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Hi everybody! I hope the weekend has been going well for you all. If you’ve been following MNO since the turn of the year you’ll have noticed how busy the HYIP industry has been, and continues to move along at a brisk pace. There’s been a lot of new names on the MNO monitor so far since the first day of the year, and another one is going to be introduced in the news section today so keep reading for more info on that. Some of these are brand new, one already monitored program that upgraded its listing, and a couple of existing programs of varying ages that are now looking to step up their promotional campaigns now that the new HYIP season is in full swing and reach a wider more international audience. One such program is LensenGroup, a mostly medium term HYIP which has been online but below the radar of most investors for the last two months. The first members are already in profit and LensenGroup does have a respectable history of fast payments behind them now, so let’s take a closer look at what they are all about and if you like your chances enough to join.

There are three plans to chose from in LensenGroup, and they are a fairly diverse group with something for everyone. Before I get to the numbers I just want to point out that deposits made through regular payment processors in dollars and those made using BitCoin are treated differently. Ordinarily in most HYIPs BitCoin users simply have their deposits converted into dollars regardless and paid accordingly. Not so with LensenGroup. Dollar investments are paid back in dollars, and BitCoin investments are paid in BitCoin. Exchanging this back into something you can physically spend is up to you, but at least the unstable rates that sometimes surround BitCoin won’t directly affect your actual investment. I’m going to describe the plans using dollars as I think that’s probably the best and most concise way of doing so. For figures if using BitCoin just consult your LensenGroup members account area to see more info.

So, the first plan is called The Fixed 105 and can be joined for a $10 minimum. The term length is 10 calendar days, and on expiry LensenGroup are offering a single payment of 105% back on your deposit, principal included. So that’s your own money back plus 5% net profit. Or to put it in monetary terms, a $100 investment today should get you back $105 on expiry. The maximum spending limit for this plan is capped at $10,000.

Relative to the risk you are taking I can’t really see this one being all that enticing, despite the profit per day ratio being ostensibly sustainable. I think a more popular option with investors will be LensenGroup‘s second option, The 4.5 Daily plan. The hint is in the name here, with investors being offered a daily interest payment of 4.5% for a term of 30 business days (that’s six weeks). Payments are made every day from Monday to Friday on deposits in the range of a $10 minimum up to a $50,000 maximum. Your initial principal is factored into these payments already, so by the end of the term these should total 135%, or your own money back plus 35% net profit. So the same $100 deposit here should see LensenGroup return it at a rate of $4.50 each day between Monday to Friday, you reach the break-even point (i.e. earn back your own money in full) after 23 days, and see out the term with $135 back on your initial hundred.

The third plan runs for the same amount of time, but is organized very differently. It’s called The 25% Weekly plan, which I think is about as self explanatory as it gets. The term length is six calendar weeks, and investments need to be between an increased $50 minimum this time and a $200,000 upper limit. For this LensenGroup offer members a payment of 25% interest made once per week, the same day you made your original investment on. Your principal is counted as part of the repayments so after you reach the break-even point after four weeks, you can complete the term with 150% back on your investment. That’s your own money back plus 50% in net profit for yourself.

Not a bad mix of plans in there you might agree, certainly enough so that at least one of them will satisfy the majority of investors. If you found one you like, and remember LensenGroup have no rules against splitting your deposit between more than one plan, the next thing to consider is what are your payment options. As it stands I suppose the choice is just about OK, there’s room for improvement (something you could say for most programs of course) but it’s definitely competitive in this area and better than a lot of others. You can join LensenGroup using any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, or the always underrated AdvCash if you prefer the usual style payment handlers, or BitCoin for a direct digital e-currency. Payouts to members are made manually by the LensenGroup admin and so need to be requested from inside your private members account area. You are expected to allow the admin up to 24 hours to complete all transactions manually, however I’m pleased to say that in my own experience with the program they have always without exception been made a lot faster than that. Most of my own payments have in fact only taken a couple of hours at most, but remember that as LensenGroup continues to grow this might not be so easy a schedule to keep up with in the future. So allow the full 24 hours and take anything faster as a bonus.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of the LensenGroup website now such as their design and security features. For a hosting provider the admin has brought his program to DDoSGuard who are keeping it on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from malicious attacks. The LensenGroup website is powered off a script under license from H-Script, which when it comes to the mass marketed “off the peg” products may not be as popular as GoldCoders but a lot of people seem to prefer it. Anyway, it’s widely used in the industry so a lot of the more experienced readers will probably recognize it. If not I can just tell you LensenGroup is still very easy to navigate and customer friendly throughout. For an extra layer of site security the LensenGroup website has a superior Green Bar SSL certificate from GeoTrust for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Making the program more accessible to a wider international audience by having it translated into multiple languages. In addition to the default English version you can now view LensenGroup in Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, or Italian.

