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28/04/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone! Welcome to the MNO blog which is dedicated entirely to covering the most talked about HYIPs run by experienced admins. I’ve been in the industry for about thirteen years now and in that time would say I’ve had vast experience in the field which I’m always happy to share with my readers. In order not to miss anything exciting that might make you a nice extra income please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter and be the first to know about all the newest additions to the MNO monitor and program status changes as well. If you enjoy reading my blog there is a way to join over 3,000 email subscribers who get all the latest articles delivered to them by submitting your address on this page. And of course I more than welcome any chance to stay in touch with my readers and the admins alike – simply submit your query via this contact form, email me directly at or just chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog – either way I will try my best to respond within 24 hours maximum. If you would like to share your experience with fellow investors or thank any HYIP admin for their good service you can do so by voting on the MNO monitor or by chatting on the MNO ShoutBox. And don’t forget to submit your vote (if you haven’t done so yet) on the MNO TalkBack opinion poll which asks your opinion on how it was this year’s experience so far for you compared to last year’s.

It’s been a quiet time in the HYIP industry lately with reduced activity lately compared to the same calendar period in previous years. Perhaps it has been all due to the continuous worldwide pandemic crisis with many people being skittish to spend money risking them in investment opportunities offering unrealistic returns. The upcoming BitCoin halving event scheduled in less than two weeks time will keep some savvy investors on alert as to the possibility of higher price volatility over the next month or so, although from the previous halving events it looks that those expectations were not totally justified, and that is especially right in our case considering the current Covid-19 pandemic pressure still lingers for indefinite period of time now. This period of uncertainty will now create a pressure on the HYIP market as well and it might be going on for a long term, but of course it will all come down to the eventual chain of events unravelling over the next few weeks. I will certainly keep an eye on how things develop and will report about that on the MNO blog in due course, so stay tuned for the latest trends to be uncovered soon.

In today’s news I would like to take a close look at some of the latest updates from the administration of AlysDax and Omega and see what’s new in their respective programs over the last seven days.


After almost two months on MNO AlysDax has proven to be a winner with long-term goals set to be achieved in the near future. Unlike many other HYIPs out there at the moment AlysDax is a sort of an old-school program offering a set of low-ROI investment plans with a twist. Despite paying an average of 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days AlysDax actually credits your daily accrual depending on many factors but still guaranteeing you will be paid something around this profit rate. The initial investment either gets returned on expiry without any fees (as default) or you may request it to be paid back earlier that that date for a substantial fee which might eat well into the profits you would otherwise have received, so think twice before attempting to do so. You may invest anything starting from a $25 minimum via any of the following payment options – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Eos or Tether – but be aware that by purchasing your investment portfolio you will also be choosing the currency where your profit will be paid to (you are allowed to be paid to a different payment processor than you join with), so be attentive as it cannot be changed later. Another important note is that after the investment is made you will receive your first profit from AlysDax in more than 24 hours time, as the daily accrual is made on the following day from the profits announced on the previous day. And every withdrawal is subject to a small fee depending on the chosen payment processor (they are guaranteed to be done within 72 hours, but in practice it usually takes only a few hours to go through). For a more complicated program like AlysDax with lots of peculiarities you might not otherwise notice it’s always recommended to read the detailed review thoroughly which you can do here to find out more details on the whole investment process in the program.

As the world is now firmly gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic the usual advertising of AlysDax via the means of gathering various conferences organized by team leaders in different countries are obviously suspended for foreseeable future. However, perfectly realizing AlysDax should still grow stronger and attract more customers on a daily basis the administration takes some wise moves to increase the promotional appeal that the best downline builders should now utilize in order to make their affiliate income on multiple levels work for them. So for advertising purposes a so-called Brand Book featuring company logos and other material has been released in PDF format. AlysDax‘s leaders in various countries should find it very useful to make their presentations more appealing online, and hopefully it will be prove an efficient tool, just like the company’s video now circulating pretty much everywhere, even on YouTube. For more information on AlysDax‘s brand book see below:

The AlysDax community is constantly growing and developing, attracting new partners and leaders. In order to make your working with the company’s materials more convenient, the project’s brand book was developed by the Marketing Department. >>> DOWNLOAD (.PDF)
Here you can find information about the AlysDax logo, colors, backgrounds, fonts and their sizes used. Guided by information from the brand book, you can create souvenir products in the general style, for styling and distribution at events. AlysDax branded T-shirts have already become a kind of symbol of acceptance into the community, now they will be in one style, regardless of which team the leader printed them in and in which country.
You can use corporate style materials for mass promotion of AlysDax.
AlysDax is a huge community of like-minded people united by the desire for financial independence. The community’s desire is to earn more by developing the project’s partner network and working with deposits on favorable terms! If you share our views then just become a part of AlysDax right now!


