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13/08/2017. ChainGroupService Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! ChainGroupService has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope the weekend has been going well for you all. There’s some news to catch up on today, well, more than usual for a Sunday anyway, so plenty to discuss in the news section coming up. Before we get to that I want to take a closer look at one of the most interesting, original, and downright intriguing programs to come my way for some time. It’s a long term HYIP called ChainGroupService. Some of you might recognise the name already, it’s been listed as a good paying program on the MNO monitor for almost two weeks now. Previously it was only on Basic Listing, hence the absence of any information on the MNO blog. I’m glad the admin decided to upgrade to Premium Listing though as it really is an interesting project with huge potential to grow. It won’t suit absolutely everyone of course, few HYIPs can ever make that claim, but certainly ChainGroupService could be around for a long time to come in the hands of the right administration. So let’s get started and see what they are all about.

I must admit ChainGroupService is one of the strangest programs I have monitored in terms of their approach to the investment plans. It’s hard to describe them actually, but in the simplest possible terms they try to present themselves as some kind of third-party escrow service provider. They offer several different investment plans, but then accept no personal liability or responsibility for their success or failure. Much the same as let’s say an anonymous payment processor in some regards then, such as PerfectMoney for example. All they are doing is following your instructions to move your money from one PM account to another. If it turns out you get scammed then it’s not PerfectMoney’s fault, they are just doing what you asked them to do of your own free will and volition. That’s basically what ChainGroupService are claiming with most of their plans.

Despite appearances, if there is just one thing you need to understand about ChainGroupService then let it be this: It is very clearly and explicitly stated on the website that, and I quote, “Please note that Chain Group Escrow Service has only one investment offer (investment plan). All other offers are from third-parties, independent Trade Groups. They are serviced by Chain Group Escrow Service, but Chain Group Escrow Service does not own or manage these Trade Groups.
So, “caveat emptor” as the expression goes, let the buyer beware. Now, how much truth there is in this claim is both debatable and irrelevant. Whether you believe in the existence of these third party trade groups or not doesn’t affect the most important fact here that the ChainGroupService admin is clearly and explicitly warning you that if you join any other plan presented on their website other than their own then responsibility for any losses is yours and yours alone.

With that in mind, there are five investment plans listed on ChainGroupService, only one of which the program itself explicitly states originates from them and as such is the only one they “guarantee” (for want of a better word) you will get paid from. In reality it acts as an ultra-low interest pool of money from which they try and operate a sort of compensation pool for any members unlucky enough not to profit from any of the other more appealing options. You need a $5 minimum to join The Chain Trade Group Plan. It runs for a term of 500 calendar days. During that time members are promised a fixed daily payment of 0.2% interest on their deposits. As you can probably work out already that just allows you to break even on the final day, which then becomes 100% net profit when ChainGroupService returns your principal as promised. That’s a long time in the HYIP industry to be waiting just to break-even, with no more than a bare handful of low ROI programs ever coming close to running that long. So it’s hard to see many investors treating this as a serious option, but as I said it is the only one that ChainGroupService explicitly claim ownership of. Compounding is allowed and there is no option to make an early principal withdrawal.

Other more attractive plans start with The Cloud Share Plan. This is also a long term option, though comparatively faster with a term running just 120 calendar days. The minimum requirement to join is a $25 investment. Payments to investors are variable, with an enormous gulf between possible minimum and maximum limits. Interest rates are paid by the day and start from 0.1%. On the other hand they can go as high as 10%. Your principal is included in the payments and will not be returned on expiry. You can see the historical rates of the day displayed on the ChainGroupService website. With such a huge gap between possible upper and lower limits it would be a bit pointless of me to even suggest what you could possibly earn from this plan, but if it helps you make a decision then ChainGroupService go on to include the accumulative earnings from the last seven days, thirty days, and total payments since the plan was first introduced. Compounding is again allowed and no principal withdrawal is permitted.

Next on the list is The Bit Strong Plan. It’s another longer term plan that runs for 250 calendar days this time, and also sees ChainGroupService make daily interest payments of variable rates. These can be as low as 0.1% or stretch to as much as a 3% maximum limit. Not as much as the previous offer, but the crucial difference here is that you are allowed to withdraw your principal before the expiry date if you are not happy with the performance. This will however cost you a 30% penalty fee, so think very carefully about your options before joining. The minimum investment is $5 and your principal is returned on expiry. Again it’s impossible to give an example of how a “typical” investment might work out, but as a guide ChainGroupService include a comprehensive record of past payments up to the present date. Once again, compounding is allowed if you wish to take the additional risk that goes with it.

