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Hello all, and welcome once more to the MNO blog – the only fluent English language blog in the HYIP industry dealing exclusively with high-budget programs. This autumn that is coming to an end now has proved to be a particularly fruitful time for all my readers and investors with many successful projects paved its way to the MNO monitor while 90% of them brought profits to their investors. Unlike many other investment blogs and monitors that seem to be on the way down this autumn after a string of fast scams and worse advice which brought misery and huge financial losses to anyone unlucky enough to still listen, MNO readers generally feel much more confident in their investment experiences which the growing Alexa rating for MNO indicates.

Of course, it’s simply impossible to exclude every bad project from my list, but the best programs (read more on them in the latest article from the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO series posted here) far outweigh the deliberate fast scams whose admins never profit by advertising efforts here. That is why it’s so extremely important for MNO to create an elite atmosphere and weed out the admins who only look to steal a fast buck from you. That is not going to happen on MNO, as in order for a program to succeed here and win the attention of larger investors it has to show first some good results and intentions. Sometimes even the inclusion of a program on my Premium or Standard Lists are seen as a stamp of approval for some of my readers who told me as much in private mails.

Anyway, in today’s news I want to talk to you about some updates from such good performers as Mexeer, Razzleton, Edelweiss5, and Capitaller, and will also take a look at a couple of developments in the Payza payment processor. On a very personal note though it took some effort to write this today after a lazy day on the beach swimming on the warm waters of St. Lucia in the Caribbean Sea. Rum tasting trip to some distilleries is coming tomorrow, so don’t even try to bother me after that, guys! Only joking though, as MNO is always on alert and ready to assist my downlines and change a status of a program if any admin fails to comply with the high standards I maintain on my site. Thankfully most of them do. So, let’s carry on with the news then, shall we?


As you might be aware today is Thanksgiving in the US and in accordance with the established shopping tradition the following day, usually called Black Friday, sees the best deals both online and offline as merchants try their best to part you from the contents of your wallet and spend possibly the biggest amount in one single day of the year. This may have started in the US, but nowadays seems to be spreading around the world too, and I know for sure that in UK people are ready for a shopping spree too. That is why I feel it’s much safer at the moment in St. Lucia to avoid the havoc and possibly being trampled under a sea of crazy shoppers when I only went out for a carton of milk, lol!

And in the HYIP world the shopping habits take over too, as Razzleton seems to have taken full advantage of the upcoming Black Friday by teasing a deal you cannot live without yesterday before revealing full details today:

Black Friday – coming soon!
Following the world tradition Razzleton HealthCare Limited has prepared a unique offer for its partners and investors. Stay tuned! A pleasant surprise is waiting for you!

Black Friday – get more!
The whole world is waiting with bated breath for Black Friday, the day when companies all over the globe please their customers with unique discounts and offers. Razzleton HealthCare Limited supports the world trend, so we have prepared a pleasant surprise for you!
This Friday, on November 25th, you will get a 5%-bonus on your balance for each new deposit, and a referral bonus will rise to 12%! Our special offer is for already existing Razzleton users as well as for new users of the platform.
Black Friday comes only once a year! Do not miss your chance to grab the best investment offer from Razzleton HealthCare!
*Black Friday starts at 00:00:00 GMT

By the time of writing you will already be able to get a 5% investment bonus which will make you more inclined to join any of the investment offers in Razzleton. And if you haven’t read my full review of the program posted here, let me remind you of its current plans from a $10 minimum via eight payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, Qiwi, YandexMoney, NixMoney, and Neteller. There are two categories available. The first pays you daily and returns the principal on expiry, where rates include 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days. Perhaps you should think twice though before joining the once on expiry plans in Razzleton that form the second category, such as 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days. You see, daily paying plans are always better for investors who minimize risks by not waiting for weeks before getting anything on the deposit back, rather than starting earning and getting closer to the profit zone much sooner.


