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Beware! CCCWealth has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well and looking forward to a brand new week in the HYIP industry. And of course for any readers where this is still a long bank holiday weekend then enjoy the day. Though not too much because you should try and make time to check out the main news events from what may very well prove to be a watershed couple of days for some of the bigger programs. More on that coming up in the news section of today’s article, but first I want to focus on another of the recent programs joining the MNO monitor called CCCWealth. This is probably a name a lot of you may have heard from other forums and monitors by now as it’s been online for a full month already. Well, they were on forums anyway, the admin doesn’t seem to have bothered with many monitors until about two weeks later. It’s quite a simple, basic, and no frills program, CCCWealth offering two short-medium term investment plans. I’ll describe all the main features, what there is of them, for you below and you can decide what you think and whether you would like to make some room for them in your portfolios or not.
I’ll start things off with the shorter of the two plans. It has an investment term of 10 calendar days, and CCCWealth require a minimum deposit of $20 in order to join. Investors will then receive one single interest payment on expiry which will include both your principal and your profit together in a lump sum. The return is 112%, so that’s your own money back plus 12% net profit. The maximum limit you can spend here is officially capped at $500,000 (for all intents and purposes meaning there’s no real maximum I guess). CCCWealth offer the very same return to all investors, big and small, so making a bigger investment does not qualify you for a better net profit than the same 12% offered to those making the smallest deposits. A simple monetary example of how we would hope this turns out then would be let’s say you made a $100 deposit on day one, you should be looking for a $112 withdrawal ten days after that.

For the second investment plan CCCWealth get a bit more, shall we say, populist. This is an option that’s become so widely used in the HYIP industry over the last number of months one would almost venture as to describe it as “trendy” at this stage, partially due in no small measure to better programs than this one using it as the foundation stone for some very popular HYIPs. However whether the industry is going to continue with its current fixation or start shifting towards longer or even shorter term games remains to be seen.

Anyway, CCCWealth again require a minimum deposit of $20 to join. According to the website the maximum limit is still capped at $500,000, which effectively means you’re free to spend more or less whatever you genuinely think you’re going to get paid on. The investment term runs for 30 calendar days, and during this time CCCWealth are offering their members a daily payment of 5% interest. Some simple calculations will tell you then that by the time the plan expires your total payments should hopefully have added up to 150% in total. CCCWealth are again including your own original principal as part of that amount, so what you’re getting is your own money back plus 50% net profit.

For the same example of a $100 here then, you would expect CCCWealth to start paying you back $5 per day for 30 days. You break-even, that is earn back your initial principal after twenty payments, which means you can’t possibly lose any money after that no matter what goes wrong. Everything from that point on is net profit with payments totaling at $150, or your own money back and $50 as your own profit for joining the program.

So, as far as the plans are concerned then yes, it’s a tried and tested formula. But is that necessarily all it takes to get investors to join? Just because the numbers might match those of other more successful programs do potential members expect anything else from CCCWealth to make them join? Because one thing that could do with some improvement is the list of payment options, especially if the CCCWealth admin wants to get serious about attracting the bigger spending professional players. As it stands your options are limited to anonymous payment methods, no questions asked or answered, such as PerfectMoney and Payeer for the more traditional style handlers and BitCoin if you prefer a more modern digital e-currency. The withdrawals are at the moment something of an enigma. At no point do CCCWealth either guarantee or for that matter even offer instant payouts, but at the time of writing that seems to be how things are done. It’s a nice bonus if you get it I suppose, though if you refer to their FAQ page you will be told that payouts are to be handled manually and could take as long as 48 hours. Just one other thing I suggest you keep in mind both when deciding to join CCCWealth and when estimating any potential earnings. The program has decided to pass its own payment processor transaction fees on to its customers, and this will cost you 1% of every withdrawal request successfully completed. This isn’t exactly a novelty, CCCWealth are neither the first nor the last program to do this, though most programs do it more discretely by simply factoring the costs when determining what rate of interest to offer. What happens in this case so is that for every $1 you request to take out of CCCWealth, $0.98¢ is what actually hits your payment processor account.

Moving on to the more technical side of CCCWealth now such as design and security, most of you will probably recognize the script by now as being from GoldCoders. I’ll just confirm that it’s under license, and true to form is as easy to navigate and user friendly as you’ll have come to expect from their products. I can’t really say much about the hosting provider at this point for the simple reason that I’ve not come across their name in the HYIP industry before now. They’re called DDoSCrush and they are keeping CCCWealth on a dedicated server. I’m sure the exact reliability of their services is something we’ll become more aware of should CCCWealth become popular. An extra layer of protection is offered in the form of an extended Green Bar SSL certificate by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Any remaining questions you might still have for the admin or any account related issues that need to be dealt with can be addressed by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the contacts page. A postal address is also listed though as usual this is something you’d be best advised not to waste your time on, most likely as at best it would only be a hosted office space if even that, and certainly not where you would find anyone running CCCWealth physically located.

