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Hello all! Welcome back to the best English language blog online covering exclusively high-budget investment opportunities run by experienced admins. Recent weeks have shown that this is currently a very successful season for investors. There has been numerous success stories, particularly emanating from the most popular programs in the HYIP industry found the current Top Five from the MNO monitor you can read about here. That can only happen after weeding out the potentially dangerous fast scams who mostly avoid my monitor because it will only cost them more money than they can steal. First, because my readers are smarter and prefer to deal with the best options only while skipping the trash, and second, because MNO maintains sky-high listing prices therefore making it very tough for amateurs, deliberate scams, and otherwise scheming admins to advertise here. I’m totally OK with that, guys, and you know what? I have never felt freer than I am now since opening MNO.

Having literally only the best investment programs featured on my blog and monitor and skipping the countless fast scams saved so much time and effort, allowing me to enjoy the fruits of my labor and the wealth I have accumulated from working so hard. You know – we live only once and there is just not enough time in the world to waste, so I choose to maintain my monitor as an elite venture only the most experienced and brightest admins can use. This policy pays off nicely not just for me, but for all the MNO readers too. I receive plenty of feedback from satisfied readers telling me how glad they are to have found MNO and how great a source of information it is (in addition to my blog you can always refer to my nine year series of articles the best of which can be found on the MNO Info Center page here). The current season with so many quality programs also has something to do with the positive investor attitude to the best programs helps them to run longer. I can only point out the preliminary results of the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page (click here to vote in that) that proves my point as a whopping 95% (!) of you believe that things have definitely improved in the HYIP industry as a whole compared to the winter months where we really didn’t have enough leaders to keep things steady. It all started with the arrival of Capital7 (reviewed here) a few weeks back and listing the project exclusively on MNO as usual which caused quite a stir among investors who still vividly recalled the excellent job the admin did with his previous program Carbon7 which was the undoubted biggest hit of 2015 winning the hearts and wallets of thousands of investors. Whether Capital7 is able to repeat the success of its predecessor remains to be seen, though the program is steadily gaining momentum and receiving perhaps the largest percentage of re-investments from its current members also enjoying some very healthy growth. We should also mention some strong competitors like RixosFinance (reviewed here) and CopperTradePro (reviewed here) both of which are just as excellent performers and both of which already put their first members into profit. Both the admins of RixosFinance and CopperTradePro look highly experienced in their field, offering lots of payment options and lucrative plans, but also making constant improvements. In today’s news then we will talk more about the latest improvements from RixosFinance and CopperTradePro and I will also have an article on the latest important changes with SolidTrustPay which has always been another favorite of my readers.


We’ll start the today’s news report with RixosFinance. The program has been growing tremendously well, and turning into something really big since first coming to MNO as their exclusive monitor since day one (which was over a month ago, by the way). Since then RixosFinance has successfully challenged the HYIP industry’s more established leaders and elbowed its way past them to climb higher and higher in the ranks. This was achieved by adding more useful features to its website and restructuring the investment plans by introducing two new options paying 111% after 7 calendar days and 9% for 14 calendar days, principal included. And that came on top of the already existing set of investment plans where RixosFinance returns principal on expiry and which were available since the start – 1.8% for 15 days, 2% for 30 days, 2.4% for 45 days, 2.8% for 60 days, 3% for 75 days. An affordable investment minimum of $5 is via a wide choice of investment options including SolidTrustPay, Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and Bank wires. This all made RixosFinance a stand-alone successful program with hundreds of investors now and still growing at a healthy rate, so it’s no wonder the program has recently reached the #1 position on the MNO Premium List and was prominently featured in the recent article on the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO (click here to read it). I’ve also edited the review of RixosFinance to include the improvements not there at the beginning. You can find it here.

