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31/05/2020. Winza Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Winza has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a business week just passed, are staying as safe as possible, and are making the most from your weekend whatever is allowed in your local communities. We might be living through some strange times in the world, some quiet times in the HYIP industry, but looking at many of the most recent additions to the MNO monitor we also have some interesting times. I’ve always been a big fan of unique and interesting programs that don’t follow any kind of generic model, sometimes they can make things more difficult from a blogger’s point of view but ultimately it makes for a more rewarding all-round experience. It just strikes me that despite this being such a slow season in the HYIP industry right now, almost every new program coming to the MNO monitor seems to be so meticulously unique and planned out by professional admins, with next to nothing in common with anything else around right now. Well, of course at base level they all have one thing in common which is the concept of you spending money in hope of making a profit, but beyond that it’s not often you would see a group of highly innovative programs existing side-by-side while at the same time posing very little threat to each other in terms of direct competition or opposing interests. Maybe it’s the epitome of the triumph of quality over quantity, maybe it means I shouldn’t be over analysing a good thing so much, it just feels to me that at a low point in the HYIP industry it cal also be a good time for a smart and experienced investor to take advantage.

It’s with that in mind that I bring your attention to the main subject of today’s blog article, a new addition to my monitor’s Standard List called Winza. It’s another in a pleasingly growing line of excellent unique stand-alone programs trying to break away from the usual HYIP dogma and cycles I suppose. Sometimes though I think there’s a problem with wanting to distance yourself from the HYIP industry while simultaneously trying to attract HYIP investors for money, but maybe that’s a whole other article. For now I just want to focus on Winza and how I see it as a money making opportunity. Just to be 100% clear and transparent about my own monitoring interests here before we get started by the way, Winza is only new to the MNO monitor. The program has been online since last March, many investors are already in profit so congratulations to them, just be clear if it’s important that Winza is not brand new.
There’s a lot about Winza that sets it apart from other online HYIPs, and even though I know the admin doesn’t really wish to be associated with traditional HYIPs in the first place I’m afraid since this is the audience he has targetted by coming to MNO then that is also how Winza is going to be viewed by most readers. Having said that, I also know a lot of readers do appreciate originality and unique ideas in HYI programs so in that sense I am in complete agreement with the admin – Winza is in many ways a world away from what you would normally find in this industry. At its base level however the fundamental concept is the same, i.e. you gamble with money from your own pocket, trust a total and unaccountable stranger to handle it for you, hope you get more money back than you spend, and live with the consequences be they good or bad without any let’s say “cashback”.

One of the ways Winza differs from other programs in the HYIP industry is the income streams. It’s possible to earn money here without much spending on your own behalf. Not to the extent that you might actually get rich from it of course, but a nice gesture nonetheless. Keeping things in the simplest terms, you have two investment plans plus a series of casino style games which you have no obligation to play. But there’s really only one investment plan in the traditional HYIP sense which I think is what will interest readers the most. It’s called The Bankroll Plan and is quite unconventional in many ways. It makes variable daily interest payments but doesn’t have a fixed length investment term. Instead it’s what I would call a target-based plan, where Winza continue to pay members for how ever long it takes them to earn a certain amount of money. In this case it’s 150%, or your own money back plus 50% net profit.

That’s pretty much where the facts about Winza end and the guesswork begins. We can’t really say from one day to the next what the earnings are going to be, though while the Winza admin speculates that this could on occasion be as high as 5% he also concedes that this would be very rare. My own first interest payment from this plan for example was a far more modest 1%. But that’s fine by me, it makes the program more stable and reliable in the longer term and will help more people reach the ultimate goal of getting the 150% target back from their investment. Better to be patient and get a good return than be greedy and get nothing from unrealistic expectations. My next payment was closer to 2%, and according to some of the feedback I’ve been getting from some MNO readers who were already members of Winza before it was listed here rates of around 1.5% or 1.6% is what they’ve come to expect on an average day. We are told that interest rates are based on a 50/50 split of whatever company profits are made on any given day, an unpredictable number no matter what line of business you are in.

All I can really add here is that Winza have a very reasonable minimum requirement of just $10 to join via PerfectMoney or Payeer, making it affordable to everyone who is interested. If you prefer to avoid dollar based payment handlers and go down the more direct route of using your own cryptocurrency, minimum spending limits for Winza are 0.001 BitCoin, 0.2 LiteCoin, or 5000 DogeCoin.