If you have any further need to contact the support of LensenGroup with any queries or account related issues then you can either fill in your details on the online customer support for and submit it through the contacts page, or alternatively just e-mail the admin directly at the address listed. LensenGroup have a postal address in the UK where the name is registered as a business, though most regular readers will know by now that this is quite a simple thing to arrange online at no great cost, so you can safely ignore this as just being for official purposes and not where you would find anyone connected with the program physically located. The FAQ page covers a lot of what you might want to ask about anyway, so it’s always a good idea to look that up first.

If you are looking for the program’s back story is, i.e. the line of business LensenGroup claim to be investing your money in to make the interest payments, we are told it’s IT (information technology) with a focus on new start-up companies. I just mention this for the record if anyone is curious, there’s not much anyone can do to independently research and verify this claim. Experienced readers will know to ignore this anyway, for the sake of newbies I just remind you that even if it was true there’s still no guarantee that it necessarily has to be profitable. So with that in mind, remember to always treat LensenGroup as you would any other online HYIP and behave responsibly. Stay well within a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose as well as easily earn back from other sources were you to lose it. And of course if joining LensenGroup at all, try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, there you have it. I can’t really think of much else that might be important enough to add so I’ll just go ahead and readers what their own thoughts on the program are. Do you like it enough to spend your own money on it? I hope you won’t mind taking a very brief moment to answer the following opinion poll on LensenGroup, which as always if 100% anonymous and untraceable. It isn’t so much for just today or tomorrow, it’s in future weeks and months that we can look back at the responses and really analyze if people got it right or wrong when deciding to play or pass. So, the exact question is:

Will you make an active deposit in LensenGroup?

View Results

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Another program that just joined the MNO Premium List earlier today is BitcoinWorld. The program is not exactly new, as it’s been running successfully for about two months, but judging by its low paying long term investment plans and uniquely designed and technically complicated website I would say that it’s been just a testing period and its best days are still ahead. Actually, the BitcoinWorld website is so different from others that first you might have feel lost among all these “server” and “hash” terms they use when trying to describe what they do. Don’t be afraid though because with MNO’s assistance you won’t have any problems using BitcoinWorld. I’ll just briefly explain that BitcoinWorld cleverly disguises investment plans as servers which you can rent and earn money by allowing the company to do crypto-currency mining activities for you. Depending on its power and capacity of the server you choose to rent you will have different interest rates paid on business days only. There are several plans available with variable rates. These include 1.08%-1.14% for 300 days, 1.26%-1.32% for 270 days, 1.49%-1.6% for 240 days. As the program is brand-new to MNO I have yet to verify the waiting time for payments, but will cover that in the review. The first investment plan starts from a $10 minimum that can be joined using BitCoin, PerfectMoney, OkPay, Payeer, AdvCash, and NixMoney. Despite SolidTrustPay listed on sign-up there is currently no opportunity to use them, so I have no idea why it’s there in the first place. For those who like freebies there is even a chance to earn money without investing which involves downloading your own Bitcoin mining platform on the website and mine it all yourself. Just a few days ago there was an update on an improved version of the mining software by BitcoinWorld issued you can read below (note that by installing any such program you may harm your computer, so proceed with caution):

The finalized program for private mining
The company’s specialists have modified the application for private mining. Now every client of the BitcoinWorld will be able to mine cryptocurrency on their equipment for free. The program automatically determines the capacity of the equipment. Right after start, you need to pass the test which will determine Hasrat equipment for various algorithms. After testing is complete, you can start to mine cryptocurrency at the most profitable algorithm for you by all or only some of your devices GPU or AMD. For greater efficiency we recommend to leave the device to work continuously. To avoid conflict with antivirus developers are advised to add the app to the white list of your antivirus. All software is carefully verified by our experts and safe for your devices.

I myself don’t believe free members of BitcoinWorld without special equipment at their disposal can manage to earn any substantial amounts by mining, so the investment plans are perhaps the only viable option. Note the specific withdrawal rules applied in BitcoinWorld which are quite different from others. You can request a withdrawal once you reach a $5 minimum and it will be processed within 24 hours manually only twice a week – either Tuesdays or Thursdays – so take this into account please when calculating your risks.

Needless to say that technically the website of BitcoinWorld looks much better than the vast majority of HYIPs and reflects a more sophisticated layout and better features. The site runs off a totally custom-made script allows new features if the need arises. There are three domains at once hosted on a dedicated server located in Sweden (from where the company officially operates) with the main domain registered for ten years in advance. There is an extended validation Green Bar SSL from GeoTrust installed on the website for secure transactions. The company maintains profiles on the main social networks and has a longer company video presentation and two shorter videos which you can see on the MNOVision page. Everything indicates an expensive website that is really built from scratch after long and careful planning, so time and financial resources were well spent judging by the fantastic first impression many HYIP investors will get from it.

