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Hello everyone! I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend again. It’s been a busy week for me on MNO, in fact it’s been that way constantly now since the very start of the year, however far from complaining I happen to be really enjoying it. It’s only the start of a very promising chapter in the HYIP industry, that’s for sure, with some fantastic earning opportunities opening up right now. The latest of these is a brand new program, just added to MNO in the last couple of hours and as far as I can see not yet on any other major monitor. Keep reading through to the news section for an introduction to that, but for the main point of today’s post I want to focus on Xabo. This as regular readers will know is already a well established name in the HYIP industry. After almost three months on the Basic List on MNO and about eight months online the admin of Xabo has decided the time is right to expand his advertising campaign and upgraded to the Premium List. Their record is pretty good to say the least, but relatively speaking everything has been fairly low key before now. So let’s see what Xabo are all about and whether you want them in your portfolios or not.

Rather than trying to describe Xabo under one of the usual categories of HYIPs, i.e. short, medium, or long term, it is instead more like what I prefer to call a target based program. That means the program will make regular payments, but instead of doing so for a fixed number of days they just keep going until you have received a certain amount of money, how ever long that happens to take.
So, here’s exactly how it works. There’s only one investment plan in Xabo, so it makes it easy for me to review and easy for you as an investor to decide if you want to play or not. You will need a minimum deposit of $10 to join Xabo in the first place. After that there is no stated upper limit on what you are allowed to spend, however all investors big and small will be treated the very same. Every investor gets the same rate of interest every day no matter how much you have spent (though keep reading and I will explain how bigger spending players do have a slight advantage). In return for joining, Xabo will pay you a daily interest rate which will vary between one day and the next depending on the fortunes of the program. The ultimate target for Xabo investors is 150% back on your deposit, principal included. So your own money back plus 50% net profit for yourself. The question now is how long will it take you to reach that 150%? Well, that’s really anyone’s guess and will depend entirely on factors of chance, such as what day you join. The maximum rate of interest you could earn in one single day from Xabo is 5%, though naturally it’s highly unrealistic to expect that every day. You can see the historical rates paid out by Xabo in recent times in your members area, stretching back for the last ten days or so. At the time of writing payments have recently tended to be on the high side, floating between 4% and 5%, which have on average been a bit higher than the typical payouts from the last couple of months. If I had to take a complete guess here, and remember there’s no way my guess is any better than the next investor’s, I would expect to reach the 150% target somewhere between one and two months after joining Xabo.

Something that I mentioned above that will help you reach your target a bit earlier than your first estimate is a series of so called boosters. A better word for this might be bonuses, but that’s neither here nor there for now. What happens is that while every single Xabo member gets the same basic interest rate of the day regardless of the size of your deposit, bigger investors can claim an extra “booster” rate. This only applies to members spending a minimum of $1,001 or more so isn’t going to be of much use to the average HYIP player, but if you are spending big in Xabo then you can get anything from a multiple of 1.05% to 1.5% of the day’s payout rate. For example, let’s say Xabo announce today’s interest earnings are 4%. If you have an investment between $1,001 and $5,000 you get 4% X 1.05, which is 4.2%. Ultimately you will still end up with the same 150% target, that much doesn’t change, but it helps you get there a bit faster is all. See the Xabo website for the booster rates offered to larger deposits if you are interested.

If all that sounds good to you and you like your chances of making a profit from Xabo then the next thing you are going to want to hear about is what are your payment options. Not bad by current industry standards I suppose, with four of the main processors made available to you. For the more traditional style payment handlers Xabo are using PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. If you prefer to go down the direct route and join with a more modern digital e-currency then Xabo are also using BitCoin. Withdrawal requests should be submitted from within your private members account area, but once made should then in most cases be completed instantly. Just send the request and the money is with you in under a minute, however do keep in mind that the Xabo admin explicitly reserves the right to restrict this if the need arises. For example if there are any security concerns then payments will revert to manual, but even if this happens the admin still guarantees payment in within a 24 hour maximum. Smaller investors please take note that the minimum withdrawal request that Xabo will process is $1.

