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Beware! Spectrum5 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! After the weekend, which turned out to be pretty busy for me on MNO anyway, it’s time to start the new business week with another money making opportunity called Spectrum5. This is a brand new program which was added to the MNO monitor’s Premium List a couple of days after the program’s official launch last week. Despite there only being three investment plans there’s still quite a gulf between them in terms of length, though for the most part I suppose Spectrum5 would be considered a medium term HYI program by most readers. Mostly though Spectrum5 is uncomplicated and just like an old fashioned HYIP in the best sense of the word. So let’s see what’s on offer and whether you think this one might be worth a shot.

You have three plans to choose from as I already mentioned, all running for terms of varying lengths and carrying different minimum requirements to join. All of them are quite affordable and all carry certain points that make them more appealing than others depending on what you are looking for. In other words I guess you could say Spectrum5 do their best to appeal to the widest possible cross section of investors, offering something for everyone. They start with the shortest term plan running for a 12 business day term – that’s slightly more than two weeks. It’s called The Standard Plan, and Spectrum5 require a $25 minimum deposit to join. During the term you should expect a daily interest payment of 9%, made from Monday through Friday only. On receipt of your final payment the total return should add up to 108%. with Spectrum5 including your principal as part of the payments then that’s your own money back plus 8% net profit. I think we can all agree that’s more than achievable for a good number of cycles as long as the program is in the hands of an admin who knows what he’s doing.

To see how that might work out in practical monetary terms then, let’s say you join this plan with a $100 deposit. Spectrum5 should pay you back $9 per day, business days only, until you have withdrawn $108 in total. Your principal is included as part of the payments, so it’s really only on receipt of the final payment on day number twelve that you reach the break even point and collect your profit. Maximum spend is $100,000.

For a $30 minimum investment you can join Spectrum5‘s Professional Plan. While on one hand offering a much lower rate of interest, it does run for a longer term so is ultimately more profitable. Members are offered a daily payment of 5.4% interest per business day, Monday to Friday, for a term of 25 business days which is five calendar weeks. At that rate you could complete the cycle with payments adding up to 135%, and with Spectrum5 including your principal as part of the payments that would leave you with your own money back plus 35% net profit.

To take the same hundred dollar investment example for this plan, Spectrum5 would pay you back at a rate of $5.40 per business day, you reach the break even point (earn back your own principal and so cannot possibly lose anything) after 18 days, and finish up with $135 in total. The maximum limit on investing is $100,000.

Spectrum5‘s third and longest term plan is only marginally more expensive to join, coming in at a $35 minimum investment and called The Enterprise Plan. This time the term runs for 50 business days, which is ten calendar weeks. Members can expect to earn a daily interest payment on their deposits, paid Monday to Friday, calculated at a rate of 3.1%. Again you see the rate itself drops but the number of payments eventually increases. By the end of the term these should accumulate to 155% in total, and with Spectrum5 counting your initial principal as part of those payments you are left with your own money back plus 55% net profit.

So if we look at the example of a $100 deposit for this plan, Spectrum5 offer to pay you back $3.10 every day, Monday to Friday only, for the following ten weeks. By the end you should complete the cycle with $155 out of which $100 is yours to begin with and $55 is the net profit. You reach the break even point after 32 payments. The maximum possible deposit allowed by Spectrum5 is $100,000, which for all intents and purposes effectively means there isn’t really any limit as far as most players are concerned.

It’s entirely up to you guys to pick whichever plan you think suits you better, assuming you like Spectrum5 enough to join at all that is. However if you don’t mind a friendly suggestion from myself, I’d have to say go with the middle option, the Professional Plan. Why? Well, in my own opinion it’s clearly the best option where the risk versus the reward are most in your favor. The third plan might on paper offer the best return, however I do not believe the return is really that much better on a profit-by-day basis to justify such a significantly higher risk you are taking with such a long investment term. Similarly with Spectrum5‘s first shortest term plan, I think it’s achievable for several cycles, ok, but when you also have The Professional Plan to chose from I no longer see The Standard Plan as worth the risk for anything other than testing purposes for minimal amounts.

If you like any of those options enough to join then the next thing you will need to know about is what your payment options are. At the time of writing Spectrum5 accepts investments via five payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and OkPay – however the admin has told me he is quite intent on improving this list very soon. No specific names were mentioned yet, but let’s face it, there are only so many possible candidates here! Keep an eye on MNO and I’ll make sure you hear about it when it happens. Members should be aware that Spectrum5 have a minimum withdrawal policy of $2, however all payments higher than the $2 threshold should be processed instantly. Just log into your account as usual, place the request, and you should have the money in under a minute. Hopefully this will help attract more investors in this highly competitive field if Spectrum5 really intends to become something big in the future. By the way, fans of compounding need to take note that this practice is not accommodated in Spectrum5.