The next choice is called The Dragon Foundation Plan which runs for 180 calendar days and costs $10 to join. Interest payments are made every day and are again variable. They start from a possible low of 0.1% or on better days could potentially be as high as a 6% maximum. You can see the past performance record on the ChainGroupService website which include seven and thirty day averages. Compounding is allowed and no principal withdrawal is permitted, so if you join make sure you are committed to the full term. Your deposit is counted as part of the payments and will not be returned.

This is followed by The CNC Plan, standing for Crypto News Centre, and the most recent addition to the list. You may join for a minimum of $5, with ChainGroupService imposing an upper limit of $10,000. The investment term lasts for 90 calendar days, during which ChainGroupService are offering members a variable daily interest rate depending on how the plan is performing. The basic minimum guaranteed here is 0.1% per day, though this could also rise to as high as 3% per day if things are going a bit better. There is no early withdrawal allowed so make sure you’re fully committed to the full length of the term, and compounding is also not allowed for this one. As with the other plans, you can check the ChainGroupService website to see the historical rates paid out since the plan first launched, plus the accumulative total since day one.

The next plan is called The X-Bots Plan. It runs for 90 calendar days and pays a variable daily profit. This can start from as little os 0.2% in a day, or can climb as high as 5% on the better days. There is a minimum requirement of $250 to join. In practice you can take it that there’s no maximum limit, though technically speaking ChainGroupService say it’s $5million. So in the worst case scenario you could finish the term with as little as 18% or could go as high as 450%. Obviously that’s just too high a leeway, either side, the reality is likely to be nowhere near either end. Remember that on this plan your principal is included in the daily profits and compounding is not allowed.

Your final choice is called The TG Thomas Plan, another long term variable payments option with a $10 minimum joining fee. The full term runs for 300 calendar days, and while interest rates are typically somewhat lower than some of the other plans ChainGroupService do allow members to leave early if they want to before the final expiry date. This isn’t free of course and will cost you a 20% exit fee, so that’s going to eat into a fair share of whatever profits you might have made. Payments open at a minimum of 0.1% and on the best possible days can go as high as 1.7%. Again you can see the plan’s payment record on the ChainGroupService website, plus the most recent seven and thirty day cumulative totals. Compounding is allowed if you wish to use it, and your principal is returned on expiry.

I should probably say just a few words here about the actual investment process itself. Actually it’s quite simple, just slightly different from what you might be used to in most other programs. So, after you have sighed up to join ChainGroupService, you can proceed by clicking the “Load” button in your account. Once your account is credited you then may choose from the five investment offers you can see on the “Stats and Trade Groups list” page and from there make an investment into the plan or plans of your choice. After that the withdrawal system is pretty much as it is with any other program in the HYIP industry. Just be extremely careful with the security PIN identity which will be assigned to you on sign up. You will need this for future transactions so make sure to keep a record of it, preferably physically written down on paper.

The selection of available payment processors available in ChainGroupService is fairly predictable with most of the popular ones included but also room for expansion. For those who prefer the more conventional methods ChainGroupService will take deposits through PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. However if none of those options are suitable for you and you prefer the more direct approach then there are several options available for anyone looking to use a more modern digital e-currency. Choices here improve quite a bit. Obviously BitCoin is the biggest name in this field, however you are welcome to use any of the alternatives that are available using the CoinPayments interface (Etherium, LiteCoin, DogeCoin being just a couple of examples among several providers). Withdrawal requests are handled manually by the admin and will need to be requested from inside your ChainGroupService members account area. Once done you should expect all transactions to be completed in not more than a 24 hour waiting time. By the way, please take note that all withdrawals are subject to a 0.5% processing fee, so if you withdraw a $10 expect to receive $9.95.

