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10/04/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome back to the MNO blog where information comes first and where you can find all the best investment opportunities online. It seems that the general mood in the HYIP industry now that BitCoin has exceeded the $5,000 mark remains largely positive with currently 100% of my readers who have so far voted in the MNO TalkBack poll (click here if you haven’t done so yet) see improvements on the way with more leaders emerging and more choice for investors. Well, I sincerely hope that they are right in their assumption and that we are on the verge of something big in the HYIP industry which has been up and down over the last 12 months. As we know from the theory of cycles in the world of online investments they change from time to time (click here to read the article on the subject) and now it looks like the HYIP industry is on an upward trend once again. Already today I have a brand-new addition to the Standard List on MNO called BrilliantAlliance which I’ll be starting the news with and I hope that we will have many more promising newcomers joining them before long.

As you might know, for quite some time already MNO has been dealing exclusively with high-budget investment projects run by experienced admins. In order to separate them from the deliberate fast scams there was a strict advertising policy introduced to keep the listing prices high. That’s why on the MNO monitor you won’t find countless programs with next to no budget ready to scam as soon as the admin gets a couple of dollars. The majority of my readers would agree with my point that quality is much better than quantity and that the admins have to clearly indicate their intentions to run their programs long enough for at least the first investors to be in profits. And what better way to do so than join the industry’s oldest and most expensive monitor and make a statement of intent. So, if you are tired of losing money and wish to ride the wave of success then you should closely follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter where all the latest announcements are made first and subscribe to the regular updates from the MNO blog to be delivered straight to the email address you can submit and confirm here. If you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests please do not hesitate to contact me on Telegram @mnoblog for a quick chat, submit your query on the MNO Contact page or email me directly at

Let’s get down to business now and start with the introduction of BrilliantAlliance followed by the latest updates from the perfectly paying programs you can find on the MNO monitor, such as BitBoots, Weenzee and Hooplex. Read on for more info on all of that!


Although the site of BrilliantAlliance seems to have been active for over a month now it was only yesterday the admin redesigned it and removed the deposit limitations he had in place while the program remained a “sleeper”. The investment plans though remained the same as before and there are two offers for investors to earn either 4.5% Monday to Friday for the duration of 34 business days with the principal included to give a total of 153% by expiry, or go with the riskier plan promising 112% once on expiry of a 12 calendar day term. At the time of writing BrilliantAlliance is working with deposits made via either PerfectMoney ($10 minimum) or BitCoin (0.005 BTC minimum) with withdrawal minimums starting from $0.01 or 0.001 BTC respectively. Withdrawals to both payment processors are processed instantly which I can personally confirm and so moved BrilliantAlliance to Paying status on the MNO monitor with a full review coming on Friday. According to some inactive images you can see when signed in to your BrilliantAlliance account the admin plans to add more payment methods in future, such as Payeer, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin and even AdvCash (the latter doesn’t work with HYIPs anymore, as far as I know) and I will certainly let you know on the blog when it happens.

The website has a user-friendly design whose interface will look familiar to everyone who dealt with the ever popular GoldCoders script with a licensed and modified version in use. The BrilliantAlliance domain name is registered for seven years in advance and the site is hosted on a dedicated server provided by Dancom with an EV SSL-certificate for safer transactions provided by Sectigo, which is especially necessary since all the withdrawals are instant (except for a few rare exceptions when due to technical reasons they might be paid manually within 24 hours). For communication purposes there is a Live Chat widget built-in to the BrilliantAlliance website with the admin also updating members through Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and also in the website’s news section. Over the first five weeks online there have been only two updates posted, but I imagine that BrilliantAlliance is aimed at more gradual growth with MNO the first big monitor added, so it’s understandable. I’ll bring you more on BrilliantAlliance in the upcoming review on Friday and meanwhile check out the website to see if you like it and read the first newsletters from the admin reposted below:

BrilliantAlliance Release
We welcome the alliance customers!
We have successfully completed beta tests of the Brilliant Alliance system and we are ready for an official release: you can join our alliance right now to receive in your personal management powerful investment tools with the yield secured by the company’s financial activities in the precious metals market.
The alliance investment strategies allow you to earn profit up to 4.5% from your deposit per working day, and all you have to do is to track payments in your personal account and make instant fund withdrawals directly into your wallet.
For the first time, a prestigious way of investing private assets in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium is available to every user, and the BrilliantAlliance‘s profitability programs inspire even experienced investors inciting them to fantastic business achievements!