Looking at the more technical side of things now like design and security, the Spectrum5 website looks pretty good with quite a lot of interesting and useful features. Some of these aren’t all that unusual such as the most recent deposit and withdrawal stats, or the handy calculator to help you estimate your possible earnings. Something of practical use is the comprehensive FAQ page, and something we really don’t see enough on in the HYIP industry which is a mobile-friendly layout for anyone using hand-held devices. For a hosting provider the Spectrum5 admin has chosen DDoSCure who are keeping the website on a dedicated server, however protection against possible DdoS attacks is in turn provided by CloudFlare. Most of you might already recognize the script as being from GoldCoders, although it is a slightly modified version. It’s still under license from them of course, and is still as user friendly and easy to navigate as you would expect from them. For an added layer of security the Spectrum5 website has an SSL encrypted and secured connection provided by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you would like to communicate further with the admin should you have any further questions before joining, or indeed for any other account related issues there’s a couple of ways you can get in touch. First of all there’s an online customer support form where you can fill in your details and submit via the contacts page. Alternatively you can just write directly to the admin at the e-mail address also listed on the contacts page. A postal address is included in the UK, though these seem to be a “penny per dozen” in the HYIP industry, cheap to obtain, and really only valid for registration purposes (i.e. not where you will find anyone connected with Spectrum5 physically located were you to visit) and no proof of ID required. Fans of social media sites will be able to connect with Spectrum5 on their Facebook profile and group, and there’s a small group of “regional representatives” who might answer some basic questions about the program in return for higher referral commission payments from the admin.

As for any alleged business activities, it’s all fairly predictable and doesn’t throw up anything we haven’t heard a million times by now in the HYIP industry. All the usual suspects are listed, ForEx, stocks, bonds, and so on, though of course naturally none of this is verifiable. Best ignore it then and treat Spectrum5 as a regular online HYIP because even if any of this was true it still doesn’t make it profitable. My own feeling is the program will appeal to a wide enough cross section of investors to help it succeed as long as the admin is prepared to work hard and put the necessary hours in, something we can only wait and see if happens. All going well though we would hope a decent number will profit here. Just don’t lose sight of the risks you are taking in the HYIP industry, so always set sensible spending limits you can comfortably afford to lose, keep your expectations modest, and if joining Spectrum5 at all then try and keep them within a diverse and balanced portfolio that doesn’t depend too heavily on any one single program.



It appears that for some unknown reason Payza was removed from the list of available payment options in Cryptof, done very silently by the way without any official announcement as opposed to the fanfare it was added with just a week ago. Well, let’s hope anyone who joined Cryptof via Payza can at least withdraw via one of the other available e-currencies in use – SolidTrustPay, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Paxum, Qiwi, YandexMoney, OkPay, and AdvCash. You see, the thing that distinguishes Cryptof from so many other HYIPs is the feature (though not widely advertised by the admin) that allows you to deposit via one payment processor and withdraw via another without any fees, thus doubling the program as an exchanger.

If you haven’t yet read my detailed review of Cryptof (posted here), I’ll just tell you that in the program you can buy packages valued at $10, $30, and $80 each (depending on the chosen investment plan) for a chance to earn 2.7%, 3.1%, or 3.3% respectively daily over a period of 60 calendar days. As Cryptof has been on Premium listing on MNO for forty days now, we certainly have some members in good profits from these plans, and the program is obviously growing in popularity among my readers day by day, having reached the #2 spot on my monitor already. Not only active members can earn with Cryptof, as even free members can take advantage of the program’s paid-to-click ads you need to watch on a 10-second timer in manual mode to earn up to $0.03. With instant payouts to almost all payment processors, you will see a few cents in your e-currency accounts instantly and even get a free $2 sign-up bonus which can be withdrawn once you purchase your first $10 package. The admin seems unstoppable in adding more enticing novelties like the introduction of a so-called Matrix program in which you will get one free package if you buy them in multiples of six. Here’s the short description of how it works:

MATRIX Introduced!
We have introduced MATRIX program as promised earlier. Buy packages at multiple of 6 and get matrices instantly! For example, if you buy 6 packages at a time, you will get 1 package for free, activated instantly. If you buy 12 packages, you will get 2 packages for free. If you buy 7 packages, you will not get any bonus matrix package. Matrix program is applicable for all of our packages – Starter, Surfer and Booster.