I just want to make a quick but very important point about withdrawals from your Xabo account. In your members area you will see the amount available to you at the moment, directly above the withdrawal button. When you click the withdrawal button, make sure you do so once, and once only! It may look as if nothing is happening at first, like the page is not refreshing, but it is. You just need to leave it for a minute to update. The thing is that if you are tempted to hit the withdrawal button twice, you are only confusing the issue. So just be patient and allow the process to take its course.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of Xabo as a website and investment program, overall I have to say it really is quite impressive when held up in comparison to a lot of what else is around at the moment. The first thing I know a lot of people take notice of is the script. In this case Xabo runs off a totally custom made script, developed especially for them from scratch to suit their individual requirements. It’s important that when not using one of the generic “off the peg” mass produced scripts used by the majority of programs that you still keep things simple to use from the investor’s point of view, easy to navigate and customer friendly, which Xabo have also done here superbly. What a lot of people may not always realize however is just how much control a custom script gives back to the admin, who is now in a stronger position to make changes and improvements to his program as the need arises and it grows and develops, all without the need to rely on outside support. As an example of this, I would just like to emphasize the program’s attention to maintaining gradual growth by constantly adding new language versions. Among no less that fourteen different professionally translated versions you can now find Xabo in English (by default), plus professional translations to Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Turkish, Polish, and most recently Japanese. A truly global audience then! For a hosting provider Xabo is on a dedicated and DDoS protected server with the tech support and protection from malicious attacks provided by DDoSGuard, whose own reputation within the HYIP industry is solid enough. For an added layer of security there is a superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL certificate provided by GeoTrust for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Also the Xabo domain has been registered until 2022, something worth mentioning not because it’s particularly difficult or expensive (it isn’t) but rather it displays a more professional longer term vision by the admin.

If you have any further questions for the Xabo admin that you think may not have been explained in this review, any account related issues that need to be dealt with, or any other reason to contact the program’s support then there are a couple of channels open to you. You should probably start with the FAQ page by the way, which is quite extensive. Indeed even the Xabo contacts page has a brief recap of what the most common issues being raised with their support team are, so have a quick look through that first before asking any questions they’ve already answered for you. If you still need to contact them for something else, you can fill in your details on the customer support form and submit it online for a reply. You may also e-mail the admin or the support team directly at the addresses listed there. If you need any information from your local area or need to discuss something in your native language then Xabo have a list of regional representatives. A lot of HYIPs do this as most of you will know, offering regular investors the opportunity to act as customer service reps in exchange for improved referral commission payments. Get in touch with the Xabo admin if this is something that interests you. A postal address is provided in the UK where Xabo have registered as a company. Again this is a relatively cheap and painless procedure with few questions asked of the registrant, and the address can generally be dismissed as a serviced workspace used just for that purpose and not where you would find anyone connected with Xabo physically located.

An unusual service rarely seen in the HYIP industry however is the telephone support. Accompanying the address is the company’s phone number which you can try calling if you expect someone will answer. Nothing unusual about that you might think, however in the case of Xabo you can have them call you instead. Just click the free callback request button, enter your details, and wait for a Xabo support staff member to phone you back. Aside from all of that fans of social network media sites will be able to find Xabo with active profiles on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, their own YouTube channel, and a group chat you can join using the Telegram messenger system.

If you are interested in the background story where Xabo are allegedly using investors money to generate a profit, we are told it’s the shipping and cargo industry. Exactly how much of this you choose to believe is up to you, experienced HYIP players will most likely skip it, but if you think it’s feasible let me just remind you there is no guarantee it has to be profitable all the time. With this in mind you should take a sensible approach to the program, remembering to at all times stay well within spending limits you can afford to lose as well as earn back without any difficulty from other sources should things not work out for you. And if joining Xabo at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Xabo is certainly an interesting opportunity I think, but do you guys agree? I hope if you have already taken a moment to consider your prospects in Xabo, good or bad, that you won’t mind taking a moment to share your thoughts about them with your fellow MNO readers. Please vote in the following poll, which only takes a second and is as always completely anonymous. The immediate results are always a lot less interesting than the long term ones, so it will help show how many investors get it right about the program’s potential for success. Continued success I should say, as there’s no real question about their impeccable track record to date. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in Xabo?

