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Hello guys! It appears the whole HYIP industry is in bad shape right now with lots of scams targeting investors just trying to recoup other recent losses. Of course, not all the programs are the same, but even professional admins with lots of experience seem to have started launching fast scams, possibly in order to collect more funds to run something better in the summer. By the way, according to the preliminary results of the poll running on the MNO TalkBack page the majority of readers are prepared to be as active this coming summer as they were in spring, and about 20% are even looking to even increase their investing activities. At the moment though the HYIP industry is pretty slow. I myself am not very active with blogging either and am really enjoying my days outside during the Russian spring when everything is blossoming and the air is warm and fresh. Just in a couple of days I’m going to start my tour of Italy where I am about to spend a whole month traveling, tasting local cuisine and wine and hiking outdoors. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you have something like this planned too.

This doesn’t mean of course that I will be allocating less time to writing and updating my blog and the MNO monitor. However, do forgive me if the answering time for your emails might be longer than the usual 24 hours I strive to give readers and HYIP admins alike. That lifestyle I’m living now is a dream come true and a result of hard work on MNO over the last nine years following the year of my personal investment experience and getting to know the industry better. That certainly helped me evolve and grow into the biggest investment blog with a mix of admirers, haters and just plain copycats coming and going down the years. Many have failed while MNO is still going and getting stronger. At the same time the wise policy of keeping the listing and advertising prices extremely high do help me tremendously in maintaining the lifestyle I dreamt of and keeping MNO as a main hobby for me – my favorite baby I have cherished over many years. I would like to sincerely thank my loyal readers for all of their undivided support and I promise to keep my monitoring service the most up-to-date in terms of giving you early warnings on scams and only covering the most high-budget programs from admins who strive to operate long enough to bring decent profits to members.

This period, however, is definitely an exception to that rule with too many scams coming our way. It really is a bad time for investing. Even the programs accepting SolidTrustPay and Payza – by far the two most popular payment processors among my readers (and rightly so – just read this article to find out why) – are quite rare to find nowadays. One of the main issues at the moment is that the HYIP industry doesn’t have any clear leaders right now that act a locomotive. When such huge programs as RixosFinance and Capital7 collapsed a few weeks ago, the domino effect took over and many more smaller programs folded too. The proof is two more programs that collapsed over the last couple of days – BTCHourly and Golden8 – and are currently listed on Scam status on my monitor. Let’s discuss why this might have happened before checking out the latest updates from such paying programs as BetStar and CryptoStability.


You didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that BTCHourly was living its last days when you saw the message that was issued yesterday and announcing the brand-new 19,500% after one hour plan for investments starting with 1 BTC only. That is the message just for you to see with your own eyes:

BTCHourly – We launch new plan : Fast Hourly Plan
Hello All Member,
Today We launch new plan : Fast Hourly Plan : 19500% After 1 Hour + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 91 Unit. Sold : 9 Unit) (Hurry UP !!….Limited time only !!).
Deposit here to our program : BTCHourly
Best regards. Buken Dosi
Admin. BTCHourly

Shortly after that the admin switched instant withdrawals to Payeer (not sure about the other two payment methods though) with the clear intention of scamming. Despite my multiple warnings posted on the blog on a regular basis against investing in on expiry plans, there are some people who did this and contacted me for help when the admin naturally refused to pay them. The fact is that the latest excessively profitable after one hour plan already meant that BTCHourly was on its last legs, and the admin’s recent behavior further confirmed it. The program has been moved to Problem status on MNO now, but the admin possibly saw me having been the first monitor to do so, and had the nerve to delete my account in the program completely, thus leaving me with no choice but to move BTCHourly to Scam status on my monitor where it will stay.

I must say that MNO became and still is the only (!) monitor to move it to Scam status due to selective payouts. That’s where it belongs and due to my uncompromising approach to such intolerable behavior which I wish all the other monitors had taken as well. But at least everyone who checks MNO knows the ugly truth about BTCHourly. To be perfectly honest, such a program like BTCHourly that constantly adds new plans in order to scam one category of investors to pay others for longer shouldn’t exist at all. However, until today I didn’t have any proof that the admin actually brings it to practice, let alone block some people’s accounts and return withdrawal requests to balances. I’m very proud that MNO is the only HYIP monitor to show a true status of BTCHourly now and just hope that not many others will be tricked. Please do not invest there anymore, guys, even if you’re still getting paid and thanks for your support in making the MNO monitor free from such scams like BTCHourly is/was. I’ll keep the same tough approach towards selective payouts in the future as well so spread the word and let such scams know that they are not welcome on my monitor and never will.


Ironically I posted the review of Golden8 on Friday, the 13th. In this case fate worked against us and the program stopped working on day eight. That was not just a mere coincidence though, as the first investors should have completed its first 8 day investment plan on its eighth day online and the first deposits were due for return on that day. The admin though had a different view on how Golden8 will end and left no hope for anyone to make a profit. He disabled instant payouts just before the first deposits were supposed to get paid.

