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Beware! BetStar has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello again everyone, hope you’re all well after the weekend and are looking forward to the new business week as much as I am! There’s a couple of news stories to discuss in the second half of today’s update, but as has been the case for some time now everything seems to be bubbling along nicely with no major upsets or surprises. Yet another week comes and goes where stability is the only thing of note, and I for one can’t complain about that. The main point of today’s news update however is going to be BetStar, the latest HYIP to join the MNO monitor‘s Premium List. Regular players may well recognize the name already, given that BetStar has been around for a couple of weeks now. But for the sake of readers who might only play the HYIP industry occasionally I should just make it clear that BetStar is not a brand new program, just new to MNO, where the admin has bought listing after three weeks. Coincidentally (perhaps) that’s also exactly how long it took to bring most of the very first BetStar investors to profit, so I guess the admin may well see his program as “proven” in some way and is now ready to start expanding his horizons and bring it to a wider global audience. So let’s take a closer look at how BetStar works then and if you think it might make a worthy addition to your own portfolios.
Starting with the investment plans as usual then, BetStar follow a business model that’s proved to be very popular in the HYIP industry these last few months, with several popular programs offering similar style variations. What you have is a choice between a number of medium term plans that make daily interest payments for 30 days, or a shorter term on expiry plan that makes just one payment after a week. That looks OK on paper but in reality most investors will find their options a bit more limited than that due to the high cost of joining most of BetStar‘s plans.

The good news however is that you don’t need to be a high spending roller to join. In fact BetStar have a very affordable minimum deposit of just $10 to join their first plan. The term runs for 30 calendar days, during which members can expect a daily payment of 5% interest on their deposit. At the end of the term your payments add up to 150% in total, and with BetStar counting your initial principal as part of the payments that means you are left with 50% net profit for joining. The upper limit for this plan is $499.

To take a simple monetary example of what that might look like in practical terms then, let’s say you want to join with a $100 investment. BetStar should then spend the following 30 days paying you back $5 per day. By expiry that comes to $150 in total, so including your principal that makes it your own money back plus $50 profit for yourself. A more important statistic of course is reaching the break even point, that is to say when you earn back an amount equivalent to your investment therefore making it impossible to lose money no matter what might go wrong in the program after that. In this case you earn back your own money after 20 payments, and everything after that is pure passive profit.

Most of the remaining plans are simply variations of the one I’ve just described, with the only differences being that BetStar, typically for an online HYIP, offer more and more generous interest rates in exchange for bigger and bigger deposits. For example, deposits in the range of a $500 minimum up to $999 can earn a rate of 5.5% interest per day, also for 30 calendar days. BetStar have included your initial deposit in these payments and so will not be returning it separately, meaning your final earnings of 165% is your own money back plus an extra 65% in net profit on top of that for yourself.

As the basic rules for bigger deposits remain unchanged, ie daily payments that include your principal for 30 calendar days, I’ll just briefly mention the higher rates for anyone who might be interested. So, an investment between $1,000 and $1,999 would see BetStar offer you a return of 6% per day. That comes to 180% in total by expiry, of which 80% is net profit.
Bigger spenders making investments in the range of $2,000 up to as much as $4,999 are then offered a daily rate of 6.5% interest for the term. By the end that would see you take back a final return of 195% in repayments, or 95% in net profit which is almost double your money.
Investors playing with amounts starting from a $5,000 minimum are offered 7% per day in interest on amounts up to a maximum of $9,999. That eventually comes to 210% in total, or with BetStar already counting your principal in there it’s more accurate to say a 110% profit.
And finally, just for information purposes as much as anything else, if anyone wants to invest between $10,000 and an upper limit of $50, 000 then BetStar are making an offer of 8% per day. 30 days later that comes out as 240% in total, or your own money back plus 140% net profit.

For the final plan BetStar change direction completely, offering a single payment on expiry of a much shorter term. Trouble is that with a $1,000 minimum required to join it might just be beyond the reach of the average player. But if money is no object to you and you want to try your luck, BetStar are offering a 115% payout on all deposits, regardless of size and with no maximum limit, after 7 calendar days. As with all other plans your principal is already counted as part of that, so you get your own money back plus 15% net profit. On a profit-per-day basis it is of course quite a bit less than making the same size deposit in any of the equivalent 30 day plans above, it just comes with the advantage of getting you into profit a lot faster if that’s what you are looking for.

The next thing you’ll probably want to hear about if you like any of plans is what exactly are your payment options. For now these are limited to entirely anonymous processors, with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash available for those who prefer the more traditional methods of moving their money and BitCoin for anyone who favors a more modern digital e-currency. Profits are accrued in your BetStar members account area exactly 24 hours after the time you made your initial deposit and can then be withdrawn. For that you will need to log in to your account, place the payment request, and then allow the BetStar admin anything up to a 24 hour maximum waiting period to complete your transaction manually.

