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Beware! CryptoMineHoldings has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! As the what’s officially the last day of the summer is now with us I can honestly say it’s been a long time since I remember such a keen sense of anticipation in the HYIP industry for the coming autumn season. In previous years it’s often been the case that the autumn saw a revival of fortunes after a summer slump, though this year we already seem to be coming off the back of a relatively successful month or two. As of tomorrow the listing prices on MNO will increase so as to maintain the elite nature of the programs coming here for monitoring. It’s long been a policy of MNO to try and keep the worst of the fast scams away from monitor, just make sure they can’t afford it and they don’t bother asking, which keeps my personal workload to a manageable level and make sure my readers’ profits are maximized. In fact in the last few days alone there’s been several inquiries and advance bookings as admins look to take advantage. More on that in the news section.

First item of business for today though is another new program, on the Standard List this time called CryptoMineHoldings. This is a medium-term HYIP that launched about a week ago, so we are still waiting for the first investors to profit. So let’s take a closer look at CryptoMineHoldings and see how you rate your chances of that actually happening and if it’s a program you think you might like in your portfolios for the autumn.

Starting things off as usual then with the investment plans, I have to say this is one area about CryptoMineHoldings that I have some very mixed feelings about. Not that they are bad per se, it’s just that one look at the website will show experienced investors that they perhaps haven’t been thought out fully. For example, there are three options to choose from, but in your members account area these are named Plan Four, Plan Five, and Plan Six. What happened to numbers one, two, and three? Search me! Anyway, the figures also tend to overlap a bit, making bigger deposits in one plan a bit pointless compared to the same size deposit in the next one. You’ll see what I mean as we continue.

So, you will need a $50 minimum to join CryptoMineHoldings, quite a bit more than the industry average so I’m not sure that gets the program off on the strongest possible footing. This, strangely, gets you into Plan Four. The term runs for 30 calendar days, during which investors are offered 5% interest per day. Payments here will factor your principal in already so it won’t be returned separately on expiry. That means that CryptoMineHoldings will return 150% in total, or your own money back plus 50% net profit. The break-even point is 20 days into the term, after which everything else you receive is net profit. CryptoMineHoldings have an upper limit of $50,000, though you are strongly advised not to spend more than $99 at the very most on this one.

Why not? Because $100 is the minimum investment for Plan Five, which offers you higher interest for the very same term. It runs for 30 calendar days with CryptoMineHoldings offering members a daily payment of 6% interest. This comes to 180% in total, and with your principal again included there that means you reach the break-even point after 17 days and finish up with 80% net profit. Again CryptoMineHoldings place a maximum limit of $50,000 though you really don’t want to go past $499 (assuming you want to spend more that is) for much the same reasons as the last plan.

The opening investment for Plan Six is $500. For a term running for 30 calendar days, CryptoMineHoldings now offer 7% interest per day. This allows members to reach the break-even point 15 days into the term (the half way mark) and finish the term with 210% back on your investment. As with both other plans CryptoMineHoldings are once more counting your principal as part of the payments, so it’s your own money back plus 110% net profit. Upper investment limit is capped at $50,000.

If you like any of those enough to sink your own money into then let’s see what your payment options are. Room for improvement on all fronts here as well, with just PerfectMoney and Payeer are the only options if you still favour the more conventional style third-party payment handlers, while BitCoin is on hand if you prefer the more direct route of using your own digital e-currency. Despite the FAQ stating that LiteCoin is accepted, no such option exists when you visit your CryptoMineHoldings members account area. One way or another you will definitely need to log into your account with the program and submit a request. Under normal circumstances these payments should be instant, in which case you should have your money in under a minute.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of the CryptoMineHoldings website now such as design and security, there’s nothing out of the ordinary and all fairly standard. The website is powered off a licensed script from GoldCoders, something a lot you will probably recognise anyway. As usual it’s all easy to navigate and user friendly throughout. Hosting is on a dedicated server from a provider called BlueHost who are also providing DDoS protection. For an added layer of security the CryptoMineHoldings website has an SSL secure certificate by Comodo. The advantages of joining CryptoMineHoldings, or at least as explained by the admin anyway, are highlighted in a short video that opens by default when you visit the website’s homepage. This has also been embedded on the MNOVision page if you want to watch it there.

