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05/06/2019. Yesss Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Yesss has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Well it’s the middle of the business week and I must say it’s been a busy one in the HYIP industry, for me anyway, and it’s far from over yet. I have a couple of news stories to get through and plus several new programs on my monitor to review including two more new names I’ll be introducing in the second part of today’s update. But before all of that there’s one particular new addition to the MNO monitor’s Premium List that I want to talk about for a while called Yesss. When I say new by the way, I mean it’s just new to my site. In reality Yesss has been online for around four years now so I imagine some of the more observant readers may have come across the name somewhere already. In many ways however as we shall see it could be argued that Yesss is only getting started, and in real terms is in fact very much a new program. For those not yet familiar with Yesss then let’s take a closer look and see if they have anything there you might like to be a part of.

First of all a little background information. You are probably wondering how on Earth any HYIP could stay online for four years, especially since the industry has seen such a downward trend at the moment. Well, there’s no great mystery here. Yesss has been running on autopilot as a “sleeper”. The admin simply creates a functioning website, and remember it doesn’t necessarily need to have anything whatsoever in common with the version of Yesss we see at the moment, and buries it. You get it announced on the main HYIP discussion forums as proof of the starting date, maybe hire one or two discreet monitors that will keep a historical record of whatever small payments you need to make them. The admin can then keep this going for how ever long he wants, until such a time as he decides to sell it to someone who will take a more active role in running it as a business, or develops it himself into a proper working HYIP open to investors. In the case of Yesss, and of course I’m leaving out a lot, this is the path it took in coming to you in the format we see it in today – polished and ready for business, and maybe I suspect a few more improvements yet to come.
Let’s move on then to what’s really important about Yesss which is the investment plans. Your first impression here might be to feel somewhat overwhelmed as there are no less that 19 of them in total. It’s not really that confusing though as the vast majority of the plans can and will be avoided by almost everyone. They either cost ridiculously high premiums to join, offer vastly exaggerated and unachievable returns, or both. They are also explained in such a way as to be easily misleading unless you pay very close attention. For example, all investment terms are measured in business days, but you are shall we say allowed to think it’s calendar days. Other plans appear to offer daily interest payments, but in reality Yesss will only credit your account on a daily basis so you only get one payment on expiry, and if you didn’t realize this before making the investment, well, tough luck. Now, I’m not suggesting any deliberate dishonesty on the admin’s part here, quite the opposite as all the information you need is on display if you take your time and look for it. So I would urge you to pay very close attention to the following, an accurate description of how the plans in Yesss actually work. Remember that as with everything in the HYIP world it’s 100% the responsibility of the investor to make himself aware of the facts before spending any money, not after. In other words it’s up to you to read the small print, not someone else’s business to do it for you.

So, the investment plans with Yesss are divided into different groups. I’m going to start with the only two I think will make any real sense to most experienced readers. The first option here called The Starter Plan opens with a very affordable $25 deposit minimum and runs for 555 business days. That’s 111 weeks exactly, or a little bit more than two full calendar years. During that time Yesss are offering you 0.8% interest on your deposit every day from Monday to Friday. That adds up to 444% by the end of the term, from which Yesss then return your initial deposit, so the total return will be 544%.

To put that into simple monetary terms then, let’s say you join Yesss with a $100 deposit. You earn back $0.80 per business day for the following 111 weeks. That’s $4 per week until you’ve received $444 in total. With your principal then that’s going to be your own money back plus $444 in net profit. Arguably the more important statistic here of course is that you reach the break-even point when you earn back an amount equivalent to your principal after 25 weeks, around six months, so only then do you start to see any profit. There is no maximum limit placed on investments here.

The second option is called The Beginner Plan and will set you back at least $750 to join, again with no stated maximum. Clearly aimed at bigger spending players for the moment, it may very well find some takers. The term length is cut back considerably to 120 business days, or 24 weeks. While this is running Yesss offer members a daily rate of 1%, paid Monday to Friday, and your principal returned in addition to those payments. That leaves you with 120% in total net profit (220% return). Obviously a much smaller number than the first plan but a much shorter wait to the break-even and see your first profit, 20 weeks. Still, given the substantial extra cost for just the minimum entry level deposit it’s hard to see this a any kind of major advantage over the first Yesss investment plan.

