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04/04/2018. MyPrivateBank Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! MyPrivateBank has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone, and welcome once more to the MNO Blog for all the latest news and views from the best programs anywhere in the online HYIP industry. It’s been a bit late in coming but the first post of the business week after the Easter holidays sees a bit of news to catch up on, but more importantly for now a brand new program called MyPrivateBank added to the MNO Premium List. So to get things started for today I want to take a more detailed look at it, as there really is quite a lot to discuss about the program considering the huge range of investment plans that MyPrivateBank has made available. I don’t really know what a lot of you will think about the website in its current state, but MyPrivateBank is definitely following a strategy of slow and manageable growth so if it’s ever going to be a hit then the most successful players are the ones who recognise this early enough and take full advantage. So let’s see what MyPrivateBank is all about and whether you think it’s worth a spot in your own portfolios or not.

So, the biggest and single most important part of this review is going to be the investment plans, and I guess they can be grouped into two categories. One that makes daily interest payments and return you principal on expiry, and one that make a single payment at the end which includes both profit and principal together in one lump sum. Experienced and longer term readers will know this, but just to be clear for anyone new to the industry you are much better of sticking with lower risk, lower interest, shorter term options. But I’ll go through them all anyway and you can decide for yourselves what you do and don’t like.
First up then is The Daily Start Plan. You need a minimum of $10 to join and it runs for 7 calendar days. Interest rates are 2% per day, and MyPrivateBank then returns your principal on expiry. That means you get 114% back on your money, or principal plus 14% net profit to put it another way. The maximum limit for investments n this plan is capped at $199, so a relatively conservative figure for this one.

Next is The Daily Life Plan for anyone prepared to spend from a $200 minimum up to a $799 maximum. The term is 14 calendar days, during which MyPrivateBank offer members 2.5% interest each day. This comes to 35% in net profits, after which your principal is then returned.

Number three on the list is The Daily Top Plan which requires investors to spend from $800 to $2,499. The duration is 21 calendar days during which MyPrivateBank offer a daily payment of 3.1%. Total net profit here should come to 65.1%, with your original principal being added to that on expiry.

Bigger spending players can look at The Daily Pro Plan which accepts amounts from $2,500 up to a high of $7,999. The term runs for 28 calendar days and sees MyPrivateBank offer members a daily rate of 3.8%. Your total net profit comes to 106.4%, and your principal is then added to that on expiry.

Probably going beyond the means of most of you now, but The Daily High Plan is for deposits of from $8,000 to $19,999. The term runs for 35 calendar days, with MyPrivateBank offering 4.6% in interest payments per day. That comes to 161% in net profit, in addition to your principal being returned in a separate payment.

And lastly for this group we have The Daily God Plan. You will need at least $20,000 to join here, with the maximum limit set to $50,000. In the unlikely event of any takers, MyPrivateBank offers 5.5% interest per day for 42 calendar days and principal back on expiry. That comes to 231% in net profits on top of your own money.

Moving on now to the second, and in my opinion higher risk, category of plans, we see a number that offer MyPrivateBank members one single payment on expiry. They’re a bit less affordable, with the cheapest After First Plan asking $100 or more (to a $1,999 maximum) to join. The term runs for 15 calendar days, and on expiry you get one single payment of 150%, principal included this time. So play with $100 in the hope of getting $150 back.

We move on next to The After 2 Level Plan for anyone looking to spend from $2,000 to $5,999. MyPrivateBank are this time offering a single payment of 190% on expiry, principal included (so 90% net profit) if you are prepared to wait out a term of 20 calendar days.

Next is The After Business Plan which runs for 25 calendar days. MyPrivateBank require deposits between $6,000 and $17,999 if you want to join, and offer a one time payment of 240%, principal included (140% profit) made on expiry.

Finally there is The After Imperial Plan which runs for 30 calendar days. If you have between $18,000 and $50,000 to play with in HYIPs then MyPrivateBank offer you a single payment of 300% back on expiry. That’s your own money back plus an additional 200% in net profits.

If there’s something in there that you like enough to join then the next thing you need to know about is what are your payment options. At this point we are still waiting for that to be expanded, with MyPrivateBank sticking with cryptocurrencies. BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin are currently the three choices you can invest with in the program. Given that cryptocurrencies in general wouldn’t be as popular in the HYIP industry today as they were let’s say 12 months ago, and the admin’s apparent policy to keep a lid on how MyPrivateBank gradually grows and expands, I would expect more mainstream payment processors to be added before too long. Keep an eye on MNO and I’ll let you know when that happens, if this is a factor in you deciding to join the program or not.

