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Beware! OrientOrganization has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! To round off the business week I want to take a closer look at a brand new medium to long term program called OrientOrganization which has just joined the MNO Standard List. If you read the introduction to the program on the MNO blog last night I guess you’ll already have a general idea of what it’s all about, being as it is a fairly uncomplicated and straight forward HYIP, at least in terms of the investment plans. Otherwise OrientOrganization looks to have a very professional set-up and is well designed, so let’s see if you think you might like to add it to your portfolios or not.
Starting things off as usual with the investment plans, OrientOrganization have four of them in total. In practical terms however I’d have to say that only one of them is going to be any use to you as the others are beyond the financial reach of the majority of HYIP players. I’ll go through all of them for you anyway as ultimately it’s going to be your own decision to play or pass.

So, the first option OrientOrganization put in front of you is called The Start Plan. This is the only plan with an affordable minimum, setting you back $30 to join. The term runs for 15 business days (that’s three weeks) during which OrientOrganization are offering members an interest payment of 1% per day from Monday to Friday only. So by the end of the term that comes to 15% back on your principal which becomes net profit once OrientOrganization return it as promised. The maximum limit for deposits in this plan is capped at $999.

To give you a simple example of how that might look in monetary terms then, let’s say you were to join with a $100 investment. OrientOrganization offer to return $1 per day, Monday to Friday only, for the following three weeks. This ends once you have received $15 in total which becomes your net profit upon OrientOrganization returning your initial principal.

Bigger spending investors can look at OrientOrganization‘s Standard Plan which starts from a $1,000 minimum deposit. The investment term now stretches to 30 business days (six weeks) as does the interest rate which improves to 1.2%. This is paid out on business days only, so that’s Monday to Friday again, and totals at 36% by the final payment. This then becomes your net profit once the OrientOrganization admin returns your principal on expiry. The maximum limit for this plan is fixed at a $2,999 upper limit.

This is followed by The Premium Plan which requires an opening spend of at least a $3,000 minimum to join. The investment term runs for 45 business days (nine weeks) during which OrientOrganization are offering a daily interest rate of 1.4% made from Monday to Friday. All things going according to plan that would eventually accumulate to a grand total of 63% which only becomes an actual net profit once the OrientOrganization admin returns your principal on expiry. The maximum limit you may spend on this plan is $9,999.

And lastly for any oligarchs and oil barons reading this OrientOrganization‘s final investment option is called The Professional Plan. Costing a minimum of $10,000 to join one imagines it’s just included more for the sake of appearances rather than finding any real takers. Anyway, just for your information the term runs for 60 business days (twelve calendar weeks) and OrientOrganization are offering a 1.8% daily interest rate paid from Monday to Friday. The total amount earned should be 108% and your initial principal should then be added to that once returned on expiry. For the record maximum deposits are capped at $100,000.

Despite having a nice and sleek looking website with such a professional appearance, OrientOrganization‘s list of payment processors is unfortunately something of a let down. It’s not that any one individual option is bad or anything, it’s just a limited choice of anonymous and unverified providers. So, if you favor the more traditional style methods then you can use either PerfectMoney or Payeer to join. Anyone preferring the more modern digital e-currencies can use BitCoin. No matter what your preference for a payment method all withdrawal requests will be handled manually by the OrientOrganization admin. You need to log into your private members account area and make the request, after which you will then need to allow a further waiting time between 8 and 48 hours for it to be completed.

Looking at the more technical side of things now such as website design and security, I can tell you the program is running off a script under license from GoldCoders. Naturally this gives the program quite a familiar feel that most regular industry players will recognize, and is easy to navigate throughout. For an extra layer of safety the OrientOrganization website also the superior Green Bar version of the SSL encryption certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. For a hosting provider the admin has opted for DDoSGuard who are keeping the program on a dedicated server with their support and protection from DDoS attacks. You can find all the latest statistics on recent transactions in and out of the program, and the FAQ section is quite comprehensive so should be able to answer a lot of your questions about OrientOrganization if you have any. Also included is a massive list of online currency exchange service providers which you might find helpful. Many are well known and I can vouch for their dependability myself, others I’ve never even heard of but I’m sure there’s something in their that’s suitable for whatever your own requirements are.