Next we move on to a group of five plans called The Classic Plans. These can be joined for a $1,000 minimum. For this amount your money is held for a 120 business day term and is described as earning 3% interest per day. The reality is that this 3% is kept by the program and is not allowed to be withdrawn by you at all. Officially this is held by Yesss to give a final return of almost 360% interest on expiry and your principal then returned on top of that. I think experienced readers will know what the odds are of any HYIP admin handing over that kind of money, for the newbies I’ll just say please don’t learn this lesson the hard way, and leave it at that. Remaining plans in this category open at $10,000 so check your Yesss account area for more details if interested. Just to let you know, the terms get shorter, the interest rates get higher, all pay once on expiry (despite what you might think at first glance), and are more unobtainable.For example, for $10K minimum you are promised to be paid 3.5% for 85 business days (in fact just once-off payment 297.5% on expiry+principal), for $10.5K minimum you are entitled to invest into the 4% for 60 business days plan (actually paying you 240% on expiry of the term+principal), if you’re ready to spend $11K+ then 4.5% for 40 business days offer open for you (paying 180% return and principal on expiry) and 5% for 30 business days for $11.5K+ investments (150% return+principal back on expiry).

Next up is a section called The Premium Plans. In practice these work the same way as the last group insofar as they make just one single payment on expiry to Yesss members. The difference here is that it’s explicitly stated as such, not described as making a daily payment which you are not allowed to withdraw. To join in here Yesss ask a minimum deposit of $1,250. The return after 120 business days unfortunately is 7,777% (and your principal back). I say “unfortunately” because if you are realistic about it you will know this is impossible. There are a few other investment offers in the same category promising you unrealistic returns on expiry of the term and starting with even bigger amounts. For instance, 3,777% (+ principal back) on expiry of the 85 business day term starting from $10.5K minimum, 1,777% (+ principal) after 60 business days for $11K+ deposits, 1,111% (+principal) after 40 business days available for $12K+ deposits and 777% (+principal) after 20 business days for $15K+ investments.

For The Capital Plans Yesss return to describing their offers as running on a by day basis. But while you might like the sound of the daily interest payments they seem at first glance to be offering, all that happens is that your account gets credited. You can’t withdraw these payments so again in reality you really only get one single payment on expiry. The minimum to join is $11,000, which the plan description says earns 7% interest per day, Monday to Friday only, for 85 business days. With that interest retained by the program at all times the actual offer is 595% plus principal back on expiry, so once again, this is unlikely to happen for the amounts of money we are talking about. Just for your information the remaining plans include 8% for 60 business days for $12K+ deposits (actually paying you 480% profit and principal once on expiry), for $14K+ deposits you are promised to get 10% for 40 business days (actually it’s once-off payment of 400%+principal on expiry), 12% for 30 business days for $15K+ deposits will actually get you 360% and principal back on expiry and finally for $16K+ deposits you will get 280%+principal once on expiry while the plan is being deliberately described as 14% for 20 business days.

And finally we have another two individual plans. The Partner Plan and The Absolute Plan. As they come with a $17,000 and a $17,777 minimum spend respectively I doubt anyone has much interest in hearing about these either, but I’ll just tell you it involves daily payments which are held by the program and only released on expiry. Offically these are described as 17% and 17.77% interest per day for 17 business days with principal back on expiry. However, actually you will only be paid 289% and 302.09% plus your initial investment on expiry of the given term. Obviously taking advantage of people who for whatever bizarre and superstitious reasons think the number seven will somehow bring them good luck. Well, it will probably bring someone good luck alright, that someone being the admin.