For any further questions for the CryptoMineHoldings admin or any account related issues then you can get in touch by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting them through the website. Buttons for various social media sites are not live and don’t lead you anywhere.

As for the alleged business activities supporting the payouts to investors, it’s a largely self-explanatory name. Whether you believe CryptoMineHoldings is really involved in the mining of crypto-currencies or not is entirely up to you, there’s just very little to back it up. Experienced readers will already know what I’m going to say next, but it’s always worth repeating for the sake of newbies – if your temped to believe there’s really a genuine business backing up anything in the HYIP industry, remember there’s no guarantee it has to be profitable. So treat it as you would any form of high risk gambling and stay well under a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose and easily recoup from other income sources. And of course if joining CryptoMineHoldings then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Before I finish with CryptoMineHoldings and move on to the news for today I’d like to ask you guys for your own opinions on the program. Play or pass, I hope you won’t mind sharing them with your fellow readers. It takes literally a second to vote, is totally anonymous, and will make for more interesting reading once we are looking back at the program at the end rather than looking forward at the start. In other words how many people would make a good and bad judgement call looking at the program today. Please answer the following question:

Will you make an active deposit in CryptoMineHoldings?

View Results

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ChainGroupService has a short update on their Twitter feed about the future of the the newly added so-called trading groups. The terms for adding these is about to change in a week from now:

Since Sep.7, the terms for adding new groups will be changed. A one-time setup fee of $5000 will be added + minimum SF size reduce to $5000.

I remind you that ChainGroupService which was originally reviewed on MNO here officially offers only one investment plan with a fixed return of 0.2% daily paid over a period of 500 calendar days with principal back on expiry. All the other five offers are allegedly from third-party trading groups which have their own rules of early principal withdrawal or the option of compounding and offer highly variable daily returns of 0.1%-3% for 90 days, 0.1%-10% for 120 days, 0.1%-6% for 180 days, 0.1%-3% for 250 days, or 0.1%-1.7% for 300 days. Every group has its own name and a so-called stabilization fund from which members might be partially reimbursed in case something goes wrong. Note that a 0.5% fee is automatically applied to every withdrawal request and that you can request your payment even to other payment processors than the one you joined with. ChainGroupService is currently accepting deposits via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum and many other crypto-currencies. The program has been on MNO for a full month and withdrawals have been processed quite quickly so far, although I agree the variable returns sometimes drop to 0.1% minimum which might not satisfy many investors looking for stable daily returns.


Since getting listed on MNO from the very beginning almost eight weeks ago no one could even imagine that Ykke (reviewed here)could last this long with the 3% daily forever plan, now almost doubling the money of the first lucky investors. Although exclusively working with BitCoins Ykke doesn’t convert deposits into USD and that is why those who invest there could also benefit from the growing BTC exchange rate as well as the interest payments from Ykke. Of course, such a long run would not be possible if the program didn’t expand constantly and the admin didn’t make any effort to storm international markets such as China looking for a sure-fire deal to expand the Ykke‘s boundaries and take full advantage of an ever growing HYIP community there. This language version, in addition to a few others already made available was the main subject of the latest update from Ykke re-posted below:

Conquest of China
Ykke is ready to seize the China’s crypto currency market!
The fifth part of the world’s population, more than a half of the mining farms and a huge number of bitcoin holders – this is all China! Moreover, a great motivation for us, as for the growing company today, to do our utmost to offer our high-quality services in this market and to secure a foothold in it.
Translation of the site into Chinese is a part of Ykke’s strategy of moving eastwards. We are confident that we can be a reliable partner for all the investors from China!


I must say that I’m always skeptical when it comes to unusually big prizes HYIP admins promise in referral contests. Usually when it comes to announcing the main winner a made up name is invented and he goes on a round-the-world trip or some other imaginative prize. Good thing no one can verify it anyway, lol! The same I fear happened with the lucky winner of the RolyInvestment referral contest with the “winner” getting a Rolex watch, several thousand dollars worth of BitCoins and even an all expenses paid trip to London. There is no danger in exaggerating this stuff, as no one will ever know and the prizes only entice new money. This is what RolyInvestment (reviewed here) has been doing for quite some now, and with one contest having ended another one starts with ten more prizes offered. The London challenge has been replaced by The Manchester challenge and you have an opportunity to test your strength as an affiliate leader to grab one of the prizes. You can read the latest news on the contests below, and I will just remind you RolyInvestment works exclusively with BitCoins and pays instantly to members who join its 21% to 35% monthly plan which is running for a full year and where your account is credited three times a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays:

