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16/05/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend edition of the MNO blog‘s news from the HYIP industry. The reason I’m posting earlier than originally intended is the unfortunate demise of ValuableLoan whose review was only published on my blog last Monday. There was also a very important update from AlysDax announcing one major new feature that might really affect the future of the program in the long term and therefore be the subject of further discussion and raised as a new question for the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page. The results of the previous poll will also be the focus of attention as well as the latest newsletter from Omega with more exciting news to report. So stay tuned for all of that and keep reading for more details on the above-mentioned topics.

If you would like to stay informed about upcoming new promising investment opportunities and all the latest updates from current programs please make sure you subscribe to the MNO Newsfeed which will send you regular blog articles directly to the email address you can submit and confirm on this page. It’s even better to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter where all the latest announcements gets posted in real time and therefore you will be notified as soon as anything important happens. And of course I will be pleased to stay in touch with all my readers and am available to answer your questions sent via this contact form, by emailing me directly at or by chatting with me on Telegram @mnoblog. In order to vote for your favourite programs please proceed on the MNO monitor or share your thoughts on the MNO ShoutBox. For now I believe it’s the right time to get started with the news.


At the moment AlysDax is the undisputed leader of the HYIP industry with the program running successfully for about three months in total now. All this time AlysDax has been prominently featured on MNO’s Sticky List while proudly displaying two extra banner spots which clearly demonstrate the admin’s good intentions to develop something really big. Just last night a major development was announced which is the introduction of the so-called Alys Money and Alys Bank which will handle all these financial transactions. To explain it in a nutshell – Alys Money is an intermediary currency which any member of the program can trade to and from internally. For instance, you have an investment portfolio in PerfectMoney and then change your mind and wish to receive your profits to BitCoin (or the other way around). Then simply convert your PM into Alys Money and then Alys Money into BTC using the internal exchanger – simple as it sounds. I suspect though that the Alys Bank will be just the first step which will soon distribute the AlysDax‘s own currency and help manage the cashflow more efficiently in the long haul. Even now you may already invest in AlysDax using the internal currency Alys Money and get paid 20% extra on top of what you would have usually been paid had you invested directly via one of the usual accepted payment processors – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple or Eos. As you might know from my detailed review of AlysDax posted here, the program pays a variable daily interest rate which will depend on the trading results posted on the website, the member’s involvement in promotional activities, and the chosen investment term. However, the average daily returns paid over the period of one to six months before your principal is returned are given as follows – 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. You may request your principal before expiry but it will eat heavily into your profits, so you are strongly advised against doing so. With only $25 required to make an initial investment with any plan in AlysDax there are countless investors who took advantage and are now in substantial profit. Although something tells me that the further development of AlysDax which has been rapidly growing in size can deliver us more pleasant surprises that other programs can only dream of.

Apart from the exciting news of the Alys Money and Alys Bank introduction there were more events to be reported. Mostly related to the program’s promotion which has always been an essential part of every truly successful HYIP in the past. Among the latest news is another webinar in Japanese and photo report from the recent Beijing leadership conference. Apart from that there were lots of promotional emails with helpful hints and advice on AlysDax‘s promotion that are supposed to assist people in building their own on multiple levels and further succeed in adding more income streams to their AlysDax related activities. Please have a look below at all the latest updates starting of course from the major one mentioned first:

The developers of AlysDax carried out tremendous work on the implementation of an internal bank with a single internal currency ALYS MONEY. We present to your attention a new functionality that will open additional opportunities for the project Top Leaders. It will help you in attracting new partners, in encouraging members of their network structures, and most importantly, ALYS MONEY holders will be able to carry out internal bank transactions. Let’s understand the details together!
The nominal rate of the ALYS MONEY coin will be: 1 ALYS = 1 $.
Emission. Coin emission is strictly limited and will be done in 4 stages:
2020 – 10,000,000 ALYS
2021 – 30,000,000 ALYS
2022 – 50,000,000 ALYS
2023 – 70,000,000 ALYS
The total issue for the entire period (4 years) will be 160,000,000 ALYS MONEY.
Benefits of ALYS MONEY contributing to the popularization of the project:
– Accrual of Increased Interest (+ 20% to daily profit) in Portfolios created using ALYS MONEY;
– The “Easy Start” option, which allows leaders of partner structures to provide easy entry for new investors with various crypto and fiat preferences.
– Acquisition of ALYS MONEY at wholesale prices for system partners and holders of verified exchange services;
– A unique opportunity to exchange currencies on the platform using ALYS MONEY in any direction at a favorable rate.
Purchase / Sale. You can buy or sell ALYS MONEY:
– Instantly, in your personal account by using the automated service ALYS BANK. There are starting currency pairs: USDT/ALYS, BTC/ALYS, ETH/ALYS, XRP/ALYS, EOS/ALYS, USD/ALYS;
– Alternatively, purchase or sale of the ALYS coin can be done with the help of system partners and holders of verified exchange services.
– Wholesale is available on individual terms: by sending a request to a personal Project Manager.
– The developers of the platform do not plan to limit the use of the internal coin. They are giving holders the opportunity to dispose of the coins at their discretion.
– Upgrade of the Roadmap of the AlysDax project;
– Expanding the list of popular currency pairs in ALYS BANK;
– Convert ALYS MONEY system to a stable coin;
The introduction of ALYS BANK and ALYS MONEY is an innovative step by developers. It is opening up a global market with global opportunities for the project partners!