If all of that makes as much sense to you as I hope it does, then the next thing you need to know is what your payment options are. Yesss have a fairly respectable list of processors in use with the main popular ones all there. You can use any of PerfectMoney and Payeer if you prefer the hard currency third party handlers, and BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash or Dash when using cryptocurrencies. Payouts to members need to be requested from inside your private Yesss members account area. Technically these are promised to be completed manually within 48 hours, long enough in the first place but then we are told this could possibly even stretch to 72 hours over the weekend. I do get the feeling though that there may be a more relaxed approach to this rule and it might only be more strictly enforced when it comes to principal withdrawals. The reason I say this is because my own withdrawals have all been done within a reasonably short space of time so far. Just one other thing before we move on, Yesss do offer a form of voluntary compounding. I’m not a fan of the practice myself and as a rule don’t advise it, but it’s the investor’s own decision to make. You can opt for 25%, 50%, 75%, or a full 100%.

On the more technical side of things, particularly in relation to design and security, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that Yesss is running off a script from GoldCoders. Most of the regular HYIP investors will recognize it as such, though it has been slightly modified to suit the program’s own unique requirements. It still has all the trademark features and I will just confirm for you that it’s under license. Hosting is on a dedicated Dancom server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DDoSGuard. An extra layer of security is added with a superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL certificate issued for two years in advance from GeoTrust to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Investors will find a handy built-in calculator on the Yesss website to help them work out any potential earnings, something also included when you open the specs of each individual plan. A number of video tutorials are embedded on the Yesss website which explain some practical aspects of how to get involved, although not actually working at the time of writing they should be added before too long. The Yesss domain name is registered for five years in advance and expires in 2022, not a difficult or expensive thing to do by any means but always adds a touch of professionalism to proceedings in my opinion even if it does just impress the newbies. Still, it does indicate an admin who prefers to deal with the small things today before they turn into problems tomorrow.

If there are any further questions for the admin that you think he might explain better to you than this review or any other account related issues you need to have dealt with then Yesss can be contacted through several methods. Assuming you have read the FAQ page and can’t find an answer there, you can either fill out your details on the online e-mail support form and submit it or alternatively you can simply write directly to the admin at the e-mail address listed. Although you should probably start by trying the Live Chat support as they might be able to deal with your queries in real time before you go composing any lengthy mails. There’s a postal address in the UK where Yesss claim company registration, something which can be safely ignored as an extra provided for you by the service that carries out the registration for you and not where you would find anyone involved with the program physically located. On the other hand there is a phone number so feel free to call them if you expect someone to answer. Of more practical use is the list of social media networks where Yesss have active profiles. You can currently find them on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube. Currently the Yesss website is only available in English, though it’s strongly implied that this might change before long. There’s a regional representative scheme in place where other investors act as promoters and support operators in return for improved ref commission rates. Check out the list if you think there might be someone in your area or speaks your language you want to contact, or contact the admin if you are interested in becoming one yourself.

For the business activities, by which I mean alleged business activities, Yesss are, we are told, involved with cryptocurrency mining and trading. Just remember that even if any of the HYIPs you join were genuinely involved with a real business there would still be absolutely no guarantee their activities would bring you a profit. Remember that millions of dollars are lost in these activities every day just as surely as its won. So don’t delve too deeply into that side of things if Yesss is something you are interested in joining, just treat it like any other HYIP and behave accordingly. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can afford to lose, and try and keep Yesss if you have anything there as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you have already come to a conclusion about Yesss then perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers. Are you more or less likely to join Yesss now that it’s all been explained? Please answer the following opinion poll question, keeping in mind that it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, as I think it will be interesting to look back on the results in the coming weeks/months when we have a better idea what direction Yesss is going in. It will also demonstrate to HYIP admins (and not just this one) what investors expectations and standards are before joining a program. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Yesss?

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I’d like to start today’s news by introducing a brand new addition to the Premium List on the MNO monitorTimeless5. The program only launched yesterday as the admin decided to start his advertising campaign with MNO giving my readers a chance to be the first to join and profit. You see, with Timeless5 you get paid a fixed daily interest of 5% for an unlimited term, i.e. while the program exists. That means it will take you about three weeks to get into the profit zone, and after that it all depends on the admin’s ability to develop his program and grow further to maintain payouts to existing members. You cannot withdraw your initial investment from Timeless5, but on the bright side there is no minimum or maximum that you can join with. Note that Timeless5 works exclusively with BitCoin, so you cannot invest with any other currency.

