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31/03/09. Verifield Review and Other News


Hi everybody! Out of all the programs I have come across recently, good and bad, I must say that the one I’d like to review today is one of the most intriguing I have seen in a while. It’s a new program called Verifield and at first glance it might all seem a bit daunting to newcomers in this industry. And I’ll admit it is all a bit unnecessarily complicated for what is in essence still an online HYIP. But I think with a little patience and perseverance here you will be rewarded. I have quite a good feeling about this one and think we could still be talking about it in six months. I mean I wouldn’t guarantee it obviously and anything can happen, but this is a top quality program and one I will be very surprised at if it’s anything less than a success. A lot of work has gone into setting this up and I doubt very much that so much time, effort, and expense was made for Verifield to simply fold overnight.

So let’s start with the plans. I should point out that a few changes have been made here since the program was launched. It was initially stated that payouts were made daily. Please note that this is not the case and the website has been amended to show that payouts are actually made on expiry. The plans, as explained on the Verifield website, are also weighed down with a lot of jargon and technical-speak concerning the trading of stocks and commodities. Hopefully it won’t distract you too much because there are some good options here.

Starting with what they call the “Diversified Commodities” plan. It runs for 3 days and gives you a total return of 103% including your principal on expiry. So I guess this is best described as a test plan.

Next up is called the “Intensive Forex” plan. It’s a low risk and low return short term plan that runs for 7 days. The interest earned on this is 1.2% per day and paid on expiry with your principal. That gives you a total return of 108.4% on expiry.

The next three plans are more for the medium to long term investor. The rewards are higher of course as are the risks, but I think they are both realistic and achievable options. There is the “Nominal Income” plan the runs for a term of 30 days. It will pay you 1.3% per day which can then also only be retrieved on expiry. That, along with your principal, will amount to 139% of your initial investment.

Following on from that there is the “Effective Gross Income” plan. This option matures after 60 days, during which time you are offered to earn 1.6% daily on your investment, paid on expiry, and along with your principal will represent 196% of your initial spend.

And finally we have the “Capital Market Securities”. This one also runs for 60 days but pays you a higher return of 1.8% per day on your principal. I can’t help but notice doesn’t this kinda make the previous plan a bit pointless? A few changes have been made here already so I wouldn’t be surprised if something was altered here soon as well. In the meantime, you will be paid a total of 208% on expiry, principal included.

The payment options available to investors include LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and bank wire transfers. The minimum amount to invest is quite an affordable $10 and payouts are made only on business days.

Ok, so the plans are sound enough. But what about the security? Well this is where Verifield really shines. It’s hosted on a dedicated server with full anti-DDoS protection by Dragonara. One of the best options available now I think. Most of you guys will be familiar with PerfectMoney I think. Well it’s Dragonara that are hosting them too so I think that says enough about the quality of there service. The script is totally unique and customized and for added security they have the always welcome but still too rare SSL encryption. If I have one criticism of the site it’s that it’s a little tricky to navigate at first. Maybe that’s just me though, but I did have to do a lot of searching and they also seem to like using ten words when one would be enough. However there is a step by step guide to opening an account and I think most will find that enormously beneficial. At least until you get more accustomed to how the site works.

Customer support is available via e-mail and an online ticketing system. There is also an active telephone line with a UK number. I checked it out already with a view to visiting their office and speaking in person to someone involved. My call was answered by a secretary who told me somebody would call me back soon. It never happened and I’m still waiting. Probably it was set-up just to answer support requests but I’m not sure about it. I am aware that the address provided on their contacts page is in a business center that offers serviced office workspaces for temporary public hire. You never actually have to set foot in the place in order to have an address there. It’s all perfectly legal (although misleading) and a practice carried out by many HYIPs. There is also no mention of either Verifield or Waygenic Trading on the government’s UK companies list.

I’m not going to hold that against them though. Just accept that it is a regular online HYIP and treat it as such. Yes, the risk is there but I think it’s a worthwhile one. It’s obviously been meticulously planned and I think a lot of work has gone into it. Everything about it in fact would seem to indicate that their intentions are to keep this running as long as possible. It’s well researched, it’s got realistic sustainable plans and it’s well protected.

Other news for today.

