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10/02/2017. Investify Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Investify has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend again. Still plenty to catch up on here on MNO with lots of news stories coming up despite the business week coming to an end. The main focus of today’s article before we get to all of that will be Investify, a new perpetual-style program added to the MNO monitor a week ago after launching a couple of days before that. It’s quite different in many ways to most of the programs you might be familiar with, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is entirely your own opinion, but it’s original if nothing else. So let’s take a closer look at Investify and see if you have room for them in your portfolios or not.

There’s just one plan with Investify, and it works exclusively with BitCoin. Therefore I can only describe it properly using BTC as exchange rates will change from one day to the next. The minimum cost of joining is 0.01 BTC, equivalent to about $10 at the time of writing but check out the current rate of the day when you are ready to make an investment. There is no expiry date on your investment, so the idea is that Investify will pay you interest on a permanent basis for how ever long the program stays online. Interest is calculated on an hourly basis, and credited to your account accordingly. Different rates will apply depending on various circumstances, but the minimum you should expect to earn is 0.3% per hour on business days, Monday to Friday, and a fixed rate of 0.1% per hour on Saturdays and Sundays. Over the course of a calendar week then that would add up to 40.8% in total earnings. As Investify do not allow principal withdrawal at any time you are looking at a waiting period of about two and a half weeks therefore to break-even, and everything after that is net profit.

The business day rate can improve to 0.4% per hour however this is not going to apply to the majority of regular investors. Increases of 0.01% each time, taking you from 0.3% to 0.4% are made as your downline grows and they start investing larger and larger sums of money collectively. Some of the better promoters may get some way into this I’m sure, but as I said for the majority of Investify members this isn’t going to be of much interest (for example, to claim the top 0.4% rate you would need to bring in substantially more than a million dollars to the program under your ref link). Anyway, you can see the Affiliates page on the Investify website for more information on that.

In keeping with the overall simplicity and streamlining of the investment plan, Investify also stick to the basics when it comes to payment processors. Let’s just say you have a choice between BitCoin, BitCoin, and BitCoin, so one of them should be suitable for you, lol. Seriously though, given that BitCoin has become the one single biggest payment method in the industry now, surpassing even PerfectMoney it’s hard to imaging that most regular players won’t have a wallet there. If you still favor the more traditional style third party payment handlers then maybe Investify isn’t for you, but the amount of exchanger options available for you means BitCoin is more accessible now than ever.

One feature you should definitely pay more attention to here by the way and not dismiss out of hand is the re-investment option. As outlined above the minimum opening deposit in Investify is approximately $10 at current exchange rates, however if you’re just looking to re-invest from your balance it will only set you back 0.001 BTC which is about a dollar. That can be a convenient and cost effective way to build up a bigger balance and improve your earnings if you can’t afford to make a more substantial deposit in the first place. Also of course if you’ve already made your quota for withdrawals and simply don’t want to see your money sitting there doing nothing while you wait to make your next withdrawal, making a re-investment with Investify could be an option for you to consider as well.

The only thing you shouldn’t get confused about with Investify is the payment timetable, because a lot of people might associate hourly interest earnings with hourly withdrawals. This is not the case here at all. Investify allow two withdrawals per day, every 24 hours, server time. The script will tell you when trying to withdraw just how many times you have left for that particular day. That might not be as regular as you might have expected at first glance but I would still recommend making full withdrawals as often as your personal schedule allows you to get online. Withdrawal requests will have to be submitted by members through their Investify members account area. While technically speaking they aren’t strictly “instant” as such, payments are generally made within a few minutes. I’m guessing therefore that they are handled by the Investify script and have a short delay placed on them compared to properly instant payouts, but are still done as close to instantly as makes no serious difference.

Moving on now to some of the more technical aspects of the Investify website such as design and account security, everything seems up to an acceptable standard. For one thing the program is powered off a custom-made script that’s been developed especially with Investify and their unique requirements in mind. That gives them an advantage over much of the competition immediately as it allows the admin a far greater deal of freedom to adjust and improve the program as the need arises. There’s also an SSL secure connection certificate from Comodo to ensure safer browsing and more secure transactions. As for a hosting provider, the admin has hired a company called BlazingFast who are keeping Investify on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from malicious DDoS attacks.

If there’s any further questions you have for the Investify admin that you think weren’t explained in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there are a couple of ways to get in touch. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the FAQ page then try the first thing would be to see if an agent is available on the built-in Live Chat widget on the bottom right hand side of the screen. If not, and you don’t want to wait or come back later, you can e-mail the Investify admin directly at the address listed. Fans of social media networks will also be pleased to see Invetsify operating a Facebook group and fan page, so check those out as well if you like.

