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Hello everyone! It’s the start of the new business week in the HYIP industry, meaning MNO is back too with a new round of news and updates from the most elite and high-budget programs. The brand new addition to the MNO Premium List today is a long term program called CryptoStability which I’ll be introducing in a moment, plus I have some updates from the already well established BetStar, BTCino, and BTCHourly that have all been paying fine and are still occupy Paying Status on my monitor. So Keep reading to find out more about everything that matters to an experienced HYIP investor!


We’ll start with the the official launch of CryptoStability which happened last night with the admin having pre-paid for Premium Listing on MNO and a three month banner placement on my blog well in advance. Unfortunately, those of you who hoped for a new program accepting STP and Payza will be disappointed, as CryptoStability will work exclusively with anonymous payment processors which include PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. Although on the bright side, all the withdrawals below $500 are processed instantly and that will certainly attract a specific category of investors who prefer to see their money immediately on the e-currency accounts after making a withdrawal request. I can already confirm myself that all of my own withdrawal requests have been processed instantly so far which meant CryptoStability moved to Paying Status on my monitor already yesterday. As for the investment plans being offered, depending on the invested amount you will get from 3% to 5% fixed return on every business day (from Monday to Friday) over the duration of 70 business days (fourteen weeks) after which your deposit expires and is not returned. That leaves you with the total return of 210% to 350% by the end of the term depending on your principal which may start from as low as $10. I will be discussing CryptoStability‘s investment plans in more detail in the upcoming review I’m going to post on my blog within the next couple of days, maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday, along with the other main features you will need to be aware of before investing, so stay tuned for that.

As for the technical side of things, CryptoStability is running off a familiar to everyone licensed version of GoldCoders script, so you should not have any issues with navigation inside your account area, even though the script was re-designed to blend in with the rest of the layout which looks much better than the usual generic version. When it comes to security the admin doesn’t cut any corners and went with the vastly superior Green EV SSL-certificate by Comodo with the protection against possible DDoS attacks provided by the leading provider DDoSGuard who are also keeping the CryptoStability website on a dedicated server. The high advertising budget the admin of CryptoStability has set aside for his website gives us hope that the program will be around long enough to bring profits to as many investors as can reasonably be expected, and who knows, maybe even become the next leader of the HYIP industry, though the limited choice of payment processors may make this task harder to achieve. In any case, we will see how CryptoStability will perform over the next few weeks. For now you can ask the admin on Live Chat if you have any questions for him you need to clarify. Otherwise, please wait for the full review of CryptoStability coming to the MNO blog soon and read the introductory news on the program’s grand launch from last night with the program being listed on MNO almost immediately after that:

CryptoStability Grand Launch
We are excited to announce about the grand launch of CryptoStability! We invite you to familiarize yourself with our investment opportunities and to make the first investments. We want to make you confident that all our efforts, experience and due diligence acquired for years will give good results in vast ocean of investment programs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Department.


The admin of BetStar (reviewed here) keeps his members satisfied by sending prompt payments on all the program’s investment plans – 5%-8% for 30 days, or 115% after 7 days – in a timely manner and sometimes I only wait a couple of seconds before seeing my withdrawals get processed to my Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, or BitCoin accounts. I believe all the members of BetStar have experienced great level of service from the program which has been running successfully for over five weeks now, thus bringing great profits to its members. Success like this though usually doesn’t go unnoticed in the HYIP industry for long, and the vultures start circling. Cheap crooks and scam artists try their best to spoil this popular program’s performance by conning members into thinking that the real admin is behind some recent phishing emails spreading a “200% after 1 day” plan that you pay directly into someone’s account to join. Regrettably some members of BetStar were unfortunate enough to receive some of these unsolicited emails sent by scammers to steal from genuine members of the program. It’s an absolutely stupid plan anyway which the real admin would never have offered, let alone ask members to send funds directly to some e-currency account instead of using the program’s script and its safe and protected interface. So, please take note of such emails which you might have received from a free gmail address rather than from the real address used by the mail server of the genuine BetStar website. The last newsletter from the program’s admin was sent as a matter of some urgency yesterday warning the program’s members of such danger and specifically naming the email address which you should blacklist in any email account you’re currently using. Here it is in full:

Fake email about “200% After 1 Day” plan
Dear investors and members of BetStar,
Some members have reported receiving a fake email pretending to be from us about a special “200% After 1 Day” plan, and with accounts where the funds should be directly sent to.
Please note that this email is 100% false and is not from us. We will never ask you to send funds directly to any account and all deposits must be made through our website only.
Also, all official emails are only sent from either “” or “” and not “” as this email is being sent from.
Please ignore this email and mark it as spam, as well as spreading to others that this email is 100% fake and not from us.
Thank you, BetStar, Ltd.


