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27/10/2015. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello guys, and welcome again to the most popular English language investment blog covering only the most elite investment opportunities and setting a barrier to cheap scammers in form of the highest monitoring fees in the HYIP industry which helps to avoid deliberate scams coming to the MNO monitor. By the way, if you remember MNO was the very first monitor last week to warn everyone about the selective payouts from Carbon7 thus preventing readers from re-investing and losing money in the process. Other monitors only followed days later. Well, that’s actually who they are – the followers, while MNO is always setting the trends and leading by example. The same thing happened with MutualTrust and ProfitUnity where MNO was the first to pinpoint the issue of pending payouts yesterday and hopefully my voice was heard and prevented savvy investors from further losses too, just like the earlier warning on 155ProfitAds as well. It’s quite arguable though is the latest chain of scams observed over the last few days was caused by the unfortunate demise of the hugely successful Carbon7 (that’s the subject for debate in the upcoming MNO TalkBack polls later in the news section). Perhaps the negative impact caused by serious problems with operations in the most popular BitCoin wallet BlockChain played some part there as well, who knows. In any case, a series of turbulent events didn’t help the nervousness and frustration brought on by the unexpected death of Carbon7, but life goes and the HYIP industry has always been about changing conditions. Let’s talk about the news updates from the perfectly paying programs you can find on the MNO monitor at the moment.


PokerAutomatics (reviewed here) is certainly one of the leaders of the HYIP industry now with quite extensive support among the current members and one of the best programs when it comes to the level of re-investments and the growth which is still quite amazing after 15 months online. More and more regional representatives join PokerAutomatics‘ already lengthy list, now including more than 220 supporters who help promote the program in their respective countries. Just over the last few days four new representatives from Austria, Bulgaria, Malaysia, and Estonia joined its lucrative regional representatives program and were introduced on the news page (you can read about them below):

We have a new Representative
Erich Strasser – Austria
You may contact him by email, skype and phone
210+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Chan Jie – Malaysia
You may contact him by skype
220+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Emil Georgiev – Bulgaria
You may contact him by email, skype and phone
220+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Deniss – Estonia
You may contact him by skype
220+ Representatives!

Mass popularity is often followed by lots of copycats and after the last week’s naming and shaming of PokerAdv as another cheap scam stealing the program’s texts and concept, PokerAutomatics uncovered yet another program tpulling the same stunt. Meet yet another cheap scam called IamEliteVip which even sounds like a joke and was branded as “fake” in the following update from PokerAutomatics:

Attention! Another one SCAM website
Be careful! It’s a fake!
They made a copy of our website texts.
Don’t send them any money or personal information!

You might be aware that PokerAutomatics is running off a highly modified H-Script which till now allowed to have virtual funds alongside real funds. The obvious distraction and confusion that simultaneous running accounts might cause forced the administration to remove this feature completely as announced in the following update:

PokerAutomatics Script Upgrade
We’ve upgraded our PokerAutomatics Script in connection with the increasing number of clients and Deposits.
Old virtual operations were deleted.
My Operations page and My Deposits page are working faster now.
We continue to improve the performance and usability of PokerAutomatics.

Finally, let me say a few words about PokerAutomatics‘ investment offers. The program will take an investment starting from $30 and will allow you to choose an investment term ranging from 30 to 180 calendar days. Your initial investment is handed back to you on expiry. The payment processors accepted by PokerAutomatics include SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, YandexMoney, NixMoney, AdvCash, PayCo, Qiwi – so it’s a very wide choice, and if that is not enough for you then you can invest directly from some selected Russian based banks. Over the duration of your investment period your account in PokerAutomatics will be credited with a 40% to 80% share of the published company profits received from a network of pokerbots allegedly making money for the program. Usually the regularly posted daily profits are around 1% on average, so you should get 0.4% to 0.8% per day (depending on the size of your principal). The last daily profit reports and the last weekly statement are shown below:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
24.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.18%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
25.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.99%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
26.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.21%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
27.10.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.08%

PokerAutomatics Weekly Statement:
Paying Days: 1,640
Total investors: 46,934
Investment capital: $3,902,483
Own capital: $448,016
Total Income: $ 319,327 (7,34%)
Share of Expenses: $104,100 (2,39%)
Profit: $215,226 (4,95%)
Total withdraw: $5,887,052
TOP-1 Investor: $157,304
TOP-1 Affiliate: 1,915 referrals
Total pokerbot accounts: 1,081


