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Beware! CryptoStability has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! A couple of stories to get through today, including a brand new addition to the MNO Premium List that I’ll be introducing a bit later on in the second half of our update in the news section. Keep reading for more info, but you know, it’s also not the only brand new program to launch this week. There’s also a very promising new long term program by the name of CryptoStability that’s been a strong performer even though it only saw the grand launch a couple of days back.
Let’s get down to business then and start with the investment plans, which are of course the single most important factor in establishing the first impressions many investors will have of the program and a key element in deciding whether you feel CryptoStability is right for you or not. I suppose technically it could be argued that there’s only one plan in CryptoStability, however it comes in five different subsections depending on what your budget is. All five run for 70 business days, which is 14 weeks, during which investors are paid a daily interest rate from Monday to Friday.

For the most basic entry level membership then we start with what’s simply known as The Crypto 1 Plan. You can join for a minimum spend of just $10 which is pretty affordable to most of you, or anything up to a maximum limit of $249. In return for this CryptoStability will repay you at a rate of 3% interest from Monday to Friday for the following 70 business days. A simple calculation therefore determines that your total return from this plan is 210%, however you will need to remember that CryptoStability are also including your principal as part of the payments. So what you are really ending up with is your own money back plus 110% net profit for joining. Personally I would have to say that this is a very sensible approach from the admin, and what he brings to the industry are some qualities that are sadly lacking in too many others. Granted you might be able to find other programs where the “offer” is better, but how many of them will deliver? Paying investors what you can genuinely come up with is always going to make for a longer running and sustainable program that a bigger number of people can ultimately benefit from.

Anyway, to take a practical monetary example of how that might look in real terms, let’s say you join up with a $100 deposit. CryptoStability should then pay you back at a rate of $3 per day, Monday to Friday, for the coming fourteen weeks. The final $3 given to you will be the one that completes the cycle as CryptoStability have already counted your principal among the interest payments. That means you get back $210 in total, containing your own money back plus an extra $110 profit for joining. Maybe a more important statistic is reaching the break-even point, when you earn back an amount equivalent to your principal and therefore cannot possibly lose any money no matter what happens after that. This happens after 34 payments, which is just a day short of seven weeks and the half way point of the term. Everything you get after that is pure passive income.

For bigger spending investors, pretty much like most HYIPs really, CryptoStability would like to encourage you with improved interest rates. So anyone depositing from a $250 minimum up to as much as $999 will fall into The Crypto 2 Plan. Again for a term of 70 business days, CryptoStability are now offering a 3.5% interest payment, Monday through Friday. By the time you receive your final payments this should all have accumulated to 245%, so with your own principal already being counted there that leaves you with a net profit of 145%. The break-even point comes after 29 payments, just shy of six full weeks into the term.

CryptoStability then step things up a gear with The Crypto 3 Plan, aimed at investors spending at least $1,000. For this you can avail of an interest rate of 4% per day, again Monday to Friday only, for the 70 business day term. By the end of that, members would hope to have received payments totaling 280% of their initial deposit. So with the principal already factored in, that’s 180% net profit. The break-even point is after 25 payments, or five weeks into the term. CryptoStability have a maximum limit of $4,999 for investments here.

For something bigger than that you will need to look at The Crypto 4 Plan, which accepts deposits in the range of a $5,000 minimum up to a high of $9,999. A lot of money in anyone’s book, to entice it out of you CryptoStability are offering 4.5% per business day. Over the same 70 business day term that adds up to 315% in total, and with your principal counted as part of that you’d be 215% in profit. You should hopefully break-even after 23 payments, or about four and a half weeks.

Financially speaking I guess that covers pretty much everyone, except CryptoStability aren’t quite done yet. They still have one final offer on the table, called as you might expect The Crypto 5 Plan. This is for all further deposits starting from at least $10,000 and upwards with no maximum limit. Joining here sees members offered a 5% interest rate per day, Monday to Friday, for the by now standard 70 business day term. That comes to 350% returned to you by the end, made up of your own money first (break-even point is 20 payments or 4 weeks) and 250% in profits.

If any of those plans seems tempting enough for you to want to take a chance on them, then let’s have a look at what your payment options are. The choice of payment processors accepted by CryptoStability at the moment is quite wide and they include Payza, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, and AdvCash, and only SolidTrustPay is not yet taken. Officially this is still subject to all the necessary approvals, although the STP logo is featured in the account area. Just don’t be misled by that as at the moment SolidTrustPay is not taken, but I will let you know as soon as it becomes available. All the payment options taken by CryptoStability provide instant payouts, so many investors will be pleased by seeing that option on board. Just log into your CryptoStability members area as usual, request whatever amount it is that you are owed, and you should have the money in your payment account in less than a minute.

