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Beware! AdvanceFinance has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! Hope you all had a good week and are looking forward to a couple of days rest. If you were reading MNO last night you will have seen a couple of new programs introduced, joining the MNO monitor’s Premium List. No sooner did I add them before a third one came along, which I’ll also be introducing that to you shortly in the news section of today’s update so keep reading for more info on that. Finishing up the current business week however, I want to look at a brand new program called AdvanceFinance in more detail. It’s more of a medium term project this time with what can, as long as they are responsibly managed, be some lucrative but at the same time achievable plans for a certain amount of time. So let’s see what AdvanceFinance is all about and whether you would like to find a place for them in your portfolios or wait for something else.
Plans are pretty straightforward and simple to understand. Essentially there’s only one of them, broken down into two sub-sections depending on how much exactly you are looking to spend. For most investors you can join AdvanceFinance with a $10 minimum, and for anything up to a $999 limit you automatically go into the first group. The term runs for 30 calendar days, during which AdvanceFinance pay you back at a rate of 5% per day. This adds up to 150% by the end of the term, with AdvanceFinance including your principal as part of that. So that means you are left with a 50% net profit on your investment after only a month.

To put that into more practical monetary terms then, let’s say you wanted to AdvanceFinance with a $100 deposit. For this you would expect to see $5 returned to you every calendar day for the next month. 30 days later and you should finish the term with $150. Like I said, AdvanceFinance are including your own initial hundred as part of the daily payments so you finish the cycle with your own money back plus $50 net profit. Arguably a more important statistic however is the break-even point, that is to say the point when your payments add up to an amount equivalent to your principal, therefore making it impossible for you to lose money no matter what happens next. This happens 20 days into the 30 day term.

For the more serious investors spending upwards of a $1,000 minimum (no upper limit) AdvanceFinance are increasing the offer to a somewhat more generous rate of 5.5% per calendar day. A standard enough ploy used by HYIP admins to entice bigger and bigger deposits from their members, the term remains unchanged at 30 calendar days with payments eventually totalling 165%. With AdvanceFinance once again including your principal as part of the payments that comes to your own money back plus 65% net profit.

I guess you’ll all have your own preferences when it comes to whether short, medium, or longer term HYIPs are the best, but for a mid term program I think the plans are OK insofar as there have been countless examples of programs in the past that were highly successful when offering similar returns. What most of us will agree on however is the list of payment processors open to AdvanceFinance‘s members. The main advantage the program has over their immediate competitors is that they are using Payza right from day one as opposed to struggling to add them at a later stage when maybe a lot of the momentum might have been lost, so kudos to the admin for that. Needless to remind most readers of what they already know – the inclusion of Payza makes AdvanceFinance a lot more accessible to bigger spending more serious investors. If that doesn’t suit you then there are plenty of anonymous options available to you too. PerfectMoney and Payeer are there if you prefer the more traditional style processors, and BitCoin if you favor the more modern style digital e-currencies. No matter what your preference there, all withdrawal requests are handled manually by the AdvanceFinance admin. According the terms&conditions you agree to on joining this can take as long as 48 hours to complete. The reality of course is that it’s unlikely ever to take that long, my own have been pretty fast up to now, but keep in mind that delays can happen for all sorts of technical reasons so do allow the admin the full 48 hours if it’s ever needed.

Moving on to the more technical side of the AdvanceFinance website such as design and security, most experienced readers will recognize it as being up to an acceptable standard. Despite a few minor alterations to suit the admin’s requirements the script is still instantly recognizable as being from GoldCoders, and is under license. For a hosting provider the admin has opted for the ever dependable DDoSGuard, probably the most popular choice for decent quality programs these days, who are keeping AdvanceFinance on a dedicated server with their support and protection from DDoS attacks. And for an extra line of defense you’ll see that AdvanceFinance has a the superior Green Bar SSL encryption certificate by Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions for the AdvanceFinance admin that you think may not have been explained in this review or any account related issues that need to be dealt with then there are a couple of communication channels you can use to get in touch. First of all you can fill in your details in the online customer support e-mail form on the AdvanceFinance contacts page. Alternatively you can just e-mail the admin directly at the address listed there. The website goes on to say that Live Chat support is “coming soon” (though I don’t know why this can’t be done when the program launches) so if/when that happens I’ll let you know straight away on my blog. Lastly, and as most of you should know something I suggest you ignore, is the UK postal address almost ubiquitous with so many programs these days. Generally these addresses are entirely genuine in the sense that they exist, they’re just not where you will find any of the program admins using them physically located as they are mostly just virtual hosted office spaces.

