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Hello all! I must say that so far this autumn activity in the HYIP industry has been exceptional, and more programs listed on MNO than any other time this year. You can find them all on the MNO monitor and, if you wish to read more information on any of them, click the Review link next to each name. There’s a lot to talk about and quite a few updates to cover in the news section on the MNO blog today, so keep reading. Not all of it is good but I would like to start with some positive news first.


Some really great news for TrueBit investors who may already like the program but would appreciate some flexibility when it comes to withdrawing their principals. Just yesterday it was announced that the lock-in period was reduced from the former 20 days to just 5 days, meaning you can now release your deposit four times faster. If you’re still on stage one of your investment with TrueBit (read more on the investment plan in my detailed review posted here), but at least five have days passed you can release your principal to the same e-currency account you joined with within a 24 hour maximum (usually much faster). In my honest opinion the decision to reduce the waiting time before allowing members to unlock their seed money shows confidence the program is healthy enough to manage the cashflow and the burden of additional withdrawals. For TrueBit which has been running successfully for over six weeks now it’s a definite signal from the admin of the sustainability of his program as it stands of the moment. With TrueBit you can determine for how long you want to be paid and when you want to leave with your profits, and with the reduced 5-day lock-in period it seems that reaching the profit zone is now more achievable than ever. However, there’s a twist – you get rewarded a lot more if you choose not to leave. You may, of course, withdraw your money every 5 days and re-deposit then, but think of staying for longer and you can significantly increase your daily interest rate. See for yourself – from day one to day twenty you earn 2.4% daily, then every next twenty days your profit increases by 0.4% before reaching 4% on day eighty-one where it stays until you decide to leave. Although it’s way too early to say if any investors will see a 4% daily payment rate, I can see interest in TrueBit increasing every day. Along with a good level of flexibility potential investors might be also attracted by affordable deposits – just $10 – and an abundance of payment options. TrueBit works with Payza, OkPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The admin seems to be working on more innovations to come according to his latest newsletter re-posted below, so I hope to report on them soon. As the program has now reached the Top Five Popular Programs list on my monitor (read the latest article from the series here) I expect to include it in the next update sometime next week. Stay tuned for that. The latest from TrueBit is below:

Deposit hold period is shortened to 5 days!
Hello dear investors!
First customers have already reached 3rd stage of our investment program, and we can take stock of the first 40 days of our project. We are pleased to inform that more than 80% investors don’t withdraw deposits from the project after their 20-days period completed (as well as after 40 days, a lot of users have stepped up the third stage and already earn 3.2% daily). We thank you for the trust! That means one thing: our investment plan works, and it works great!
In this regard, we have decided to reduce the period of freezing your deposit from 20 days to 5 days, especially as some investors asked us about this for a long time. So from now on, you don’t need to wait for the 2nd stage (i.e. for 20th day of your investment period). Your deposit will be fully at your disposal in 5 days – you are only able to decide when you quit our project.
We are also working on some innovations in Personal Account which will make investment process more user-friendly and efficient. Stay tuned!
Regards, Leo Wilkinson, CEO TrueBit Group Ltd.


If you check out the review of Capitaller posted on my blog here, you may see that it’s been edited to reflect the changes made to the investment plans over the last 3+ months since the program joined the Premium List on MNO. Over this long period of time Capitaller has done some incredible things for my readers who were fortunate enough to invest in the program’s only recommended 3%-4% for 70 business days plan and managed to literally double their original deposit in three months, as the very first investors of the program are at the end of the cycle and are certainly grateful to Capitaller for the incredible opportunity. Experienced investors though should know that in order to pay on the daily plans any program (and Capitaller is no exception) needs refillable reserves. And in order to obtain such reserves there are some trap plans which all members should avoid. You are highly unlikely to be paid on these plans, but rather your money will be used to cover expenses of daily payments to other members. So, as with the older 1210% after 20 business days, 1457% after 35 business days, 1677% after 70 business days the newest plan offering an even shorter investment term as just announced should be avoided at all costs:

Paying 1177% in 15 trading days. Deposit minimum $400. It is a compounding plan.