As for any alleged business activities supporting these payments to members, there isn’t really anything other than presenting Investify as an online HYIP. Which is OK because that’s exactly what it is, and what you should treat it as. Just remember to establish some very clear guidelines about spending – never go past a sensible figure you can afford to lose as well as easily earn back from other sources if your investment doesn’t work out, and if joining Investify at all then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

One last thing before we move on to the news then is that I hope you won’t mind sharing your own thoughts on Investify by completing the following opinion poll. I think in the coming weeks and months as we see the real fortunes that lie in wait for the program it will be interesting to see the results and how many people made good and bad judgment calls. Remember it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable and takes literally only a second. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Investify?

View Results

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Xabo… That name sounds familiar to the majority of MNO readers, just as it does for many thousands of members who joined the program and earned 150% on their investment since its inception in May 2016. Of course, Xabo started out at much smaller levels and first daily profits were between 1% and 2% which took investors longer to finish their full cycle, but now it seems to be in full swing bringing investors rates more typical of 4% to 5%. That means you’re getting your 50% pure profit and 100% investment back in just 20 to 25 calendar days. Although that term is not guaranteed and can change back to 1% any time, I believe the current rate with which Xabo has been growing lately (on the MNO monitor it has already achieved the #5 spot on my Premium List) will determine the high returns over the next few weeks at least, that means if you join now you will most certainly get your 150% return in less than four weeks time. One of the best things about Xabo is that your withdrawals will be processed instantly in most cases, to all four payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash (it looks like the recent issue with AdvCash has been resolved too and withdrawals are back to normal as well as missing deposits via BitCoin being credited). With only a $10 minimum needed for a deposit in Xabo it appears absolutely irresistible for any reasonable investors to ignore the program’s power any longer. In the latest newsletter from Xabo there were some important technical subjects covered, like the missing BitCoin deposit issue which has now been resolved and shared the latest absolutely amazing stats on the program’s growth. You can see for yourself in the newsletter re-posted below from that powerhouse of Xabo (reviewed here):

EMPOWERED by money…Crafted for PEOPLE.
Warm welcome to all Xabo partners Worldwide!
Wow such a rush was that last week. Quite a few of you might experienced a missing deposit issue (fresh deposits did not showed up after you pay for it via Bitcoin) but good news always come. We have being working around the clock, and it has being reported that recent Blockchain network slow confirmation event temporarily took out Xabo Platform ability to see your transaction properly. After hard and persistent work of our team issue was finally fixed and as you can see normal mode is restored. All deposits now accepted normally plus payouts as always instant!
The people who sent their funds but deposit did not appear in your account within 6 hours, please create a ticket at (only one at the time! duplicate tickets will be reviewed at last)
Kindly provide for your:
1) Bitcoin transaction link (or HASH data)
2) Your Xabo profile username
3) Exact sum transferred.
Once you complete and all the necessary information being sent – wait for our assistants to verify and add your investment promptly.
Plenty of tickets needs to be reviewed, so you patience will be very much appreciated. Don’t forget that Xabo company does not have hundreds of thousands staff yet like Google for instance.
No deposits or profits will be missed and all the investments will show up in your account so you can start earning money with us!
Enough about recent shakeups, let’s talk about visible results! Xabo growth is so rapid that we cannot keep up with promo posters, today we hit our next milestone of more than $22,000,000 Invested with close to $12M paid out to investors around the globe! Over 60,000 active users earn money daily, nonstop, up to 5% every single day.
Official Xabo Facebook community become a social powerhouse with over 107,000 Fans around the globe!
Come and join us at:
With such a huge results we always look forward to improve stability of the website, security and overall performance of one and only Xabo Online Investment Platform!
Very effective improvements will come soon, stay up to day and love Bitcoin!
Because as we can all see – Bitcoin loves us with all it’s electronic heart dancing duet with Xabo Logistics International LTD