First of all I’d like to bring you some good news from GoldNuggetInvest (reviewed here). The thing is they are setting phone support that will be ready for use sometime in the first ten days of April. Meanwhile the admin of GoldNuggetInvest Robert (read my interview with him here) warns all potential clients about wasting their time by continuously asking the same simple questions which were already answered in regular updates. I myself get some questions from my readers asking me to explain what has been discussed already way too many times. I don’t mind helping you out of course but please read all the updates from the admin very carefully first and it’s very possible you will find the answer to your questions in them. Anyway, in my honest opinion GoldNuggetInvest is the best HYIP now and if you’re not in GNI you should definitely have a closer look. Here is the latest update for your attention:
Hope everything is well on your side! I would like to take the opportunity once again to keep you, our loyal members updated as to the happenings with our project.
Phone Service:
We know many, if not all of you, are anxious to have phone service implemented to assist you and/or your downline with issues such as signing up, logging on, PIN codes etc..
Our business model calls for phone service provision on a trial basis only. Phone service is to be used as a support function, ONLY. Asking questions like, “when is the project going to go private” or “how many more members can join” do NOT fall under the auspices of a Support Function; those are administrative and will only be addressed by us, in writing, published in this newsletter or on the website.
Todd is not authorized to release any of this information so please, do not put him in a compromising position by asking him these kinds of questions. In fact, questions of this nature will not be tolerated and could be cause for further, administrative action. Let’s just NOT go there for everyone’s sake.
It was our intention to have phone service on-line at the beginning of weekend March 27, 2009. Due to unforeseen technical matters, we have slipped our scheduled implementation a full week.
Phone service should be implemented sometime between April, 3rd. 2009 and April, 10th. 2009. We apologize for this delay, however, we can’t have these kinds of upgrades affect our core program operations, whatsoever.
That is all for this week. As always we thank you for being with GNI and allowing us to service your financial growth.
One final note: Todd has asked me to remind everyone in the strongest language possible to PLEASE read the website, FAQs and previous newsletters BEFORE submitting a ticket request. He said 95% of all requests, the answers of which can be found in a newsletter, on the site or is just plain, common sense.
Thanks guys! Have a great week everyone. Robert

The admin of ProjectSurf Frankie (interviewed here) sent out another update. Well, I even can’t call it an update exactly because it also includes his reflections on the autosurf industry as a whole and sometimes his thoughts can be very interesting. It’s always a pleasure for me to read something from people knowing how this industry works from the inside and Frankie is definitely one of them. Of course, Frankie couldn’t avoid answering some questions and bringing some news from his own program ProjectSurf. All the info can be read below:
Hello, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I just want to say that I will do my best for everyone; I do not have to point out that this industry is crippled if you ask me especially in the surf world. Honestly, if I am not determined to be the best and change this industry by far it would not happen and I do not have to go into too much detail about it either as you can see surfs closing everyday and they are mostly closing due to either lack of participation from members or members upgrading and withdrawing everything and putting back in minimal profit if any at all which is the norm but there is a trend to it as well and that trend is what is killing the surf industry. Trust factor is low for the most part and most people play surfs just to get in quick and get out as I have came across that already so many times and from what I have been analyzing that is happening to all the surfs out there that is why they are not even making past the first cycle. I just want to give everyone the FACTS from an admin’s perspective and nothing more. Let me just say I have put in more then just time and dedication to make this Project a success and I will do my best for everyone and continue to do so. I am not promising the world to anyone as I cannot do but I can at least promise I will do what is the best interest for everyone as a group and you have an honest hard working admin behind this project that is about real revenue driven incentives while advertising your particular product or service.
Secondly, Sorry about the “Minor” delay in support tickets I will be getting help soon. The problem is I get around 300 phising /e-mails a day telling me to “change my account” to this and that etc. from monitors to people and 90% of them are not even members just trying to phish information. I have had incidents were 2 members used the same password from other surfs and the admins tried to phish info. I strongly advise that no one uses the same password for any other surf or hyip program out there as they try and phish info I am taking my project very serious and I have a keen eye on everything but doing your part will make my job easier.
Thirdly, I have a particular monitor that was extremely deceitful and tried desperately to obtain info from a lifetime supporter in MMG and that MONITOR will be named in the next update in a day or two. I am not one to just point fingers unless I have substantial evidence and I most certainly do with this MONITOR. More on that in a day or two.
Fourth, I just want to make a point about payouts as I receive e-mails about it so I will go into detail again. If I was just regular surf I would do payouts in 12 hours or less – let the funds diminish and close like so many other surfs out there in 1 cycle. So I will make this point again not to seal any confidence with anyone but to state facts. I want this project to last a long time and I will build on a lot of revenue bases so I have to treat this as a business in order for my own revenue sources to sustain incentives as well as other advertising sources are contributing to the revenue as well so I have to have “48” –”72″ business hours to complete payouts that means if you requested on Friday night through Sunday you will be paid Tues possibly Wednesday depending on my server time. It was always in my Terms of Service but I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention again.
This has to be implemented as this is real revenue driven project, I already have had many oppositions more then any other admin out there and I am still standing strong when others have failed already with half of my obstacles. I will do my best for everyone and literally create the best surf out there! I just want to express you have a hard working professional admin running this show!! I want to create something real for all my members that will last a long time and help everyone earn incentives while advertising. I am here for the long haul and I will do my best as I am demonstrating already.
I just want to thank my members that support me out there, I take notice and I see the many post and it makes me feel good inside.
My blog is live I am just doing final touches and it will be attached to ProjectSurf today.
My first story will be on and I can tell you that I will not be complimenting them. I am going to give my members my exclusive opinions about this industry and everything that pertains to it entirely.
Thank You all for helping me create the best surf out there!!! I appreciate all my members and I have so much more to accomplish!!!
I will have another contest soon I will post it in my forum
All My best Everyone!!!