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I’ll start the news section by introducing a brand-new program called PassiveLoan that joined the Standard List on MNO just a few hours ago with my site currently the only official monitor for them. I’m not sure for how long that is going to stay, but I must say I like the slow approach to advertising that certainly promises a more sustainable growth in the near future which is necessary to bring profits to the first members. PassiveLoan is the first new program for a long time now accept deposits via Payza (which is not an easy thing to arrange in the first place), which will certainly boost the confidence of some investors, along with PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, and even Bank Wires added to the mix. As the name suggests, PassiveLoan deals with so-called “lenders” rather that simply investors and “loans” rather than deposits. You can read more on the alleged business activities on the PassiveLoan website itself, but I wouldn’t get into much detail here, as everyone knows what HYIPs are based on anyway. We’d rather see what the two investment plans for PassiveLoan are. Both are available from a $25 minimum and the main investment plan will credit your account with 5.2% daily interest for the duration of 30 calendar days making it possible to earn 56% pure profit in just a month. Besides, if your investment is from $25 to $250 once you invest you have an option of switching to a trial plan and instead receive profits faster (107% after 5 calendar days). Remember that there is currently a management fee of 5% deducted from withdrawals which, I believe, might change in the future, but will eat away a significant portion of your profits from the trial plan, so I myself would suggest you skip it. Besides, the main plan paying 5.2% for 30 days is significantly more profitable and even with the 5% fee you will still get more than 50% profit at the end of the term. Despite investment plans counted in calendar days and withdrawals requested at any time you reach a $2.50 minimum, you will only be paid during business hours from Monday to Friday, so keep that in mind. I will be looking at PassiveLoan in more detail in the upcoming review next week. For now let’s just have a brief look at the site’s main features. The site runs off a totally original script that reminded me of some very successful programs from the past, but still looks different from everything I’ve seen before, and that certainly will go a long way towards attract people who value originality. The unique concept might also do well for investors looking for some sense and meaning and ready to invest larger amounts, which is a possibility considering PassiveLoan is still brand new. Technically the website is superbly well protected against possible attacks by the twin towers of BlockDos and CloudFlare, the website is hosted on a dedicated server and is secured by a Green Bar SSL-certificate from Comodo, while the domain name is registered for three years in advance. While still in development, and considering it’s running off a fully customized script, I imagine we might see some positive changes and improvements once PassiveLoan gets off the ground and establishes its name in the weeks and months to come. Extensive work on the initial website development is reflected in their news section with the official launch date was obviously pushed back by three weeks after originally intending to be the first day of the year. Read the update below, check the PassiveLoan website and see it you like it here, and expect a full review on MNO soon:

Final Platform Tests
We are preparing for the final testing stage of the “PL Platform” and the “SmartDebt Software” for pool capital allocations. All recent stress tests indicate that we can host ~100,000 lenders for the next 10 months without any upgrades to the current setup. Incorporation of the company as an online entity for future representation is currently in progress now. As of beginning of this December all account tech’ elements were integrated and tested for heavy load. In addition we have put two sys-admins in charge for security protocols, communications and encryption. If everything will run according to our plan, we expect the grand site launch within couple of months, somewhere by the end of December and not later than mid of January.

Opening Our Doors!
Today 1.1.17, we are very pleased to announce the exciting and long anticipated opening of PassiveLoan, a truly passive P2P online lending platform. This money making service is a product born from long term experience, team work, research and refinements in the ever growing field of loans and capital allocation. We provide an all-inclusive, easy-to-use interface where you can generate and observe daily earnings from loans placed with us. There are none similar to PassiveLoan as it can work indefinitely, preserving all account values, so basically it can’t be distracted, at worst slowed down only to rise again at times of demand. You are invited to join and explore all of the platform merits, to share our passion making this dream alive.


Completely defying people’s expectations and still avoiding the addition of PerfectMoney the admin of Elizion has made a decision to make Ethereum the fourth payment processor for his program’s only available 3.33% for 60 days plan. Elizion that has its own website mainly as a facade for attracting visitors to its Telegram based investment platform, had worked exclusively with AdvCash, Payeer, and BitCoin from a $10 minimum. Elizion (reviewed here) has recently entered the Top Five Popular Programs and currently sits in the fifth position on the Premium List and may well go higher. Those of you who already joined Elizion when it joined MNO almost four weeks ago should be on the verge of reaching the profit zone next week. Members also enjoy totally automated payouts. The latest news on Ethereum (the first ever program on MNO to use this relatively new blockchain-based cryptocurrency) are posted on their Telegram news channel and can also be found below:

The popular cryptocurrency Ethereum has been added.
For 2016 Ethereum has became the cryptocurrency, which is the second by own capitalization, in the world, giving way only Bitcoin. More than 970 thousand wallets have been created by users at the moment.
The Ethereum technology gives the chance of registration of any transactions with any assets on the basis of the distributed base of contracts like Blockchain, without resorting to traditional legal procedures.
Being an open platform, Ethereum considerably simplifies implementation of the Blockchain technology that explains concernment from outside not only of the new startups, but also the largest software developers, such as Microsoft, IBM and Acronis.
In addition of an opportunity to create the working applications on the Blockchain-technology basis, by means of Ethereum it is convenient to mine new cryptocurrencies.
Now the cooperation with the Elizion platform becomes by the modern process of interaction based on the most actual cryptocurrencies for today!
Start to live freely!


SoftMining (reviewed here) is the only Sticky List program on the MNO monitor, having the highest advertising budget I’ve seen lately. However I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of more programs following suit, considering the heated competition for investors with no less than 20 programs monitored by MNO at the time of writing. Anyway, SoftMining following its name is making quite a soft launch by growing steadily, but at a slow pace. It will require some time to prove they are capable of delivering profits on its 0.95% to 1.25% daily “forever” plan, considering it will take a few months for investors to reach the profit zone. The high withdrawal minimum of $5 for your withdrawal request to be processed instantly also prevents smaller investors from being paid too frequently, and might stall short term growth. Nevertheless, by getting Sticky listed and purchasing a couple of banners on the MNO monitor, SoftMining has people talking about them, but only time will tell investors spending anything from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin are satisfied with the results.

The latest news from the admin of SoftMining is about the peculiarities of investing via BitCoin which was once the only available investment method, before PerfectMoney and Payeer were subsequently added. Due to a high level of volatility for BitCoin deposits the admin asks members to take this into consideration while making an investment and paying a slightly higher amount for your deposit to be confirmed, otherwise you will be able to get a refund as per the following message posted by SoftMining:

Dear Miners
Please give some MARGIN while deposit.
Since we are USD based, the exchange rate may vary during confirmation period.
Hence, roundup a little bit more.
For example, deposit around $15, $510 or $1510 if you want to invest $10, $501 or $1501.
Please check your account balance and withdraw them manually, if you found your “total deposit” isn’t credit after 2-3 hours of deposit.
Your deposit was refunded back to your BALANCE due to insufficient funds after exchange.
Thanks for your cooperation and happy mining
SoftMining Team


Adding more language versions of a website have always been a good thing for both current and future investors of any HYIP looking to broaden its membership base. The tireless work of the admin of LensenGroup in providing investors professional translations should be really appreciated. Over the last couple of weeks LensenGroup (reviewed here) has been added to the Premium List on MNO providing readers with an opportunity to earn from its 4.5% for 30 business days, 105% after 10 days, 25% for 6 weeks investment plans on deposits accepted via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The latest version announced earlier today was Japanese which becomes the seventh version joining English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Italian. It’s not yet though, as the admin promised to add more for the convenience of LensenGroup‘s members in the following update:

Hello, Investors,
We have added Japanese language. We will continue to add other languages.
We hope you will enjoy our work!
Best regards, LensenGroup Team


The admin of Palmills also seems to be following the trend of other successful programs with their first professional translation being Russian. That will certainly go a long way for the Russian-speaking audience who failed to notice the program so far. Nearly ten weeks online has put many members into profit from its 3.5% for 60 business days plan to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. More information about Palmills is in the detailed review posted on MNO here. For the latest newsletter on the expansion in the Russian market by Palmills please see below:

Russian version of the website is now available for users
For the convenience of customers, we have added new language version of Palmills – Russian. We hope that this innovation will be the first on the way to improve our investment platform and increase the popularity of the website among the Russian-speaking investors. Thank you for your choice of Palmills as a reliable financial companion!