The next investment option is called The Hodl Plan, an expression I believe referring to cryptocurrency investments where the intention is to keep the product you are buying rather than a quick buy/sell action for fast profit. Anyway, in this case Winza are also making variable daily interest payments, but this is where the similarities with the previous Bankroll Plan end. You can still invest for just $10, but the first main difference you will notice that there is no expiry date and no fixed amount target. It’s just a regular open-ended perpetual style investment plan that continues to pay until such a time as you decide to leave Winza. The other main difference which might be a little confusing at first is that the variable daily payments are typically a lot lower than what gets paid to members in the Bankroll Plan. Generally these are below 1%.

Why do I say this might be confusing at first glance? Well, because a lot of people will probably stop looking once they see that Winza are paying out less interest on this plan and perhaps might not think that there could be other advantages. The fundamental reason why anyone joins online HYIPs in the first place is to make the maximum profit possible after all. So taking the Hodl Plan by itself at face value as an investment opportunity it might not be all that exciting. But if you keep looking you will find other features that you might like and think the reduced interest rate is a worthwhile trade-off. For one thing investors here have the option of compounding, i.e. deliberately not withdrawing the interest so that it gets added to the principal, thus building your core investment and leading to higher payments. While not strictly a fan of the process myself, I can see how small investors can use it as a tool to grow their principals to a level they might not have been able to otherwise afford.

That then moves us onto some of the other financial features available to Winza members, another advantage of the Hodl Plan is that some are only open to you if you are using money from this account. Winza have their own internal currency exchange system for example, allowing you to buy, sell, exchange funds from any of the payment handlers you can invest with. This can either be hard currency dollars through PerfectMoney and Payeer, or various cryptocurrency options already mentioned above such as BitCoin, LiteCoin, or DogeCoin. It’s a nice touch and certainly any extra service is always welcome, especially considering how few other programs offer it to their own members, however I also don’t see it as a particularly strong selling point in getting more investors into the Hodl Plan. There are a lot more established online exchangers out there, specialist companies with iron clad reputations stretching back years. Anyway, those are your payment and exchange options.

If you are requesting a withdrawal from Winza you will be sent an automatic confirmation e-mail with a link you’ll have to click which in turn then recognises you are the authorised account holder. You will also need to enter the four digit PIN you will have been asked to set up yourself on creation of your Winza account. Payments should then be fully completed within a stated 48 hour maximum, though in reality I’ve never been left waiting more than a few hours for my own.

I mentioned above that the minimum investment in Winza is $10, which is true. It is not however the minimum deposit you can make into your Winza account. That much is only $1 which is important because this leads us to where Winza and its admin go to some lengths to distance themselves from the regular online HYIP industry and really play up the claims about being “a big network featuring a casino, investment opportunities, currency exchange, crypto mixer, faucet and advertisements”.

Let’s start with the faucet. Remember at the start I said you could get involved with Winza with very little outlay from your own money? Well, this is it. Free money. All you have to do is sign in to your account, look for the Free Faucet tab, and click. You can make a claim every hour and Winza will pay you free money, no questions asked, to the currency of your choice. Sounds too good to be true, right, so what’s the catch? Not exactly a catch, it works exactly as it says it should, it’s just that the amounts of money given away are miniscule. In theory it’s possible to be paid up to $100, but by the admin’s own admission the odds against you getting that are absolutely astronomical. I did hear about one investor who managed to get something like $65 out of it, obviously that’s an extreme rarity, but who knows, you might get lucky and it costs you nothing to play anyway. More likely any payments you get will be just tiny fractions of a cent, so small you’ll probably need to be claiming around the clock just to make a full penny.

Of course no one really expects an online HYIP admin to give anything away, Winza won’t be an exception, but that’s OK because I don’t really think making an income from the faucet was really the point of the exercise. Certainly the figures I’ve seen are much too small to be withdrawn anyway. I think the idea is for you to build up a small pot of money in order to put it back into the various casino games you can find in your members area. I must admit I was a bit surprised here. Ordinarily I’d be sceptical about such things, as would most HYIP investors, given that the games only happen on a computer screen how easy they must be to rig. It’s only in my role as a monitor for Winza that I decided that I really needed to try them out, just so I would understand in my own mind how the program works and to be better able to describe it to readers. What was so surprising? The fact that I actually won several times. Not every time, I lost a couple too, but I didn’t lose more than I won so it’s fair to say that at least for the moment Winza are running a fair game.

