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Hello all! Despite being Saturday I still have a few news stories to catch up with. So I have decided to post today and take tomorrow off due to being on a short business trip to Russia at the moment. I’m also taking advantage of it being a holiday weekend here to see some old friends I haven’t seen in the years I’ve been living in London. I hope your weekend is going well too, and you’re are all looking forward to a new big program that is going to launch sometime next week. The admin has already pre-paid for Premium listing on my monitor along with three months banner advertising on my blog. I’m as interested as the rest of you to see what it looks like, as I don’t have much details on it yet, but hopefully we will be able to judge it pretty soon.

I would also encourage you to vote in the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page. This one is quite time sensitive, as it’s dedicated to the recent closure of so many programs in a short period of time one after another. So next week we should hopefully see signs of an upcoming revival or not? Well, at least so far almost 18% of readers who voted think so. The overall majority though expect the current crisis to be over after a couple of weeks with over 41% sharing this opinion. Others say the beginning of summer or even later than that, but what’s your own opinion? You can vote in the poll here and predict the trends in the HYIP industry. Of course, you can all be sure that the biggest programs will still be presented here on MNO, as my site is the home of high-budget and sometimes exclusively listed ones that can’t be found anywhere else. Most HYIP admins I deal with appreciate the top-notch service MNO provides and return to me with their biggest projects only. The next few weeks and summer months will hopefully be no exception.

So let’s get to the news updates from the last 36 hours which concern the perfectly paying so far ModernBitcyLimited, BTCino, BTCHourly, as well as confirmed scam ForexKing and some updates from one of my readers’ favorite processors Payza.


I’ll start with the latest newsletter from BTCino – a program most likely underestimated by some investors who fail to see the potential in this modest looking project that nevertheless managed to add SolidTrustPay and Payza to the list of its accepted payment methods. That will, of course, raise interest in the program offering three investment plans with initial investment returned on expiry – 2%-2.5% for 6 days, 2.2%-3% for 10 days, 2.6%-5% for 15 days. As BTCino has been running for two weeks now, we already have quite a few members in profit and by Monday we should hopefully see the first ones to complete the program’s longest 15 day plan and collect their profits on that. There is certainly something to be proud of in the newsletter sent by BTCino (reviewed here) yesterday, and while the stats are quite questionable and look exaggerated after such a short period online. However there is no doubt that the program has the potential to turn into something bigger with investments starting from a $10 minimum and relatively fast payouts on literally all the popular payment processors. Apart from STP and Payza, these include PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, and BitCoin. Other small achievements BTCino experienced over its first weeks online along with some plans for the future and links to video reviews of the program in different languages are shared by the admin in the newsletter re-posted below for your convenience:

-= First Newsletter – BTCino =-
Welcome to our first edition of BTCino newsletter that aims to keeps you up date to with what’s going on at our company and also update you about our future moves and progress report.
We hope you are having an incredible experience as investor of our company. Please remember success and longevity of this endeavor is our main goal because we know that accomplishing our main goals is going to bring satisfaction of every registered member and investors of BTCino.
Today, we would like to share with you some of our stats numbers although our stats are always displayed in our homepage but still we would like to emphasise this because the continuous growth of BTCino in the recent days is boastworthy. While I am writing this newsletter, our company has 1900 total accounts and $171,870.70 as total deposited in our system, and $67,337.40 total paid to our members, our total deposits and total withdrawals, our stats are going to growth exponentially and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact that is what we aim, this means our program is getting stronger every day as should be.
When we launched BTCino, we started only with some “common” payment processors, as this moment we have integrated two payments processors to our list and we would like to remind you which ones are and will be our only payment processors: Perfect Money, Advcash, Bitcoin, Payeer, Solidtrustpay, Payza. For administrative reasons and for keeping our company organized we do not plan to add more payment processors in the future.
Our withdrawals should not take longer than 24 hours, right now we have an amazing average time for processing withdrawals where the maximum waiting time has been 7 hours which is FAST, during working hours withdrawals are processed in the average time of 3 to 4 hours. Please remember to set your payment processor accounts in your account profile before requesting a withdrawal this ensures that your withdrawal will be processed fast.
Considering that we have just begun… We want to be prepared for the long road ahead of us and we also count with the help of all our members in promoting and spreading the word about this great opportunity.
Additionally we ask for your support on the forums, tell us what you think about the program, even if you feel you had bad or not so good experience, we would like to hear it to improve
Also we are going to install a live chat in this up coming week where one of our customer support representative is going to be answering any question you have about our program or anything related to our company to improve our service.
On a final note we would like to share a video review made by one of our members that is worth to share:
“While others are deceiving its valued investors, we will still here, make the right choice…”
Next Evolution of Economy LTD – BTCino


