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Hi guys! Monday again so that marks the beginning of a new business week in the HYIP industry but also another week in the quiet month of December. On one hand that means we’ll probably see less new programs joining the MNO monitor over the coming weeks, but it also means we won’t see the cheap scams about to flood other monitors. Only high quality programs with serious intentions run by professional HYIP admins can afford the highest listing prices on MNO, which I have no intentions of reducing. That ensures MNO has a relatively narrow, but undoubtedly the best overall selection of HYIP investment opportunities found on any monitor. So experienced investors should stick with it to maximize the chance to be in profit in time for Christmas. By the way, I’ll be talking about the upcoming festive season and investors’ strategies during this month and next, but we’ll start with the regular news updates from the most popular programs in the HYIP industry featured on the MNO monitor and what’s been happening with them over the last few days.


Judging by so many investors leaning towards short-term programs during the month of December it’s easy to see why PrimeBankers is by far the most popular, getting all the attention from investors. PrimeBankers was first reviewed on MNO here and earned lots of recognition from investors since then thanks to its acceptance of all the major payment processors including such verifiable options like Payza, SolidTrustPay, and Neteller alongside others like PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The minimum investment for PrimeBankers starts from $10 which can be invested in any of the following plans – 102%-122% after 1 day, 115%-235% after 5 days, 150%-555% after 10 days, 180%-880% after 15 days, 335%-1535% after 25 days, 575%-1950% after 40 days. Apparently, to maintain interest in his program the admin of PrimeBankers updates members quite frequently as well as increasing his advertising on major investment resources like MNO where he purchased the most expensive tower banner on the blog for an entire month. That proves the long-term intentions of PrimeBankers and the admin’s ambitions to expand the program and become a major force by Christmas. The fact that you need only one day to test PrimeBankers and be in profit helps members over the testing stage and get into the longer-running plans in hope of more significant profits.

Sometimes verifiable payment processors like Payza and SolidTrustPay will monitor the cash flow in and out of admins accounts very closely and can impose some daily limits to ensure members’ funds are safe. I guess a high turnover of funds in such payment processors forced the admin to change the PrimeBankers‘ terms and conditions by including the following clause:
We reserve the rights to decline, reject and reverse deposits back to the depositor for reasons we may either disclose publicly or not, and for whatever reason we deem necessary for the better performance of our company.

So don’t be surprised if PrimeBankers return your deposit without any prior notice if it deems it necessary. and it will be applied possibly in the cases of too high deposits which will be necessary to maintain the longevity of the program. This is a good sign for me personally that the admin takes such steps to keep his program running, and also that he discusses it so openly. If you like to read more on the changes please click on the link given in this newsletter from PrimeBankers below:

Updated Terms and Condition
Good day! We would like to inform you that we have updated part of our terms and conditions. Please read the new terms at We have marked the paragraph with asterisks *** for you to know which one was added.
Thank you for your time.
Regards, PrimeBankers Managers

In yet another update posted on the News section of PrimeBankers the admin specifically talks about the minimum withdrawals allowed to Neteller which is higher than for other payment options accepted by the program at a hefty $5. Although with $10 minimum allowed and all the investment plans starting from 102% after one day, this is aimed more at referral commission withdrawals by PrimeBankers‘ promoters and reflects internal Neteller rules. Here’s the message on Neteller withdrawal minimum in full:

Neteller Minimum Withdrawal Amount
This is just to inform everyone that withdrawing Neteller money from your account balance requires that you have at least $5.00 in Neteller before you can withdraw. Our system will actually accept the request but Neteller will not process anything below $5.00. Please take a look at your withdrawal requests via Neteller. We will cancel withdrawal requests via Neteller, that are in the amounts of less than $5.00. Thank you!

Apparently BitCoin deposits hit another issue over the last few days which gave some investors in PrimeBankers a hard time getting their deposits added automatically. This was caused by yet more issues with the biggest BitCoin wallet BlockChain and its API which seems to be break down on a regular basis. Now everything should be back to normal and deposits from PrimeBankers‘ members via BitCoin should be processed instantly as normal, but it’s appreciated that the admin keeps everyone updated and posts on these things regularly. Here’s the newsletter on that:

Bitcoin Deposits Back to Normal
Yesterday, the API system we integrated with our Bitcoin depositing process encountered hours of delay. Today, the Blockchain API is back to normal speeds. We would like to thank all investors who experienced this delay in depositing, for their extended patience over the situation yesterday.
You may make your Bitcoin deposits now without the delay encountered yesterday.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Regards, PrimeBankers Managers

