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08/01/2016. MNOFridays (23rd issue) and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everybody! I was troubled to hear from a couple of readers recently telling they lost quite a bit of money in some poor quality, low grade post New Year short term programs that turned out to be very fast scams where it was impossible to earn any profit. These particular programs were not listed on MNO of course, as they were promoted mostly on cheap low-quality websites with lower standards required for programs to be accepted. If for whatever strange reason you continue following these websites and invest under them in what they promote then please accept my sincere condolences on losing your money, but you had better wake up to the fact that this is going to continue for as long as you wish to allow it. You can see now that it was a much smarter tactic to stick with the well known and established names like PokerAutomatics and ArdexFunds which are listed on MNO instead of jumping in to every cheap scam that comes along promising you a good return on your money. So, if you were the smarter ones you’ll have saved quite a fortune by now, avoiding the “honey traps” and keeping your principals safe to invest in some of the projects that are definitely coming our way in January. Your patience will be rewarded for sure and you will be making money with MNO instead of losing it before the new HYIP season even begins.

Over the last several years on MNO I’ve tried my best to weed out the worst of the blatant and deliberate fast scams, and if I may say so myself I’m quite pleased with the results. Every now and then one or two are always going to slip through the net, and I regret this is unfortunately unavoidable. However as I look at the performance of my monitor over the course of any calendar year, January to December and not just for 2015 either, the overwhelming majority of programs listed were there long enough to allow readers earn a modest to substantial profit. As all HYIPs inevitably close at some point then whether you were among those making a profit or not is largely down to your own personal timing (absolutely nothing I can do to influence that, guys!) but overall the profit making programs were enough to off-set the damage done by the minority of programs that failed, and still leave you with more money than you started out with. And I will say publicly and quite candidly that I challenge any other monitor to come even close to matching that record. Easy for me to say of course as I already know that none of them are capable of doing so, but hey, if you insist on following them anyway it’s your money you’re dumping not mine.

Part of the reason behind this good track record is that as the popularity of MNO grew over the years the advertising and monitoring prices were very carefully micro-managed to stay in line. At this point the admins of deliberate fast scams simply won’t even think of listing with MNO anymore as it will cost them way too much money when they know they don’t want to stay in business for very long. Only experienced veteran admins who know what they are doing and know how to create long term successful programs are prepared to pay the listing fees. Because they know they will be here long enough for a significant downline to grow and allow them to recoup the start-up expenses over time. Sure, these programs still exist primarily to make as much money as possible for their admins first and foremost, but the best admins know the most efficient way yo make money for themselves is to allow as many investors to profit as well along the way. And that’s the target clientele for admins listing on MNO.

By the way, in the news section I’ll be looking at the results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll where MNO readers shared their thoughts on when to expect a real recovery in the HYIP industry this year, and not this false start which is no more than another bunch of fast scams launched at the same time to steal as much money as possible from investors. So, for today’s MNOFriday‘s article I will try to discuss the dangers associated with investing in short-term programs, and particularly those paying after one or two days on expiry. Remember also that you can find plenty of other informative articles about the background to the HYIP industry and its inner workings on the MNO Info Center page here. Whether you’re a total novice or have been around the industry for many years I hope you’ll find hours worth of reading there, with many of the most controversial subjects relating to HYIPs discussed and explained at length.

Getting back to the subject at hand, I believe that the most recent wave of post Christmas scams is partially a response investors are getting from HYIP admins as punishment for being too smart and depriving them from their “deserved” earnings in a quieter than usual month of December. Amazing to think it but some admins almost seem to feel somehow entitled to fast scams to finance their own holidays. So, instead of making lots of short-term scams in December they simply did it in January, and possibly will be funding their next projects with the money they earned so easily, thanks to a bunch of stupid promoters who sell their “reputations” (undeserved as they are!) for an easy couple of bucks thrown their way. But don’t despair – you may not be able to recover the money lost in the recent fast scams not listed on MNO, but you might be able to earn it back in other better programs it if you subscribe to the daily news from the industry and watch out my monitor for the new additions.