Although I really have nothing new to say about Zinc7 except praise for its superb performance which saw them named the best program of last year, the admin seems to have a couple of updates mostly aimed at BitCoin users. The updates were posted on the official Facebook page of Zinc7 and include the prediction of huge BitCoin industry growth over the next few years, as well as a piece on some positive trends for BitCoin’s future development in Russia which is certainly one of the leading areas of BitCoin usage at the moment. It’s easy to say why Zinc7 is so concerned about BitCoin’s future, as among over 1,400 people currently enjoying profits on the program’s 7% for 22 business days and 110% after 7 calendar days plans the vast majority’s preferred payment method of investing is BitCoin. This modern digital currency gives MNO the higher referral commission overall than the three remaining payment processors using by Zinc7 combined – PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. Deposits start from $25 and withdrawals are processed almost instantly. That’s why it’s important the BitCoin situation and future prospects remain positive for members of Zinc7 to maintain the healthy level of growth the program has seen over its outstanding 130 day performance. It’s probably no exaggeration to say the positive impact the introduction of BitCoin made to the HYIP industry could only be rivalled in scope to the positive contribution Zinc7 has made the last four months it’s been running. With so many members of Zinc7 already in profit and BitCoin’s future as bright as expected it’s easy to see why such positive BitCoin updates should make headlines. Zinc7 was first reviewed on MNO here and still has literally no competition for the top spot on the MNO Premium List:

Blockchain Could Become an $8 Billion Global Industry By 2024
The next eight years could see the blockchain marketplace grow to almost $8bn in value, according to a new research report.
The report, prepared by Grand View Research, points to a combination of industry investments, enterprise interest in blockchain solutions and growing use of digital currencies among consumers as the lead driver of expected growth.
Overall, the market could be as valuable as $7.74bn by 2024, the firm estimated.
As for where geographically that growth is anticipated to take place, Grand View suggests that most is going to emerge from financial sectors in the both the North American and Asia-Pacific markets.

Russia’s Central Bank Adds Blockchain-Friendly Firm to FinTech Working Group
Russia’s central bank is continuing to grow its blockchain footprint, having announced the creation of a new FinTech association focused in part on studying the technology.
Officially formed on 28th December, the group includes representatives from major Russian banks including Alfa Bank, Sberbank and VTB, among others. Payments processor Qiwi and the National System of Payment Cards (NSPK), which operates Russia’s nationwide Mir charge card, are also on board.
Qiwi CEO Sergey Solonin will be the association’s new chief going forwards, the firm said earlier this week. Among financial companies in Russia, Qiwi has emerged as a prominent proponent of the tech.
In addition to blockchain, the Bank of Russia said it would also be investigating identification technologies and new payment system frameworks through the association.
The bank’s deputy governor Olga Skorobogatova said in a statement:
“The Association’s key objectives will include the development and introduction of new technological solutions to ensure the development of the Russian financial market. It will also promote digitalisation of the Russian economy.”
The announcement is the latest signal that the Bank of Russia intends to play a leading – and visible – role in the experimentation and deployment of blockchain within the country’s financial sector.
Stay tuned for more at Zinc7. Confidence Built by Essentials, LLC


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: SoftMining.
From MNO Premium listZinc7RightRise, Razzleton, BandeiraCorpElizion, MexeerAtomicBitcoinBeyondPetroleumSoftmeetBit, XaboIsafTechDateBitcoinDowerlyLensenGroup, BitcoinWorld, Weollee (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard listPalmills.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news for today, guys. Hope you enjoy reading MNO and whatever your preferred way of reading my blog is (please click here to vote in the poll on the MNO TalkBack to say) you will always get the latest news from the hottest and biggest HYIPs in the industry. It’s vital to stay updated to make well-informed decisions in order to succeed in business, and by choosing to stay with MNO you definitely make the right move. Nobody says you are always going to profit, but with MNO info you will obtain the knowledge to help you win in most cases. As you might know, MNO only deals with the highest budget investment programs and the highest price policy makes MNO the only monitor with only the best investment opportunities from admins with the necessary experience and ability to run their programs successfully. You can clearly see now that MNO is still the most up-to-date and successful blog in the whole industry. So why not to read it online frequently, follow it on Facebook or Twitter, or even subscribe to get the daily updates directly sent to your email address? Whatever you prefer, you will stay ahead of the crowd. Just don’t forget the two most important investment rules – invest only what you can afford to lose and never put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your investment portfolio – and you will be fine and able to do very well from HYIPs. Stay with MNO and I’ll see you all on Sunday with the latest news and the full review of Weollee. Enjoy the weekend, and bye for now!

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