RolyInvestment – #bestinvest winner London BTC Challenge
Dear Community, investors and partners,
We would like to thank all participants for the last challenge.
All winners have qualified for the event in London and receive a free flight, stay at a luxury hotel and a rental car for your entire visit.
For all who have not occupied the first 10 places, and unfortunately no prizes have been won, there will again be the opportunity to qualify for the event in Manchester in the near future.
The winner #bestinvest achieved an incredible turnover in the first structure of 250,000 USD for the first place in the London Challenge.
For this he received a Rolex Submariner Date, 10 BTC worth 40,000 USD and the flight ticket to with all privileges

[NEW] ROLY INVESTMENT – Manchester Challenge
Dear Community, investors and partners, It goes to the next round.
After the last challenge has been successfully completed and the Russian leader #bestinvest has earned the first place with a firstline turnover of 250,000 USD and thus won a Rolex Submariner Date, 40,000 USD and the travel package for London, there is now the possibility to win the flight ticket to Manchester and a lot of good prizes.
Be there when it goes to the next round!
2017/08/30 – 2017/11/06
What is there to win?
#No. 1 10 BTC and a Rolex Daytona, #No. 2 6 BTC, #No. 3 4 BTC, #No. 4 2 BTC, #No. 5 1 BTC, #No. 6 0.7 BTC, #No. 7 0.6 BTC, #No. 8 0.4 BTC, #No. 9 0.2 BTC, #No. 10 0.1 BTC
All winners will get a free flight to Manchester, a rental car and a paid hotel for the entire stay.


It’s always admirable when a HYIP admin tries his best to take care of customers by making sure that the website is running in a fully safe and secure environment. This is what CryptoMineHoldings, reviewed above, have been doing today. CryptoMineHoldings had to temporarily disabled instant withdrawals yesterday and fix a loophole in the script but today withdrawals are back to normal and are processed within seconds to all the payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin – while accepting investments into the 5% to 7% for 30 calendar days plan. A newsletter on this was issued as well, so everyone stays in the loop:

Hello. I hope you are doing well today!
We just needed to update you on whats happening with the slow withdrawals.
The thing is there are too many security concerns out there for CRYPTO based projects for examples recently a lot of ICOs and Exchanges have been getting hacked so we ourself needed to be more careful with protecting the funds of our members.
So when we enable the Instant Withdrawal feature, We always put ourself at risk because the API is vulnerable at that time and if some hacker runs a Ddos attack or a phishing attack with Auto Withdrawals enables, They may get access to our Payment Processors.
So thats why we decided to add some custom features to the script and until that is all done we will process the withdrawals manually.
Keep in mind we are still at early days and we will take all the precautions required to take care of the funds of our members and their privacy. We don’t want anything unfortunate to happen, I hope you understand that and support this decision.
Thank You


Now let’s get acquainted with the latest additions to the MNO monitor and first off it’s the turn of a program called GideConsulting. It’s a very low-ROI HYIP that was launched just recently offering various medium to long-term investment plans that can be joined for quite a hefty minimum of $100 for the shortest plan and even higher minimums for others. This amount will be converted to the crypto-currency of your choice as GideConsulting will take deposits only BitCoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum with the conversion rate given on funding your account. After funding you have a choice of investing in a few plans all paying you once on expiry although they are deliberately described on the website to mislead you – 0.5% for 30 days, 0.75% for 60 days, 1% for 90 days, or 1.25% for 120 days. In reality you won’t get anything back before the expiry date, which means 115% after 30 business days, 145% after 60 business days, 190% after 90 business days, 250% after 120 business days. I’m not sure how many investors will be so patient to wait to see anything back from the program for six weeks, but the admin explains that by his desire to stay online for at least a few years and also that they do real trading, unlike other ponzis. Well, we’ve been there, done that, so all reasonable level of caution still applies if you wish to join GideConsulting. A full review of the program will be posted on MNO as soon as the first payment is received and the program is moved to Paying status on the my monitor, although it might take quite a few weeks, so stay tuned for that.

