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12/02/2013. WaldmanDiamond Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! WaldmanDiamond has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Before we get to the news section I want to take a look at a recent addition to my monitor called WaldmanDiamond. I should first point out that this is by no means a new program and has in fact been running for a number of weeks now. But let’s have a closer look at what they are offering and how they are organized, and see if there’s anything there you might like to be part of.

So let’s get started with the plans. WaldmanDiamond have four offers available, but basically it’s just four variations according to the size of your deposit. Sort of like the tag an the back of a t-shirt, they’re called The S, M, L, and XL plans respectively. Joining The S Plan requires you make a minimum deposit of $10 and are free to spend anything up to a maximum of $150. The investment term runs for 30 calendar days and sees WaldmanDiamond make daily interest payments of 1.3%. Those payments eventually add up to 39% in total which is regarded as your profit only when your initial principal gets returned as promised.

The M Plan does more or less the same thing, only making slightly higher interest payments on slightly larger deposits. You join for a $151 minimum this time and are allowed spend anything up to a $350 maximum. The term remains unchanged at 30 calendar days, for which WaldmanDiamond will make daily interest payments of 1.5%. By the end of the term these will add up to 45% in total, at which point your principal should be returned.

The next two plans change course and go in a very slightly different direction as we shall see. So we continue with The L Plan which you can join for a $351 minimum deposit and spend anything up to a maximum of $600. The term runs for the same 30 calendar day period, but where this plan differs from the others is in the payouts. These are still made on a daily basis but this time are including your principal which is no longer returned on expiry. Therefore the rate has to be increased substantially if one is to see any profit. WaldmanDiamond are paying 5% per day on investments here, coming to 150% in total by the end of the term or 50% net profit.

And lastly for the really big spenders willing to go in with a $601 minimum, WaldmanDiamond have The XL Plan. Ostensibly there’s a $500,000 maximum limit on deposits here, but I think we all know that in practical terms that just means you can spend as freely as you wish. The investment term is again 30 calendar days with daily interest rates calculated at 5.2%. WaldmanDiamond are again including your principal as part of these payments so when your final return adds up to 156% it includes your own money back plus 56% net profit.

One thing that’s improved about WaldmanDiamond since they first opened back in January has been the list of payment methods. Initially focusing only on LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, these are now joined by EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. The withdrawals have to be requested from inside your member’s area and are promised to be processed manually within 24 hours.

On the technical side of things, WaldmanDiamond is running off a script that was custom made for them and the website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for an extra layer of security. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of Koddos. If you have any further questions for the WaldmanDiamond admin or any account related issues then you can get in touch by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the contacts page. At first glance there would appear to be other lines of communication but on closer inspection none of them actually work. For instance WaldmanDiamond have accounts on both Facebook and Twitter but to date there has been zero activity on either. You’ll also find a banner telling you that Live Chat support is now online, but clicking it merely returns the message that Live Chat isn’t really available at all.

It’s also a somewhat controversial program and I was really in two minds about how to cover it. However after giving it some thought I decided that I’m not really telling you anything that’s not already out there in the public domain that you can make yourself aware of before spending any money. You see, there’s an actual bona fide genuine business called The Waldman Diamond Company who trade in diamonds (what else!) and have taken a very dim view of an online HYIP usurping their name. Waldman Diamond Company (the real one) have announced on their website that they are taking the appropriate legal measures to have WaldmanDiamond (the online HYIP) removed.

The thing about online HYIPs is that they are still very much a minority activity. There’s no more than a couple of thousand regular players worldwide, so part of the reason why some of them are allowed to continue for as long as they do is that nobody with the power to shut them down is actually looking for them. But when admins start bringing unwanted attention to themselves by hijacking the names of genuine and reputable companies they are simply inviting trouble on themselves. I don’t mean to spend all day talking about it, but the information is out there in the public domain now. Anyone who googles the HYIP WaldmanDiamond is going to find the real Waldman Diamond Company and therefore see the warning. How the admin failed to see this coming a mile off or what he was ever thinking of by doing it in the first place is beyond my understanding, so do be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes and consider all the risks involved before you hand over any money, not after.