I don’t know how much interest readers have in these things but the admin is enthusiastic about promoting this angle of Winza and I do agree it sets the program apart from anything else around the industry today. So I’ll just give a few short words on the five casino games on the Winza website and you can decide for yourselves if this is enough motivation for you to get involved or if you prefer to just leave it at the more traditional style investment plans.

First up on the list then is a classic lottery called Winza Lottery. One jackpot, one winner, it’s held every Monday. As with most lotteries the prize fund is determined by the number of tickets sold, so the more tickets the bigger the win. The final pool has a guaranteed winner, there are only so many ticket holders anyway, and is a 90:10 split between the winner and the Winza admin. So for example if the prize fund is $10 and you win, you get $9 while the admin keeps $1 presumably to help finance Winza‘s continuing operations. That’s sort of how the other games pan out as well, with the prize fund being financed by unsuccessful bets, while winners keep most of the prize fund minus a small contribution back into Winza to help pay the bills and keep the program online.

So next is a virtual dice throwing game (called Dice Game in the Casino section of the website). There’s a number you hope the dice will land on, your prize depends on how close you get to the right one.

Then there’s the European Roulette wheel which I’m sure everyone who’s ever watched a James Bond movie will know and love! A spinning wheel with colour coded and numbered sections from 1 to 36 has a ball thrown into it while still in motion. You then bet on where the ball will be when the wheel stops. Some bets are riskier and have long odds, some are a bit less profitable but easier to guess. You can bet on a specific number but that needs a lot of luck, or you can pick a group of numbers, say 1 to 12, or any odd/even number, or any number coloured red/black. So some options are high risk, others are just a 50/50 guess. It’s up to you what to take, if anything at all.

Next is a Wheel of Fortune game, another spinning wheel with a ball launched while the wheel is still in motion. You get a chance on multiplying your money by 2, 3, 5, or 50. Obviously there are more 2x sections than 50x sections, but you still need to guess right. So if you bet on double and the ball lands on the less likely triple, you get nothing.

And finally is a game called Last Man Standing. If you know the old children’s party game called Musical Chairs, it’s a sort of gambling based version of that. Basically there’s a hidden timer which you don’t get to see. People throw money into the pot. When the timer expires, the last person who made a contribution gets to walk away with the entire pot. But no one knows what’s on the timer, 5 minutes, an hour, a day, that’s the risk. Watch the pot and if someone else throws in money then the prize fund grows but you are out of the race unless you throw is some money yourself to be “last” in the queue.

Despite whether you see any of this as a deal breaker in your decision to join Winza or pass on it, at the very least it’s a bit of harmless fun that needn’t cost you a great deal of money to play. While at the other extreme, it could eventually prove to be a cost effective vehicle that enables the Winza administration team to finance payments to investors for some time into the future. For a level of transparency you will also find a list of the bigger spending players in these games to go with a list of the biggest winners. At this point I should also mention that Winza sell advertising space on their website to other admins who think that maybe they share the same target audience and would like to promote directly to them.

If all that is clear then let’s have a look at some of the more technical details of the Winza platform, such as design and security. The website is running off a script that’s been custom built from scratch to meet Winza‘s own unique needs but still as you might expect from a professional admin quite easy to navigate and user friendly throughout. For an extra layer of protection Winza SSL encryption by Sectigo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. As for their hosting provider Winza is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of CloudFlare, one of the leading names in online business and very dependable. The admin also took the trouble of registering the Winza domain name for five years. Not that expensive to do or anything but it’s a nice extra touch that shows he doesn’t want to deal with problems tomorrow that he can fix today. For any further questions for the admin you didn’t think were explained here or any account related issues you need taken care of then you can get in touch by a couple of different channels. The first thing you should always check of course is the Winza FAQ page. Most of the main issues you might encounter when dealing with the program are dealt with there. If you don’t find anything helpful there then you then you can try filling out a support ticket and submitting it via the dedicated help desk page which allows you to keep track of any existing tickets and see how they progress. You can also find a Telegram news channel for Winza if you happen to be a fan of social networking sites. It’s really active there by the way so you should definitely get involved, you can also find a lot of stats related to Winza there too.