Following the launch of this Matrix program which will surely encourage people join, the admin of Cryptof issued another newsletter tonight. This time he highlights the huge success of the program that almost reached a 10,000 Alexa rank with the total level of deposits exceeding the $2,000,000 mark. Of course, such huge numbers can either be artificially inflated or vastly exaggerated, but in case with Cryptof at least I can see that the participation level from my downline is very high and the deposit level is only increasing. I hope that’s a good sign and that we see some really positive changes from Cryptof in the future. For now, please read the following newsletter and familiarize yourself with the newly launched matrix system and do not forget to take advantage by following the examples provided in the newsletter below:

Matrix Introduced:: Deposit Crossing $2 Million USD:: Cryptof Storm Coming
Dear User,
Cordial welcome to you all. Few days passed till our last mail hit your inbox. We are happy to give you some good news and some facts too.
We have also achieved another Landmark and that is Deposit crossing $2 Million USD. Yes, and our registered member just crossed 34,000 yesterday. We are so happy to have a great userbase.
As we have now a sizeable amount of users, we have implemented a new program called “Matrix”. This is for those investors who are depositing in large amount. We are giving them rewards as form of Matrix. You can find details below:
Buy 6 Starter Pack (Matrix) + Get 1 Starter Free:
When go to buy packs just buy 6 Starter packs for $60 and you will get 1 extra free. This 6 pack purchase is called One Starter Matrix. And for this you will get total $113.4 total for each Starter Matrix.
Buy 6 Surfer Pack (Matrix) + Get 1 Starter Free:
When go to buy packs just buy 6 Surfer packs for $180 and you will get 1 extra free. This 6 pack purchase is called One Surfer Matrix. And for this you will get total $390.6 total for each Surfer Matrix.
Buy 6 Booster Pack (Matrix) + Get 1 Starter Free:
When go to buy packs just buy 6 Booster packs for $480 and you will get 1 extra free. This 6 pack purchase is called One Booster Matrix. And for this you will get total $1108.8 total for each Booster Matrix.
NB: Remember, Matrix only apply when you buy position in number of 6, not when you deposit money. So always try to buy positions in number of 6. If you need any information on Matrix, please contact us.
Present Statics of Cryptof:
Registered Members: 34825+
Deposits Crossing $2,238,160+ (in just 55 active days)
Withdraw Given $1,138,200+ (Passive Earning)
AdPayments $877,800+ (AdSurf Earning)
Alexa rank: 12,693 and we hope it will be under 10000 within this month
So overcome fear and start working hard. We guarantee you within very short time like 2-3 years you will be solvent enough.
Continuing success for everyone.
Regards. Cryptof Team


It’s good to see that the admin of AdvanceFinance is trying his best to stay in touch with members by any means possible, including social media. He seems to have taken full advantage of Facebook recently, as today it was announced that the program’s official Facebook page and Facebook group are open. You can read more on that in the following newsletter sent earlier today:

AdvanceFinance is social now!
AdvanceFinance Business LTD is social now! From now on, you can follow us for news and updates on our Official Facebook page, through this link:
and, for those who are interested to acquainted with AdvanceFinance Investment Opportunity and support the program, post payments proof etc. We also invite you to join our only official group at Facebook, through this link:
We are looking forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship.
Enjoy highly efficient investing with AdvanceFinance!
Thank you and best wishes.
AdvanceFinance Business, LTD.
AdvanceFinance Team.

AdvanceFinance is quite a recent addition to the MNO Premium List, coming just five days ago not long after the launch. The program offers an uncomplicated investment plan which pays 5% to 5.5% daily for the duration of 30 calendar days with the principal included in the daily payouts and not returned on expiry. Along with the popular anonymous payment processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin, AdvanceFinance also takes Payza and deposits starts from only $10. More information on AdvanceFinance can be found in my detailed review of the program posted here.