So I’d like to explain why it involves such a high risk to join short term programs. Though obviously it’s not exactly a secret why so many people would be enticed by the offer of extra high profits during shorter and shorter periods of time, the real problem is when they are duped into investing more than they can comfortably afford to lose. Some of the main points you will need to consider in relation to all of this include the following:

1) Your risk of losing your principal in a short-term program is much higher, compared to let’s say longer term daily payment programs with lower interest rates. While it’s extremely unlikely a long term low ROI program would stop paying after just a couple of days online (or at least not because of a deliberate scam anyway), the operating values in shorter term on expiry programs are much higher and the turnover much faster. Too many investors realize this too late and lose big money either when they invest the initial principal for the first time, or re-deposit it in full after the first cycle seeing that the program seemed at first glance to be doing so well.

2) You risk losing the whole principal because short-term programs can scam within literally a few hours of you joining. Anyone can create mass panic and spoil the game for everyone. For example, the instant payouts often utilized by such programs can break down sometimes, often for perfectly legitimate technical reasons, and this will create huge panic and a mass exodus of members clamoring to be the first ones to get out, thus putting an end to the program for everyone. So, you won’t get a penny from your deposit and your loss will be 100% of your deposit, while in other types of HYIPs this same problem would only result in a partial loss at worst.

3) You can also lose money in any short-term program so fast that even if you diversify in different programs you still end up losing eventually. With medium to longer term programs you can be on a learning curve and have enough time to gain some experience and learn to become a smart investor and earn instead of losing. This takes time and patience, but if you don’t have those qualities then you should probably leave the HYIP industry, or at least its shorter term section.

4) You risk everything if you deposit too big in short-term programs. The admin already knows his program is going to have a limited run no matter what his personal intentions were in the first place you see, so when he sees a huge deposit coming in from one member, well, that’s all he needs. Given that profits paid to one member are 100% financed by other members deposits, if your deposit is too big for both you and the admin to both make a profit then one of you is going to lose. Hint: It ain’t gonna be him! Some of the options open to the admin at this point include closing the program and scamming everyone – most likely the program was always a vehicle to make as much money as possible for him, just scam you in the hope that nobody else will care about your situation if other members are paid, or scam everyone else just so he can finance your payment (highly unlikely to happen!). Well known tricks used by admins to scam just the biggest investors so they can continue the program paying out to small time players include blocking your account for fictitious reasons he can easily justify on public forums (ref cheating etc.), moving your deposit to a different longer term plan which you never joined, knowing the program will be long gone before the time comes to pay up, or creating VIP plans with special rates of income for larger investors though again not necessarily asking if this is what you wanted to do or not.

Of course, that been said it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to lose money every time you invest in short-term programs. I know some investors are earning some significant amounts by investing smart and not just simply diversifying money among only the better short-term programs, but also keeping the percentage of short-term programs in their investment portfolio to a bare minimums (no more than a 10% to 20% maximum). Remember that for your own safety and the security of your deposits it’s always advisable to keep the main share in medium and longer term programs, which may not make you rich overnight, but will be able to put you in profit at some point. Just think about this question for a minute and it becomes very very obvious – what would you genuinely prefer? To be offered 12% profit per month and receive 12%, or to be offered 100% profit and receive nothing? Because the bigger the offer the less achievable it becomes, and the less sustainable.

Thanks as always for reading and I hope that this will help to expand your knowledge of the HYIP industry, and ultimately helps you save money on scams and earn better profits from the more serious and professional programs. If it encourages anyone to invest only in the best programs run by experienced admins who know exactly where to advertise then so much the better.



With PokerAutomatics still completely reigning over the HYIP industry remaining the only one true leader with too many followers (some of them even wear similar names trying to play on its fame) it’s hard to say when another one emerges that will be able to challenge its leadership and compete with this superbly stable giant. Having successfully survived the festive season PokerAutomatics seem to be stronger than before with payouts processed even faster than usual and more and more people joining it on a daily basis from every corner of the world. Only the number of official representatives of PokerAutomatics are already over 400 and keep increasing with the last three from such different countries as Greece, Brazil, and Spain having been added over the last couple of days. Here are the announcements about this:

We have a new Representative
Papavasileiou Panagiotis – Greece
You may contact him by email
390+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Leo Ruben – Brazil
You may contact him by email
390+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Arael Espinosa – Spain
You may contact him by email
400+ Representatives!

The amount of Facebook fans of PokerAutomatics is impressive as well indicating just how popular the program has become and having over 100,000 fans at the moment. This was proudly reported in one of the news updates posted on the website and you can join these growing numbers too by checking out PokerAutomatics‘ Facebook account at the link provided below:

We’ve reached 100,000+ Facebook fans! Congratulations!
Thanks for all your support!

