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27/02/2018. ETHMine Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! ETHMine has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! Hope the week has been going well for you so far. It’s been a strange day for news because while there’s not been a great deal going on in the industry recently in general I still have quite a lot of news stories to get through. A slowdown doesn’t mean a complete closure of the entire HYIP industry after all, and it looks as if maybe we are turning a corner. In the news section today I’ll another new addition to my monitor to tell you about, hopefully to be reviewed in more depth in the coming days. And if you were reading the last update on MNO you’d have noticed the introduction of another new program then called ETHMine. This is another lucrative HYIP that allows investors a degree of flexibility to determine their own investment terms, although not exactly “perpetual” style investment plans that pay members indefinitely, it is something similar. So let’s begin our update for today with a closer look at ETHMine and whether you think you might have room for them in your own investment portfolios.

Starting as usual then with the program’s investment plans, actually there’s only one of them. If nothing else then I guess it makes for an easy and short review – you will either like what ETHMine have to offer or you won’t – simple as that. Before I get to the numbers I should point out that at the moment ETHMine is working exclusively with cryptocurrencies. Exchange rates vary from one to another, but you need at least a $10 minimum value in the currency you are using to be allowed join ETHMine in the first place. You will still make the deposit using dollars, it will just be converted at the exchange rate of the day at whatever point you are ready to join.

So, once you’re in you’ll find that technically speaking the investment term runs for a full year, 365 calendar days. That makes ETHMine a long term program by any standards, maybe even too much for some folks who normally love long term HYIPs. The reality however is quite different. The plan has a nominal expiry date of 365 days, actually you’re only obligated to remain a member for one single calendar day. After that it’s entirely up to you how long you want to stick around for, you may request your principal back anytime and move on, or else leave it in place and continue drawing an interest payment. The fee for returning your principal is 5%, so obviously don’t leave too soon or you might find yourself at a loss. The rate will depend on how much you decide to invest, as like most online HYIPs ETHMine try to entice bigger and bigger deposits with higher interest rates. For the overwhelming majority of investors though this will be 2.6% per calendar day. This is what’s called The Starter Pack and applies to all deposits between the $10 minimum up to a maximum of $4,999. You are free to reclaim your principal back anytime you feel you are ready to leave after you have completed one day. It’s difficult (more like pointless to be honest) to try and offer a practical example of how something like this might work. After all, there’s as many potential strategies as there are investors. Whether you decide to treat ETHMine as a one day, short term, mid term, or longer term investment program is up to you. For the sake of working out your own calculations though, we’ll just say you invested $100. ETHMine offer to repay you $2.60 per calendar day. You may collect this everyday for as long as you decide to remain a member of the program up to as long as a full year, and then when you feel the time is right to leave – perhaps you have reached your initial investment goal, maybe you think you’ve gotten the best out of the program and it’s time to leave, or maybe you have something better to do with your money – you need to ask for your money back.

The same basic rules and principles apply to bigger spending investors, except as I said already ETHMine improve the daily rates on larger deposits. For example The Advanced Plan which applies to deposits between at least $5,000 and up to a maximum of $19,999 offers a payment of 2.8% per calendar day. Keeping in mind that ETHMine will deduct 5% from your principal when you ask for it back, you can do your own calculations on what your potential earnings could be for a maximum term of 365 days.

And finally just for information purposes, anyone spending upwards of $20,000 with no maximum limit, ETHMine have The Superior Plan. Once again you are only required to stay a member for one day of the plan’s full 365 day duration. For how ever many days you stay, ETHMine offer you 3% interest for each of them, with your principal returned (minus a 5% fee) on request.