Speaking of questions about the program, should the need arise for you to have to get in touch with them for any reason then there’s a couple of channels open to you. Ideally the first point of contact will either be to e-mail the admin directly at the address listed on the OrientOrganization support page, or else fill out the customer support form and submit it online. There’s a postal address included for the UK, something I suggest you ignore as unlikely to be anything more than a serviced or virtual office and not where anyone connected with OrientOrganization is physically located. You will also notice a telephone number listed as well, however I must advise you to be extremely cautious if you’re tempted to call it. It’s not actually a genuine UK mobile/cell phone number, it’s just disguised to look like one. In reality it’s a high cost “premium rate” number that will be a lot more expensive for you than you might guess, and that’s without anyone at the other end even picking up to answer you! OrientOrganization can also be found with profiles on various social networking sites so users will be able to connect with them through Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. OrientOrganization do have a page for regional representatives, however there aren’t any names listed there at the time of writing. I imagine this will change soon, so contact the admin if this is something that interests you.

Personally I do get the feeling that OrientOrganization has been created very much with one eye on success in 2016 more in the admin’s mind than anything else. I mean it looks a decent enough program, I just don’t think the timing of it so close to Christmas will bring them a lot of early popularity. More of a slow burner perhaps. Anyway, just in case anyone is interested the alleged business interests that the admin claims are supporting payments to investors revolve around ForEx trading. Nothing we haven’t seen a million times in the HYIP industry before now and something the experienced players will know not to bother with. But for the sake of the newbies I would remind you that even if it was true it still can’t possibly guarantee profitability. Real ForEx traders lose tons of money all the time come to think of it, so just treat OrientOrganization as you would any other online HYIP. That means sticking to sensible spending limits that you can comfortably afford to lose, and if joining the program at all then keep OrientOrganization as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Sadly, I have to name and shame two programs that were moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor earlier today – GrandRialtoLimited and Rhodium7.

You might remember how turbulent the last few days were for GrandRialtoLimited. MNO was actually the very first monitor in the HYIP industry that moved the program to Problem Status three days ago and kept it there for more than 24 hours, as the admin was not replying to my mails when one of my referrals had his withdrawal of over $100 moved to balance over and over again. That required my intervention and as MNO always stands up for its referrals, when the admin of GrandRialtoLimited finally got back to me and asked to move his program back to Paying status, I did so on condition that he pay my referral first. That was fulfilled immediately, so I had no other justifiable grounds for keeping GrandRialtoLimited on Problem Status. Unfortunately this only lasted for another 24 hours and with another complaint from another referral of mine was confirmed I moved the program back to Problem again. Of course, the admin of GrandRialtoLimited was again promptly contacted by me and in light of my referral not getting paid a pending withdrawal of $126 I reserve the right to change the status back to Problem. Something tells me this time it’s going to stay there. While I appreciate the admin’s efforts in bringing his program back online after several problems with the final decision to move the site to BlockDos yesterday. That though didn’t help the payouts to be processed any faster. What we’re all witnessing now is a fine example of selective payouts when some smaller payouts and payouts to selected payment processors are processed in full, while members requesting bigger withdrawals to PerfectMoney, for instance, see their withdrawals moved to the available balances over and over again. Once the site of GrandRialtoLimited was not loading well, the support tried to explain this occurrence by some database issues, but now there is simply no justifiable reasons for such behavior towards larger investors, other than the obvious one that the program is just running out of money and the admin tries to process only smaller amounts while making monitoring display Paying status for the program for longer. That is not how the things are working with MNO though, as I simply can’t and won’t tolerate such obviously selective approach to payouts and/or ignorance and unresponsiveness of the admin simply staying silent on the whole issue and pretending that nothing’s happening. That trick is not going to work with MNO and GrandRialtoLimited will stay on Problem status on my monitor until all my referrals get paid promptly and if that is not going to happen – well, at least I will know I did everything possible to put things right and my conscience will be clear that I tried to help my downline. Of course, there will possibly be a few more days when some members get paid, and that might even create a dangerous illusion that everything is not so bad in GrandRialtoLimited as MNO depicts, but believe me – it’s just self-deceit and nothing else. Even if you’re getting paid by the program please stay away from making further deposits – consider yourself lucky and leave GrandRialtoLimited as soon as you can. I’ll just that I will, of course, inform you on my blog if the situation with payouts improves, but if not then I can’t exclude moving GrandRialtoLimited further to Scam status on the MNO monitor within the next couple of days. All in all, the program has been one of the best in the HYIP industry lately and the admin and some members definitely amassed a great fortune from investing there. Alas, as with any other HYIPs the end of GrandRialtoLimited was inevitable and in this case it’s happening right now – so do not invest there anymore, guys!