Just to make a couple of things clear about that however, the admin rightly points out that there are occasionally perfectly valid reasons for this service to be temporarily disabled. If that needs to happen, and it should be rare if ever, then don’t panic. CryptoStability will still process your payment manually within 24 hours, but only on business days. Also instant withdrawals will not be allowed for amounts bigger than $500. OK, to get an interest payment of $500 you would need a deposit of $10,000 so it’s probably a moot point for most of you. But still, if you’re in the very bad habit of allowing funds to build up in HYIP accounts or storing money there, then first of all this rule might affect you, and second of all you need to stop doing this immediately and withdraw every day no matter what.

Moving on to the more technical side of things now such as design and security, the CryptoStability website is a real gem. It may actually surprise some of you to learn that the script is from GoldCoders (which I can confirm is a licensed version). The thing is that it’s been redesigned to blend in a bit better with the overall theme of the program and actually looks a lot better I think than the usual generic models. Once you are in your CryptoStability though there’s no mistaking the trademark user friendly and easy to navigate interface you should expect. Apart from a nice design no corners were cut on security either, with the CryptoStability site displaying an extra layer of security with the vastly superior Green Extended Validation SSL certificate by Comodo. Protection against possible DDoS attacks provided by the leading provider DDoSGuard who are also keeping the CryptoStability website on a dedicated server.

For any further questions you feel might not have been explained in this review or any account related issues you need to admin to investigate, there’s a couple of ways you can get in touch. The first stop is always the Live Chat feature which CryptoStability have integrated into their website. Check to see if there’s an available operator there as you might get everything dealt with in real time without the need of composing lengthy e-mails and then waiting for a reply. Though that can be your second avenue of communication, writing directly to the CryptoStability admin at the address listed. A postal address is also shown, but I would suggest you just ignore that as experience tells me that these things are normally just virtual or serviced office spaces and not where anyone connected with the running of CryptoStability is physically located. The address does come with a phone number though, so feel free to try that out if you think you’ll get an answer. Fans of social media networks will be pleased to see they can connect with CryptoStability via their profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking as a monitor, I know that one thing regular investors are sometimes unaware of or pay very little attention to is the program’s advertising budget. In this case the admin of CryptoStability has set aside quite a significant outlay for his own promotion, and that always makes me hope that he’s serious about it being around long enough to bring profits to as many investors as can reasonably be expected. I mean any idiot can run a quick scam or a total failure, but the most experienced admins know that the best way to make money for themselves is to make money for others along the way. That is how we hope things go with CryptoStability anyway, it’s still very much early days for the program, but it’s getting a lot of interest already the first indicators are good. You still have to keep sight of the fact that despite being an above average HYIP, it’s still very much just a HYIP. For the record the alleged business interests we are told are backing up the program and funding payments to CryptoStability members, involves “BitCoin trading and mining”. How to prove that’s true and how to prove that always has to be profitable is your business, because I know I certainly can’t do it. So just treat CryptoStability as you would any other program in this business, meaning stay well under a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, easily recoup any losses from an offline income, and use the program as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I’ll start the news section for today with the introduction of a brand new program called Golden8 that joined the Premium List on MNO just after their official launch last night. That certainly points to the admin’s experience in the field of running quality HYIPs and hopefully is a positive sign for my readers and anyone thinking of joining in the early stages. The message on official launch just posted on the Golden8 website and can be seen below:

We are proud to welcome all of you to Golden8, a leading company that is dedicated to forex trading. Unlike any other companies, We are committed to conducting our business in a long term and sustainable way. Undoubtedly, joining our online investment website is the right option for you!
We hope you enjoy investing with us and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
Golden8 Management Team

As the program offers instant payouts to all accepted payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin – I’ve already managed to test it successfully and moved the program to Paying status on the MNO monitor. A more detailed review will be posted by Friday. First I’ll just have a brief look at Golden8‘s investment plans and outline the main features. From the name one can guess that the figure 8 features prominently in the plan structure. The minimum to invest starts from $8 and the maximum is capped at $88,888. Plans in Golden8 don’t overlap and are available within a certain investment range, plus they all promise the initial principal returned on expiry. These include – 2% for 8 days, 2.5% for 16 days, 3% for 24 days, 4% for 32 days, 5% for 40 days, 6% for 48 days, 7% for 56 days, 8% for 64 days. As you can see, we will only be able to judge the seriousness of the admin’s intentions when the first investors are hopefully in profit in about a week from now.