The ambition of the admin to have the best program in the HYIP industry and strive for excellence is impressive. This would be simply impossible without appealing to an international market in the shape of local communities that do not always understand English. That is why I’m pleased to see that one of the main priorities of BitcoinWorld seems to be the adding professional translations of the site to allow members more efficient use. That creates a sense of professionalism and gives hope for the future expansion of BitcoinWorld in new markets. As far as I can see there are fifteen (!) active language icons in the top right-hand corner of the website which you can choose from. I’m not really sure if they are all finished though, as the latest news update highlighted the addition of Hindi only mentioned eight languages. Perhaps it’s a work in progress, but the intention of the admin to bring the site to the next level will surely be praised by all. Here is the latest news on that, also outlining the admin’s ambitions for further improvements in future:

BitcoinWorld website is translated into national language of India – Hindi
The website of BitcoinWorld have become more accessible to our colleagues from India. All sections, including news columns, information, profiles and tools for partnership work has been translated into Hindi. BitcoinWorld is working to ensure that customers and users can productively and comfortably earn in the company. We employed leading linguists and translators that extend the language bar. Partners, fluent in the national language only, will be able to easier operate with BitcoinWorld, attract tenants, miners and investors.
BitcoinWorld is tens of thousands of miners, tenants around the world, including in India. The majority of our partners are focused in Europe, so initially the website had 7 languages: English, Swedish, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.
BitcoinWorld does not stand still and tries to make the online resource more convenient and functional. Today were added many other ethnic languages, including Hindi.
Many of our partners and clients are monolingual, so BitcoinWorld will regularly widen the language bar.
“Who owns the information, owns the world” who owns the language owns the information – we erase language boundaries!
Sincerely, BitcoinWorld team


For a program like Elizion that runs mostly off a robotic platform like Telegram messenger, the key to success is to have all functions running smoothly in automated mode with as little involvement as possible from people. Elizion has been paying investors 3.33% for 60 days for over ten weeks now, and their performance is nothing short of incredible. With such a positive attitude to customer satisfaction and the full automation of the investment process in Elizion it’s no wonder that recently the number of transactions in Telegram has reportedly surpassed 100,000. And you should consider that despite its long history Elizion is still not even close to its possible peak with PerfectMoney still not accepted, and members only allowed investments starting from a $10 minimum via Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin. It’s very clear to me that the admin tries his best to maintain gradual growth for Elizion, thus enabling the current investors to enjoy their profits on a more sustainable basis. The next step in the program’s expansion is the upgrade of their listing on MNO from Standard to Premium, after promotion on my blog and monitor propelled them to just one step away from the Top Five list (the most recent can be seen here). As there are some peculiarities about investing in Elizion compared to other non-Telegram run programs, you are strongly advised to read the full review posted here before proceeding with your investments, especially if you’re not familiar with the whole concept made famous last year by super-giant LaraWithMe. As the first investors of Elizion who came to MNO are soon due their first profit, I wish every success for the program which has so far proved one of the most interesting additions to my monitor recently. Below is the latest optimistic newsletter from the admin of Elizion posted on its website in the News section, and on their Telegram News channel:

Dear partners of the Elizion company!
Today the amount of deals has been passed the mark of 100000 transactions performed by our investment platform in the automatic mode. It is a result of professional work of all team of Elizion and a fruit of our mutually beneficial cooperation with clients from more, than 35 countries!
Our partners from around the world, having invested money in our platform, are gaining the daily payments in completely automatic mode. Globality and automation of financial processes – it is Elizion in action.
Nothing of superfluous, only accuracy, only safety and the stable payments. The large major financial mechanism, whose name – Elizion, confidently follows by the designated strategy and unmistakably performs transactions for its clients. Collaborate with Elizion – means to gain passive income quickly, safely and steadily.
Start to live freely!


From my original review of DateBitcoin (posted here) you might remember that originally the site’s translation into Russian was far from ideal. However the admin took my criticism on board and promised to improve it in the near future. I’m pleased to report today that he fulfilled that promise and the Russian version of the website is now flawless. But not only that! He has also presented German and a Vietnamese versions of the DateBitcoin website and announced some exciting developments in the pipeline. I hope they will all be implemented soon, and also hope the admin will discuss it more in the upcoming interview which he promised to send to MNO within the next few days. I remind you that DateBitcoin accepts deposits starting from a $25 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. Depending on the amount you invest you earn automatically 3% for 50 days or 5% for 30 days. The first investors have yet to profit, so we can only judge the current performance that has been stable over the first two weeks of DateBitcoin being monitored on MNO. Here’s the latest news update in full from the admin:

Latest News
Dear Members,
As promised earlier, we have completed the language translation for three major languages namely, German, Russian and Vietnamese, more will be added as per members need.
We have some more updates, which are expected to be live soon:
– Newsletter subscription
– Recent withdrawal webpage
– Twitter and Facebook social pages
– Regional Representatives
The upgradations never stop we strive for your utmost satisfaction. We would love to hear your feedback.
Kind Regards, DateBitcoin


There was quite a disturbing email posted by the admin of IsafTech (he was previously interviewed on MNO here) who admitted yesterday that the site had been hacked and that some of members account data might have been breached and changed without their knowledge. Just read the following:

The cases of hacking please carefully check your billing information.
If they do not coincide with your contact support.
Thanks and be careful!