By the way, the first month online was one of the main achievements the admin Bill proudly celebrated in the today’s newsletter where among other things he linked to the updated review of his program on MNO. Many other changes that the program has come through over its first month online were also highlighted, particularly the multilingual version of the RixosFinance website which is now in English, Russian and Chinese. Live support, Facebook group, new representatives, layout improvements, and recently released new promo materials were also subject to discussion. However the most interesting thing for RixosFinance members are the plans for the future and how it will develop in the coming weeks and months. Said plans include translating the website in to more languages which will surely be appreciated by more investors from around the globe, more video tutorials explaining how to invest in step-by-step form, some webinars to be held, and (which Bill was particularly excited about) the implementation of SMS notifications similar to those currently used by PerfectMoney. You can read the quite extensive newsletter to appreciate the heart and soul the admin puts into his project and maybe then you realize why RixosFinance has reached such heights, now with over 5,000 members after just its first month online. The future definitely looks bright for this one:

RixosFinance & The Road to Investment Success — Our Journey So Far
Dear Investors,
We’d like to start this newsletter with a quote which represents your continuing support and our hard work and dedication. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success”. Within our first month, we have shown great results and outstanding performance; a propitious beginning to the successful investment journey we travel every single day. By diligently working together, we are on the road to certain success.
Our mission, at RixosFinance, has always been, and continues to be to assist in maximizing your investment returns. Our chief goal is to provide a measurable increase for your margins within your lifetime. We are committed to helping you accomplish this goal, and to a partnership of both satisfaction and success.
Following is a list of the past month’s major improvements:
The video testimonial page has been created and updated
We have introduced the Regional Representative page; 6 countries represented by 7 strong individuals
Payza payment processor was added
Our promotional materials have been updated. We have created fresh banners, PowerPoint and PDF presentations, an explainer partnership video and 15 ways to earn more income!
Multilingual live chat is now “live”, and available 24/7, 365 days a years. You’ll be able to get both informational support and technical assistance. Immediate results.
Improvements to our Chinese-language version and New Russian-language version rolled out.
Our investment portfolio has been expanded to provide plans with principal included.
Our Facebook group is live. We look forward to you joining, posting your proof of payment and communicating with us and your fellow referrals. Follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1157488484285726/
RixosFinance‘ Deposit page design has been updated. We believe that usability and optimization are key elements for a top-notch finance website that includes the most user-friendly interface. The RixosFinance‘ Deposit page is available on our English, Russian and Chinese language versions, as well as throughout the entire website.
Our list of monitors and reviews have been expanded. Feel free to check on our Feedback page: https://rixosfinance.com/feedback
Feedback page’ design has also been updated.
These are just a few of the many improvements we’ve completed this past month.
And, we are not stopping here. Future plans include:
– Indonesian, German and French language versions. We will be rolling out each version gradually, maximizing the quality you’ve come to expect. It’s our goal to continue our drive to global localisation.
– Creating step-by-step videos for your ongoing ease-of-use.
– SMS notification. We are working on the integration of API and our script. We’re terrifically excited about this one; stay tuned for updates.
– Webinars. Interested in participating or being part of the organisation team? Please contact us at pr@rixosfinance.com
We would like to express our appreciation to Paul for his stellar Money-News-Online blog/monitor and for his role in maintaining and updating RixosFinance‘ information. You can read our updated review by following this link: http://money-news-online.com/blog/2016/03/07/07032016-rixosfinance-review-daily-news-hyip-industry/
We at RixosFinance strive to be your cutting-edge financial partner. We will continue to review and implement the latest technologies and innovations. Be on top by following our social media pages.
With more than 5,000 members, a proven record of fast withdrawals and a dynamic team ready to assist you, we believe we provide the very best in investment solutions.
Thank you!
Sincerely, RixosFinance Team

The admin of RixosFinance Bill also has another very popular way of updating interested investors on everything going on with his program by posting quite frequently on the RixosFinance Facebook page. Among the latest short updates posted there over the last couple of days I can see that he provided some information about the program’s daily withdrawal stats on PerfectMoney without disclosing any sensitive information on the recipients by blurring that out. He went on to create a renewed deposit page to reflect current changes in the investment plan structure. You can read more on that below:

Many people ask us what is the average amount you pay to investors daily and do you have statistics. Actually, we don’t provide open statistics for security reasons but here you can check short example of our current daily average withdrawals processed to PerfectMoney. To protect the privacy of our clients, all sensitive information have been hidden.

Deposit page design has been updated. Hope you like it! We do our best to provide the best performance and truly believe that usability and website optimization along with user-friendly interface are very important elements for a top-notch website like RixosFinance. The deposit page available on English, Russian and Chinese versions as the entire website.