What can I say? Yes, it was a total disappointment for sure, but I suspect the admin never intended anything else. Whether this program was just a donor for another similar HYIP or just a tool for the admin to fill his own pockets will never be known, but I’m glad that Golden8 didn’t seem popular with my readers and not many invested there. In this case, the admin certainly paid more for advertising on MNO than he got back from my downline, and that is fine by me as it further proves my monitoring principles are on the right path with only successful programs getting a proper return. In case of Golden8 it was not meant to happen, so please stay away as the program is a proven scam and has that status on the MNO monitor!


Let’s get back to paying programs now and one of those on which many investors have high hopes for becoming the next industry leader is CryptoStability. Perhaps addressing many investors’ views that seemed to be pretty disappointed when they saw the next big thing as a program working exclusively with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin, the admin today made a pretty bold statement in which he promised to add three more payment processors – Payza, SolidTrustPay, and AdvCash – and eventually extend the list of accepted payment methods from three to six:

CryptoStability Introducing New Payment Methods Soon!
We’re constantly looking to improve CryptoStability and making it truly the number one investment program in the industry. The support received from our members and our growth is simply phenomenal! We’re sure this is just the beginning of something big and legendary.
Now let’s talk about the subject. Although our business nature is more cryptocurrency related (hence the acceptance of Bitcoins), we understand that people from different countries prefer various payment options and maybe not the ones we’re currently working with.
With that said, we’re looking forward to add new payment methods such as SolidTrustPay, Payza & AdvCash. We will be sending out another email newsletter when the specific payment option is fully ready for use at CryptoStability. Stay tuned!
Need help? Call us now at +44 20 3287 5567 or email for assistance.
Thank you, CryptoStability Limited

I must say that in the members’ area of CryptoStability investors can already see all three new payment processors and fill in the details for their STP, Payza, and AdvCash accounts. However I’m not entirely sure if deposits via SolidTrustPay are accepted just yet with the script is allowing me to make a deposit already while deposits via Payza and AdvCash are still re-directed to an error page. When speaking to the Live support I was told that at the moment payment options are only limited to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin and that more information will be available to investors of CryptoStability once the new payment methods are added. However I’m not really sure whether the support guy is truly aware of the STP deposit option working fine now. In any case, I believe very soon we will all hear from the admin of CryptoStability once again and with more exciting news to be announced. I’ll keep you updated right here as soon as it happens, so stay tuned for that.

For now I cannot fault CryptoStability at all, as over the first eleven days online the program has been listed on the MNO monitor all the payouts have been instant, and I imagine that won’t change when more payment options are added. Investors surely love instant payouts and CryptoStability should really maintain them for all the payment options in the future in order to attract more members. Since its official launch CryptoStability has immediately attracted people’s attention with the most expensive banner spot purchased by the admin for three months in advance which signalled a very healthy advertising budget for him and the possibility for many investors to try their luck in the investment plans paying from 3% to 5% daily for 70 business days (Monday to Friday) starting from investment minimum of only $10. I remind you that you can read more about CryptoStability‘s main features in the review posted here, and hopefully it will soon be edited to include more payment options that many prospective investors of the program are eagerly anticipating now.


After the recent closure of Romball it appears that BetStar has left with no competition to the #1 spot on the MNO Premium List which the program since has gained. Having been added to MNO twenty-five days ago, many investors who took the risk and joined either of the program’s two available investment plans – 5%-8% for 30 days or 115% after 7 days – broke even already and are enjoying profits. In fact, BetStar has become so popular lately that investors flocking to the website in hordes causing a slowdown in loading times. That drove the admin to upgrade the server bandwidth to accommodate its growing demand, but I still see some slowness at the time of writing. Though unfortunate, it can easily be tolerated as BetStar‘s investors are truly pleased with fast withdrawals paid to their PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts and can’t really ask for a better server than what the admin provides. That being said, you can always learn more about BetStar‘s main features and its investment plans by checking out the detailed review posted on MNO here. And for some most recent updates from the program regarding the plan to deal with the increasing traffic, please have a look below:

BetStar Server Upgraded
Dear Investors and Members of BetStar,
We just wanted to send this email to apologize for the slow loading of our website that many of you have been experiencing lately. As you may know, BetStar has been growing at an extraordinary pace and with that comes an increased amount of traffic that has been a strain on our server.
We are increasing our server bandwidth to accommodate higher amounts of traffic and to handle the increased growth of our website, which we expect to continue to grow into the future.
There should be no downtime while this upgrade is occurring, but we just wanted to let our members know that we are listening to your requests and comments, and want to do everything we can to provide you the best possible service and support!
Thank you, BetStar, Ltd.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BetStarArdexFundsBandeiraCorpCryptoStability, AppStorm.
From MNO Standard list: BTCino.
From MNO Basic list: LottoSyndicat.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. I hope you’ll take note of some warnings posted on my blog and save your money from being lost in the scams that seem to be rampant at the moment. We’re all eagerly anticipating what the summer months will bring and finding out how active you will be in summer months in regards to HYIP industry is important to know for all HYIP admins. So, please be active and keep voting in the opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page with the final results to be drawn at the end of this week. A new poll (one actually suggested by a reader) will then replace it. Remember to follow MNO on Facebook (you can also join my group here) and Twitter, bookmark my site and subscribe to the daily news to be delivered to your email address using the form on the top of my blog page. Thanks for reading and hope tomorrow will be better than today.

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