Withdrawals need to be requested from inside your MyPrivateBank members account area, but once done all transactions should be completed instantly. Just log in, make the withdrawal request, and the money should be with you in under a minute. Smaller investors please take note that MyPrivateBank do have a minimum withdrawal policy. Thankfully it’s actually quite low so won’t be a problem for anyone, but do be aware that it’s there. Currently it’s $0.10, so check the exchange rates for whatever cryptocurrency you are using to make sure any small withdrawals match that amount. All cryptocurrencies are to be converted into USD, by the way, at the time of making deposits and withdrawals.

Whatever your choice of payment method by the way, before I move on to some of the more technical points about the MyPrivateBank website there’s one very important issue I need to make sure everyone understands. When you are opening your account you need to make sure that that you manually enter all your payment details. The script does not automatically know where to send your interest payments, i.e.  it doesn’t necessarily assume to make the payment to the same payment handler you joined from. You need to type that in yourself, otherwise no one knows where to send your money and it just sits there.

On the subject of design and security MyPrivateBank is also up to a suitable standard for a program like this. The design itself is, in my own opinion anyway, quite professional looking. The script is custom made specially for the program and developed to meet their unique needs and requirements. Despite that, it’s still very much customer friendly with an uncomplicated appearance. For hosting you will find the MyPrivateBank website being kept on a dedicated server with the support and protection from malicious attacks provided by Dancom. For an extra layer of security MyPrivateBank are also using the superior Green Bar version of SSL encryption by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions about the program, account related issues that need dealing with or any other reason to contact the admin then you have a couple of options open to you. The first option is to fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it through the website’s contact page. This might be better for longer more detailed enquiries, otherwise you can write to the MyPrivateBank Live Chat support through the built-in widget on the bottom right of the screen when an operator is online. For something more personal you can see a postal address too, though that’s probably best ignored as more likely to be a virtual serviced workspace for hire and not where anyone connected with running MyPrivateBank physically located. Fans of social media networks will see plenty of options, with Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profiles all in there too. A regional representatives scheme has recently been added, not many names there as it’s still quite new, but contact the admin if it’s something you might want to participate in.

As for any alleged business plan to help with the payments, this is simply stated as cryptocurrency trading. A bit vague, but not that I was suggesting you look too far into it anyway as even if any of this was true there’s still nothing to guarantee it has to be profitable. Just treat MyPrivateBank as any other high risk form of gambling, enjoy it for what it is while it lasts, and don’t take anything too seriously. Remember to stay well under a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose, and if you do join MyPrivateBank then try to use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, what does everyone else think? Is this one due to be a hit or is it simply still not the right time of the year for it? If you have given any thought to MyPrivateBank and whether or not you would like to join it or not then I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following opinion poll. As always it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take literally a second of your time. The results are never exactly final as such, but will give an interesting picture of what investors think about new HYIPs at this time of year and also tell admins what you expect before you join. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in MyPrivateBank?

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Still on the subject of the above reviewed MyPrivateBank, the program has recently added a Representatives page where you can see a list of all the members of the program grouped by country who applied and were granted that position. You can also apply using the form posted there and if successful you will be able to enjoy the benefits it can give you which might be especially lucrative judging by the fact that MyPrivateBank is still in early development stages, and the future looks bright for followers and promoters alike. Here’s the short message posted about that on the MyPrivateBank website:

MyPrivateBank Representatives
Dear Users,
We have added a “Representatives” page, where you can find the list of the most active trusted partners of the company, apply for the “Representative” status, and make money under the best terms, participating in the MyPrivateBank affiliate program!
Go to the “Representatives” page:


You simply cannot deny that ETHMine is the undisputed leader in the HYIP industry after its first forty days online. It’s especially true when it comes to MNO readers who had the privilege to see the program first as the admin came to be listed on Premium status on day one. As ETHMine provides a huge level of freedom when it comes to just for how long you want to enjoy the 2.6% to 3% daily profits and option to withdraw your principal (or any part of it) after a 24 hour lock in period, there’s simply no reason why you can’t have profited from the program yet! Now that ETHMine is working in two versions (thanks to its custom made script allowing easy modifications) you may invest in BTC as well as USD, whatever you feel would be more beneficial to your own situation. Among the payment handlers ETHMine works with we see PerfectMoney plus BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, and BitcoinCash. Note that despite the official 1 year term for your investment you can withdraw your principal anytime for a 5% fee so it’s possible to profit after a couple of days. Withdrawals from ETHMine are usually processed instantly as you can easily keep track of all the withdrawals by clicking the Latest Payments button on top of the page, with each transaction also giving a fully verifiable link to Blockchain for BitCoin transactions or similar alternative explorer websites for other currencies. A reminder of live payouts has been given by the admin of ETHMine in the latest newsletter issued yesterday, in which he also reminds you about using their own Telegram group. So take advantage of the both features and make sure you find out more about ETHMine whose full review can be found here:

Keep track of your payments – and benefit from joining our Telegram group!
Dear customers,
Wherever in the world you may be, we hope you had a truly wonderful Easter weekend. Much too much chocolate was consumed here in the ETHMine office, and many festivities were had. Nothing but salad for a week now or we won’t fit through the door!
Today we’d simply like to remind you that you can very easily monitor ETHMine payments by using the “Paidout” page, which can be accessed from our website – Check they’re going through as well as that they are the correct amount!
This simple list is totally decentralised so that it cannot be altered by anyone – user or ourselves alike – and we like to think of it as a super simple way for you to not only verify your payments but your peace of mind.
After all, your confidence in our platform is our priority – that’s why we encourage you to check it often and let us know if there is any issue with a payment or general concern you may have.
In a further note, we also invite you to join (if you have not already!) our dedicated Telegram Messenger group for the latest updates, instant support and ability to communicate with other users. Make the most of our platform, and make friends at the same time. There’s nothing to lose!
If you’d like to join, simply download Telegram Messenger via your local app store and add our group’s name:
We look forward to connecting with you there and, until next time, wish you all the best in your mining experience from everyone here at ETHMine.
Best, The ETHMine Team


It looks like Octoin is beating record after record with the price of 1 OCC (which stands for OctoinCoin – its own crypto-currency) has fallen below the $3 mark for the first time in its short history. Since OCC was released a few weeks ago the general trend of the currency originally valued at $100 at the point when all members’ balances were forcibly converted to OCC has been down. The bad fate of the OCC currency doesn’t seem to discourage Octoin‘s administration from promoting the program in Asian markets, mostly concentrating its effort on Indonesia where OCC might still hold some ground. All other markets seem to have lost faith in Octoin, likewise MNO which keeps Octoin on Waiting status on the MNO monitor due to OCC’s declining value, despite payouts still being processed. There has been no news from the program lately apart from the outlook on the more events going on in Indonesia posted below:

An important meeting of the leaders of Indonesia! April 8th!
We are pleased to announce our new event, which will be held in Tulungagung at 14:00 – 17:00 UTC + 07 in Istana Hotel (Jalan KH Agus Salim No 73-75, Kenayan, Kec. Tulungagung). The main coordinator and organizer of the event is Imran Julianto (082199809998).
Coordination of actions of the Octoin project participants is the most important aspect of the work in our project. This meeting will discuss prospects and plans for the company’s development. Also, leaders will be able to share experiences with each other and offer new ideas for the promotion of the Octoin community.
We look forward to all the leaders at this meeting – it will be interesting!
Subscribe to us on Facebook (, Telegram ( and follow the news!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!

March is the month of webinars! All videos are here! In Indonesian
Over the past month, a large number of online broadcasts and webinars have been conducted. At them our speakers introduced new users and participants of the project with the interface, the principle of work and development of Octoin. Also, everyone could get acquainted with the functionality of our cold wallet and learn how to mine OctoinCoin.
For all who could not get to any of the webinars, we recorded videos and uploaded on our Facebook page. For your convenience, we have collected all the videos in this news.
Octoin Webinar by Imran Julianto, 15.03.2018
Octoin Live by Warni Dzakya, 16.03.2018
Octoin Webinar by Panji – 17-03-2018
Imran Julianto’s lesson about OctoinCoin, 18.03.2018
Octoin Live by Asep Susanto, 20.03.2018
Octoin Live Education by Imran, 27.03.2018
Octoin Trading on, 28.03.2018
Market Place Octoin by Warni 29.03.2018
Octoin – your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital, MyPrivateBank.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining, ForeverMoney, InvestmentSlotsSnowbit.

That’s about it for today, guys. Read MNO again later in the week when the final results of the MNO TalkBack poll will be analysed, so vote here if you haven’t done so yet. As always you can contact me via the Contact page, or directly at, or chat with me in real-time on Telegram @mnoblog. By the way, Telegram seems to be most readers favourite at the moment when it comes to communication, so follow MNO on Telegram for all the latest updates, or also by Twitter or Facebook if you prefer. Best of luck with your online investments and let MNO be your guide for the best options for your portfolios. After all, MNO is For Money Lovers, just like you!

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