And finally, a short, but useful video clip showing the advantages of making money from PrimeBankers was shared by the admin and was also added to the MNOVision page (along with other useful videos that can be seen there). According to him the video was made by a member and in my opinion was done to a very professional level. Judge for yourself by watching it on YouTube linked in the following update:

How PrimeBankers Work Video – Please Watch
Good day. One happy member just sent us a link of a video he made. It is almost a summary of how PrimeBankers work. Thank you Fernando Santos for this great video.
Here is the link:
Have a great day!
Regards, PrimeBankers Managers


If you weren’t fast enough to make an additional deposit in Cryptof during the last weekend (applied only on deposits made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin), you might have missed a good offer to claim 4% instant cashback. As per the admin’s plan, it’s already the second weekend in a row that he gives away bonuses which are probably aimed at reducing any slowdown in cashflow which happens a lot at weekends. That’s fine by me, but a bit odd that Cryptof only offers these bonuses to totally anonymous payment processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. Other payment options accepted by the program – like SolidTrustPay, Neteller, AdvCash, OkPay, YandexMoney, Qiwi, or Paxum receive no such offer. It looks to me that there might be a shortage on those three payment processors, as Cryptof does allow withdrawals to be processed to a different payment processor than you use to join. Cryptof require you to fund your account first before re-distributing the funds by paying for packages which cost from $10 to $80 each and will bring from 2.7% to 3.3% over a period of 60 calendar days, return included. Although the admin mentioned having been online for over two months which means the first investors finished the first cycle, Cryptof came to MNO only 54 days ago when it was listed on Premium Status. That was still more than enough time for readers to profit significantly. Although you buy Cryptof packages instead of investments, you don’t need to do anything to earn. However both free and paid members can increase their earnings by clicking on a few ads in manual mode. Earnings this way will not be more than $0.03 daily, it’s still appreciated as many members want to test the program before upgrading, especially considering the instantly withdrawable $2 sign-up bonus available after your first $10 purchase. That is a pretty good incentive, you should agree. Instant withdrawals to the majority of payment processors accepted by Cryptof is another one. Finally if you missed the 4% cashback offer over the weekend and don’t really want to wait till next weekend, you can still increase your earnings with Cryptof by purchasing packages in multiples of six. One free package is given away for every six you pay for. This is explained in yesterday’s newsletter which goes on to mention the program’s growth and all the latest stats. The full newsletter is included below, and for more info please read my detailed review posted here:

Get 4% instant Cashback bonus:: Get FREE pack from Matrix
Dear User,
Cordial welcome to you all. Today we just passed 68 days of our Cryptof.
This week’s Bonus Offer is: 4% instant cashback on Deposit via PM, BTC and Payeer. Yes, This offer is valid until 11:59:59 PM today (Sunday) today. So if interested, deposit via PM, Payeer and BTC to take instant 4% cashback to your account RIGHT NOW!!!
Next week’s weekend Bonus may be different.
DOUBLE WIN SITUATION: Buy as many Matrix as you can today using Perfect Money and Bitcoin, and get both Matrix offer and 4% Cashback weekend offer at a time.
Our another ongoing Program Matrix is going very well. So far more than 1200 different category Matrix are sold. People are enjoying very good. Cryptof storm is going around. Get Matrix feature below:
Buy 6 Starter Pack (Matrix) + Get 1 Starter Free:
When go to buy packs just buy 6 Starter packs for $60 and you will get 1 extra free. This 6 pack purchase is called One Starter Matrix. And for this you will get total $113.4 total for each Starter Matrix.
Buy 6 Surfer Pack (Matrix) + Get 1 Starter Free:
When go to buy packs just buy 6 Surfer packs for $180 and you will get 1 extra free. This 6 pack purchase is called One Surfer Matrix. And for this you will get total $390.6 total for each Surfer Matrix.
Buy 6 Booster Pack (Matrix) + Get 1 Starter Free:
When go to buy packs just buy 6 Booster packs for $480 and you will get 1 extra free. This 6 pack purchase is called One Booster Matrix. And for this you will get total $1108.8 total for each Booster Matrix.
NB: Remember, Matrix only apply when you buy position in number of 6, not when you deposit money. So always try to buy positions in number of 6. If you need any information on Matrix, please contact us.
***New Plan is Coming Next Month, January 2016***
Present Statics of Cryptof:
Registered Members: 56382+
Deposits Crossing $3,236,300+ (in just 60 active days)
Withdraw Given $2,205,100+ (Passive Earning)
AdPayments $1,829,400+ (AdSurf Earning)
Alexa rank: 9,914 and this is a Great Achievement. We will announce bonus for this.
So overcome fear and start working hard. We guarantee you within very short time like 2-3 years you will be solvent enough.
Continuing success for everyone.
Regards. Cryptof Team