Inspirational Alliance Design
We welcome the alliance customers!
Discover new BrilliantAlliance features in an inspirational design with the brilliance of precious metals, as well as conservative and strict lines that express an absolute seriousness of our intentions. In search of a fresh form and rich content we tried above all to improve the visual architecture preserving and strengthening the alliance advantages including the clear structure, understandable functions, and system security.
Make investments in your updated personal account with a modern level of comfort using old strategies with reliable financial yield!


As I’m no expert in some of the technicalities of cryptocurrencies myself I cannot really tell you what the latest update from BitBoots means, but I would hazard a guess that it will somehow support the increasing value of their own cryptocurrency called Grailum which you can obtain a wallet for and start mining for your profits. In any case, the ongoing success of other ventures of GrailumLimited that owns the BitBoots website along with some other crypto-related ventures would be of much benefit to those who invested there and is essential for maintaining stability and longevity in the long term. The impressive seven month lifetime of BitBoots (reviewed here) has already exceeded expectations and anyone who had any doubts in the admin’s ability to deliver results have now backtracked. BitBoots offers daily returns over a 365 calendar day term during with fixed interest of 1.1% to 2.5% (depending on your principal) from a $50 minimum. All withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer and BitCoin are processed instantly, while all to cryptocurrencies (several dozen choices available) are paid within a 12 hour maximum. Readers who invested in BitBoots straight after it joined the MNO Premium List 212 days ago could have easily doubled their initial investments, and that surely qualifies the program for the second spot in the rankings (just below Weenzee which retains its #1 position). Hopefully with the latest positive news reposted below BitBoots will continue to pleasantly surprise us with its lightning fast payouts for much longer and we will see it thrive within the next few months as well. Here’s the update:

Block reward successfully split for 3rd time
Once again yet another successfully reward split on 210,000 new blocks created now total counting 630,000
The block reward split is a motion to keep a coin harder to get that way ensure the price will only go higher as time pass traded on exchanges.
All team are excited for the future what we can bring Grailum to. The future looks promising and the Grailum blockchain works excellent with its 30 second block-creation make it a speedy and stable coin on the marked.


Apart from its internal currency WNZ where you can convert your deposits to get 15% on top of the variable daily rate, you might remember that you can invest in Weenzee using several payment methods. Until recently the extended list included PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, Dash, Eos, Tether, Zcash and Ripple. From now on yet another cryptocurrency has been added to the list and its #11 ranked on market capitalization Tron. I believe the step is logical and may bring more customers to Weenzee. They never fail to impress the HYIP community with its stable payouts on the several investment offers where you can join for a $30 minimum terms lasting 30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 calendar days with principal back on expiry. Having been listed on MNO for 140 days already Weenzee has managed to bring profits to many investors, as its daily variable return usually hovers around the 1% mark, but differs slightly depending on the size of your deposit, investment term, and promotional skills that have been always rewarded quite handsomely by Weenzee‘s lucrative multi-tier referral system. The spectacular result would not be possible without the help of hundreds of promoters who tirelessly recruit new members not just online (like in many other HYIP rivals), but also offline by holding public conferences and seminars attended by real people in many locations around the world. Special attention goes to the Asian market where Weenzee has been a roaring success. Recently however interest is also spreading across Europe and South America to give the program a further edge over its competitors and contribute to the further growth and expansion essential for any HYIP’s longevity. For instance, just yesterday the first webinar was conducted in the Italian language aimed at sparking further interest among that community, often underepresented in the HYIP industry. Also, tomorrow there’s a conference in South America iin the Brazilian city of San Paolo that should strengthen Weenzee‘s position in yet another strong market. As you can see, the potential for growth in Weenzee, thanks to its leaders, is tremendous and MNO is proud to list such an outstanding program on the monitor where it’s rightfully occupies the #1 position as the most popular program among my readers. Please read all the latest updates from Weenzee (reviewed here) posted over the last few days below:

An important feature of a successful company is feedback from users and project participants. Therefore, we always try to take into account all your wishes. One of them was the connection of new and stable cryptocurrency to Weenzee.
We chose TRX – one of the most technological cryptocurrencies, with a capitalization of more than 2 billion dollars. From now on, all Weenzee customers can use TRX to replenish their personal multi-wallet balances, create crypto portfolio with profit in this cryptocurrency.
Instruction for processing payments using this cryptocurrency is described in the appropriate section.
Dear customers, we congratulate you on this significant event and wish you a long-term and profitable partnership with our company, which operates in the largest and largest cryptocurrency market.
Respectfully, team WEENZEE

Italy is now with WEENZEE! Recently, more and more people from this country want to join the innovative business platform. We are trying to satisfy all requests, so now we are forming a team in Italy.
The first educational webinar will be held by the representative of WEENZEE in Italy, the professional Mauruzio Pilloni. He will teach participants how to use new blockchain technologies to increase their income. You will learn that WEENZEE investors have a stable profit.
WEENZEE gives a chance to those who want to work and develop as a team leader. This gives additional preferences and bonuses, which the speaker will also tell about. All you need is to save the link and go through it on April 9 at 21:30!
WEENZEE – earn money on the cryptomarket!

