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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog and monitor listing exclusively big-budget programs from experienced admins. While the clear dominance of Carbon7 is confirmed by so far over 60% of my readers who voted in the current poll saying the upward trend in the HYIP industry has been helped by the arrival of the program (click here if you haven’t voted yet). Of course, other big programs will also benefit from any revival and with time we should be able to see other giants emerging to compete with Carbon7 in terms with how well the program was welcomed by players and how big the deposits pouring into the program are. In tonight’s news article on the MNO blog I want to discuss the latest events from such popular programs as USDBusinessLimited, RoyalTrust, PokerAutomatics, and a suspicious newsletter from CompassBusiness which would almost be funny were it not costing people money. Read on!


We’ll start though with a good and consistently paying program USDBusinessLimited the admin of which just recently purchased the most expensive banner spot on my blog for one whole month which should definitely indicate his good intentions in running the program for at least that time and beyond. If you remember from my detailed review of the program posted here, USDBusinessLimited processes withdrawals always instantly to Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts on the 2.2%-3.5% for 70 business days investment plan accepting deposits starting from a $30 minimum and promising you to return your initial deposit on expiry. After more than three weeks on MNO USDBusinessLimited managed to cement its reputation as a stable performer, always processing payouts within seconds which certainly inspires more confidence from investors and helps the program grow simply by word of mouth. However, the admin Gary isn’t stopping there as he also promotes his program via an already quite impressive network of regional representatives already with 70 agents at your service. You can also become one yourself, so visit the Official Representatives page on the website and see if you can qualify for the position in your own country. Another method to spread the word about USDBusinessLimited is to create a video testimonial about the program and send the link to your video uploaded to YouTube to the admin in exchange for a $10 deposit bonus in the program. After all, with already 1,500 members having joined USDBusinessLimited the program still has the potential to become hotter this summer and perhaps, even to compete with the industry leaders with time. Below you will find the full today’s newsletter from Gary:

USDBusinessLimited News
We are pleased to inform you that USDBusinessLimited has been expanding its presence around the world and to date you can get advice from any of our 70 regional representatives in 30 countries. If you wish to obtain additional information or evidence of stability and solvency of the company do not hesitate to contact your nearest representative.
We also remind you that to become an official representative of USDBusinessLimited can any of you. It’s enough to meet the requirements with which you can familiarize yourself in the Official Representative section on the website, and send us the appropriate request. Shortly you will be able to attract private capitals and earn another 6% to standard affiliate reward of first tier.
Now there are more than 1,500 people became active company’s investors. Development of the company takes place according to our expectations. We continue to offer bonuses for video testimonials, so turn your attention to our proposal if you want to get an additional 10$. All you need to do is just to send us a short video in which you share your thoughts about the company on the background of USDBusinessLimited on your computer monitor. This is not only a great opportunity to make extra money, but also to promote your referral link on our website. We are waiting for your video as a file or link to your YouTube channel! Also don’t forget to follow us on social networks, thank you.
Have a great week ahead!
Best Regards, Gary


The admin of RoyalTrust is also following in the footsteps of his rivals as he too announced an award of $20 for anyone creating a video review of the program that can help others to better understand the program’s current investment plans and avoid any confusion between them. You see, just about four weeks ago, when RoyalTrust was still brand new there was only one investment plan paying you until the point you reach 180% on your deposit. How long this takes to achieve is impossible to predict as the daily rates are variable. Business days see payments from a 1% minimum to 3.5% maximum, while on weekends the rate is fixed at 1%. The minimum to invest in that original “Stability” plan was $25 and deposits could be done via PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, Neteller, and BitCoin. Then, just last week the admin suddenly caused some people doubts by introducing a very similar plan called “Freedom” with the only difference of allowing investors to withdraw their principal at any time they like and making the entry point a bit higher at $50. To the admin’s credit, I believe he was eventually able to cast aside any doubts as he managed to explain the reasons why he introduced the new plan and the main benefits as he saw them for investors joining it over to the original offer (of which, by the way, you can read in my original review of RoyalTrust posted here). Still, I guess a video review explaining the main differences between the “Stability” and “Freedom” plans would be visibly better for those who prefer to watch rather than read. So, the last step of announcing a $20 reward for a video review on the subject as explained in the following newsletter looks to me like a logical step in the right direction. Any budding Spielbergs among you are welcome to participate if you have the time and necessary video editing skills, just remember to contact the admin prior to making your video review as the reward spots are limited:

Create a video review, and earn $20!
Hello everyone,
I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your sunny July days. Today we have a quick update for you. We are confident that you will be interested because we are introducing an additional option for you to earn some extra money from our project.
We are providing you with an opportunity to get paid to create a video review about our project. The main topics the video should include are:
1. What RoyalTrust is, and what our “Stability” and “Freedom” investment plans are;
2. How to register and properly use an account;
3. How to request your initial deposit back from deposits into the “Freedom” plan;
4. And something else that you believe is important to highlight.
You will be awarded with $20 for a video if it covers all four of these topics. Before you create a video, please email support@royaltrust.biz to confirm that there is a free spot for a new video. After you receive confirmation from our support stuff, you are welcome to create a video review regarding our project. If you do have any questions regarding video reviews, please do not hesitate to contact customer support.