I’ve already mentioned the alleged Winza business activity which is a profit share casino based platform, but just like every other high risk online only investment opportunity there’s absolutely nothing you can do to verify any of this. And you know even if any of it was actually true there’s still nothing whatsoever to guarantee it has to be profitable. So remember to weigh up all the pros and cons before spending anything at all, and if you then decide to go for it then do so only with a sensible sum of money it wouldn’t bother you to lose, and if joining Winza at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, what does everyone else think? Is this exactly what you’ve been looking for or is the concept simply not a good fit for you just yet? If you have given any thought to Winza and whether or not you would like to join it or not then I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following opinion poll. As always it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take literally a second of your time. The results are never exactly final as such, but will give an interesting picture of what investors do and don’t like about HYIPs and also tell admins what standards you expect from a program before you hand over your money. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in Winza?

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Starting off, we’ll stay with the main subject of today’s news (the review of Winza) and take a look at all the latest updates from that program whose Telegram channel has been very active since its official launch and whose admin is already looking to start Facebook, Twitter or Telegram groups in the near future. By the way, there is currently a poll running on the Winza Telegram channel where members are asked exactly which platform they want to start with. So I would expect more social networking activities to be launched soon. Among the latest news posted over the last five days there was a link to the YouTube video explaining the advantages of joining Winza to Vietnamese investors and a lot of updates dedicated to some of the games available to everyone to play in the Casino section of the website. Please read below for all the short but multiple updates from Winza:

Facts: did you know that dice game is the hottest game of Winza network? Start playing from as low as $0.0001”.

Winza Network explained in Vietnamese language!”.

You probably noticed that homepage, “My Account” and “Dice Game” pages were lately slower than usual due the high traffic as well as record of new online users. It is with great pleasure we inform you the software was optimized to handle as many concurrent requests & connections as ever.
Do not hesitate to reach our tech team if you experience any slow down with our website.

To avoid future phishing & hijacking attempts we have registered a mirror domain ( – browse responsibly!

We just hit 1,000,000 game and got most of our investors sitting on nice profit already – THIS IS MAD!

Congratulations to lylylyly who just hit 260X on dice
This is by far still the greatest multiplier ever hit on Winza and it happened on Dice Game… 260X can you believe it?!
To make matters worse you must know that you are allowed to win up to 990X

Facts: did you know that Winza‘s software can handle up to 14 decimals making it scalable and versatile enough to be ready for critical situations such as BTC price to hit $1,000,000?
Winza Network is here to stay for a long time in a good shape!

The Last Man Standing is about to be restarted real soon – our technicians are performing the last few tests.
Stay tuned & get ready to play the new game!

The original Winza game Last Man Standing is once again playable!
Play against other Winza players in an entertaining PVP game never seen before in crypto casinos.
Make sure you top-up your balance with enough money to always keep you on pole position and do not forget to leave the page open in order to get allerted when someone else starts a bet because only one player will survive this game!
The last man standing wins the whole jackpot


It’s almost expected by now that we always have several news updates from AlysDax to go through, as the program has been quite active right from day one. Since being on MNO for three months now AlysDax has managed to prove that nothing is impossible with the right management and a well thought-out advertising strategy stretching both online and offline and taking over many countries across the world with people getting involved that are usually far away from the HYIP industry in the orthodox meaning of the word. I guess that the secret behind the enormous success of AlysDax and its investors so far goes much further than that, and no one can deny that the program has done much better so far than other much more hyped projects of this year the majority of which have been largely forgotten or failed to meet their high expectations. With AlysDax though the situation is completely the opposite and smart investors who noticed the stunning similarities with some great programs of the past utilizing the same investment concept have been handsomely rewarded. For those still sitting on the fence about AlysDax I believe there’s a good chance the program will survive the usually slow summer season which will be just enough to profit from most of the investment plans on offer. If you haven’t read the full review of AlysDax posted here, let me remind you a few things worth considering when joining.

