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11/05/2020. ValuableLoan Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! ValuableLoan has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! After what was in broader terms a relatively successful start to the summer for the programs listed on MNO I hope you’re all looking forward to the new business week and the opportunities it might bring as much as I am. What I’ve been most looking forward to in the last few days has been reviewing a brand new Premium listed program on the MNO monitor called ValuableLoan now that I’ve had a chance to test it, analysing the good points and the weak. And you know at what we can only describe as a perilous time in the industry and the world in general we need stability and something we can rely on. Maybe ValuableLoan can be part of that for your online portfolios, I don’t know, but when it comes right down to it they are in as good a position as any to help out struggling investors to make a quick sustainable profit. Let’s see what they have to offer and if you like it or not.
So basically what you’ve got with ValuableLoan is one one investment plan, but with three variations depending on how much you deposit. First of all regardless of the size of your deposit the fundamentals are like this – the investment term runs for 30 calendar days, during which ValuableLoan will pay members an hourly interest rate. The exact rate will depend on how much you are prepared to spend, with as usual the bigger investors getting the bigger payments. However at entry level you can join ValuableLoan with just a minimum investment of $20. What happens after that is dependent of how much you want to spend, but for entry level investors ValuableLoan are offering an hourly payment of 0.21% every hour of every day for the next 30 calendar days (i.e. 720 hours). For experienced HYIP players this might first seem a bit high risk (I suppose it is) or unsustainable but not as much as you think. You see this only applies to deposits up to $200 so we’re not talking huge money here, plus your deposit is already factored into the payments. That means you can pick up just marginally more than 5% interest in any full day, or 151.2% by the end of term (or 51.2% net profit).

How about we put that in financial terms then? Let’s say you hit ValuableLoan with $100. what do you get back from them? Every hour after making your deposit you should expect $0.21 in interest earnings. On a day-to-day basis that adds up to $5.04, and in total on expiry gives you $151.20. With your own initial principal counted as part of that you get $100 which was yours to begin with plus $51.20 as your reward for joining ValuableLoan to begin with. The break even point, that is to say how long it takes you to earn back an amount equivalent to your original investment and therefore be protected from losing anything is 477 hourly payments, or just short of 20 full calendar days.

For bigger investments there isn’t any real change in the modus operandi, just the hourly interest rate than puts you into a faster and higher profit. So for example if you are spending from $201 up to $1,000 then ValuableLoan offer 0.25% per hour for 30 calendar days. That’s 1% every four hours and 6% per calendar day. On expiry that nets you 180% in total, or 80% net profit with your principal factored in to the payments. Break even point is after 400 hours or just under 17 days.

Finally for the bigger spending players out there prepared to go in with upwards of $1,001 then ValuableLoan reserve their highest rate of 0.29% per hour. The term is still 30 calendar days, though the maximum spending limit for now is $10,000. Your daily return comes to just under 7%, final profit is just short of 209% (about 109% net profit), with a break even point of 345 hours and just over two weeks waiting time to break even.

There’s been a lot of programs similar to ValuableLoan in the last few years which have been popular and indeed richly profitable. Where the main failing was however came with their unpredictability. You see, giving investors the option of withdrawing their principal on demand meant that you always had this fear of “what happens if everyone wants their money back at the same time?”. In the real world it’s pretty much what happened with several banks during the last economic crisis, and what banks have always been afraid of happening in the past. So why I think ValuableLoan do something to get around this is because they do not offer any early exit clauses. In other words if you join ValuableLoan you commit yourself to the full length term and don’t get to back out or change your mind. In that sense you can depend on a) genuine investors not out for a quick “hit-n-run”, and b) an admin with greater control over cash flow and cash reserves. That plus the fact that the ultimate return from ValuableLoan is at least moderately more realistic or obtainable in HYIP terms compared to many other programs offering something they can no way ever deliver makes this one a safer bet. Still a bet mind you, and a massive gamble as are all online HYIPs, but one where the odds are slightly better.

So now let’s talk about payment options. If you want to join ValuableLoan then you need to know what payment handlers are available to you, and the regularity and frequency of payments. In this case it’s pretty good I must say by any standards. For the more traditional hard currency dollar payments you have PerfectMoney and Payeer. For those who prefer the more direct cryptocurrencies you can use any of BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, and Dash.

ValuableLoan make instant payments on request tothe amount is $2 or higher to cryptocurrencies, whereas there is no such limit placed on requests to the traditional dollar based processors (PerfectMoney and Payeer). Ultimately major investors will always respect this, given that with hourly payments the importance of verifiable and fast (again preferrably instant) payments is vital. In this regard the admin holds up very well so I would say as long as this continues the program and investors will benefit. By the way, also on the plus side is that smaller payment requests can still be made to cryptocurrencies. They might not be instant, but they will still be honored manually.