If that’s the type of thing that appeals to you and you think you’d like to go ahead and join ETHMine then the next item up for discussion will be what your payment options are. Not exactly an extensive and complete list, ETHMine work exclusively with digital cryptocurrencies to move money in and out of the program. BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, and BitcoinCash are all accepted starting from $10 but then converted from USD to the cryptocurrency of your choice. Payments are made manually to most of those currencies and will need to be requested from inside your private ETHMine members account area. You are required to allow a maximum of 24 hours for all transactions to be completed. BitCoin investors on the other hand are offered instant payouts, so even if it wasn’t already going to be the most popular payment method it will be now. If you do decide to join then ETHMine have included a handy little calculator on the website where you can play around with the numbers yourself and see how much you can earn per day depending on your investment. Just remember to enter all your payment details when joining the program, otherwise the script won’t know where to send your money.

If we are all clear about that then I would like to talk a bit more on some of the practical information you are going to need in order to work your account with ETHMine more efficiently. Specifically I’m referring to how to make an investment, how to make a profit withdrawal, and how to claim back your principal. It’s nothing too complicated, but it’s just that as ETHMine have their own script it’s going to be a little different from most of the generic programs you might be more used to dealing with. So, to make an investment you need to click the “Buy Hashing Power” tab in your account area. Enter the amount you wish to invest via any of the five payment systems (you will see the daily profit that you can expect to earn from this amount under the sum), you choose the amount in USD which is then converted automatically to the cryptocurrency of your choice. Proceed to pay the exact amount shown directly from your cryptocurrency wallet, and after this click the “Confirm Payment” button. You will then see the confirmation saying “Transaction confirmed! Funds will be applied to your account after transaction receives at least three confirmations.” Wait for three confirmations and then the script will add your deposit which will be displayed in USD in your member’s area. The amount after three confirmations in USD may be different as the script is converting your cryptocurrency back to USD after three confirmations and at the live rate of the moment.

Next you’ll need to know how to withdraw profit. So from your account if your account balance is higher than $5 (that’s the minimum to withdraw) you may click on “Collect Interest” under the balance and make a withdrawal which should be converted back to the cryptocurrency on the current rate and withdrawn instantly to BitCoin or manually to the others.

Then finally when you think the time is right to release your principal – from your account click the “Mining Contracts” button, then you will see “Release” button across each active deposit which becomes active and clickable after the first 24 hours. You can make a full or partial withdrawal by the way, if you want to leave a smaller part of your principal in place if you wish to continue earning. The principal (or what ever part of it you choose to withdraw) gets transferred to your account balance which you can then withdraw in the same way you would a regular interest payment.

On the technical side of things then ETHMine are hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of DDoSGuard. The website is running off a script that’s been custom built from scratch especially to meet the program’s own unique needs and requirements. Despite being unique to ETNMine it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to play around with the various features inside your members area to become familiar with everything and see how easy it is to navigate and overall customer friendly. And for an added layer of protection ETHMine is using SSL encryption by GeoTrust for safer browsing and more secure transactions. For greater transparency you can see all the latest transactions at the top of the page which, being anonymous to digital cryptocurrencies, can be verified by anyone without any real loss of privacy.

If you have any further questions for the admin or account related issues you need to have dealt with then you can get in touch with ETHMine by a variety of methods. You are first asked to read through their FAQ page before doing anything else as this is quite extensive and should be able to clear up a lot of your queries. If that doesn’t help you can try the ETHMine Live Chat via the widget built-in on the bottom right side of the page. You may also get in touch by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it via the contacts page, or else by writing directly to the e-mail address listed. Incidentally, ETHMine also list a postal address although experienced HYIP players will know to dismiss this out-of-hand as most likely a virtual address for correspondence. It’s located in Hong Kong if you’re interested, which is where ETHMine is incorporated as a company. Of a lot more practical use I would say is the Telegram group you can join for chat and support. Other social media profiles include Facebook, Twitter, and even a YouTube account. You’ll find an introductory video which talks at a bit more length about the alleged business interests of ETHMine (which we are told is mining of the Ethereum digital currency) plus another that covers the actual mining process itself. Those new to the HYIP industry, and even some of the more experienced players for that matter, might find the “Get Started” page very handy for getting to grips with the whole ETHMine investment process.

