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Beware! GarnetStock has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! The last of the most recent batch of new programs listed on MNO still waiting to be reviewed is GarnetStock, so that’s where I want to start today’s blog entry. Actually quite a lot of new programs came along more or less at the same time so I think there’s a good choice there no matter what kind of program you prefer, be it long term, mid term, or shorter term like GarnetStock. Among the first things the admin did when the website came online was come straight to MNO for Premium Listing, so I guess it’s fair to say he’s got a good start-up budget and some cash reserves put aside for promotional work and the like. Let’s hope it works out. I’ll begin as usual then with GarnetStock‘s investment plans which as you shall see are pretty extensive. Usually with programs like this experienced players can tell almost immediately that some plans are achievable and worth a gamble while others are more likely to function merely as some kind of collection box paying no one except the admin. In the case of GarnetStock that’s also pretty much the case, but that shouldn’t distract you from a couple of reasonable options that are very affordable to join and sustainable for at least a few cycles. In fact the first members, including myself, are already in profit so clearly something is being done right.
The shortest term and I’m guessing most popular option, called simply Plan A, runs for a term of 2 calendar days. You can join for a bargain basement $5 minimum deposit, and anything up to $500 gets back a payment of 107% on expiry. GarnetStock include your principal as part of this and all payments so will not be returned to you in a separate transaction. So it’s your own money back plus 7% net profit in interest on top. Or to put it into simple monetary terms invest $100 with GarnetStock today and get back $107 at the plan’s expiry two days later. Bigger investors are as you’d expect offered bigger returns with deposits between $501 and $1,000 earning 109% and amounts between $1,001 and $2,000 being offered 112%. See the GarnetStock web site for any further information on deposits bigger than that if interested.

Plan B runs for 5 calendar days, paying members once on expiry. GarnetStock require a $5 minimum to join, with everyone spending up to a maximum $500 being offered a return of 120%, principal included. So that’s your own money back plus an extra 20% in profit. If you’re feeling brave/ambitious/lucky then amounts between $501 and $1,000 are offered 128%, while anything between $1,001 and $2,000 is offered 140%, principal included. You can check out the GarnetStock website yourself to see what they are offering larger deposits than that.

Next on the list, Plan C, runs for 10 calendar days and can also be joined for a $5 minimum spend. For amounts up to $500 GarnetStock are offering members a single payment containing profit plus principal of 160% on expiry. Amounts from $501 to $1,000 are offered 180% and anything above that up to a value of $2,000 is offered 220%. Check the GarnetStock website for details of anything bigger than that.

As you can, the plans get progressively more and more difficult to maintain and the risk gets higher as the terms begin to grow. So keep your sights on something you genuinely think you can reach. The fourth plan then, Plan D, runs for a 20 calendar day term. GarnetStock take a $5 minimum investment, and on expiry offer the members a single payout of 300%, principal included, on anything up to $500. the rate goes up to 360% for deposits between $501 and $1,000, and 450% for amounts in the range of $1,001 to $2,000. If you want information on bigger deposits than that then see the GarnetStock website for details.

This is logically followed by Plan E. GarnetStock still take the same $5 minimum for joining, and if you spend anything up to $500 the return being offered on expiry of a 30 calendar day term is 500%, principal included. For bigger amounts the offer is 600% on amounts between $501 and $1,000, and increases to 800% on figures between $1,001 and $2,000. Again you can always look up the GarnetStock website for information on anything over and above that.

And lastly Plan F runs for 60 calendar days. The minimum deposit is $5, which to be honest about the maximum I’d spend here myself if I absolutely had to spend anything, and the return being offered on expiry is 1200% on amounts up to a $500 maximum. 1500% is offered on deposits between $501 and $1,000, and 2,000% for amounts from $1,001 to $2,000. Have a look at GarnetStock yourself to see the offers available to bigger deposits.

By the way, when you see the plans listed on the GarnetStock website, remember you will have to move your cursor directly over each individual plan to see the breakdown in payments.

Payment options should you decide you like any of those plans enough to join are I have to say quite predictable for a program like GarnetStock. You can choose between PerfectMoney and Payeer if you prefer the more traditional style payment handler, or BitCoin if you favor digital e-currencies. I don’t expect any further additions but you know as long as you remember that all transactions are final and you behave sensibly in the first place then the list is fine. Payment requests are handled manually by the admin. Just log in to your GarnetStock members account area and make the withdrawal, and you should be paid within 24 hours. While the program is still brand new, i.e. not a lot of payments to make just yet the admin is dealing with most of them pretty fast, but just keep in mind that as the workload increases and GarnetStock gets more members that you will need to be more patient sometimes.