I’m afraid to admit that eCoinInvest might be on the slippery slope towards becoming a scam faster than I thought. Today a very suspicious short-term investment plan was introduced paying 102% to 106% in just 24 hours on $50 plus investments, and this comes just days short of the program completing three months online. Why is this milestone term so important you might ask? Well, that’s when the very first members of eCoinInvest who joined 2.3%-3.2% for 90 days plan are due their principals back, and apparently it looks like the admin has no funds to do so. It’s possible the idea of adding a very short-term plan might help, but this would also be the first nail in the coffin for eCoinInvest. As with the program’s 300%-400% after 75 days plan (not recommended by myself to invest in the original review of the program posted here), I simply cannot advise joining 1-day plan announced in today’s weekly newsletter from eCoinInvest. I see the offer as a ploy to keep the money and run, and though I admit that the very first takers may see a profit, the days of eCoinInvest are most likely numbered and I can’t recommend any future investments there. I’m posting this warning despite realizing that payouts by eCoinInvest made to SolidTrustPay, OkPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin are still processed instantly as usual. I might be wrong regarding the future of eCoinInvest and I’ll be glad to be mistaken, but from my experience with HYIPs such new short-term plans out of the blue simply cannot be considered as a positive sign. Besides, the eCoinInvest admin previously mentioned some ridiculously expensive bonuses top investors were going to make by this Monday, yet he seems to have totally forgetten about naming them this week (which further proves my point about imaginary $5K bonuses and the inability of the admin to pay them). You may see my point in issuing this warning after reading the whole newsletter introducing a new short-term plan from eCoinInvest below:

eCoinInvest: Short term investment plans added. $121,494 profit last week
To celebrate over 3 months online we have introduced 3 new short-term investment plans. All of our short-term plans will return profit after just 24 hours. Please see the
plans below:
102% after 1 day ($50 – $499)
103% after 1 day ($500 – $2999)
106% after 1 day (3000 – $100,000)
Deposits are processed instantly as usual, with a slight delay for bitcoin payments. Withdrawals from our short-term plans will normally be processed within 24 hours, however normally much quicker during office hours Monday – Friday.
After 90 days online many of our investors will begin to complete their first 90 day investment cycle. Thank you for puting your trust into eCoinInvest, we hope to see you invest again. $5,000 worth of bonuses from last week are currently being sent out today to our top investors. Please check your balance today!
Last week we made a healthy profit of $121,494:
Here is the trading statement for last week commencing 16.11.2015.
Login and check your account now!
Kind regards. Richard Villa
CEO eCoinInvest Limited


More bad news for AntsAssetsLimited members, as it appears the program is near the end now and I find it highly unlikely it will recover. Over the last weekend some members reported that they had their payments go to pending status instead of being paid instantly. I must stress that AntsAssetsLimited always paid instantly over its 40+ days lifetime, although never explicitly stated in their FAQ that such payments were guaranteed. Yet the disruption in them clearly indicated that there was something wrong with the program and even the attempt of the admin earlier today to rectify the situation by paying all pending withdrawals didn’t help to alleviate the panic. The following newsletter sent earlier today did even less to help:

Hello. We are sorry, our payment delay, this weekend, our account was hacked, which makes us lose a lot of money, hackers taking our funds through automated payment system continuously, which makes us unable to investors by automatically receive their funding withdrawn. We have stepped up security measures for the site, and began hand-bonus pay our members, all withdrawal requests will be fully completed in three days being treated. And please do not repeat all the members to send a request to withdraw, we will withdraw the request according to the order, in order to complete the payment, thank you for your business!
AntsAssetsLimited admin.

Although it was quite hard to understand the meaning of this, I believe AntsAssetsLimited has been successfully hacked and some funds were stolen, which forced the admin to switch off the instant payout feature and try his best to pay everyone manually within the promised 24-hour terms. I still believe that might not be enough to bring AntsAssetsLimited back from the dead, as some monitors already assigned Problem Status simply based on the fact that instant withdrawals were disabled. I fear that in such case AntsAssetsLimited will not be able to continue even though the admin is trying to fix things. I therefore moved the program to Waiting Status on my monitor but will keep a close eye on developments. I’ll update the status by either moving it back to Paying or escalating it to Problem Status as everything will be clear by tomorrow. For now I would suggest you stay clear of AntsAssetsLimited and not to make any further investments there. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, I must say that AntsAssetsLimited has been a superbly performing short-term program running on MNO for about forty days without any problems before now. I will keep you further updated, so check the status of AntsAssetsLimited on the MNO monitor before joining!


I want to start by adding another question on the MNO TalkBack this week with the results of the previous poll coming in a moment. The new question is connected with your expectations for the month of December in the HYIP industry which is traditionally considered a risky time for investing, with MNO first branding it “Black December” some years back. But do you believe this absolutely has to be the case again this year? What will be your investment strategy during the final month of the year? That’s what I’m curious to hear, since December is just a week away and the festive season around the corner I want to ask you the following:
What is your take on December 2015 and what is your investment strategy for the month?