CopperTradePro has been on MNO’s Standard listing exactly 50 days now, having launched a couple of weeks prior to that. This means that the very first investors are already in profit from its uncomplicated investment plans which resemble a bygone era in the HYIP industry (and I mean that in a good way) paying from 2.4% to 3.2% (fixed return depending on the size of your principal) from Monday to Friday over a period of 100 business days. The principal is included in the payments and therefore not returned on expiry. Despite such investment plans where investors should wait longer to get into the profit zone CopperTradePro has managed to find its niche in the HYIP industry by offering investors lots of choice when it comes to payment methods starting from a reasonable $20 minimum. The current list of accepted payment processors include all the popular names – SolidTrustPay, Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and most recently NixMoney. The payouts from CopperTradePro have been quite consistent and its payout schedule has been widely praised by readers over the first seven weeks listed on MNO. Besides, the administration has worked hard behind the scenes by adding multi lingual versions of the website from professional translators. The CopperTradePro website is now available in five languages, including English, Russian, Italian, German, and Spanish. The program’s promoters that are so vital for any program’s expansion were not forgotten either as CopperTradePro not only gave them some more promotional tools to use in the in activities like brand-new landing pages and banners, but also threw in further incentives by introducing a three-tier referral commission system. Moreover, in the latest newsletter sent today the CopperTradePro admin promised to work even harder to make the website more appealing to investors around the world by introducing even more language versions and even opening offices around the world starting with the UK. It all sounds very exciting and hopefully CopperTradePro (first reviewed here) will manage to live up to their promises and make the program even more popular among HYIP investors than it already is. For the full version of today’s lengthy newsletter from CopperTradePro please see below:

CTP Newsletter #2. Fasten your seat belts, we are taking off!
Dear CopperTradePro client!
We would like to thank you for being a part of the growing CTP community. We truly believe that without your immense support & involvement, CTP would not be where it is now. It is our pleasure to assist you in any way we can.
As promised in our previous newsletter, we have made some improvements to our website which we hope will further your enjoyment while surfing the site & using our services. Here are just a few upgrades implemented so far:
+ Our site is now available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German & Italian.
+ New Promo page is available & this can be easily shared with others by simply sharing your referral link in forums, social networks, e-mails, etc.
+ New Payment Processor – NixMoney has been integrated into our script & is available now for deposits/withdraws. Thus, the total number of available payment processors up to date is 7: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay, Payza, AdvanceCash & NixMoney. We think our users deserve diversity!
+ New set of banners is now available in your Client area. We’re giving our users an option to use new banners if they wish so. New banners are located in Banners section of your Client Area just below old ones.
Within the next months CTP will be adding even more language options & implementing new site features aimed at improving our clients’ experience.
We’ll also be expanding our business into other continents with plans to set up a few worldwide offices. The first office is scheduled to open in the UK, one of the world’s financial centers.
We hope that you enjoy receiving your passive income from the CTP platform as much as we enjoy the process of tailoring it to meet your needs.
Thank you for staying with CTP, your partner in long-term, passive income from copper futures trading!
It’s time to expect MORE!
Your CTP team.


As most regular HYIP industry players will acknowledge, whether you actually use them or not SolidTrustPay is still one of the key service providers for investors and alongside PerfectMoney one of the single biggest payment processors. In many ways comparing STP to other processors is unfair, like “chalk and cheese” as the old saying goes, because while essentially they do all offer the same basic service, i.e. to move money around at the account holder’s request, there’s still a world of difference between them. If you would like to find out more about the advantages of using STP when playing the HYIP industry then please refer to the article covering the subject posted on the MNO Info Center page here. STP is altogether a more transparent, legally accountable, and regulated payment system, and as such as a very detailed and researched user agreement with its clients, both business and personal.

As with any other company dealing with the very complicated legal issues that arise from cross border financial transactions, this user agreement is subject to change from time to time as legal circumstances change too. So it’s with this in mind that an updated version of this agreement has now been drawn up to keep both STP and its clients in line with the ever changing legislation that regulates their business. A lot of this is fairly technical, finer legal points that elaborate on existing conditions and won’t really have any practical impact on how the members use their STP accounts. In fact in that regard nothing has really changed at all. You will continue to use your SolidTrustPay account tomorrow in the very same way you did yesterday and last week. However it’s still strongly recommended by the SolidTrustPay administrators that all account holders make themselves familiar with the changes to the user agreements as soon as possible, and then contact them with any questions if you feel something is still unclear to you. One such “change” to the agreement for instance isn’t really much of a change at all, more like a reminder. It simply underlines something most of you should have accepted as obvious a long time ago, which is that SolidTrustPay is not a bank and as such any funds you are storing there are not subject to the same levels of protection, guarantees, insurance, etc.