What to say about Rhodium7? I firmly believe that the admin was possibly one of the worst I’ve ever dealt with in solving problems with deposits and withdrawals. I even can’t believe the program lasted that long (actually, only for about two weeks), which allowed some members to reach the profit zone and even finish a full ten day investment cycle. I already mentioned in the review of Rhodium7 posted on MNO about a week ago, that the admin seems extremely disinterested anyway and ran the site on auto-pilot. He didn’t really take any time to change quite the contradicting information about the investment plans that caused confusion for many investors, let alone solving my referrals’ issues. Over 36 hours and 72 hours – that was only two times that the admin of Rhodium7 made available before my referrals’ deposit made via BitCoin had been finally credited to their accounts. The admin gave absolutely no consideration to any questions asked by members and the vast majority of them remained unanswered. If anyone in their right mind would have to judge Rhodium7 by how his questions were answered by the admin, he would have probably never invest there, as the timing was absolutely horrendous. In real life such a company wouldn’t last a week before being out of business. In the HYIP industry though seems it’s totally different set of rules applies, as Rhodium7 was a relatively popular program where investors were mostly attracted by rumors that it was run by Carbon7‘s former administration which was a huge hit among investors earlier this year. And that is true that Rhodium7 made an effort to look like Carbon7 using similar design techniques, set of investment plans, and even the same script (or a very good copy of it). Although I can tell you now with 100% certainty the two programs have no connection whatsoever. Yesterday I received quite a few complaints from my readers ranging from uncredited accounts to missing withdrawal requests and was the first to move Rhodium7 to Waiting status on my monitor. Even after all this I wanted to give the admin the benefit of the doubt so as not to damage the program by moving it straight to Problem Status on my monitor. Unfortunately he didn’t justify my expectations and this Rhodium7 was moved to Problem Status due to the unresponsiveness of the admin and the mounting unpaid cashout requests. If you are still considering investing in Rhodium7 please don’t as the program will most likely be on Scam Status by tomorrow.


Although Payza remains one of the most popular payment processors in the HYIP industry (mostly due to the possibility of filing a dispute and getting a chargeback in case of a premature scam), there are only a handful of programs currently working with it (including the MNO listed PrimeBankers). I believe that has something to do with very strict demands of accepting such type of investment opportunities like HYIPs lately and only the most experienced admins manage to get their Payza account fully approved. Anyway, I hope the trend will change pretty soon and we will see more quality programs working with Payza. For today I would like to share a new update which will be mostly of interest to US customers of Payza who now have a great opportunity to acquire pre-paid cards to use anywhere in shops and online purchases. US members join those from Canada who have been enjoying this option for a while now and can easily fund the card with US dollars from your Payza account. I guess this is just part of the expansion of Payza which is trying its best to maintain a high level of service, especially for the US and Canadian members. The Payza prepaid card is now available for North American account holders and can be delivered by post, as specified in the piece below:

Now Available in the U.S., the Payza Prepaid Card Opens a World of Opportunities
Payza is bringing back one of our most popular products, the Payza Prepaid Card! The card gives Payza members an easy and convenient way to withdraw the funds in their Payza account and spend them almost anywhere credit cards are accepted: online, in stores, and even at ATMs. The Payza Prepaid Card is a perfect companion to your Payza account, and now members in most countries can order their own cards.
A Canadian currency card is already available for members in Canada, and now the U.S. currency card is available to order in the U.S., with more countries getting access to the card soon! You can visit our Local Payment Options page to see if the card is available in your country.
The Payza Prepaid Card is a secure and easy to use way to take your Payza funds with you wherever you go. Simply load the card up with U.S. dollars from your Payza account and spend that money almost everywhere you shop, both online and in person. It’s a great way alternative to cash when you’re traveling, and because the card can be canceled or replaced if you lose it, your money is always protected.
To order the card, all you need is a verified Payza account. It’s available for both Personal and Business members. Here’s how to order:
Log in to your Payza account
On the left hand menu select “Wallet” and then “Prepaid Cards”
From there you’ll be taken to the Payza Prepaid Card order page
Complete the steps provided on the order page to get your own card.
The card costs 19.99$ including standard shipping, great value for a card you can load and reload as often as you’d like. The card arrives on your doorstep in two to four weeks for members ordering from the U.S. and Canada, or 4-8 weeks for other countries. Express shipping with tracking is also available for a small fee.
Whether you run an online business, use Payza to get paid for freelancing work, or if you regularly receive money from friends and family, the Payza Prepaid Card is an excellent way to get the most out of your Payza account.


If you haven’t started using Neteller as apayment processor yet I would like to remind you about some of the advantage. Some popular programs from the MNO Premium List as Cryptof (reviewed here) and PrimeBankers (reviewed here) accept it for deposits. With Neteller you won’t pay any fees in transferring money between the accounts meaning you will be able to save on transaction fees and will only pay a very reasonable percentage when you fund your Neteller account or withdraw from it. I myself am a proud holder of a Neteller MasterCard and I can tell you it cannot be any easier to use funds in your Neteller account with no need even to withdraw them to the card because it’s directly linked to your account and all profits you make on HYIPs can be immediately withdrawn from ATM or spent on over-the-counter purchases in shops, stores, supermarkets, etc. Since Christmas is coming soon, I believe more HYIP investors will benefit from this acclaimed and totally legitimate payment processor that even officially sponsors the Crystal Palace football team here in London. Of course, there are many other advantages of using Neteller when investing in HYIPs and you can find some of them by reading THIS article from the MNO Info Center on verifiable payment systems. For more great features in Neteller please check out the latest email I sent by them today and sign up for your free account HERE:

Manage your money with NETELLER
Your account isn’t just a place to keep your money while you decide which website to play or shop at, you can also use it to manage your funds.
NETELLER comes with great benefits like:
Net+ virtual cards® which let you set spending limits
The award-winning plastic Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®
Generous promotions with big cash prizes
Localised deposit and withdrawal options
Our Money Transfer service to other members
A comprehensive VIP Program offering great benefits
Take advantage of these exclusive NETELLER member perks.
What are you waiting for? Sign in to your account today!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomaticsCryptof, AtrexTradeHaloInvPrimeBankersCryptoPay, ArdexFunds.
From MNO Standard list: OrientOrganization (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: CartoonInvest, GloboxTrade.

That is all I have to report tonight, guys. I know, I know… Not all the news stories are positive, but we should know that December is usually a very quiet month with relatively low cash flow and interest from investors. That’s why only the bravest new programs will survive this period and still provide investors with a profit in 2016. Let’s hope that there will be more such options and for the most elite HYIPs please do not forget to check out the MNO monitor and let me know if you have any questions by contacting me using this form. I wish you the best of luck with your investments and will be back either on Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on what needs to be reported. Please keep your votes coming on the MNO TalkBack page to find out the most popular type of programs in December. So far it’s largely in favor of short-term programs, but possibly your vote can affect the final results that will be analyzed early next week. Thanks for reading MNO, follow me on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to the daily news to stay tuned for the news from the most acclaimed investment programs on the net. See you soon, guys!

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