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21/05/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi everyone, and welcome to another new week on the MNO blog – after 12 years still the oldest working online resource featuring only the biggest online investment projects from the HYIP industry. Although the main downside with being so selective and only accepting sites with the highest advertising budget and experienced admins is that MNO is keeps a lower number of programs than other monitors may have at the moment, I’d rather stick to my policies and feature only the best for the benefit of my readers than waste my time and yours on fast scams. Besides, you might be aware that May is often one of the slowest months in the HYIP industry and at the same time last year there was even less going on. The situation has improved a bit this year, partially thanks to BTC and other cryptocurrency values recovering. With BitCoin now floating around the $8K mark I’m sure that we will still see a handful of programs that might be able to use that to create something more promising for investors to explore. We can’t rule out the possibility that the summer will be very slow either so I’d like to ask readers about that in some MNO TalkBack polls over the next couple of weeks, so stay active and vote on this page, guys.

I cannot understate the importance that whatever you’re going to do this summer (whether you’re going to take a temporary break from the HYIP industry, remaining fully active as usual or just invest less while being more selective) it’s still important to check out MNO for updates and latest news from the HYIP industry. Don’t miss any future giants by following MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook and by subscribing for the latest updates from the HYIP industry’s leading programs delivered straight to your email address you can submit on this page. Remember that staying in the loop and on top of things has always been a recipe for success in the industry where you should never miss the vital point of starting on an upward trend by investing at the right time and only in the most elite programs. There are only a handful of such top-notch programs in the industry at the moment and among them are definitely Weenzee and Hooplex the latest updates from which are the main focus of today’s news followed by the results of the latest TalkBack poll and new question. So let’s get started right away!


There seems to be no holidays for Weenzee as their promotional teams keep working hard around the world planning various events in order to recruit new members. The latest of these are scheduled to be held later today in China and Italy. After the first full six months online Weenzee has become a fully fledged force to be reckoned with and the undoubted leader of the HYIP industry. With many investment plans to choose from now it’s the turn of those who joined Weenzee on day one of it coming to the MNO Premium List to profit from the 180-day plan by reclaiming their principals. Plans run from 30 to 360 calendar day, on expiry of which you will be given back your principals while earning variable daily interest rates on $30 minimum deposits. Payment options include PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Eos, Tether and Tron. The exact rate depends on many factors but usually revolves around the 1% mark. You can increase this by converting your deposit into the internal WNZ currency where you automatically get an extra 15% on top of the daily rate and also get the option to withdraw your principal before expiry for a certain fee (an option not available to regular members). I would strongly recommend investing in Weenzee using their internal currency WNZ despite the inconvenience of selling it to your preferred currency before you’re allowed to make a withdrawal request, and you may find out more on benefits of doing so in the extensive review of Weenzee posted here. Note that though the required waiting time between requesting withdrawal and actually getting your money in your payment wallet is 72 hours, though most days you should usually get paid faster. Before sharing the latest news from Weenzee reposted below I’d just like to say I’m really proud to list such a quality and long-running program on the MNO monitor where it deservedly occupies the #1 spot as the most popular program of 2019 so far with readers:

An increasing number of leaders and participants join the innovative project WEENZEE. Community leaders hold events and open tables in different cities and countries. Each event is accompanied by the opening of new clubs, the formation of strong teams and a resounding success with new participants!
At the new event in the city of Xichang, each participant will have the opportunity to study the WEENZEE system, based on the most innovative technology of our time – a robotic trading algorithm that instantly processes terabytes of data. In addition to familiarizing themselves with the system, participants will discuss the development of blockchain technologies, investment programs and will be able to ask any question to representatives and leaders of WEENZEE.
Moreover, for all participants the leaders will draw many cash prizes. Take part in the lottery and win!
For convenience and comfort, you will be provided with drinks and snacks. Below you will find basic information about the event, as well as a link to register. Hurry up: the number of places is limited!
Registration link:
Brief information:
Date: May 21, Place: Beautiful Sunshine Kailong Hotel, Time: 13:30-17:00, Speaker: Tian Ming, WeChat: Z999BTC

The leaders of WEENZEE in Italy are back in business! A representative of the company Maurizio Pilloni holds regular webinars for all those who are interested in profitable and innovative projects.
On May 21, the topic of the online lecture will be the psychological aspect of investing. Maurizio will tell participants how to overcome fear and calculate risks in order to earn and be calm about your investments. Many people are afraid of big money, but we will teach you how not to avoid them, but to use them correctly.
In general, everyone will be interested. In a few hours you will get a lot of useful knowledge and skills that you can immediately put into practice!
The webinar will be held on May 21 on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time. To access the webinar, use the link:
You can find previous webinar recordings on the WEENZEE Italia channel: Subscribe!
WEENZEE – discover the world of cryptotechnologies!


I believe that the administration of Hooplex fully intends to follow in the footsteps of Weenzee by rapidly expanding worldwide. Just over the last few days Hooplex made claims to the lucrative investment markets in Brazil and Thailand where the promotional teams stepped up their efforts in recruiting new members by utilizing the skills of local representatives. The latest exciting news that will certainly help Hooplex run for a long time have been posted in the News section of their website and can be also read below:

Brazil joins Hooplex
Friends, we want to share with you good news – now we have a representative of Hooplex in Brazil! The project in this country was started by an active leader who reviewed our project in Portuguese especially for Brazil.
If you are ready for positive changes in your life, join us! The local leader is ready to help everyone! Especially for those who also want to become the leader of Hooplex in Brazil, a special chat was created:
Join and develop Hooplex with us!