Moving slightly off the main topic, if you read the results of the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page (results drawn in the last post) or the most recent Top Five Most Popular Programs article published here, then there can be no doubt as to the importance of SolidTrustPay in any online HYIP with genuine aspirations to be taken seriously by bigger spending players and rise to the very top of the industry. It’s no coincidence that four of the five biggest programs out there now, Capital7 (reviewed here), RixosFinance (reviewed here), CopperTradePro (reviewed here), and ForexKing (reviewed here) have all had STP play a crucial role in their success. One issue that has yet to be clarified by the SolidTrustPay administration however is the temporary suspension of withdrawals to BitCoin, a feature which simply vanished without explanation recently. You may still use BitCoin to fund your STP account of course, and later withdraw that money directly into your bank account or to a debit/credit card if you prefer, but for the moment BitCoin is no longer a withdrawal option until further notice. Anyway, you can read the latest update taken directly from the official SolidTrustPay news blog on the changes to the user agreement below:

Changes to User Agreement
We have made changes to our User Agreement. From time to time the User Agreement is updated and we wish to keep our users informed of these changes. This blog will outline a few of the changes that were made. All users are encouraged to read the full User Agreement and to be aware of ALL the changes that were made.
By continuing the use of your STPay account you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in the User Agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully, it is legally binding on you.
At the end of this Agreement, you will find a glossary of defined terms. If you have any questions concerning this Agreement, please contact SolidTrustPay through the contact information provided on the Site.
Some of the highlights from the User Agreement include some of the following but there are many more updates that you will read on the actual agreement (found here: https://www.solidtrustpay.com/documents/STPay_User_Agreement.pdf
1. Obligations of SolidTrustPay
This section outlines the obligations of STPay and the services we provided]. This section covers details of the e-wallet service, prepaid debit cards, accounts on our service, use of credit cards, purchase and sale of STPay dollars, etc.
2. Rights and Obligations of Members
This section outlines the rights and obligations of you, our members. This section is very important for you to understand what information you must provide, laws that you must abide by, the payment of fees, prohibited use of your account, and upholding the good name of SoldTrust Pay among other rights and responsibilities of you using our service as a member.
3. Provisions Applicable Only to Business.
This section covers the requirements for our business accounts. This section is not applicable to accounts that are personal STPay accounts. This section outlines the compliance with laws, sale of product, maintenance and services for holders of our business accounts.
4. Provisions Applicable Only to Personal Users
This section is for our users that have personal STPay accounts. This section will outline the individual use of your STPay account, and applicable Representations and Warranties.
5. Term and Termination
This section outlines how and when the terms become in effect on a user’s account and the reasons for termination and the procedure concerning said termination.
6. Confidential Information
For the purposes of this Agreement, “Confidential Information” means all proprietary, secret or confidential information or data relating to SolidTrustPay and any of its Affiliates, operations, employees, independent sales organizations, agents, products or services, clients, customers or potential customers, Members, users or merchants.
7. Limitation Of Liability
This section covers the no warranties policy, the limitations of liability, STPay offset rights and force majeure policy.
8. General
This section outlines some very important sections on notices, changes to Agreements, dormant accounts, missing members, enforcement, governing law and this agreement as a whole.
9. Interpretation
This section outlines the general definition of certain terms/words that are used throughout the Agreement and our site. This is a bit of a glossary of terms to define and explain the meaning of what is stated.
The continued use of your STPay account after this notification is the acknowledgement and agreement to of the changes made to our User Agreement. Read the full agreement which is available on our website at all times using the link that was provided above.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RixosFinanceForexKing, ArdexFundsRomball, BandeiraCorp.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro.
From MNO Basic listGloboxTrade, TokyoInvestmentCompany.

That’s all I have to report tonight, guys. I hope you’re all enjoying your profits from the best investment programs in the HYIP industry and if not yet then that you will find something that will suit you on the MNO monitor soon and start earning some money. Just remember that like in any area in life, there is no reward without risk, so please only invest what you can afford to lose and always diversify your investment portfolio. I wish you all the best, thanks for staying with me and see you all soon!

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