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Beware! PayGet has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! We have a few things to catch up on in today’s news section, though overall I can’t say it’s been overly busy in the HYIP industry these past couple of days. Not always such a bad thing of course, as “stability” is the one word everyone always wants to hear in this business, and stability is what we have. Before moving on to the day’s news stories though I’m pleased to discuss a new program on the MNO monitor in a bit more detail called PayGet. It’s a medium term HYIP that you might remember was first introduced on my blog on Monday of this week having been launched about a week or so prior to that. The admin has decided the program has passed the first phase of growth and is now ready for wider exposure to a more international audience with a Sticky option for the first week, making PayGet more visible and declaring his intent to challenge some of the bigger more established names. There’s a few unusual features to PayGet to set it apart from a lot of the other mid-term programs that so dominate the HYIP market at the moment, something which I guess the admin has to accommodate if he wants his program to stand out from the crowd. Of course on the other hand one needs to remember there can be a very fine line between innovation and just plain novelty sometimes. So let’s take a closer look at PayGet and see if you like it enough to make part of your portfolios.
Starting with the investment plans then, PayGet have one very simple plan, but it’s organized along some very unusual lines. First of all let me give you a very brief and abridged version. You can join PayGet for an affordable minimum deposit of just $10. The investment term runs for 30 calendar days, and every day members will earn 5% interest. PayGet include your principal as part of the payments, and so will not be returning it on expiry. Therefore by the end of the term, your total earnings come to 150%, made up of your own money back plus 50% net profit. There is no upper limit to what you may spend in PayGet, however no matter how much you invest the same terms and conditions apply, so it’s a final return of 150% whether you’re spending just $10 or $10,000.

OK, so that sounds pretty straight-forward, right? Well that’s about to change because PayGet have a very unusual and unique payment schedule. You see, you will always get 5% during the course of a calendar day, but the make up of the payments will be different. Here’s how it works. For the first ten days of the term, PayGet will make hourly interest payments. These are to the amount of 0.20833%. With 24 of these such payments in a day, that’s 5% interest every 24 hours in total. Things slow down a bit during the second ten day period (days 11 to 20 inclusive) when members only receive one payment of 2.5% made every 12 hours, though obviously you are still getting 5% in total over 24 hours. Then for the final ten days of the thirty day term PayGet finally begins to resemble a regular HYIP, paying members just once per day at the full rate of 5%.

So let’s take a simple monetary example of how that might work and say you invested $100 with PayGet. As you already know your money is now tied up for the following 30 days, that being the length of the term. For the first ten days PayGet make a small payment every hour of just under $0.21. Over the course of one full day these payments gradually add up to $5 in total. In the middle of the term from days 11 to 20 the frequency of the payments slows down to one payment every 12 hours, but the rate increases to 2.5%. So in the case of our $100 deposit that’s $2.50 which is still $5 per full calendar day. It’s at this point, i.e. 20 days into the term that you reach the break-even point as PayGet have been counting your principal as part of their payments. For the final 10 day stretch of the term therefore, days 21 to 30, everything you earn is net profit and pure passive income. PayGet at this point continue making just one single payment of 5%, in our case $5, per day. The term ends with you collecting a grand total of $150, or your own money back plus an extra $50 on top for your investment.

To be honest I’m not fully sure that I like it or not. I mean there’s nothing bad about it, I’m just not sure that I see the point. Is it being different just for the sake of looking to be different, or is there a genuinely good reason for doing things this way? Like I said at the start, is it original and innovative, or just a novelty? That’s up to the investors to decide, and I guess we’ll have our answer within the next couple of weeks depending on whether PayGet becomes a popular pick or not. I doubt it will hurt the program though, given that several of the more popular programs offer competitive rates for similar terms then we already know the business model is popular, and if a novelty is what it takes to make PayGet jump off the page and grab your attention then fine.

Another unusual feature is how payments themselves are processed. They’re entirely automated, so the investor has absolutely nothing to do. You get paid automatically by PayGet without the need to log into your members account area, make a request, and then cross your fingers while looking at the clock and waiting. Obviously I would strongly urge all of you who do join the program to monitor your payment processor accounts very closely to make sure these payments do indeed get made – take nothing for granted after all – but once the first one is received the others should follow in a regular pattern. Also try and keep track of exactly where you are in the cycle so you know exactly when PayGet will switch you from hourly to twice daily and finally to once daily payments.