If you still remember, a sort of conference was held in Riga by RichmondBerks‘ representatives a week ago as already reported on MNO. A summary of that event has now been posted with attached photos in the News section on the RichmondBerks website. The conference was nothing new in terms of originality, but it was rather a good example for people on how they can get more affiliates and more people involved in building their referral downline structures to benefit more fully from participation in the program. The main thing for a regular investor of RichmondBerks will be, of course, an opportunity to earn 1.4% on business days and 0.7% on weekends over an unlimited term with the option to withdraw the initial investment at any time for a 50% fee. The great thing about RichmondBerks is a fully custom-made script with lots of features discussed in the detailed review on MNO posted here. Daily interest payments can be requested literally to any payment system (not necessarily the one you joined with) and processed instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney. Although the report from the Riga conference would certainly be an inspiration for more active promoters and could even make them re-think their advertising strategy, considering RichmondBerks offers its full support to such proactive referrers who would like to follow in the footsteps of those Latvian conference organizers:

Conference in Riga 2017 – Report
Hello dear clients of the company Richmond Berks!
On 4 February in Riga, partners of the company were held a conference on the theme “RichmondBerks Company: innovations in the real estate market”. Participants were customers of the company and those who were only planning investments.
Leaders of the conference were talking about the main perspectives and expectations of 2017 for the market of the auction real estate and company’s plans.
The participants shared their experiences, made new friends and associates. Leader of the conference answered all questions.
Also we introduced the brandbook of RichmondBerks company for each participant of the conference remaining for them as a memorable souvenir.
Mobile application theme was warmly accepted by the participants of the conference. Many of them showed, how mobile app is easy to use and others meanwhile showed how easy is earning money with it.
And in the end, each participant got their own promo-code!
The conference is a vivid example of how you can get high profit with affiliate programs. You can attract customers and be their partner that will bring you profit.
Your conference will be covered by the company and will help you with the organization, you only need to be initiative.
Soon will be held another conference which you are also invited! The information will appear on our website. Stay tuned!


I think that the admin of Mexeer is really serious when it comes to offering incentives to the company’s best promoters. This is definitely the lifeblood of every successfully growing HYIP and must be encouraged. More and more are assigned by the administration through a random process, so you can get rewarded, just like the lucky winners mentioned in the latest update from Mexeer re-posted below, by doing your part in promoting the program:

We welcome all Mexeer leaders!
Administration of Mexeer Platform prepared new prizes for next the most active and productive leaders.
As part of our loyalty and promotion programs, we chose new leaders, who for the past 10 days showed the greatest activity in the work.
Very pleased to introduce them to you:
?? ?from China – a trip for two to the paradise island of Sri Lanka
Ismail Can from Turkey – ultra modern – MacBook Air
Olgierd Nowicki from Great Britain – iPhone 7
We remind you that 3 new leader will be determined every 10 days, which are at the discretion of the administration Mexeer are the most progressive in their team.
Every time it is not easy to determine the Best of the Best.
Winners are elected through a complex algorithm.
The registration points includes all data of the project: total active structure, the first line, personal deposits, good ideas and solutions to promote the platform, communication with technical support, conducting webinars and seminars, as well as much more.
We wish you an interesting and successful work!
Your gifts are waiting for you!

Mexeer was added to the Premium List on MNO on its first days online and has been paying to its investors for about three months already. So many of you have already finished the first investment cycles with Mexeer and some of you are still earning on either of the three available investment plans – 2% for 75 days, 2.3% for 74 days, 2.5% for 72 days. As Mexeer clearly positions itself as an e-currency as well as an investment program, you will pay fees on every deposit (starting from a $30 minimum) and withdrawal request (processed within a 72 hour maximum) which will depend on the currency you wish to use to buy MEX, i.e. invest in the program. There are plenty of investment methods Mexeer accepts and you can use either traditional currencies like PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash or go with one of the modern digital ones, like BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, PrimeCoin, DashCoin, Emercoin, or PeerCoin. There are lots of choices and a not very easy investment process, but if you read my detailed review of Mexeer posted here you will certainly have a better understanding of everything.


There was a couple of news updates posted on the Weollee Telegram News Channel recently. One of them is about two more languages that the main website became available in – German and Spanish, and the second one just informing us about reaching the 5,000 member mark:

Hello. This is Weollee. As you may have noticed, I’m constantly learning and evolving and today I have an amazing news for foreign partners. I’ve added new languages to the website and telegram. They are German and Spanish.

“Congratulations! Mission has been launched by 5000 users”.