Looking at the more technical aspects of the program now such as design, security, etc, it’s fairly clear that a lot of detailed planning went into its creation. It’s deceptively simple, but don’t think anything has been sacrificed on account of ChainGroupService favouring substance over style. Everything here is up to acceptable and expected standards. ChainGroupService is hosted on a dedicated server with the protection and tech support of CloudFlare. The website also has an extra layer of security in the superior Green Bar extended validation encryption certificate by Comodo to help provide safer browsing and more secure transactions. I suppose a lot of you being regular HYIP players will wonder about the script ChainGroupService is running off. The reason you won’t recognise it is because it’s been developed and custom-made to meet the program’s unique individual requirements. Nevertheless it remains easy to navigate with a user friendly interface throughout. There’s an introductory video embedded on the ChainGroupService website that goes some way towards explaining what it’s all about. This can also be seen on the MNOVision page.

If you have any further questions about the program or any account related issues there there’s a couple of ways you can get in touch with the ChainGroupService admin. As always the first thing you need to do is make sure you are familiar with the website’s FAQ section as well as the terms & conditions. There’s a lot of them, (and I do mean a lot!) but everything is spelt out for you clearly and comprehensively. If that doesn’t work for you then you can either write directly to the listed e-mail address, or else just fill out your details on the online customer support form and submit it through the website. There’s a telephone number included so you can try and speak with someone directly if you expect it to be answered. For fans of social media networks ChainGroupService have an account on Twitter and operate a YouTube channel.

On the subject of the program’s FAQ and T&C pages, I can’t overstate how important it is to read through everything before doing anything. To most people this would be obvious anyway, but it’s even more applicable to ChainGroupService. One reason is there are a series of penalty fines that can be charged to your principal if you fail to observe the rules. These are mostly for infractions that common sense tells most people to avoid, such as spam and self referring (or referral cheating) so the only people affected will frankly be those who deserve it. But still, just make sure you are aware of the rules first.

As for any alleged business activities, extensive texts claim the nature of ChainGroupService‘s business to be somehow connected with various financial and crypto-currency trading platforms. Naturally enough containing noting you can actually research and verify for yourselves but at all times the point is strongly made that the program is acting as an escrow service and not directly managing the plans. Whether you choose to believe a single word of that is another matter, the fact is that just like every single HYIP you join the risk falls entirely at the feet of the investor. It’s your money we are talking about here, not mine, and certainly not the admin’s, so don’t blame or credit anyone else for the outcome of your own actions whether that means a profit or a loss. With that in mind you need to treat ChainGroupService as you would any other HYIP related project and always proceed with caution. Put your own interests first because no one else is going to do it for you. Set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do decide to join ChainGroupService then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Plenty to think about in there for sure, but if you’ve already come to a decision about whether ChainGroupService is suitable for you or not then perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing with the other readers and answering the following poll. Remember it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, and will eventually tell us how many people were right to go with their first impressions of the program either for better or worse. It can also indicate what standards people expect from a HYI website before they are prepared to part with their money.

Will you make an active deposit in ChainGroupService?

View Results

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I guess no one can deny the HYIP industry has its new leader in the form of LaserOnline (reviewed here). The program keeps paying fine since its first appearance online and was immediately listed on Premium status on MNO. Six weeks later and I have hundreds of happy referrals who have managed to make lots of money from its highly profitable 12% for 12 business days investment plan. This offer is available for deposits starting from $5 via multiple payment options as Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The latest newsletter posted last night also showed us what exciting new changes and improvements have been made over the last business week which made the LaserOnline website inaccessible for nearly two days. During that time though withdrawals were always processed as normal with all the countdown times honoured fully and no payouts missed. I believe that this alone dramatically increased members faith in LaserOnline‘s ability to deal with unexpected difficulties that might arise and make it even stronger than before.