I guess no one can argue that Capitaller (reviewed here) has built a great reputation as a seamlessly paying program over a more than impressive 108-day lifetime so far. And no one can deny either that the admin made fortunes for many investors smart enough to jump into the daily paying plans paying 3% to 4% over the 70 business day period at the expense of those unlucky to pick one of the on expiry investment plans from which it’s highly unlikely anyone will profit from. Just a few years ago programs like Capitaller where you don’t even need to have an account with as you get paid daily directly to your e-currency account you made a deposit from were extremely popular, but then trends in the HYIP industry changed direction. So the admin of Capitaller should be already highly appreciated for this wonderful revival where many investors who saw the potential right from the very start managed to more than double their money. Capitaller has become an extremely popular program, especially after the fairly recent re-design and the addition of the new high-risk investment plans on a regular basis. The last of them promises to pay 1025% profit in just 7 business day (less than two weeks!) and it looks like it’s going to get popular even though logic would be on the side of common sense for investors. But after understanding the human psychology of the average HYIP investor I wouldn’t be surprised if 25,000 active deposits and 3 million of USD dollars allegedly given to Capitaller seems to be not such a big amount after all. Here is the latest:

GOOD NEWS! 25,000 active deposits and 3 millions of total capital! New and special PLAN N8 is now available, join and earn more with Capitaller!

Paying 1025% in 7 trading days. Deposit minimum $350. This plan available for all.

Will it be too late to issue another warning now that so many people are enjoying their daily profits from Capitaller, and possibly considering investing in one of the once on expiry paying plans? I don’t think it’s ever too late to educate HYIP investors in that regard, so I would like to repeat my warning. Even if you get paid by Capitaller to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, BitCoin, or AdvCash account every business day like clockwork, it doesn’t mean you will get paid from either of the on expiry plans that now include 1070% after 10 business days, 1177% after 15 business days, 1210% after 20 business days, 1457% after 35 business days, and 1677% after 70 business days. There will certainly be more investment plans added over the next couple of weeks and Capitaller will cease to exist when it comes time to pay. Only smarter investors with realistic goals will profit while the admin of Capitaller will certainly exploit the others for those whose money he has already doubled. There will be more tricks from Capitaller which we’re going to see within the next couple of weeks, so be on alert and avoid investing in the plans where your gut-feeling tells you it’s simply not possible to work.


I was quite surprised to see yesterday my account in Edelweiss5 was rewarded with referral commissions made by a referral in USD bank wires which only proves that the program is not only talking about Bank wire deposits, but actually accepting them along with the more traditional e-currencies like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, and Qiwi which are all accepted from a $50 minimum. People from Russia might also want to invest via Bank wires in rubles, which is now became possible in Edelweiss5 too. You simply need to choose the special button to reveal the bank details where you need to send the equivalent of $50 (around 3,000 Russian rubles). Good news Italian speakers sees Edelweiss5 adding their language now, which you can easily switch to in the top right-hand corner of the website. This is the sixth language on which you can read the content of Edelweiss5 with five others including English, Russian, German, Turkish, and Chinese. More language options means more potential investors from different parts of the world. So that could be very good news for those expecting more from the program’s expansion and its advertising not only online, but also offline, which in many cases proves the more efficient option in a program paying a moderate 1% from Monday to Friday and 0.5% over the weekends for the duration of a 365 calendar day investment term. Firstly reviewed on MNO here with the interview with the admin Daniel posted later here over its first three months on my monitor Edelweiss5 proved a popular choice among readers and most likely a future contender for the next Top Five article. So far I’m really pleased how things are going with Edelweiss5 and its gradual development and stable payments to members’ e-currency accounts which they don’t even need to request (paid automatically to the same account they join with). Of course only time will tell if the first investors of Edelweiss5 see a profit there, but for now I’m very satisfied by its performance, like surely many of my readers are too. Below are the two latest updates from Edelweiss5 that have become available over the last couple of days:

Our site in Italian
Dear friends! In response to the increased interest of investors and partners from Italy, we decided to give them the opportunity to enjoy all our services in their native language. Due to our qualified personnel, our website has already been translated and fully functioning on one of the most beautiful and melodic languages in the world.

Electronic Funds Transfer provides a high level of safety of the transactions, as evidenced time and many years of experience in the functioning of financial services to the wound. For convenience of using Wire Transfer we connected a new account in Russian currency. Now you can transfer money to the company account from your ruble accounts.