As you might be aware from the review of Weollee posted here, it’s a program where investors stay in full control of their finances after a 24-hour lock-in period. After that is over you may withdraw any part of your principal and get paid instantly to BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash. Weollee accept deposits from a $10 minimum and for that you will be rewarded with a 1.5% daily profit until the point you decide you have enough and wish to leave. There are certainly lots of investment strategies you may apply while investing in Weollee, but the first thing you should definitely start with is to click on “Mission Start” on the main website to be re-directed to Telegram where you can activate the Weollee bot, or just to create your account first on Telegram (if you don’t have one yet) which will only ask for the PIN-code sent to your mobile phone. Then you make an investment as instructed by the Weolee bot and enjoy your instantly paid daily earnings – simple as that!


WhyNot (reviewed here) came out today with perhaps the most useless news update I have seen in a while. That’s nothing to do with its performance or investment plans mind (the program still pays instantly on 3%-3.3% daily “forever” plans to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash accounts), but actually incorporation in the UK. Long term MNO readers will know from my articles (read the most relevant one on the subject here) that UK company incorporation has literally nothing to do with actual business. Anyone can do it for any whimsical reason the please, and there are plenty of third-party service providers online that will do it for you. They will even set up a virtual office space for you which may be shared by thousands of other companies. Company incorporation gives you absolutely no license to offer financial services (that’s what you would really need to be looking for in a genuine company, and is a different matter entirely), it’s just what it is – a nice looking piece of paper. In reality the whole process is absolutely irrelevant to investors. The only reason WhyNot has made itself “legal” was to appeal to HYIP newbies that might believe that incorporation nonsense and invest big, which I imagine is the only real reason such HYIPs as WhyNot are still doing this and even making it as news at all:

Why Not Investment Ltd.
Dear friends!
Today we have made a giant step in the development of the project “WhyNot”! Thanks to the efforts of our team and to investors of the website WhyNot, we have turned from a small team of independent traders and investors into a big company. You can find all the documents in the tab “About us”. Our staff was raised two times and many new fronts were opened! A lot of companies would envy the growth rate of “WhyNot” and the geographical location of our investors. In honor of this significant event, we have prepared a lot of interesting actions, bonuses and lotteries for you, which you should find in the near future!
As from today, we all are a part of the company “WhyNot Investment LTD”!


The recent unscheduled downtime of RightRise that the site experienced yesterday for a few hours caused predictable hysterics from some people. Someone even suggested that the program was closed and the admin had moved more than $770K to another account. I have no idea why rumors like these are spread, but the site of RightRise was back online within a few hours, after fixing some errors in its datacenter of which the admin announced after work resumed and instant payments continued as normal:

Servers maintenance
Dear friends, due to unexpected problems in our datacenter our site was offline for some time.
Now the problem is solved and site is working fine.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Sincerely yours, RightRise team

I suspect RightRise (reviewed here) has grown into something big and it really makes their competitors jealous. They in turn have their paid cronies always waiting to spread all type of lies to undermine members trust in this amazing program. RightRise has been the long time #2 program on MNO, performing second only due to the extreme popularity of another big hit Zinc7 (reviewed here), and you know why. Having launched in late October last year the admin of RightRise has proved that you can run a program paying 1% to 3% variable daily interest for an unlimited term with utmost professionalism, treating all the members with respect and always reporting of technical issues when they arise and after they’ve been fixed. RightRise is also famous for its constant work on improving the website (adding more new languages, payment processors, other useful features, etc.) which surely comes appreciated by the members who keep re-investing in the program while also inviting others to try RightRise. That means that the program grows well and despite all the attempts from its competition still stays afloat and pays to everyone instantly. You can always try RightRise with a $30 minimum which is the price of one share that’ll bring you 1% to 3% daily interest “forever” and pay for it via either of the several accepted payment methods including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, NixMoney, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, BTC-E. Then just sit back and enjoy your daily interest which will be variable and may be further enhanced with the booster rate. This is a co-efficient on which your daily earning increases on completing various promo tasks and may reach 1.48 at its peak. Instant payments are another assurance RigthRise investors are going to be satisfied and will come back for more, possibly bringing their friends on board too. So keep promoting the program and it will grow further to unseen heights, and if you’re in panic mode for no reason, just leave the HYIP industry as it’s only for those people with nerves of steel for sure!