Moving on now to some of the more technical aspects of ValuableLoan, the program is running off a script under license from GoldCoders which of course is widely used in the HYIP industry, so I doubt any regular investors with experience will have any trouble in navigating their account area. As I already explained, with ValuableLoan using instant payments it’s of vital importance to enable the 2FA authentication which is offered as as an extra security service to make sure any payment requests are going to you and you alone. For any potential malicious or hacker attacks aimed at taking down the ValuableLoan website, these are dealt with by DDoSGuard who are hosting the program’s website on one of their dedicated servers with anti-DDoS protection. An additional layer of protection to allow secure browsing and safer financial transactions comes with the Extended Validation SSL-certificate by GeoTrust, a respected service provider in this field.

Communication between admin and investors is, as it should be, treated seriously. As always though make sure the first thing you look at is the ValuableLoan FAQ section if anything is unclear to you. Should you need to get in contact directly if you have any further questions or account related issues then you will need to fill in your details on the support form found on the contacts page and submit it. Alternatively you can also use a Telegram Group for chat and support with other members.

As for the alleged business activities of ValuableLoan, it’s claimed that they are involved with with what they call “professional trading”, a bit vague in the first place though as always I’d suggest you not take it too seriously as there’s nothing there to actually prove it. So even if it looks good to start with, remember that the risks are still great so it’s essential that you at all times stay within a sensible spending limit, and always try and diversify your portfolios.

Overall, first impressions would lead me to think that ValuableLoan has on one hand a certain amount of potential while on the other hand some limitations based on investors experience. Not exactly a criticism, ValuableLoan is organised better than most hourly payment HYIPs but I wonder if most people at this stage will still be able to recognise it as such.

And what do you guys think? If you’ve already come to a decision about whether ValuableLoan is suitable for you or not then perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing with the other readers and answering the following poll. Remember it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, and will eventually tell us how many people were right to go with their first impressions of the program either for better or worse. It can also indicate what standards people expect from a HYI website before they are prepared to part with their money.

Will you make an active deposit in ValuableLoan?

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AlysDax has held a firm grip on its position as the undisputed leadership of the HYIP industry for a while now. Now in its third month online the program has managed to prove that even during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis you can still manage a successful HYIP and build and constantly improve and adjust promotional tactics others can only dream of. AlysDax has been on the Sticky List on MNO since the very start and will remain there until the beginning of June at least with two banner spots also purchased. What’s that if not a long-term intention to bring profits to investors on behalf of the admin? I’m not even talking about the extensive advertising campaign both online and offline. And while the organisation of leadership conferences offline might have suffered now for obvious reasons all the online promotional activities are still very much alive and kicking. Over the last few days two webinars were held in Indonesia and Brazil with current and potential investors presented with the advantages of joining AlysDax either via their own deposit or by building up a team with some very lucrative rewards on multiple tiers. Apparently many online Chinese media outlets have recently been getting active in promoting AlysDax among their readers and such activities should be welcome as it might help spread the word in the most populated country in the world. Besides that in order to encourage promotional activities among the current members of the program AlysDax has recently started a series of educational email newsletters aimed at increasing the recruitment of new members. All the latest newsletter and updates have been posted below for your convenience, so keep reading to learn more.

For those of you who haven’t read the detailed review of AlysDax posted here I would just like to remind you of a few things about the program’s investment plan. After funding your account with a $25 minimum via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Tether, Eos or Ripple you may then choose an investment portfolio which pays per calendar day over one to six months time with principal returned on expiry (or earlier for a certain fee). Although the daily interest varies daily and depends on many factors you should expect on average the following rates – 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days.

Note that on creating an investment portfolio not only should you choose both the payment processor to invest with. you also list the payment processor you wish your profits to be paid to, so be careful here as ththisat cannot be changed at a later date. Withdrawals need to be requested from your AlysDax account and should be processed within 72 hours, but in practice it’s usually really fast before you see payments to your chosen wallet. So far everything has been working great for AlysDax investors, but I would encourage everyone to check out their Demo account so as to familiarize yourselves with all the features before making an actual deposit. Below are all the latest updates from AlysDax:

There will be held another online crypto meeting with Crypto Vlogger where you can ask questions such as:
– How to make money quickly on the AlysDax platform?
– What are the features of earning using the affiliate program?
– Announcements of the implementation of the road map of the AlysDax project
– Benefits of investing in consolidation funds during the global financial crisis
Also, there will be the insider’s information and the details of running the team business.
The webinar starts at 21:00 WIB (JAKARTA TIME). The format of the webinar is open, for participation just follow the link:

Each meeting of AlysDax partners always contains a lot of useful information, an exchange of experience and a discussion of hot issues of company strategies, global economic trends of the financial and cryptocurrency markets. Following the backdrop of recent events, partners discussed modern ways of building teams and features of promotion in various regions of the AlysDax project.
AlysDax stimulates and actively supports meetings of leaders, providing information and marketing support. Personal communication and personal consultations at such meetings have a beneficial effect on the image of the platform. They also provide an opportunity to receive additional bonuses while expanding the leadership network structure.
If you plan to become the organizer of a webinar or meeting, inform your Team Manager about this. An individual media support plan will be selected for you.
See more photos and video materials from the event in the Gallery

AlysDax initially attracted the attention of Chinese journalists and editors, because we have already shared links with you twice to publications on leading Chinese Internet resources.
Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, a transparent mechanism of work and a high level of profitability, AlysDax does not leave the pages of newspapers and Internet websites in China. Journalists talk about the principles of the project, share the achievements of our leaders, discuss the latest innovations in the news. Among the websites that have already told their readers about AlysDax were added:,,,,,,,,,,,,,
We are very grateful for your attention to AlysDax! This is a priceless opportunity to tell the readers what exactly our project offers and tell it with your help. Also, it is so important to show them that the possibility of obtaining passive income in the financial market is real even for those who do not have any special education.

Project Leader in Brazil Lucas Fernandes will host a webinar for project participants. At the online meeting he will talk about how AlysDax works in the financial market and thanks to which it can guarantee its participants a fixed and constant income. Also, the speaker will present a referral program and talk about ways to make money with it. Lucas Fernandes will also answer all the questions of newcomers: it will help you get comfortable on the website, register and take the first steps in building your affiliate network.
The conference will be held at Zoom, participation is free of charge. The meeting starts at 21:00 pm (Brazilian time) on May 11, 2020. To join the webinar, just follow the LINK, password: 8zNW0P .
May began for the AlysDax community with a series of online and offline events organized by our leaders from around the world. In order not to miss “your” event just follow the news on our website!

Our leaders share their experience in the framework of the AlysDax project
Good day! Are you reading our letters and still looking for confirmation about if it is possible to build a successful career on the AlysDax platform?
Come into our Telegram chats, there are a lot of leaders. There is a stream of information and you will definitely not miss anything:,,
In this letter we point your attention to the fact that the company has several vacancies for regional leaders who may be given special conditions for the development of the project in your region and country.
To find out more information please contact us through the Support of the company (it works on the website 24/7).
Remember that you can always get a personal manager. GET A MANAGER
With best regards, AlysDax Team

AlysDax presents a kit of presentation materials!
AlysDax Worldwide Investment
The project aims to create a financial pool on the part of investors (individuals) and provide leverage to partner traders (Legal entities, small and large platforms) AlysDax uses margin tools for transactions on world crypto assets trading platforms.
AlysDax works only with trusted and highly qualified financial institutions. In turn, Partner Traders are given the opportunity to receive leverage for margin trading. GET A MANAGER
Remember that you can always get my support.
With best regards, Bryan Frost
Telegram –, WeChat ID – memuwe777, Kakao Talk ID – memuwe777

What level of 7 statuses of AlysDax are you into?
Hello! How to increase earnings using the AlysDax affiliate program?
We are confident that each investor has already become acquainted with the calculator presented on the main page of the project and has repeatedly calculated the profitability of its investment portfolio.
Imagine that you have reached the status of BP4, opened a deposit of $ 5700 (for a period of 150 days).
The invest portfolio program is designed so that the company motivates you to earn more.
Your portfolio will expire in exactly 150 days, but thanks to the status of BP4, profit will be credited to your balance for another 10 days at the level of daily profit for your tariff!
So, your deposit actually worked for 150 days and earned money for 160 days.
The total profit amount of the invest portfolio alone will allow you to earn 200% of the profit and get 17100 US dollars.
Remember that you can always get a personal manager. GET A MANAGER
With best regards, AlysDax Team

How to make high profits with AlysDax using the right tools?
Good day! The international AlysDax project captures attention with its uniqueness and diversity of earnings. Flexible investing strategy allows platform users to earn in several ways:
– Passive investor
– Network leader
– Project investment partner at maximum
AlysDax Affiliate Program
The growth formula for your profit is simple and lies in the numbers 7×7.
When you expand your team and its turnover, your leadership status increases to the 7th level of the project partner. Maximum status opens the maximum of bonuses up to 7 levels of depth of your network.
A convenient calculator on the main page of the website will help you calculate your maximum profit and adjust your financial investment strategy.
Find your way and take the chance to achieve the status of a regional partner.
Remember that you can always get a personal manager. GET A MANAGER
With best regards, AlysDax Team