BTCino (reviewed here) seems to have been another victim, possibly even of the same person, who earlier sent emails pretending to be from BetStar as reported above. The admin of BTCino has also shared a warning with the program’s members and posted it on his website’s news section. Calling spade a spade, he pleaded with investors not to be scammed and refrain from taking this weird offer. If you are one of those who received one of these scam emails (I’m rarely get them, because the sender knows damn well I’ll be warning you about it if I do) just ignore and stay away from this nonsense. All the investment plans the real BTCino offers (with principal returned on expiry) – 2%-2.5% for 6 days, 2.2%-3% for 10 days, 2.6%-5% for 15 days – can only be found on its website in the appropriate member’s area and not available for manual investments anyway. Despite only joining the Standard List on MNO, BTCino has nevertheless gained lots of recognition from readers already and many members have profited from its investment plans. The acceptance of so many payment processors including both the verifiable SolidTrustPay and Payza and anonymous – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash – makes BTCino so special and worthy people’s attention, especially considering its relatively low investment minimum of $10. Anyway, please note that BTCino will never send you any phishing email with instructions to send money directly to a payment processor account, so please read the warning below and be smart enough to only make all investments directly through the BTCino website to avoid your money being stolen:

Phishing Email – Please read
It has raised our attention a report from some of our members about a phishing email informing a new plan “200% After 1 Day!” if you received an email like this please ignore it and mark as spam, we do not have any new plan and you should never send a transfer directly to any payment processor manually for depositing in BTCino, for making a deposit you have to login to your account and make the deposit from our system.
Here are some tips to identify a phishing/fraudulent email.-
– The email is not in the correct format and is not using our html template and images.
– We will never ask you to send funds directly to any account under no circumstances every deposit has to be made directly from our website.
Thank you every one who reported this.


BTCHourly is already well known for adding new and, let’s be honest, somewhat stupid investment plans allegedly available in limited numbers and so only available to a fixed number of customers. Well, perhaps this trick works in real life marketing, but it certainly won’t work here on MNO where readers are usually too experienced and a little bit skeptical when it comes to investing in such too-good-to-be-true plans. Anyway, if you’re interested in rubbish plans to be avoided by every sane HYIP investor then you can read more about them below:

BTCHourly – We launch new plan : Special 5 Plan and Silver 2 Plan
Hello All Member,
Today We launch new plan : Special 5 Plan : 10600% After 10 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 94 Unit. Sold : 6 Unit) and Silver 2 Plan : 6400% After 16 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 92 Unit. Sold : 8 Unit)
Hurry UP !!….Limited time only !!
Deposit Now Here : BTCHourly
Best regards. Buken Dosi
Admin. BTCHourly

Anyway, if you’re still hoping profit from BTCHourly and not scared off by the constant addition of new investment plans, then you should only consider to invest (actually any minimum via BitCoin, Payeer, or PerfectMoney) into the hourly credited plan that pays you from 0.2% to 0.75% for its lifetime. The best thing is that you can withdraw your profits hourly and get paid instantly to the e-currency you joined with. More about the proper hourly investment plan of BTCHourly and the other ones to be avoided can be found in the detailed review of the program published here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Romball, CryptonusBetStar, BandeiraCorpBTCHourly, ModernBitcyLimited, CryptoStability (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: BTCino, TopScore.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for tonight, guys. Hope you enjoy reading MNO and if so, why not subscribe to get the daily news from the most elite programs anywhere in the HYIP industry straight to your mailbox? All you have to do is to add your email address in the form on the top right hand corner of my blog and then you’re done. What could be easier? Anyway, please follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter where you can find links to the latest reviews and interviews, and keep voting on the latest MNO TalkBack opinion poll where the general mood of investors looks like changing towards a more favorable hope for an industry revival after the recent scams. Will all that stop soon enough and the HYIP industry flourish again as it did in March and April? We’ll wait and see, but your take on this is always highly appreciated. MNO, and when I say MNO in this case I mean its readers rather than its writer (me!) will surely benefit from hearing your voice and your thoughts that come from your own personal experience. Stay tuned and see you all very soon with the full review of another hopefully future big player CryptoStability and all the latest news from your favorite programs, only on Money-News-Online blog and monitor!

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