Such impressive results are nothing more than the fruits of labor for the team behind PokerAutomatics which have been tirelessly working on smooth and stable payouts while constantly improving its website since August 2014 when it first came to presence. Since then the script of PokerAutomatics have been upgraded significantly and you see the result when you log into your account with the program. The latest newsletter reflecting the script’s latest changes can be found below:

PokerAutomatics Script and Server Upgrade
We’ve upgraded our PokerAutomatics Script in connection with the increasing number of clients and Deposits.
Website is working much faster now.
Now you can see 1-2-3 Referral Levels again.
We continue to improve the performance and usability of PokerAutomatics.

Active investors of PokerAutomatics can also avail of free participation in the weekly held lottery the winners of which is announced every Sunday and is rewarded with the VIP status. You will find the further details of the lottery and obtaining the VIP status on a specially dedicated page the link to which is given below:

Lottery Results 03.01.2016:
The winner of this week is epopovic.
You get VIP status as a prize.

So, you may ask on how PokerAutomatics function that makes it so sustainable and paying for nearly a year and a half already? Well, the first thing I would suggest is to read and study my detailed and very comprehensive review of PokerAutomatics you can find here. If you don’t have time to do so, I will try to explain how it works in a nutshell. In contrary to many other online investment programs you currently see online PokerAutomatics doesn’t offer you fast profits, but if you have patience and try to apply different investment strategies there you will most likely win in the game. The shortest period to invest is 30 calendar days and the minimum to invest is only $30 while the deposits can be done via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, PayCo, AdvCash, Qiwi, YandexMoney, and NixMoney. Then you should check the PokerAutomatics‘ daily results page where you can see the payment reports from pokerbot activities and the average return will be about 1%. That will not be what you will see credited in your account with PokerAutomatics though. An investor there gets only a share of the daily returns and in the case of smaller investments it will be 40% only or 0.4% daily on average during the 30-day investment period. On expiry of that you will finish with about 12% pure profit and will be able to either re-invest your expired investment (partially or in full – your choice), or make a withdrawal and wait for a 5-business day period maximum in order to get paid to your e-currency account. The smaller withdrawals are usually processed much faster than that, but in any case there are no payouts on Saturdays and Sundays, so please keep this in mind. The rule goes as following – the more money you invest the longer your investment period will be and the higher percentage of daily results you will get. It can go as long as 180 calendar days with as high percentage as 80% share of company’s profits the latest of which can be seen below for your reference:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
06.01.2016 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.03%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
07.01.2016 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.91%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
08.01.2016 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.97%

If you want to earn even more than that you may want to join the referral program and advertise PokerAutomatics among your peers to get the lucrative returns as a percentage of their earnings for lifetime. Just look at the example provided by Trevor Miller and you will see what I’m talking about. MNO’s own downline in PokerAutomatics is already about 280 members and I can see people are joining on a daily basis, so you might do the same and reap the rewards like shown on this video:

PokerAutomatics – The Power of Referral Commissions! – Trevor Miller

Yes, PokerAutomatics is a superb program – there is no denying. Just know that this is a regular HYIP with all the risks involved, so invest only what you can afford to lose. Did I tell you that PokerAutomatics is allegedly making money from the extensive network of pokerbots that has been upgrading since day one and which reports on that are publicly posted on the website quite regularly including also plans for further expansion. Take this latest one as an example:

Pokerbot network upgrade
A number of poker bots in the network increased to 1,211.
Our future goals:
January 2016: 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016: 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017: 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts
July 2017 and further: 2000 active poker bot accounts
The ultimate goal – 2000 active poker bot accounts.
For security reasons we won’t increase our botnet above 2000 active poker bot accounts.