Overall you could say that almost everything about CCCWealth can be combined in one word – simplicity. A very simple layout and nothing complicated, but you who knows, sometimes they are the very ones that surprise you, we’ll find out in due course. For now all I can do is finish up by reminding you that as with all online HYIPs there’s really not much you can do to guarantee you never lose money other than never joining. Everything else is a gamble you have to measure up and consider if the risk is worth it. If you think it is then remember to always set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose and easily recover from other sources if things don’t go your way. And if you do decide to join CCCWealth then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



It’s good to see that even the May holidays and the short-lived May Day 10% deposit bonus offer that was available only for yesterday the admin of PayGet Eugene (interviewed here) seems to be taking the longview. Just last night he contacted me to ask about extending his advertising campaign on MNO (Sticky listing and the top 728×90 banner on the MNO monitor) for another week which has been done already. That means that even after the completion of its first 30 day investment cycle PayGet (reviewed here) is still a popular choice among investors and its gradual growth enabling it to pay a 150% return over a 30 day period continues. One can start earning with PayGet with only a $10 deposit minimum via Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash. The best thing about PayGet is its automated payouts, meaning once you’ve joined you won’t need to sign into your account again to request your payments. As long as you have the required minimum for the chosen e-currency which is now $0.50 for PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, and AdvCash and $1 for Payza of course. In that case the payouts from PayGet will go directly to your e-currency account at scheduled intervals, which are hourly payouts of 0.02833% over the first 10 days, twice daily payouts of 2.5% over the second 10 days, and 5% once per day over the last 10 days, to give 150% net return in total. By the way, I just found out that due an increasing server load the automated withdrawals to BitCoin have been increased from 0.0022BTC to 0.0066BTC, so keep this in mind if using BitCoin transactions.

Although the time has passed already and the 10% deposit bonus in PayGet is not valid anymore, everyone had a chance to get some extra money if they wanted to make an additional investment yesterday, as the promo event was widely publicised in the previous updates. Just for your information, below is the latest newsletter from PayGet also available on their site which congratulated their Russian speaking audience which constitutes a significant part of their members on Orthodox Easter and explained the rules of the now discontinued bonus campaign:

We congratulate congratulations!
Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear investors and all those who don’t earn together with us yet.
PayGet congratulates all congratulations!
In fact even not with one holiday, and at once with several which this year have dropped out for May 1.
We congratulate all on the Holiday of Spring and Work or Denham of the international solidarity of workers (which traditionally on May 1 officially note as a national holiday of 87 countries of the world).
We congratulate all on the Holiday Easter Sunday (Orthodox Easter) which this year all Orthodox world celebrates on May 1.
We congratulate all on the first month of work of PayGet – our corporate holiday which has just appeared.
We wish all good luck, health, pleasure, love and good luck!
PayGet today on May 1 gives all a gift of +10% a bonus to the new deposit.
The bonus of +10% of PayGet will be added to any sum of the deposit made today on May 1, 2016.
you create the deposit for $100 + 10% a bonus = the sum of your deposit makes $110
Respectively, you create the deposit for $1000 + 10% a bonus = the sum of your deposit makes $1100
This action is valid only on May 1, 2016 Moscow time.
Sincerely we wish you excellent earnings in our company and as always we remind, and also we report for those who don’t earn together with us yet:
It is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!


If you expected your accounts to be credited in CopperTradePro today then perish the thought because it’s not going to happen. According to the latest newsletter from last night they decided to take a holiday and not process payments either today or on 30th of May. This might not be taken lightly by some investors in this so far outstanding performer for the first three months online (two and half of which it’s spent on MNO – read the full review of the program here). However, considering the latest news of the official incorporation in the UK which in itself doesn’t prove anything nor did it bear any significance as the certificate of incorporation can be bought anonymously online for a few dollars (read the full investigation on how easily it’s done here), that makes sense that UK holidays be observed now. In my honest opinion though, CopperTradePro needs new funds to stay afloat as stiff competition from promising newcomers. Whether CopperTradePro manages to stand its ground remains to be seen, but the admin certainly won’t give up lightly and will try his best to continue his flawless performance. In his usual monthly newsletter apart from the above-mentioned UK incorporation certificate (which comes by default in many other HYIPs) the admin of CopperTradePro also boasted an improved Green Bar SSL-certificate and a French translation which joins English, Russian, German, Italian, and Spanish versions further paving the way to international recognition and wider success of the program. I personally noticed a decline in interest towards CopperTradePro from my readers lately, possibly considering the program too old to join now in order to profit from its long-term investment plan paying from 2.4% to 3.2% fixed interest over a 100 business day term via SolidTrustPay, Payza, BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, and AdvCash for a $20 minimum. Most investors who joined CopperTradePro in its early days on MNO might be in profit by now, although the very first investment cycle is still unfinished and therefore, it’s still too early to judge their success. If you’re interested in the future plans for CopperTradePro then you should know that more languages are in the pipeline. I myself though find it interesting that even more payment processors may be added soon (I wonder what they are though, as all the popular ones are already there). Promises are just promises though in the HYIP world and we’ll see very soon how CopperTradePro will survive this relative dry patch and whether it finishes that all important first investment cycle. Here’s the full newsletter from CopperTradePro for your information:

CTP Newsletter #3. Improvements & Future plans. May holidays announcement.
Dear CopperTradePro customers!
Herewith we’d like to update you on the latest developments at CopperTradePro. In the last month, we have accomplished the following:
1) CopperTradePro Limited has been duly registered in the United Kingdom. UK company registration No. 10107769. Please, check registration by viewing the respective website of the Uk Companies House.
2) We have installed the highest assurance SSL Certificate with Green Bar from one of the leaders of the industry – Comodo. Comodo EV SSL has the highest strength 2048-bit signature with 256 bit encryption providing our customers the highest possible security level.
3) French language has been successfully integrated into our website & as of now, our customers are able to surf our website in 6 different languages – English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish & French.
Future plans & bank holidays in May.
CopperTradePro has been strictly following the plans developed by our strategy team & as usual, we would like to share these with you, out loyal customers.
Within the next month we’re planning to implement the following:
1) New language translations (Chinese, Portugese & Vietnamese)
2) New representative office shall be opened in Asian region to have closer interaction with one of the biggest markets in the world.
3) New payment processors are to be added to our already extensive list (we’ll keep this as our little secret for now) to allow our international customers have more freedom while investing in CopperTradePro plans.
4) New sections will be added to our website to help investors have a better understanding our business model & the ways that people can get more opportunities with CTP.
Finally, we would like to inform our customers that we will observe May bank holidays – May, 2nd & May, 30th thus during these days our system won’t be crediting any profits to investors’ accounts & payments won’t be processed. Other working days in May will be normal working days for us.
Thank you for staying with CopperTradePro.
It’s time to expect MORE!
Your CTP team.


Unfortunately, the slow period around the May holidays contributed to a decline in activity among RixosFinance members. The subsequent addition of the limited in time investment plan seems to have scared off many who were thinking of joining. It eventually become the final nail in the coffin for a program just a few days short of celebrating a second month online. As reported on my blog on Saturday when RixosFinance was still on Paying status on my monitor, just 12 hours after the admin introduced a new short-term plan (which was originally planned to be available until the end of Tuesday), he decided to withdraw it. It didn’t help RixosFinance though and new deposits didn’t materialize. Perhaps the admin misjudged his audience who seem to have suspected trouble was brewing. Investors nowadays are more savvy, and MNO readers certainly are not stupid. None of my own downline, which was pretty big, invested in the new plan, so I suspect cash flow was becoming an issue.

All in all, RixosFinance has been an extremely popular program among my readers and somehow even managed to overshadow the once undisputed leader Capital7 over the last few weeks. Many members have made some money in RixosFinance while some inevitably lost, just as in every other project. I must say that I personally hoped for a much longer run, but the latest inactivity from investors and lack of re-investments over the holidays contributed to its downfall. Note that, as far I have heard from my readers, withdrawals to Payza and SolidTrustPay are still getting paid by RixosFinance, while payments to anonymous payment processors have completely dried up as of yesterday. If you’re still get payments to STP or Payza yourself then don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, as it’s a well-known fact (also discussed in this article on the MNO Info Center) that many HYIP admins keep paying to verifiable payment options for longer to keep their accounts active and prevent them being suspended with the rest of the funds still in them. As RixosFinance has now removed its Facebook page, Live support is no longer active, and the admin is not responding to emails with many payments to anonymous payment systems pending for well over 24 hours, Problem Status on my monitor is fully justified. RixosFinance is therefore a confirmed scam where I would not recommend making any further investments even if some are still getting paid!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: PayGet, CCCWealth.
From MNO Premium list: RomballForexKingArdexFunds, Cryptonus, AngolaDiamondBandeiraCorpBetStarBTCHourly.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7CopperTradePro, BTCino.
From MNO Basic list: GloboxTrade.

To finish today’s news issue I would also like to mention that I share the concerns expressed by some of my readers regarding the usually long delays for their withdrawals from Capital7. As no withdrawal requests seem to have surpassed the promised 48 business hour timeframe I have no reason to move Capital7 to On Hold on the MNO monitor yet, and all I can do is to write to the admin which was initially exclusively monitored on MNO and ask him to comment. There might be nothing to worry about of course, but the status of Capital7 on the MNO monitor can change in a heartbeat if I get any verifiable complaints from my referrals regarding overdue requests. So let me know if any of you experience longer delays in payments from Capital7 and I will review your complaint as soon as possible. For now I would recommend holding off on any further investments in Capital7 but everything should be clear by tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated on the MNO blog and my ShoutBox, so stay tuned for that tomorrow, guys. I’ll also have a detailed look at a new program from the Standard List accepting STP and Payza called BTCino. If you wish to stay connected please follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to my daily news by entering your email address in the form in the top right hand corner of the MNO blog page. Best of luck with your investments and see you tomorrow!

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