On the subject of payment processors by the way, the choice is reasonable enough. If any program wants to make it big these days, they simply have to have at least one transparent and verifiable option, something that PayGet have in the form of Payza. The situation with Payza requires some expansion on a couple of points which I’ll give you in a moment, I just want to remind you that if you prefer then PayGet are also accepting deposits using PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney. All payments are instant and as I explained automatic, so no need for you to do anything other than make sure you receive them. Payments can only be made to the processor you joined with. Smaller investors in particular should keep in mind that different processors have different minimum transactions. This is especially relevant to Payza where the minimum is $1, so you may not receive your automatic payment if you are not owed at least that amount. Also to ease what was constantly mounting pressure on the various payment processor APIs (due to so many hourly payouts) it became necessary to put a minimum limit on what gets paid automatically and what will need to be requested. From now on payments of $0.50¢ and more will continue as always to be automatic. For anything lower than that you can either wait for the figure to grow, or if you can’t wait that long for a couple of cents then log in to your members area and place a withdrawal request as you would in most other programs.

Also on the subject of Payza, at the time of writing all deposits are still being made in manual mode. As the PayGet admin has shown me, both of his accounts with them are business verified, so we can only speculate that the delay in approving their payments button is because of an ongoing historical backlog affecting several of Payza’s services due to their struggle to keep up with a rapidly increasing demand. If that bothers you then by all means feel free to wait until Payza deal with the situation, I can however confirm that despite the deposits being done manually PayGet are still making payments via Payza automatically just as they are to all other processors.

Looking into the more technical aspects of the program such as design and security, I can tell you that PayGet runs off a licensed version of the H-Script. I don’t know how many of you would have recognized it in the first place (it’s not as popular as GoldCoders despite being every bit as good), however in this case its been significantly modified to accommodate all the different payment schedules and of course the automated payouts as well. It’s all quite user friendly and easy to navigate though, and nothing over-complicated. Aside from the PayGet logo bearing an uncanny resemblance to PayPal (something I doubt is mere coincidence!) the website is otherwise well constructed and professional looking. PayGet is available in two languages, English and Russian, with the Russian version being the stronger. For a host the PayGet admin has opted for what is perhaps the leading service provider in the HYIP market at the moment in DDoSGuard. They are providing the necessary technical support and protection, and are keeping the PayGet website on a dedicated server. For an additional layer of security as SSL certificate from Comodo helps with safer browsing and securing the transactions. The website’s homepage features a promotional video introduction to the program, and like the rest of the website is available in English and Russian (I’ve included the English version on the MNOVision page here). Other features include members testimonials, all the most recent payout stats, and a graphic description of the investment plan which includes a “sliding calculator” where you simply drag your cursor along the chart to see how much you might expect to earn from the amount of money you are looking to spend.

For any follow up questions you might still have for the admin or any account related issues you need to have dealt with there are a number of ways you can get in touch with either the admin or the PayGet support. The best place to start is of course always the Live Chat support which is ready to help answer your queries in real time. You’ll see a little pop-up window in the bottom left hand corner which you just need to click on in order to open. If that doesn’t do the trick then write to the admin by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it via PayGet‘s contacts page. Fans of social media/networking sites may also be pleased to see that PayGet also has accounts on Facebook and VK that you can use to connect with them. The admin has also proved quite communicative in the past, frequently updating members on his program’s latest developments on the website’s news page and running a number of cash prize promotional contests to encourage members to spread the word about PayGet.

For the record, and this is not something I suggest you pay much attention to but just in case anyone is interested, PayGet claim to be somehow involved with the exchange of electronic currencies. Texts making this claim are to say the least a bit garbled, and nothing in the way of any solid evidence is offered to back any of this up. And anyway, as with all business claims you see in the HYIP industry even if it was true there’s never any guarantee it still has to be profitable. So better as always to treat PayGet just as you would every other online HYIP. That means establishing a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, keeping your expectations modest, and if joining PayGet at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