To finish up then all I can really add is the usual word of caution about playing with online HYIPs – as long as you are aware of the risk without being afraid of taking an occasional gamble then things shouldn’t go too badly wrong. Common sense can make a world of difference in this industry, so please use it. For the record AdvanceFinance claim to be involved with “Stocks, Currencies, Forex trading and Crypto currencies”. The two things you need to remember here is that first of all you can never verify any of this for yourself, and secondly even if it was true there’s still nothing to guarantee these activities absolutely have to be profitable. Lots of people genuinely playing such markets lose money all the time, so don’t think your chances improve any in the HYIP industry of all places. So remember to establish a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, keep your expectations modest, and if joining AdvanceFinance at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I should probably start with the introduction of the newest program called Spectrum5 that joined the MNO Premium List today after running for four days now. The program offers three uncomplicated investment plans all with relatively low and affordable minimums of $25, $30, and $35 respectively. The first plan offers 9% daily interest paid over a period of 12 business days (108% net return by expiry). The second pays 5.4% for 25 business days (offering 135% net return). And the third one brings 155% net profit by the end by paying 3.1% for quite a long period of 50 business days. In all plans the initial investment is already included in the daily profits and is not returned on expiry while the interest is credited to your account Monday to Friday only (5 days a week – perhaps a reference to the name of the program). Spectrum5 accepts investments via five payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and OkPay – and all payments higher than the $2 withdrawal minimum should be processed instantly. Although not yet credited with the daily interest (the first one is due on Monday when I plan to publish a more detailed review of Spectrum5), I can already confirm that the first referral commissions were processed instantly. Actually, both instant deposits and withdrawals will help attract more investors in this highly competitive field if Spectrum5 really intends to become something big in the future. Even though the program has been online for a few days the admin already managed to issue a couple of short updates where he proudly said that Spectrum5 is a UK incorporated company (quite an easy thing to do for minimal cost without needing to disclose your identity), opened the count for the program’s first representatives with a couple of them already listed on the specially allocated page, and even reported the creation of a Facebook group which is important for communication between members and admin. I believe more updates are on the way, as Spectrum5 is still a very new program and the admin certainly has some bright ideas on how to develop it further. By the way, from the technical side of things the site looks good, with interesting features like last deposit and withdrawal stats, a useful calculator to estimate possible earnings, comprehensive FAQ page, and a mobile-friendly layout. The site is fully SSL secured by Comodo, is hosted on a DDoSCure dedicated server, protected against possible DDoS-attacks by CloudFlare, and running off a user-friendly yet modified version of the licensed GoldCoders script. I’ll talk more about Spectrum5 on Monday, but I have a feeling the program should be good to go and will satisfy the different tastes for investments. The latest updates from day one in Spectrum5 are re-posted below:

Website release
Dear investors, SPECTRUM5 LIMITED is a registered investment company incorporated in the United Kingdom. We just launched our website online. Stay with us!
Spectrum5 Limited Administration

First Representative
We are proud to announce our first representative. With only one day of online activity, we are pleased with the impact of our program.
We wish you all the best.
Spectrum5 Administration Limited

Facebook Group
Dear Members, we have created our Facebook group, in this group can be discuss issues about our program and also post proof of payments. This is another way to join us, you may join at or via our website.
Join us!
Spectrum5 Administration Limited


Let me be clear with you, guys – GrandRialtoLimited is currently the leader of the HYIP market and those who are not participating now are really losing out on a good opportunity to earn some money. I’m not saying it’s safer than investing in other HYIPs, of course (everything involves some degree of risk), but at least with GrandRialtoLimited you have an expert running the program who knows how to maintain a sustained growth level, and meanwhile also having good intentions and healthy ambitions to continue its reign at the top. This is backed not by not mere words but action (like the recent decision to extend the most expensive listing in the entire HYIP industry, Sticky Listing on the MNO monitor for a full month). Even without the recently intensified advertising campaign GrandRialtoLimited would have made waves simply by adding both Payza and SolidTrustPay, catering to a greater number of bigger spending investors from literally every corner of the world. Besides, the addition of a shorter-term plan which happened a couple of weeks ago proved to be a shot in the arm, as it further sparked the interest of those still undecided about joining. If you read my latest updated review of GrandRialtoLimited posted here and possibly also the interview with the program’s admin Gabriel here, you can see that apart from STP and Payza one can invest from as low as $10 via such payment methods as PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and OkPay. Although withdrawals are promised manually within a 36 hour maximum, in reality you do not usually have to wait so long as different batches of payments are processed several times a day and as the membership has reached several thousand already making so many payments in time is already quite an impressive achievement in itself. I’ll just add that by joining GrandRialtoLimited you have a huge choice of investment plans, but be smart and choose only the best with higher chances to profit from – 2.15% for 15 days, 2.25% for 25 days, 2.45% for 45 days, 2.95% for 65 days (principal back), 600% after 30 days, 1500% after 60 days, 300% after 35 days, 1000% after 65 days, 3000% after 95 days, and 5000% after 125 days. Actually, the updated review on MNO was so much liked by the admin of GrandRialtoLimited that he sent it in the newsletter today to all members. Read the latest newsletter from GrandRialtoLimited and click the link contained below if you haven’t read it already on MNO yet – you won’t regret it:

The most detailed review of the program on the MNO blog
Dear investors!
We bring to your attention the most detailed review of our program, which is kindly provided to us by the MNO blog. In this review all main features of our program and our advantages in comparison with other programs of similar activity are in detail described. Also in this review are outlined the basic main directions of further development of the GrandRialtoLimited company and our plans for the future. Having read this review, you will be able to get acquainted much closer with us!
To read the review, follow, please, the link:
Watch our news.
GrandRialtoLimited – We Give Prosperity for You!
Yours faithfully, Gabriel Jakes.


If GrandRialtoLimited can be considered a HYIP industry leader when it comes to medium-term programs, then PokerAutomatics is definitely one to watch if you look for something longer-term and less profitable, but at the same time more stable for your investment portfolios. Already with us for an impressive period of fifteen months PokerAutomatics has firmly established itself as the right choice for those who are not really up for fast profits, as the program offers very moderate in HYIP terms returns starting from approximately 12% per month. In reality though it’s not all that simple and larger investors can earn much more in the long term by investing much bigger amounts than the minimum $30 available as an entry point. The program works with several established payment processors like SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, but also will take a lesser known payment options as described in my detailed review published here. The investment term for PokerAutomatics‘ active clients is from 30 to 180 calendar for the duration of which they will get a share of company’s profits with the full principal returned at the end of the term. The pokerbot network makes a variable return of about 1% from which they share from 40% to 80% with the member depending on the level of participation and contribution of funds into the pot. The PokerAutomatics website is properly translated into several different languages, so even if English is not your strong point you might find something more suitable. There’s a constantly growing network of regional representatives with over 260 of them from almost all countries ready to help you at any time if you have any questions and prefer to deal with someone with local experience. Anyway, PokerAutomatics is a great example of how a successful long-term program should be run and kudos to the admin for such a great job. The updates from the program are also posted on the news section quite regularly, and from the latest ones I see the latest daily profit results, a report on another pokerbot network upgrade, and the presentation of a couple of new regional representatives from Belarus and the UK. Find out more below:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
19.11.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.12%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
20.11.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.86%

Pokerbot network upgrade
A number of poker bots in the network increased to 1,122.
Our future goals:
January 2016: 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016: 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017: 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts
July 2017 and further: 2000 active poker bot accounts
The ultimate goal – 2000 active poker bot accounts.
For security reasons we won’t increase our botnet above 2000 active poker bot accounts.

We have a new Representative
Konstantsin – Belarus
You may contact him by email and skype
260+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Peter Bennett – United Kingdom
You may contact him by email
260+ Representatives!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandRialtoLimited.
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomatics, CryptofAtrexTradeHaloInvAntsAssetsLimited,  eCoinInvest, CryptoSynergy, AdvanceFinance, CryptoPay, Spectrum5 (the first  instant payment received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: CartoonInvest.

That’s it for today, guys. As I’m quite busy with my Gambian adventure I will probably take a full day off tomorrow to do some exploring. I’ll be back with the full review of quite a complicated new program CryptoPay plus all the latest news from the most high-budget elite programs in the HYIP industry listed on the MNO monitor. Meanwhile you can always contact me here if you have any questions and subscribe to the daily news delivered to your email by submitting and confirming your email address at the form you can find at the top right corner of my blog. And don’t forget to keep voting on the MNO TalkBack poll to let me hear your opinion on copy-cat programs trying their best to repeat the success of past and current giants in the HYIP industry. The real big programs though can only be found on the MNO monitoring page, so take your time to check it out and good-luck with your investments everyone!

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