Great news for investors and project participants from South America! WEENZEE begins building a team in Brazil. Use your chance to become a professional on the crypto market and get a solid income.
On April 11, an event will be held in ValedoParaíba, SanPaolo – the opening of the WEENZEE business platform for crypto-enthusiasts from South America. The leaders will discuss the development prospects of blockchain technologies, features of the introduction of artificial intelligence and robotic tools, as well as cryptocurrency market trends. In a closed format, existing and new partners will be familiarized with the Weenzee development strategy in the South American region, will hold discussions on the possibilities of integrating Weenzee into the existing online / offline infrastructure.
Conference participants are provided with training and presentation information to the maximum extent. New “network partners” will receive appropriate status, financial support and guaranteed benefits!
In order to become a member of an exclusive leadership meeting in your city – write in feedback on our official website, indicating your personal data and communication methods.
Date: April 11, Time: 18:00 – 22:00, Address: Condominio Hyde Park (Auditório)
Weenzee – come to conferences, become a leader, because being the first is always beneficial!


Weenzee however is not the only program from the MNO monitor that holds offline meetings to link promoters with potential investors to help further growth. Hooplex seems to be trailing it with the idea of expanding its influence across Indonesia where quite a few conferences were held aimed at spreading the word about the opportunities available to investors. If you read my detailed review of Hooplex posted here you might know that it accepts deposits starting from a $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, Dash, Tron, DogeCoin, Zcash, Ripple, BlackCoin, Tether and Waves. You may choosefrom plans which include 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days and 1.1% for 180 days. Hooplex provides more flexibility than that though and you’re free to leave the program at any time for a fee to release your deposit which is significantly reduced once the first 30-day period is over. As with Weenzee, you need to buy the internal currency called Lexera (LXR) when depositing and withdrawing, but the fee is quite small and you’re still going to get decent profits at the end of the term. By the way, after 64 days on MNO the first investors of Hooplex are already in profit so it’s no wonder that many people around the world praised its performance in the series of video reviews submitted by members from six countries. The links to the reviews are posted below among the series of other updates from Hooplex released over the last couple of weeks. They start though with the multi-lingual presentation of Hooplex in the English, Chinese and Indonesian languages which the program’s promoters can use in their communities to increase the number of potential new members and contribute to the program’s ongoing success in local markets as well. Please see all the latest updates from Hooplex below:

Hooplex presentation is available in three languages
We firmly believe that every person in this world should have the opportunity to improve their lives.That is why we want to speak to you in your native languages so that you have a chance to become financially independent!
Today you can see a Hooplex presentation, which is available in three languages:
Join Hooplex!

Feedback from members of our community: France, Morocco and Nairobi
Every day the number of members of our community is growing. Hooplex is an international community whose goal is to promote Lexera technology. And we are glad that the services of our platform are already used in many countries of Asia and Europe.
Your feedback is an indication that we are on the right track! We bring to your attention the feedback from members of our community from France, Morocco and Nairobi.

Feedback from members of our community: India, Japan and Switzerland
Every day the number of members of our community is growing. Hooplex is an international community whose goal is to promote Lexera technology. And we are glad that the services of our platform are already used in many countries of Asia and Europe.
Your feedback is an indication that we are on the right track! We bring to your attention the feedback from members of our community.

Do not miss: BOP HOOPLEX!
Hello, friends! We continue our Road Show and very soon will arrive at Pematang Siantar! We invite to our presentation everyone who is interested in increasing their income. In order to become part of the Hooplex community, you absolutely do not need any special skills, the main thing is to believe in the project, and that together we will change the world for the better!
Already on March 24, come to the HORISON hotel to our event “Hooplex Community, The New technology lexeraway 1.0″.
Hooplex will change your life for the better and ensure financial stability. We are waiting for you!
Date: March 24, 2019, Time: 15:00 WIB – 17.00 WIB, Place: HOTEL HORISON, Theme : Hooplex Community, The New technology Lexeraway 1.0, Leader in Charge of : Mr. Azier, Promoter : Mr. Faisal, Host: Mr. Azier, Speaker: Mr. Azier dan Mr. Zulkifli
Subscribe to “Hooplex Indonesia” to know more about our community in Indonesia:,