I’m afraid that the completely new set of investment plans introduced by the admin of OrientOrganization earlier today makes my original review of the program (published here) totally obsolete. Judge for yourself – the whole structure of the investment plans plans is different now, the program started paying on calendar days instead of business days like before, the minimum to deposit was reduced from $30 to $10, and even referral commissions structure now depends on what investment plans your downline chooses to invest in. Perhaps, the only things remaining the same when we talk about OrientOrganization are the fact that like in previous plans the initial investment is returned on expiry of the term and the same three payment processors still accepted – PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. Now, it’s really hard to explain why after the first five successful weeks of stable payments on older plans the admin would want to re-shuffle them so suddenly and make them so different from the original ones. Perhaps, it was his original strategy all alone and he planned it from the very beginning, but my gut-feeling tells me otherwise. Most probably, the reason for such weird change is the realization that the old plans cannot really compete with what other programs offer and it was time for a quick change in order to attract bigger audience. At the same time, there is a possibility that the current investors of OrientOrganization will not like this new direction a bit and will consider it as a clear warning sign of running into cashflow issues. Besides, according to the latest email from the admin where this new set of investment plans was actually announced the current investors of OrientOrganization would not be affected by the change and will continue earning as usual on their existing plans while the new offers only applied to new deposits. In any case, we can speculate whatever we like about the real reason for the change, but only the admin knows the true reason and only time will tell whether we should be worried about that or not. So, the new investment plans applicable for all the new deposits in OrientOrganization are 2% for 5 days, 3% for 10 days, 4% for 20 days, 5% for 30 days (all with principal back on expiry) and the old plans are not available anymore. Please read more on that in the latest newsletter from OrientOrganization below:

New Investment Plans
Dear Investors,
We are happy to announce that OrientOrganization Limited launches four new investment plans:
1. 2% Daily for 5 calendar Days (Deposit Back) Total Return – 110%. Referral Commission – 3%.
2. 3% Daily for 10 Calendar Days (Deposit Back) Total Return – 130%. Referral Commission – 5%.
3. 4% Daily for 20 Calendar Days (Deposit Back) Total Return – 180%. Referral Commission – 7%.
4. 5% Daily for 30 Calendar Days (Deposit Back) Total Return – 250%. Referral Commission – 10%.
We believe you will enjoy our new offers and make good profit in our Program.
The new plans are for new investment.
We hope we can serve you better by receiving your support.
Please update our plans in your program.
If you have any further questions, please let us know!
Best regards, OrientOrganization Limited.


I believe that the first poll of the new year posted on the MNO TalkBack page can be considered concluded with the final results to be analyzed right away and the new question to be presented later. The question I asked my readers a week ago was – When do you expect the revival of the HYIP industry after the winter slowdown? With the obviously mistaken 5% of my readers (though in the minority) thought right from the beginning of January we would see proper revival. That didn’t happen though as we all observed and the next in line and the most popular answer to that question is that the HYIP industry will get back to normal in the middle of January was shared by 38% of my readers. A third of those participating in the poll (33%) believe that we won’t see the revival until the end of January while 24% don’t even hope hat until February things go back to normal. Well, the recovery will depend on the HYIP admins who will hopefully deliver us some new promising programs ready to work hard in order to establish its reputation for the long term and bring profits to the vast majority of investors within the next few weeks. MNO will surely stand in the forefront of this movement to be ready to accommodate only the best high-budget programs run by experienced admins. We all saw the huge success such programs as RockwellPartners had on MNO back in 2014 while Carbon7 was the biggest program of 2015, that the next big investment opportunity will be also present here for sure. So, watch that spot and happy earning to you all, guys!

For the new question that will be available for submitting your votes for another week I would like to stay on the topic that has been discussed in the today’s MNOFridays article. The new question therefore will be aimed at finding out my readers’ opinion on the short-term programs paying on expiry – the subject of the article. So, the question and the possible answers to it (pick one only!) will look like:

Do you usually invest in short-term programs paying on expiry?

1) Yes, I invest in pretty much every short-term program I see online.
2) Yes, but I’m very selective and try to choose only the best programs.
3) No, I try to avoid such programs and invest only in exceptional circumstances.
4) No, I never invest in such short-term programs.

As usual, the new poll will stay active for another week or so. You can submit your votes on the MNO TalkBack page and thanks in advance for sharing your opinion with me and the rest of MNO readers.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomatics, AtrexTradeArdexFunds.
From MNO Standard list: OrientOrganization.
From MNO Basic list: GloboxTrade.

That will be all the news for this Friday night, guys. I wish you the best of luck with your investment and have a very pleasant weekend ahead of you. I will myself continue exploring this wonderful island of Sri-Lanka I have holidays in now and will get back to work on Monday already. Do not miss any new promising programs on MNO as January is coming to its middle and hopefully, we will see some newcomers next week that will stir the HYIP industry to become the next leaders! Stay tuned for this to happen and see you back on MNO next week!

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