As from the technical side of things, Golden8 looks quite decent and the site is running off a familiar licensed GoldCoders script. The site features the higher rated EV SSL certificate (Green Bar) from Comodo and the hosting and DDoS protection is provided by DDoSGuard keeping Golden8 on a dedicated server to ensure the stability of instant payouts and security of other transactions within the member’s area. I’d remain cautiously optimistic regarding Golden8‘s prospects, as we cannot really say anything before the first members are in profit yet. You can try out the program already today if you feel like it, or wait for a more detailed look on Friday.


Romball is celebrating two months online today. It’s hard to imagine the program has managed to reach #1 on the MNO Premium List having outlived all the major investment projects that collapsed over the May holidays and just seems to be getting stronger with every day. When I first reviewed Romball on the MNO blog back then (click here to read it) I was only cautiously optimistic regarding their future, and I certainly didn’t expect Romball to be on top of so many charts in such a short period of time, as the leaders back then were totally different and nothing really indicated this was how things were going to work out. With so many other investors disillusioned bigger programs they look to Romball as an alternative. Plans there include 1.2% for 15 days, 1.7% for 30 days, 2% for 45 days, 2.4% for 60 days, 2.8% for 75 days, 3.3% for 90 days. Of course, in the majority of such plans you need to reach the expiry point when your initial investment gets returned before you profit, but you only need to have $1 to join. It also helps that payments to all the payment processors Romball works with – PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin – are processed instantly, making it yet another selling point.

By the way, according to the admin’s newsletter issued to commemorate the first huge success of Romball in its two months online, the membership and investments in the program have been sky-rocketing. Of course, all such stats should be taken with a pinch of salt, as talk of millions invested in the program is most likely an exaggeration. However, nobody can deny that Romball has become one of the hottest investment programs in the HYIP industry today and other admins should really work hard for a chance to compete. Now that the representative program has been launched in the newsletter which should hopefully bring another boost in membership and allow us all enjoy profits from this wonderful program for a long time to come. The latest newsletter from Romball in full is below:

Romball has been online for almost two months now and we would like to share with you some of our success so far. We currently have over 2900 registered members and over 2 million dollars in total deposits. We also have over 1500 members already in profit with Romball and we couldn’t be happier about it because, as you already know, when you make a profit, it means we keep a margin so it’s our biggest interest to have as many members in profit as possible.
This total of 2.1 million dollars in deposits represents an increase of about 22% in our former investment pool, ran only by Romball‘s personal team and to ensure we keep our profit levels high. We are also increasing the number of gamblers working for Romball from 60 to 100. Spreading our business strategies between multiple gamblers protects our investment funds. We have been working with over a decade now for this method.
Our future short term plans now involve having a total of 200 gamblers working for Romball within the next 50 days and collect at least 10 million dollars in total deposits, which will represent a pretty big increase in our investment pool and will open up new possibilities of investment strategies for us. The gambling industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it could not be in better shape than it is right now.
We would also like to thank members who have been adding feedback about their investments with Romball and the ones sending suggestions through our support portal. Some of you have suggested the creation of a representatives system and we are now officially launching it.
We are hiring 50 representatives who can help new people to join us by offering future clients customized support in your local language and representatives are entitled to extra referral commissions. As a representative, you will earn 14% on the first level, 4% on the second level and 2% on the third level. You can easily build a 100% passive income by becoming a representative.
Please continue to stay in touch with us, we love listening to your thoughts about how we can make Romball even better.
All the best, Romball Administration


A less impressive achievement was shared by the admin of TopScore (reviewed here) who proudly reported that the very first investors of his program who joined the shortest 12 day plan got paid their principals back on expiry. That should be a good example for those in the investment plans on offer – 2% for 12 days, 2.5% for 18 days, 3% for 24 days, 3.5% for 30 days, 4% for 36 days. That is especially good news as now there’s a strong possibility that TopScore will be able to grow further and attract more investors that, being scared off by too many fast scams nowadays, might just be sitting on the fence waiting for the first cycle to be completed and the first members to be in profit. In my opinion, the main selling point of TopScore is its instant payouts investors are paid to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts. An affordable investment minimum of $10 and quite a responsive and experienced admin in charge might also contribute to the program’s success among investors. If you’re one of the lucky ones already in profit from TopScore the admin appreciates your support on forums and social networks to let others know about your experience. Read the full newsletter from TopScore below to find out more:

First Round Achievement
The first round principal return of our shortest plan has started since yesterday. So far, the principal return process is running smoothly without any issue.
To avoid any payment request issue, please make sure you have set correct wallet ID on your member area.
For our members that have got the principal return payments, we will really appreciate if you share your payment proof on our Facebook Group or forums.
Thank you for your continual support.
Yours sincerely, TopScore


The admin of BTCHourly is still adding investment plans to the already extensive list which has one common feature between them – they offer ridiculously high returns promised to be paid once on expiry, but are designed to scam unsuspecting members of their hard earned money. Please note that at the time of writing the list of investment plans to be avoided at all costs includes the following – 16000%-18000% after 1 day, 15000%-16000% after 4 days, 10425%-10500% after 7 days, 12000%-15000% after 8 days, 10400%-10600% after 10 days, 5700%-6300% after 13 days, 10300%-10700% after 14 days, 5600%-6400% after 16 days, 5500%-6500% after 20 days, 5500%-6000% after 45 days, 8500%-9000% after 60 days. The only plan worth taking seriously for BTCHourly members credits your account with 0.2% to 0.75% hourly returns over an unlimited period of time, i.e. the lifetime of BTCHourly. I must add that members who joined this one are getting paid like clockwork and I myself never experienced any issues. Payments have always been made instantly to my PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts – the only payment processors BTCHourly is working with. Still, you should remember that the clock is ticking and the admin will keep paying on the hourly plan for as long as there are more people joining the on expiry plans some of which are deliberately constructed in a way to create some sense of urgency, being available allegedly in limited amounts, or units as the admin calls them. Don’t let that mislead you, guys, and after reading my review of BTCHourly posted here I believe you will get the point I’m trying to get across. Just for your information, here’s another newsletter from BTCHourly announcing yet two more plans with sky high returns that was issued yesterday:

BTCHourly – We launch new plan : Special 6 Plan and Silver 3 Plan
Hello All Member,
Today We launch new plan : Special 6 Plan : 10500% After 7 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 91 Unit. Sold : 9 Unit) and Silver 3 Plan : 6300% After 13 Days + Principal Back (only available for 100 investor. Available : 89 Unit. Sold : 11 Unit)
Hurry UP !!….Limited time only !!
Deposit Now Here : BTCHourly
Best regards. Buken Dosi
Admin. BTCHourly


Unfortunately, ModernBitcyLimited seems to have followed the trend of fast scams caused by the most recent closures of HYIP industry giants RixosFinance and Capital7. Yesterday it was clear that something was wrong with the usually instant payouts that were not done to members’ Payeer and BitCoin accounts as before. Fairly speaking, the admin did update his members about some temporary technical maintenance that was allegedly the reason why payments stalled and promised to solve the issue soon. And yet only some members were waiting for their payments while monitors were paid very fast, literally within minutes, probably to maintain the program’s Paying status and make others invest. After 12 hours of some people having unpaid pending withdrawal requests and the unwillingness of the admin to address the issue of obviously selective payouts it has become clear that ModernBitcyLimited was on its last legs. I remind you that the maximum promised for manually processed withdrawal requests was always 8 hours in ModernBitcyLimited, so at the time of writing there is no doubt in my mind that the program has finished and Problem Status on the MNO monitor is fully justified. If for some reason you’re still getting paid by the program manually (as the admin disabled all the instant payouts as of yesterday anyway), please do not hold your breath, as it’s just a matter of time when they stop and consider yourself lucky to be getting anything at all from this pretty much dead horse. All in all, ModernBitcyLimited managed to last for a little bit longer than three weeks making it a total failure in my eyes and possibly a deliberate fast scam in the eyes of others.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Romball, ArdexFundsBetStar, BandeiraCorpBTCHourly, CryptoStability, Golden8 (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: BTCino, TopScore.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for today, guys. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the daily updates and reviews of the hottest elite programs in the HYIP industry. While the HYIP crisis caused by the May Day scam wave is obviously not over yet, there are high expectations of a revival soon, making every vote in the opinion poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page count. You can still influence the results of the poll, as well as see the preliminary results, by clicking here, and it will take just a few seconds to vote. I’ll be back on Friday with the full review of the brand new program Golden8 and any important news events in the HYIP industry within the next 48 hours. Any status changes or new programs additions can always be found first on the MNO monitor and you can also chat with me and your fellow investors on the MNO ShoutBox. Thanks for your active participation on the MNO portal and for your undying support without which MNO would not be the leader on the HYIP industry. See you all on Friday!

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