Now that the site of the program is back to normal and is fully accessible and operational the only way is up, especially if we consider that so many useful new features have been introduced in the newsletter. Among the most exciting for most people is probably the addition of five more crypto-currencies to the list of the payment processors LaserOnline is working with – LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and Monero. With the currently growing role of altcoins and people using them in their online activities such an expansion in payment methods will help attract more new members to LaserOnline which is vital for further growth. The BitCoin exchange rate that today hit the $4K threshold for the first time will swell LaserOnline‘s BitCoin reserves too which is also a very positive sign to consider when assessing your chances to profit. No wonder that over USD 1.5 million was claimed to be invested into LaserOnline since its inception with about $50K of that coming from MNO referrals alone. Moreover, to encourage long term growth and reward the most active team builders there will be a so-called Reward Checks system introduced soon. A brief first glimpse of that was given by the admin in the screenshot posted at the end of the newsletter. The regular members of LaserOnline who just want to profit in the program will be more interested though in other useful additions like change of interface to take full advantage of the more comprehensive information regarding your withdrawals. There are two major features in Auto-Reinvest and Payment Schedule made available where the first will allow you to reinvest all your cash balances automatically every week while the second gives an opportunity to set up a payout schedule to be paid one to five times a week depending on your credit score in fully automated mode without the need to make a manual request. These new features will definitely make the lives of many investors easier while also increasing the level of automation a rapidly growing program like LaserOnline will need in the near future. More live stats added, Radio Laser is now on, and many other improvements previously only dreamed of are all now available at the disposal of LaserOnline members. More to come for sure very soon and MNO will be the first to report it when the time comes. For now please read the latest newsletter from LaserOnline and enjoy the new and improved website:

Hello to all the LaserOnline Platform active users, marketing professionals and future partners! With latest Bitcoin price was able to jump well over $3,300 USD it should come as no surprise for us that things claimed to be impossible in the past, nowadays seems to be perfectly normal. And with all the wonders of Crypto-World even 70% R.O.I monthly can be very much real…But let’s talk about LaserOnline Platform here, because frankly, we have a lot to share…
Just since 43 days of LaserOnline Platform being online, we hit our first “over million and a half” mark easily with truly impressive $1,590,382 deposited from close to 5,000 users worldwide and over $330,000 “Swiss clock” paid out revenue! So much more to accomplish and we are absolutely sure that soon enough those numbers will be our daily boring routine.
It’s not a surprise for our users that we do many updates & improvements at the platform daily. All aimed at one simple idea – to build the best money making the machine on this planet. A stable, reliable platform which helps you to generate serious returns and create passive capital anywhere in the world in order to accomplish yours and only yours true goals…
And we do believe we are getting to that point very quickly.
After extensive core technical updates, we’ve managed to integrate many useful key features from the 12 Months Plan (Described here This update can be considered as a major one. Sorry if you’ve experienced any difficulties accessing our website recently. So let’s get straight to the list of our recent accomplishments…
Now accepted for your new deposits at LaserOnline
With constantly increasing cryptocurrency market capitalization many new alt coins are getting stronger. From now on LaserOnline Platform is ready to accept your deposits via private Monero/Dash & technologically advanced Ethereum/Litecoin cryptocurrencies.
Find out more at about good Bitcoin alternatives at:,,,
With many requests to integrate more convenient investment features, we’ve added 2 amazing tools for you. Auto-Reinvest and automatic Payout Schedule. This couple will make your earning experience with LaserOnline seamless and can drastically improve our platform’s stability itself.
This feature allows you to automatically reinvest all the available balance back to 12% daily for 12 business days plan.
Be aware that, once you set your Auto-Reinvest you can edit it only once a week. You will not be able to withdraw your available balance. It will all be automatically reinvested back to the new deposit.
You can cancel Auto-Reinvest only once a week.