The alleged business interests supporting ETHMine are as I said supposed to stem from the mining of the Ethereum digital currency. Even if the actual claims being made aren’t exactly new, as with just about every other online HYIP falls short of giving us any solid information you can research and verify. So despite the good layout, preparation, and design of ETHMine, you still need always to remember that it’s no more than an online HYIP with all the potential risks that accompany potential rewards. So establish what your spending limit is, make sure it’s based on what you can afford to lose rather than what you dream of earning, and if you do decide that ETHMine is right for you then also try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

At this stage I know a lot of you will probably have come to a decision one way or another about joining ETHMine or passing on it to wait for something else. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts on that with your fellow MNO readers? Please vote in the following poll which as always remains completely anonymous and untraceable. It’s not really the immediate results that are all that interesting, rather looking back much later when we see a more definitive picture of the program’s fortunes, good or bad, to see how many people made the correct judgment call. So:

Will you make an active deposit in ETHMine?

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I’ll start today’s news by introducing a new program that joined the MNO Standard List last night called NeuralFinance. It’s a classic perpetual style HYIP which will pay you indefinitely, i.e. for as long as then site stays online. With NeuralFinance your daily profit will range from 1.5% to 3% daily depending on your principal, meaning you will reach the profit zone after 34 to 67 days from the day of your original deposit. Such type of programs might be a huge success, as one previously monitored on MNO managed to reach the #1 spot and ranked very high in popularity. Hopefully NeuralFinance will be a success in the long term as well, with gradual and sustained growth necessary for the majority of early investors. I must say that NeuralFinance is by no means a new program as it’s been running for two weeks before joining MNO, but at the same time the site has only recently been translated into English after working exclusively with Russian speaking investors. That’s confirmed by one of the latest updates posted on the NeuralFinance website a few days ago:

The platform is translated into English
The English language has been added to the NeuralFinance platform. In the near future, active promotion of the project will begin in the markets of China, Europe and Latin America.

As you might guess from my previous statement, NeuralFinance is working with investments made via two currencies – USD and RUB. There are different payment methods as well, when it comes to either of the currencies. For instance, for USD deposits you can fund your account in NeuralFinance with PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, and Ethereum, while investments in RUB will be supported by Payeer, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, Visa, or MasterCard. In order to start investing with NeuralFinance you have to replenish your account under the Balance tab with either $10 or 600 RUB and only then will you be allowed to proceed with an investment in the plan of your choice. For that purpose, please click the Deposits tab in your NeuralFinance account and choose among the four available options. Depending on your deposit level you will get paid either 1.5%, 2%, 2.5%, or 3% with your interest credited every 24 hours and available for instant withdrawal. Note that you can withdraw to a different payment system than the one you joined with, and that then up to a 2% fee on each payment request fee. The withdrawals from NeuralFinance are usually processed instantly, which I can confirm as I moved it to Paying status on the MNO monitor and will review it on my blog in a few days, so stay tuned for that!

As for the technical stuff, it’s all acceptable. NeuralFinance is running off a licensed H-Script with all its user friendly features and familiar interface. The site is properly SSL-secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoSGuard. The admin is quite active on social media and posts news on a daily basis since NeuralFinance first came online. Most of it’s in regard to bonuses obtained by active promoters, but some is relevant information on the project development. According to the latest update over the first weeks online already 5,000 investors have been registered. The figure is most probably vastly exaggerated, but that is what all the HYIP admins do – create an illusion of huge crowds. With NeuralFinance I wouldn’t be surprised if it does become popular, but only with time, when the admin proves that he can bring profits to investors, as the break-even point for smaller deposits is over two months away. The latest news from NeuralFinance (to be reviewed on MNO soon) can be read below:

We are already more than 5000 partners.
Today, 20 days as the investment platform NeuralFinance started, and we have more than 5000 partners. Dozens of people received bonuses from $100 to $1000 under a unique bonus program. Over 90000$ were paid to our investors. We are developing in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, China, Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia and other countries. And all this is just the beginning!