On sign-up you will be able to fund your account with six currencies, including PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Eos or Tether and a minimum investment of only $25. Then you have an option to convert your funds into Alys Money which will give you the benefit of earning a 20% bonus on top of the variable daily earnings you would have received if you invested via USD or cryptos. You will get paid different rates but on average you should expect something around – 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. On expiry your principal will be returned for withdrawal or reinvesting as you see fit (there is an option to get it back early but for a substantial fee). Withdrawals are processed quite fast and I never waited for mine for more than a few hours, just be aware the maximum waiting time may reach 72 hours in some cases. Although profitable already for some newbies the AlysDax website might seem like a tough nut to crack, so for their benefit leaders in countries like Japan and Brazil are organizing regular online conferences, the most recent of which were held just a couple of days ago. Besides, for Chinese investors recently a proper physical office was opened in Jiangsu province with the address provided below. And finally, there was some recently updated PDF presentations in different languages issued, following the earlier announcement of an Alys Bank feature where you can also exchange funds using Alys Money as an intermediary internal currency. Below you will find all the latest news from AlysDax that might be of interest to you:

Hosting YouTube LIVE is becoming a weekly tradition for Japanese leaders: the first live webinar last week received an excellent response from viewers, and a second stream is already planned for this week. Top leader Hajime Onozato will broadcast on Wednesday, May 27, at 21:00 (Tokyo time) and you can become a member simply by clicking on the link
If you wanted for a long time to know more about ALYSDAX and ask questions to experienced leaders, this broadcast is for you. You will learn about how much and how you can earn by becoming part of the project, how to become a leader and what additional bonuses gives leadership status. You will hear how to work with an affiliate program and what is the most profitable portfolio period. In addition, viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions in a special chat broadcast, where they will be surely seen by the presenters and give answers.
Participation in the online events of ALYSDAX is your chance to change your life without leaving your home. Hundreds of leaders around the world are ready to share their knowledge with new investors, who have just joined or are still thinking about making money with ALYSDAX.
Participation in all webinars is free. The information you can get there is priceless! Follow the schedule of our online events on the project website and in the Telegram channel and you will always be up to date with all the latest ALYSDAX news!

ALYSDAX is actively developing, its leaders hold a large number of meetings, as well as online events. A large amount of work with investors, participants and leaders of structures requires close personal communication. For easy contact, quick assistance to new participants and growing leaders, regional project partners open consulting centers.
Partners and members of the ALYSDAX community can visit the office at 2QHP + 66 Qinhuai District Nanjing, Jiangsu, China and get all the interesting information about the project!
We thank the top leaders from the Chinese team for the active development and promotion of the project in their region.

In the presentation you will find the most complete information about the AlysDax project, including the new AlysMoney and AlysBank tools: basic principles of working with investments, an investment calculator and the calculation of planned income for a specific portfolio. Also in the presentation there is a description of the updated marketing program of the project and all the bonuses available to participants and leaders of the project.
You can download PDF files on our website at the following links:
English: How to earn with AlysDax English.pdf
Chinese: How to earn with AlysDax China.pdf
Korean: How to earn with AlysDax Korea.pdf
Japanese: How to earn with AlysDax Japan.pdf
Vietnamese: How to earn with AlysDax Vietnam.pdf
Indonesian: How to earn with AlysDax Indonesia.pdf
Also in the presentation in your language you will find links to the most popular channels and chat rooms of the project, where you can always ask your questions and get even more information.
By integrating new solutions and becoming more comfortable AlysDax enables partners and system participants to earn even more!

Brazil Leader Eduardo Del Corralwill hold First AlysDax Online Conference in their region! At the webinar, the leaders will present the AlysDax project, talk about how and how much you can earn on portfolio investments and using an affiliate program. You will also learn more about the recently presented internal banking system and ALYS Coin, bonuses and preferences for AlysDax leaders.
The online meeting will take place on May 30 at 18:00 (Brazil time). You can take part in the event, simply follow the link >> ZOOM <<
(Conference ID: 749 0953 1992; Password: 2w6XeT).
Remember the time difference!
The start of the conference will take place at the following time in different countries:
23:00 h ESPAÑA, 22:00 h CANARY ??, 22:00 h PORTUGAL, 22:00 h. REINO UNIDO, 18:00 h. ARGENTINA, 18:00 URUGUAY, 18:00 h. BRAZIL, 17:00 CHILE, 17:00 h VENEZUELA, 17:00 h Bolivia, 17:00 h. DOMINICANA, 17:00 h New York EEUU, 14:00 h Los Angeles EEUU, 16:00 h PANAMA, 15:00 h Costa Rica, 17:00 h CUBA, 16:00 h. COLOMBIA, 16:00 h. ECUADOR, 16:00 h PERÚ, 16:00 h CDMX, 17:00 h PARAGUAY
Announcements of online and offline events taking place in various parts of the world are regularly published on the AlysDax website. Follow the convenient format of the meeting and join the event!


