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17/11/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sunday news update from the MNO blog all about the HYIP industry. It’s true that at the moment it’s becoming very hard to distinguish good paying programs run by well-intentioned admins from the rotten apples with no ambitions past stealing from investors. In fact, there were quite a few bitter disappointments for investors this autumn which still remains rather uneventful with lots of cleverly disguised fast scams allegedly run by experienced admins popping up from time to time. Investors in this regard have basically two hard choices – either try their luck and jump onboard one of countless failing programs or stick with the best few that are monitored on MNO and wait for the next big leader of the industry to rise again. Now we might not know when this happens and possibly will not recognize the future leader once it’s going to launch and run under the radar for some time. Eventually though it’s going to be listed on MNO and my readers will get a fair chance to take full advantage of it. Otherwise, it’s very possible that the next industry leader will be featured on MNO on its first day of the official launch, and maybe it’s already among the programs listed on the MNO monitor waiting for their hour to shine once the industry starts getting back to its normal shape. That this is going to happen I have little doubt, because it always happens and every period of decline is always followed by another thriving and flourishing era for investors and admins alike. You just need to stay patient and keep yourself in the loop to be the first to know about the latest promising newcomers and entries to the MNO monitor which has proudly established itself as one to watch in the previous years of my 12+ years of experience in the HYIP industry.

Over this long period of time I’ve managed to prove to myself and others that it’s possible to make money in the industry on a consistent basis by simply sharing good information with fellow investors and accepting only the biggest investment projects from the HYIP world ruthlessly fighting low-life scammers by keeping the listing prices high. In fact, MNO has become so successful that I managed to save enough money eventually to become self-sufficient and turn running the MNO blog and monitor from a full-time occupation to a personal hobby. That in turn has strengthened my position of the most unbiased monitor in the HYIP industry which actually tells you how things are working and prompting me to write a series of article educating newbies on the pitfalls they might encounter on the path to success and learn ways to outsmart even the most shrewd HYIP admins. The series of articles collected over the last few years can still be found in a specially created page called the MNO Info Centre, so check this out by clicking here if interested. And of course, my site will always remain a beacon of light in a sea of the online investments and my readers can surely count on me to navigate the MNO ship through choppy waters when needed.

So if you wish to be a part of ongoing success which MNO has always stood for do yourself a favour and subscribe to the regular updates posted on my blog by submitting your email address here and join more than 3,000 currently subscribed readers. And if you wish to stay informed in real-time and see all the latest updates and monitoring additions first then please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. And I do like to hear from my readers as well! Any questions, suggestions, comments and advertising requests are welcome on Telegram @mnoblog, via this contact form or by directly emailing me at I always try to give you a response within 24 hours and chat with you live on Telegram when I’m not busy, so be my guest and ask away!

As the last week was quiet enough my readers still kept earning from the currently listed Yesss (reviewed here), Hodium (reviewed here) and Bitzee (reviewed here). I’m proud to say that despite the seemingly short list on the MNO monitor at the moment all of those programs have been performing superbly and most of the early investors have managed to benefit and earn some decent profits from them. Of course, we should hope that the programs will continue their successful run for longer and in today’s news I have quite a cheerful newsletter issued by the admin of Hodium on the program’s second month anniversary, so keep reading for that in the news section. After that I will also explain the results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack Page which readers have been voting in over the last week and will of course present you with a new question which you will be kindly asked to vote on. Let’s start with the latest news first though.


In the current slow climate the two-month lifetime achieved by a perpetual-style paying program seems to be almost impossible and yet Hodium has managed to reach this important milestone a few days ago. As the program has been listed on MNO since day one many of my readers have already taken advantage of the investment plan paying a variable daily interest of 0.1% to 1.5% with the principal available to withdraw at any time when you feel you have earned enough and are ready to leave the program with your profit. While Hodium currently almost always pays the top 1.5% daily interest and with the possibility of compounding the investor may activate on the deposit it was certainly possible to double your money with them. I do believe that Hodium has not reached its full potential yet and in the coming weeks and months we might see it becoming the true leader of the HYIP industry. That sounds especially believable if we take into consideration the stable and mostly instantly processed payouts which could be also verified independently by each investor in the Live Payouts section of the Hodium website. Of course, that only applies to cryptocurrencies where you can see the paid withdrawals to BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Dash and DogeCoin via Blockchain, while for PerfectMoney and Payeer withdrawals verification links are not possible, although they do tend to be processed instantly as well. If you wish to find out more about Hodium I would strongly recommend reading the full review posted here to help you decide whether you like the idea of being in control of your money and like all the other features of the program’s website.

