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27/04/2016. Cryptonus Updated Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Cryptonus has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! For the main article today I want to do something a bit different from usual, so let me please first explain why and give you some background information. I’ll get to the day’s news stories as usual in the second part, don’t worry, just keep reading for that. First of all I want to return to Cryptonus which as you might know is a medium term HYIP on my monitor and already reviewed over a month ago. I’m going to review it for a second time today, and just to avoid any confusion and so you know I’m not simply repeating myself for the hell of it I’d like to explain why. In the past when any changes were made to the programs I monitor I would always report on this in my news bulletins, but the actual original reviews themselves would rarely be edited. I’ve recently decided to change this policy for Premium List programs, and go back and make slight adjustments to the reviews from time to time if/when any significant changes deem it necessary. Only important changes now, for example if new plans were added, or a Live Chat feature introduced. In the case of Cryptonus however, and just to be clear on this, yes, they were originally a Standard Listed program but later upgraded to Premium, the program is all but unrecognizable. It’s underwent a complete overhaul since first launching, so honestly I just think it’s better to start again from scratch rather than go back and edit the old version. It would have taken a complete re-write anyway. Just in case you are interested in the more humble beginnings of Cryptonus you can always read the first review here, just don’t pay too close attention as much of the information there is now obsolete.
So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s carry on and see what Cryptonus is all about and whether the revamped version is sufficiently improved to work its way into your portfolios if the older version failed to inspire you. You might remember that Cryptonus version #1 dealt exclusively with BitCoin investments, that being the only payment option open to you. That brings us to the first major change in the program as not only do Cryptonus now accept PerfectMoney, there’s even an entirely new website if that’s what you want to use for investing. The default Cryptonus website is still entirely dedicated to BitCoin investments only, but if you prefer to use PerfectMoney then click the relevant link and you will be taken to a “mirror” site. This is identical to the default version in appearance but is a completely different address and deals exclusively with PerfectMoney deposits only. Decide which payment method you prefer, and proceed to the relevant version of the Cryptonus website to continue.

Whether you prefer BitCoin or PerfectMoney, Cryptonus offer three investment plans. They are organized along very unique and unusual lines insofar as investors are given a choice of payment schedules, with those taking the higher risk also being offered the higher reward. I think this will become clear after I explain the first one, so don’t worry if it sounds a bit complicated at first. The three plans run for terms lasting two weeks, three weeks, and four weeks respectively. Investors receive weekly interest payments for the duration. In the original review of Cryptonus by the way I described all plans using BitCoin amounts only, dollars being irrelevant as they were not accepted. This time I’m going to change that as PerfectMoney is now on board.

Starting then with the shortest term plan of 2 calendar weeks, you can join Cryptonus for a minimum spend of $10, or the BTC equivalent. During this time members will receive one interest payment per week, but the exact rates are left for you to decide. Cryptonus are including your principal as part of these payments. Your choices are as follows. You can receive 55% interest per week, leaving you with with a final return of 110%. That’s your own money back plus 10% net profit. A slightly riskier but more profitable option is to take a 40% interest payment after the first week, and then a second payment of 75% on completion of the following week. This gives you a total profit of 15%. Alternatively you can forego any payments at all for the first week of the term, and simply allow Cryptonus to make one single payment of 120% on expiry of the term, giving you a 20% net profit.

To put all of that into practical monetary terms then, let’s suppose you invest $100 with Cryptonus in this plan. These would be your possible choices – receive $55 per week for a $110 return, receive $40 after the first week and $75 after the second for a total of $115, or else just wait for expiry of the term and get a once off payment of $120.

To be honest I believe the choice here is easier than you think. You see the “dilemma” is how strongly you believe Cryptonus are (or are not) capable of surviving the full term, and long enough to put you into some level of profit. Obviously if the program collapses after a week, well, you at least cut your losses and come away with something. Not a profit, but it’s more of a “damage control” exercise where you take a partial loss instead of a full one. So what’s so easy about that you might ask? Simple, if you genuinely don’t expect any program (and I mean all HYIPs now, not just Cryptonus) to survive long enough for you to see a clear profit then quite frankly you have absolutely no business joining them. You join HYIPs for one reason alone which is to make a profit. Do all the research you want, weigh up the facts, the pros and the cons, and make a decision. If you think you’re going to win then go for it, if you think you’re going to lose then walk away, it’s not that difficult a choice.