Recommendations for the security of your account! Think of a complicated password that is different from the login. Do not open any known links on your computer. Install the antivirus. Before each withdrawal of funds, check the details of the purses.

Everyone can earn where and how you like!
Doing business with NeuralFinance, everyone can earn where and how you like! Travel, develop, open new horizons, set the most ambitious goals! Everything is possible, for you there are no restrictions and barriers!


The best program in the short-term category on the MNO monitor at the moment is undoubtedly JSRentHouse, confirmed by its #1 position on the Premium List and speaking volumes of the program’s popularity among readers. In the current unstable times in the HYIP industry few short term programs apart from JSRentHouse can boast five weeks of uninterrupted instant payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin on the following investment plans – 2.5% daily forever, 103% after 1 day, 120% after 5 days, 165% after 15 days, 260% after 30 days, 700% after 70 days. All of the investment plans have been properly covered in the detailed review of JSRentHouse you can read here, and I hope that we see many more weeks of stable work from this wonderful program to come. The admin just announced the results of the previously held video reviews competition. So, drum roll and here are the lucky members of JSRentHouse to be rewarded with cash prizes for their creative efforts:

Winners in our video reviews competition.
1. ztronte1 – prize 150$, 2. vetrovmkua – prize 100$, 3. sach98 – prize 50$
Thank you everybody who took part!
Sincerely yours JSRentHouse


As the admin of NobleDDoS is most probably interested in the gradual development of his program, at the time when his original review on MNO was posted about two weeks ago (click here to read it) his program was only taking PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. Later on, NobleDDoS started accepting LiteCoin and Ethereum, and finally now the turn has come for the most popular crypto-currency BitCoin to join the bunch. BitCoin was not the only currency that was added to NobleDDoS, as four others, namely Dash, Monero, Ripple, and BitcoinCash are also allowed as per the latest news update re-posted below:

We accept Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies!
By the numerous requests of investors, we have added the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero and BitcoinCash! Register on the site and join our team!

Having on board no less than ten payment methods in total NobleDDoS remains a stable performer with instantly processed payouts on the daily paying 4.% to 5% for 30 days plan, while the very first investors of the program should have completed their first investment cycle on the paying once on expiry plan and have possibly collected profits on the 120% to 130% after 15 days plan. Let’s stay positive and see whether the first investors on the daily paying plans will be the next in line to reach the break-even point over the next week or so. MNO will inform you on that as soon as it happens.


EnergyCarsRevolution is a real multi-lingual website now, with Hindi and Russian language versions joining English and Polish. There are more language versions to be added soon, and I have no doubt that the admin of EnergyCarsRevolution knows very well how important it is to appeal to an international audience that might not always read English. The multi-lingual website should definitely contribute to more funds pouring into plans which include 2.1% for 30 days, 2.3% for 60 days, 2.5% for 90 days, 500% after 100 days (all with principal return on expiry). If you read my review of EnergyCarsRevolution posted here you might know that you can start investing with as low as $10 via various payment options, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Dash, Ethereum, and BitcoinCash. By the way, along with more languages there is now a video presentation for Russian speaking investors on Youtube (the English version is embedded on the MNOVision page). Besides that, in one of the latest newsletters reposted below the EnergyCarsRevolution admin makes some ridiculous claims of over 46,000 investors who made deposits in total of 3.5 million USD. Well, many smart investors will know to ignore such astronomical figures and rather concentrate on the potential to earn:

EnergyCarsRevolution – Hindi language added!
Hello. We took care of the convenience of using our website for representatives of Indian region officially declare the support of the Hindi language, which will allow investors from this region to feel more comfortable when working with the services of the site.
In the near future, we plan to include Russian, Deutsch and Chinese.
Subscribe to EnergyCarsRevolution‘s social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube. Follow our news and take an active part in the common cause!
Sincerely, the administration of the company EnergyCarsRevolution.