The good thing about Capitaller though is that for a very affordable minimum of $5 via PerfectMoney, AdvCash, NixMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin you will be paid 3% or 4% daily interest directly to the same e-currency account you have joined with over the 70 business day term, or 14 weeks. When your deposit expires you have a generous 210% to 280% total return. You don’t even need to create an account to invest with Capitaller and just invest the amount you can afford to lose and forget about it, as the payments have been stable so far with no complaints. To maintain a high level of interest in Capitaller, the admin occasionally posts some promotional updates on the program’s own forum which is hosted on a separate domain. The last one offers members who invest via PerfectMoney and whose batch number ends on special number a chance to get a 20% bonus (or even 100% bonus) on top of their deposits. Note if you win you will not be paid this bonus money directly – rather it gets added to the main deposit on which you withdraw interest. More information on how all this works can be found below, so good-luck to everyone:

Perfect Money Batch Bonus! (New Competition)
Hi All Capitaller Investors and All Forum members.
Capitaller expansion growing up from day to day and We earned more after decided to open investment to public.
Our total investment portfolio reached $1,000,000 and grow each hour.
Capitaller going to celebrate this record and start a great promo, hope You can use this new promo event to attract more peoples, join us, and together, earn more profits.
Most of Capitaller investment come from Perfect Money, 80% more of investment, so, Capitaller decided to make a new Promo for any deposit made via Perfect Money.
Please, read the rules and how it works, carefully:
1) For any deposit made with Perfect Money, if the batch# end with number 7 or 9, for example: 152751659 (end with number 9), Capitaller will add 20% deposit bonus, with $100 deposit and if You have batch end with number 7 or 9, Your new deposit will be $120.
2) For any deposit made with Perfect Money, if the batch# end with double number 7 or 9, for example: 152751699 (end with double number 9), then You’re lucky enough to claim 100% deposit bonus, with $100 deposit and if You have batch end with double number 7 or 9, Your new deposit will be $200.
3) This promo for new deposit only which deposited on or after 7th November 2016.
4) The bonus will added directly into Your bonus and can not be withdrawn, You can only get payout from the profits, not the deposit bonus.
5) Investors who get the bonus from this promo event, We hope to post Your copy of payout proof from bonus as reply on this forum thread/topic.
6) The bonus is available for any amount of deposit.
Capitaller always trying to improve Our service, to make Our Investors can gain the maximum possibility from earning profits together from online business.
Regards, Capitaller Support Team.


You must remember from the previous update on ForexBrothers (reviewed here) that the admin was supposed to launch a new set of investment plans on November, 25, the so-called Black Friday. Apparently he couldn’t wait that long and made a complete overhaul of all ForexBrothers‘ investment offers (making them much worse, in my opinion) and though the original plan I covered in my review is no longer available those who already joined will continue being paid 0.63% hourly for the duration of 240 hours. Although ForexBrothers is still paying instantly at the time of writing to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, my issue is not how the old members are treated, but how the admin is clearly steering in the direction of a clear scam. Experienced investors will be suspicious at how the admin suddenly changed plans so much earlier than intended and is now pushing far riskier plans paying once on expiry – 120% after 1 day, 250% after 5 days, 1000% after 12 days, 800% after 15 days, 2000% after 20 days, 1800% after 30 days, 4000% after 60 days, 6000% after 90 days. As you can see, out of all of them I can only say that the one-day and possibly five-day plan gives only the smallest investments (most plans carry a $25 minimum) any chance to profit. All other new investment plans are totally unsustainable and will only make money for one person – the ForexBrothers admin. Larger investors who are satisfied with the program’s otherwise fine performance before this and looking for higher rates of interest may be the real targets here. I can tell you with a great level of certainty that ForexBrothers is unfortunately in its final days now so be very careful from this point on. If you do want to try out the new investment plans only go with smaller amounts and on the shortest possible terms. Despite some occasional PerfectMoney API errors during which some withdrawals might go to pending status to be paid manually ForexBrothers is I admit still paying instantly. The question is for how long? The first investors that joined the program immediately after its addition to MNO will find it out soon enough, but tomorrow they should reach the profit zone, so fingers crossed. I will keep you updated and will change the status of ForexBrothers on MNO if I get a confirmed complaint of missing payouts, but for now, as the program is still on Paying status please read the admin’s reminders of possible PM errors and the correct way of entering payment details in your account:

We have Perfectmoney API error, right now all errors fixed and system work fine.
All pending withdrawals was processed.
Have a nice day!
Administration of FOREXBROTHERS

Dear users, please before withdrawal in account settings add wallets addresses.
We can’t process withdrawals to blank addresses.
Example: Pm: U234566, Payeer: P123456, Advcashe:your advcashe email, BTC: 1Dr5GHyUiKIlhGFSWSDCvnjmnv46