In keeping somewhat with the above reviewed Winza, another uniquely original investment platform recently covered on the MNO blog and monitor was Omega. Yes I know, ironically the two programs are comparable by the fact that they have nothing in common, but that’s what I find most interesting. For those of you not familiar with Omega and its investment plan I would like to remind you that the program allows to set up one to five weekly withdrawals depending on your status while paying a rate of around 1% in variable daily interest. Once you make an investment of at least $1 via any of the accepted cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, Dash, Tron, Stellar, or Zcash) you cannot leave the program and will be paid back part of your profit and principal in the form of a Stack Share – a portion of your balance available for auto-sale on a day of your choosing in the internally recognized Omega units which are then converted into the currency you nominate. As of the time of writing withdrawals set to auto-sale of $100 and lower are still paid instantly (or within an hour), while higher withdrawals will have to reach zero in the timer counting down to the moment when your money is transferred to the nominated wallet (24 to 72 hours). While at first glance understanding how the whole process works with Omega is far from easy, you can always refer to the detailed review of the program posted here which explains everything. All the latest news from Omega is below:

Blockchain for Omega Community, is it coming?
Today we have a bit of a milestone if you please. We launched the platform just 60 days ago, but many users are already enjoying their breakeven, with first legit profits being exchanged daily…
It seems very clear to us, that it is not only possible to stay an instrument of logic, but become a tool of revenue. Although the proper question is – what should follow next?
With respect to the blockchain technology and its global adoption, the main problem with any decentralized mechanism was indeed the lack of community control. As if virtually anything can be somehow figured out on the go, that last consensus part has once again proved us to be a major bottleneck.
Here at Omega, we do believe at the power of blockchain and recognized the truth behind its a concept over 10 years back, and when it comes to the sovereignty of the financial infrastructure, the truth is – nothing can beat it.
Although addressing a typical case scenario, whether it is a third party platform based token (smart contract) or an extensive use of the existing crypto market infrastructure, all will play out solely as a temporary measure, and we will not place your trust at risk. That basically sums up the reason for Omega staying up as a centralized fiat-based Unit, with no means of tokenization.
We believe, that the Omega Unit should always stay community controlled. Same as its value shall never be openly traded. But how can we deploy an efficiency of a decentralized ledger, yet also allow us to integrate the Trust Point Rating system, Bounty Program, and Revenue Share features into it?
With more than $100,000 exchanged and 700 active users involved, we have successfully tested out the business model and the Omega Revenue Share concept as it was. But it is a good time now to talk about the future.
Before we dive into that, let’s quickly learn the means of consensus algorithms at which Omega Community might soon be invested in.
Most cryptocurrency systems run on top of a distributed ledger called blockchain and the Proof of Work was the first consensus algorithm to be used. It was implemented as a core component of the Bitcoin protocol, responsible for generating new blocks and maintaining the network secure (through the process of mining). Bitcoin was proposed as an alternative to the traditional global monetary system, which is centralized and inefficient. PoW introduced a viable consensus protocol that made money transmittance headed by a central authority unnecessary. It provided real-time decentralized payment settlements on a peer-to-peer economic network, removing the need for intermediaries and reducing the overall transaction cost.
Along with other types of nodes, a Proof of Work system is maintained by a network of mining nodes, which make use of specialized hardware (ASICs) to try and solve complex cryptographic problems. On average, a new block is mined every 10 minutes. The miner is only able to add a new block into the blockchain if he manages to find the solution for that block. In other words, a miner is only able to do so after completing a proof of work, which in turn rewards him with newly created coins and all transaction fees of that specific block. Nevertheless, this comes at a high cost because it requires a lot of energy and failed attempts. Moreover, the ASIC hardware is quite expensive.