Moving on to the more technical side of things now such as design and security, BetStar really is a wonderfully professional looking program, constructed to a very high standard from top to bottom. I guess most of the regular industry players will probably recognize the script, being from one of the more popular service providers in the HYIP industry. It’s a licensed version of the GoldCoders script of course, and comes will the trademark user friendly and easy to navigate features that even a beginner can master which we’ve come to expect from them. For a hosting provider the BetStar admin has opted for the equally reliable DDoSGuard, who are keeping the website on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from malicious attacks. For a further layer of online security BetStar also have an SSL encryption certificate from Comodo to allow safer financial transactions and all around more secure browsing of the website. Another feature you might like and one that will definitely help to make BetStar a lot more appealing to a wider international audience is the fact that the site has now been translated into several different languages. English remains the default version as you might expect, but if that’s not your strong point then you simply click on the appropriate flag near the top right hand corner of the BetStar homepage to switch between English, Russian, Spanish, or German depending on whichever of these you feel the most comfortable with. There’s also a handy profit calculator to help you see exactly how much you can earn from any given sum of money. These figures are already explained in the plan descriptions however so it’s not really as useful as you might think.

For any further questions you might have for the BetStar admin that you don’t think were explained in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there’s a number of ways you can get in touch. The first thing you need to check is probably the Live Chat support. Once you have an operator there you might be able to get your enquiries dealt with in real time without the need to compose any lengthy e-mails. If you prefer then you can either fill in your details on the online e-mail customer support form and submit it via the website’s contact page, or else simply mail the BetStar admin directly at the address listed. The one thing I would suggest you ignore is the postal address as these things mostly tend to be just virtual serviced office spaces and not where you would find anyone connected with operating BetStar physically located. The idea of postal addresses for entirely internet based HYI programs is a bit obsolete anyway, I guess it’s just there to lend a certain picture of traceability to newbies. On the other hand the postal address does at least come with an accompanying telephone number, so feel free to give that a try if you expect someone might answer. For fans of social media networks you might be more pleased to see the BetStar admin keeping a profile on Facebook, so you’re free to join the program’s group there if you want.

There’s not much else I can add to that really, except for anyone who’s interested in BetStar‘s alleged business activities that we are told support the payments to investors, well, you’ll probably have figured it out from the name that it’s sports betting. Not the first time we’ve heard this story in the HYIP industry and I doubt it will be the last, there’s not much in the way of solid evidence that you can independently research and verify for yourselves. That being said, even if it was true then remember if there’s one line of work which can never possibly guarantee you a profit then it’s got to be this one. You don’t need to know the first thing about sports to close your eyes, stick a pin in the newspaper, and land on the winner while so-called experts can spend hours analyzing things and still get everything completely wrong. That’s what makes it gambling I suppose. Anyway, experienced players know better than to pay too much attention to that, it’s best to treat BetStar as you would any other online HYIP and proceed with caution. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that it won’t hurt you to lose if things don’t go your way, and if joining BetStar at all then try and use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



The admin of BetStar seems to be pretty excited even before his program was reviewed on MNO, as only the second newsletter in their three weeks online was dedicated last night entirely to listing his program on MNO. He also encouraged everyone satisfied with the program’s performance to vote for BetStar on the MNO monitor. For those unfamiliar with my rules I would like to remind you that I use the best spam filter when it comes to checking votes submitted for any program on the MNO monitor – my own personal judgment. That means that both negative and positive votes go to pending status after you submit them before my approval then which is usually done in less than 24 hours. This is done to eliminate spam, unwanted affiliate links, and simply trolls and negative comments from blackmailers. Of course, negative comments are also allowed, but only after contacting me personally via the MNO Contact page and explaining what the problem was. With BetStar that is, of course, unnecessary as the program has been paying to everyone like clockwork so far and I noticed only positive comments waiting approval there. I also saw that after the admin’s newsletter quite a few positive votes from the members of BetStar already in profit kept coming and you can see them by clicking on the link to the dedicated monitoring page which was shared by the admin:

BetStar is now listed on MNO!
Dear investors and members of BetStar,
We just wanted to send a quick email to inform everyone that BetStar is now listed on one of the top investment monitoring sites – Money News Online!
Check out our listing here: http://money-news-online.com/monitoring/mno/pro.php?details=942, and be sure to continue showing your support by voting and posting payment proofs!
We have many great things planned for BetStar and will have some new important updates coming soon, so stay tuned!
Thank you, BetStar, Ltd.