The latest update from the admin of Daily314 (reviewed here) focuses on BitCoin investments. Though by no means the only way you can join Daily314, they also accept deposits from a $5 minimum to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash as well. The program as you might know from the review is based around the mathematical formula “pi”, or 3.14. The only plan available pays investors 3.14% interest per day until you eventually reach a total of 157% back on your investment. With your principal included this takes 50 calendar days. It’s been a dependable enough program to date with no complaints and payments always made on time, but it’s still going to be another couple of weeks before anyone can seriously say Daily314 is a success because that’s when the earliest investors will break-even and see their first profits from the program. While you’re waiting for that you can look forward to the interview with the Daily314 admin which is coming on Saturday, so stay tuned for that. Below in the admin’s recent update to members he mentions some of the issues faced by some when using BitCoin to join the program, largely as a result of so many different wallets, and also what he has done to correct the situation and keep the process as easy as possible:

BitCoin investments (II)!
Many of our investors have been facing issues while depositing via BitCoin when using BitCoin service providers like BTC-E, Coinbase, Xapo etc. These providers use a random outgoing address to complete the payments and thus the address saved for the investment does not belong to the investor. To resolve this issue I have added an optional field called “Wallet address” in the investment form. If this field is filled the destination address can be set to a custom one (address that belongs to the investor). If the field is left empty the system will set the destination address from the incoming transaction just like it has been doing till now. I hope this will make things easier for everyone in the future.
Enjoy your daily piece of the PI.

I’m somewhat underwhelmed by the second of Daily314‘s updates, and can’t help but question the timing, motivation, and necessity of it. When all previous news updates have been issued exclusively on the Daily314 website, this one has been sent by e-mail to the members personally so first of all it comes across as a “hard sell”. It offers a sign-up bonus of an extra 3.14% on all new deposits in addition to the regular interest payments. OK, it’s relatively small compared to the other more obviously suspicious bonuses offered by some programs in a last ditch attempt to get more money from you before a scam. But still, I have to wonder why. We are told the offer is in line with the so called “Black Friday”, the day retailers slash their prices for one trading day in hopes of boosting sales for the Christmas market. Fair enough, this has caught on in recent years and with internet shops has now moved from just American shopping malls to a global phenomenon. It seems every business is at it now. But on November 10? I just hope the desperation this move smacks of is imaginary, because the real Black Friday isn’t for another two weeks, and Daily314 is still a very new program (relative to its investment term) to be resorting to such moves when the first investors are yet to profit. I guess it’s up to you guys to decide what to make of the offer, to take it or leave it, you can read the details below:

Limited time offer!
Hello, investor!
In honor of the “Black Friday” we have started a special bonus campaign. Invest now and you will receive a bonus PI of 3.14% instantly! The amount will be credited to your payment processor as soon as the investment is activated.
*Available for a limited time only


Lviv, Lvov, Lwow, or Lemburg, whether you’re Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, or German you’ll spell it differently but it’s still the same beautiful city nestled in the Carpathian mountains. And what’s more, it’s also the location of the latest company presentation by Edelweiss5 to which the general public are invited. If you have been following the news from Edelweiss5 on MNO since it was first launched you’ll know that in a rather odd move for an online HYIP they put a lot more effort into offline promotion that you might expect. They have been opening offices in several locations in different countries, mostly but not exclusively Ukraine (Turkey as well for instance, and Germany where they claim registration). Aside from the offices Edelweiss5 have also had public information seminars in numerous other locations, the latest of which has been announced for Lviv in western Ukraine for Friday November 11.

The investment plan in Edelweiss5 is very much long term, running for 365 calendar days, with members earning a fixed 0.5% rate on weekends and a variable rate of up to 3% on business days on deposits starting from $50 minimum. In truth this is a little misleading as the business day rate rarely (in fact I don’t believe has ever) topped 1%. It’s a very sustainable plan as far as the HYIP industry goes, and you can read more about it in the review first published on MNO here, and the interview with the Edelweiss5 admin here. One of the best things as far as most investors will be concerned though is the completely automated nature of the payouts. There is no need to request anything as Edelweiss5 will just pay you automatically every day when you are owed. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and count the money. A good spread of payment processors includes PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, YandexMoney, Qiwi, and even bank wires. In the second update the admin mentions the chance to win a vacation in Egypt, though to be honest I’m not sure regular HYIP players will take that too seriously. Perhaps it’s aimed at those offline investors they are targeting so heavily, I don’t know, but the amount of money involved will no doubt put it out of most readers minds here anyway. Both updates from Edelweiss5 are included for you below in full:

Company presentation in Lviv
We invite you to Edelweiss 5 presentation in the city of Lviv, which will take place this Friday, November 11th at 16:00 in the hotel Galickaya Korona, located at: Ukraine, Lviv region., Pustomyty district., P. Davydov, St. Bandera str, 86a Hotel and entertainment complex “Galickaya Korona”. We have prepared for you a nice evening with prizes, a buffet table. You will get valuable information about how reliable and easy to invest in green energy by 0.5% per day. It is also will be held rewarding the lucky, which fulfilled the conditions of the October campaign. Between participants, who will make a deposit in the amount of $ 100 the day of the event, will be a chance to win the newest iPhone 7. Don’t miss your chance!