As for the texts and the website content and any alleged business activities backing the whole thing up, well, I don’t think we need to dig too deeply before finding what’s been going on behind the scenes here now, do we? Yes, there is an actual multi-national firm operating around the world called The Waldman Diamond Company, but it sure ain’t these guys, that’s for sure! And with the real Waldman promising action against the HYIP WaldmanDiamond, we’ll see how this plays out son enough. I don’t think I need to give any further warnings now because this one is I think for regular industry players who are perfectly aware of what they are doing, know full well the gamble they willingly choose to take, and happy to accept whatever consequences come their way as a result either good or bad. So always remember to stay under a sensible spending limit, and if going ahead and joining WaldmanDiamond anyway then only do so as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I hope that despite the fact that the full review of WealthyRush will only be posted on MNO tomorrow, some of you have already taken advantage of the programs’ fast paying plans and made a profit from one of the investment plans available with $5 minimums via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve – 104%-120% after 1 day, 42%-50% for 3 days, 200%-250% after 7 days, 250%-400% after 10 days, 400%-800% after 14 days, 700%-3000% after 28 days. You may also try your luck also in the referral contest to win one of five prizes the admin will reward the best referrers to be announced seven days from now. While these prizes cannot be compared with the much higher profits one can obtain from investing in WealthyRush, your advertising efforts will still help the program last longer and bring profits to more investors. The rules of the contest are in the newsletter published below with the admin announcing the next newsletter is to be issued tomorrow. So stay tuned for that, guys, and try your luck in the contest if you wish:

WealthyRush – Referral Contest Announced
Hello WealthyMembers, I hope you are all enjoying the profits that our site is generating to you,We have been paying for over 6 days with no delays or complaints, I am convinced, we’re planning to set up new standards in the industry.
So I am sure everyone likes to hear good news and we know you are all looking for new Money-Making opportunities so I bet you won’t miss this one!
We will be having our first referral contest starting right now. Our cash prizes total $300! The contest will last through February 19th ( One Week ). In order to qualify for our ongoing referral contest, your referral must be an active member with an active deposit. On February 19th, we will announce the grand winners. Will you be one of them?
The following prizes will be given away for our grand winners:
1st Place: $140, 2nd Place: $65, 3rd Place: $40, 4th Place: $35, 5th Place: $20
The referral contest it is retroactive.
You can follow up the contest here:
Suggestion for getting referrals:
-Promote in Facebook
-Signature in forums with our link
-Skype groups
-Using our banners
As you can see this is a realistic referral contest with a reasonable timeframe.
PS: Next newsletter will be issued when M-N-O reviews our site.
Keep in mind this referral contest is starting right now!


After only five months on MNO TureProfit (reviewed here) managed to get into the top five of the most popular programs on my Premium listing. However, this is not the whole story of TureProfit as it first started much further back in December 2011, which makes it 14 months online this February. This is a simply massive achievement for them. TureProfit is paying 8% weekly for 50 weeks and returning principals on expiry for a $10 minimum deposit via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve. Instant payments made the dreams of some investors even more achievable and as the administration added some of them have improved their lives by taking the decision to invest in TureProfit at the right time. It’s a rare program that manages to survive for so long and outperform so many other exciting projects that collapsed by now. But in the case of TureProfit sometimes it’s the right bet that can make or break the game for an investor. Nobody can tell you for how much longer TureProfit can last, but the fact that the admin maintains a high level of advertising on MNO and recently hired local representatives from over 20 countries indicates they might just have a good bit left to go. In the latest newsletter, apart from the celebration of 14 months online the admin Julian also warns against trusting cheap copycats or opening fraudulent emails that can use the good name of TureProfit to scam you. So, be careful, everyone, and I wish you every success with the program for many more months to come:

TureProfit News – Celebrate for 14 months online.
You have received this email because you are our members. We are pleased to let you know that we have successfully run for 14 months. This lets us with tens of thousands of investors, in charge of tens of millions of investment fund. So we believe that this is a great success of our business. At first, most of the investors in doubt joined in our company, with the development of our company, they acquire their own profits step by step. This makes their lives changed hugely, luxury car and luxury house is not a dream. We can imagine every day their faces filled with happy smile. Every day, we have received a lot of Thanksgiving letters. We are very pleased that they trust us so much. Indeed, join us, you don’t have to do anything, you can reap the profits. We have a professional investment team to help you manage your money. Every week, you can get a fixed rate of interest. Although financial market vary from minute to minute, we have never failed, we always fulfill promises to investors.
As we grow stronger, our project has been widely spread in the world, we have established representative team in more than 20 countries around the world. However, we also see some bad things. Some swindlers have completed copy of our website in an attempt to deceive investors. So we request all investors pay attention to our unique website: TureProfit. If you want to join and deposit, please visit our unique site. Also, please note that some fraudulent e-mails, we never ask you to provide a user name and password, or to activate your account.
if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support team, we will be pleased to reply you within 24 hours.
Best regards, Julian Lester. TureProfit