Looking at the more technical, design, and security side of things, I know this is largely a matter of opinion but I’d say myself that GarnetStock looks a bit better than average similar short term HYIPs. In terms of appearance anyway, but also in other areas it’s clearly a lot more professionally organized. For example, the website is entirely bilingual, appearing in both English and Russian. And it’s not done by some online auto-translate tool either which often just throws out gibberish, it’s done by a proper copy writer. GarnetStock is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by BlackLotus. Most of you will probably recognize the script as coming from GoldCoders, but just in case you don’t then it’s probably because it’s been modified slightly to suit GarnetStock‘s individual requests. It’s still under license though, and still has the same easy to navigate interface you’d associate with GoldCoders. The GarnetStock website also has an extra layer of protection in the form of an SSL Green Bar encryption certificate from Comodo allowing for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you still have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then contacting the GarnetStock admin can be done via two methods. You can either fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it, or else just e-mail him directly at the address listed. Just for your information there is a postal address included (just around the corner from Buckingham Palace for anyone familiar with London!) but obviously you can safely just ignore that as a virtual hosted workspace and not where the program is physically operating from.

That’s about it really. Again just for informational purposes I’ll just add that any claims about genuine business activities made on GarnetStock are a bit vague and left to your imagination. Best keep it that way in my opinion, no point looking too closely for something that isn’t there and you won’t be able to verify anyway. Just treat it as you would any other online HYIP and follow the same rules you would in any other form of gambling. Set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, keep your expectations on what you could potentially earn in any online HYIP, and if you do decide to join the fun at GarnetStock then try to keep it as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Cryptof (reviewed here) is still doing really well and the $2 deposit bonus added to your account when you join (which you can only withdraw after making a deposit) is certainly get many investors off the fence. So, I believe it was a brilliant idea on the admin’s part to attract more investors from the first weeks online that already resulted in Cryptof enjoying a well deserved 45K status in Alexa which has been achieved after only a couple of weeks online. Of course, there are many other factors turning heads like the opportunity to earn some extra money by viewing some ads in manual mode (this feature is available even for free members), instantly processed withdrawals, the option to withdraw to a a different processor from the one you joined with, an original custom made script, and some enticing investment plans paying from 2.7% to 3.3% daily for a 60 day term making it possible to almost double your money in just two months. Investments in Cryptof can be made in packages of $10 instalments athrough a wide range of payment processors including PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, AdvCash, Paxum, YandexMoney, Qiwi, and the most recently added Neteller. Today the admin officially announced that BitCoin withdrawals are now available in instant mode as well (as you might remember in my review of Cryptof there was only a deposit option available via BitCoin). That’s certainly some good news which may improve interest and participation in a program already off to a good start and developing at a rapid pace over the first month online. The admin also keeps members in the loop by sending frequent newsletters, the latest of which is re-posted below for your information:

Neteller Added:: Get Rich Soon:: Earn Free MONEY Daily
Dear User,
We want to congratulate our membersfor their effort to make Cryptof a very successful program. You have recently heard the good news. We want to mention them again.
1. NETELLER has been Added! Neteller deposit & withdraw manual & fast.
2. Cryptof is now in top 50K sites! Our Alexa is 45802.
3. Bitcoin withdraw done! Our Bitcoin deposit & withdraw automatic & instant.
Today was a great day. Almost 400 new users joined us today. We congratulate them.
Here is the statistics:
Deposits Crossing $247,400 (in just 23 active days)
Withdraw Given $86,100+ (Passive Earning)
AdPayments $67,300+ (AdSurf Earning)
As Neteller is added, very soon, Paypal, Payza, Skrill will also be added.
Some good features are coming next month.
NB: If you are not able to post your referral link for promotion on Facebook, use Adfly url shortener
Happy Earnings!
Regards, Cryptof Team


As PokerAutomatics (reviewed here) is growing bigger and remains an industry leader with a perfect payment record for over fourteen months already, some cheap scams are trying to hijack their hard work by basically stealing the website’s content. The latest example of the countless scams trying to steal from you was revealed by the admin of PokerAutomatics last night when he shared the details below and strongly advised members to stay away from it. Well, historically and from my own experience such copycats rarely perform well and collapse early under their own lack of originality and plain stupidity. Here’s the message, so remember the name in order to avoid it in future:

Attention! Another one SCAM website pokeradv.com
Be careful! It’s a fake!
They made a copy of our website texts.
Don’t send them any money or personal information!