Thailand is actively developing Hooplex
The leaders of our community from Thailand are actively working to ensure that more and more people learn about the project every day. And it really gives the result!
This means that the locals are really interested in the opportunities offered by our platform, which we are sincerely happy about.
Watch the video:
Local leaders have created a chat! Here you can start to develop the project and earn with Hooplex:
Become our leader in Thailand!

Hooplex (reviewed here) was first featured on MNO three and a half months ago while the admin first opted to go for Standard Listing. Then later on not only did he upgrade to Premium but also purchased and then extended the top banner on the MNO monitor. That all points to a well planned and executed promotional strategy which Hooplex have certainly been utilizing from the very start to achieve such outstanding results. If you wish to start investing with Hooplex the first thing to do is make sure that you have at least $50 in PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Tether, Tron, DogeCoin, Waves, BlackCoin or Ripple. You then buy the internal Hooplex currency called Lexera and invest in plans offering 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days or 1.1% for 180 days – all with the full principal back on expiry or before that for a certain fee. The withdrawals are done manually within a 72-hour maximum time, although it rarely goes longer than a few hours in reality. I firmly believe that Hooplex still has some very good potential to grow into something truly spectacular by this autumn, so don’t miss out while it’s still in the early development phase, guys!


For the final piece in today’s news update, I guess enough time has passed now to draw the final results of the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page. As usual I’ll also be posting another new question, more on that in a moment, first let’s see how the last one played out. You might remember that I was asking readers about their immediate reactions when one of the HYIP websites they have invested money with suddenly goes offline. Not so much if you think it genuinely means trouble in the long term, I mean of course sometimes it does but very often it can also just be site maintenance or a temporary technical glitch, I just wonder what’s the first thing that goes through your mind. You may or may not be proved right in your first assessment, things can always work out completely differently one way or another than how we think, I’m just curious as to how far things need to go before the alarm bells start going off in your head? So, the exact question that was put to readers in the last poll went: What’s your first reaction when a HYIP website is offline?

Like I said article when first posting the question, I accept that many different factors come into play here and you may not necessarily feel the same way about any two programs. For example an ultra short term program that’s already had an exceptionally long life might give you greater cause for concern than let’s say a low interest long term HYIP that just opened a couple of days ago. I simply wanted readers to pick the option they felt most closely matched their feelings. It seems the vast majority of you, whether it’s just natural pessimism or something you feel from experience, take a rather gloomy view. 75% of you in fact say “I immediately think the program is finished or is in major trouble”. The rest of you took a more measured approach, optimistically giving the admin the benefit of the doubt. In fact 13% of you voted for the option “I get worried if the admin doesn’t issue a statement in the first hours”. The remaining vote was equally split at 6% each between the options “I only worry if the site doesn’t return on the first day” and “I’m not concerned until I’m waiting more than 24 hours to get paid”.

For the next opinion poll question I want to discuss something more seasonal. I know it depends on exactly where you are in the world, but for most of us in the HYIP industry summer is now just around the corner. May is coming to an end soon, and people’s attentions tend to turn to other things once spring time turns to summer. It’s not that the entire HYIP industry just packs its bags and shuts down completely or anything, only that a huge number of regular players no longer have the time or the interest to devote as much effort as they normally might. Over the course of the last twelve or so years that I’ve been running the MNO monitor, I guess this has probably been the case in at least nine or ten of them. The main issue I suppose is vacations. Either younger investors are now away from colleges and universities for the summer and need to concentrate more on gaining experience and employment, or those in full time jobs want to focus more on leisure time away from offices and computer screens. I’m sure there are other things, it doesn’t really matter for now, all we need to agree on is that the HYIP industry does take a dip most years around June or July and doesn’t really see any significant gains again until September.

Excellent money making opportunities still come along, don’t worry about that, they just get harder to find sometimes or perhaps aren’t all that obvious. The full time professional HYIP industry players will know what I’m talking about here of course, those guys will stay as active as is feasibly possible no matter what time of the year it is, but that’s still very much the minority. So what I would like to know then is what exactly your own intentions are for the HYIP industry over the summer months? Sure, I know things can change pretty quickly, you don’t exactly have to commit to anything here, but as of the time you are reading this how do you think you see yourself taking part in the industry in the short term, say between June and the start of September? The full question will be as follows: How active will you be in the HYIP industry for the summer?

Please select from the following possible answers, if not the exact option you might have had in mind just pick the one that reflects how you feel most closely at this particular point:

– I’ll be more active as I’m expecting something better this summer
– No change, I’ll continue as usual to pick & choose the programs I like
– Less active but will always watch for new good programs to join
– I’ll keep my existing portfolio but don’t expect to add anything new

As always let me just finish by saying a big thank you in advance to everyone who participates, each and every opinion is always truly valued and your votes much appreciated. Remember that all votes remain 100% anonymous and untraceable at all times, though you are always welcome to discuss the topic on the MNO. To take part in the poll the voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Weenzee, Coinezos, Hooplex.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news from the HYIP industry leaders for now, guys. Thanks for reading, for your votes on the MNO TalkBack page, and your activity the MNO ShoutBox where you can exchange opinions and vote for your favourite investment programs. Remember I’m always pleased to take any questions, suggestions or advertising requests that can be submitted either via this contact form or forwarded directly to my email address I’m also happy to chat with you on Telegram @mnoblog and answer all your questions and concerns there. I’ll be back with more news before the end of the week, so hopefully will talk to you all then. Have a great week and best of luck with your investments! MNO – For Money Lovers!

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