Writing this update I’m waiting on the interview from the admin of Mexeer, but since he promised to send them later tonight I’m fairly confident I will be able to post it on my blog sometime over the weekend. The latest update from Mexeer which was reviewed on MNO just a few days ago (click here to read that) was the official launch of their own exchanger where members can now buy and sell MEX currency using different sources. As you know, Mexeer offers investors their own wallet that is created immediately on sign-up and will operate in their own currency, MEX money, which is then easily interchangeable for a fee to other popular currencies the program works with. The long list includes PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin and its alternatives like LiteCoin, DogeCoin, EmerCoin, PeerCoin, DashCoin, PrimeCoin. The minimum to invest in Mexeer, if we talk about it as a HYIP, starts from $10 and you can choose among the three available investment plans – 2% for 75 calendar days (50% total profit), 2.3% for 77 calendar days (77% total profit), and finally 2.5% for 80 calendar days (100% total profit). As Mexeer claims to be an exchanger as well, I believe many investors would look for proof of their activities in order to justify such an expensive and amazingly multi-faceted website with lots of unique features all around. So finally we have gotten it and Mexeer has officially announced the launch of its exchange service which now can be found on the website. The question still remains (and only time will tell the answer) whether it will become a popular service for anyone willing to buy MEX currency, or will mostly be used to impress potential HYIP investors with no real profit streams from this alleged income source Mexeer introduced in the following newsletter:

Launching Mexeer Exchange.
Dear participants of a multifunctional financial platform Mexeer!
Today we move on to the next phase of development and open powerful features – Mexeer internal currency exchange, for the first time connected on the same platform with the payment system and many other financial instruments.
Now purchase or sales of MEX might be done for a more loyal price.
The Exchange is a classic with a user-friendly interface, where you can buy and sell available currencies directly from user to user.
Attention! On the occasion of launching, commission is 0% as for replenishment of exchange purses and as per operations made.
But we do not plan to leave it this way forever, very soon commission will be raised to the minimum level. Use this opportunity to build your investor and broker teams.
Buy! Sell! Withdraw! Earn!
In Mexeer all operations are available on a single platform!


There’s been a lot of information recently from Payza, practically volumes of it really, aimed at establishing their name as a respectable and mainstream name and reputation as a service provider to the online business world. A lot of what they say might not, at first glance, be of a great deal of interest to the average HYIP investor, but I disagree. As an account holder there myself, and a largely satisfied one at that, I would say it’s in everyone’s best interest that they succeed with this. Even though it’s a minority of HYIP admins that add Payza to their programs as a payment option, they ones that do so often prove to be the most stable. The fact that Payza itself is so well liked bt the investors who choose to use them, and the fact that even investors who don’t use Payza still see a strong sign of respectability in the programs that are taking them helps a lot I am sure. It’s hardly a surprise then that by far the biggest single program in the HYIP industry today (and with five full weeks still to go, maybe even the year?) Zinc7 has made huge gains over the competition by including Payza. In fact most of the programs that do include Payza are either on the MNO Top Five List, or at least make their way there eventually. Aside from Zinc7 (reviewed here) you can also see rising giant TrueBit (reviewed here), a newer name to MNO which is Magnum (reviewed here) and BandeiraCorp (reviewed here).

Reasons for their popularity of course have been fairly well documented on other pages in this blog, and just ask any account holder and see if they agree. Direct funding and withdrawal options allow members to move money in and out of Payza from their bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and even BitCoin without the unwelcome punitive charges imposed by third-party exchangers who have been bypassed here completely. Payza have also issued their own pre-loaded debit card where HYIP investors can now have mailed to their home address that allows them to withdraw any earnings and profits from HYIPs straight onto it, sometimes even instantly for smaller amounts essentially making HYIPs an under the counter “cash in hand” business no one else need know about. What more could you want? Well, you wouldn’t expect much from other processors but in the case of an admin scamming any money you invested using their services, Payza offer a dispute process where they will try (perhaps not guarantee, but at least try) to recover as much as your money as possible. That’s a fairly strong attitude to be taking into the mainstream business world with you, so let’s wish them luck with that. The latest information from Payza is included below:

Accept Online Payments Your Way by Setting Your Payza Payment Preferences
With a Payza Business Account, you have full control over the customers you choose to serve and how best to receive their online payments. Payza’s Payment Preferences let you set up your account exactly the way you want it.
Here we explain the various settings–available in all Payza Business Accounts–and why you may want to adjust the default settings so that they best suit the needs of your business.
At Payza, we understand that your business may be constantly growing so you may want to update your preferences often. Whatever the reason, if you need to make occasional changes to your payment preferences you can do it yourself within your account. Feel free to optimize your payment preferences and set up the system that works best for you.
How to Change Your Payment Preferences
1. In your Payza account, click the “Account” Tab in the navigation bar to the left, then click “Payment Preferences”.
2. Review the various preferences and make changes as necessary. Most Payment Preferences give you a choice between two options, simply check the one that make sense for your needs.
3. Click “Save Settings” to save your updated Payment Preferences.
Now that you know how to update your Payza Payment Preferences, here is a look at the options available to you.
Foreign Currency Payments
You have two options when it comes to accepting foreign currency payments:
– Accept payment and open that currency balance
– Accept payment and convert it to [local currency] balance
The default setting for your account is to open a new currency balance when you receive foreign currency payments.
Given the international scope of e-commerce today, your business will likely have a global customer base that prefers to pay you using their local currency. When receiving payments in foreign currencies, you have the option to keep that payment as is or convert it instantly to the primary currency of your account. If you choose to convert the payment, currency exchange fees may apply.
If you choose not to convert foreign currency payments, Payza will automatically open a new currency balance in your account when you receive funds in a new currency.
Accept Payments from Unverified Accounts (Non-verified Members)
You have two options for accepting payments from unverified accounts:
– Yes, accept payments
– No, block payments
We’ve set the default setting to accept payments from unverified members so you can receive payments from the biggest possible market.
Your business can receive payments from both verified and unverified Payza members. Payza employs a strict screening process to verify our Business and Personal account holders in terms of their identity and place of residence. For security reasons, you may prefer to receive payments only from verified members and block payments from unverified accounts.
Customers Can Make Payments Using the “Send Funds” Feature
You have two options for accepting payments through the “Send Funds” feature:
– Yes, accept payments
– No, block payments
We’ve set the default setting to accept payments to your e-wallet using the Send Funds feature to give your customers more ways to make payments. If you only wish to receive payments directly through your website or through the email invoices you send, we suggest blocking this payment option.
Payza members can send money to each other directly, from one e-wallet to another, using Payza’s Send Funds feature. This transaction is practical for payments because you can allow your customers to pay you using just your email address, there’s no need for them to complete the purchase flow on your website.
The downside of this payment method is that because these payments do not originate from your website, they can be more difficult to track. This can make things confusing when you are trying to fulfill a large amount of orders if payments were made using “Send Funds” instead of on your website.
Control Which Countries Can Make Payments to Your Business
There are two Payment Preferences that give you control over which countries can make payments to your business:
– Would you like to accept payments from members located outside [your country]? Yes or No.
– Block or allow payments by country
By default, we set your account to accept payments from all countries so you can do business with the biggest possible market.
Do you limit the shipping of your goods to specific geographical regions? Does your business serve a local market exclusively? If that is the case, you may want to limit which customers can make purchases from your business based on their location.
Payza’s Payment Preferences give you the option to block payments from specific countries, or even block all payments from outside your country if you only sell domestically.
If you would like to accept payments from a select few countries, we recommend that you first set all countries to the “Block Payment” setting, then choose the countries you wish to accept payments from by moving those countries back to the “Allow Payment” setting.
Accept Direct Credit Card Payments and Balance Top Up Payments
This option lets you allow or block direct credit card payments and Balance Top Up payments. Note that you will need to accept direct credit card payments to be able to accept payments from non-members.
– Yes (accept)
– No (block)
Our default setting for your account is to accept direct credit card payments so all payments options are available to your customers.
Your business has the option to accept or block credit card payments made directly from your website. By accepting direct credit card payments, you will incur all fees related to this transaction.
If you block credit card payments, your customers will need to add funds to their accounts by credit card and then complete payment to your business. In this situation, the customer incurs fees for the credit card transaction to add funds to their e-wallet while your business will incur fees only for receiving the payment.
With the Balance Top Up option, a customer can make a purchase using combined funds from their e-wallet and credit card. The payment will first use funds from the customer’s e-wallet and then their credit card will automatically top-up their payment to pay the full balance.
Reattempt Failed Subscription Payments
This setting lets you reattempt payment if a subscription payment fails, or cancel the subscription automatically.
– Yes, try two more times
– No, cancel subscription on failure
By default, Payza will make two more attempts to complete the subscription payment before canceling the subscription.
Some businesses bill their customers on a regular basis, monthly memberships for example. On rare occasions, an automated subscription payment may fail because the customer has insufficient funds in their account. If you do not want our system to reattempt the subscription charge after a short delay, you can set your payment preferences to automatically cancel a subscription following a failed payment.
Additional resources
For a fast, simple step-by-step guide on how to set up or change your payment preferences, see our merchant setup guide.