Being the TOP Leader of AlysDax is prestigious and mega profitable!
Hello! Are you already earning profit and want to increase your income by x10, x20 or even x100 times?
The AlysDax company invites you to the team and it is ready to offer favorable conditions for cooperation:
– Assignment of premium status;
– Personal accompanying manager;
– Exclusive conditions of earnings;
– Participation in leaderships;
– Budget allocation for offline and online events etc.
Your activity, realizable ideas and high team development dynamics will provide you with the status of TOP Leader!
Write to us through the Contact Us section or communicate in the online Support chat. We are eager to work with YOU!
Remember that you can always get a personal manager. GET A MANAGER
With best regards, AlysDax Team


Apparently in the case of Omega it’s not all doom and gloom during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. In fact, according to the program’s admin every cloud has a silver lining and one should grab the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies and other supposed profitable ventures, which the admin says includes Omega in the first place. Well, I do partially agree with the point that during crises people tend to seek something different to put their money in than they may have done in the past. However, will players prefer to risk the remainder of their savings which undoubtedly any HYIP or BTC investment carries or will they use funds to support themselves during these tough times? Up to you, but I doubt there will be more gamblers and chancers during the pandemic than before. The Omega admin seems to be convinced otherwise so he put out his theory in the latest update accompanied by a link to the video discussing the record numbers of unemployed in the US economy:

#news #market #covid #corona #people #unemployment
This video displays a set of facts, that have already become quite veracious for many apocalyptic scenario disbelievers.
And as the world’s powerhouse has rightly suffered so much, you can only imagine what’s coming up for the rest of our society.
When simple unemployment reports will soon grow up into the global crisis, with numbers going through the roof, people will be forced to do 2 things:
1) They will have to collect and exchange all the remaining assets into cryptos. Yes, you heard me right. Because there is still nothing better in terms of capital logistics and private ownership as other instruments are already suffering their well-deserved demise.
2) People will be joining investment opportunities again, choosing the ones that can provide at least a decent level of revenue, with the 2 most important factors as a) Predictability, and b) External ecosystem’s based revenue model.
The ones with zero funds would face the only way of referring millions of people into such platforms, for promised little affiliate commissions to pay their bills and treats.
It sounds to me like old times. Fair times.
Crawl out and try to see the light before it binds you up completely! This time the mother nature leaves no room for the mistake!

Whether it seems controversial now, if you are a part of the HYIP industry it might make some sense. Omega is certainly a different investment opportunity which you might consider if you like original and interesting concepts developed months in advance of being launched. I guess after checking out the Omega website and reading my detailed review of the program posted here no one can deny one simple fact. The program has been monitored on my site for six weeks already and MNO has been the first major blog and monitor to feature it and discuss the advantages of joining. In a nutshell, you can start from only $1 worth of cryptocurrency (eight are accepted including BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Tron, Stellar and Zcash) and earn a variable daily return with weekly payments delivered straight to your wallet on a designated day of your chosing. Of course, there are many perks of joining and promoting Omega at the same time with profit sharing boosters should also helping the case to reach the break-even point much faster. You may even grow your statuses from Lepton all the way to Quantum which will be assigned to the largest investors and biggest promoters. I imagine though that the majority of Omega investors will stay on Lepton level which has a stake share of 10% and allow weekly payments only, so I think for you it will take about two-three months to start earning profits with Omega as once you’re in you cannot withdraw your principal. That’s why the thriving of Omega in the long term should be a priority not only for the admin but for investors alike, and I hope that they will make an important contribution to the program’s growth which is vital for its success overall whether it boasts a highly original concept or not. I will keep you updated on all the developments with Omega on the MNO blog, so stay tuned for that!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list: ValuableLoan.
From MNO Standard list: Omega.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about all for today, guys. I hope your week got off to a great start and will continue getting better Remember that the long-anticipated BTC halving event is just a few hours away, so the true effect on the HYIP industry should be clear pretty soon. The price of BTC at the moment is below $9K per coin but it may well change pretty soon after the halving takes place and can shape the direction the cryptocurrency world goes in the long term. Therefore, the poll on the MNO TalkBack stays open for the next few days as the impact might not be clear until some time anyway. If you haven’t voted in the poll yet please do so here.

If you enjoy the blog articles the best appreciation is seeing how the MNO subscription base grows. Currently there are over 3,000 subscribers to the regular updates,sent to readers email addresses by Google Feedburner. So if you wish to join the list please do so by submitting your email address on this page. In order to stay informed on the best and biggest investment opportunities make sure you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter where you can find all the important announcements in real time. Telegram is also a good place to find me if you want a quick chat @mnoblog. As for more points of contact please email me directly at or otherwise submit your query via the online contact form you can find here. If you wish to share your opinion on the MNO monitored programs or the HYIP industry in general with me or your fellow investors please create an account on the MNO ShoutBox and post there. I’d like to thank you all for reading my blog and I hope to be able to talk to you again during the week. Stay tuned with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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