The Timeless5 website utilizes a minimalistic yet stylish design and is running off a totally custom-made and fully automated script that helps make the whole investment process easier. For instance, in order to sign up you simply need to submit your BitCoin withdrawal address and choose what type of withdrawal you would like choose – Automatic (when all the payouts are sent directly to your BTC address on 7 am GMT) or Manual (when you prefer to do withdrawals manually in which case you are promised to be paid within an 8 hour maximum). As you can always add up any amount to your existing investment in Timeless5 having the option for Manual withdrawals makes a lot of sense. On signing up you will be automatically assigned your User ID and password. Don’t forget to memorize your PIN which will be needed if you want to make any changes in your Timeless5 account and provide your Telegram username on sign-up if you have one (an optional feature and can be omitted if this does not interest you). I must add that since I signed up for automatically processed payouts I have already received the first payout sent directly to my BTC address earlier today. That gave me the chance to move Timeless5 to Paying status on the MNO monitor and schedule a more detailed review by the end of the week.

Just before leaving you with the program to check it out and see if it fits into your own diverse investment portfolio I’d like to briefly mention a couple technical specs. It appears that along with the custom made script the admin isn’t cutting corners on anything else either. The domain name is registered for two years in advance and the company has a UK incorporation certificate. It’s been hosted on a dedicated server by Dancom with all the necessary support and DDoS protection provided by DDoSGuard. The installed DigiCert Extended Validation certificate makes the site safer to browse and gives potential investors peace of mind. As the program is still very new let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s going to be huge being both unique and user-friendly with you only three weeks to make a profit. Stay tuned for the upcoming review of Timeless5 to be posted on the MNO blog soon, and meanwhile read the welcome message from the admin posted straight after the website’s official launch:

Timeless5 has been officially launched and now we are open for all crypto investors across the world. We are absolutely sure that you will be satisfied working with us.
Timeless5 is a revolutionary new crypto and blockchain investment program inspired by Hydra – the immortal species to have a nervous system. At the heart of Timeless5 is a sophisticated trading neural network which is capable to fully regenerate itself from any possible losses within hours even after the most disastrous market events.


WhalesClub was added to the Standard List on the MNO monitor only yesterday, but unlike the previous program it’s by no means new, having been online and paying well for at least three weeks. This tried-and-tested site has managed to bring profits to its first investors already if they picked the 125% after 20 calendar days plan. However, I guess the vast majority will choose the more lucrative 5% for 33 business days plan giving you a chance to earn a 165% return by the end of the term (principal included and not returned on expiry). Both plans require a minimum investment of $30 (or 0.005 BTC or 0.11 ETH) and are available in several slots, meaning the amount of active deposits you’re allowed to have running simultaneously in each plan. There is also an alternative option paying a variable 2% to 5% daily rate over a period of 100 business days (also returning your original investment on expiry). However that last plan requires at least $5,000 so is not a realistic option for most average players. Withdrawals are promised to be processed within 24 hours with a minimum requirement depending on the payment processor you choose – 5 USD for PerfectMoney and Payeer, 0.0011 BTC for BitCoin. Or 0.15 ETH for Ethereum. I must say I’ve been paid my first withdrawal already and therefore moved WhalesClub to Paying Status on the MNO monitor with a full review coming on Friday. So stay tuned for that if you’re interested in learning more about the program’s main features and investment plans.