The GideConsulting website itself to be a work in progress, honestly. Personally for me promotional materials were not available yet and I had to specifically ask the admin to provide me with banners to advertise it on MNO properly. Although the site is SSL-secured by Comodo I couldn’t find any evidence that it’s hosted on a dedicated and DDoS protected server, as it’s all shown as a shared NameCheap hosting which hopefully the admin will upgrade with time. There is a fair amount of content available on the website though and even a sub-domain used specifically for investment purposes. A video introduction of GideConsulting has been added to the MNOVision page for your reference as well, and some updates available on the site’s own blog the first of which I am re-posting below. In the first update the admin welcomes everyone to his website and introduces himself and the company, while the more relevant second newsletter deals with the peculiarities of joining with a step-by-step guide to uses before the full review of GideConsulting is posted on MNO in a few weeks time:

Welcome to GideConsulting
Hello everyone, this is Fernando CEO and founder of GideConsulting, our investment group is based in the Republic of Panama with three years of experience in Forex and Binary Options markets developed very effective and safe strategies.
Our strategies are based on risk management above all, we believe that it is our secret of success in the markets, we make a conservative management thus have the confidence to start this program for everyone and anyone with the initial forecast three years.
Our priority is to fulfill the responsibilities to our customers.

Where to start?
Mail client. First of all you need to create an e-mail address through which you’ll be interacting with GideConsulting. We strongly recommend creating a Gmail or Yahoo mail account. Please, don’t use other email services other than the two to avoid possible confusion and difficulties that may arise while exchanging correspondences with the company online.
Electronic wallet and topping up.After creating an email address, the next step is to register with the electronic payment system you plan to use for investment in our Company. After creating the account, top it up.
To open an e-account, you can register with any of the following electronic processors:
– (We will only support it in future)
You can also use other wallets that support Litecoin, Etherum and Bitcoin.
You can register with any of them of your choice or with all of them if you want (recommended). The registration procedure is very simple and will take you little time. Topping up your accounts should also not cause you any trouble. On our site, go to the section “Deposit now” and follow the guidelines that are set out there.
Topping up your account is a very simple process. It is important to follow the particular procedure outlined by any service. To top up your account, you need to have enough amount in your wallet to top it up.
Registering on the Company’s website.
To start investing, you must first register on our website For details, check our website and twitter/blog.
– To register, click the link “Invest”. Another page will open just click on create account and a registration form will open. You are required to complete ALL the fields in this form as follows:
– In the “E-mail” field, enter your email address;
– In the “Login” field, come up with a username and enter it (only Latin letters and numbers);
– In the “Password” field, come up with a password (at least 8 characters) and enter it. The password should be made up of alphabets and numbers. It is recommended to write some characters in capital letters;
– By creating an account you accept the “Agreement” by creating an account at our website so you understand all the risks involved. Then click the “Register” button below.
Investment. You are now ready to invest. You have an email address, you’ve topped up your electronic account (on settings once logged) and your Account profile on our site is created. Now you can start investing by first studying and selecting the most suitable investment plan.
– Once logged in make a deposit to your wallet account;
– And then in your Account, click “Invest”;
– Check out the investment plans. Choose a suitable plan and click “Choose”;
– Select an e-payment system from where you want to make a deposit;
– Click “Make a deposit”;
– In the window that opens, you’ll see a pre-prepared deposit order. Check all the data in it and, if necessary, make corrections by clicking “Cancel”. If everything is correct, click “Continue”.
Next, the site will redirect you to the website of the electronic processor from where you want to make your deposit. Follow the instructions that are shown on that site. After payment, you’ll be redirected back to our website. This means that your deposit has already started working for you and that you are on your way to a new standard of living. Take note that our program only pays you the earnings once your investment period is over, your first profits will be credited to your account earnings everyday.
Regarding to referalls are still a working in progress as we are trying to figure out a way that can make a legit profit from referalls instead of a scammy way that most fake hyip do, we are working on a 0.1 percent interest.
GideConsulting – We invest in you.


