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Beware! RightCorp has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! With the weekend now behind us, and hopefully making for a bright start to the new business week. As well as introducing another brand new program that came to MNO immediately after launching (keep reading for more information on that in the news section) I want to take a more detailed look at an interesting program called RightCorp. It’s a recently launched short to mid term project which started up about ten days ago. You might remember I just introduced it on MNO in Friday night’s post but it hasn’t really been covered much on any of the important advertising sites before now, so fingers crossed this might be the right time to join if there is such a thing. There’s a good mix of investment plans on offer, that will mean RightCorp have something that appeals to a maximum range of investors, though it has to be said that the long term plans are probably carrying a much higher risk as I shall explain. I’ll go through all of them below anyway, as well as all the other main features and see if you think RightCorp might be suitable for you or not.

RightCorp have six plans in total, which can then be split into two groups. Plans that pay interest by the day, and the higher risk group that just pay once on expiry. I’ll begin with the on expiry list simply because even if they won’t be as popular they still have the shortest possible term. So starting with the most basic option, RightCorp‘s first plan can be joined for a minimum spend of $30. Quite a bit above the industry average but still affordable to most. It’s called The Trial Plan and the term runs for 5 calendar days with members earning one interest rebate of 105% paid on expiry, with your principal included. That’s a net profit of 5%. There is no maximum limit on what you are allowed to invest.

Next is The Pro Plan that runs for 21 calendar days. RightCorp take a minimum investment of $30 to join, and all deposits with no maximum limit are offered the same return of 165% paid once on expiry. This again includes your principal so it’s your own money back plus another 65% in net profits courtesy of RightCorp as your reward for joining.

Also with a $30 minimum requirement for joining is The Advanced Plan. This time the term stretches to 35 calendar days, however the return being offered by RightCorp to join is improved to 200% paid on expiry, or double your money back. That includes your principal as part of the payment, so your own money back plus an additional 100% in profits. There is again no upper limit on what RightCorp will allow you to spend here.

It is however, and I think most experienced players will agree with me here, the following group of daily payment plans that are going to garner most support from the investors of RightCorp. All in all they form a lower risk category, are still profitable by the end, but if something goes wrong in the middle at least you claw back some of your money instead of none. So, The Classic Plan continues with another $30 minimum required to join. The term length runs for 21 calendar days (three weeks) with RightCorp paying you back 2.5% interest per day. That adds up to 52.5% in interest payments, not enough by itself to give you a profit, that comes when RightCorp then return your principal as part of a separate transaction. There is no upper spending limit on investments here.

Also for a $30 minimum, RightCorp follow this with The Regular Plan. The investment term remains unchanged at 21 calendar days, but the difference is that the interest payment jumps to 7% per day. Don’t get too excited, in this case the RightCorp admin is counting your principal as part of the payments. Ultimately your final return is 147%, or your own money back plus 47% net profit. It’s not as profitable as the previous option, however as the difference isn’t really that big and the plan has a much smaller risk I would expect this option to be the more popular. There’s no upper limit on investments here either.

A shorter term option, conveniently enough known as The Short Plan, runs for 11 calendar days. RightCorp will allow you to join for a $30 minimum, and with no upper limits placed on your investment offer a daily payout of 10.5% interest. This ultimately comes to 115.5% in total, again with your principal factored in as part of the payments. So that’s your own money back plus 15.5% net profit. I would guess it’s going to be between this and the previous Regular Plan as to which will be the more popular, both being more suitable to different sections of investors.

Well, there might be a good choice with the investment plans but the impact of that can be reduced unless the choice of payment options is up to standard. In this case all of the most popular industry payment processors are available, with RightCorp currently moving deposits and withdrawals through PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer to work with third party US Dollar payment handlers, and BitCoin and BitcoinCash for those who prefer to go direct with their own cryptocurrencies. Also on a highly positive note all the withdrawals are instant which I can vouch for myself since receiving my own. You will still need to make a request for it in your private RightCorp members account area, but once done you should see the money in your wallet in under a minute. While deposits via USD processors can start with $30 minimum BitCoin investors should take note that the minimum investment in this case is 0.003 BTC for all RightCorp plans. As for withdrawals, they have a minimum of $1 in USD based payment processors and 0.003 BTC for withdrawals made to BitCoin. You can also find a handy on screen investment calculator to help you work out what you might potentially earn from different sized investments in each plan. Plus real time stats on the latest deposits and withdrawals can be seen on the main page of the site.