The meeting of AlysDax Community partners was held on May 05, 2020 in a brunch format at one of the most luxurious hotels in Beijing. The organizers and speakers were the project leaders Messrs. Abigail and Beata.
The conference lasted for three hours. During this time the speakers introduced the guests to the AlysDax project. They talked about the earning strategy using margin pools and the unique advantages of the project.
The leaders earned a standing ovation when they were focusing on the personal earning potential of the project participants.
A separate part of the event was devoted to innovative technologies: blockchain, database protection technologies, crypto technologies. Also, they discussed their impact on the global economy, as well as application in the AlysDax project.
At the end of the speech, the speakers discussed strategies for promoting the project in China and answered questions from guests.
The conference ended on positive emotions with the becoming traditional adoption of new participants into the ranks of the project partners. Each new member of the AlysDax Community has received a branded T-shirt and other gifts from the organizers.
You can see the photo report from the event in the Gallery on the official AlysDax website.
We remind you that online events are held from the leaders of the AlysDax Community for all participants. Follow the project News!

The project leaders from Japan and the main speaker, regional top leader Hajime Onozato, will hold an online video meeting in Zoom for all users of the AlysDax project.
The webinar will begin at 08:00 PM (Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo). In order to attend it, just follow the Zoom link
The webinar will discuss the achievement of a high and stable project profitability using unique strategies, platform advantages, flexible working principles and a wide gradation of bonus accruals.
Experienced leaders are ready to demonstrate how to make available to everyone such a new instrument of the financial market as investment in margin trading.
AlysDax leaders from around the world organise dozens of events online, as well as meetings and conferences. Just visit one of these events to learn more about the project.

Subscribe to @alysdaxnews account on Telegram or follow the link and be among the partners who will be the first to know all the news of the project!
Every day, a lot of content is published that you will not see anywhere else. These are available in the most active Telegram channel of the AlysDax Community:
– Top news;
– Insider’s information;
– Polls;
– The next steps of the project development;
– Announcements of all online and offline events organized by leaders and the AlysDax team of partners;
– Access to leadership conferences and webinars at Zoom, Youtube, YY
Also, there are branded stickers, event reports, excerpts from speakers’ speeches, photos, videos and a positive attitude.
Download, share with your partners the media, links, gif-animations in a convenient mobile format.
The AlysDax Telegram channel is the most powerful tool for promoting and scaling a project in your area!

Digest News for AlysDax Leaders!
Good day! AlysDax has gained incredible popularity around the world. Korean and Chinese publications especially write a lot about AlysDax thanks to the active support of top leaders from Asia.
Actual reports and photo reports from the brightest events of the AlysDax project are primarily posted in the news feed!
Go to the AlysDax news block to keep abreast of all the events in the development of the company.
What do you learn from the news:
– Reports from conferences;
– Business meetings;
– Features of the development and updating of the platform;
– Bonus program and unique offers;
– And many other interesting details.
More information If you are mobile, for your convenience, the AlysDax project has created news channels in all popular instant messengers and social networks.
Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, I.YouKu, YouTube, Instagram
Be in the trend of the project events and share useful information with your partners!
Remember that you can always get a personal manager. GET A MANAGER
With best regards, AlysDax Team

The daily tools for the development of the team in AlysDax!
Good day! Each top leader develops a strategy for attracting partners. To help and facilitate your task, we have prepared a specialized landing page where the main aspects and advantages of the project are simple and accessible.
Just follow the link and the following information will be available for you:
– GIF media files;
– Bright and attractive gif-banner;
– Educational presentations;
– Promo videos
– Reports from conferences offline;
– Actual announcements of webinars and streams (you can invite friends there)
– Other photos and videos.
Use the maximum information from AlysDax and expand your affiliate network with mega-profit.
Remember that you can always get a personal manager. GET A MANAGER
With best regards, AlysDax Team