Anyway, I hope that gives you a better understanding of how the remaining plans operate. The second plan then runs for 3 calendar weeks, and Cryptonus require a minimum investment of $50 to join. Again weekly payments are offered to members, with the exact schedule left up to the individual investor. You can choose from one of the following three options:
Have Cryptonus make three equal payments of 40% interest per week. With your principal included that comes to 120% in total, or 20% net profit.
Alternatively you can receive some relatively minor payments of 20% for the first week, 30% for the second week, followed by a bigger payment of 75% for the final week. This adds up to 125% in total, so with Cryptonus including your principal it’s a 25% net profit.
The third choice is to receive nothing at all for the first week, then get a 40% interest payment for the second week, and complete the cycle with a final payment of 95% in the third week. Including your own money this would give a 35% net profit. As with the first plan I again suggest you pay less attention to the numbers and more attention to whether or not you feel genuinely confident in the abilities of Cryptonus to deliver a profit when deciding which, if any, payment schedule is suitable for your own needs and expectations.

Lastly then the third and final plan sees Cryptonus offer a plan running for 4 calendar weeks. You will need at least a $100 minimum to join. Members receive four weekly interest payments which include your principal, and the choice is between the following:
Four (almost) balanced payments of 30%, 30%, 35%, and another 35% to give a grand total of 130% by expiry. This of course is a 30% net profit.
The second option is to have Cryptonus pay slowly increasing increments of 20%, 30%, 40%, and 50% after each respective week. This option eventually gives you 140% back on your investment, from which 100% is your own money and 40% the net profit.
Your other choice is to receive nothing on completion of the first week, and only start receiving payments at the end of the second. The full weekly payment schedule here then is 0%, 30% after week two, 40% after week three, and 80% after week four. With Cryptonus including your principal in all of that the final return of 150% is your own money plus 50% profit.

I think I’ve already covered the payment options for Cryptonus, so just to reiterate they are limited to either BitCoin or PerfectMoney. Not great in terms of choice, though obviously there’s nothing wrong with either option in its own right as both are perfectly good service providers with little to complain about as long as you are aware of the limitations. And it’s still an improvement over the original Cryptonus anyway. As for the payouts, there are no withdrawal requests as such due to all payouts being made automatically. Cryptonus should just pay you what ever you are owed to the BitCoin or PerfectMoney wallet you used to join the program at the appropriate date without you needing to log in and ask for it. In line with that, i.e. no withdrawal requests and automated payouts, there isn’t really a members back office area in the usual sense. Instead, in order to be able to keep track of your investment you simply need to enter your BitCoin or PerfectMoney wallet number. This will then show you the size of your principal, how much you are expected to earn by expiry, your accrual, and what date your next payment is due.

On the more technical side of things then such as design and security, as I’ve already mentioned the single biggest change in this regard is the fact that Cryptonus is now sitting on two separate and individual domain names – one site for BitCoin users and the other for PerfectMoney, though aside from that both websites are more or less identical. They are hosted on dedicated servers with the support and protection of Koddos. For an extra layer of protection Cryptonus have an SSL encryption certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The program is powered off a licensed H-Script and is bilingual, being available in both Russian and English. If you have any further questions then the first and best point of contact is the Live Chat feature which has been added since the original review. I’ve tried it out myself and assuming you are online with an operator at the time it’s fast and efficient. Otherwise you can compose more detailed requests to the support e-mail address listed on the Cryptonus website.

Two of the single most important changes to Cryptonus that might finally make it more accessible to investors then are the decision to reduce the cost of joining to the affordable limits we now see today, and to add PerfectMoney. Because if you remember in the previous review when only BitCoin was allowed I did warn you against the sometimes wildly unpredictable fluctuations that BitCoin is sometimes prone to. This is something I would stand by. For example, Cryptonus might very well pay you a 110% return after a two week investment term, but the dollar value of that 110% could actually be worth less than your initial deposit depending on how the rates change during that period. Of course it might also increase in value, we just never know for sure. So the introduction of PerfectMoney removes a lot of the uncertainty as when you invest using dollars instead of BTC you can be sure that 110% (for example) means 110% in real value. Apart from that all I can really add is the usual advice that you need to establish a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose without any personal difficulties if things don’t work out for you. And should you decide that Cryptonus is right for you then make more efficient use of them by keeping them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