The team behind PokerAutomatics works hard in order to ensure the program’s members have the most flawless experience when browsing their accounts. With PokerAutomatics maintaining a leading position in the HYIP industry at the moment (the program is deservedly in the #1 spot on the MNO Premium List) it’s becoming obsolete to keep so-called “virtual deposits”. These have now been removed, bringing more clarity to members’ accounts. Here’s two messages regarding the script changes posted by the admin on the PokerAutomatics news page:

Dear clients, at this time we have over 53,000 clients and over 74,000 active Deposits.
Today all active VIRTUAL (Demo) Deposits will be closed to reduce load of our script.
Your VIRTUAL funds will return to your virtual balances.
If you want to create new VIRTUAL (Demo) Deposit you always can do it anytime in your account.
But if you understand how system works then please don’t create new VIRTUAL (Demo) Deposits.
Best regards, PokerAutomatics Team

PokerAutomatics Script Upgrade
We’ve upgraded our PokerAutomatics Script in connection with the increasing number of clients and Deposits.
Old virtual operations were deleted.
My Operations page and My Deposits page are working faster now.
We continue to improve the performance and usability of PokerAutomatics.

In regards to payment processor updates, further steps on the integration of AdvCash were taken that will make the deposit process automatic while allowing withdrawal requests to AdvCash starting from $0.10:

Advanced Cash – Instant deposits and 0.1 USD minimum withdrawal amount!
Now your AdvCash deposits will be processed automatically!
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 USD!

Of course, AdvCash is only one of the so many payment processors PokerAutomatics are working with, others being SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, YandexMoney, NixMoney, PayCo, Qiwi, and some bank transfers from selected Russian banks. The minimum to invest starts from $30 and withdrawals take up to five business days to be processed, depending on their size due PokerAutomatics allegedly having to withdraw funds from the tournaments where an extensive network of pokerbots earns money for members. By joining PokerAutomatics you get a variable return from 0.4% to 0.8% per day which represents your share of 40% to 80% of the company’s earnings which are usually around the 1% mark. The investment term is from 30 to 180 calendar days after which your initial investment is returned. More information on PokerAutomatics is in the review posted here. As for the very latest daily results reported by the program which will give you an idea of what to expect from them please read below:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
04.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.06%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
05.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.11%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
06.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.92%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
07.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.94%

An invaluable contribution to PokerAutomatics growth on the international market and even outside of the HYIP industry is made by the nearly 300 representatives who work in their local markets in exchange for increased ref commissions. Over the last few days three more representatives from Canada, Spain, and Germany were introduced. See below for more information if interested:

We have a new Representative
Michel Haddad – Canada
You may contact him by email and phone
290+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Manuel de la Torre Garcia – Spain
You may contact him by email, skype and phone
290+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Bianca Bosch – Germany
You may contact her by email
300+ Representatives!

PokerAutomatics is in fact getting such a popular choice that it’s widely discussed on various investment forums including the biggest Russian speaking forum MMGP where it’s recently reached 19,000 posts already. Regular members of PokerAutomatics also sometimes share their experiences and satisfaction of investing there in highly personal short videos with the latest example of such a videoclip posted by a guy from Germany whose lifestyle are helped to be maintained by the income from PokerAutomatics largely. And finally, the witness of the obvious expansion of PokerAutomatics are the admin’s efforts on increasing the amount of dedicated servers where more and more pokerbots. If you’re not in PokerAutomatics yet, you’re really missing a great investment opportunity where so many investors from MNO already profited greatly from their deposits during the last 280 days. I members the best of luck and you will find the latest messages below:

New dedicated servers were added.
We have purchased 2 new dedicated servers for our pokerbot network.

PokerAutomatics Video Testimonial and Review from Eric (Germany)

PokerAutomatics – 19,000+ Payment Posts on MMGP!