It’s a huge surprise for me that AtrexTrade (reviewed here) is still going and the controversial decision of the admin to put the anytime principal withdrawal feature on temporary hold seems to have done it no harm. AtrexTrade has been online for nearly eleven months now featured on MNO since day one in November 2014 and is currently the oldest surviving program on my monitor, paying consistently and instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin which seem to be the admin’s preferred payment options to deal with historically anyway. Usually AtrexTrade will announce a daily profit from its “trading” activities on business days (Monday to Friday) and then credit members’ accounts with 50% to 75% share (the concept very similar to that of PokerAutomatics) of the amount. So, if you invest in AtrexTrade anything starting from a $10 minimum you should expect very moderate daily returns credited to your account Tuesday to Saturday at a specific time and available for instant withdrawal immediately. However, at the end of every month AtrexTrade posts an official reminder about any extra holidays on which profits will not be posted, meaning investors won’t get paid on the following day. November 11 and November 27 have just been announced as interest-free days in addition to all the Sundays and Mondays of the month. The latest update on this can be found on the website of AtrexTrade and is re-posted for your convenience below:

List of holidays/non-working days in November
Dear investors,
We would like to inform you that interest will not be added to your deposits on November 10 and November 26 due to official holidays.
Deposits and withdrawals will be fully available.
Thank you for your attention.


The admin of eCoinInvest decided to skip posting the link to the recent review of his program on MNO in the last newsletter issued yesterday, although will hopefully send the answers to the interview I sent him yesterday. Anyway, eCoinInvest was actually one of the very few programs to mention the recent BlockChain issues, saying that it might have affected the usually instant withdrawals. OkPay was also in focus as the latest processor, joining PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin starting from $10 into one of the following plans as discussed in the review posted here – 2.3% to 3.2% for 90 days (principal back), or 300% to 400% after 75 days (principal included). Payouts for me have been instant so far, and I guess that might be yet another advantage of joining eCoinInvest which, despite only a few days on MNO, has been successfully running for two months. Here’s the latest newsletter for more information on all of this from eCoinInvest‘s admin Richard:

$121,620.30 profit last week, payment systems update
NEWS: $121,620.30 profit last week, payment systems update.
Last week we exceeded our goals and made $121,620.30 profit, bonuses have been paid out!
Here is the trading statement for last week commencing 19.10.2015.
Some upgrades were made over the weekend including a few script updates to automate OKpay payments, and adding an extra server to our cluster to improve security and performance. A few of you have already taken advantage of our new payment processor OKpay.
Please note, some withdrawals are taking some time to process today due to maintenance with our bitcoin payment processor Blockchain. Please see their twitter for updates:
Login and check your account now!
Kind regards Richard Villa
CEO eCoinInvest Limited


The admin of Cryptof usually sends members of his program at least one newsletter every day, which more or less contain promotional tips on how to maximize profits from the program and shares the latest stats which seem to be growing if accurate. Over the last two days some wildly unbelievable claims about 10,000 investors (obviously “slightly” exaggerated) was revealed and the new advertising prices allowing to list your website in the Cryptof‘s paid-to-surf section posted were reduced. If you haven’t seen the review of Cryptof posted here allow me to remind you that you’re not only earning from investments in multiples of $10 (2.7% to 3.3% daily for the duration of 60 calendar days). Even without an active investment free members can still earn $0.03 for simply browsing advertisers’ websites for 10 seconds each and be paid instantly to any payment processor of your choice. A $2 welcome bonus is also assigned to you on sign-up, but will only be available for withdrawal after you purchase your first $10 package with your own money first. The wide choice of payment processors accepted by Cryptof currently includes PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Neteller, YandexMoney, Paxum, AdvCash, OkPay, and Qiwi, and the admin is planning on expansion pretty soon with STP and Payza surely coming as some very welcome options. More on the plans for the future the admin of Cryptof is having up his sleeve are posted in the end of the newsletter which I combined from the two latest newsletters leaving out the repetitive stuff to save on space on today’s already filled to the top news post on my blog. So, here’s the latest from Cryptof:

Triple your money in 120 days…Deposit crossing $347,400
Dear User,
Good day to all of you. Today we have another great day. We are getting response from Neteller investors.
Today more than 620 new members have joined. Some new Corporate clients are coming to advertise on our network. Cryptof is now the world’s now 1 online earning program.
New advertising price (reduced 17%): Tripple money in 120 days:: Deposit crossing $456,600
We have touched another MILESTONE. Today our members just crossed 10,000 in number. YES, we have now 10,000 registered member.
Our advertising network is going very well. As a result, we have launched our Advertsing offer in very cheap and with a great discount of 17%. Here are the 2 packages:
1. 6 Month Package- 1 Million traffic- Price: $3990*
2. 1 Year Packag – 2 Million traffic- Price: $7490*
*Conditions Apply
Now any advertiser can make his website more popular then ever. And we give lifetime customer support. So Advertiser are requested to contact.
Even the most critical person will love Cryptof–that’s a challenge. So many people have changed their lifestyles. Why can’t you?
How to make most out of Cryptof?
As you have joined Cryptof, we think you are hoping to earn a smart cash. Here is some step, you should follow to earn smartly from Cryptof.
1. Log into your account everyday and view ads. Save free money in your account or withdraw.
2. Deposit like $400 to buy 5 Boosters, and they will give you $13.2 everyday.
3. Withdraw $3.2 and use the rest $10 to buy a Surfer. Repeat it for 60 days.
4. Within 60 days, you will have withdraw $192. And you will have an earning of $16.2 everyday.
5. This strategy will TRIPLE your money in just 120 days or 4 months.
6. So you invest $400 and get more than $1200. Great Deal–huh!!!
Future Upcoming Events
#Weekly and Monthly Lottery is coming
#Representative page
#Advertisement panel for free users
#Video tutorials
#Marketing tools
#Crypto-currency trading platform within March 2016
#Spanish, French and German Version Of our Website
#Paypal, Payza, STP and Skrill add as Payment Processor
#Cloud mining interface for users within June 2016
#Launching our own ASIC within January 2016
Present Statics of Cryptof:
Registered Members: 10000+
Deposits Crossing $456,600+ (in just 27 active days)
Withdraw Given $123,100+ (Passive Earning)
AdPayments $92,900+ (AdSurf Earning)
Tons of new featurs are coming very soon.
Regards. Cryptof Team


155ProfitAds has become perhaps one of the biggest disappointments for me personally this month. I’m not sure what exactly happened with the program, as I haven’t heard from the admin, but one (not so) fine day withdrawals to PerfectMoney were disabled then followed by switching off the option of requesting payouts to any other payment processor. Even reinvestments from your balance became impossible to make. At the same time, surprise surprise, all the deposits continued working perfectly well. This along with the irresponsiveness of the admin’s mean a proven scam to me and 155ProfitAds is in this shameful status on the MNO monitor at the time of writing. I can only speculate that such a poor result was caused by some unforeseen circumstances and maybe even a hacking attempt. Just a day before the last payouts were processed I received an email from the admin stating that someone tried to blackmail him into paying to stop an otherwise high-scale DDoS-attack. I’m not sure about the outcome of all of this, but shortly after the site came back online the admin announced about disabling instant withdrawals for security reasons and the rest is history. Anyway, 155ProfitAds is a proven scam now with no chance of recovery, so forget about investing there, guys, and move on to greener pastures and paying programs!


Although MutualTrust and ProfitUnity demonstrated much better results than 155ProfitAds and provided a much better chance for members to profit, they finished the same way yesterday – all the usually instantly withdrawals stalled for no reason and the admins remained silent as to why. Both were moved to Waiting and subsequently Problem Status on the MNO monitor which, by the way, happened much faster than other less attentive monitors and gave a slight advantage for my readers who carefully check every program’s status on my monitor before investing to avoid unnecessary losses.

In the case of MutualTrust the program barely finished the first investment cycle and just on the following day after Neteller was added the admin decided he had enough and instant payouts stopped to all processors. That in itself was unusual to me and, seeing that some other investors were having the same issues, I immediately contacted Live Support. All I got from them was a copy-pasted message from their FAQ about the possibility of withdrawals being delayed for up to 24 hours without actually providing an answer as to why payments were not processed to any payment processors. I must add though that MutualTrust having joined the Premium List on MNO on its first day online completed one full investment cycle making 20% to 44% in net profit for the first members. I expected better from this admin judging by the rapid growth in membership MutualTrust experienced after the first issues with Carbon7 were recorded and investors started looking for an alternative. The admin however failed to see the bigger picture and decided to scam on seeing the first more sizeable deposits. Please do not invest there as MutualTrust is gone for sure while having showed some quite pedestrian results.

As for ProfitUnity, the admin surprised me with a long run for almost seven weeks which was unexpected provided the almost total lack of interest from investors in the program during the final couple of weeks. There were too many changes in ProfitUnity that were frowned upon by many investors, but despite low expectations the admin added many different payment options and continued processing instant withdrawals until yesterday when they stopped. I believed the admin might be expecting to see more investors after the collapse of Carbon7 but it never materialized and ProfitUnity passed almost unnoticed despite surprisingly putting many smart investors into decent profits. So as of now please note that further investments are not recommended in ProfitUnity, so stay away from it!


