next week or so and I’ll let you know about my first experience with it whenever it arrives, so stay tuned for more info. Meanwhile, please read the latest update on all that posted on the official blog of STP:

New and Improved Debit Card Program!
Thank you for being a SolidTrust Pay member! We are pleased to advise that STPay is moving to a new, significantly better debit card program!
If you would like to register for our new International MasterCard, you can do so by logging into your account and clicking “Buy STPay Debit Cards” under the My Banks and Cards Tab.
All members with our existing INTL MasterCard will be provided with a FREE replacement card and only a small shipping charge applies. (The fee for shipping is $5.00 USD for regular mail or $30 for courier, and will be charged to your STPay account). Starting today you will be able to login to your STPay account and order your FREE replacement card. The card provider will need updated identity and address documents. If the ones you have previously supplied are older than two months or expired, please have new ones ready to submit with your application.


I’m pleased to see that the admin of HashCoin has also realized that by not accepting STP and Payza he deprives his program of possible bigger deposits from investors from developed countries. With that in mind he promises to add these payment processors sometime in April or May. The question is why HashCoin hasn’t done it earlier and continue with just PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. HashCoin pays variable daily returns (usually below 1%) over a period of 120 calendar days and promises to return the initial investment on expiry. As with such low returns I do not expect anyone to be in profit before the first deposits are returned which will be in about seven weeks for the first members (the program has been online for 73 days already) I hope the further addition of STP and Payza is really part of a more sophisticated long-term strategy by the admin, and not just an empty promise. With the first principal withdrawals expected only in April and the first investors in profit, we’ll see then if HashCoin is more appealing to larger investors. From the other plans for the future covered in the latest newsletter there’s the launch of the program’s own application for mobile platforms in March and an invitation to visit the company’s office in China by summer. More realistic is the strengthening of security that had to be done during a DDoS-attack on HashCoin‘s servers a couple of weeks ago that resulted in the site getting offline for three days. The latest newsletter from HashCoin (reviewed here) was sent yesterday and and can be read below:

Feb 18th – HashCoin Update
Dear Investors…
After our last communication letter sent on the 29th of January, in which we reported the attack perpetrated by Ddos to our systems that left us offline for some days, we have implemented, proactively new important security measures to our server which includes back and front end programming.
Our web page is once again online and we are inviting you to visit and navigate it.
This communication is intended to also inform you about our latest news and projects.
March: APP launch for mobile phones and tablets. The opening of our office in Shenzhen.
April/May: New payment processors, Solid Trust Pay and Payza.
May/June: Guided visit to our Bitcoin mining centre in Shenzhen and Chengdu.
We will continue to look for more improvements and opportunities to grow, and you can be sure that with us your money is safe.
Thank You, HashCoin.
Bitcoin Mining – Trading & Arbitrage


Although officially CryptoStrategy has been online and paying for four months now (and the latest newsletter directly refers to this fact), it’s worth remembering that the program originally started with totally different investment plans and only forty days ago (when CryptoStrategy was first listed on the the MNO Premium List), the admin changed them to their present state. As already discussed in the review of CryptoStrategy posted here, the plans can be divided into two categories – paying on expiry with unsustainable returns are best avoided (750%-1,000% after 75 days) and the regular investment plans that pay daily and return initial investment on expiry (3%-4% for 90 days) which are more reliable. I also need to mention that as of now all the withdrawals from CryptoStrategy are processed instantly and with lots of deposit options including all the well known payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and even Payza – it’s no wonder the program is so popular. And though I tend not to believe the somewhat exaggerated figures the admin shared in his email regarding 45,000 members, I won’t dispute the fact that over the first weeks on MNO CryptoStrategy has taken the top spot on the MNO Premium List for a good reason. It looks like the admin has plenty of good ideas up his sleeve as he also announced work on multi-lingual versions of the website with multi-lingual live support to go with it. I’ll let you know on the blog when that happens but for now please read the latest newsletter below:

CryptoStrategy News
Dear Customers,
CryptoStrategy Limited is now 4 months online! We are happy that we successfully reached this milestone together with our customers. More than 45,000 customers, millions of investments and millions of withdrawn money. Thats all was reached thanks to your loyalty and endless support. CryptoStrategy Limited is already represented in 17 countries and I am sure that our representative network will grow even more soon. Our website already reached 45,473 Alexa Global Rank and soon will become one of the most visited sites in the whole web. We are working on many great things to make our company website even better, very soon will be available live chat support as well as Bahasa Indonesia and Russian version of our website. Thank you for choosing our company and follow our updates.
Best Regards, Olivia
CryptoStrategy Limited


I want to finish for today with the introduction of a new program that was added to the MNO Premium List just an hour ago – UnitedMicroCredit. The program has been running for about three months now under the full name United Microcredit Organization Limited, and I must say that the very first investors already managed to make a good profit. I don’t believe myself that UnitedMicroCredit is a very well known program just yet, and MNO is perhaps the biggest monitor the admin decided to list his program on, so I hope it will bring him some new investors and new funds which will help to run it for a few more months at least. I’ll take a proper look at UnitedMicroCredit in the upcoming review coming on Saturday, the investment plans on offer don’t look overcomplicated by any means. They pay from 2% to 3.5% interest credited every business day (Monday to Friday only) for a duration of 78 business days. That makes UnitedMicroCredit at the end of its first full investment cycle now with the first principals due to be returned in a couple of weeks, at the end of its first 110-day cycle. Deposits start from a $10 minimum and withdrawals have to be requested from your account. UnitedMicroCredit promise to pay manually within a 12 hour maximum. At first glance, UnitedMicroCredit looks like a pretty standard-looking HYIP running off a licensed GoldCoders script with decent security in the form of a verified SSL Green Bar certificate from Comodo and a professional dedicated server from DDoSGuard with protection from malicious attacks. However, when you look at the payment options that’s where really the variety starts to click in. Here we see some payment processors accepted in automated mode, like PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, EgoPay (does the admin know it’s been a scam for a while now?), and a lesser known option called AsMoney. As for the manually accepted payment processing methods then you need to send funds to the options you can see when making a deposit. This is also a really good choice which includes direct Bank wires, Neteller, Skrill, BitCoin, Payza, Western Union, and even Credit Cards. That’s all quite impressive, especially when you consider UnitedMicroCredit is not a fast scam after paying for three months. Of course, even such a long time online doesn’t guarantee that UnitedMicroCredit will last forever, so only spend what you can afford to lose. From my own first impression the program looks decent enough, and the efforts made by the admin with the addition of all those payment options should be appreciated by investors. Remember that if you’re unsure about investing you can read the full review of UnitedMicroCredit on my blog very soon, so stay tuned for more info!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listCryptoStrategyRockfellerBITC1BTPerfex, RollNRich, AtrexTrade, MooreFund (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization.

That’s all the news for today, guys. Hope you enjoy reading MNO and investing in the most elite programs in the HYIP industry. Remember to always check the status of your favorite programs on the MNO monitor before investing as in these turbulent times things can change quickly. Don’t forget to say what you think about the HYIP industry for the month of February in my poll on the MNO TalkBack page. I’ll be pleased to hear your thoughts and feedback on the MNO monitored programs and the HYIP industry as a whole on the MNO ShoutBox, the new version of which doesn’t require any pre-approval, so try it out and see if you like it. And of course, I’m always open to suggestions to make my site better and help my downlines, so you can always contact me on this page and get a reply to your query within 24 hours. More big programs will be featured on MNO soon, so stay tuned and wait for more exciting news. And so as not to miss it please subscribe to the Daily News and follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter. I won’t be publishing tomorrow (I don’t think I will anyway) so the next news update will be Saturday when I’ll have all the news plus the review of UnitedMicroCredit. Stay tuned for that and see you all then!

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