The administration of the above reviewed PayGet is already well known for an aggressive marketing campaign which along with the most expensive listing and ads purchased on MNO include issuing daily newsletters to encourage current and future investors to stay active. Just yesterday a longer than usual newsletter was emailed to PayGet members giving latest stats and announcing the three lucky winners of the promo video contest. The admin also mentioned MNO as “the largest and most reputable invest portal” which is certainly true. The proof is in the pudding as they say, because people only started talking about PayGet everywhere after it was prominently listed on MNO’s Sticky/Premium List despite the program being online for eleven days now in total. I believe that the current advertising campaign undertaken by the admin of PayGet will see some positive results which current investors can capitalize on provided, of course, that the admin has the long term aim of staying online. So far I can see that PayGet is getting more attention from my readers after the first two days of listing and they are enjoying their automated hourly profits. Besides, every 100th deposit in PayGet will be credited with a $10 bonus and the last recipients of this bonus were also featured in both yesterday’s and today’s newsletters republished below:

Very good news from PayGet!
Congratulations to all investors PayGet with the remarkable date – the first anniversary of our investment program since the start of which was held for 10 days.
10 days of the course is only the beginning of our long journey, but at the same time a wonderful occasion to congratulate all, to sum up the results of certain and naturally give gifts!
Thus, for 10 days in PayGet:
registered more than 3,800 investors,
investors paid more than 18,000 USD.
PayGet reached the level of a major international investment vehicle with investors around the world!
The proposed terms of the dignity of our investment and automatic payments appreciated many private investors in all corners of the globe, and a great referral program allows our investors to disseminate information about us and earn more.
During these 10 days we have also appreciated the various Internet bloggers. For information about our company is represented and placed on the largest and most reputable invest portal http://money-news-online.com/monitoring/mno/
We continue to develop and we want to express our gratitude to all our investors for their assistance and support.
And now to the pleasant Rewarding!
Completed action «Cool video». Summed up its conclusions. Introducing the list of winners:
1st place prize of $ 100 an investor: seanlogan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiBEVBACxL8
2nd place prize of $ 50 investor: SALARIODCASA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71_DO03uvXA
3rd prize $ 20 investor: freedom44 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkwgqv6Slfk
And our good tradition every 100th investor receives a prize of $ 10, and we reward our new investors:
3500 Investor: usen93 usen.sadykovich@mail.ru
3600 Investor: Igor tregubov.igori@mail.ru
3700 Investor: wopaj4fd maksbond787@gmail.com
3800 Investor: Enigma363 lee.rhodes.marketing@gmail.com
Remember to get the prize winners of the daily actions must be within 24 hours to contact our support team.
Do not forget to make a profit in PayGet Amazingly Simple!
PayGet – profit machine!

The next news from PayGet.
The number of our investors constantly and steadily grows as the excellent investment offer from PayGet and perfect round-the-clock payments in completely automatic the mode and accurately according to the established schedule directly on your purse it is fine!
It can confirm to any of our investors, and the number of our investors has at the moment exceeded 4000 people.
We by convention award our new investors for their decision to join earnings in our Company.
3900 investor: rose22 zanza12345@gmail.com of $10
4000 investor: Heckantrieb 3.r.flo@freenet.de of $100
4100 investor: hadimour dairsenegra@gmail.com of $10
4200 investor: elashraf r_ash36@yahoo.com of $10
We remind, for receiving a prize winners of a daily action need to contact within 24 hours our support service.
Don’t forget that to get profit in PayGet surprisingly simply!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: PayGet.
From MNO Premium list: RixosFinanceRomballForexKing, ArdexFundsBandeiraCorp.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro.
From MNO Basic listGloboxTrade, TokyoInvestmentCompany.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. As you see it was all about one program, but others listed on MNO keep paying fine without any fuss and that’s really a great situation in the HYIP industry now. We really need some stability and believe investors deserve to enjoy profits with relative piece of mind after a couple of turbulent years which are hopefully behind us now. Of course, even among better looking programs there are the leaders that others follow and you can find the Top Five most popular programs among my readers along with a brief description and some monitoring stats in the article you can read here. And by clicking here you can vote for the program from this Top Five which has been the most profitable for you so far. For now the clear leader is Capital7 (reviewed here) in the poll closely followed by the newer but rapidly gaining RixosFinance (reviewed here). I’ll see you again on the blog on Friday, but will be closely watching all the programs listed on the MNO monitor and will notify you if something important happens or a new programs gets listed on MNO. Thanks for supporting me and all your positive feedback on my hard work in helping maintaining the stability in the HYIP industry and working exclusively with high-budget programs run by the most experienced admins. Stay safe and enjoy your profits with MNO approved programs, guys!

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