Romball (reviewed here) has been quite a popular program among my readers. After just forty-five days online the project has been successfully moved up the ranks and is currently sitting in the #2 position on the MNO monitor. No surprise that it was also included in the last Top Five Popular Programs on MNO article which is still relevant and can be read here. One of Romball‘s main features has always been the instant payouts made to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts – the only payment processors accepted by the program for a $1 minimum which makes it affordable for literally everyone. Today the very first investors who joined the 45 day plan should be in profit, but with the longest plan running for a 90 day term I see no reason why that can’t be achieved too. I have grounds to believe the program’s financial stats are quite healthy and lots of new investors are joining and depositing on a daily basis. The proof of that is the admin purchasing expensive banner spots on the MNO monitor for a month recently and is also working on getting more Chinese speaking investors by translating the website. I’m really pleased with such great results in Romball so far, outperforming many people’s expectations. If you’re interested to learn more about Romball then check out my detailed review of the program published here. If you don’t have time for that I’ll just say the investment plans all return your principal on expiry and offer the following returns where the investment term is assigned by the script automatically according to the size of your investment – 1.2% for 15 days, 1.7% for 30 days, 2% for 45 days, 2.4% for 60 days, 2.8% for 75 days, 3.3% for 90 days.


If you read the previous review of Cryptonus posted on my blog here, you perhaps noticed that by now it’s become totally obsolete. Since the program first came online six weeks ago and was listed on MNO shortly after that, the investment plans offered by Cryptonus have changed beyond recognition. So, given this fact as well as taking into consideration the admin’s decision to upgrade Cryptonus from Standard to Premium listing on MNO, I’ve decided to update the review of Cryptonus which will be posted on my blog within the next couple of days. Other changes that happened with Cryptonus over the last few weeks is the reduction of minimum investments from 0.25 BTC to 0.025 BTC, a ten fold decrease which at current exchange rates comes to around $11 and, of course, the very latest news of the addition of PerfectMoney as before that Cryptonus exclusively worked with BitCoin investments only. I remind you that the program has an unorthodox approach to investments that don’t require members making any withdrawals in order to get paid and embracing simplicity with a lack of investment areas or referral programs. Apparently, the lack of payment processors led to stagnation despite the decent promotion of Cryptonus made by the admin which saw him change the program’s investment plans recently as well. The current set of investment plans will be discussed in the upcoming updated review of Cryptonus while today I’ll just briefly say that many variations are available. Generally, the investment term varies from 2 to 4 weeks while earlier only a 4 week term was available with a huge variety of weekly automated payments from 0% to 120% per week. How is it possible to get paid 0% per week and still be in profit with Cryptonus you might ask? All will be explained in the upcoming review. Please note that for the purpose of accepting investments via PerfectMoney there was a mirror website created which can be accessed via Cryptonus-PM.com with all the features of the original BitCoin website on the new website too, except for maybe the translations with the Cryptonus-PM website so far only in Russian and English.


Just before I finish for tonight I want to bring your attention to a hopefully minor issue with Payza. I say hopefully minor because according to Payza themselves they are hoping to have the whole thing cleared up in 18 hours or less. Basically there are some accessibility issues with the Payza website at the moment, with ongoing interruptions and connectivity issues. For now I can’t really elaborate on what the reasons are simply because Payza themselves haven’t adequately explained the situation. What they have done however is to acknowledge that they are aware of the problem, and have their support technicians working fervently to put things right as soon as they can. A couple of updates have appeared on the Payza Facebook page in the last couple of hours, again simply stating they are working on a solution without explaining the roots of the problem. I guess it’s a fair assumption that you can keep an eye on Facebook then to see any further info when the situation is finally brought under control. Here’s the link that you can check out for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/payzaglobal with the two latest updates available for public viewing at the time of writing:

Hello Payza People! We are aware of issues affecting our website that may cause problems when you try to connect to Payza. Our team is working to resolve this as quickly as possible. More updates will follow.

Hello Payza People! Our team is repairing a technical issue with our website and expect everything to be back to normal within 18 hours. You may experience some interruptions and connection errors until that time. Thank you for your understanding, more updates will follow.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: PayGet.
From MNO Premium list: RixosFinanceRomballForexKingArdexFunds, CryptonusBandeiraCorp, BetStar (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro, GainROI.
From MNO Basic listGloboxTrade.

That’s all for today, guys. I just want to encourage you to keep voting in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page asking how much importance you place on instant payouts when joining a HYIP. Opinions are so far divided with no clear leader. Too early to draw any conclusions then, but to have your say click here to vote – it will only take a second and your opinion is always valued. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon with an updated review of Cryptonus and the latest events from the world of elite investment programs run by professional admins. Stay tuned for more and always be on the money with money-news-online!

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