WhalesClub initially accepted only PerfectMoney, Payeer and BitCoin before Ethereum joining the list afterwards. Interestingly in order to open an account in WhalesClub you simply have to submit your email address with your username and password assigned for you by the unique script the program is running off. I must say that my first impressions from browsing the website were extremely positive, as it’s all pretty much self-explained and investors should find no difficulty when investing, despite a totally custom-made script. The WhalesClub website is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by CloudFlare and is SSL-encrypted by Sectigo for better safety and security. There’s a useful payment tracker webpage to check all the latest payouts from WhalesClub, and for better profit assessment there is built-in a calculator to give you a better idea on profit rates. As the WhalesClub domain was first registered back in 2018 I tend to believe the admin’s claims of the beta testing of the platform for some time before going public three weeks ago. Here’s all the news updates from the website you can read before getting the full review on MNO on Friday:

WhalesClub started Beta testing its platform.
We feel very comfortable after we have tested every bit of the code, the core is running pretty good. Bitcoin and USD deposits are enabled, with ETH pending integration. Beta testers are welcome to create accounts and test how the system works. If you find any bugs, we’ll make sure there’s a Bug Bounty campaign for those who want to make tests. We are running the bots already and the profit will be shared with those members who activate their account. For more details or if you need help please contact our support team: with the subject “Beta user”. Please, note that there’s no service fee in the first 3 months from the service start, so you’re all set to start trading & gaining like a whale!

Project launch and fees
As you’re probably aware WhalesClub is a for profit business, so each customer can use our platform to increase their exposure to crypto markets and make substantial gains but paying a small management fee as per funded amount. As of today, you can start using your WC accounts to increase your exposure to high ROI crypto markets and there will be NO fee for the first 3 months! We will monitor the situation during this time, assess our portfolio and make the decision after we understand how the system of fees will work for every customer. This is good news! We hope this will be welcome by our customers.

Ethereum activation
From now on our users can use Ethereum to fund their accounts. We strongly believe that Ethereum is going to be one of the strongest movers this year and our trading team is ready to add more to our long positions as the market moves higher. Log into your account, go to Deposits tab and pick a plan with ETH extension and follow the instructions on your screen. Ethereum deposits are getting confirmed a lot faster than Bitcoin, by the way, so you might want to use it for that purpose.


Weenzee has become the undoubted leader of the HYIP industry rightfully occupying the #1 position on the MNO monitor with hundreds of readers already in decent profits from the program which is now on its seventh month online. Despite its seemingly old age it looks like the sky is the limit for the Weenzee administration as they utilize a totally different approach when it comes to promotion of their program. You see, with Weenzee along with the online advertising there are plenty of real life events to get involved with across the world where more and more people are being recruited into the ever growing program. That works wonders for Weenzee‘s current investors who have been enjoying variable daily profits over terms of 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 calendar days. You may invest in Weenzee starting from a $30 minimum via a wide variety of methods, including PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Zcash, EthereumClassic, Ripple, Eos, Tether or Tron. Your initial investment is then returned to you on expiry, but if you convert your deposit into the Weenzee internal currency WNZ you will be able to request it back before expiry for a fee and will also take advantage of a 15% bonus on top of the usual daily rate. As the daily variable interest is different it’s impossible to predict just how much you’re able to earn in Weenzee, as too many factors will affect it, but on average it’s going to be around 1% daily. In any case, the investment process in Weenzee must be seen as overwhelming for even some experienced HYIP investors (not even talking about the newbies), so it’s essential that you carefully study the review of the program posted on MNO here before making any final decisions and develop your own strategy to maximize your profits.

From the latest news from Weenzee yesterday, the promotional team based in Italy conducted yet another webinar in the Italian language. Links to both the new and the previously recorded webinars have been posted in the following update you can find below:

The leaders of WEENZEE in Italy are back in business! A representative of the company Maurizio Pilloni holds regular webinars for all those who are interested in profitable and innovative projects.
June 4 – the topic of the online lecture is self-development to achieve wealth. Few people know that businessmen and investors have a special type of thinking. If you can work hard on yourself, you can work it out – the leader of WEENZEE Maurizio Pilloni will help you.
In general, everyone will be interested. In a few hours you will get a lot of useful knowledge and skills that you can immediately put into practice!
The webinar will be held on June 4 on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time. To access the webinar, use the link:
You can find previous webinar recordings on the WEENZEE Italia channel: Subscribe!
WEENZEE – discover the world of cryptotechnologies!