The reason that so many other admins are jealous of PokerAutomatics is that the program’s reputation is flawless now and it’s safely considered as one of the best investment programs of this year. Small wonder then that inexperienced admins and blatant cheap scams try to imitate then. As for the real PokerAutomatics, they continue paying within a five business day limit which might seem too long for some investors, but actually helps the program flourish as the bigger your withdrawal the longer it takes to be processed. And although that makes perfect sense, some investors are still unfamiliar with the rule and question PokerAutomatics‘ withdrawal policy before later acknowledging they were mistaken after successfully getting paid within the promised timeframe. This even explained by the admin by the necessity of transferring money from poker rooms run by pokerbots to the real world which takes some time. This is the background story used by PokerAutomatics since the beginning and hence the regular extension of pokerbot accounts, the latest of which is found below:

Pokerbot network upgrade
A number of poker bots in the network increased to 1,081.
Our future goals:
January 2016: 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016: 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017: 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts
July 2017 and further: 2000 active poker bot accounts
The ultimate goal – 2000 active poker bot accounts.
For security reasons we won’t increase our botnet above 2000 active poker bot accounts.

Once a week PokerAutomatics updates members with a weekly statement and announcing the lucky winner of a weekly lottery awarded VIP status. More info on the latest stats and the lottery is below:

PokerAutomatics Weekly Statement:
Paying Days: 1,633
Total investors: 46,118
Investment capital: $3,831,068
Own capital: $445,823
Total Income: $ 317,345 (7,42%)
Share of Expenses: $ 110,277 (2,58%)
Profit: $ 207,068 (4,84%)
Total withdraw: $ 5,806,319
TOP-1 Investor: $152,664
TOP-1 Affiliate: 1,826 referrals
Total pokerbot accounts: 1,067

Lottery Results 18.10.2015:
The winner of this week is ninesku_bt.
You get VIP status as a prize.

As for the daily profit results published on the PokerAutomatics website regularly, they do not constitute what members actually receive, but rather indicate the amount from which you receive a 40% to 80% share. That means that if a 1% profit is announced you will get from 0.4% to 0.8% in interest depending on your principal and investment term). For PokerAutomatics the minimum investment term is 30 days and the maximum is 180 days. On expiry your principal is returned unless you prefer to re-invest it. Deposits start from $30 which via a wide variety of payment processors including SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and some other lesser known names that might be popular outside the HYIP circle. Just to give you an example of the company’s daily profits I’ll re-post the daily profit reports for the last five days (on average a 1% daily profit would be typical):

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
19.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.89%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
20.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.17%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
21.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.86%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
22.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.15%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
23.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.98%

And finally, the website of PokerAutomatics is available in five different languages and serves the needs of a truly international audience. Members can obtain help and support not only from the administration itself, but also from an extensive network of representatives around the globe. There are now a whopping 210 of them and numbers are constantly growing. There’s a special page where you can find contact details for them if you wish to get advice or support on PokerAutomatics, so you may as well use it. The latest two representatives are from Reunion and Germany and joined over the last few days as you can see below:

We have a new Representative
Christian Foulon – Reunion
You may contact him by email, skype and phone
210+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Wolfgang Henfling – Germany
You may contact him by email
210+ Representatives!


After a dubious newsletter from Carbon7 two days ago, today it became clear that some investors are definitely experiencing unpleasant delays with payments. In some cases withdrawals are being cancelled by the admin and returned to the member’s balance after requesting a payout. A couple of confirmed complaints were submitted to me yesterday which I personally verified by checking the accounts of the members affected. I can (regrettably) confirm that the complaints are genuine, so I contacted the admin on behalf of one of my referrals there. Shortly afterwards I saw that his newest but smallest withdrawal had been paid while the oldest and biggest one which was outside of the program’s terms and conditions was simply cancelled and returned to balance. That constitutes a scam on the admin’s side who obviously tries to conceal evidence of delayed payouts, which, by the way, have been reported already on many other forums and monitors by concerned investors. This won’t be swept under the rug on MNO and as a responsible monitor I have a duty to inform readers of what happened and to move the program to Problem status on the MNO monitor. Although the admin of Carbon7 did reply to my email, it was simply a very poor excuse without any genuine attempt to admit and confront the real problem here.