PokerAutomatics (reviewed here) is yet another program with a long historical record of stable payouts dating back to August 2014. The program accepts deposits from a $30 minimum via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, and several other lesser known payment gateways. You can commit your deposit for a fixed term of 30 to 180 calendar days (depending on the size of your deposit) and in exchange are paid from 40% to 80% of the reported daily profits allegedly earned by PokerAutomatics using an extensive network of pokerbots, hence its name. You can find weekly statements on the program’s financial stats like the total amount of deposits, and the daily profit reports are also shared every day. Below is the latest reports from PokerAutomatics to give you an idea of how popular they are now:

PokerAutomatics Weekly Statement:
Paying Days: 1,535
Total investors: 30,861
Investment capital: $2,795,194
Own capital: $412,951
Total Income: $ 219,758 (6,85%)
Share of Expenses: $ 90,760 (2,83%)
Profit: $ 128,998 (4,02%)
Total withdraw: $4,672,533
TOP-1 Investor: $107,416
TOP-1 Affiliate: 1,457 referrals
Total pokerbot accounts: 947

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
13.07.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.97%


I can tell you that in over ten years experience with online HYIPs I heard so many lame excuses and blatant lies that I’m really not easily surprised anymore. The administration of CompassBusiness however deserve some kind of a prize for short works of fiction. Their latest update is akin to a detective story to explain the delays in payouts to some members and even encourage the especially stupid ones to make $50+ reinvestments into a near dead program. The story involves all the main ingredients of soap opera, with the action taking place in Panama where an admin of CompassBusiness, also known as an “account manager” is lost at sea on his yacht with no way to reach him and no way to move the money from bank accounts to pay investors. Strangely enough, their inability to pay money out to investors in no way whatsoever affects their ability to gladly accept more and more money from said investors. Surprise surprise!

This coincides with another sudden change of investment plans (now they are totally different from those discussed in my review here) and taking up to 48 business hours to get paid. Starting from tomorrow (I believe the admin meant to say July 15 and not June 15 as mentioned in the newsletter) anyone who doesn’t make an additional deposit of $50 will be waiting for an indefinite period of time to be paid. Now the question is – what kind of bank they are talking about if they only accepted PerfectMoney and NixMoney for the entire duration of their existence? What kind of real company are you supposed to think of when they couldn’t even verify an account in Payza and kept working with totally anonymous e-currencies which no one other than HYIPs and other ponzi-games use in the first place? Someone on one of the HYIP related forums pointed out that the weather in Panama was very calm when their account manager was lost at sea, and someone else even went so far as to check the local news there and said there was no incidents of missing boats or accidents at sea reported. It’s really hard to understand what the admin of CompassBusiness was trying to say in the newsletter (as it was obviously auto-translated from Russian which is the program’s main language while they are based in Panama? Another odd thing!) Anyway, as CompassBusiness is still paying to me (and I don’t have any complaints submitted by my referrals yet) I’ll keep it on Paying status on the MNO monitor for the time being. However, please keep in mind that CompassBusiness can now share the same fate of their manager’s yacht and sink with all the money on board any day now. Such excuses usually mean the end is in sight, so if I become aware of any pending withdrawals for over 24 hours I will have no hesitation to move the program to Problem status on my monitor. To be fair to the program, it has lasted for quite some time and some people made good profits from it, but no HYIP lasts forever, and I’m afraid it’s the turn of CompassBusiness now. I hope I’m wrong in my assumption, but you will probably agree with me after reading this long newsletter with a very entertaining twist, but it’s not really funny and perhaps even tragic for those people who invested money there:

Extremely important !!!
Dear participants and partners!
As you already know, our company was out of the ordinary event. The head of the main office in Panama last Friday went to the sea with an account manager and a team of three boats. Waiting for his return on Sunday, but he did not return, the relationship with yacht disappeared on Saturday night. On Monday, the search was organized, on Tuesday morning began search operations, the yacht at the moment is still not found.
As a result of what happened, we’ll become hostages of the situation when you do not have nothing to pay, and our traders have nothing to make, since all the bins were put on payments to our members in anticipation of tranches of Bank of Panama. A tranche is not until now because of the lack of leadership. And so just replace the leadership does not work, the manager must be found or reported missing, but it can be done only at the end of the search operation.
Our lawyers are addressing the difficulties encountered and the resumption of banking operations, brokers as well as waiting for my unit revenues, but without the signature of the head of the Company’s all unreal. However, brokers, while some funding can start earning Monday.#
That is what led us to expand the regulation of payments in the project. And also the fact that the project is designed for a long time and do not live alone, the investment component. The plans had been painted for the period 2015-16 GG
Let us all look forward and not to hope for a quick installment of the Company. I ask all who care about the fate of the project today – to make top-up office the new $ 50, by all means go to brokers for trade on the stock exchange. Those who care about the fate of the project and their own deposits, from 15 June 2015, we will put in Hold and resume the process of payments to them after obtaining tranche of the Bank’s parent company in Panama, and thus leaving himself only loyal and trusting investors and will work with them no matter in what branch would be the project.
Mostly, all of the available amount for each participant will breathe life into the project and return to the familiar stability. Enclosed with this means of saving shares will remain in the account and will be available a little later to the conclusion or attachment.
Dear participants – the choice is yours, together we are strong!
Always with you, CompassBusiness.
C SW. Nicholas, a fund manage CompassBusiness


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listPokerAutomaticsCryptoconomistBITCTradeLimitedAtrexTrade,
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7, CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: GoldenLion.

That’s all for tonight, guys. I’m really pleased that the industry is becoming more stable and that Premium listed programs on MNO are still paying fine. I myself am finishing my trip on the Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj and am returning to Ljubljana tomorrow just to catch the afternoon train to Maribor where I’ll finish my vacation next week. Hope your summer is going well too, but do not forget to check out MNO from time to time for the biggest investment opportunities in the HYIP industry at the moment. See you all later in the week!

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