The admin of StallionGold Edward (interviewed here) is doing everything possible to make the site more appealing to an international audience. Today Czech was announced as the seventh language the site will be available in as part of this campaign. This follows Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and of course English and is another step in the right direction to expand StallionGold‘s market. I remind you that StallionGold (reviewed here) is one of the most popular investment projects among MNO readers and is in the Top Five most popular programs on my Premium List. After almost five months on MNO, StallionGold has established itself as a high quality and trusted project making instant payouts on the 1.5%-4% for 100 business days plan and a four part instalment principal return. The list of payment processors accepted by them also grew tremendously and at the moment includes LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PexPay, OkPay and direct Bank wires. By the way, the minimum to invest in StallionGold starts from only $1, so this wonderful program is affordable to all. The following short update was posted today:

Website in Czech
Dear investors and website visitors, in further continuation of our efforts to meet the needs of the international community of our clients, it is our great pleasure to announce that the website of StallionGold is now available in Czech. To access the translated version, please use the link located at the top right corner of the site.


FelminaAlliance (reviewed here) is observing a Panamanian holiday today during which according to its terms the usual daily interest on the two investment plans with principal return on expiry – 0.8%-1.4% for 90 business days, and 1%-1.6% for 180 business days – is not paid. FelminaAlliance keeps paying referral commissions which I was paid today as usual. The program accepts investments from a $20 minimum via all the popular processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay – and you can still take advantage of the last remaining $10 promo coupon code which adds to your deposit. If you wish to avail of one of the codes please email me at with FelminaAlliance Promo Coupon Code in the subject bar and I will happily share one with you. All you need to do is to enter it on registration and get a $10 deposit bonus on your first investment. Here’s the latest newsletter reminding members of today’s holiday:

[FelminaAlliance] Official Newsletter
This is an official newsletter from FelminaAlliance Inc.
Tuesday, February 12, 2013, is Carnival/Shrove Tuesday in Panama.
We observe the official holidays in the US and Panama. According to our terms of service, we do not pay interest on weekend days and official holidays. Therefore, no interest will be paid on this day.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.
Best Regards, Marketing Department,
FelminaAlliance Inc.


The admin of TradExFund (reviewed here) sent an important reminder about the program’s e-currency accounts which should only be used if you wish to make a deposit in the 5% for 30 business days plan open to $10 minimums from EgoPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, or SolidTrustPay accounts. Please only make a deposit if you see the correctly displayed payment processor account in your member’s area in TradExFund, as it’s specified in the latest newsletter below:

Payment Accounts
Dear Members, when ever you are going to deposit in our any Payment Accounts please check before the Account NO is correct please find our 4 Payment Account details as below:
LibertyReserve User : U1521220
Perfect Money Account : U3267385
EgoPay e-mail :
SolidTrustPay : TradExFund
Regards. TradExFund Support Team


Unfortunately the HYIP industry sometimes brings unpleasant surprises and today was no exception as three good paying programs EurexTrade, Profitable2013, and VisitAd disappeared without warning. None of the admins either mentioned any maintenance or warned users in advance about expected downtime. Silence rarely means anything good about admins and their ability to take control of a situation. There may be a positive outcome tomorrow, but at the same time prepare yourselves for the worst case scenario. All three may never return and for now I have moved them to Waiting Status on MNO. If by tomorrow, there is still no news from the admins and no sign of recovery I will consider moving them to to Problem, but for now let’s stay positive and hope the admins of EurexTrade, Profitable2013 and VisitAd will contact members about the accessibility of their websites. I’ll update you if I hear anything official from those programs, so stay tuned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listProForexUnion, MGProfit, OilOfAsia, PerfectForex.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, SureInv, FelminaAlliance, StallionGold, TureProfit, BensonUnion, 4FXInvestment, Nubcoyu, StraviaGoldenPayment, Black&WhiteFund, FatProfit, Xgolding, AirCargoXpress, RewardsWeekly, ExpressProfitShares, ADSolid, AXAIndustries, HurricaneAssets, WaldmanDiamond, ForkStrategy, WealthyRush (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: AustralianBusinessGroup, TradExFund, PremierLeagueProfits, PureIncome, AxiomInvestingGroup.
From MNO Basic list: MoneyPlanet, EasyGrowth, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, Fxen, Money&Credit, TheInvestmentBank, SmartChoiceInvest, VirginCapital (the first payment received).

That’s all I have for tonight, guys. I hope you found the review and news entertaining and useful. I hope to see you on MNO tomorrow when I’ll be discussing the new short-term program WealthyRush plus the latest industry news stories. See you all then!

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