Possible answers will be the following:
1) I will increase my investment activities as I need to earn money for Christmas presents from HYIPs.
2) I will keep investing as usual and try to find suitable programs for myself, so no change for me.
3) I will slow down my investments and try to find only the best picks for my portfolio.
4) I will stop investing completely until January for promising new HYIPs.

Please submit your votes in the poll on the MNO TalkBack until the end of the week, as the results will probably be drawn and analyzed properly by the first day of December.

It’s time now to draw the results of the last poll which ran on the MNO TalkBack page last week. I remind you it was on the issue of copycat programs and whether they can repeat the success of the originals. 50% of readers were categorical in their judgement and said that the HYIP admins trying to copy well known successful programs will never emulate them and simply lack imagination which makes them think twice before joining. We saw many examples of such failures including Nuggetz among the most recent disasters. The admin of that one tried his best to impersonate one of the biggest programs in the HYIP industry, but failed completely with no one believing his stories. The second most popular answer shared by 28% of readers say copycats can be profitable and they don’t mind joining them, as no HYIP can hold the rights for original design or investment plans. Yes, I suppose I can agree with that as some programs with similar features and investment plans can succeed. Then again we can’t say for sure what the admins intentions are and whether he’s going to be satisfied with the results. And finally, 22% of readers are undecided on the matter and said that might join copycats, but doubt very much if they succeed, so have to think carefully before doing so. Well, everyone is entitled to his own opinion and there are no right or wrong answers in this poll, especially considering the next program I’m going to introduce below is itself a copycat.


Rhodium7 launched about a week ago and was added to the Standard List on MNO earlier today somewhat resembles Carbon7, so we’ll see if an attempt to copy another successful website will bring results or not. Speaking of the resemblance of Rhodium7 to Carbon7, I’m not even talking about the program’s investment plans but rather the original script which was meticulously copied from start to finish and might even make some think it’s the same. I asked this of the admin after his listing and banner purchase on the MNO monitor today, but am still waiting for a reply which I hope to share in the review of Rhodium7 on my blog by Wednesday.

Interestingly, following the same concept even the site’s extension is .cc as well, the only investment plan pays significantly higher and more lucrative returns over a shorter period of time. Actually, with Rhodium7 you will get paid not once, but twice a day. Every 12 hours your account is credited with a 7% return that can then be withdrawn to your e-currency account and is promised to be paid manually within 48 business hours. My own first payment was quite fast however, which is why the program is already on Paying status on my monitor. The 7% return will be credited to your Rhodium7 account over a period of 10 calendar days, which means you will get 20 payouts in total and finish your investment cycle with 40% net profit by expiry. In Rhodium7 you can have a maximum of 7 investment slots running simultaneously (again the same rule as in Carbon7 which the program is obviously trying to copy) and the minimum to invest in each slot is $25 while the minimum to withdraw is $2.5 (which is quite high compared to many other similar investment programs).

At the time of writing Rhodium7 accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and OkPay while the admin told me today he was hopeful to add Payza as well within the next couple of days. We have to wait and see if that happens, but I’m sure that the possible addition of Payza will encourage some to join. Anyway, I’ll keep you informed if this happens, and as for now I’ll just mention that apart from the already familiar custom-made script (or a very good copy of it), Rhodium7 also features an SSL-certificate by Comodo and is hosted on a DDoS protected server by CloudFlare. I must say that for future reference I will only be referring to Rhodium7 as a stand-alone program without any connection to anything else, especially considering any connection is unlikely to begin with. Remember that you can read more on Rhodium7 in the review on my blog on Wednesday, so stay tuned for that!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandRialtoLimited.
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomaticsCryptofHaloInveCoinInvest, AdvanceFinance, CryptoPay, Spectrum5.
From MNO Standard list: Rhodium7 (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: CartoonInvest.

That is all the news for tonight, everyone. Hope you found it useful, and if you want to stay updated on a regular basis please bookmark this website or subscribe to my daily news delivered to your mailbox. You can always follow MNO on Facebook or Twitter where links to all the interesting and important articles from my blog are featured. I’ll be back on Wednesday with a closer look at Rhodium7 and the usual news updates from the most popular HYIPs you can find online. Don’t forget to vote in the new poll available on the MNO TalkBack page and see you all soon, guys!

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