To wrap things up for today I want to close the last opinion poll that’s been running on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with something a bit more topical. Given that October has traditionally been seen as a successful time in the HYIP industry for investors who know what they are doing, the last question asked if or exactly how much this has been the case for you this year. Specifically the question was posted as “Do you believe October has so far been better than September in the HYIP industry?”, and even though we still have a couple of days to go this month the results are pretty one-sided. The overwhelming majority, and my sincere congratulations if that group includes you, voted “Yes, October is definitely better with me earning more in the last couple of weeks.” In fact no less than 65% of you took that option so the autumn has been a fruitful time for you so far. In second place with 26% of the vote was the more neutral but still not bad result of “I’m not sure, as I don’t see much difference between September and October myself.” And finally just the remaining 9% of you experienced some bad luck this month and said “No, September was much better for me and I lost/earned less money in October.

There can be little argument against the fact that the biggest, also the most disappointing, but ultimately inevitable news story of recent weeks has to be the collapse of Carbon7. This will be the topic of the new TalkBack opinion poll I’m starting tonight. I mean I know we are still only in October but if we don’t finish 2015 with this as the single most successful program of the year I’ll be really surprised. Certainly it would take an almost superhuman effort for any other program still online to surpass the results seen by Carbon7 which ran for five whole months. If you cast your minds back you might remember that Carbon7 first launched on the first day of June, and for the first couple of weeks was actually listed exclusively on MNO. The admin most likely knew this would save him a lot of money and help the program run longer because when he didn’t pay other monitors they just added it for free anyway, which made more of the Carbon7 funds available for investors to withdraw. Wider promotional work took place eventually but was never enough to surpass sheer word of mouth which led to Carbon7 finding itself in almost every HYIP player’s portfolio.

Anyway, flash forward to the present day and apart from MNO being the first monitor to cover Carbon7, it also the first to warn investors of the pending danger and the first to move the program to Waiting and Problem Status. I know we all hoped for a longer run for Carbon7 (personally I “hoped” it would never stop), but realistically we also know the day had to come sooner or later. And when it happens there’s no point in denying it because it only does more and more damage to the investors. Whether motivated by their own wallets or just plain and simple wishful thinking, other monitors who try to tell you that members not getting paid is nothing to be concerned about are behaving very irresponsibly and are not to be trusted. Not liking the fact that it happened does nothing to fix the situation, so I hope a timely warning was enough to protect at least some of my readers from sinking more money into Carbon7 when it was clear the program wasn’t going to go much further.

The first question in the new MNO TalkBack poll therefore asks about your own personal experience with Carbon7. Given that a huge number of you joined it, how did it work out for you? I know a lot of readers will have joined right from the beginning and stayed members the entire time, which is of course always going to be a gamble but in this case one that payed off handsomely. Were you one of them? Or maybe you got out after one or two cycles and were satisfied with something more moderate? Perhaps you lost money in Carbon7, or never even bothered joining in the first place? The exact question is:
What was your personal experience with Carbon7 like?
The possible answers are as follows:
a) Excellent. I was left with a substantial profit.
b) It was OK, I took out more money than I spent.
c) I lost money because I re-invested too much.
d) I lost money because I joined too late.
e) Nothing. I did not invest.

In the wake of the Carbon7 closure a number of other programs most investors would have expected better from have also fallen apart. Coincidence? Well, we as investors will never know for sure, only the admins can say the exact reasons (which they are unlikely to share with us) but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least have an opinion. The second question in the new poll therefore asks about the impact you think the final closure of Carbon7 is going to have on the wider HYIP industry over the coming weeks.

The exact question therefore will ask “What effect do you think the collapse of Carbon7 will have on the wider HYIP industry?

Answers include the following:
1) Severe. It’s going to remove a lot of investors, programs, and money from the industry.
2) Moderate. Only piggybacking programs will suffer the most.
3) Relatively little. Supply & demand will always regulate the HYIP industry’s recovery.

Both polls will remain open for around the next week to ten days or so, giving everyone who wants to vote plenty of time to do so. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates, and remember it’s completely anonymous and only takes a couple of seconds to vote here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandRialtoLimited.
From MNO Premium list: HonorForTheBrave, PokerAutomaticsAtrexTrade, NuggetzGarnetStockAntsAssetsLimited, Cryptof, eCoinInvest.
From MNO Standard list: Nano67, FxIndependent.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for tonight, guys. Not a very good couple of days, you should agree, but I’m sure the situation is going to improve significantly over the next couple of weeks. Please check out the MNO monitor for a selection of good paying programs and subscribe to my blog’s daily news not to miss anything new. Also, I expect that the vast majority of readers participated in Carbon7, so please take some time and vote on the MNO TalkBack page’s new polls. Thanks for your support and see you all soon!

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