Beyond the effort to maintain the system, there are lingering questions to the extent a PoW system can be applied – especially in regards to scalability (very limited amount of transactions per second). However, PoW blockchains are considered the most secure and reliable and remain the standard for a fault-tolerance solution.
What is Delegated Proof-of-Stake?
The Delegated Proof of Stake (DpoS) consensus algorithm is considered by many as a more efficient and democratic version of the preceding PoS mechanism.
Both PoS and DPoS are used as an alternative to the Proof of Work consensus algorithm, since a PoW system requires, by design, lots of external resources. The Proof of Work algorithm makes use of a large amount of computational work in order to secure an immutable, decentralized and transparent distributed ledger. Contrarily, PoS and DPoS require fewer resources and are, by design, more sustainable and eco-friendly. To understand how Delegated Proof of Stake works, one must first grasp the basics of the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake algorithms that preceded it.
First of all, Delegated Proof-of-Stake and traditional Proof-of-Stake are very different. The latter option – seemingly – incentivizes large coin holders to stake their balance, yet it is not necessarily beneficial to smaller coin holders. Since the staking rewards are based on network “weight”, anyone with a small balance will often see less “stake rewards” compared to those with much larger holdings. It is not necessarily the fairest way of distributing staking rewards by any means.
Delegated Proof-of-Stake, on the other hand, works slightly differently. It is a more efficient PoS algorithm altogether, and seemingly provides more decentralization when it comes to issuing stake rewards to more people. Moreover, DPoS provides reliably confirmed transactions on the networks that implement this technology. If it were to be added to bitcoin at some point, it could potentially speed up transaction times, even though it would add inflation to the ecosystem as well.
Under the hood, DPoS uses a reputation system and real-time voting to achieve consensus. To be more specific, a panel of trusted parties has to be established, with all of its members eligible to create blocks and prevent non-trusted parties from participating. Delegates, the parties responsible for creating blocks, are unable to change transaction details. However, they can prevent specific transactions from being included in the next network block. This seemingly requires a fair bit of trust, which makes the concept look far less appealing.
However, there is a caveat. Any transaction not included in the next block – or a block failing to create – will mean the next network block is twice the size. In a way, this prevents malicious intent to block certain transactions or blocks being created in the allotted time period. All it does is perhaps slightly delay said transaction or block, but it is seemingly impossible to prevent inclusion and creation in the long run.
Moreover, anyone who behaves in a nefarious way will have their behavior exposed to the public. Community members of the DPoS-capable currencies can vote to have said person removed as a delegate altogether. It appears as if cheating under DPoS rules is not only impossible, but it is not in anybody’s best interest to do so either. It is equally possible to have more or fewer delegates as part of the network, although that may not necessarily be beneficial either. It is always possible to change the number of delegates, though, which is an important factor to keep in mind.
It is also worth mentioning delegates in a DPoS ecosystem are paid for the creation of blocks and inclusion of transactions. However, the delegates can use these funds to pay for marketing or lobbying efforts, which benefit the exposure of the cryptocurrency network as a whole. Network stakeholders determine how much delegates are paid for their efforts. All things considered, DPoS is a consensus mechanism worth looking into, and its original whitepaper can be found here.
DPoS vs PoS
While PoS and DPoS are similar in the sense of stakeholding, DPoS presents a novel democratic voting system, by which block producers are elected. Since a DPoS system is maintained by the voters, the delegates are motivated to be honest and efficient or they get voted out. In addition, DPoS blockchains tend to be faster in terms of transactions per second than the PoS ones.
We are developing a Community with the Core Value as its own user’s trust. Their Rating and Status within the platform can define an ability to not only purchase the upcoming Omega Decentralized Unit, but to become the Stakeholder of the Network.
With all the essential regulations already embedded within our services, there will be no chaotic cheerleader wows but a stable, well-founded ecosystem, that is both impossible to control or manipulate, yet efficient and powerful for a daily use.
Delegated Proof of Stake is the perfect way to go, thus every existing user can seamlessly become a part of it.
Expect some wonderful updates very soon!


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