The first couple of weeks GainROI has been online saw it achieve some impressive results. According to the admin’s update posted on the website last night there’s already over 5,000 active investors in the program. They are getting paid instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. I must say that since it first appeared on the MNO Standard List more than a week ago GainROI proved to be a very popular choice among my readers with dozens of active investors joining under me already. Honestly, if the rate of growth continues at the same rate then GainROI will replace one of the programs from the current MNO Top Five list (read the last article on that here) so you might see it in the next one. It looks like people are enjoying instant payouts and definitely took this fact into consideration when joining GainROI and perhaps already profited from it. There was enough time to do so in its short-term plans and hopefully we’ll see similar success stories from their longer-term plans too. If you haven’t read my full review of GainROI posted here I’ll just remind you that there’s a wide variety of investment plans on offer many of which you can join from just a $10 minimum both with principal back on expiry or principal included in the daily payments. These include: 1%-5% for 5 days (principal back), 9%-13% for 13 days (principal included), 2%-8% for 21 days (principal back), 105%-130% after 5 days, 125%-200% after 15 days, 180%-400% after 30 days. In the short update posted last night the admin promised to work hard to achieve much more in the future and I believe GainROI has a good chance to grow with time improve. I can’t know for sure, of course, but let’s keep our fingers crossed:

Remarkable milestone achieved!
We are proud to announce that today on 26th of April 2016 our Active investor count has surpassed 5,000! The GainROI team would like to thank each end every one of our clients for helping us achieve this important milestone in just 13 days. Your support gives us much needed motivation and we promise to keep working hard on improving your financial future.


The current members of PayGet will surely be pleased to learn that the admin of the program Eugene (read the full interview with him here) has decided to extend both his advertising banner and Sticky List position on the MNO monitor for yet another week. That goes to prove that he has some clear plan in mind to expand its already growing membership. It seems that the majority investors really like PayGet‘s investment plan which, while providing you with a basic total return of 150% over a 30 day term, is doing it differently. Over the first ten days you will get paid an hourly rate of just marginally below 0.21% to give 5% over the course of 24 hours. The second ten days of the term sees you get two payments of 2.5% per day (still 5%), and for the final ten days just a single payment of 5% every 24 hours.

And the best part about that is you don’t even need to login to your account in PayGet as all the payouts are processed by the script automatically to the payment processor you joined with – Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash – at the intervals according to your current period of investment term – hourly, twice daily, or once daily. Recent changes imposed by the admin with the aim of reducing the server workload mean there’s a $0.20 minimum transaction for automated payouts, so if you have an amount smaller than that you can sign into your PayGet account and request it manually. More on the investment plans and the payout schedule is in the detailed review of PayGet posted here.

The continuous growth PayGet has enjoyed for several weeks now would not be possible without the support and promotional efforts of its regular members. Such an active audience are not only attracted by the generous three-tier system of referral rewards, but also tried their luck in different types of promo contests which ran for a couple of weeks and the final results were drawn on Monday night. In the newsletter dedicated mainly this, the admin also took the opportunity to announce that in total an impressive figure of $150K has been paid to the program’s members over its first four weeks online. The full version of the newsletter (congratulations to all the winners, by the way!) can be found below:

PayGet awards!
Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear investors!
Thanks to your support PayGet continues the development and all gains new and new steam.
Since the beginning of our activity the sum more than $150,000 is paid to investors and it is necessary to notice that investors receive all means accurately according to the schedule in the automatic mode and directly in the purse. And it is fine!
Such results and such enormous popularity of our investment program would be impossible without full assistance and support of our investors which distribute information on our company.
It is natural that we have decided to thank the people who are actively participating in life and development of our company and and to thank not only words, but also to stimulate the interest.
Recently we declared an action for our active investors and today we sum up her results and we award winners!
So, we award all those who actively inform PayGet!
Active investors (total of investors with deposits)
1 place – shivani – a prize of $300
2 place – hely211 – a prize of $200
3 place – fbarth – a prize of $100
New registration (total of registration at the investor)
1 place – Olga – a prize of $100
2 place – Alsburov – a prize of $50
3 place – IrenS – a prize of $20
Besides the declared nominations in the conditions of our action we in addition award:
Olga – a prize of $100 – for the qualitative advertizing company PayGet.
Alsburov – a prize of $100 – for active participation in development of PayGet.
Browneagle72 – a prize of $100 – for active participation in development of PayGet.
Seanlogan – a prize of $100 – for qualitative videos reviews of PayGet.
PayGet once again thanks all for the help and development!
Earn, receive, invite in our company and don’t forget that it is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!