AlysDax presents a kit of presentation materials!
How to earn 70% per month with AlysDax?
Example: you buy 10 000 XRP which 0.14 $ for 1400 $, Invest 10 000 XRP in AlysDax, In 30 days you get 12 400 XRP, Sell 12 400 XRP for 0.19 $, Get 2365 $
CALCULATION: invested 1400$, received 2365 $ = 965$ profit in 30 days. This is 70%.
AlysDax is a limitless opportunity of money making
Join now!
With respect, AlysDax team


The admin of Omega seems unperturbed by what I can only describe as at best modest interest shown in his program by potential investors over the last few weeks. In fact it appears that his program is still pretty much a work in progress with many ongoing tweaks and changes by the team of programmers on the seemingly daily basis. Every now and then Omega issues a newsletter to present all the new features recently implemented and this week was no exception. This is a way of moving forward that should be adopted by many other admins in my honest opinion and shows just how determined an admin and his team need to be in order to ensure future success eventually comes to more modern and attractive programs. Let’s hope that will happen in the case of Omega which was first reviewed on MNO a few weeks ago which I strongly recommend you to read before even considering joining the program due to its very complicated format and lots of features that many investors might find hard to follow.

Basically though it’s not that difficult once you get to grips with the whole concept Omega is based on. In a nutshell you invest anything starting from $1 worth in any of the eight cryptocurrencies – BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Dash, Stellar or Zcash. Then your account gets credited with a variable daily return (usually around 1%) and you get paid once weekly at a designated day with Auto-sale of the 10% of your capital. Usually that will make you about 7% on weekly basis. All that though applies to the first level called Lepton only while on reaching higher levels you will get more favourable terms on your investment which can’t be withdrawn or expire. It’s that very auto-sale option that’s been the subject of change recently and is now supposed to be paid instantly (before that there was a countdown timer that needed to expire before the payment went through). That is surely a welcome feature showing an admin getting more confident in a constantly improving custom-made script working fine with no hiccups. And if you ask me Omega is definitely using a state-of-the-art script and a very original concept behind its investment plans and structure which might get popular in the long term once more people realize the benefits of joining.

Anyway, among the latest news mentioned in the most recent newsletter from Omega there were some other updates you might be interested to hear about. Now on every payment you can submit a non-moderated review which will help the program attract new members and grow and may well bring you a financial reward if chosen by the admin. The whole Omega website is now completely mobile-friendly so can be viewed properly on smaller devices (before that only the member’s area was mobile-friendly). Omega is officially a UK incorporated company now with the website having a more superior EV SSL-certificate installed. None of these features are particularly hard to obtain, but overall it’s commendable of the admin for making even smaller changes to improve things for future investors. Apparently, they will be developing an app version of the website soon, so MNO will certainly let you know once that happens. Meanwhile, all the latest updates from Omega (including less significant ones not covered by me) can be found in the latest newsletter below:

User Reviews, Legislation Process & Various Improvements
Today we would like to introduce a couple of brand-new features and important updates, that many of you had requested a while back…
Let us start with the obvious one – as you may already know, all Auto-Sale payouts are now being paid off instantly, as just a couple of days back we have successfully revoked a waiting timer countdown, thus each scheduled day will become a payment day! (Early on you did had to wait an additional payment processing timer of 24 hours)
This little but quite important safety step will not only allow Omega users to enjoy a precise Auto-Sale scheduling but will become a logical step for the upcoming Omega Trust Market, where you will be able to trade your profile rating points for more functionality (payout by request, specified sum, automatic reinvest and etc)… But we will come back to that at some other time…
Honest and rapid feedback is important, however, it should always be fairly visible to the public in non-moderated fashion. We are happy to announce that from now on, each user may leave an honest review, right after the Auto-Sale payment is done!
Such stories will become a trusted sign for all the guests of the platform, and the best reviews will be rewarded weekly!
Leave us your success story today and watch them all at the Omega’s homepage with your affiliate link included!
With our recently published article we did present you with Omega Profile’s mobile version, but only today we have finally made every single website’s info-page truly mobile-native. Watch Omega from your mobile device at and feel free to suggest us with improvements!
At the same time, quite a few areas of the website have been thoughtfully redesigned and overall interface enhancements were made. To name a few…
As our mission was always clear , nothing truly global can be done without a proper legislative preparation of all the platform’s services & products.
After only a month of hard work, and platform’s rapid expansion is becoming predominantly Europe-based (Germany, France, Italy) thus we have decided to support our community’s jurisdictional needs with a United Kingdom corporate formation and company name filed as Omega Platform Solutions LTD.
But, do not be mislead by us revealing everything about the core team or the headquarters location that simply does not exist with us performing every part of the job remotely worldwide.
Publicity is never a sign of experience, although we have decided to share only what many of you have asked for. There will be always a single person, that you might already get familiar with, and is the only member of any existing corporation and all the upcoming once.
We do want to support our growth right when it needed, hence with that set in mind, a helpful addition of an Extended Validation Certificate aka (EV Green Bar) that signs up under Omega Platform Solutions LTD, including an upcoming expansion into the Google Play and AppStore markets, will bring a proper USA-based legislative formation very soon.
Everything that relates to Omega’s affiliated opportunities relationships is to be filed under the Seychelles regulations.
For now feel free to explore all the corporate data at the LEGAL area of the website, and verify Omega Platform Solutions LTD 12597438 filing addition at the UK’s government website here.
Summarizing this article with a quick highlight of the ongoing development, we would like to note a recent set of patches & bug fixes we’ve done so far:
– 2FA feature has been improved and is fully operational. (Make sure to scan your QR to put down the key!)
– IP detection has been patched up, thus your language or country setting will not roll back to the address you are visiting from.
– The bug with second deposits larger sum with missing OTP conversion has been fixed.
– All mobile versions (Info-pages & Profile) were reviewed once again and updated, many visual artifacts were found and successfully patched up, thanks for your feedback!
Stay in tune with highly anticipated and requested addition by the next week, as we just might gladly surprise you with that one!
Always yours, Team of Technical Geeks here at Omega.
Stay in touch with all the important updates at:
Telegram News Channel:
Telegram Global Chat:
Facebook Page:
Having questions? Address us 24/7 at: or explore FAQ to find an answer!


What to say about ValuableLoan? Me and I’m sure most of my readers will be hugely disappointed to find out the program was designed to become another forgettable fast scam with no one having reached the profit zone. After unimpressive ten days online paying 5% to 7% daily on an hourly basis with instantly processed withdrawals ValuableLoan has stopped paying earlier today and I can confirm with 100% certainty now it is not going to continue. The admin never even attempted to properly develop his program into something more interesting than the standard GC script would allow and thus failed to gain any particular interest among potential investors. The program seems to have been largely ignored for many reasons and it was obvious the cashflow over the last few days have been taken a hit, and with the admin uninterested to continue in the current fashion and switching off the instant withdrawals as the weekend approached was not that unexpected. Anyway, I don’t think there is anything else to comment on apart from stating the obvious thing – ValuableLoan has stopped paying so should be avoided from now on. Please don’t invest there anymore, guys!


To finish things up for today’s post I guess it’s time to look at the final results of the most recent MNO TalkBack readers opinion poll and replace it with another topical question affecting HYIP industry investors. When I think back on my own years as an investor and independent monitor in the HYIP industry, one of the biggest changes to how things operate has got to be the emergence of cryptocurrencies. BitCoin is the obvious name that comes to most people’s minds when they think of this but it’s by no means the only one. The concept of online HYIPs itself hasn’t changed much, nor do I think it ever will – i.e. investors gamble with a sum of money in the hope of getting a larger sum back. It’s just the mechanics that have gotten more sophisticated. In fact I remember thinking to myself almost immediately after seeing the very first HYIPs that started accepting BitCoin that this was definitely going to be the future path for the industry. The only thing that surprised me was that it took as long as it did to reach a position of dominance, I thought it was going to happen a lot sooner.

It’s been something of a roller coaster ride for many investors however over the years, there’s no denying that, mainly due to such wild and unpredictable exchange rates between BTC and the US dollar. When first created all those years back, it might surprise some people who only got acquainted with BitCoin in recent times that it only cost fractions of a penny to purchase one. Flash forward a few short years and that price had skyrocketed to $20,000. I even remember one story about a young tech student in Norway who when the concept of cryptocurrencies was still in its infancy purchased $20 worth of BitCoin for a research paper he was working on for his university course. I don’t recall hearing if his degree was successful for him or not, just that when he finished with it he neglected to exchange his BTC back into dollars and later forgot he even had it in the first place. His memory was jogged when seeing BitCoin mentioned in an article in a Norwegian newspaper, prompting him to check his long forgotten wallet. To cut a long story short, he was in a position to make a mortgage-free cash purchase of a two bedroom apartment in Oslo city centre, something I imagine must be an absolutely eye-watering amount of money given that Norway has one of the highest costs of living in the world. Not a bad result, considering this was basically the equivalent of finding twenty bucks in the pocket of an old pair of jeans you haven’t worn for months and just checked before throwing into the laundry!