On the matter of web design and security, the RightCorp website is running off quite a nice custom made script built specially for the program. Despite its uniqueness it’s still very easy to navigate and has a clear and concise layout with everything explained in plain talking and understandable language. However just one thing I had difficulty with navigation in my account is that in the RightCorp account area the main menu is located in middle of the page, and not on top or on the side like most other scripts, so keep this in mind when trying to find a way to make a deposit or request a withdrawal. You may also enable 2FA authorization for further security that will protect your account with RightCorp against hacking even further, which is especially necessary since the payouts are usually processed instantly. Moreover, your account is further protected by the inclusion of a four digit PIN code you will need to set up to authorise any changes in your payment processor details. For an extra layer of protection the RightCorp website has a Green Bar Extended Validation SSL encryption certificate by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of DDoSGuard. Something else that will make RightCorp more attractive to international investors is the multi lingual translations the website is now available. On first adding the program to the MNO monitor there was as always the default English version as well as a competent Russian translation. This has since been joined by a Vietnamese version, and I’m pretty sure the list isn’t going to end there. Keep an eye on MNO for any further developments on that front.

If you have any further questions for the admin not covered here or any account related matters you need to have dealt with you’ll first need to make sure you understand everything in the RightCorp FAQ section. If that doesn’t help then you’ll be able to contact the admin by filling out your details on the online support form and submitting it through the contacts page. Or if you prefer, just write directly to the listed e-mail address. Otherwise you might be able to connect with someone through Live Chat or at least leave a message via the program’s Telegram account. The RightCorp website is as I said multilingual but it’s not stated that support is available in more than just English. Fans of social media networks will be able to find RightCorp on Facebook. And finally there’s the postal address in the UK where RightCorp claims official company registration. Experienced players won’t get overly excited about this, it’s easily and affordably done by anyone over the net with no loss of anonymity, but if it helps create the illusion of authenticity around the program then I guess it doesn’t hurt. Just be aware that it’s unlikely that anyone physically located at the address will have any idea even of the existence of RightCorp, let alone any involvement.

As regards the website content, texts are pretty non-committal when it comes to explaining any kind of a business plan. They allude to RightCorp being involved with “private investment fund management”, but as for the actual information contained there it wouldn’t really be anything you haven’t heard constantly for however many years you’ve been playing the HYIP industry. While experienced players know better than to look for any outside activities, it doesn’t mean RightCorp can’t be profitable for some members. Just remember that as on online HYIP the program carries the same risk as anything else you will find in the industry so always follow the number one rule to establish a spending limit that is well under an amount you could comfortably lose without causing too much stress to yourself or your finances, and if joining RightCorp at all then consider keeping them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Overall my own first impression on RightCorp is extremely positive with a professional site running off a custom made script, but what about the rest of you guys? If you have given any thought to joining RightCorp I hope you won’t mind sharing your first opinions with your fellow MNO readers. Good, bad, or indifferent, what do you think of them right now? Prepared to join or prefer to forget them, please let us know. It will as always make for interesting reading in the coming weeks and months from now as we see how many people had the right first impression (good or bad). Please take just a couple of seconds to vote in the following opinion poll, remembering that it remains 100% anonymous and untraceable at all times. So:

Will you make an active deposit in RightCorp?

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I’ll start today’s news by introducing a brand new program called AK47Capital that joined the Premium List on MNO yesterday, just hours after coming online. I must say that I always appreciate admins who bring their programs to the attention of my readers first, but in case of AK47Capital I have a very positive gut feeling, as the program strongly reminds me of a similar one listed on MNO last year that ran for several months and always close to the top in the Top Five Popular Programs list. I hope AK47Capital won’t let us down either, and we see a superb performance once again.