Have you ever heard of the International Striptease Day, guys? Yes, it was quite the news event to me too when the admin of AgrarianBenefit announced it. This was with the next batch of deposit bonuses available for a few hours and have now expired. This time the bonuses were not dependent on the investment plans they have been assigned to, but rather from the invested amount and were ranging from 2% to 22%. I personally believe that the deposit bonus promo campaigns from AgrarianBenefit have been held rather frequently, which might raise an eyebrow from some experienced investors who might suspect possible cashflow issues. The reason for assigning bonuses is also quite controversial: wasn’t the admin able to find a better and less “humorous” or “sexist” issue to hold the campaign? That just shows immaturity in the person behind the program and won’t endear him to many investors. Even less female investors. In any case, one can’t deny that so far AgrarianBenefit has been performing well with instant withdrawals like clockwork in all three investment plans – 5% for 30 days, 109% after 5 days, and 10% every 5 days for 15 days, principal returned. While AgrarianBenefit has been running successfully for over two months now and paying investors instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin, it’s still relatively new to MNO. It’s been added to my Premium List only at the end of last week and the full review is coming tomorrow. So stay tuned for that and just have a laugh (or cry, or like me cringe) at the following newsletter:

Bonus to a deposit AgrarianBenefit.
Dear fans of long shillings, especially earnings in the field and agricultural works – what could stimulate the busy bee at the end of the working day? – Certainly a woman, and even better a kick-ass woman – a stripper!
What’s the point – but how could you forget? today is the #International Striptease Day!
We, like all normal men, hasten to congratulate all the men and not only them, with such a small, seemingly unnoticeable holiday .. BUT we know the whole significance of this event.
We announce an excellent, and a gorgeous promotional campaign -Treat yourself, earn money for a “private dance”
Those who made a contribution will get a bonus:
Below USD 100 – 2% to the amount
From USD 100 to 500 – 4% to the amount
From USD 500 to 1,000 – 6.9% to the amount
From 1,000 to 5,000 – 9.9% to the amount
From 5,000 to 10,000 – 22% to the amount
2% is accrued automatically, and in case of amounts in excess of USD 100 – write in a Telegram @AgrarianBenefitLTD indicating your login, and we will manually add you the bonus under the terms of the action!
The campaign will last from 09.02.2017 5:00 p.m to 10.02.2017 11:00 a.m London time.
AgrarianBenefit Ltd. – Where the success lies!
Best regards, AgrarianBenefit team.


MultiBit has to be one of the biggest disappointments recently. The program seemed to have everything in place to sustain a few investment cycles, and yet the admin succumbed after about 36 hours and announced a “restart” of his project earlier today. This involved nulling the accounts of everyone who failed to complete the 30-hour investment cycle and asking everyone for more money to be poured into a totally new game. Well, if the admin of MultiBit thinks that he can play these games with MNO he’s very much mistaken, as I have a very firm policy against such scams. As soon as I heard about this from my readers I assigned MultiBit immediately with a Scam status on the MNO monitor. The admin probably thinks that having his program restart every 36 hours or less would be a great move for him to collect more money and stay “clean” from previous debts. He thinks he’s clever here, but I believe that he’s just a big loser who has no idea how to run a program properly and failing to realize it spoils the overall positive picture we’re currently observing in the HYIP industry. Such “spoilers” like the admin of MultiBit are pretty dangerous, in my opinion, as they undermine the confidence of investors in the newly launched programs and selfishly taking advantage of the positive attitude in the industry with half-baked scams like this. MultiBit has stopped paying now, please do not invest and encourage any further “restarts” from this absolutely helpless person.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Investify, SoftMining.
From MNO Premium listZinc7RightRise, RazzletonElizion, XaboSumWex, BandeiraCorpMexeer, Palmills, Edelweiss5LensenGroupWeollee, RichmondBerksWhyNot, DowerlySportArbitrageAgrarianBenefitTradeexProCoinTransferMacaoLotto.
From MNO Standard list: PassiveLoan, FenusFive.
From MNO Basic list: UltraMining (the first instant payment received).

That’s all for today’s news, guys. Please remember that MNO has a Telegram News Channel now you may subscribe to here, and if not a user there please follow me on Facebook and Twitter where all the latest news is posted. The best way to follow the MNO blog (apart from frequently checking it online, obviously) would be the subscription to its Daily News feed that is sent to your email account every day by the Google operated service Feedburner. All you need to do to enable your subscription is to enter your email address on this page and activate it by clicking on the link sent by Feedburner. Thanks a lot for following MNO and for allowing me to do my job best – you can always report any issues to me or enquire about any monitored program by submitting your request from this Contact page. Remember also that you still have a few days to vote for your favorite payment processor on the MNO TalkBack page, as the final results will be drawn in a few days. I’ll be back tomorrow with a full review of AgrarianBenefit and the usual latest updates from the MNO monitored programs, so see you all then!

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