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Hello all! Welcome back to MNO – the only blog about elite investment opportunities exclusively for high quality programs with big advertising budgets. The current period in the HYIP industry can best be described as slow. Few big projects are starting and many others prefer to stay low-key until the summer. All this and more is discussed in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll coming up in a moment. Other news concerns BTCHourly and perhaps a disappointing end to Romball. I’ll start though with the introduction of a brand-new addition from the MNO Premium List called AppStorm – a program that might be a low-key performer with a decent chance to transform into something big in the next few weeks.


AppStorm was officially launched about a week ago, but since it only offers longer term investment plans we can safely consider it brand new. Depending on the size of your deposit you can make fixed returns of 2.2% to 3% accrued to your account on business days only (Monday to Friday). The duration of the investment term is 90 business days (18 weeks) and principal is returned on expiry. The minimum to invest in AppStorm is $20 and all withdrawals are instant (the feature was tested by me personally a couple of times and I can confirm it’s true). When it comes to payment options though you might face some disappointment, as despite the promotional video of AppStorm (it will be added to the MNOVision page sometime tomorrow), such payment processors as SolidTrustPay, OkPay, and AdvCash are not yet available. I did ask the admin why this is so, and he replied that he would be adding them gradually and that for now you may invest via PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin (deposit is credited to your account automatically after three confirmations if using a BitCoin wallet). We will wait and see if that happens, but perhaps the gradual development and growth is what AppStorm really needs and the addition of the program to the best MNO list makes more sense for now.

At first glance the AppStorm website looks decent enough with an easy on the eye layout managed by the familiar to the majority of investors licensed script from GoldCoders. AppStorm has a decent protection against possible malicious attacks provided by DDoSGuard which keeps the website on a dedicated server. A Green Bar EV SSL-certificate adds secure transactions by Comodo. AppStorm has a representative program and a UK incorporation which makes a certain impression on newbies, but shouldn’t confuse experienced investors who will treat AppStorm as a decent HYIP offering 198% to 270% net profit by the end of an 18-week term. More info will be in the upcoming review by Tuesday at the latest. For now I will leave you with the first newsletter from the admin trying to sell the main advantages of joining AppStorm as well as explaining the alleged business interests:

AppStorm Goes Public !
AppStorm Limited welcomes all visitors on this website. We have built our business for four years and formed a perfect financial strategy. Today we would like to offer you the best terms for stable and long-term earnings. We finally finished the testing period of our online system and are ready for international cooperation and work with attracted assets. Our website is the perfect tool for earning, here you can make your first positive steps towards passive income or supplement your investment portfolio with another reliable source of profits. If you are an experienced investor, then no doubt you’ll appreciate the work done, the result of the company development for past years. We have grown from a small team of programmers to a large company, which is engaged in the production of software for every need.
Accepting our offer, you can easily and most importantly safely receive from 2.2% to 3% on a daily basis with the investment period of 90 working days. All of your accruals will be regular, and the possibility of instant withdrawal funds will be a welcome addition to our service. We have defined an acceptable minimum deposit to guarantee the availability of service to everyone. Thus, you can start investing with the amount from $20 to $20,000.
If you have any questions, please contact us for more information. Today, our project is officially launched, and we are happy to see visitors on our website as well as new clients of AppStorm Limited.


I’m not sure how the admin of BTCHourly keeps track of so many investment plans he adds on a daily basis (with four more added this weekend alone) or how he even conceives of them with stupidly high returns as shown in these newsletters:

BTCHourly – We launch new plan VIP 3 Plan and Silver 4 Plan
Hello All Member,
Today We launch new plan : VIP 3 Plan : 15600% After 3 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 92 Unit. Sold : 8 Unit) and Silver 4 Plan : 8500% After 10 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 86 Unit. Sold : 14 Unit)
Hurry UP !!….Limited time only !!
Deposit Now Here : BTCHourly
Best regards. Buken Dosi
Admin. BTCHourly

BTCHourly – We launch new plan : Fast Profit Plan and Silver 5 Plan
Hello All Member,
Today We launch new plan : Fast Profit Plan : 19000% After 1 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 93 Unit. Sold : 7 Unit) and Silver 5 Plan : 9000% After 7 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 85 Unit. Sold : 15 Unit)
Hurry UP !!….Limited time only !!
Deposit Now Here : BTCHourly
Best regards. Buken Dosi
Admin. BTCHourly.

As you can clearly see, the new and old investment plans paying once on expiry defy all the basic laws of arithmetic and even common logic with shorter-term plans paying, sorry, make that “offering”, higher returns. Just to show you how nonsensical they are I’ll list them all for you here (the ones currently running and not “sold out” yet) – 17000%-19000% after 1 day, 15000%-15600% after 3 days, 15000%-16000% after 4 days, 13500%-15500% after 5 days, 8000%-9000% after 7 days, 12000%-15000% after 8 days, 7500%-8500% after 10 days, 5500%-6000% after 45 days, 8500%-9000% after 60 days. And if that’s not enough they also promise the initial investment back on expiry via BitCoin, PerfectMoney, or Payeer. The only viable plan on which BTCHourly (reviewed here) is still paying instantly and which will remain paying for some time, is the hourly plan of 0.2% to 0.75% returns credited every hour and can be withdrawn before the program eventually collapses. Whether you want to join BTCHourly or not is up to you, but if I were in your place I would perhaps stay away at this point.