Another program that seems to follow a strategy of closely working on local markets is Hooplex. The admin recently created quite a good batch of promotional materials aimed at recruiting more members from Vietnam where Hooplex is doing particularly well at the moment. The latest news on that containing all the links to marketing materials which Vietnamese speakers and promoters will find useful is posted below:

Marketing materials for Vietnam
As we have already said, Vietnam is very active in the development of Hooplex. We always strive to provide our leaders with maximum assistance – not so long ago we published their videos on the website and we see that the activity has increased even more.
In this regard, we decided to collect all marketing materials for Vietnam in one place. The presentations and videos below will help you to attract new members to our community. Thanks to these materials, you can quickly and easily explain the essence of Hooplex, what is the benefit of the project.
1. Video about Deposit and refferal program –
2. Instruction for registration and review of personal account –
3. Hooplex presentation –
4. Flyer –
5. Brochure –
Join Hooplex! If you want to become the leader of our project and develop it in your country, just write to the technical support or local leader! We will provide maximum support and favorable conditions for cooperation.
Building a structure in Hooplex is easy, because our project really benefits and helps people to reach a new financial level. Therefore, helping Hooplex to grow, you are helping to make the world better.

Finally just a few words to remind you of Hooplex actually stands for (that is if you haven’t read my detailed review of the program posted here). You can start investing with $50 or equivalent in PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, DogeCoin, Dash, Zcash, Tether, Tron, Ripple, BlackCoin or Waves. All the investment offers will bring you a fixed daily income for the duration of a specified term and will return your principal on expiry (or before the expiry if you are prepared to pay an extra fee for the privilege). You may choose from plans that include – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days. When joining Hooplex you must convert your funds into the internal currency called Lexera and then are allowed to withdraw to any of the accepted payment processors with withdrawals promised to be paid within a 72 hour maximum (usually payments are done very quickly). Over the first four months online many people have already profited from Hooplex or on the brink of doing so. Hopefully we’ll see the program paying for a long time and good luck to everyone who invested there!


Unfortunately I have to finish for today with bad news from OldridgeFund. Their site has been taken offline overnight after the admin failed to explain delays in payouts earlier yesterday. That was shortly after the admin introduced a system where groups of investors could pool their funds in order to achieve a higher daily profit rate previously available only to larger investors. Well, now that the site is gone I believe that this was one last trap to allow the admin to collect as much money as possible before disappearing. And it’s truly a pity for me, because the website itself was developed from scratch, looked fantastic, and had so much potential. It’s good though that many people actually skipped OldridgeFund completely or invested with smaller amounts because the program actually proved a total disaster. Actually, OldridgeFund has become possibly the worst fast scam this year with no one in profit in any of the three plans. It took the admin only two weeks to wrap things up and I believe now that he had no intention to even try and allow investors to make any profit in his program. Such rotten apples always exist in the HYIP industry though and regardless of the website’s quality investors should always be prepared for unfortunate and unexpected outcomes. By coming to MNO the admin of OldridgeFund actually didn’t get any results worth his advertising costs and I hope none of my readers invested more than they could afford to lose – the golden rule that applies to every single HYIP out there. I guess as the site is offline now and the admin also deleted his Telegram account it’s safe to assume it won’t come back, so the current Scam status on the MNO monitor for OldridgeFund is fully justified.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Weenzee, Coinezos, Hooplex, InstantBitex, Yesss (the first payments received), Timeless5 (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: WhalesClub (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: GlobalBet.

That’s all the news for today, guys. I hope you find the information useful and will help you make an educated and reasonable investment decision on where to join and profit from. The HYIP industry is a vast world where it’s easy to get lost, but by reading MNO you can be sure that only the biggest investment projects are listed here. If you like the idea of picking only from the most elite programs run by experienced HYIP admins please make sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, and to subscribe to the regular blog updates and reviews delivered directly to your mailbox which you can submit here. If you have any questions or suggestions then you can either address them to me via this contact form, write directly at my email address or chat with me online in real time on Telegram @mnoblog. Thanks a lot for reading and I hope to see you all back again on Friday when a detailed review of WhalesClub is going to be published, plus all the latest events in the HYIP industry. Best of luck with your investments and remember to always follow MNO – For Money Lovers!

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