Just shortly after the review of ModernBitcyLimited was posted on the MNO blog yesterday (click here to read it), the admin of the program made it official about the launch of their representatives program. This is aimed at raising awareness about the program’s benefits in local HYIP markets with the help of local managers who promote the program in exchange for higher affiliate rewards. Strangely, there is only one representative (from Germany) listed so far, but I believe the other blanks will be filled pretty soon as more applications are submitted. The requirements of becoming a representative are explained in the link contained in the latest newsletter from the administration of ModernBitcyLimited re-posted below. I’d just like to remind you that the program has been quite a hit already among my readers since its first addition to the MNO Premium List a few days ago due to a reasonably profitable investment plan paying 6.6% for 30 business days on deposits from a $10 minimum and a beautifully designed website. The instantly processed payouts to Payeer and BitCoin and very quick manual payouts to PerfectMoney and AdvCash have certainly also contributed to the program’s popularity and I hope that with the addition the new representatives program this continues:

ModernBitcyLimited Newsletter
The new opportunities of earnings became available right now!
Dear visitors and participants of our project!
With pleasure we report to you about a new step on the way of systematic development of our program. Today the Program of Representatives which has been developed taking into account all features of cooperation and taking into account numerous wishes of our clients became available to all participants of our project.
Now everyone will be able to have an opportunity to considerably increase the active earnings, inviting even more participants in our program! Because we have not only created the Program of Representatives. We have given new opportunities to those who can and who want to earn more. On the background of continuous growth of our project both in financial sense, and in sense of growth of our popularity, you have a unique opportunity to grow together with us! The success of our company multiplied by your aspiration to growth and your trust to what we do is create by prerequisites for further progress and prosperity for all!
Please visit our new page to learn more about our representative program:
We do everything possible that your cooperation with us was the most fruitful and favorable.
Thank you.
Best Regards, ModernBitcyLimited


To tell you the truth, I keep expecting BTCHourly to collapse every day when more and more new investment plans get added by the admin offering stupidly high returns and replacing the older ones with even more unrealistic profit promises. And yet every day it proves wrong with instant payouts still keeping rolling into the members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts. Well, it all applies mostly to the program’s main hourly paying 0.2%-0.75% forever plan more on which you’re able to read in the detailed review of BTCHourly posted here. All the other investment plans paying once on expiry (including those that were added over the last 36 hours) should be avoided by smarter investors, if they wish not to lose their hard-earned cash. Just for your information and to see how unreasonably priced they are I’ll just mention them here briefly – 16000%-18000% after 1 day, 15000%-16000% after 4 days, 12000%-15000% after 8 days, 10300%-10700% after 14 days, 5500%-6500% after 20 days, 5500%-6000% after 45 days, 8500%-9000% after 60 days. As you can see, they are totally out of sync with reality and some of them offer higher returns over a shorter period of time that makes absolutely no sense.

So, the most attractive feature of BTCHourly is certainly the instant payouts on the hourly paying plan that is actually where the admin hopes to lure his members into any of the investment plans paying on expiry that have to be avoided at all costs, if you’re a smart investor. The admin also keeps shuffling his investment plans by disabling some and enabling others and God only knows what he thinks of his members to be so naïve as to believe his nonsense. Anyway, just for your reference here’s two other newsletters received about the addition of three other investment plans where no one will certainly see any return if one dares to invest:

BTCHourly – We launch new plan : Special 4 Plan and Silver 1 Plan
Hello All Member,
Today We launch new plan : Special 4 Plan : 10700% After 14 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 89 Unit. Sold : 11 Unit) and Silver 1 Plan : 6500% After 20 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 92 Unit. Sold : 8 Unit)
Hurry UP !!….Limited time only !!
Deposit Now Here : BTCHourly
Best regards. Buken Dosi
Admin. BTCHourly

We launch new plan : Platinum Plan !
Hello All Member,
Today We launch new plan : Platinum Plan : 18000% After 1 Day + Principal Back + 50% Deposit bonus (only available for 50 investor. Available : 47 Unit. Sold : 3 Unit) (Hurry UP !!….Limited time only !!).
Deposit here to our program : BTCHourly
Best regards. Buken Dosi
Admin. BTCHourly