Win a trip to Egypt !!
Dear Sirs, We are announcing the promotion! The winners will get a five star hotel rest and everything that Egypt is famous for – the sun, hot sand, the Red Sea, the pyramids and the mysterious Sphinx. To participate in the promotion, make a turnover in the amount of 20 000 $ from 10 to 30 November. Do not miss the chance to spend unforgettable days in Egypt and meet with leaders!


A couple of relatively minor technical problems with OceanInnovations happened earlier when the program was unavailable for a couple of hours. Thankfully the problem was fixed before most investors even noticed it was there at all, and payments continue uninterrupted to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and Bitcoin for the only available 2% interest per day forever plan. Nothing unusual there you might think, indeed such things happen all the time and not just in the HYIP industry either. However it was only after OceanInnovations completed the relocation of its server that the real puzzle came to be. Because that’s when an update was sent to members informing them of the situation and the necessity of the work, which again is fair enough, keeping people in the loop. Bizarrely however the admin also appeared to be pushing another program (which I have absolutely NO intention of even mentioning here!). This may or may not have been a slip-up on his behalf, not intended for the general public, but it doesn’t look quite right. Is this just a “donor program”? I don’t know, but to be honest after just one look it didn’t strike me as particularly good anyway. If this is the case it’s never good, because when an admin admits to running two programs and one of them scams, the other (no matter how good) is never far behind. The update on the server relocation is included for you below, meanwhile if you want any further info on OceanInnovations itself then check out the review first published on MNO here:

Server relocation
A few days we will complete the relocation of the server used to improve the speed of access, the whole process takes about 6-10 hours, if you can not log in, please wait, complete the removal we will resume work!


In a brief, some might say even cryptic, update the admin of SoftmeetBit has announced the update of the website’s Chinese “UI”, which I’m going to take a wild guess and say means “user interface”. Anyway, whatever it is, it involves the Chinese language version of the SoftmeetBit website and so I assume of no major interest to MNO readers. Not directly anyway, though it is of course very important to all of us that such a potentially massive section of the market be made to feel at ease when using the program. The plans on offer in SoftmeetBit (reviewed here) include 1.2%-1.5% for 15 days, 1.8% for 30 days, and 2% for 45 days through PerfectMoney and BitCoin and available for deposits starting from a $7 minimum. Interest is credited on business days only, and your principal is returned on expiry. That means the first investors in the 15 day plan will be allowed to take their deposits back in the coming days, and this will prove a crucial turning point for the program. So far there’s been nothing of note to report in the way of problems and everything has been going quite well for them. Fingers crossed the admin will pass the first test and SoftmeetBit can progress to the next level. I’ll let you know on MNO when that happens so keep an eye open for that. Below is the latest short message from the admin there:

Dear investors
Chinese UI is updated
SoftmeetBit Team


Unfortunately as we all know, HYIPs do eventually run their course and come to an inevitable end. Today it’s the turn of BusinezBit which goes from Problem to Scam Status on the MNO monitor. It wasn’t a great program by any means, truth be told BusinezBit wasn’t even that good, but it wasn’t a total failure either in the sense that some readers were definitely able to get in and out with a modest profit. Their first plan allowed for a 1.44% interest payment per day with investors having the right to take their principal back and leave at any time after 24 hours, so those of you with more modest and realistic ambitions had plenty of time to take advantage. If any of you are still getting paid then congratulations, but be warned that it’s selective and will not continue for much longer (if at all). The problem was brought to my attention by one of my referrals in the program who reported not getting paid. As I always look out for my referrals I immediately looked into this and was surprised, not by the payment not getting processed but by how small it was. I didn’t think the admin would deliberately cheat anyone and risk his program going on Scam Status for less than a dollar, but there you go. I contacted him and was still relatively hopeful that it was just a technical glitch that could be restored without too much trouble. He replied that he would deal with the matter ASAP, but this just turned out to be a stalling tactic. When the promised payouts were not forthcoming I had no other option than to move BusinezBit to Scam Status now. Over two weeks online was plenty of time to make some money for anyone motivated enough, so it wasn’t a complete disaster by any means. Now however it’s run its course and no further deposits can be recommended there. You have been warned!