In celebration of Hodium‘s two months online the admin sent a newsletter to all the members highlighting the major achievements and stable growth the company has managed to achieve. The admin has also been asking members to provide feedback that can help improve the provided services and make joining Hodium a more enticing prospect for new investors. I’m pleased that Hodium has managed to be on MNO for 63 days now and hope that it’s only the beginning of a spectacular journey to the top of the HYIP world ratings. Here is the newsletter in its entirety:

2 Months Down, A World Ahead!
Wherever in the world you are, we hope you are enjoying being one of Hodium‘s valued first users.
2 months online – The First Milestone of Many
We are excited to announce that it has been officially 2 months since we launched and that initial traction has been excellent. And that success is all down to you great people!
Hodium is Growing!
Stay tuned as we continue to release new updates both to our highly profitable staking platform and the global community of which you are a key part. The future of Hodium is as bright! We will continue to innovate to provide the world’s most exciting investment platform and invite you to be a part of directing our growth. How?
Make Hodium Your Own
We thrive off the feedback you provide and channel all useful evaluations into our development. So if there is any element of Hodium you find great or lacking, let us know by emailing at or via our social channels. That’s all for now. We’ll be sure to get in touch when we have any new updates. For now, we wish you the very best in your continued investing. Have a great weekend!


And so to bring today’s news update to a close and wrap things up for the weekend, let’s take a look at the final results of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll and replace it with another new question. More on that in a few moments, first we’ll see what MNO readers had to say about the last topic.

So, I guess it’s no real secret that standards in the HYIP industry have been slipping in recent times for one reason or another, even though at first glance it’s not always that obvious or even apparent why. The thing is that while on the face of it HYIP websites themselves have gotten a bit more sophisticated over the years – for example far fewer admins are now so utterly dependant on third party providers for tech support, particularly when it comes to operating scripts. A couple of years ago you rarely saw a program not using GoldCoders or one of a very small number of other script providers now unheard of for a long time and so forgotten about I doubt they’re even in business anymore. It used to be the case that custom made scripts were a rarity in the HYIP industry which in turn meant that a lot of investors saw the programs using them almost as some kind of exotic rarity which only the very best admins could possibly be running.

These days, well how things have changed! I’m not saying it’s by any means a bad thing that more and more admins are getting more and more skilled with the technical and IT side of managing their own programs. If anything it’s to be welcomed, but the trade off seems to be that as admins get better with website management it’s the financial management side of things that suffers. Therefore you often find technically gifted admins running aesthetically flawless websites, but with little to no knowledge (or sometimes even interest!) in managing a successful HYIP fund that can profit the members or anyone other than the admin himself. In fact I’ve even seen many fast scam programs where to be blatantly honest I have to doubt even the admin himself made back even close to the same amount of money he spent on design and promotion.

Where we’re going with all of this then is how exactly do investors view the general standard of online HYIP these days as compared to previous years in the industry. It seems that most of you would share the view that being more professional, organised, just shall we say “slicker” in appearance is no compensation having less ability to manage finances. The exact question asked was as follows: How do you like the overall quality of HYIP programs today over previous years?

The voting was pretty conclusive on this one, making it the main reason there’s no real need to keep this poll open any longer than it already was. In fact it was a landslide for all intents and purposes, with an overwhelming 75% of MNO readers in agreement that “They are at a much lower standard than before”. There’s not much I can add to that in way of a contradictory argument, certainly not when that view seems so widespread as to be universal. The remaining 25% of voters don’t perceive any real change, either by way of improvement or deterioration in the quality of the programs coming to the industry nowadays compared to better times in the business. They voted for the option “Nothing changed and they bear the same qualities”. For the record by the way there was a third option that readers could have voted for, however no one took it. It expressed the more positive outlook that “They are at their best level and better than before” but was actually taken by 0% of readers so I guess that means very few people if any believe the HYIP industry to be in all that strong a position compared to recent times past.

Now it’s time to ask readers another question they can deliberate over on the MNO TalkBack Page over the next week or so. I was thinking about the currently very popular in some programs Live statistics showing either members’ deposits or withdrawals (or both) made over the certain period of time. Now, I’m not taking into consideration the clearly made-up stats any HYIP admin can put on the website and which are totally impossible to independently verify. In this case we will be talking about the Live stats which can definitely be verified in Blockchain for many cryptocurrencies and which are harder to fake, but maybe not impossible. After all, an admin can simply move money from one account to another and make it look like huge transactions coming in and out of the program to create the illusion of big investors and big money moving around. Whether it’s worth doing or not is a matter of discussion, as many investors would argue that some Live stats can be clearly spotted as fake if they feature unbelievable amounts passing through a program’s vaults. In any case, I would be interested to hear my readers’ opinion for the new poll that will be open for votes on the MNO TalkBack for the next week or so with the following question:

Do you believe HYIP admins fake live stats to make them more appealing to investors?

Possible answers include:

– Yes, I don’t think any admin would display real stats all the time
– Sometimes, but you can easily spot fake astronomical figures
– No, the live stats are mostly true and it’s pointless to fake them

I would like to take this moment to thank my readers in advance for their active voting and contribution to the better understanding of the rules and latest trends the HYIP industry is ruled with and relied upon. Every vote counts, so please take your time and submit your valued opinion here. The final results of the opinion poll will be posted further analysed and discussed in about a week from now, when a new question for the MNO TalkBack Page will replace the old one.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: YesssHodium, Bitzee.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about everything I have for you today, guys. Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best of luck with your investments. I hope that you will take an opportunity to vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page and if you have anything to share with your fellow investors please do so without hesitation on the MNO ShoutBox. I’ll talk to you all later next week which will hopefully bring some positive and much needed changes to the HYIP industry still suffering from a lull in activity. Stay tuned to MNO – For Money Lovers!

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