EnergyCarsRevolution – Good News!
Hello. Recently, we analyzed the number of applications from different regions regarding the addition of new languages to the official website of EnergyCarsRevolution. As a result, at the moment we got the most appeals from the Russian speaking audience. That’s why, as part of the expansion of the number of available languages on the site, the company’s administration decided to add Russian as follows.
Video presentation (Russian) –
Today, we can already be proud of our results. The number of investors trusting the Company EnergyCarsRevolution reached 46,128 people, the total investment is $3452645.61, and the payments are $ 736574.73.
This year, EnergyCarsRevolution has ambitious plans and we are confident that we will achieve good results.
Thank you for your confidence we look forward to your participation in the development of the company EnergyCarsRevolution.


After four weeks online JazzleGames started picking up steam with more investors coming into the program after the modification of the plan structure. JazzleGames now offers quite a variety of options for investors looking for instant payments to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum, Dash, YandexMoney, or Monero wallets. The test plan in JazzleGames will still bring quite a modest 107% return after 7 days. If you want more serious profits though you can choose from a plan paying 1.8% daily for 40 days with the principal back on expiry, or go for any of the plans with the principal already included with daily returns – 7% for 17 days, 5.2% for 27 days, 3.6% for 50 days. Whatever you choose though I’m sure you will be satisfied with JazzleGames‘ performance, just like other 19,000 investors allegedly invested in the program already. With the first investors already in profit it’s clear that JazzleGames is gaining momentum and is ready to tap into the lucrative Chinese market by introducing it as the fourth language available for investors (English, Russian, and Kazakh being the three others). Reinvestment is encouraged by JazzleGames to save on time and fees, and a special newsletter was dedicated to explaining the benefits of that. All three updates from JazzleGames (reviewed here) can be read below:

Increase the profits without limits!
Dear investors! Our project has been working successfully for 27 days! 19 thousand of our partners were convinced that the deposits are accrued every day without interruption, and at any time, the means you have earned are available for withdrawal. Jazzle Finance Limited [GB] has proven its reliability. Realizing your desire to multiply your profits, we removed restrictions on the number of deposits for all the investment plans. The money you earn can be invested daily in new and new deposits on any favorite investment plan.
Create your lasting wealth together with Jazzle Finance Limited [GB] every day!

Reinvestment. Save your time.
Dear investors! In the modern world, with the constant acceleration of the pace of life, saving time becomes one of the most important tasks. We appreciate your time, so we have developed a user-friendly system and a clear interface that allows our partners to interact with investment plans without effort, quickly and easily manage their deposits. Now, without leaving your Personal Account, you can create new deposits in just a few seconds, immediately investing the money you have accrued, without wasting time on their withdrawal and input. When you click the “Reinvestment” button in the Personal Account, you need to select any of the investment plans.
The process of obtaining new profits has become not only the most comfortable for our partners, but also very fast

Now in Chinese language.
Dear investors! Jazzle Finance Limited [GB] continues its triumphal march around the world. The scale of our project development is reaching a new international level.” The rapidly growing popularity encourages our team to work harder so that the language boundaries are not an obstacle to multiplying your well-being .
We are glad to announce that we have launched the Chinese version of the website.
Now the opportunity to earn with Jazzle Finance Limited [GB] is available for a billion potential and active Chinese investors!


BitifyLimited might not be flying under the radar anymore as the admin is already taking the first steps to improve its layout. So, just recently he announced an adapted design had been introduced for better access on mobile devices:

Adaptive design
We have implemented an adaptive design into the platform code, and now our site automatically adapts to the screen resolution of the device you use to visit BitifyLimited. Invest through a smartphone, tablet or other device as easily as you used to do through a laptop or a computer!