It sometimes surprises me that despite the fact that Payza is so clearly popular among HYIP investors, HYIP admins seem so reluctant to take a serious chance on adding them. Well, I said it “sometimes” surprises me because then I remember how hard it can be for some of them to get away the money after their programs collapse. At the present time only Zinc7 (the number one program and reviewed here) BandeiraCorp (reviewed here), and TrueBit (reviewed here) from the MNO Premium List are allowing deposits from Payza. It’s programs like these that tend to be more prepared in advance for a long campaign. Their admins show a bit more professionalism in their approach to business and a lot more determination because it can prove to be so difficult for them to pass the verification process and get an approved Payza payment button for their websites. As a result they tend to have more successful programs that run longer than much of the competition.

Anyway, the latest update from Payza is a video guide in three parts on how to add and validate a credit card to your account there. I’ll shortly be adding them to the MNOVision page by the way, so you can watch them there as well. The video guide itself of course represents just one of many great aspects to Payza, as it’s perhaps the most efficient and customer friendly payment processor currently allowing account holders to play the HYIP industry. The have far and away the best funding and withdrawal options available anywhere and allow members to completely bypass overpriced and unnecessary third party exchangers by allowing you to move money directly in and out of Payza using your personal bank account, debit and credit card, or even BitCoin if that’s what you prefer. Regular readers will be aware by now also that Payza have their own pre-paid debit card that members can have delivered to their home address and then withdraw directly there from Payza. With small to mid size transactions being made instantly, you can literally turn Payza funds into spendable cash in your pocket almost immediately. And of course there’s the option, though it’s never guaranteed to work, to lodge a dispute against HYIPs that scam you and stand at least some chance of a partial refund if they can recover any funds there. You can read about the latest developments in Payza and adding a credit card to your account below (and don’t forget to check the MNOVision page for the video tutorial):

How to Add and Validate Your Credit Card: New Video Guide
Setting up your credit card to add funds to your Payza account is fast and simple
We at Payza are working hard to make setting up your account as efficient as possible. To complement our setup guides for both Personal and Business accounts, we have been preparing instructional videos for our most popular features as well. Our three newest video guides explain how to set up your credit card with your Payza account.
The first shows you how to connect your credit card to your Payza Account e-wallet; this will let you add funds to your account instantly. The second video teaches you how to validate your card; this will increase your spending limit and provide extra security protections. We conclude with a slideshow video of ideal scans or photos of documents you need to submit for validation.
How to add your credit card
You can add your credit card in just a few simple steps, so let’s get to it!
Validate your credit card
Once you connect your credit card, we recommend that you validate it. A validated credit card has higher transaction limits.
In some cases, you must validate your credit card before you can use it to add funds to your account.
Getting your documents approved on the first submission: How best to submit documents
In order for Payza to validate your credit card, we need to review images of your card and bank statement with care. We will refuse your documents if the images are hard to read or missing important information.
Here are some examples of acceptable images and common reasons why we refuse documents for validation. To save you time, make sure to submit high quality scans or images of documents you submit for validation.
For easy reference, the Payza Personal Setup Guide has more details on how to connect and validate your credit card: Connecting a Credit Card.
We hope you found these videos helpful and encourage you to see our other video guides:
How to add your bank account
– Payza India: How to use the India Local Bank Transfer Withdrawal feature
We will be adding more video tutorials to our YouTube page regularly. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our channel today.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ForexBrothers, BeyondPetroleum.
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, Capitaller, TrueBitArdexFundsBandeiraCorpEdelweiss5, Daily314, RightRise, SoftmeetBit.
From MNO Standard list: PalUnion, MacroBankingOceanInnovations.
From MNO Basic list: EarnTechHYIP-A, XaboDowerly, BigVenture5, Avatas (the first instant payments received).

I’ll leave it at that for today, guys. Pretty busy as you can see with a lot going on in the industry, something that’s indicative of how well the HYIP industry (the part of it represented on the MNO monitor anyway) has been performing this autumn. It’s a lot of work keeping track of everything, but also a lot of fun when things are going this well so I’m certainly not complaining. If you want to keep track of everything that’s going on with the best HYIPs online remember you can subscribe to the MNO newsfeed and have all the main articles delivered direct to your mail box everyday by filling in your details on this page. You can also follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter where links to all the main articles are published as well. Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll be back on Saturday with the interview with the admin of Daily314, meanwhile don’t forget to vote in the opinion poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page here on the accuracy of the MNO monitor. Bye for now!

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