And the second update from PayGet last night was dedicated to a matter already discussed on my blog on Monday, which was the downtime in Payza which has been the most popular payment processor among my readers in recent times. The admin of PayGet updated his members about the inaccessibility of Payza and the disruption of processing payments. He also noticed the situation was back to normal and members are currently encouraged to make deposits again. A page with more detailed instructions on how to make a deposit via Payza was added and shared by the admin too. Please check out below to find out more on that and also some surprise that the admin promised for the first of May (sorry, I have no idea what this surprise will be, but hopefully it will be something good):

News on Payza.
Dear investors!
Yesterday Payza has forced to worry enough all the clients with temporary inaccessibility of the website which has occurred without the prevention and proceeded several hours.
In communication inaccessibility of Payza payment service provider us temporarily didn’t process transactions of this EPS in view of impossibility to accept deposits and to carry out payments of funds for this payment service provider.
Despite inaccessibility of the most payment service provider all percent on deposits in Payza in our system are charged according to the standard schedule. (By the way, the similar principle of charge of means is provided also for other EPS – if the website of payment service provider is inaccessible it it isn’t reflected in means of our investors in any way).
After maintenance of Payza of means available to receiving at any time it is possible to remove in your private office.
At the moment Payza works and all investors have an opportunity to create the deposit in this EPS, and also to remove means which are in your private office on balance.
For all those who use Payza payment service provider in addition we report the instruction for creation of the deposit in this payment service provider
Also we want to report for our investors and all those who only think to join our company and to get profit on the automatic machine that we continue to please and to surprise pleasantly.
If the stable growth of investors and accurate automatic payments of PayGet are perceived for a long time by all as something quite usual, and rewardings of active investors of PayGet also for a long time have become a norm, then we report that we have prepared for all very pleasant gift!
We strongly recommend all to visit our site 5/1/2016 – you are expected by very pleasant surprise!
Don’t forget that it is surprisingly simple to get profit in PayGet!
PayGet – profit on the automatic machine!


While on the broader subject of Payza and their recent accessibility issues, as explained by PayGet in the above newsletter you might remember that on Monday Payza experienced some difficulties with clients unable to access the site and/or their accounts. Frequent interruptions were experienced. Well, the estimated time of having everything fixed as stated on Payza‘s official Facebook page was 18 hours, but in fact all had been resolved much faster and their clients were pleased to see the site back up and running barely an hour after I posted the news from them on the MNO blog. There was also an update on the official Facebook page of Payza which you should really bookmark in case the same situation arises in the future to use for your reference and stay informed. Of course, I will also keep you updated if there’s any more important news from Payza as they and SolidTrustPay are the only payment processors I can recommend using when investing in HYIPs, both being perfectly legal and working directly with bank transfers and credit cards. Here is the latest update from Payza posted shortly after the website came back online and is at the time of writing still working as normal:

We’re back Payza People! Everything should be back to normal. Thank you for your patience, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Update: If you have sent us a private message or ticket we will do our best to answer you in a timely manner. Please do not submit multiple tickets or messages through Facebook as this can affect your priority and delay our response. However, if you have sent us a message about the service interruption, you can respond to let us know if everything is working properly again for you.
Thank you again for your patience and understanding,
The Payza Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: PayGet.
From MNO Premium list: RixosFinanceRomballForexKingArdexFunds, BandeiraCorp, BetStar.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro, GainROI.
From MNO Basic listGloboxTrade.

To finish today’s news let me say that I’m very pleased to see that all the investment programs listed on the MNO monitor are working fine. As many of you seem to be aware of the recent wave of scams MNO happily escaped the fate shared by other cheaper monitors, meaning my “pay high price or stay away” policy is working just fine. In fact there has been no scams at all reported over the last month on the MNO monitor, a record I challenge any other monitor to match! Hopefully this positive trend will continue and we will see more quality programs that are capable of bringing profits to their investors joining my monitor as I see that people really like such a no-nonsense approach. I’ll be back again tomorrow with the latest news from the HYIP industry and maybe even with something else worth your attention. Thanks for supporting MNO, guys, and see you again on my blog tomorrow!

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