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Hi, guys! In today’s post I’m going to describe the strategy I’m using in PSTraffic. For those who don’t know anything about this program please refer to my review here for further details. I just don’t want to repeat what has been said already. Just wanted to add that I have sent an interview today and Jamie promised to reply soon. So I hope that we will get the info from him first hand. Now onto the strategy itself.

I initially had about $500 for investing in PSTraffic. So it was obvious that I will benefit most from the “Advanced Membership” where I’m paying $30 monthly. For that price I have the privilege of 130% ROI (10% for 13 days). Actually I will get 123.5% in the end of each cycle after 5% admin fee that applies to every withdrawal.

I’m not a “hit-n-run” type of person that’s why I am going to implement this strategy for the long-term as I don’t pursue the aim of getting my principal back ASAP. I should remind you here that for the members on advanced level the daily purchase can be not more than $150. So I divided my $450 that was left after paying $30 on monthly subscription into three equal parts. Then I upgraded on the 1st, 6th and 11th days of my first 13-days cycle. After that I will keep three $150 upgrades in the system and will purchase another $150 upgrade after I get paid for the previous one. Since all the payouts are getting paid within 3 business days I expect to get at least 4 payouts by the end of the first month (it’s a $130 pure profit). Then I should pay for the next month’s subscription another $30 ($130-$30). During the next month I should receive around 7 payments. So my profit for two months will be $327.5 ($100 pure profit for the first month + $227.5 profit for the second month). Now we’re onto my third month in PSTraffic, and in the beginning I should buy another monthly subscription for $30 so I should extract it from my total profits for two months ($327.5-$30=$297.5). After 7 payments for the third month which is $227.5 more to my total profits I will leave with $525 pure profit. And remember that my 3X$150 upgrades are still intact and continue to make profit for me. It means I got my initial deposit back and started earning money completely from my profits. The potential is endless after that. And don’t forget that I can adjust my strategy at any time I want if something doesn’t go the way it was planned. Do I think PSTraffic will be online after 3 months? You bet. Jamie proved it being a successful admin during the whole year of 2007 and he remodeled and renewed his program in the beginning of 2008. So this new round should be even more successful than the first one.

Since there are three plans available and two of them are based on monthly subscriptions there are too many possibilities to break them down all inside of one blog post. So those who want me to develop your own personal strategy please join PSTraffic under my referral link but don’t make your upgrade yet. Please contact me with your details (your PSTraffic number, the total amount you’re going to upgrade and the maximum period after what you will need your money back). Then I will help you develop your own strategy and will send you my personal advice. Consider this a type of coaching service where you don’t pay me to get trained but only join after me and then I suggest to you the strategy that you should use in PSTraffic in order to succeed and be in profit as soon as possible. You can also expect my personal advice in case of any sudden changes in the rules. Believe me Jamie’s actions sometimes can be unpredictable. I was in his program during the whole of 2007 and I know what I’m talking about. But one thing you can know for sure: he will do everything to make PSTraffic run as long as possible. And with the right approach you can be in profit sooner using my personal advice. So if you’re interested please join PSTraffic under me and I will be glad to help you on your way to profits.

Other news for today.

It was a great day as LibertyReserve loads fine for me and I just hope there will no such downtime in the future. The program that develops very slowly now and still completely depends on LR alone is BlessingGlobeFund. I would like to see STP added in the near future then I would feel more confident in this program. Anyway, Adiz paid me today and also added the monitoring page to his website. Now you can vote after you receive your payment.

FastProfitPro seems to have completely recovered after this LR incident. For now I consider FPP as the most stable program in the HYIP arena and can highly recommend it. Dave will probably increase the maximum deposit amount to $2,000 instead of current $1,000 next Monday or Tuesday server time. Here’s the latest update from him: “Just another quick note, WE ARE BACK TO NORMAL! The ‘deposits not showing’ issue has been fixed and now you should be able to see it instantly when you do a deposit. If for some unfortunate event that it didn’t show up, please send me a PM or a ticket with the details and I will check it and enter it manually as usual. LR is also up and running smoothly on my end. SO everything should be back to where it should be. So let’s start earning again!” Perhaps I should add here that my other deposit went smooth and got credited instantly after depositing via LR not mentioning that I got paid to STP and LR today.

It seems that two other programs I’m in are also going fine again. I’m talking about Tramael (I made another upgrade today) and GreenLinkAds (Bayu just paid all the pendings for the 16th).

Jeff, admin of QXLsurf introduced another No-Surf plan today. “We at QXLsurf are pleased to announce our 8% for 15 day = 120% NO SURF Plan. Units are $50.00 each and would be a godsend to those members that are surfing a number of sites each day“. It’s more attractive plan than the main Surfing Plan where you can earn only 7% for 17 days = 119%. New No-Surf plan also requires less time to get paid and takes the misery out of surfing (for those who really hates it). Just one setback I could find: the minimum amount is $50 comparing with $10 in the main plan so in order to avoid the 50/50 cashout rule you can only purchase one $50 ad-pack. I myself will definitely use this plan after my current upgrade expires.

I hope you’re enjoying reading my blog. I wish you a pleasant weekend and see you tomorrow!

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