This isn’t the first such incident with IsafTech‘s script which is totally custom and most likely not been tested thouroughly enough for security breaches. Before being reviewed on MNO here, I knew the program originally made instant withdrawals, however after an earlier hacking incident it was decided to stop, so currently all the withdrawals from IsafTech are done manually by the admin. Now it looks like the hacker must have found another way to steal money by changing members’ e-currency account details. Please note that it is always the members first responsibility to check if the requested withdrawal is going to the same account specified on registration, so always do so, guys. Despite this latest incident I see that IsafTech is still processing withdrawals as usual and pays promptly on the only available 3%-5% for 40 days plan. I just hope that the admin will learn his lesson tighten security to avoid these unfortunate incidents from happening in the future.


RightRise also experienced some technical issues a couple of days ago. For a few short hours it was impossible to properly browse their website, including making deposits and requesting withdrawals. The admin has once again displayed a high level of professionalism and took everything under control quite swiftly. The update regarding the maintenance work has also been issued, so the members of RightRise can rest assured the site would be back to normal, which is already the case at the time of writing:

Servers maintenance
Scheduled servers maintenance.
Within a few hours are possible disruptions.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Just a couple of words about RightRise for those who haven’t yet read the full review of the program published here. The program has a strong position on the Premium List of the MNO monitor and for good reason. RightRise has been paying promptly to investors for nearly three months now, comfortably putting the vast majority of them into profit. The only investment plan offered by RightRise is quite simple – to join you have to purchase shares priced at $30 each, then you earn from 1% to 3% daily variable on your investment for an unlimited term, and withdraw your profits daily (in most cases, they are paid instantly to your e-currency accounts upon request). The various languages RightRise is available in and the constantly expanding list of accepted payment methods (currently PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, YandexMoney, NixMoney, BitCoin, DogeCoin, LiteCoin, BTC-E) make the program especially appealing to an international audience and the potential to grow further still looks good, in my humble opinion.


I’m very pleased with an overwhelmingly positive response shown by readers who voted in the last poll on the MNO TalkBack page. The question asked was: “What were your general expectations for 2017 in the HYIP industry?”. 73% of voters (almost three quarters) believe things will improve over year. Well, at least on MNO it’s easy to see the positive trend already in the first days of the new year with lots of new promising programs starting to compete for your attention. It’s a much higher number of programs compared to the same period last year. 24% of you (just under a quarter) think 2017 will be much the same. Well, still not the worst approach as modest expectations can sometimes save you from greater disappointment if things are not going our way, which at the moment seems highly unlikely anyways. The remaining 3% who voted for things getting worse this year are more likely to be some disgruntled people who follow other blogs and monitors and not MNO. Thanks a lot for your votes, guys, and your positive attitude definitely shines through while encouraging more HYIP admins to deliver the best investment opportunities this year. MNO will highlight the best and will bring them to your consideration, so thanks for staying with MNO.

From previous experience I have know the most popular part of the MNO blog has always been the regular news updates. So I’d like to ask the following question to find out your preferred way of reading it. You know you can do so by multiple methods, including reading the news and reviews online here, having it sent to your email address on a regular basis after you subscribe here, or by following my posts on the Facebook and Twitter social networks. Or maybe you don’t have any preference and use different methods at different times. Here’s the new question for you:

What is your preferred method of reading the MNO blog?

1) I read it online
2) I read it via email subscription
3) I follow latest updates on Facebook and Twitter
4) I use all of them sometimes

Thanks a lot for your votes, guys. Note that the poll will remain open on the MNO TalkBack page for another week, so your active participation will be truly appreciated and ultimately help me serve you better.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: SoftMining.
From MNO Premium listZinc7RightRise, ArdexFundsRazzleton, BandeiraCorpElizionBeyondPetroleumMexeerSoftmeetBit, IsafTechDateBitcoinDowerly, AtomicBitcoin, LensenGroup.
From MNO Standard listPalmills.
From MNO Basic list: Xabo.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re all having a great weekend and are enjoying the profits that the monitored programs bring you. I’ll be back with more news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry and a detailed look at the growingly popular AtomicBitcoin on Monday. Have a nice weekend, everyone, and see you all then!

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