I was told “our withdrawal policy is to process up to 48 business hours which translate to 7 calender days at the most” which is of course nonsense of the highest order and a blatant re-writing of the truth. In fact the same stunt was pulled during the final days of Royalty7 (which I suspect was run by the same admin) a few years back. Not exactly re-writing the rules so much as re-interpreting them, the end result was the program collapsed completely within a week. Needless to say the admin knows damn well that 99.99% of people understand 48 business hours to mean two business days, so trying to re-define this as seven calendar days after five months online is a joke.

I suspect smaller investors of Carbon7 might still be paid for a few days, but do not be lured into any sense of security if this includes you. The program I admit was fantastic while it ran and I freely congratulate the admin on a stunning performance, but we have to accept that it has simply run its course and the inevitable end which always has to come sooner or later has arrived. The decision to move Carbon7 to Problem Status on my monitor isn’t easy and is not something I enjoy, God knows I wish didn’t have to happen, but that’s just the business we are in. I also suspect that Carbon7 will continue paying to Payza and SolidTrustPay users longer than to others, so I would suggest not to file any disputes for the moment and let the admin pay while he still has funds to do so. I would not be so optimistic regarding payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin, as it’s simply too easy to pocket the funds held there, no questions asked. So enjoy any remaining payouts from Carbon7 while you can, guys, I doubt very many are left. The impact of the collapse of such a giant as Carbon7 on the whole HYIP industry will soon have to be assessed, possibly making another article on the MNO blog.


Well, where one investment opportunity ends another one always opens. In the case of the most recent program added to the Premium List on MNO called eCoinInvest we can see its been paying for about two months now. Is that too old to join? That’s up to you to decide, but two months of stable payouts and a gradual advertising strategy makes me believe that the admin has some experience in the HYIP industry who might actually let some investors earn a little money without a fast scam. eCoinInvest started by dealing exclusively with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin before adding OkPay as a fourth option as reported in the website’s news section, which, I must say, is updated quite frequently:

New payment system added: OKPAY
After popular demand we have added a new payment system OKPAY. OKPAY offers many ways in which to fund your account such as Bank Transfer from almost any country, mobile payments, multiple e-currencies such as Litecoin and Dogecoin, cash terminals and an endless list of exchanges from other online wallets.
Sign up for an OKpay wallet here.

So what are the investment plans, you might ask? Well, most of you will be more interested in the daily plan paying from 2.3% to 3.2% fixed interest (depending on the size of your deposit) for a period of 90 calendar days, with principal back on expiry. By the end of the term, if you’re lucky, you should finish with 207% to 288% net profit on your investment with eCoinInvest. This can start from a $10 minimum by the way. As for the on expiry paying plans, I would recommend avoiding them as they are less achievable, offering 300% to 400% (again, depending on the principal starting from a $100 minimum this time) after a period of 75 calendar days. While that might not seem so unrealistic compared with what the majority of short-term programs, it’s still too risky to even think about. Ultimately the daily payment plan is a much more sensible option. Other features include a licensed GoldCoders script, Green Bar SSL-certificate by Comodo, domain registered for five years, and DDoS protection provided by CloudFlare. Instant withdrawals are also promised to all accepted currencies which I will verify in the review if true, as I have yet to receive the first payout from the program. Stay tuned for that, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: HonorForTheBrave, PokerAutomaticsNuggetz, MutualTrustGarnetStockAntsAssetsLimited,  155ProfitAdsCryptof, GrandRialtoLimited.
From MNO Standard list: ProfitUnity, Nano67, FxIndependent.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all I have to report for today, guys. I’ll see you back sometime over the weekend, so if you’re having some weekend fun with your profits from the HYIP industry please raise a glass for your investment guide and stay on the money with Money-News-Online! Also please vote in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll as the final results will be drawn in the coming days. The next post on MNO will be a more detailed review of eCoinInvest plus all the latest news from the HYIP industry. If you like reading MNO, then bookmark my site and subscribe to the daily updates delivered straight to your email address. See you soon!

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