I guess the strategy of the admin of GrandRialtoLimited to pay selectively to some members and some payment processors was to maintain interest in the program while introducing more short term investment plans. Even after GrandRialtoLimited was moved to Problem and Scam status on the MNO monitor he seems to have not given up. The latest newsletter marks 130 days online (the last week of which was on Problem Status) and sees another VIP plan promising 150% after 5 days for investments between $500 and $5,000. If you’re not aware of GrandRialtoLimited‘s problems now or are one of the few recipients of the selective payouts, please do not be fooled by this newsletter. Avoid GrandRialtoLimited like the plague and stop investing there. Just for your information, I’ll include latest newsletter just so you recognize it when you see it, but whatever you do don’t even think of joining!

130 days online!
Dear investors!
Today the program celebrates 130 days since that moment as we began its work. During this time there were many events. And, unfortunately, not all of them were joyful. But together we can overcome all difficulties and the program continues to provide its services. Especially for those who stayed with us at the most difficult moment of our evolution, we have created the investment plan, as a sign of gratitude for their devotion and loyalty to the company.
Exclusive Fast VIP of 150% of after 5 days of $500.00 – $5000.00
We have proved to everyone that there is nothing impossible and we shall continue to work for our investors, bringing prosperity and a profit!
Watch our news.
GrandRialtoLimited – We Give Prosperity for You!
Yours faithfully, Gabriel Jakes.


And so we come to the final item on today’s agenda which is to draw the results of the last opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with a new question. Being December and Christmas just around the corner it’s all very seasonal here now, so I’m looking at questions about how investor behavior changes in the period immediately before and after the holidays. The last questions asked readers “What kind of HYIPs will you mostly invest in during December?” and I have to say this was exceptionally a one sided vote. The overwhelming majority of readers, no less than 70% of you in fact, said they would be joining “Mostly short-term programs (1 to 7 days to reach profit)”. I suppose there are various reasons why now more than any other time of the year investors are so strongly drawn towards shorter term HYIPs. The most obvious one I’m sure is the belief that short term means fast money, something that a lot of folks could do with at this time of year. It doesn’t mean people suddenly don’t like longer term programs anymore or anything, they’re just not of much practical use when people need the money here and now. Unfortunately that’s also on the mind of some admins whose intentions are often less than honorable, so along with some good programs offering a genuine if high risk earning opportunity there’s also a proliferation of deliberate fast scams where no one is allowed to profit. No one except the admin that is. That takes me to the other reason why so many people favor shorter term programs at this time of the year – with so many scams and so many investors simply leaving the industry completely until January it’s only natural that some of you take a more cynical view that you simply don’t expect long term results from any program.

The remaining vote was an even 50/50 split, with 15% of readers saying they would favor “Mostly medium-term programs (8 to 30 days to reach profit)” and 15% voting for “Mostly long-term programs (over 30 days to reach profit)”.

For the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll I want to stay on a seasonal subject and ask about how you are looking forward to the HYIP industry after the holidays are over. Will your spending habits, strategies, expectations, or just your general level of activity change? To be specific, I would really like to know about how you see your spending level changing. Please note that I am NOT asking if you intend to join more programs, that isn’t necessary to spend more money, I’m asking about your overall investment budget regardless of how many programs you split it between. So the exact question is this:
How do you think your budget for HYIPs in January will compare to December?

And the answers are as follows:
a) Yes, I think my investment budget for HYIPs will increase in January.
b) No, my intention is to spend less money in January than previous months.
c) The same. I see myself spending at a more or less consistent level.
d) My budget for January will only be determined by my earnings or losses for December so could go up or down.

As usual the poll will run for at least another week, maybe ten days, but definitely more than enough time to allow everyone who wants to vote to do so. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes part, and remember it only takes a second to vote and is totally anonymous. Unless of course you wish to discuss the subject with your fellow readers on the MNO ShoutBox which you are always welcome to do. Votes can be cast through the MNO TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomaticsCryptof, AtrexTradeHaloInvPrimeBankersCryptoPay, ArdexFunds.
From MNO Standard list: OrientOrganization.
From MNO Basic list: CartoonInvest, GloboxTrade.

That’s all for today guys. Thanks for reading, keep your votes coming in the MNO TalkBack page opinion poll, and remember to follow MNO on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe to the daily news updates if you like what you see. I’ll most likely take a day off tomorrow from my blog but remember that does not apply to my monitor which is updated a minimum of once every 24 hours and even more often when necessary. See you all soon, everyone!

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