Anyway, I’m drifting away from my original point now which was the MNO TalkBack opinion poll and a semi-scheduled event in the BitCoin universe referred to as “halving”. In a nutshell (because to be honest I’m not really in any position to go in to the more technical details anyway) this is when the reward for mining new blocks is halved, meaning miners receive 50% fewer BTC for verifying transactions. BitCoin halvings happen once every 210,000 blocks – roughly every four years – until the maximum supply of 21 million bitcoins has been released. BitCoin halvings are important events for traders because they reduce the number of new bitcoins being generated by the network and therefore control the flow of new money into the BitCoin economy. I suppose you could look at in in the same was as a nation state’s central bank trying to control inflation.

The question I put to MNO readers then was this: How will the imminent BitCoin halving affect the HYIP industry?

It was a fairly open and shut case with this one, with an even two to one split in opinions. 67% of you think “BitCoin halving doesn’t have much impact on HYIPs” while the remaining 33% of you say “This will have a negative affect and HYIPs will suffer”. For the record, and just to keep things transparent, there was a third option in the poll. You also had the choice to vote “This is positive and will benefit the HYIP industry” but no one voted for that. I don’t know, perhaps even in matters that HYIP admins have no control over you still have a healthy or at least cautious approach to changes! Personally I don’t vote in my own polls of course, I already know my own opinion and the point of the exercise is to learn yours, but I can see both positives and negatives here. Actually I can see one argument for it benefiting the HYIP industry (even if readers didn’t vote for it) but only for slow burning longer term projects. Taking rampant inflation out of the picture can also remove so-called over heating, i.e. everyone joining a program together at the same time and then have no new investors coming in later to support cash flow. Then on the other hand… fast growth and fast profits have always been the raison d’etre for shorter term HYIPs and why a large chunk of less patient investors get involved in the first place. Who’s right? Both to a degree but we’ll see in time which has the bigger impact.

And so to our next MNO TalkBack opinion poll. It’s hardly news to say this, but just in case anyone has been stranded on the moon for the last couple of months the biggest program and the most important thing going on in the HYIP industry is AlysDax. I don’t need to re-cap on the main features again at this point, you can see the review on the MNO blog here and it’s never far from the news anyway. But one of the most intriguing developments to emerge from AlysDax to date has to be the announcement of Alys Coin, the program’s own cryptocurrency. To be honest I can’t really say I’m surprised by the news, this was always the direction AlysDax was heading in since day one. Plus the fact that while let’s say I don’t want to be the source of pointless gossip and speculation about what the administration team behind AlysDax may (or may not!) have been responsible for in the past, let’s just say that other programs following the same business model were fantastically successful, generating massive profits for countless investors who were smart enough to see the earning potential early enough.

But what ever about your experiences with those other programs (if you even had any), the world and the HYIP industry is a very different place today. The question is as follows:

What impact will the introduction of Alys Money have on AlysDax?

Your answers can be taken from the following replies, and while I know sometimes this could be a complex and difficult point of discussion I only ask that you take the option which comes closest to how you feel about it yourself.

– Very positive, it will help the program last longer
– Moderately positive, investors like unique features
– No effect, people will largely ignore the feature
– Negative, it might be taken as a warning sign

For me personally it’s pretty obvious that I would hope this is all going to help AlysDax, or perhaps more to the point I hope it helps AlysDax investors, but is that how readers really see it? I mean the admin will always say and do what’s in the best interests of the program’s ability to maintain cash flow, that’s one thing I can say with certainty about AlysDax, I just wonder if the average reader/investor thinks the same. Remember there are no right or wrong answers here, it’s all about how you see AlysDax and their role in the industry developing now, time will tell who was closest to making the right call.

Thanks as always to everyone who takes the time and trouble to vote, your participation is always much appreciated and everyone’s opinion is valued equally. The poll will stay open for at least another week or so, at least long enough for everyone who wants to vote to have plenty of time to do so. The proper voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and remember that all votes remain 100% confidential and anonymous at all times. Unless of course you wish to discuss the subject on an open forum which MNO readers can do on the ShoutBox located on the main blog and monitor pages.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Omega.
From MNO Basic list: RoboticsOnline.

That’s all the news for today, guys. Have a nice weekend and I’ll be back with the next news update from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry sometime next week. Please keep voting in the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page and remember to always comment when you have anything useful to share on the MNO ShoutBox. Talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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