I must admit that ForexKing certainly exceeded my expectations as to how long it could survive. I believe many of my readers made really good profits if they got in at the right time and joined one of the daily paying plans. I believe that almost four months on MNO with the shortest possible investment plan offering profits after 15 calendar days is an extremely good result for a program like ForexKing and those who didn’t lose their heads knew when and where to stop managed to do very well by the end. I was also surprised that the admin actually told me it was the end of ForexKing when I contacted him yesterday after one of my referrals complained about an overdue withdrawal request. Of course, one of the main tricks I knew was coming when ForexKing was ready to collapse was when the admin started asking for bank wire details from the members who deposited via BitCoin, or PerfectMoney simply stalling for some time so as not pay to those with bigger amounts to withdraw. That was why I specifically asked him that that in my interview, and he expectedly lied when answering that wires would only be optional for anyone who asked. Surely, it was stupid enough to think that a program that doesn’t accept deposits via bank wires in the first place would be able to send them. But again, those who had the misfortune to invest big money into the one of on expiry and was lured by higher returns after experiencing great results from the daily paying plans lost out. Who knows for how much longer ForexKing will continue processing selective payouts to such members, but that is what it will be – selective payouts, meaning the current Problem status on MNO for ForexKing is fully justified. Please do not invest there, another former HYIP industry giant that has folded and will never come back!


While Payza remains one of the preferred payment processors for HYIP investors savvy enough to realize the higher level of protection for their funds there, they don’t forget about their business customers either and constantly improve services by introducing different features. For instance, the most recent article featured on the official blog from Payza is dedicated to its tokenized checkout system for business customers explaining the main benefits of this additional security layer and its benefits. More on this can be read below and see if it interests you if you use Payza for your online business, like I do:

Top security for your online store: upgrade to Payza’s tokenized online checkout system today
When it comes to e-Commerce, security is of the utmost importance. Providing a secure website will give your customers confidence to browse products and, most importantly, share their financial details with you to complete a payment. At the same time, you need to feel confident that your site is protected from fraudsters, people who may try to shop on your site using an unauthorized credit card, or who may try to trick your site into creating an order that hasn’t been paid for.
One way to help protect your site from online criminals is to secure your payment button through tokenization. This means adding an extra layer of security to your website’s specific payment button so that payment information can be encrypted before an order is processed. Payza introduced in February 2016 a Tokenized Payment Button for Advanced Integration Payment Buttons available to all of our merchants. Standard Integration Payment Buttons are already tokenized.
We encourage our merchants to upgrade their existing Payza Advanced Integration Payment Buttons to the Tokenized Payment Button option today. Here we provide more information that explains the benefits you will receive by making the upgrade.
What is Payza’s tokenized payment feature and why you should your online store have it?
Tokenization is a common security feature in e-commerce used to safeguard private payment information. At its basis, a tokenized payment button converts your existing Advanced Integration Payment Button into an encrypted “token”.
Payza’s tokenization feature provides an extra layer of security for your online store by keeping payment details private and protected from unwanted changes. The token is sent to you through the Payza platform in full security so that third parties cannot alter the HTML code of your website’s payment button.
With this feature, you will still receive your Instant Payment Notification (IPN) so you can review payment details for each sale made on your online store. Instant Payment Notifications let you verify that:
the amount paid for a given item was the expected amount;
the amount paid was for the correct item;
the currency for the payment is correct.
An added benefit is that the tokenized payment system enables online merchants like yourself to use another new feature known as split payments.
How to upgrade to a Tokenized Payment Button
Upgrading your current Payza payment button to our tokenized checkout system requires adding simple lines of code to your website; you can find the code here and here.
The following article on Payza’s web developer site provides a detailed explanation and HTML code for the IPN merchants will receive when using tokenized payment buttons. Setting up your IPN system requires some coding, but is relatively straightforward.
With a small investment in time and effort, we are confident that your online store will benefit significantly from upgrading to our new tokenized checkout and new IPN system. Consider making the change today; you and your customers will be happy you did.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RomballArdexFunds, BandeiraCorpBetStarBTCHourly, ModernBitcyLimited.
From MNO Standard list: BTCino, TopScore.
From MNO Basic list: –

That is all for this Saturday night, guys. Thanks a lot for reading MNO on a regular basis. To make this process even more convenient I would advise you to subscribe and get the daily news delivered straight to your email address by entering it in the form on the top right-hand corner of my blog. You can also bookmark my site and check out the MNO monitor page often to find the most talked about investment programs owned and managed by the most experienced HYIP admins. MNO is here to stay and help you make profits from the next wave of high-quality programs that will certainly follow this crisis sooner or later. Let’s take this exciting investment journey together and see if you are able to make a little money along the way as well as have some fun! See you back on Monday, guys!

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