I don’t really know the proper adjective to describe Omega and the admin’s most recent post, but the word “challenging” certainly seems to keep jumping to the top of the list! In his latest news update the admin shares his own philosophical musings on the current global Covid-19 crisis. How it relates in real terms to the actual Omega program is something I can’t explain, but perhaps some readers might find it interesting nevertheless. The general gist of it is apparently about the importance of maintaining an income at a time when traditional government and state economies are unpredictable, unreliable, and perhaps even of dwindling importance to independent online entrepreneurs that make up so much of the HYIP industry.

I’ll let you read the Omega newsletter for yourselves below, you can make what you will out of it, I can’t really comment myself as I’m not entirely sure what to think, but maybe as a monitor it might be more important for me to redirect readers attention to the basic facts about how the program works in practice. You can join Omega for as little as $1, though as you can only use digital cryptocurrencies to join it’s more accurate to say it’s what ever the $1 equivalent is in BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, Dash, Tron, Stellar, and Zcash. Once you become a member of Omega there’s really very little else you need to do because everything else in automated. You simply nominate a certain day of the week that suits you best, and from that point on you should receive weekly interest payments made automatically by the Omega script without any need to request them. Interest rates are variable and accumulate in your account on a daily basis, they are then handed over to you by the week with the Omega admin stating he generally aims for something between 5% and 7% as an acceptable result. There are ways and means of manipulating this in order to grow your principal, get better rates, more frequent payments, and so on, but this is how it usually happens for entry level investors. It gets a bit more complicated than most other programs so I don’t want to go into more precise details here, I think it’s a better idea for you to read the review of Omega on the MNO blog here, and perhaps keep it open if trying to navigate the program’s website as a general “how to” guide to help with their own directions at the same time. The full newsletter (and I’m not even sure if that’s the right word for it!) in all its meandering glory from the Omega admin is included for you below:

Long Live the “Paper-Towel” King!
Hello. This is Zander speaking. The man behind Omega, the one you know so little about, and likely never will. As our team is wrapping up the biggest platform’s update yet, let us finally address a little elephant in the room. Yes, you got it right, this is gonna be a viral talk. As already over 26 million people in the USA alone, have become a subject of this nature’s experiment, worse is yet to come. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide will suffer the consequences of not only the virus itself but their actions in the first place. Well, let’s talk about it…
It’s been quite a show watching everyone rushing into the stores, getting their essentials ready, spending the very last dime on it. So many persuasive people, with such hideous apocalyptic “Plan-B” faces. But we all a little guilty of that, aren’t we?
Recent reports show us, that a typical (well, you know how typical they are)
American loyal citizen has already spent $3000 (!) at average on various means of the pandemic preparation, or at least as it was portrayed by the press.
As 999 Bottles of water (yes, screw that healthy mother Earth rain freely available), 777 alcohol bottles (you will urge for it after that first upcoming suicide attempt hangover) 666 boxes of the paper towel, all have been safely tucked up under your bed…The last little thing you did forget to take care of, is the emergency revenue stream.
Today’s article we will end with a question, that perhaps may change your mind on things once and for all. However, to get there, we must talk about a few topics that are much more relevant than any kind of prepping. And don’t you worry about any food, for now, as while reading this short summary, you only gonna finish half of what you have stored…
Let us start with the Family.
Nothing can be more important, right? When with true love, self-independence is nothing more but a wishful thinking, how can we sustain the ones we deeply care about?
You already got yourself enough treats for a good year of semi-starving, although you shall not bother yourself with such actions, as an eminent GAG order will remain all the grocery stores nicely available for the next 7 years with no problem, as long as you have the cash to pay for it of-course…
We do know, that in the USA & Canada alone, the nation grocery food bank is confident enough to give a feeding promise for the next 3 years, with no products being produced at all.
Yes, maybe you should’ve purchased even more overpriced antiseptics and water so terrible, you won’t even drink it. Maybe it would have been better to start playing with alternative-energy gadgets way ahead, just to make sure your newly 5G iPhone will kick your brain with ionizing frequencies and numb the upcoming depression’s cortisol, that you’ll have plenty in no time. Or, perhaps you should’ve bought a real-deal home on wheels for a group of kids with the wifey and a few grandmas (don’t you dare to forget about her mother!) so when the long stick goes boom, the real man had performed the promise given.
True. We all could have done so many things to make it easier now… But we didn’t. Yet screw that morality, as to be honest, we haven’t done sh***t.
With all the money available at your bank account, I’d say you will run for a couple of months. And drugstores, fancy grocery markets have already overpriced everything they could. But wait, do you feel that smell? That’s your best soul at the next room, blooming its all imperfection, that was so easily covered by constantly turning off the lights. You will have to stick around for a while together, and I mean “stick around”.
To have even a little chance of physiological survival, the real alpha male needs to make sure, that he already has a source of passive income, that will remain such despite any situation or even the end of the world. Yep, not about your case. Wait…you really thought you could work from home, when your boss is already broke but just not telling you that?
Entrepreneur riots? Truly hilarious! Go check, maybe you’ll find him at the video here
Let’s talk on Habits.
Alright, we all may have no guts nor even the tiny brain, but the good thing is, we can finally talk about hygiene. Some unknown but trusted, so-called science results reported a secret fact: over 99.99996% of everything you might call a health problem, one way or another comes out the dirty butt. And let’s spot pretending to look all yoga-vegan friendly for a minute. As only now this matter can finally become a life or death talk. With a nice deadly kick, a pandemic can become a savior of your self-discipline, or will dismantle you, starting from the breathing apparatus.
Alright, all facts in the showroom! To overcome a worldwide “zombie-apocalypse” scale hysteria, we shall learn how to keep our systems intact at a whole new level. That will help in any case scenario, whether it is a concrete jungle castle with all the first world creature comforts or a sweet little community of homeless people as that final destination for ones who just lost their savings with the ICO boom, and now their jobs.
Although besides the smelly nature’s jewelry between your legs, you really should start cleaning up the most important organ of yours – the Brain, as a little birdie told me, there is a lot of junk in it.
Credit line you were so proud of – the epiphany of trash. Savings at your bank account – now worthless. Your friends – all locked up at their apartments, cannot even make you a bromance call. All these funny moves with stock investments, crypto-trading tricks, investment opportunities of various types – good luck with that now.
Did we forget anything? Or perhaps the whole set of our inner believes in the government, departments, order, and the law itself, all have already been ruined so nicely.
And don’t get me wrong, as I’m not trying to be all negative. I do not care about your junk, as we all have plenty of our own. Like a good doctor told me once – “I’m just here to help you Alex!” and thanks god I trusted him back then.
I consider this puny “intense micro cleanse” session a check… let’s move on…
The World of Elites.
How about the ones who still remain on the top? What’s going to happen to them?
It is clear, that some folks with plenty of cash at virtually any bank in the world… will lose everything. Just because they were not ready to play with block-chain wallets long before. That might be a good update for you, as you kinda nailed it last year losing a fortune, but you at least know how what a secret phrase key is.
As many of these ultra-rich fellas are already too old to fight with you barehanded, they might become novice sailors, performing just fine for a year or two, chilling in the hydrogen-powered yacht mode. Most of these crooks, still have much more determination than you, thus when everything will settle down, good chances that they’ll remain rich enough to continue sucking out all the juice from the remaining crowd, including you know who.
But how to survive with such a terrible group of always hungry for power, elites? Well, at least start to respect them a little. As only if you get lucky, the very last occupation of yours, might be working on a private luxury vessel as a caretaker paid with fresh apples, during the post-pandemic economical destruction. Hold on, you really expected to obtain a full package health insurance, “above than average” offer at a new startup firm, with monthly payments so nicely streamed at your bank account? Funny enough, when the banking industry will enjoy its long-awaited collapse, these guys will use nothing but block-chain to shuffle the remaining millions…of bitcoins.
There is one thing, that the rich do better than the poor. They know how to plan their life and create action strategies. Let’s not be ashamed of our own negligence. I hope you still remember, that we are talking about survival here. People will be paid off with food, condoms, and shelter, for their services in a matter of months. Still brave enough to keep up? We’ll do the final one…
The Future.
Even if the global economy will fall in 3 years, (but not 12 months as we all kinda expect), soon enough we will see an alternative currency. As any financial mechanism’s prosperity is largely based on trust of its own members at the ecosystem itself, there soon will be a Unit (surely web-based) that has nothing to do with the blockchain complexity and never-ending consensuses, but its creators were brave enough to fight with the devil himself, the fallen kingdom of crypto-riches.
Cash is now a virus transmitter.
Bitcoin is nothing more than a dead high tech casino.
US Dollar is already doomed for good, and how can you trust it, if this pandemic has already shown us the very best solution Illuminati fellas were capable on.
This new system will soon become globally recognized, as the pressure of the first world problems is nothing, compared with an old school hunger. Yes I do believe, that such a tool is the Omega, the creation of 12+ years of experience, sometimes even dark ones, and in the end it is not important if you can relate to that. It is not even a question if you join our family or not. It is only a matter of time.
We always hope to pull out this final trick out of our sleeves. To come up with something to sustain our families and close ones, when times are rough. We want to look strong and act strong. I can respect you taking guns and protect the right to live, but thanks god it is not the time to do that yet.
What I do not understand, is when the world as we knew it, is about to take a smoke break… crowd spends its vital capital on ass wipers, coca-cola owned water bottles, crackers and masks.
The time has come for the final question:
What do you think will be the next global currency?
A god damn paper towel?
From Zander with Love.
Preparing the financial apocalypse since 2012.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Omega.
From MNO Basic list: Zuhoxe, RoboticsOnline.

That’s about it for today, guys. I hope you enjoy staying safe at home and will acquire some new interests and hobbies to make the most out of these unusual times. I’ll be back with more news in a few days time, so check out MNO then to discuss the latest news and events from the most promising investment projects in the HYIP industry. Thanks for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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