Grand Opportunity Preview, Medan City
Hello, friends! We invite you to the largest and most ambitious event of the Hooplex community! March 26, at 19:00 we are waiting for you at the hotel HERMES.
If you are interested in changing your life for the better, becoming financially independent – this is your chance!
At the presentation you will learn:
-What is the Hooplex community and how it changes the financial world;
-What is LEXERA innovative technology;
-How to make instant multi-currency transfers anywhere in the world without Commission;
-How to register on the Hooplex platform and start earning.
Date: MARCH 26, 2019, Time: 19.00, Place: HERMES HOTEL, MEDAN CITY, Theme: HOOPLEX GRAND OPPORTUNITY PREVIEW (HGOP), Leader in Charge of: MR. SURYA

Hooplex goes to Banjarmasin
Hello friends! We are pleased to announce that the Hooplex international community will hold a conference in Banjarmasin on March 27th.
In our community, we strive to ensure financial independence for each member. The innovative Lexera technology promoted by Hooplex will allow you to earn decent income.
Do not miss your chance, join Hooplex!
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2019, Time: 14.00 – done, Place: Fave Hotel Banjarmasin, Theme: First Conference Lexera Banjarmasin, Leader in Charge of: Mr. Gilang Artha, Promoter: Mr. Daniel, Host: Mr. Indra Radian, Speaker: Mr. Gilang Artha

Hooplex Table Talks
Hello friends! We continue to hold our meetings, in which in an informal setting we tell new participants about the opportunities offered by the Hooplex community.
Recently, we have held a lot of table conversations. We want to share a few photos with you to convey the incredibly friendly atmosphere in which these events took place:
Pekanbaru, March 17-19; Kediri, March 20; Table talk with the students of university in Langsa city – UNSAM and IAIN. March 22; Surakarta, March 26; and many others.

Grand Opportunity Preview, Medan City
Hello, friends! Yesterday, March 26 in Medan, we held the event “GRAND OPPORTUNITY PREVIEW”. Meeting with those who are interested in the prospects of the Hooplex community and Lexera technology was held at the hotel Hermes.
During the presentation, Mr AZIER told a lot of useful information, including:
-What is the Hooplex community and how it changes the financial world;
-What is LEXERA innovative technology;
-How to make instant multi-currency transfers anywhere in the world without Commission;
-How to register on the Hooplex platform and start earning.
We are grateful to everyone who came to our event in Medan. We remind you that the Hooplex community will visit all cities of Indonesia and Asian countries with a Road Show.
We are waiting for you in the next city!
Subscribe to “Hooplex Indonesia” to know more about our community in Indonesia:,

First Conference Lexera Banjarmasin
Hello friends! We are grateful to everyone who came to our First Conference Lexera Banjarmasin, which was held at the Fave Hotel on March 27th. It is thanks to you that we are developing and moving on towards our goal!
More than 500 people have become members of the Hooplex community and will continue to develop the project with us.
Join us! Together we can do much more! Become a member of the community, develop the project and get a decent reward for it!

Hooplex Conference: April 13, Martapura
Hello, friends! We are pleased to announce that this Friday, April 12, the Hooplex Conference will be held in Martapura city.
Our community invites to attend this event everyone who wants:
-to improve their financial situation;
-to receive passive income;
-to build a successful career with the company.
Hooplex – the first global community in which financial laws work differently, whereanyone can gain financial independence in a short time, regardless of their skills and experience. The main criterion is not how much you work, but how much you believe in the idea of creating a technologically prosperous world.
We are waiting for you!
1. Date : Saturday, April 13, 2. Time: 14.00, 3. Place: Dafam Hotel, Martapura, 4. Theme: Hooplex Conference, 5. Leader in Charge of: Gilang Artha, 6. Promoter: Gilang Artha, 7. Host: Daniel, 8. Speaker: Indra Radian


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Weenzee, BitBoots, BullishInvestmentMood.
From MNO Standard list: WaveRiderHooplex, Aria1AISolutions, BrilliantAlliance (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for tonight, guys. Thanks a lot to those staying with MNO, not only for reading my articles but also voting in the TalkBack polls and being active on the ShoutBox. Without your support MNO wouldn’t be possible, so keep it that way please! I’ll be back on Friday with a more detailed look at BrilliantAlliance and all the latest from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Talk to you all again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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