Payment Schedule is a convenient instrument available for all L.O.P users. It provides an extra feature of setting up a particular day of the week, on which all the available balance of your personal account will be automatically sent at your e-wallets without a need to send a payout request manually or login your account. You can set up your automatic payouts up to 4 times a week (based on your profile status) and enjoy automatic hassle-free payouts straight at your wallet!
Your revenue (active balance) will be automatically transferred to your e-wallets at the selected day of the week without any need to make a manual withdrawal request or login your account.
Important to know:
– Once you set your schedule you cannot cancel it before countdown timer ends!
– You can change your Schedule set only once a week.
– All e-wallets should be already set at your profile settings.
If any of your e-wallets will not be set you will not automatically receive an available balance of this payment processor.
Please be aware that you will not be able to withdraw your available balance manually. Your available balance will be automatically sent to your e-wallets with no need to create a manual request. Note that once you set your schedule you cannot cancel it before countdown timer ends!
Let’s bring even more clarity and trust to our community!
As it was promised earlier at news article, Transactions Section is now available for all visitors at
See all the detailed statistics (deposits, withdrawals) and motivational leaderboards with real income of all trusted leaders displayed for you.
And last but not least, meet Radio LaserOnline! From this day Russel Tech, our chief executive of human interaction will be able to entertain you with positive tracks, useful explanations, effective advice… Every single day online for you! Log in your account, turn ON your Laser Radio and let Russel lift up your mood!
We also provided you with many improvements throughout the platform. Here are just some of them:
– Homepage Footer section redesigned and completely reimagined. Many key informational points being added, a dynamic statistic of recently made blockchain deposits with a board of biggest shareholders at the platform displayed. Check it out at LaserOnline‘s homepage
– Investment Page new section added and more information provided. Read more about LaserOnline long term strategy and Crypto-Capital 12/12 plan security solution. Discover more at
– New Get Started videos added for easy start and first steps of all your partners.
– New extensive security protocols applied when you log in your account.
– Live Deposits (Blockchain confirmed only) statistic is now displayed on your desktop.
– Handy post-withdrawal notification section added.
– Available Balance section added, now you can see how much your active deposit is at the moment.
– Timers and notifications improved
And now it’s time for our promised surprise!
How to achieve a global expansion with a staggering pace of growth? How to become a number 1 choice of all the marketing professionals worldwide in order to create the strongest network of affiliates?
Simple enough… Provide your clients with top quality long-term service and don’t forget to integrate best of its kind reward system which based completely on their own performance in a first place with absolutely no limits to career opportunities they can get…
Meet RC (Reward-Check) System at LaserOnline! Soon to be presented publicly this powerful tool can bring millions of dollars to all most active leaders around the globe! But let’s take a quick glimpse, shall we?…
At this picture, you can see L.O.P.’s automatically updated Rewards List divided into 3 major categories based on the specific requirements list in each. This section will let you monitor all possible Reward Checks (RC) at the moment with detailed obtaining terms respectively. An authorized user can see his Profile Completion status (% completed based on his current team data).
Once a particular user reaches a certain level of team deposits, he/she will instantly receive a reward (via Bitcoin) from an address listed in each every sub-category.
Note that there is a limited amount of Reward-Checks tokens for each category. Once an individual gets his RC, he will take away one token so it will no longer be available for other users to compete for. Only when there are no more tokens left to take, all the categories RC tokens will be renewed and Bitcoin addresses refilled with new budgets.
When it comes to success we all can agree – it’s all about timing. This marvelous money aggregator system is about to arrive, so hurry up before strongest leaders took their spot! Start building your mighty team and generate massive capitals so next time you log in your Bitcoin wallet you’ll see one of those RC Checks smoothly landed, waiting for your decision of how to spend it!
Leader more about LaserOnline Affiliate Program here:
Get more Sign Ups by becoming an official L.O.P representative today!
Learn more at
We hope you found this powerful article useful!
Pedal to the metal with LaserOnline Investment Platform!
Get started with Laser today!
Find LaserOnline at social media:
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section:


It’s time now to look at the final results of the latest poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack over the last week. I asked whether in your opinion the HYIP industry was currently growing, declining, or simply stalling. I’m pleased to see that readers moods seem to be positive, as an overwhelming majority of 74% say the industry is growing. Another 16% think that it’s stalling, and only 10% feel it’s in decline. I don’t believe such optimism would be possible without the number of quality profitable investment projectslisted on the MNO monitor at the moment. I mean, apart from the recent unexpected collapse of UnityPetroleum where no one saw a profit all the other programs have performed really well and allowed members to profit. The top notch programs that formed the list of the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO can be read here. Anyway, MNO has been listing such amazing programs, but the elite character of them was recently abused by few admins, so don’t be surprised if the listing prices on MNO are going to be increased later this year once again. That will be better for me as it will allow me to concentrate on promoting only truly high budget programs and for my readers as well who are smart enough to demand the best of the best options for their investment portfolios.

The next poll is about crypto-currencies with the winner being accepted on the MNO monitor for advertising purposes. You see, with SolidTrustPay completely withdrawing from the HYIP market last year and the rise of the cryptocurrencies headed by BitCoin things in the industry have changed forever. No one can deny now that BitCoin has become one of the most important and popular e-currencies used not only for HYIP investment, but also for speculative buy and sale and making money on the exchange rates that can be quite volatile even within a single calendar day. I’m not even talking of mere weeks when the price of BitCoins can change dramatically when affected by many online and offline events. This is surely liked by those people who appreciate their online anonymity and at the same time would like to earn some extras on being able to buy low and sell high within relatively short periods of time in addition to their possible earnings from HYIPs that bear much higher risk than just keeping BTC funds. Over the last few months however there are many BitCoin alternatives are challenging their position. Collectively known as “altcoins”, some are already very popular. Some of them grow faster than BTC in value, some of them are more flexible with fees, while others have various convenient features that can compete with those offered by BitCoin. So I would like to ask my readers a simple question:

What in your opinion is currently the main competition to BitCoin?

-Ethereum, -LiteCoin, -Dash, -Ripple, -Monero

You might notice that all the five possible answers are taken from the update posted by LaserOnline. It’s been the hottest program in the HYIP industry for a while now and the admin knows perfectly well what his investors want to see in the program and in the HYIP industry in general. The choice is more or less representative of the current state of the market. Please submit the vote for your favourite altcoin HERE in the poll will run on the MNO TalkBack for the next week to ten days. As always your active participation is highly encouraged and appreciated.


Readers and me personally were both very disappointed with the result the admin of UnityPetroleum showed leaving literally everyone who joined his program after a two year long “sleeping” period at a loss. I’m not sure whether it was initially planned to scam so fast, or the admin has just received too much big money too soon. In any case, he seems to have reached his personal goal much earlier than he planned due to quite huge deposits into the program and closed the doors too soon for anyone else to profit. There is a possibility as well that the site of UnityPetroleum in its first “sleeper” incarnation was run by a totally different admin and was taken over by somebody else with the deliberate intention to steal everyone’s money as fast as possible. We can only speculate on what actually happened as the admin processed the last payouts to everyone on Thursday night and no one heard anything from him after that. What would he say anyway? Another stupid excuse like everyone else to justify a quick scam? I’m not sure investors want to hear it somehow. The only proven fact is that UnityPetroleum has failed – exactly the type of programs MNO so carefully tries to keep away from the monitor. But alas, you cannot be right every time, but to console my followers I can say with great certainty that MNO lists much fewer obvious scams like UnityPetroleum compared to so many other cheap monitors that seem to have in abundance on their blogs and monitors. In this case UnityPetroleum was an unlikely exception from the rule of listing only quality programs where everyone has an equal chance to profit from. However, in this case not everything is lost for the people who invested in UnityPetroleum via Payza as you can certainly file a dispute for a chance to get some money back. I have most referrals who made a deposit via Payza, so you should really take advantage of this immediately.

If UnityPetroleum has its site still online and accepting deposits from unsuspecting investors, the admin of FxLTD has totally removed his. Although I was really hopeful that this was not going to happen, as he answered to my email shortly before his site was suspended due to some reason by the hosting provider (I would guess for non-payment). Anyway those of you who invested into the FxLTD‘s shortest 15-day daily paying plan or in the paying on expiry 110% after 7 days plan should have profited from it. I remind you that FxLTD has managed to stay on Paying status over almost four weeks on MNO, so at least it was not a total failure and investors had a decent chance to be in profit, provided of course, that they joined and invested at the right time. As the website is offline now no one can invest in FxLTD anymore, and since I haven’t heard from the admin since Thursday I assume we won’t be seeing it again. But just in case note that FxLTD, just like the still fully accessible UnityPetroleum are scams now, so do not invest there!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: CryptoSolutions.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineTrafficHeapFatFunds, BandeiraCorp, NewTechRoadAurumBankControlFinanceRolyInvestment, AlpexTrade, ChainGroupService.
From MNO Standard list: RespectativaYkke.
From MNO Basic listCryptoCenter.

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for reading on this nice Sunday afternoon. I truly appreciate your loyalty over more than ten years my blog and monitor has been running. Since then MNO has become synonymous with high-budget elite investment programs run by experienced admins, the only kind that are welcome here. I’ll be back on Tuesday with the latest news from the HYIP industry and possibly even a new program to replace the recently closed ones. I would appreciate if you could take a minute to vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack, follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or subscribe to receive daily news directly to your email address here. Stay tuned for more exciting investment opportunities as MNO is For Money Lovers!

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