One of the most popular programs on MNO was Romball, and over the last couple of weeks it occupied the first spot on my Premium List. It just collapsed over the weekend. I guess the time came when further growth was impossible, given the fact many investors left the industry after the widely publicized collapse of giant programs like Capital7 and RixosFinance, and the program has probably reached its peak and couldn’t go any further. Still, over two months online with the shortest possible investment plan running for only 15 days made it possible for several hundred investors to profit and even make decent returns on their investments with Romball after four full investment cycles. Stable instant payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin payment processors that once ran like clockwork have stalled, eventually being disabled by the admin yesterday. I only learnt of this earlier today when some of my readers posted it on my ShoutBox (as I was occupied with personal matters) and immediately reacted by moving it to Not Paying status on my monitor. You know that the safety of my readers’ deposits is of paramount importance to my work and I always strive to remove such programs as soon as I’m made aware of any problems. Unfortunately with Romball the clock was ticking not over the last week or so with me personally seeing next to no new deposits from the existing members which probably played a major role into its collapse. Great program while it was paying, (aren’t they all!) but for now please make sure not to make any further investments in Romball. With no instant payouts and a total lack of support it’s clear the game is up. Let’s move on to greener pastures and forget the past, like HYIP investors usually do.


To finish things up for this evening then I guess it’s time, being as it is the weekend after all, to take a look at the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll. So I want to draw the final results of the last question and replace it with something new. It was sort of a topical subject in the last poll I suppose, and was connected mainly with the recent wave of big name closures and the knock-on domino effect. In quick succession we saw two former HYIP industry giants in Capital7 and RixosFinance close within a matter of days of each other. We can speculate as to the exact reasons, only the admins will know for a fact, but so many holidays coming in quick succession of each other in a very short period of time will not have helped their cash flow. And when the biggest programs like that go, we often see a sort of trickle down effect hitting the smaller programs who were reliant on the spending generated by the extra income people were taking from the more established ones. In other words if I don’t get any money from “Program A” then I can’t afford “Program B” anymore either, and so both of them close.

But when do you think that last batch of scams we saw in quick succession will come to an end? It has to be sooner or later, the HYIP industry always balances itself out eventually, but the question is when? It’s an easy one to ask, but not so easy to answer, is it? The exact question put to MNO readers then in the last TalkBack poll was this: When do you think the current HYIP industry crisis will end?

Results were mixed, but also very close. Too close in fact to identify any one single group of readers as being predominantly optimistic or pessimistic regarding when they expect the HYIP industry to recover. A lot of you, but by no means the single biggest group, answered simply “In a few days”. This was the view of 26% of readers. Regrettably that has not proven to be the case. The most popular answer was taken by 31% of the MNO readers who said that they expect things to improve only “In a couple of weeks”, possibly a more realistic expectation by now. A relative minority of 17% of the voters think we will see an end to the crisis “By the start of summer”, while the remaining 26% take an even longer view and voted “Even later than that”. It’s hard to say exactly which option is the most accurate, but the only thing that matters is that things have definitely settled down a bit and that more peaks will follow the troughs. It’s not really that easy to do a more detailed analysis of the results when the recovery process is still very much in progress, but we have (fingers crossed) probably turned a corner by now.

That conveniently leads me on then to the subject of the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll question. It’s the middle of May now so whatever way you look at it summer is very much on our doorstep. So what are your personal plans as regards the HYIP industry? Traditionally summers have been slow enough in the industry, not exactly dangerous or marked by a proliferation of scams, but just a lot less activity from both admins and investors. Is this summer going to be any different? Well, to be honest I have my own reasons for thinking things could really go either way between now and September. You see on one hand slow summers always happened as a result of “cycles” in the HYIP industry. In other words it used to slow down because people took vacations, younger investors were away from college/university, and generally people have better things to spend their time and money on than sitting in front of a computer. Come the autumn it was business as usual as people started drifting back in bigger and bigger numbers. Then it took a dip again in the winter months due to the dreaded month of December and all the unpredictability that goes with that, before emerging once more in the spring with a lot of positive new perspectives.

Well, that’s how it used to be in the good old days anyway! There’s neither enough hours in the day nor days in the week to explain just exactly how the HYIP industry came to be so skewered, but that’s where we are. High and low “seasons” as such in the HYIP industry are still a reality, but not as predictable and I suppose a bit less dependent on being in sync with calendar seasons. I mean normally I would say coming into summer that we are due a slowdown coming off the back of a springtime boom. That was definitely 100% the case in most of the ten years I’ve been in this business, I just don’t think it necessarily has to be (or not be) the case this year. We’re not entering the summer on the back of a sustained boom, that’s for sure, and the recovery after the winter season was a lot longer overdue than it should have been. So what does that say for the coming summer season in the HYIP industry? God only knows, it’s literally anyone’s guess!

Judge for yourself then, and tell us exactly what you are planning this summer. The question I am asking is this: What will you be doing in the HYIP industry for the summer?

And the answers are:
a) Mostly nothing, I’m on vacation.
b) Less than usual, I have other commitments.
c) The same as always, the time of year is not important.
d) I am expecting some good opportunities soon, I’ll be busy!

Thanks as always in advance for voting, guys. Remember it only takes a second, and is completely anonymous unless of course you want to discuss your answer on the MNO ShoutBox as you are welcome to. The poll will stay open as usual for around a week or so, maybe ten days, but long enough so that everyone who wants to vote has ample opportunity to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFundsBetStarBTCHourlyBandeiraCorpCryptoStability, Golden8, AppStorm (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: BTCino.
From MNO Basic list: LottoSyndicat (the first instant payments received).

That’s about all for tonight, guys. I’ll be back to you in the next business week, either tomorrow or Tuesday with lots of new updates from the most elite programs you can only find on the MNO monitor and the full review of the newly added program AppStorm. Remember to vote in the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page and be more active on the MNO ShoutBox, as your contribution there will never go unnoticed and early warnings about pending scams can save you and your fellow investors a lot of money. Thanks for reading MNO, guys, and hope to see you all again soon.

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