Openness: The Future of Payments
We have a pretty good idea of what the future of payments will look like. Mobile and contactless payments are already replacing cash and chip and pin cards, shopping online will soon be more common than shopping in-store (in some countries it already is), and the growth of alternative payments is outpacing traditional methods like credit cards.
On a deeper level, the future of payments isn’t really about payments – it’s about optimizing technologies to provide a better user experience, earn more consumer trust, and achieve a higher conversion rate. Looking ahead, developing new technologies will become less important than fostering a sense of openness within existing technologies.
What is Openness in Payments?
Openness is not a new idea in technology. “Open-source” was originally coined in reference to software with a publicly available source code that could be studied, improved upon, and distributed by anyone. The meaning of open-source has broadened to refer to anything made open and available, often with the goal of developing a technology in a collaborative public manner for the greater benefit of the whole.
In short, open payments should be Inclusive, Frictionless, and Transparent. Let’s break these down.
Principles of Openness in E-commerce
More than two out of every three shopping carts are abandoned. These abandonments are mainly due to three factors:
1. Consumers find your website does not accept their preferred payment method (not inclusive);
2. The payment process is too demanding and unwieldy (not frictionless);
3. They don’t trust the security of your site enough to provide their payment details (not transparent).
Bring that cart abandonment number down by embracing the three tenets of openness.
Payments are still largely siloed into different infrastructures, channels, and geographic areas. Most of today’s payment technologies are built on top of infrastructures developed by traditional banks. These legacy networks are ill-equipped to handle a digital economy that strives to be global, omni-channel, and frictionless. This disjunction in payment infrastructure means that many payment technologies are inaccessible to large portions of the population.
Openness values inclusiveness. The purpose of open payments is to provide everyone, regardless of location, financial standing or intent, with the ability to access and utilize the payment technologies they need. Greater access to technologies will give consumers the solutions to payment card restrictions and geographical boundaries that would otherwise segregate them from each other. Payza, and other global payment providers, have been working hard to offer everybody the freedom to interact with e-commerce and the digital economy whatever way they most prefer.
Payments are becoming increasingly hidden from the consumer. Uber and iTunes purchases, for example, are transacted behind the scenes on the user’s behalf. As e-wallets like Payza become more popular, these payments will become more invisible to the consumer; as consumers become comfortable allowing online payments to take place behind the scenes, this method will spread to other platforms and marketplaces.
Instead of forcing consumers to meet specific requirements, the goal of open payments is to integrate technologies so that the consumer’s path to purchase is as simple as possible. Openness means flexibility, versatility, it means being omni-channel rather than platform specific – open payments are designed to be as universal as possible, both for the consumer and for the merchant.
Following the “open source” philosophy of making the inner workings of your software publicly available, a major component of openness in payments is transparency. It may seem contradictory, but the only way to truly have invisible payments is to make them as visible as possible. Consumers don’t trust something that’s kept hidden, but once their trust has been earned they will put it out of sight and out of mind.
Transparency in payments means being open and honest. Proponents of open payments, like Payza, make their data widely available, build communities with open dialogue, ensure that technologies are visible and understandable, and communicate terms and conditions clearly and honestly. Transparency builds consumer confidence and trust, without it, you can’t truly have frictionless or inclusive payments.
The modern digital economy is driven by rapid innovation. Cloud computing and on-demand scalability at a low cost let new market entrants to compete on a global scale, but what makes a business or platform stand out in a crowded marketplace is simple – being open. Openness is a philosophy that applies to, and can benefit, all businesses and consumers in the digital economy.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, CapitallerTrueBitArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, Edelweiss5, SoftmeetBitRightRiseBeyondPetroleumRazzleton, Mexeer.
From MNO Standard list: Magnum.
From MNO Basic list: EarnTechXaboHYIP-A, BigVenture5Dowerly, Palmills.

That’s where I’ll leave it for today, guys. Thanks as always for reading, it’s much appreciated and I hope you found something interesting or useful somewhere in all that. Most likely the next post will probably be an interview with the admin of Mexeer, a new long term program that’s quite unlike most of the other new long term start-ups we are seeing at the moment. Make sure to keep a close eye on the MNO monitor as well for any new additions there. Who knows, maybe one of the next industry leaders as featured I the last MNO Top Five Popular Programs List (read the latest version here) is out there waiting to be uncovered? Remember by the way if you haven’t voted in the opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page yet then please do so here and check the preliminary results as you go. Please follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to the daily news here, and contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the programs I monitor – I’ll be glad to assist all my referrals if they have any issue with the program they join. Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday for anyone who happens to be celebrating, and don’t miss the chance to score yourself a good deal in tomorrow’s Black Friday bonanza. See you soon, everyone!

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