PanaMoney (reviewed here) is expanding their choices of payment processors and from now on you can deposit with them using StrictPay. Here is the update from the admin of PanaMoney (interviewed here):
Dear PanaMoney Client, For the purposes of expanding your opportunities for making transactions with your PanaMoney account, we have added a new payment processor, StrictPay . StrictPay offers the following funding options: Regular ACH, Quick ACH, Bank Wire, Check by Mail, SolidTrustPay, VirtualMoney; and the following withdrawal options: Regular ACH, Bank Wire, Check by Mail, StrictPay Debit Card, LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay.
In this way, the currently available payment methods include LibertyReserve, StrictPay, PerfectMoney, V-Money and bank transfers.
If you have any questions in regard to your managed Forex account and its funding, you are welcome to contact PanaMoney Customer Support.

GeneticsIndustry (reviewed here) keeps paying instantly but members should expect surprises from the admin’s side by random 25% bonuses credited to lucky members’ accounts. This is the latest email from the admin of GeneticsIndustry (interviewed here) announcing the next winner in his daily contest:
Today promo winner is: akson45
Bonus amount of 142.5 USD (25% of total 570 USD of deposts) was sent on account balance, available to withdraw anytime!
Congratulations to our winner!

I have moved DukasFund back to Paying status after the admin paid me today. My apologies for the bad words told about DukasFund yesterday but paying after 4 days of waiting is way too much for such a low-ROI program where you have a limit of making only four withdrawals per month to begin with.

Sometimes I get such ridiculous updates that if you really think about them for a moment you will see the absurdities which they can contain. The next “funny” update came from the admin of Cent2Dollar (reviewed here) which invites only 5 members to participate in a “secret” investment Forex program where you will double your money in just a month, guaranteed. Well, if somebody deposits just $1,000 in such a program he will be a millionaire just in ten months by simply doubling the money and reinvesting it back. I wonder if the admin of Cent2Dollar already became a millionaire by investing in such a high-profit niche and is now offering others his saving secrets, lol. Anyway here is the update for everyone who believes in miracles from the admin of Cent2Dollar:
Dear members, I am so glad that you can trust our team. Now we decide to help more investors earn more profits in Forex Market. We can trade for you and only charge 20% of your profit as fee. We also promise that your profit will be at least 200% in 1 month. And we can only help 5 persons. So if you are interested, pls contact me asap.

It seems that PrincipalReturn (reviewed here) upgraded his server to a dedicated one. I got this information from one of my readers and after checking it out I can confirm that now it shows dedicated server. By the way, PrincipalReturn still pays me daily and so far I haven’t missed a single payment from them.

Some good news from RobusTrade which I reviewed just yesterday (read my review here). I got my first payout from the 106% after 3 days plan. I’m going to redeposit part of the earnings tomorrow to another 3 day plan. The most profitable plan is 150% after 15 days of course and I have another deposit in there as well. I will keep you updated on my blog when I receive my first payout in RobusTrade from that one.

Do you still remember Nexelim? Well, I have not gotten too much news from them until today when I got paid for my first expiry payment. I’ll remind you that Nexelim is paying 15% for 8 days with payouts on expiry and there are many payment processors accepted. To read more about Nexelim refer to my review published here.

In the end of my post I would like to report that I was paid from the folowing programs today: InvestEvolution, IEvolutionSurf, OakCash, TradeContract, Nexelim, SilverLodge, FinancialProfitsCorp, PanaMoney, GoldNuggetInvest, UnionFunds, GeneticsIndustry, GeniusFunds, RobusTrade, EdwardBrownInvestments, FlowBroker, PrincipalReturn, Cent2Dollar, AcrylicTrade, MajorBarter, DukasFund, InfrastructureInv and EnscoOffshore. See you on my blog tomorrow with another review and more news from the Industry!

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