As for the investment plan, there will be plenty of them with time for sure, but for now only one is available – 4% for 50 business days. If you’re used to programs where you need to sign in and withdraw your profits on a daily basis, forget about this with AK47Capital. Once you’re on the website all you need to do is click on Make Deposit button in the top menu and proceed from there by Choosing Weapon (all of them are locked at the moment except for the above mentioned 4% for 50 business day plan). Then Choose Bullets, i.e. the payment processor you want to invest with – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, or LiteCoin (Ethereum will be added soon as well). After that you will be asked about Choosing Amount – for the USD based processors the minimum to invest is $5, while for BitCoin it’s 0.01 BTC, and for LiteCoin it’s 0.1 LTC. On the next screen you have to Confirm Order by submitting your email address (compulsory), and your e-currency wallet (only for BitCoin and LiteCoin, as for the USD processors you will be paid daily and automatically by the script to the same account you join with). Then click the “Confirm Now!” Button and pay your order. That’s all that is required from you when investing with AK47Capital! Then sit back, relax, and receive your 4% payments every Monday to Friday for the next 50 business days until you double your money. There cannot be anything simpler than that, guys, as there is no account area and nothing to check, although you will still receive an email confirmation of your deposit and will be able to have it for your records and attract affiliates as well.

I can confirm I was already paid by AK47Capital for the first time so moved it to Paying Status on the MNO monitor. I’m preparing a full review by the end of the week. Meanwhile a first glance at the website shows the admin is not taking anything too seriously, referring to itself as the “currency machine gun” though still trying to reach out to serious investors by displaying a UK-incorporation certificate and having top notch security features on board. For instance, the site is fully SSL secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated DDoS protected server by Genius Security. There are some other interesting features in the pipeline, such as the game Bet.Coin where members will get rewarded for rightly predicting the price of cryptocurrencies, but it’s not active yet so I do not want to speculate on it. Overall, the site of AK47Capital definitely stands alone in terms of both design and the concept, so it will be curious to see how the program develops. Stay tuned for the upcoming review of AK47Capital on the MNO blog in a few days!


The above reviewed RightCorp is now one week online and to celebrate the admin has posted a newsletter on more language versions as covered in the review above. By the way, in the newsletter posted below the admin of RightCorp is asking members for assistance in finding any errors on the website that he can fix, so do him a favour and report them as requested if you find any:

Last week online!
We have been offering our online services for a week now and since the day we have launched a few little updates have been made. As you may have noticed we enabled the Russian translation not too long after the launch and today we are enabling the Vietnamese translation as well. These are only the first few languages we are adding and there are many more to come. We are continuously tracking and fixing every bug in the system and making changes to the user interface to make things look and work better. If you experience any errors be sure to report them to us for a faster fix. Thank you for your feedback.
Right Corporation LTD – We work for you!

Besides the above newsletter, the admin of RightCorp issued another one due to a situation when withdrawals to some payment processors went to pending status instead of being processed instantly. Now it seems the issue has been rectified and the members of RightCorp are paid as normal. Pending payouts have been paid in full. That was the subject of another newsletter from RightCorp you can read below:

Technical issues resolved!
Today we encountered some technical issues with our payment processing system. As of now the problem has been resolved and all payments are processed instantly as before. If you still have not received your payment be sure to contact support! Thank you for your understanding.
Right Corporation LTD – We work for you!


You may remember in the previous newsletter the admin of ETHMine asked members to send suggestions how to make the program better. And the winner of a cool $100 prize was named today and should have already received his reward. By the way, you can still send more emails if you have a good idea on how to make ETHMine better – the task the admin is striving to achieve in order to take the program to the next level. At least that’s the conclusion from reading the latest newsletter from ETHMine posted below. If you haven’t joined after reading the original review posted here, you might be missing on some good profits from the next leader of the industry. ETHMine allows investors to be very flexible with their deposits which they can make starting from a $10 minimum via any of the popular cryptocurrencies – BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, or BitcoinCash. Depending on the sum you will be paid a fixed daily return from 2.6% to 3% (paid for the duration of one year) and may withdraw your principal (partially or wholly) in just 24 hours when the option becomes available in your account. Instant payments via BitCoin and a 5% withdrawal fee for principal withdrawal allows investors of ETHMine profit in as little as two days. That’s why it’s no surprise to see them become a popular choice among MNO readers and has reached the #1 position on the Premium List since its official launch eleven days ago. Hopefully we will see many more profitable days for ETHMine investors who could actually determine how long to stay in the program and how much profit is enough for them:

Congratulations to our Best Suggestion Winner!
Wherever you are around the world, we’d like to wish you a wonderful day and thank you for being a valued ETHMine supporter!
Today, we’d first like to celebrate the winner of the “best suggestion” contest that we announced in our last newsletter. We received hundreds of wonderful suggestions, and in the end, the tasty prize of $100USD goes to Paul Okonkwo, who came forward with some brilliant and much-appreciated ideas on building a strong ETHMine foundation in his native Nigeria. Paul, we hope you both enjoy your prize, and continue to share your insights with our team!

We also found that lots of users were finding it difficult to locate their payout verification information. We’d like to apologise for any confusion and remind everyone that you can easily find this information on the ETHMine website. Navigate to the Latest Payments button, which is located at the very top right hand corner of our site, and you will find your detailed verification info right here. If you’re having trouble navigating absolutely any other part of the ETHMine process, just let us know by getting in touch with our friendly support team!
Our last port of call for today’s newsletter is another exciting invitation to every user to share your best ideas with us. Our team never rests as we look to make the ETHMine experience as simple and as exciting as possible for you, no matter the currencies in which you hold funds.
We hope you’re starting to see a pattern – when it comes to improving our platform, we know that there’s no more efficient and transparent way than simply asking you what you think!
Whether it’s a lesser-known cryptocurrency or local fiat format that you feel is lacking from our current options, let us now right now at There’s no prize this time we’re afraid, apart from the chance to supercharge your mining experience!
That’s all for now – wishing you all happy mining and continued success until our next communication.
Best, The ETHMine Team


After three weeks online and on MNO the first investors of NobleDDoS have either reached the break-even point on the daily paying 4.5%-5% for 30 days plan or have even completed the full investment cycle had they chosen the paying once on expiry 120%-130% after 15 days plan. NobleDDoS (reviewed here) is currently second in popularity among my readers only behind ETHMine. I won’t be surprised if NobleDDoS will finally reach the top position on the MNO Premium List within the next week, provided it continues paying instantly as usual. By the way, NobleDDoS offers quite a wide variety of payment processors available for only $10 minimum to join with. The list includes PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Monero, and Ripple. Among the latest news posted by the admin over the last few days, it’s been reported the Italian language version has become the eight on the list now. Also, some unrelated to NobleDDoS news on the recent biggest DDoS attack ever recorded might be of interest to some specialists on the subject, or to those few who still believe that such attacks are actually the main source of the program’s income. Both updates from NobleDDoS can be read below:

Italian version of the site has been added!
Now the site has a choice of Italian language! We strive to ensure that our team can join investors from any country in the world! For this we try to make the site as convenient and understandable to all as possible!

DDos news
Biggest-Ever DDoS Attack (1.35 Tbs) Hits Github Website.
On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, GitHub’s code hosting website hit with the largest-ever distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that peaked at record 1.35 Tbps.
Interestingly, attackers did not use any botnet network, instead weaponized misconfigured Memcached servers to amplify the DDoS attack.


Despite the recent claims of hundreds of users who invested tens of thousands of dollars into BitifyLimited over the first two weeks online I tend to doubt it. You see, the admin of the program is deliberately trying to keep it under the radar and there are only a handful of payment options not very popular among HYIP investors taken by BitifyLimited – BitCoin, DogeCoin, LiteCoin, and NixMoney. So I have my doubts if that’s possible to reach such results with nothing but BitCoin and a handful of lesser known payment options. Perhaps though the instantly processed withdrawals and the recent introduction of a Russian language version of the BitifyLimited website did improve the financial stats. Anyway, it’s only in a couple more days from now when the first members in profit, and maybe that will be a signal for the admin to add more payment processors. MNO will certainly keep you updated on when it’s going to happen, but meanwhile you can click here to read the review of BitifyLimited which offers several diverse plans. They range from the ones paying daily and returning principal on expiry – 2.2% for 15 days, 2.6% for 30 days, 3% for 45 days – to a few others with once-off payouts on expiry including your principal – 160% after 20 days, 240% after 40 days, 340% after 60 days, 1000% after 100 days, 5000% after 200 days. The minimum to invest in BitifyLimited starts from $10, so it’s possible to test the program with smaller amounts before it expands:

500+ Users, USD 50,000+ worth of investments
We are glad to share our first successes with you: more than 500 investors already sincerely trust us with their finances, and the total amount of investments on the platform has exceeded the USD 50,000 mark! We thank our Users and get ready to conquer new heights with you!


After the Russian and English language versions of the NeuralFinance website it’s the turn of Chinese. Now you can easily switch between the languages, navigate the website and your members’ area, make deposits into the 1.5%-3% daily “forever” and request instant withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum, and others in your native language. With the Chinese speaking population being a very lucrative market for NeuralFinance‘s worldwide expansion this was a smart decision. The next step forward is the creation of a mobile version of the site due soon, according to the admin. Just for three days to celebrate the first weeks online which have been quite a success for NeuralFinance it was decided to give a deposit bonus for members with $500 or more the program until March, 7. All this is discussed in the last two updates posted from NeuralFinance (reviewed here) below:

Chinese investors have appreciated cooperation with NeuralFinance, our platform has been translated into Chinese. In the coming days, the site will work in German and Spanish. This does not stop the modernization of our investment site, as at the beginning of the week the site NeuralFinance will acquire a mobile version. Our task is to make business with NeuralFinance profitable, convenient and easy to use.

March 7, one month on-line NeuralFinance. Our team decided to make gifts to its key investors and partners. All who replenish the deposit for the amount of $ 500 (30000 rubles.) Will receive + 5% to your deposit.
The promotion will last from March 5 to March 7 inclusive, bonuses will be paid within 24 hours after deposit replenishment. Also, we prepare several more drawings and gifts for our partners! Watch our channels in the telegram will not be bored!


I had to move MaltaPrivate to Waiting status on the MNO monitor today due to the extremely weird behaviour of the admin and the usually instant payouts being inexplicably halted. The online support has not issued any official statement on the matter simply stating temporary technical difficulties and citing the ambiguous statement from the MaltaPrivate‘s FAQ that promised instant payouts and in some cases, up to 72 hours for manual processing. Judging by the deposits still working like a Swiss watch, the refusal to process withdrawals in instant mode doesn’t inspire confidence. At the same time, I cannot really jeopardize any chance of MaltaPrivate investors to be able to get paid at some point, so I will compromise. MaltaPrivate (reviewed here) will stay on Waiting status on the MNO monitor until tomorrow, when I determine whether the situation with payouts escalates and the program is a scam, or a solution is found and payments resume. Meanwhile, a newsletter was posted in the News section on the MaltaPrivate website in regards to some improvements which had been available before that and perhaps reflects a desire to showcase some features that might be of interest. Since payouts are not processed at the time of writing I would advise readers to wait and see:

Updates in MaltaPrivate project
The site has been adapted for mobile devices and tablets. Now you can use the site on your mobile devices and tablets in any part of the world, without breaking away from your favorite activities. A green bar and a green status bar have been activated. The company has been verified and officially confirmed.


The OctoinCoin (OCC) cryptocurrency seems to have dipped even lower and is now trading at well below $8 on the Exrates exchanger. Horrible news for members of Octoin whose funds were forcibly converted into OCC and who until now still had faith that the fortunes would turn and OCC would trade at least closer to its original $100 value it started with. No luck on that front yet, I’m afraid so Octoin (reviewed here) stays on Waiting status on the MNO monitor. Really, where investors have lost 92% of their funds a program cannot be considered an appealing investment option anymore, even if it works exclusively with OCC (like Octoin now does). There are still people out there who could speculate on the exchange rates and buy and sell OCC for profit, and for such people there are more conferences are held in some third-world countries the reports of which are diligently posted as News on the Octoin website. Below you will find the latest on those last meetings:

The conference in Barabai is over! February 17
Our representatives from Indonesia continue to share their successes! Not so long ago (February 17) a conference was held in the city of Barabai.
At the conference, led by the leader of Panji, visitors could learn about the basics of blockchain, about cryptocurrencies and about our resource Octoin. All interested persons received a lot of new information about the sphere of cryptobusiness. Also, the leader spoke about our program for mining OctoinCoin and a convenient p2p-exchange.
It is also worth mentioning the importance of feedback. Each visitor had the opportunity to ask any question of interest to the speakers from our team, than many used. As in the heart of the blockchain, teamwork and communication with people are more important than ever in our business.We are sure many left from that conference with the idea of participating in our promising project Octoin.
Our leaders from around the world will continue to work as actively as possible, to develop together with us and our users!
Octoin – new era of blockchain!

Recently in Kapuas there has passed conference Octoin! February 18
February 18 – this day was the next conference, which was organized by our Indonesian team in the city of Kapuas. Marathon in Indonesia is continuing and we are not going to stop!
During this event, the speaker Panji, talked about the technology of blockchain, about crypto-currencies and about our project Octoin. The conversation was about the development of this sphere, its prospects and the opportunities for earning money.
Each visitor had the opportunity to ask any question of interest to the speakers from our team. For us, it is very important to have feedback and open communication with people who are interested in self-development and improve their prosperity.
Our leaders from all over the world will continue to work as actively and develop together with us and our users! And if you suddenly did not get to this conference, then be sure to come to the next one!
Octoin – a new era of blockchain!


You might be aware that just like in real life all good things come to an end the same happens in the HYIP industry. The incredible performance of JSRentHouse that managed to pay for forty (!) days on MNO which having the 103% after one day shortest plan has been interrupted by a series of technical issues the site has been suffering from over the last couple of days. That of course seriously affected the cashflow and the admin apparently had no other choice but to stop the usually instant payouts and blamed it all on the site’s inaccessibility. Officially though there was no word of it and instead a highly suspicious 200% after one day plan was introduced. That trick is usually the last resort to get more money before scamming, so I was on alert and moved the program to Waiting status on the MNO monitor as soon as the following newsletter was sent:

VIP Plan 200% after 1 day!
Dear investors! We are glad to present you new VIP Plan 200% after 1 day!
It’s the best proposition in investments!

Needless to say that not only was anyone paid who had a misfortune to join the newly added generously paying investment plan, but everyone who didn’t manage to make their principal withdrawal before the technical issues with the JSRentHouse website occurred had it on the endless pending mode. This was the last message sent by the admin when the site was back to normal, but the payouts were still not processed:

Technical works on our website almost finished. Small issues left and we will fix them today!
We want to remind you about our new VIP PLAN 200% after 1 day! Already collected 300 000$. We are ready to accept 200 000$ more, after than plan will be closed!
It’s the best proposition for investment!
Earn with us.

As you can clearly see from the newsletters, everything serves the one and only purpose of squeezing as much as possible from investors, who might be not aware of JSRentHouse‘s real status and blindly follow lazy monitors who update their statuses way too late. That doesn’t happened on MNO though and you can be sure that you will see the warnings immediately when I become aware of them. I always try to do my best in that regard, and that is why the MNO blog and monitor is the most respected business in the whole HYIP industry. Please note that JSRentHouse is now a confirmed scam, so do not make any further investments there!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: NobleDDoSEnergyCarsRevolution, RightCorp, UniqueSequenceInc, AK47Capital (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: BitifyLimited, NeuralFinance.
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining, InvestmentSlots.

That’s it for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading and as I’m starting to post more frequently now you should really check out my blog more often to make sure you won’t miss anything. Follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and subscribe for regular news and reviews to be delivered directly to your mailbox from here. You can stay in touch with me live on Telegram @mnoblog, write to my personal email address, or contact me by submitting the form here. I have also completed the promised article sharing the views of the current state of the HYIP industry from the admin of Royalty7, so stay tuned for that on Thursday on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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