FCTAcademy is another program I have the pleasure of introducing today as not only has the admin decided to go with Premium listing, but he has also upgraded his program to the highest possible Sticky listing and purchased the top large banner on the MNO monitor for an entire month. You might remember an amazingly long-running program Edelweiss5 that used to pay only twice per month, but credited members’ accounts with daily profits nevertheless. I believe the same thing will apply if you join FCTAcademy which works exclusively with BitCoins and where the minimum investment currently stands at 0.01 BTC which is equivalent at $47 at the time of writing. The monthly profit promised is variable from 15% to 30% per month, it should be credited to your account on a daily basis and is available for withdrawal twice a month – on every 1st and 15th. The investment term is one full calendar year and so by the end you will have received from a 180% to 360% total return on your deposit which is not much compared to others but achievable nevertheless. Once you have made your withdrawal request during the window when it’s open you should receive it to your BitCoin account within a 72 hour maximum. There are various available for members with a higher percentage rewarded for an increased turnover of the team that sign up under your link. The training on the subject of crypto-currencies trading which FCTAcademy is allegedly making money from is provided on request as well, hence the name of the program I guess, which stands for Future Crypto Trading Academy. With such a different approach to the payment schedule and deposits themselves it’s no wonder that FCTAcademy operates off their own custom-made script, the site is also SSL-secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by CloudFlare. As for the current Waiting status of FCTAcademy on the MNO monitor, I’m not sure when it’s going to change to Paying, as I’m not sure if I have enough funds to make a withdrawal tomorrow when the window for requesting profits opens. In any case, I hope that by the 15th of September I will have the first profit paid to my BitCoin account and after that will be able to review FCTAcademy on the MNO blog at the latest. Meanwhile, you can sign up to the website and see everything for yourself what it’s all about paying a special attention at the video presentation (you can also find the clip embedded in English on MNOVision page) and the info available in a few different languages, as the site is multi-lingual. I have a very good feeling about FCTAcademy, by the way, and look forward to reviewing it as soon as the status is changed to Paying. Meanwhile here’s the welcome message from the admin:

We opened in the test mode.
Hello dear partners, we opened in beta mode, the site is constantly working on updating the functionality, content and design. All these works do not affect the work of traders.
If you see errors in your office, write directly to the mail
We are in the beginning of the way to create an international educational crypto-exchange platform (Academy).


After only seven days on MNO Genetix has stopped paying today and has been moved to Problem status on my monitor a few hours ago. I must say that only people who invested in its two- and five-day investment plans saw any profit, but as with any programs of this type it was a high-risk venture to begin with. In the case of Genetix it’s fair to say that those who expected reasonable profits and tended not to risk much were the winners, but many others unfortunately lost. I do not think that the admin intended this today, otherwise he would have not have extended his banner spot and Sticky listing on MNO for another week yesterday. But like with all the programs he has probably stopped paying at the time when outflow increased to the point when it was impossible to pay existing members. Overall, 13 days online was not a great result, but as Genetix was overall quite a popular program I guess operating huge amounts were not an easy task. Whatever happened with Genetix it’s highly unlikely payments will resume, but I heard that some people are still able to get paid instantly, and if you’re one of those people then consider yourself lucky, as for many others the game is over and the admin confirmed it to me on Telegram too. Please do not invest in Genetix anymore, guys! You have been warned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineTrafficHeapRespectativaFatFunds, BandeiraCorp, AurumBankControlFinanceChainGroupServiceRolyInvestment, AlpexTrade.
From MNO Standard list: YkkeCryptoMineHoldings, MatrixAlliances.
From MNO Basic list: CryptoCenter, InvestellectUKPMECryptoMasterAltenergyVenturesGroup (the first payment received).

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you enjoy reading MNO and take full advantage of the best investment programs you can find on the monitor. The new HYIP season is officially starts tomorrow, and the listing prices on MNO are going to increase too. So expect some really high quality programs to be added to MNO in September, and throughout the autumn. Of course, not to miss anything important and always be in the loop I encourage readers to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and subscribe to the Daily News to be delivered to your email address here. You can also contact me directly at while my contact form is still under maintenance or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog if you have any questions or suggestions. As direct communication with all the MNO readers is of utmost importance to me so you’re welcome to post on the MNO ShoutBox too if you have anything to say about the programs monitored on my site. I’ll be back with the latest news and a full review of MatrixAlliances sometime over the weekend, so stay tuned for more and have a nice weekend everyone!

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