BitifyLimited (reviewed here) is still in the first stages of development, as it still only works with BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, and NixMoney where everything but BitCoin not widely used by the HYIP investors. And I strongly believe this was done intentionally and with a long term strategy in mind. I remind you that you can join BitifyLimited for a $10 minimum and that all withdrawals are instant. Investment plans can be divided into two categories – paying daily with principal back on expiry (2.2% for 15 days, 2.6% for 30 days, 3% for 45 days) and paying once on expiry (160% after 20 days, 240% after 40 days, 340% after 60 days, 1000% after 100 days, 5000% after 200 days). Choose your investment plan wisely and I wish you all the best of luck if you’ve already joined.


The admin of the above reviewed ETHMine has just sent the first full-scale newsletter inviting everyone to participate in his program and join the Telegram group to share the experience with fellow investors and get the latest important updates from the program. You can read more in this wonderfully constructed and enticingly written newsletter:

Welcome to the world of Ether mining!
Hello, We hope this newsletter finds you well and if not, prepare to be revitalized.
With a full and successful launch now complete, ETHMine is proud to announce full-scale operations have commenced. Everyone on the ETHMine team is delighted to welcome you to the first of many exciting newsletter updates on our world of Ether mining. From our Hong Kong base, we send our utmost thanks to those thousands of dedicated early supporters who are already following our path, as well as welcome every member of our rapidly growing global audience. The support we’ve received has been out of this world and now it’s time for us to keep building upon our promise. We’re saving you energy, time and hardware, bringing you the many benefits of collaborative Ethereum mining without any of the expensive investment or stress!
We also believe deeply in the value of every user’s experience, which is why we’d like to invite you to join your fellow ETH miners in our dedicated Telegram group. This is the one-stop shop for you to discover other like-minded individuals, network and create lasting friendships around the world, as well as share the valuable feedback that enables ETHMine’s continuous development and devoted user focus.
Following requests by a number of users, the latest platform development is the creation of a paid out page. Head over here to check out and verify each of your payments, both to your own accounts and to the accounts of other members. Let us know how it works for you!
Once again, we’d like to thank each and every one of our valued supporters and are so pleased to have you with us on this exciting journey. The fertile world of Ether mining is at our fingertips and ETHMine is at the head of this thrilling revolution in crypto generation. Tell your friends (or don’t, and keep all of the rewards to yourself!) and stay tuned for more exciting updates over the next few days.
Until then, it’s been a pleasure reaching out to you and we look forward to connecting again soon.
Best, The ETHMine Team


Despite the relentless efforts by the administration of Octoin since the release of its own cryptocurrency OctoinCoin a few weeks ago and the forceful conversion of members’ balances into OCC, the demand for the newly created currency remains low. That means that the current price of OCC is still flying well below the disappointedly low $10 threshold which effectively means that everyone who held any deposit with Octoin at the time of the conversion of balances lost about 90% of their investment. While I’ve tried my best to reflect the accurate status of Octoin on the MNO monitor, the current stalling price of OCC which originally started at $100 and dropped to about $8 to $9 per unit now makes me think that the recovery of the program is not happening. Many readers expressed their disapproval with the Octoin status on my monitor going back to Paying, as they felt that it was extremely unfair being left with only about 10% of their original investment, even though exchanges via Exrates and Yobit are still going on. Even the latest news on the launch of the OCC Explorer where you can trace every transaction in the network (similar to Blockchain explorers) hasn’t and won’t be changing the generally bleak outlook for the OCC currency. As Octoin (reviewed here) is still processing withdrawals and accepts deposits via OCC currency exclusively I’ve made a compromise to move it On Hold / Waiting status on the MNO monitor as of today. I believe that the status will reflect the general negative forecast for the OCC crypto-currency and I believe it will be fair if Octoin stays on the status up until the OCC currency is back to the originally advertised $100 per unit levels (if that is going to happen at all!) I think my readers should support my decision and I appreciate your feedback. Meanwhile I’ll keep posting the latest updates on Octoin on the MNO blog. Here’s the latest from Octoin:

OctoinCoin Explorer is ready!
We have good news for all OCC users and those who are going to become one!
Our team has completed work on OCC Explorer – a site where you will find the complete information recorded in the OctoinCOIN blockbuster –
On the main page, general data on the network is constantly updating: Network (GH / s), Difficulty, Coin Supply (OCC), and OCC’s average market rate for Bitcoin.Below is the ability to search for information in the blockchain by any of the parameters, like block hight, block hash, tx hash or just by the address of any purse, and also the ability to watch the interactive journal of the latest transactions in the OCC block system.
View the log for a specific purse address – enter it in the search box of the explorer block and you will be given detailed information about the current balance of this address, incoming and outgoing transactions, specifying dates and amounts. As an option in the right corner of the current window, you will find the QR code of this address which you can use to quickly send coins to it.
On additional tabs TOP100 and IPA – there is information about the 100 largest addresses of the network and instructions for connecting the IPA, respectively.
Evaluate the work of the new OCC Blockexplorer!
Octoin – a new era of blockchain!

Portal Warta wrote about the Octoin conference in Jakarta!
The economic media portal Warta published a large article dedicated to the mega conference Octoin, which was held in Jakarta on February 17, 2018.
More than 1,000 people have gathered on this day at the Swiss-Belhotel Mangga Besar. Experts, media representatives, financiers, entrepreneurs came to the Octoin conference from the cities of Surabaya, Medan, Jogja, Semarang, Makasar and others.
The main speaker of the conference was the Leader of Octoin Indonesia, Diane Jordan. She spoke about the Octoin project and the secrets of its popularity in the ASEAN countries, the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency and the convenient p2p exchange, as the publication writes.
Octoin is a relatively new project, operating on the Indonesian market for about eight months. However, it immediately proved to be a powerful, stable and promising player in the world of cryptocurrency”, as Diane told Warta in an interview.
The speaker added that the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency is currently actively used in many countries. Among them are China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, India, Africa, Turkey, Europe and even the United States.
You can read the entire article here
The editors of Warta separately noted the huge interest in OctoinCoin among Indonesian business circles. Experts highly evaluate the prospects of OctoinCoin, calling it the new “bitcoin” of the ASEAN countries. They advise holders of cryptocurrencies to hold it because they are confident in the rapid growth of its value.

February 25 – come to the conference in Blitar!
The marathon of conferences in Indonesia continues – on February 25, an event will take place in Blitar at 13:00 – 16:00 UTC + 07 in Puri Perdana Hotel (l. Anjasmoro No.78, Kepanjen Lor, Kepanjenkidul, Kota Blitar, Jawa Timur 66117). Speaker: Endro Purnomo and Tama. Contacts: 082333246668.
The theme of the conference will be various digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, and technology of blockchain. Leaders from our team will talk about how you can make money in this area and also share their thoughts and forecasts for the future.
Everyone will be able to know in detail about the innovative project Octoin and about the features of the its work and development. You can learn about the program for mining Octoin and see how on our platform you can make transactions with other users using the p2p-exchange.
We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies, innovations and ways to earn money in this area. Even you have not heard anything about it you can come and ask questions, we will gladly answer them.
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – new era of blockchain!

We are waiting for you at the event in Kolaka – February 27!
We are pleased to announce a major conference in Indonesia. It will be held on February 27 at 14:30 – 17:00 UTC + 08 at the Hotel Express (Address: Jalan Pemuda, Balandete, Kolaka,, Sulawesi Tenggara). Speaker: Warni Dzakya
During the event, which will be organized by our representatives from Indonesia, many issues related to the blockage, the crypto-currencies and the prospects for their development will be discussed. Our speakers will talk about our project Octoin, about the program for mining OctoinCoin and a convenient p2p-exchange. Also, snacks and drinks will be provided for all participants.
We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies, innovations, and ways to earn money in this area. Even you have not heard anything about it – come and ask questions: we will gladly answer them! Come by yourself and invite partners!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: JSRentHouseNobleDDoSJazzleGamesEnergyCarsRevolution, ETHMine.
From MNO Standard list: BitifyLimited, NeuralFinance (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining.

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